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Johns Hopkins prof: Trump won election by ‘invoking the history of white supremacy’

This past Tuesday Johns Hopkins philosophy professor Chris Lebron spoke about his new book, “The Making of Black Lives Matter: A Brief History of an Idea,” noting the work is a response to the election of Donald Trump as president.

Lebron argues Trump won the presidency last November by “re-invoking the history of white supremacy,” and the victory “was a response to the advancement of people of color, which made some white people uncomfortable.”

The phrase “Black Lives Matter” also led to (white) discomfort, so much so that the alternative “All Lives Matter” was created as a counter.

“What Black Lives Matter ended up doing was to get three words in front of the American public to make a statement: that for centuries black lives have been disposable,” Lebron said according to The Johns Hopkins News-Letter.

“What this movement seems to revolve around is the horror of it all […] Think about Michael Brown rotting in the street. Eric Garner saying he can’t breathe. Black Lives Matter, as a leaderless movement, is in danger of not having a message that everybody can understand at the same time.”

More from the article:

In his book, Lebron describes black leaders who fought for racial equality, such as Frederick Douglass, Ida B. Wells, Anna Julia Cooper, James Baldwin and Martin Luther King Jr. Lebron said that today, racial activism is not as effective as it has been in the past.

He explained several of the techniques that black leaders have used to communicate with white people. …

[One] technique, which Lebron called “counter-colonization of white imagination,” refers to exposing white Americans to the reality of black culture.

“Part of counter-colonization of white imagination is not trying to earn the sympathy of white Americans; it is trying to see black Americans in a particular way,” he said.

For example, Lebron said that Langston Hughes, a poet and a leader of the Harlem Renaissance — the growth of black culture in the New York City neighborhood of Harlem during the 1920s — counter-colonized the white imagination.

“[Hughes] was using the idioms of jazz and blues, knowing that white Americans were listening to his art. He was presenting the vitality of black life to white Americans,” Lebron said. …

Roughly a month before the 2016 election, Lebron delivered a speech at Yale (his former post) in which he said there is a “decency problem” in the US, and that Donald Trump “is not decent man in the least”:

“His main ambition is to put a wall between another nation of brown people and us … [he] thinks the golden age was before blacks had rights,” he said.

Lebron also alleged Trump’s ideas “come at the cost of diminishing another person or group,” and warned he “could roll back decades of social progress.”

Read the full News-Letter story.

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  • claymore cluepile

    black people can’t be white people and white people can’t be black people…..sheep can’t be goats and goats can’t be sheep….they both eat green leaves and have 4 legs but they aren’t brothers under the skin.

    blacks are black supremacists and latinos are latino supremacists and whites are white supremacists….that is not a crime nor is it a bad thing….it all depends on what actions you choose to take.

    • Conservwarrior

      Actually no one is a supremacist – only liberal ‘professors’ say we are and the liberals regurgitate it.

  • Oak66

    Just more epidemic black racism…from a moron…He calls every thing up until now…that any majority white society produced ‘white supremacist’…Bottom line …it is civilization itself that is white supremacist to these racist savages. Sounds like he is a KKK recruiter basically saying that all civilization must be thrown out …because blacks can’t cut it and only whites are civilized.

  • Adam

    These people are hilarious and should be mocked mercifully, anyone here see any of that on the campaign trail? I didn’t. Obama won by documented voter fraud

  • Spunky

    A professor who accuses other people of the very same thing he is doing. The next time I hear about a professor stating something – I’m going to do an eye-roll

  • Jeff6times7

    Riiiiight. I’m not uncomfortable about the advancement of Booker T. Washington, Frederick Douglas, Martin Luther King, Clarence Thomas, George Washington Carver, Jackie Robinson, Ben Carson, and many many others.

    I am, however, VERY uncomfortable with you-know-who, hoping he never again appears in the public.

  • oldmaninblackforest

    ‘white privilege’… It exist, it’s real…. Fact is it’s NOT dropping out of school. working hard and making a difference. NOT having 70% of the demographic born into fatherless homes, NOT being part of a gang… ‘WHITE PRIVILEGE, Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas both suffer from it as to millions of other people of color that forgo the THUGGISH life.

    • tj10

      True. Some of what is called “white privilege” is simply the result of good choices made by their parents. Not all, but certainly that plays a role. The Obama’s are guilty of white privilege? That’s funny. ANyone, no matter what color of your skin, is guilty of privilege if they grow up in a two parent home where their parents love each other and love their kids and where they all work hard to succeed in life. If a child is born into this environment he/she will have greater privileges than those born into families where this was not so. But the solution is not to penalize those children for the hard work and commitment of their parents, but to help those who did not have that lean how to create that for their own children. Choices have consequences, but liberals want to make the poor choices of parents meaningless. They want us to be able to live however we want and have society cover the cost of our poor choices.

