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USC professor defends tweet promoting violence against whiteness

A University of Southern California professor says he stands behind his tweets that include obscenities directed toward President Donald Trump, calls for whiteness to be “destroyed,” and the promotion of violence against the “white supremacist heterosexist patriarchy.”

Charles H.F. Davis, an assistant professor of clinical education and Chief Strategy Officer and Director of Research of the USC Race and Equity Center, defended his tweets in an email to The College Fix on Wednesday.

“Yes, I stand behind my statements against white supremacy, heterosexism and homophobia, and patriarchy as systems of oppression, all of which are both embodied and advanced by the violent and dehumanizing rhetoric and policy decisions of the current President of the United States,” Davis said.

In a statement provided to The Fix, USC affirmed its commitment to academic freedom while distancing itself from Davis’s tweets.

“Statements made by our faculty members are not endorsed by the University; indeed, we sometimes profoundly disagree with the statements,” the statement said. “Nevertheless, we protect their right to express those views. However, USC does not condone violence or threats of violence in any form.”

The professor’s comments to The Fix followed a report published this week by the independent news website InformationLiberation, which highlighted a number of controversial tweets from Davis’s account as well as the account’s background photo showing “a black woman threatening to shoot a white ‘pig’ with a gun.”

The website said Davis’s account, which has a name of “BLK IDNTTY XTRMST,” is “anti-white racial hate and glamorizes the murder of police.”

In a 2014 tweet highlighted by InformationLiberation, Davis mentions rapper Kanye West and says “Sometimes White supremacist heterosexist patriarchy needs to get the violence it imparts, making its intolerance clear.”

In subsequent tweets, the education professor has stated “whiteness and white supremacy must be, by any and all means, destroyed” and that “white supremacist capitalist patriarchy must be destroyed.” Another tweet states “there can be no end to black rage when there is no end” to white supremacy.

Davis has repeatedly tweeted “Fuck you” in response to tweets from President Donald Trump, and in 2016 Davis used his Twitter account to offer his support of a tweet from Drexel Professor George Ciccariello-Maher that deemed the massacre of white people in the Haitian Revolution as a “good thing indeed.” Ciccariello-Maher’s tweet about the Haitian Revolution came one day after his infamous “All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide” tweet that garnered national attention.

Davis told The Fix that he refutes InformationLiberation’s accusation that his Twitter account includes “anti-white hate” and promotes violence against law enforcement, saying it is a “perfect and intentional misrepresentation.” However, the professor did not deny harboring anti-police and anti-whiteness sentiments.

“To be clear, I am decidedly against whiteness as a social and political ideology, which systematically marginalize and disenfranchise people of color from opportunities for societal advancement,” he said. “In addition, I am against the institution of policing, which has historically and continuously enacted racial terror, sexual violence, and economic exploitation against racial minorities, women and LGBTQ communities, and economically disadvantaged working-class people.”

Referring to his background photo on his Twitter account, Davis said he thinks photos that show resistance to police violence are necessary and said the photo of a black woman shooting a pig in a police officer’s uniform “is an intentional political statement.”

Davis said he defines whiteness as an ideology of racial superiority based in racist practices and beliefs and added the concept “is neither synonymous with nor exclusive to white people.” However, he said all white people reap in its benefits and that it must be eradicated because it “allows for both passive and active forms of violence to be enacted upon people of color, many of which result material and potentially fatal consequences.”

Asked if he’s worried his tweets may rub some of his students the wrong way and might lead them to believe he is biased, Davis said creating discomfort is a tool that aids learning and that he isn’t worried about his tweets stirring discomfort “any more than the readings I assign or lectures I give on the topics of race and racism.”

“The specific racial discomfort to which you are alluding, particularly for white students, is a symptom of white fragility,” he added.

Last week, Davis penned an op-ed published in Inside Higher Ed arguing that student protesters should not be disciplined by universities and claimed punishments “reinforce institutionalized white supremacy.”

Davis posted recently on Twitter that white nationalists and white supremacists are attempting to get him fired and posted screenshots of hate mail he’s received.

