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White inventor of ‘white fragility’ tells University of Texas: Whites must stop becoming teachers

Don’t clap for whites

AUSTIN, Texas – The white professor who quit her full-time position to tour the country, leading seminars on “white fragility,” asked for whites in the room to come forward.

About 15 people walked to the stage and each one read a quote from the projection screen that addressed their “internalized superiority,” “racial privilege” and other deficiencies as whites.

When they finished reading, the professor told the audience to “not clap” for the white people as they returned to their seats. She announced there would be no question-and-answer session.

Then Robin DiAngelo, a part-time lecturer at the University of Washington who coined the term “white fragility” and wrote a forthcoming book on it, summarily dismissed the three-hour exercise in getting whites to feel bad about themselves.

Whites are ‘very irrational’

DiAngelo was invited to the University of Texas by the Public Affairs Alliance for Communities of Color, a student group, to lead Saturday’s racially charged event titled “White Fragility: Understanding and Working Against White Privilege.”

She’s given seminars at this year’s Diversity and Inclusion Summit at Brown University, and at schools ranging from tiny Franklin & Marshall College to 15,000-student Western Washington University.

In a 2011 journal article that introduced white fragility to the world, DiAngelo defines it as “a state in which even a minimum amount of racial stress becomes intolerable, triggering a range of defensive moves.”

DiAngelo told participants that even as someone who leads seminars on the subject, it’s hard for her to talk about white fragility because it makes all whites uncomfortable and “very irrational.”

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She warned participants from the start that the whites in the room would likely get defensive because they tend to hold “emotionally charged” opinions on racism.

Though they have “a perspective,” whites have to recognize that their knowledge is limited unless they devote “years [of] sustained study, struggle, and focus” to racism, according to DiAngelo, who says she co-designed the “Race and Social Justice Initiative Anti-Racism training” for Seattle.

The workshop was a veritable parade of diversity buzzwords. DiAngelo said her goal is “interrupting whiteness” because it is often “unmarked,” and people must “center it” in order to “expose” and remove it.

Among questions posed during two- to three-person discussion groups that DiAngelo occasionally convened: “How does whiteness manifest” in society, “What is welcoming and affirming for white people here” and “How do white people respond when the topic of racism comes up?”

Men might take back women’s right to vote?

During one small-group discussion, DiAngelo asked participants to define “Prejudice,” “Discrimination,” and “Institutionalized Oppression” so as to highlight how whites may misinterpret these words.

She showed a slide that revealed how men are overrepresented in powerful American roles such as CEO, member of Congress, mayor, governor and the presidency.

DiAngelo titled it “The Example of Women’s Suffrage,” apparently because she asked the crowd if they believe men could take the right to vote away from women. She didn’t answer her own question, but rather smiled and moved on.

Another slide said 99 percent of the directors of the 100 top grossing films of all time worldwide were men.

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DiAngelo used a photo of male politicians discussing women’s healthcare to show how men are keeping women under their thumb. She highlighted the amount of “power” and “sexism” in the room.

Pretending to be a fly on the wall, DiAngelo said one of those politicians will suggest they should include women in the discussion. Eventually his colleagues agree, in DiAngelo’s scenario, in order to make them look more inclusive.

But these males’ strategy for drawing women into the discussion is to “make the brochures pink.” Eventually a woman will join their group, and at some point she will “help them see their sexism.”

However, DiAngelo did distinguish among women by their race, class and “intersectionality,” saying “there is no universal woman’s experience.”

Too many whites are teachers

“Racial Socialization Questions,” the name of another group discussion, featured questions that will make participants reflect on their race and background.

(If UT faculty or administrators were in the seminar, they didn’t announce it beyond their small groups. One person in a group with The College Fix identified as a UT staff member who was there to learn.)

Some questions touched on how messages were transmitted to people when they were kids, such as how racially diverse was their neighborhood and “What messages did you get about race from the geography of race?”

DiAngelo also asked groups to answer: “When is the first time you had a teacher of the same race[s] as you? How often did that happen? When did you first have a teacher of a different race than you?”