      • TexasCoyote1

        I think it could better be summed up that black activists want to bring the white people down to the lowest common denominator of the black ghetto resident. Then, nobody will have privilege (or food, or warm clothes, or safety…)

        As they see it, that solves the problem. They did the same thing in education after the Civil Rights Act. Education has been brought down to accommodate the black culture not raised up to the quality of the white culture.

    • TexasCoyote1

      Perhaps it should be renamed “White Responsibility.” That might have greater meaning in today’s context.

    • Ramon1710 .

      White privilege: The thrill of being blamed for other people’s shortcomings, criminal inclinations, lack of motivation, and delusions of persecution.

  • Max Rockatansky

    97% of significant scientific figures from 800 BC to 1950 have come from the West i.e. The White Race.

    Enlightened, modern, scientifically and technologically advanced societies are almost entirely the creation of WHITES.

    White priviledge? No. White Genius and ingenuity.

  • tj10

    Does anyone have the courage to really claim that all lives do NOT matter? I do not know what is so offensive about that statement. All lives do matter, including all black lives. In an ideal world, white lives do not matter more than black lives, and neither do black lives or any other lives matter more than white lives.

  • Kim Meese

    You DEMONS (DEMS) are like UNREASONING ANIMALS! Dividing ppl on the basis of SKIN COLOR? You are complete MORONS! God created us the way HE decided for HIS GLORY! Stop the insanity and stop falling for the imbecilic game playing of the Madmen (DEMS) who are using this to start a CIVIL WAR!

  • Nathaniel Cromartie

    Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow Coalition honored Donald J. Trump several years ago for his “contribution to the advancement of people of color”. This so-called professor is either an incompetent fool, or a slimy little propagandist skunk.

  • jldewitt

    It is this leftist trash thinking that was a part of why Trump won in the first place. People are sick and tired of being labeled as racist. When blacks have embraced this leftist racist garbage spewed out by the Democrats, of course a Republican win can be labeled “supremacy” because it doesn’t fit a “culture” of entitlement. What is really occurring is not a desire to be equal in a “republic” free America, it is taking the “supremacy” label and giving it a different color. I don’t need another racist telling me I need to embrace a certain “culture” that in some cases has locked arms with the Devil. When we live in a society where whites can only be seen as having committed a hate crime while another race is given free pass from a racial stand point to knock out people of another race, I could care less for a “culture” of thug hip hip gangster mentality. I get my instructions for race relations from the word of God and treat ALL people with respect and civility, if it is given in return. Maybe these leftist racists should learn from the Word themselves.

    • Ramon1710 .

      Democrats have no morals, no productive vision, and little wisdom.
      They need handouts, racism and other manufactured things like “global warming” to build their “victim” support base.

  • johncapp

    Not one example to back up his claim while BLM was based on a farce. This is a professor? He can’t even make a coherent argument.

    • Ramon1710 .

      According to his JH bio, he’s just an Associate Professor of (get this) African-American studies. ie: Ass. Prof of BS.

  • Rationalist X

    Black Lives Matter, antifa and the rest of these anti-confederate anti “white supremacy” clowns are actually socialist marxist front organizations. And the average individual following these groups doesn’t know that.

    When you understand that, then you’ll understand the problem is not about police shootings, racial equality, skin color, white supremacy or confederate monuments.

    It’s all about destroying America in favor of communism.

  • Bigearsbarry

    This dude is some kinda stupid.

  • Voice_of_Reason

    I’m sick and tired of being lectured to by people who literally depend on the fruits of white culture for EVERYTHING they enjoy, including the university system of education, indoor plumbing, household electricity, automobiles, computers, internet, even basketball.

    Ya know what is indecent? instead of rescuing your stolen brothers and sisters, actively SELLING them into slavery.

    White people are the only people in history to go to war among themselves to free alien slaves.

  • Blazer14

    I can’t take much more psycho-pseudo intellectualism from black racist professors. White people are not your problem. Look in the mirror.

  • Ramon1710 .

    Lebron, another negro bred from the fine outstanding race-baiting mold as Al “Tawna Brawley” Sharpton.

  • Ramon1710 .

    Roughly a month before the 2016 election, Lebron delivered a speech at Yale (his former post) in which he said there is a “decency problem” in the US, and that Donald Trump “is not decent man in the least”. Adding, “Now Hillary Clinton – she’s hot! I sure envy Bill!”