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IMAGES: Twitter screenshots

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Nathan Rubbelke is a staff reporter for The College Fix with a specialty on investigative and enterprise reporting. He has also held editorial positions at The Commercial Review daily newspaper in Portland, Indiana, as well as at The Washington Examiner, Red Alert Politics and St. Louis Public Radio. Rubbelke graduated from Saint Louis University, where he majored in political science and sociology.

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  • CurmudgeonNYC

    this guy is such a racist bag of garbage. So if someone says fuck his blackness, that would be ok right?

  • Dani TX

    He is a black man and professor in a university yet complains that whites are disenfranchising people of color from opportunities. Hmmmmmm

    • Hughlon Thornbury

      Yes, and he’s anti-capitalist. Wonder what his yearly salary is and how much he contributes to homeless shelters or charities in his area? Wonder what stocks he is invested in? That’s the thing about these racist rage mongers, if they were the heroes of selfless liberalism they make themselves out to be, they’d be screaming about all their sacrifices to liberate their comrades from hunger and poverty, waving receipts in the air to “prove it all”.

    • BlueBoomPony

      He knows it’s nonsense. That’s what people need to learn. Their goal is the destruction of the West as we know it. They will lie as much as necessary.

  • Titus Andronicus

    Just another garden variety pretentious idiot. I looked though his CV and there is nothing – NOTHING – of any academic merit within. I very much doubt he has ever worked an honest job in his life.

    People like this would not survive outside the cosseting environment of what today passes as academe. They would die of exposure if the tax payer were not forced to care for them. They could not survive in the private sector, they could not survive in a real scholarly environment, and this fella would certainly not survive in the ‘hood.

    He is a cliche-drivelling punk, a numbskull, a parasite, and empty barrel.

    • NoDonkey

      Listened to too many crappy rap bands growing up obviously. Probably knows every Public Enemy song by heart.

      • DonnieZen

        More like NWA.

      • As Chuck D put it, he seems to think it takes a nation of millions to hold them down. No, it has taken a nation of millions to prop you up. And even if we wanted to keep doing so, we are in all ways tired.

        • Albert8184

          If I were in charge of the FBI and CIA, the “professor” would REALLY be feeling held down and picked on.

    • Joe Joe
    • Maneki Neko

      It (I don’t know which of the 57 genders it is so I’m playing it safe) is the poster child for totally defunding all colleges and universities including student loans. Defund them all then if there is a legitimate STEM program that warrants funding then funds can be allocated to that alone. NO gender/race studies will be funded in any was, shape or form with taxpayer funds. Let Beyonce fund them if she wants, as long as it is not coming out of my pocket.

      While we’re at it eliminate racism at colleges & universities by eliminating affirmative action and scholarships with a race requirement. Eliminate all sports programs, too.

      I’m tired of funding jackholes like this waste of oxygen.


      mad his daddy wasnt around no doubt

    • CharlieFromMass

      Please don’t insult the groups named in your last sentence. This guy would have to advance a little to get to those conditions.

    • amongoose

      Barrel is full, and it’s brown n smelly.

    • California70

      He isn’t also a SUBVERSIVE!

  • Gerry Burnie

    And speaking about hate speech…

    Why is it that a black whatever can call for ‘white destruction’ without consequence, but if a white person said the same about any other race they would ostracised and/or criminalised by all and sundry?

    • Carrie Kube

      Two words, “progressive stack”.

    • Black Skin Privilege, it is called.

    • Albert8184

      Imagine where we’ll be in 20 more years. In a place that most conservatives in this country STILL to this day don’t accept or even care is coming, apparently.

      • chicagorefugee

        Where we’ll be in 20 more years? South Africa.

        In 50? Zimbabwe.

  • TxMedRgr

    What the heck is wrong with this guy? They took the Confederate memorials down in New Orleans and he still isn’t happy.

    • Byrd Westbrook

      Shame on New Orleans.

  • Oregonian1

    This assistant professor should not be instructing any students in an accredited college or university.