These are important discussion topics because they help people talk about “institutionalized oppression,” such as DiAngelo’s assertion that whites are too great a percentage of teachers in America.

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Racism is embedded in the United States, she continued: “We are in a society that are not equal,” and “institutionalized oppression” can be found in religion, family and the media.

But many white people use a tactic called “white defensiveness” when they’re talking about race, which makes it hard to talk about racism, according to DiAngelo. She didn’t define the term, but one example given in a blog post is the phrase “All lives matter.”

People of color understand more than her, as a white person, how this defensive mechanism can cripple people from seeing their own racism, she said: “People of color understand what it means to be white more than I ever will.”

As with other terms in her presentation, DiAngelo didn’t define what she meant by “white space” and “black & brown space,” other than that society teaches the first is “good,” “sheltered” and “innocent,” and the second is “sketchy,” “dirty,” and “to be avoided.”

The following slide, “Above The Surface: Dominant White Racial Narratives,” listed quotes that whites say to supposedly make themselves feel like they’re not racist: “I was taught to treat everyone the same,” “Race doesn’t have any meaning to me” and “I see people as individuals.”

When a man plays ‘Devil’s advocate,’ it’s a ‘power move’

The next participation activity focused on white wrongdoing from the perspectives of whites and “people of color.”

Whites were asked “what narratives” they have used to “deny the impact of race on my life and present myself as ‘getting at it’?” Nonwhites were asked how whites deny that impact.

Though she didn’t hold a Q&A, DiAngelo told participants they could individually talk to her afterwards.

Asked by The Fix if groups other than whites suffer from fragility, she cited “dominant groups” such as “males” and “able-bodied” people that make other groups suffer.

She declined to answer a question about why men are the overwhelming majority of the prison population if they are a dominant group.

The Fix had asked to play “devil’s advocate,” to which DiAngelo responded that such phrasing is a “power move” coming from a male.

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IMAGES: Tyler Olson/Shutterstock, Christian Montoya

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About the Author
Christian Montoya is a College Fix contributor. He received an associate degree in journalism and currently attends Austin Community College, studying economics.

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  • fishydude

    holy crap. This women is completely delusional. She built a defense into her thesis that disallows any rebuttal.
    That fact that she is admits that she is a social justice warrior negates everything she says while proving that social justice is meant to instil hatred of all this not like them.

    • ScienceABC123

      Exactly! She like an open-loop control system, prone to wild oscillations and then getting stuck at an extreme position.

      • fishydude

        The oscillator example we all know is getting a microphone to close to the speaker. Ouch. And she is as bad as that or worse. 😀

      • Piltdown Ghost

        I don’t think she ever oscillated even once toward the right. She started out well to the Left of MLK’s Dream and rode the express train nonstop to Zimbabwe.

  • Robert A’Beuy

    So, she should set an example and resign.

    • Medina-Merino

      Not likely…she’s amassing quite a fortune from the campus coffers from “allies” and “advocates” of her cheap politics, who themselves are scamming their institutions all the way to the bank…the fix is in and they are NOT going to give it up anytime soon…meanwhile they dupe the innocent, the naive and the intellectually weak.

      • david smith

        Nothing like knocking white privilege by getting rich with it.

        • GRL

          Made the Clintons and Gore (climate, not race) rich, along with variations by Soros, Steyer, Kennedy’s etc. She’s just working the pretend progressive way.

      • Paxton Reis

        Exactly…follow the money. “Diversity Inc.” is adding immense costs to attending universities and has been distracting corporations from their focus of providing great products and services.

        This whole obsession on race, gender, etc. is ultimately demeaning and dehumanizing to individuals.

        • TexasRedbud

          One thing I did agree with, her statement that ‘white people are irrational’. She certainly is.

      • Steve White

        Bing! You got it. As they used to say in the Depression, “nice work if you can get it.”

    • Pamazon

      REsign and KILL white self. Jeez.

  • Byrd Westbrook

    Robin DiAngelo suffers from “Johnson envy,” a phrase I coined in 2011.

