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Catholic university may sanction student group for promoting Catholic doctrine

Group promoting Catholic doctrine of marriage accused of ‘homophobia’

A student group at one of the nation’s most prestigious Catholic schools may face sanctions due to its promotion of the Catholic Church’s teachings on the sacrament of marriage.

“Love Saxa,” a student group at Georgetown University, stands accused of being a “hate group” due to its advocacy of marriage as an institution based in man-woman conjugal union, according to Catholic News Agency.

The controversy appears to have begun last month, when the school’s newspaper, The Hoya, published a column by Georgetown junior Amelia Irvine, the president of Love Saxa. Explaining the sexual ethics that the group promotes, which includes waiting for marriage to have sex, Irvine writes that “Love Saxa’s definition of marriage does not include same-sex couples, as we believe that marriage is a conjugal union on every level – emotional, spiritual, physical and mental – directed toward caring for biological children. To us, marriage is much more than commitment of love between two consenting adults.”

According to Catholic News Agency, “Leaders of gay pride student organizations at Georgetown denounced this language as ‘homophobic,’ and claimed it violated university standards.” In an editorial titled “Defund Intolerance,” The Hoya declared: “Love Saxa does not deserve the benefit of university recognition.” The editorial board wrote that Love Saxa advocates “denying individuals’ rights on the basis of their sexual orientation,” and that the Student Activities Commission “must vote to defund Love Saxa.”

From the Catholic News Agency report:

…Love Saxa, a student organization promoting Catholic doctrine regarding marriage, will undergo a Student Activities Commission hearing on Oct. 23, to defend itself against charges that the group fosters hatred and intolerance. The hearing is a response to a petition filed by a student-senator in the Georgetown University Student Association, and supported by leaders of gay pride student organizations at Georgetown.

Love Saxa intends to petition for a delay before the hearing takes place. The group told CNA they were only officially informed of the hearing’s date on the evening of Oct. 19, giving them an insufficient amount of time to prepare. The group also says they haven’t been given a copy of the petition, or an exact rendering of the charges against them.

Lova Saxa’s student-president Amelia Irvine told CNA, “I believe that Love Saxa has the right to exist, especially at a Catholic school. We exist to promote healthy, loving relationships at Georgetown…”

The university’s Student Organization Standards state that: “Groups will not be eligible for access to benefits if their purpose or activities … foster hatred or intolerance of others because of their race, nationality, gender, religion, or sexual preferences.” Love Saxa is accused of fostering hatred and intolerance, because of its support for Catholic teaching regarding marriage.

“We’re optimistic that the university will uphold our right to exist,” Irvine told Catholic News Agency, “given that we share the Catholic view on marriage”

Read the report here.

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  • “We’re optimistic that the university will uphold our right to exist,” Irvine told Catholic News Agency, “given that we share the Catholic view on marriage”

    Personally, I’m not optimistic but this I know, if Georgetown University rules that Love Saxa doesn’t have a right to exist on the campus, then Georgetown has declared itself not to be a Catholic University. And as night follows day, if Georgetown rules against Love Saxa and Pope Francis does not strongly reprimand Georgetown, then he has revealed himself to be a heretic, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  • David Yarbrough

    Where, pray tell, is the voice of Cardinal Wuerl? As the leader of every Catholic institution in the diocese of Washington, he should be calling out student organizations and administrators who are less than Catholic. Administrators should be replaced – startiing with the President of the University.

    • david smith

      He’s in the Rectumry with the Alter Boys.
      This hypocrisy has been going on in the RCC since I was a boy in Catholic School over 40 years ago. This is why they completely deserve the slow death they are experiencing.

  • Brooke Dunne

    Crazy world.

  • Gerry Burnie

    Will this madness never end?

    Having said that, one must remember the the radicals probably represent a very small minority; however, that does not excuse the silent majority (of rational taxpayers) from letting them poison the air.

  • Brooke Dunne

    Crazy world.

  • awillikers

    ““We’re optimistic that the university will uphold our right to exist,” Irvine told Catholic News Agency, “given that we share the Catholic view on marriage”

    Don’t kid yourself, ask your Pope.

  • John1838

    It is Georgetown which, in recent years, has shown little evidence that it is a Roman Catholic institution and plenty of evidence that it doesn’t care to be.

  • Abe

    Since when does disagreement equal hate? The assertion is that disagreement is hate, and hate is a crime, therefore disagreement is a crime.