  • MEK_93

    Well if you want to do violence against whiteness, I’m right here. I’m a conservative, Trump-supporting white guy. Christian, heterosexual male (there is no need for the “cisgender…” crap.). I guess I’m as “white” as they come. You want to do violence on me? Let me know and I’ll send you my home address, and we’ll see how well that works out for ya.

    • rosetta_stoned

      Exactly. Call them out.

  • Byrd Westbrook

    Yet another braindead professor of education.

  • WereTurtle

    There is nothing better than the privilege of the “College Educator”.

    You can say anything you want without giving a second thought to the consequences of what you say, and you can rant in faux-outrage when you are called out – and you will be supported.

    You expect students to take everything you have to say as it is the word of God, no matter how ridiculous or unhinged it is.

    You can destroy anyone who disagrees with you with the help of your fellow professors and student social justice warriors.

    Professor Privilege – it is a real and dangerous thing.

  • Robert What?

    As a White male, I never considered myself racist. But I’m getting more racist every day.

    • BlueBoomPony

      Careful. The Cucks will admonish you as they adjust their bowties. Tsk tsk. We must not stoop to their level. So what if Western Civilization descends into a cesspit? At least no one called us racist (even though they constantly did no matter what). The Constitution is a suicide pact, didn’t you know?

    • The lessons are cumulative.

    • ChuckFinley

      I don’t think that I am becoming more racist but I think that I now tune out the accusation when I hear it leveled against someone and I now tend to consider the accuser to be some sort of dishonest race grifter.

  • Unmutual One

    If we do not reclaim education, they are going to destroy this country within a generation.

    • d gasawa

      That’s the goal.

    • WatchmanOnTheWall

      Agreed. May we all get out there and try to impact our culture and encourage our kids to do the same.

      • BlueBoomPony

        Exactly. One thing anyone with technical skill can do is help efforts to build alternate platforms to oppose Google, Facebook and other growing threats to free expression

        There’s more to the alt-right than the idiot Reichtards- the MSM character assassination program against us is almost as big as it is against trump. There’s many levels, like alt-west which is just fighting for a free and rational Western civilization.

        Yeah, conservatives, you may run into people you tsk tsk over. Suck it up, stop punching right, and focus on the real enemy.

      • Albert8184

        It’s not looking promising. We’re far to apathetic and frankly…. clueless many of us.

    • BlueBoomPony

      This is why many of us admonish the Boomer/Buckley era conservatives. They got destroyed in the culture war, and it wasn’t because the Left was some unstoppable force- it’s because the Right was weak and cowardly. They lost it all. Academia, media, the school system. All of it completely subverted by the Left.

      I mean, look at them now. They own almost all the reins of power and they’re accomplishing… what? Opposing the most citizen friendly President in decades. ACA should have been nuked in the first month of Trump. DACA should even be a thing. McCain should have been heavily pressured to resign whenn it was clear he’d obstruct everything because is feelings were hurt.

      • Albert8184

        Exactly. Well said.

  • d gasawa

    ‘“To be clear, I am decidedly against whiteness….” Oh crap. What does he want me to do about all of this whiteness I was born in?

    • spaniel


      • TheOldMan

        “Silver Streak”. I dare you to watch that scene without laughing.

  • Cultural Anthropologist

    Great idea: Start a race war against whites! What could go wrong?


    So many useless `professors’ in universities breeding more useless graduates….degrading the value of a college degrees. One wonders if ALL the universities discarded these useless departments, how much lower their tuition would be, and how much LESS in speaker security costs will be saved.

    For these useless `professors’, they can set up trade schools online…and grant `degrees’ in a 3-month study based on just reading the NYT & WaPo everyday!!

  • geokstr

    Well, congratulations must go to Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Soros and so many others of their ilk. The bloody race war they did their best to incite draws closer every hour.

    And weasel-worded disclaimer says nothing about not agreeing with this particular faculty racialist agitator. If this was one of the few remaining professors to the right of Stalin, you can bet it would have denounced him by name and fired him.

  • Terenc Blakely

    Sounds like a call for genocide.