  • solly

    > In a 2011 journal article that introduced white fragility to the world, DiAngelo defines it as “a state in which even a minimum amount of racial stress becomes intolerable, triggering a range of defensive moves.”

    > DiAngelo told participants that even as someone who leads seminars on the subject, it’s hard for her to talk about white fragility because it makes all whites uncomfortable and “very irrational.”

    > She warned participants from the start that the whites in the room would likely get defensive because they tend to hold “emotionally charged” opinions on racism.

    If you reject this anti-white racism, it doesn’t mean you oppose racism. Nope. It means you are “triggered”, “very irrational”, “emotionally charged” and too “fragile”. You need to just stop being upset when you are victimized by racism.

  • GulfPundit

    “My opinions are facts and your disagreement proves they are facts.”

    • Joe Blow

      That sums up the SJW thought system

  • Char Sal

    Methinks the good doctor is off of her meds again…

    • ScienceABC123


  • SirReal

    Don’t let bitter, middle-aged women lecture or even speak.

  • BdubIndy

    Its ok to be white. Its ok to be male. Its ok to be a white male. Next.

    • Norbert

      No, it’s GREAT to be white. I love it.

      • Tatiana Covington

        Better believe it! I’ve been White all my life and have never had any trouble with it, other than a tendency to sunburn. That will be fixed by reinstalling the genes for DNA photolyase I and II. 2030?

  • enzomedici

    She is correct. Anyone white person that thinks like her is obviously mentally ill and needs to be institutionalized.

  • EndTimesComing

    We didn’t have this problem before desegregation. Blacks had their own schools, with black teachers, and their own State funds. Whites had their own schools, with white teachers, and their own State funds. IF things are so bad as the blacks say, and this looney tunes prof says, let’s return to normal and go back to segregation

    • Louwanna Tianne Pfab

      Blacks already self-segregate themselves in society. They tend to clump together in neighborhoods, they segregate when in cafeterias, movie theaters, parks. They demand equality on campuses – then proceed to segregate with “blacks only” student organizations.

      • EndTimesComing

        It’s not self-segregation I am talking about. We had less problems in schools, neighborhoods, cafeterias, etc when they were KEPT out of ours. Before integration we didn’t need cops in Hallways, metal detectors going into schools, didn’t have free-for-alls in Burger King, McDonalds and Chucky Cheese on a regular basis, and our women didn’t worry about rape and our old folks had no need to fear being sucker punched from behind going to the post office.

  • Pull pistols or whistle Dixie

    I seem to notice that almost across the board the ones promoting anti-white narratives are Jewish.

    Does this make me anti-Jewish for noticing – or just a white supremacist?

    • MKR

      DiAngelo is not exactly a Jewish name

      • Medina-Merino

        Does Whoopie Goldberg count?

    • Joe Blow

      You must be a pretty stupid southerner if you can’t tell that is an Italian name

      • Pull pistols or whistle Dixie

        Hate to break your blissful ignorance you dope by not all jew names end in stein or berg. There are Italian Jews, Spanish Jews and even African Jews. There are married Jewesses who take their husbands name and children of Italian, Irish, Scottish, Spanish, Dominican, Puerto Rican, Cuban…fathers and Jewish mothers who are also considered fully Jewish.

        You calling me stupid? Hahahaha ya dope.

        • Joe Blow

          Sorry to break to you, bigoted dumbass redneck, most SJWs aren’t Jewish. Though a hell of a lot of them are Jewish, to be sure. But I am sure a lot of them come from ur sort of stock too. Like most Nazis, you confuse genetics with politics, If you don’t know, don’t make yourself into a bigger fool by assuming one is Jewish.
          “You calling me stupid? Hahahaha ya dope.” I do!
          “Personal: “I grew up poor and white. While my class oppression has been relatively visible to me, my race privilege has not. ” (DiAngelo, 2006).” from her website https://robindiangelo.com/about-me/

          • Agincourt

            Jews are the Pigs on the SJW animal farm

            and you know it

          • Joe Blow

            No nazi, you are the schweinen, dumkopf

          • Agincourt

            Of course there will always be shabbos goy

          • Joe Blow

            In other words, the Nazi was wrong. So he will try to regain his undeserved mental superiority by alleging, while she is technically not Jewish, she is still part of the all encompassing Jewish conspiracy that is out to get him anyways

          • Agincourt

            was I ever just talking about the goy cashing in?
            nope, Jews are the anti-white intelligentsia.

