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University teaches white employees how to overcome the ‘discomfort’ of being white

University of Michigan training session used ‘Privileged Identity Exploration Model’

A two-day professional development conference held recently at the University of Michigan included a training session that aimed to help white employees deal with their “whiteness” so they could become better equipped to fight for social justice causes, according to organizers.

Participants who took part in the “Conversations on Whiteness” session, held December 5 during the university’s Student Life Professional Development Conference, were taught to “recognize the difficulties they face when talking about social justice issues related to their White identity, explore this discomfort, and devise ways to work through it,” the university’s website states.

The goal was to help participants in “unpacking Whiteness” to support students and staff with issues and efforts “related to identity and social justice,” the website added.

The “Conversations on Whiteness” session was one of more than a dozen workshops offered at the conference, held Dec. 4 and 5. The whiteness session utilized the “Privileged Identity Exploration Model” to help white participants explore the “discomfort” of their “white identity,” according to organizers.

First introduced in 2007 by University of Iowa professor Sherry Watt in a College Student Affairs Journal article, the model purports to be a method for understanding how people react to stimuli that alert them of the privilege they hold. The model is to be used by “facilitators” to “engage participants in discussions about diversity,” according to Watt.

Watt states there are eight defenses people use to avoid recognizing their privilege. Examples of defenses include “denial,” where someone simply refuses to admit their privilege, and “minimization,” where someone trivializes the impact of their privilege.

The College Fix reached out for comment to the three university staff members listed as facilitators of the event: Abby Priehs: associate director of residence education; Steve Bodei: associate director of Student Life Leadership Education; and Nick Smith: director of campus involvement.

When asked why the “unpacking Whiteness” event was created, and whether or not students at the University of Michigan had complained about the quality of racial discourse on campus, Smith responded: “This is an internal training for U-M Student Life staff.” A subsequent query to Smith was not returned.

Neither Priehs nor Bodei responded to phone calls from The Fix on Monday night.

The Student Life Professional Development Conference was based around the overall theme of “Identity, Wellness, & Work: Healthier, Happier, & More Efficient,” according to the University of Michigan’s student life website.

Additional sessions were titled “Building and Strengthening Your Assessment Muscles,” “Empower, Safety and You,” and “Making Meaning: the Role of Spirituality in Higher Education.”

Another session, titled “I Don’t Feel Safe Talking About Race,” was devoted to giving staff “tools to create a safer climate to promote dialogue around racial issues.” Meanwhile “The Intersection of Well-being, and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion on Campus” workshop aimed to help Student Life staff “work towards wellness justice for all students on campus.”

The University of Michigan is not alone in holding trainings to help staff cope with “intersecting identities.”

American University hosted a training event earlier this year designed to help staff understand their own identities.

Among the research guides available online from the University of San Francisco, meanwhile, is a “White Privilege Resource Guide” that provides resources to help researchers deal with their various forms of privilege.

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About the Author
Andrew Johnson is a first year graduate student studying physics at the University of Denver. He is an avid reader and rock climber who enjoys advancing the cause of liberty in his free time.

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  • Douglas Levene

    Crap like this makes is hard for me to respond generously to my alma mater’s request for contributions.

    • Artupstairs

      I’ll help- repeat after me: NNNNNNNNN OOOOOOO…

      • v c

        As an employer, I go out of my way to make sure potential employees are NOT college educated because of racist garbage like this. The anarchist, racist, commie nonsense academia is indoctrinating people with these days is unacceptable.

        • Lori

          nice article……………….

        • TED from Boston

          I need to connect with you about finding entry level grad’s who know how to perform basic functions, it’s getting nuts finding them without their built in craziness.

          • John (magnum)
          • ConstantReader

            Based on experience with the possessors of such brains, I find it the existence of the common sense particle or sense of humor cell highly unlikely. Perhaps they’ve been cannibalized by a Trump-induced swelling of the ‘Blame America;’ synapse…

          • bamared2222

            Liberalism is a mental disorder.

          • Kay Edens

            Look for graduates from small, ag colleges like Eastern New Mexico University. The larger the schools, the more money they pay their admin & instructors, the more likely they are to be SJW idiots. Also, look for graduates from the smaller parochial colleges. But watch out for the graduates of catholic colleges; they’ve started being as bad as the rest.

          • Celeste Elizabeth

            My daughter had a full scholarship to Western NMU, and dropped out after 1 semester because of the social justice, intersectional, victim, privilege, gender warrior, etc etc mindset there. She took a freaking Intro to Backpacking class and the majority of it was about privilege and gender identity. She took Intro to Social Work and was told that 70% of the class would be about politics. The rest of the time would be content. And it was the professor’s right to structure her class as she wished.

          • cestusdei

            She should not have been taking classes in backpacking and social work to begin with. Study something real. She could try chemistry.

          • StarsR4me

            Unfortunately, in order to receive a college degree, one must take all sorts of undergraduate courses deemed necessary in order to have a well-rounded education. The fact that instructors are no longer required to actually follow a course’s requirements, choosing instead to make everything political and racist is the sign of the end of higher education in this country. It is a fact that the Ivy League Universities are going begging for new students. But the poison runs deep throughout all the nation’s schools. Our children have become communists as a result.