  • If Davis is so unhappy with America white people, why doesn’t he move to a majority black country? It’s not like there aren’t any.
    Make yourself and the rest of us happy. Please?

    • DixieRocker94

      And say bye bye free stuff?

  • WesDallas

    We anxiously wait for him and his friends to move beyond talking. When they actually do take action, we can react.

  • Maaku the Pirate King

    Someone tell this low IQ Dindu that Blacks are 12% of the population and without the kindness of YT, They’d be living in goat s hit huts back in the Motherland

  • Maaku the Pirate King

    Name one single Black that has had success without the help of YT… ?
    Blacks exist on this planet only because of YT tolerance

  • DonnieZen

    So, what’s anyone going to do about it? Why give this subhuman any publicity at all? Shun the turd.

    • ChuckFinley

      What to do about it? Circular file the resume of anybody with a USC degree applying for a job. Keep a list of universities who employ people who advocate race war and do the same for their graduates.

  • hyphenatedamerican

    Students need to file a complaint against him…
    He clearly creates a hostile environment for white students. The university claims it provides inclusive and tolerant educational environment, and it must act to prove so.

  • David Gano Wrone

    No mystery as to why leftwing chancres like this prick have such a problem with the Second Amendment. “White devil, I want to kill you. P.S. But before I try, let’s have that shotgun.”

  • CapitalistRoader

    Imagine if a white professor wrote:

    To be clear, I am decidedly against blackness as a social and political ideology, with its high out-of-wedlock birth rates, leading to dysfunctional families and blacks being 27 times more likely to attack a white and 8 times more likely to attack a Hispanic than the other way around.

    • John Tess

      Excellent response!!! And so true!

  • WatchmanOnTheWall

    I do hope parents stop sending their kids to these institutions. It’s one thing to have such a radical hateful individual, but quite another to have them teaching the next generation.

  • Dr Why

    This is starting to look like evidence of inferiority.

  • Chris Prestridge

    Seems the ‘fragility’ on full display is that of blackness fragility. He and his fellow g’ment teet moochers are the only ones complaining.

  • InklingBooks

    Quote: A University of Southern California professor says he stands behind his tweets that include obscenities directed toward President Donald Trump, calls for whiteness to be “destroyed,” and the promotion of violence against the “white supremacist heterosexist patriarchy.”

    And liberals wonder why conservatives are so big on the Second Amendment or why increasingly they seem to be the strongest defenders of the First Amendment. This guy is why.

    Those looking to explain such people should note the parallel to a mountain valley so isolated that everyone is everyone else’s first or second cousin. Some academic departments, here the USC Race and Equity Center, are like that with one critical difference. It takes roughly twenty years for each cycle in biological inbreeding to take effect and perhaps a hundred years—or five generations—for the problems to become serious.

    In academia, the reproductive cycle from entering student to instructor can be as short as five years. Taking 1977 as the starting point for these sorts of programs, it has been some forty years or eight generations. Virtually everyone on the faculty is becoming as closely related and brothers and sisters.

    • Trevor Sedis

      >” a hundred years—or five generations”

      A generation is generally computed as 33 years. Thus, a century is 3 generations.

      • Michael Jones

        I was always under the impression it was, in fact, or at least for conversational convenience, 20 years, the same length of time that I am given to understand is the shortest amount of time that can be considered to be the distant future.

  • ChuckFinley

    USC just made the hiring process that much easier by causing any resume of a USC graduate to get tossed in the first sorting.

  • Why I have nothing to do with my alma mater.

  • Don’t just tweet there, shoot something.

  • akjim99

    They keep promising a Civil War against whites and conservatives. I sure wish they’d get on with it.

  • Sam in Texas

    “Charles H.F. Davis, an assistant professor of clinical education and Chief Strategy Officer and Director of Research of the USC Race and Equity Center, defended his tweets in an email to The College Fix on Wednesday.”

    Since those are positions set up by the white supremacist patriarchal oppression system to maintain white supremacy and oppression, doesn’t that mean he, a male, is a cog in the machine, a tool of the white supremacist patriarchal system, advancing its agenda?