          • Joe Blow

            Like most stupid demented Nazi scumbags, your “Jews hate whites” meme is just your sick mind saying “I hate Jews”

          • Agincourt

            You should feel bad about siding with those Jews. What a horrible way to live, ever defending the tribe

          • Joe Blow

            I do!

          • Agincourt

            so just say it every time, they dindu nuffin
            Jews didn’t create the NAACP for nuffin

          • Joe Blow

            “The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is a civil rights organization in the United States, formed in 1909 as a bi-racial organization to advance justice for African Americans by W. E. B. Du Bois” So Weebee was Jooish?

          • Agincourt

            It’s like pottery

            He was born on September 25, 1879 in Romania. He was Jewish. He migrated to the United States in 1883.

            The Jewish community contributed greatly to the NAACP’s founding and continued financing.[23]
            Jewish historian Howard Sachar writes in his book A History of Jews in America that “In 1914, Professor Emeritus Joel Spingarn of Columbia University became chairman of the NAACP and recruited for its board such Jewish leaders as Jacob Schiff, Jacob Billikopf, and Rabbi Stephen Wise.”[23]

            23. Howard Sachar. “Working to Extend America’s Freedoms: Jewish involvement in the Civil Rights movement”. Excerpt from A History of Jews in America, published by Vintage Books. MyJewishLearning.com. Retrieved February 4, 2009.

          • Joe Blow

            Once again, she ain’t Jewish. God, you are an easy person to despise.

          • Piltdown Ghost

            Actually that honor goes to progressively-stacked intersectional feminists. “Sit down and shut up, this space belongs to Women of Color now.”

          • Agincourt
        • Piltdown Ghost

          Assuming DiAngelo must be Jewish because she’s an SJW isn’t so much stupid as it is paranoid.

    • hyphenatedamerican

      Obama is Jewish?

      • Medina-Merino

        He’s as Jewish, Korean or Eskimo as he is “Black”.
        Only in America can a White woman give birth to a “Black” man…thanks to the ignorant, illogical, irrational “1-Drop Rule” that was invented by illiterate, syphilitic, toothless white slave-owners to legally classify their mixed-race children as officially “Black” so that they had no legal standing to claim his estate when he died.
        And still today this stupidity IS the centerpiece of “Black” identity.
        Stupidity dies a long slowwwwwwwwwwwwww death in the USA.

  • THer

    This type of garbage should not be allowed on our college campuses……….I should be held only OFF CAMPUS!
    This woman is selling ideas to gullible students who will develop severe mental problems if they believe it.

  • David Bradshaw

    she should do the honorable thing…set an example and prove her her devotion to the cause…commit jigai..thats what a true SJW would do

  • larrymardis

    The real bigotry is that talented people get all the music deals, pretty people get all the modeling contracts, fast and strong get all the pro athletics contracts. All the people that have great memory are somehow deamed smarter than people with lousy memory. Now if you are fat with a lousy memory and lacking any discernible talent it doesn’t really matter what your skin color is or if your parents are married or not or if you were born with “white privilege”, you will be disadvantaged against those you compete with in life. Now another bigotry is in health. Some people have better health outcomes than others and again has nothing to do with the color of your skin you stupid commie.

  • mentally guitardeded

    Wow, what a crazy cunt

  • dehypnotized

    Facts are bad if they don’t fit the liberal narrative.

  • Ivar Ivarson

    The stupid is strong with this one.

  • Senior VP, Race Relations

    That professor should move to South Africa. All the sh*t shes espousing SA has done since Mandela.

  • Medina-Merino

    Typical delusional, 3rd-rate, pop-apologist faux “academic” clown jumping in and out of the campus clown car to collect her fat honorarium “diversity-at-any-cost” checks

    You know the academy has sunk DEEP into the swamp when drivel like this actually gets ‘traction” by those who should know better and aim higher than bumper-sticker analyses of issues requiring much deeper scrutiny than her trite slogans and catchy sound-bytes.

    Having spent 4 decades in the academy from the Ivy League to the Big 10, I can testify that cryptic, highly paid race-baiters like this with their fake smiles and even faker tears are truly a disservice to the historic and philosophical mission of the academy.

    They do NOTHING to advance civility, encourage the dissemination of knowledge and preserve the cultural matrices of American society with their politically-over-corrected clap-trap dripping in the new and improved racism.

    A truly sad bunch.

  • Peter Frohwein

    This is mental illness at its highest level ! This woman needs help !

    • Medina-Merino

      Not likely to get that help from her coterie of like-minded, intellectually dishonest, morally-deficient and ethically bankrupt slithering “colleagues”.


    I am unapologetically white. Best race. None other achieved more.

    • Micha_Elyi

      You enjoy sucking cuck.

      • Greg

        That the best you can do, retard?

      • Medina-Merino

        Spoken like predictable ass-tattoo’d SJW from inside his Prius Hybrid at the Starbucks drive-up window…

    • ItsOK2kek

      It triggers libtards a lot more to just simply say “it’s okay to be white”.
      They just can’t stand the heresy of a simple fact.

      Claiming superiority is an own-goal and just handing them a win.

  • TioDon

    Being White is a privlidge, a blessing, good luck, exciting, interesting, fun, and so friggin’ cool!!! It’s twice as nice to look like rice. I’m so glad I’m not black and have to go through life hating everyone and hating my life….Ahhhhhh, life is goooooood!

  • tyrannystopper

    This woman is a pile of scum and clearly a psycho.

  • Maineiac

    Karl Marx was white.as was Lenin.

    • Micha_Elyi

      Marx and Lenin’s ideas weren’t new nor uniquely white. Try again.

    • Agincourt

      Jews are not white

      • Maineiac

        What are they?

        • Agincourt

          a race apart. the whole point of their gang

          • Winston Smith

            Jews can pro-create with non-Jews. By definition that makes them Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

            We know facts are hard for you to understand.

          • Agincourt

            Just a dumb podunk goyim here

          • Winston Smith

            Yes, you are. Are you ignorant or stupid? I’ll follow the professors advice and embrace the healing power of ‘and’.

            Your assertion was that the Jews are a race apart.

            Can you defend your assertion?

          • Agincourt

            It’s the core of Judaism
            Hence the reason Israel is now genetically testing people who claim they are Jew

          • Winston Smith

            And your source for THAT is what?

          • Agincourt

            Interesting nickname since Orwell was describing what Jews did to Russia.

          • Winston Smith

            Still no proof.

            Are you now saying that Lenin & Stalin were Jewis? Do you have proof of that?

            Can you ever post a FACT?

          • Agincourt

            Lenin was a superhuman that was every agent in the CHEKA
            you idiot
            we count all the Jews so very much involved in what happened in Russia

          • Winston Smith

            All this time and not a single fact.

            Can you please just go back to StormFront with all your Nazi pals?

          • Agincourt

            Here’s another shabbos goy for you
            Can My Children Be Friends With White People?
            Ekow N. Yankah (@ekownyankah) is a professor at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University.

      • ItsOK2kek

        They are when they need to be.

  • Aquastar

    Just put them in stocks, headlocked, and throw garbage. The Puritans knew how to shame someone. The Democrats need to found a new offically sanctioned Group to hate—The Unbearable Whiteness of Being. You are free to trash and guilt them at your pleasure. Let’s start a race war while you are at it, idiots.

  • evianalmighty

    There is a concerted effort to demonize white people. It is everywhere. These are people that must be destroyed. This is not a joke. You have black democrats stating on every news channel that no white people should be on a democratic ticket. It is time for these people to be put down. They are trash and do not deserve to continue on.