  • Chuck Pelto

    RE: Is That HIS Picture?

    He looks part ‘white’ to me. Maybe he should cut out that part of himself…. 😉

    Lead by Example!

  • Dewey

    Cry me. A river in tolerance works both ways assbit.

  • all_dems_suck

    Boycott black racists; buy White.

  • GimmieDat

    Sounds like he an Ciccariello-Maher are calling for re-segregation. What a couple of racist intellectual cowards. These guys should be flipping burgers not teaching young adults.

  • nickety d

    i don’t know where young conservatives stand on this issue but to me it seems like it’s time we start putting God/ christianity back into the equation. just sayin’ , from my perspective it seems that the moment prayer was removed from public schools ( i don’t mean teacher led prayer i mean even just students on the playground) was when this movement really took off. i’m embarrassed sometimes at my lack of diligence in being aware of all of this craziness i see and have determined to double down, along with my church and everyone i come across, and to do what i can to help make a stand. I am so heartened to see the groups like YAF and Campus reform, and this site, continue to push back and expose this craziness. You all are a much braver generation than mine at that age. my heartfelt appreciation and much prayer for your safety to all that do this. this older guy stands with you!

    • Trevor Sedis

      nickety d: >”to me it seems like it’s time we start putting God/ christianity back into the equation”

      The National Organization for Women and the Black Panthers were both founded in 1966. What have you and your “prayers” done to stop any of their predations during the past 51 years?

      • Michael Jones

        You mean, mumbling to ghosts didn’t help any?

  • Albert8184

    This constitutes a crime you know, what he’s doing. Wonder why Congressional “conservatives” are silent about it. They even act clueless about it. Where’s Trump? This “speech” is blatantly illegal.

  • rosetta_stoned

    Come get some, Chuck.
    Bring your white hate.

    I’m right here and easy to find.


    This guy is an idiot. If the University had any balls they’d fire this racist immediately.

  • Monty Mondegreen

    Fine. Just as long as also Blackness is “destroyed by any means necessary.”
    And Jewishness is “destroyed by any means necessary.”
    (because goose, gander, and stuff)

  • Paul Ryan is Fuc­king Terrible

    When and where bro.

  • Darkcloud

    One should think carefully about one wishes for.

    Civilization is just a nudge away from utter chaos.
    When the lights go out …game over man.

  • Jim Steele

    So there is no one in california who can defend whiteness with absolute violence. Shame shame. We do hope california is on North Korea’s hit list.


    well I dont see anyone of brown color fighting to live in brown nations, you FLOCK to what white shave built so stop denying it! you make the 90% of amazing human wblack folk seem like HATERS! this dweeby blk angry stooge sounds pissed he snot white!

  • RalphSC

    Another racist feral wanting to rid America of all whites and give the country to the blacks. He wants America to be like the African countries to which he should move to.

  • dogger1

    Is this guy still walking around as a free man?

  • Trevor Sedis

    >”Drexel Professor George Ciccariello-Maher…deemed the massacre of white people in the Haitian Revolution as a ‘good thing indeed.’ ”

    Yup. Haiti done booted out honkies, claiming the throne of the Black Revolution.

    Today, in 2017, its capital–Port au Prince– STILL has no sewer system.

    Go, Team Melanin!

  • Trevor Sedis

    What an actual race war would look like: http://tinyurl.com/q9rk2xa

  • amongoose

    “Statements made by our faculty members are not endorsed by the University; indeed, we sometimes profoundly disagree with the statements,” the statement said. “Nevertheless, we protect their right to express those views. However, USC does not condone violence or threats of violence in any form.”
    Seems some “racists” are allowed to speak on campus.
    Your actions speak much louder than your hollow words.

  • California70

    This Prof is nothing but a full blown subversive who Is trying to start a “Race War”. It so obvious, I don’t understand why anyone reading this doesn’t “get it”!

  • George Kimball

    The fact that ANYONE can take his kind of drivel seriously is evidence of just how much race (ballot) card damage O-man has done to this country.