    • WereTurtle

      White people – the “Emanuel Goldstein” of the Progressive Left. They have their daily two-minutes hate calling for the destruction of “The Party’s” arch nemesis.

  • Joe Blow

    The fragile white ones are the race hustling pseudo intellectual trash like her. And the minorities she shills for explode over jokes, mis-interpreted words and phrases and honest generalizations, so those phukktwats are way more fragile than whites

  • Joe Blow

    Some inventor, she is right up next to the black feminist hoe who invented “intersectional feminism”.

  • Carrie Kube

    Dang, she’s like a more educated, white, female Uncle Ruckus.

  • beanbag

    Texas U has course on white privlidge? Time for the state to quit funding UT with privilidged white folks tax dollars. UT can operate on donations from the radicals and other racists and hate groups.

  • JAO

    What a huge pile of BS.

  • Agincourt

    You know what needs to be done but we aren’t at that level yet

  • Joe Blow

    Trouble is Nazi edgelord, your equally stupid redneck pal was wrong.

  • WereTurtle

    I wish I was a progressive leftist. I would have the ability to read minds and know the hearts of people way better than they do. I would never have to admit I was wrong nor ever have to say I was sorry. I could accuse others of the things I do and could silence anyone who disagrees with me by calling them a racist.

    They have it so good, though, I wonder what their blood pressure is like? Worshiping an ideology that is rooted in hatred and outrage must take a serious physical toll.

  • eat poo
  • creativeusernamehere

    Maybe she offers free food at her seminars? Can’t see why any self respecting person of any race would want to sit through this garbage. Higher Education would be so much better without these people.

  • raydrnayshon

    Let’s have a day, a week, a month where white people stay home from work. Let’s see how that goes.

  • Mark Wheeler

    Oh what a clever little possum this person is. . . so much power, knowledge, authority, cudos, originality in her ‘ observations, ruminations and obfuscations ‘ . . . I think I can see what she is getting at. . .I am really trying . . .I’m still trying. . .nup. . .it doesn’t float my boat. . . there seems to be some kind of inherent barrier between us, that prevents my poor, feeble, male mind from engaging meaningfully with her discourse. . .it must be my fault. . .too many white genes, not enough middle eastern genes. .that can’t be right. . it’s half and half. I give up. . .she’s way too smarty pants for me. . . I wonder whether she suffers from buttock bind. . .bet she does.

  • Christian Washington

    This stuff is poison and it is generally propagated by white liberals. THEY are the ones who believe they can speak for minorities. THEY are the ones who assign the “Bad/Dangerous/Sketchy” labels on an entire race. THEY are the ones who seek to divide. It’s gross.

    • ItsOK2kek

      White liberals running these nut-houses also get to decide who is authentically black, a woman, whatever group students must be pigeon-holed into so their individuality and personality can be smashed and stripped away.

  • Monty Mondegreen

    “White privilege” is nonsense.

    By the usual criteria used to determine “privilege” (average income, wealth, education level, per capita representation in prestigeous universities and occupations, etc.), ethnic JEWS are many many many times more privileged that Whites, and so if the issue is privilege, we should we should be condemning JEWISH PRIVILEGE, but no one even dares mention Jewish privilege, which is itself a manifestation of Jewish privilege.

    Therefore, “White privilege” is nonsense; it is NOT anti-privilege, but simply ANTI-WHITE.

  • Vincent Rizzo

    Well good then when the blacks up-rise she will be the first one they kill lol. Last I looked she was white… Oh the irony of it all. These so called professors why do they all look weird and goofy. Isn’t that a sign of a mental illness ROFL .

  • Dr. Donny

    AS an example of white fragility, I would like to note that, in addition to being dumb, she is also ugly.

  • JackisBack

    So, she’s taken in a lot of black snake and now want to kill off her own race. Typical of White women.

  • Aoife Harris

    Its a good thing white people like her leave their jobs BC it leaves the door open for those who want that position and is happy to BE A TEACHER TO ALL RACES.

  • Tatiana Covington

    There is no problem with being White. Whites can’t possibly be fragile… not after some had the guts to ride a 3000-ton rocket to the Moon and walk around up there. Six times!

  • NitroZeus

    Yuck, I think the only thing left to do after watching this insane marxist indoctrinate young minds into her campaign of institutional white genocide (at the University of Texas of all places) is to scrub your brain clean by watching Lana provide a dose of racial rationality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oemFQLKtvx4

  • johnfembup

    People like DiAngelo actually graduated from an accredited school.

  • mnemonicmike

    Basically, she’s a liberal that is saying that other people are wrong in their beliefs and other people therefore have problems. Liberals never understand that they are the ones with the severe problems. Even Bernie Sanders was able to see that one of the main reasons Trump got elected was because the nation is tired of hypocritical authoritarianism from the Left. Let this stupid liberal halfwit continue … all she does is help hurry-on the coming reckoning.

  • dws

    Can’t we all just get along?

  • Zito Van Buren

    Who’s more idiotic- the fake “professor” or the morons who attend these “workshops”?

  • Lon Mead

    Another example of someone using words and phrases they won’t define, in a presentation that doesn’t allow for give and take, and refusing to defend herself by not allowing anyone to question her where everyone could hear her response.

    In other words, another incompetent academic trying to legitimize her academic incompetence.

  • AntiLeftist

    This is so sickening, I can’t even stomach reading the entire article. Here’s what happens when people like DiAngelo are taken seriously:

    “Mao’s Cultural Revolution movement was the darkest chapter in China’s history. It should be called “Cultural Destruction.” It brought the Chinese people nothing but misery. It did fundamentally transform Chinese society: millions, including a generation of China’s intellectual backbone, perished, and an entire young generation grew up without any formal education. It tore the social fabric that used to unite people, and overturned traditional close relationships among families and communities. Its irreplaceable destruction of China’s cultural heritage left Chinese people in a spiritual and moral vacuum.”


  • Dr Why

    I am woke. After living in mostly Negro neighborhoods for my entire adult life, I have become enlightened. The old Racists were right all along.

  • allencic

    Hey Robin! Here’s our three letter response to you and your racist ideas. It starts with “G”, ends with “Y” and has a large “F” in the middle.

  • Nativo13

    “Bill Kristol: White Working Class Should Be Replaced by Immigrants”

  • Michael Lang

    A pinhead supreme.

  • Nativo13

    Campus tuition would be a lot cheaper without the extraneous SJW-BS overhead

  • Tsuki no Usagi

    Time to totally defund all colleges and universities, including federal backed student loans and grants.

  • Dude1394

    Oh screw you.

  • Glen Wishard

    The childishness of this stuff is just mind-blowing. Behind it is a desire to control and humiliate other people, not through any moral or intellectual prowess but by reciting magical Harry Potter incantations. It’s a game of make-believe, and the child becomes enraged when adults refuse to play along with it.

    • ItsOK2kek

      They’re never going to stop until the whole country is like a huge prison/college campus and those policies replace the Constitution.

  • FiftycalTX

    I wonder if she would like to rent some of my “white guilt”? I don’t use it.

  • “Workshop” is misspelled in their flyer.

  • PhysicsWon

    What an idiot, which is fortunate for her. Being an idiot she can continue of smugly believe her “theory”, even though it is filled with inconsistencies and contradicted time after time by reality.

  • Greg

    If this stupid bunt is in any typical of women’s thought processes, maybe we should disenfranchise them. They’re a menace.

    • allencic

      It is entirely predictable for the faculty of totally pointless and worthless “gender and sexist and God know what else studies” that have absolutely no use in the real world. Any kid dumb enough to study and believe this craziness deserves to end up sleeping in the street with their entire collection of worldly goods in an old shopping cart.

  • Fred Ducque

    She proves her own point…….

  • Craig B.

    And this is why, regardless of Big-Gov-Edu-Media narratives, 99% of people who are pro-white are NOT supremacists, OR EVEN WHITE NATIONALISTS.
    We’re simply reacting logically to the race-baed hatred of our people
    If you’re White and not offended yet, there’s something wrong with you.

  • Steve White

    Mr. Montoya: Robin DiAngelo, a part-time lecturer at the University of Washington, is not a professor. She’s adjunct faculty. There is a difference. She should not be described as a professor.

  • Esther

    Wow, it looks like she is Kafkatrapping! http://esr.ibiblio.org/?p=2122

    You are guilty of thoughtcrime because you believe you are innocent of thoughtcrime. If you believe you are guilty of thoughtcrime, you are guilty of thoughtcrime. If you believe that you are then innocent of thoughtcrime, you are guilty of thoughtcrime.

    Go to the gulag.

  • Anthony Harmon

    It’s a wonder my head didn’ t fall off from shaking my head in disbelief and shock at the sheer stupidity.

  • Piltdown Ghost

    If everywhere a Caucasian person goes it’s not okay to be white why even worry about where one goes at all? Wherever you go, there you are, and SJWs will hate you for it. Might as well go where you want and let the racist SJWs whine.

  • Terenc Blakely

    The first steps in any genocide is to demonize and dehumanize the targeted group.

  • Jill Andrews

    Here’s another reason you parents with high school level kids wanting to go to college must take note! This is what your kid will hear in classes run by these fascist idiots.
    Give your kid a break, buy him/her a small home & a computer. Learn on line. Get a job. Take the tests & pass and learn and remember how to reason for yourself!

  • ArtD0dger

    What a horrible person.

  • Herbert Caplan

    D’Angelo is guilty of ignorant babble based upon her emotional provincialism and a misdirected western bias. She doesn’t mention or discuss the far more significant, and persistent retrograde subjugation of women and the tyrannical exercise of power by native genetic non-whites in the Middle-East, the Far-East, Africa, South America, and all isolated regions where western liberalism and political democracy have triumphed over primitive cultures. Or to coin a telling phrase for her to think about, ” two wrongs don’t make a white”.

  • hyphenatedamerican

    She is a racist fascist pig.

  • hyphenatedamerican

    You should have asked her about the liberal fragility, liberal supremacy, institutionalized liberal racism.

  • hyphenatedamerican

    Liberal fragility…

    In a 2017 Hyphenated American introduced liberal fragility to the world. He defines it as “a state in which even a minimum amount of racial stress or a disagreement concerning liberal policies becomes intolerable, triggering a range of defensive moves.”

  • allencic

    Any college students dumb enough to waste tuition dollars on this nonsense deserves the lousy and pointless education they’re getting. If I was an employer and saw this sort of worthless baloney on a students transcript it would immediately be tossed in the trash. No company needs fools like this for employees.

  • Katherin Kirkpatrick

    You never know where the fragility will end. For instance, I think my white bank account just became too fragile to pay for tuition at any college where this woman speaks.

  • Clever Handle

    Is that so they can “aks” you to be illiterate? Gag me with a spoon.

  • gmartinz

    Who shows up for this s***? Who pays her for this s***?

  • ItsOK2kek

    Anybody who tried to get rid of this crap in academia will be cast out for heresy, blasphemy, apostasy and wreck their career.

    Orthodox leftism informs us that it’s racism to not teach whites to hate themselves, so this stuff will continue and intensify. The people selling increasingly worthless credentials that tore it all down really don’t have a choice.

  • theminx

    ” When did you first have a teacher of a different race than you?” In the first grade you racist,pocphiliac, whiteaphobe, lying, bigot. She was very nice and one of my favorite teachers. That was 1971.

  • Earl Tower

    “devote “years [of] sustained study, struggle, and focus”” to quote the article’s quoting of her….yeah I did devote years, it is called 25 years in the United States military, the most equal institution in all of American society. In the military we teach that race is fine to be part of some one’s identity but it has no place in judging someone’s merit. THAT is what we should be teaching our children.

  • BubbaJack

    Why do whites go along with this? Read this awesome essay that explains why. Diagnosing Passover Syndrome Among White Liberals

  • Ayn Al-Nimr

    Anyone else read this and think how fun it would be to attend her “seminar” and troll her?