          • Celeste Elizabeth

            I agree that classes in Backpacking are BS. But, parents aren’t involved in Freshman registration and they just shuffle kids into whatever.

          • cestusdei

            Yes, but you or she pays for the class. I would not pay for such a thing. I learned to backpack in the scouts. You don’t need a college class for it.

          • Curly Bill

            You’re right; she should instead have signed up for a course in privilege and gender identity instead.

          • cestusdei

            It appears that is all courses at that university.

          • Celeste Elizabeth

            You missed where I wrote she was on a full scholarship. I wouldn’t pay for it either.

          • cestusdei

            Ah it is a pity that they were wasting scholarship money to impose indoctrination. As I said we should simply cut funding to such schools for these programs. Perhaps impose some old fashioned rules on what students need to take before graduation. Plus demand a 50-50 split on conservative and liberal profs. Affirmative action for conservatives.

          • nick

            Backpacking 101
            1. Procure a pack.
            2. Put your stuff in it.
            3. Put it on your back.
            4. Walk somewhere.
            My graduate student will post your grade while I am on sabbatical to finish editing the textbook “Fundamentals of Backpacking, 267th edition”, which future students will be forced to buy, thus rendering your current edition worthless….

          • cestusdei


          • Curly Bill

            My guess is that chemistry is equally likely to be mostly about privilege and gender identity.

          • Why does a college have an “Intro To Backpacking” class?

          • Celeste Elizabeth

            Outdoor Education. Her Freshman adviser taught it, and talked her into taking it.

          • Football team.

          • Curly Bill

            To indoctrinate students looking for classes that they believe won’t be likely to try to indoctrinate them.

          • Olliver.Huntsman

            There are always “elective” requirements.

          • JoeCubano

            Because it’s a pre req for “Backpacking 211 and Backpacking 400….

          • Lamb Chop

            Will she big able to function in our mucked-up society without a course in gender fluidity studies?

          • bambi hussein

            I have also found this to be true among young employees.

          • Lamb Chop

            The only place in America where there are still plenty of job opportunities for over-educated, SJW brainwashed idiots is Anti-MAGA Town.

            What a fun place. My kinda town.

          • Curly Bill

            Just follow the yellow brick road to get there, right?

          • HappyJack1

            I hired a recent college grad girl, I guess girl isn’t PC, to teach at my school but when school began she was gone. No phone call, no text, nothing. She shows up 3 days after school had begun and reported to the classroom like nothing was amiss. I spoke with her and told her she had been dismissed and please leave the school. She cried like a baby and told me I didn’t understand the stress I was putting on her. She said she had been at the beach for the past 3 days celebrating her new school teaching position with her “friends” and that me, being an elderly white dude, her words, didn’t understand her generation’s struggle against unfairness in a capitalistic system. I hope this isn’t the way this generation thinks but I’m afraid it just might. I told her she was right, goodbye.

          • algonquinmatt

            wow. looks like you dodged a bullet there. so lucky she didn’t show up for her job when she was supposed to. imagine that she did and the kind of stuff you’d be dealing with and how hard it would be to get rid of her entitled azz.

          • RightMinded24

            Most are like this. We have three girls in my office (two black and one white). All three have a major problem with showing up to work between 8:00-9:00 AM. This is the range of time they are allowed. ONE FULL HOUR. They think this is unacceptable and have told me on several occasions that they are looking for other jobs. GOOD. Go see if anyone else will give you and hour window of time to show up to work.

          • jabusse

            Give them more time to look for other jobs and hire a girl starting her own business. When I did employ people in my small office they were terminated after three absences. If any employee talked back about the hours they were gone. Only the marginal employees even raised the issue. These requirements were in the company rules they signed for before I even made them a job offer.

          • unseen

            How times have changed,I used to get something said to me about punching in a minute late:(

          • Countrygirl1411

            I would have give them plenty of time to look by giving them their walking papers right then.

          • tigersfan61

            What? Set a time for them to be there…not a window…and then fire them when they consistently show up late

          • Tommy Tunez

            ” All three have a major problem with showing up to work between 8:00-9:00 AM. This is the range of time they are allowed. ONE FULL HOUR. ”

            Wait until they start leaving early or disappearing for days because they have to retreat to their safe space.

          • Alana

            Proud of my girl for being intelligent, personable, and reliable. Her employers have ALWAYS loved her, and never wanted to lose her. (She’s beautiful, too.)

          • Pat Henry

            A libtard coworker took the day off from her job just because George W Bush won re-election – poor poor snowflake. I left that day’s newspaper on her desk so she didn’t miss the headline of George W Bush winning re-election… haha

          • Tatiana Covington

            Their unpaid, rentless safe space with no electricity!

          • Watcher

            Also known as the gutter!

          • Tatiana Covington

            Or the cave! To go full retro.

          • AmericaIsToast

            I was an employer for years and we did not give even one minute late. If you were late, you looked for another job. That is unless you called in early to the secretary and told her why you were not able to come in.

          • jn jac

            Why wait, just fire them.

          • Yeah college admins would never

          • Edgar Aethelred

            You comment on here like some plebian? You’re one of the best things on the internet.

          • Trekfan

            IKR? Read his nick and am going, Oh but I *know* you, you’re all over Youtube. We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy…..

          • Edgar Aethelred

            Maybe it;s not actually him? Bc of the “Rocks”
            Can’t be him

          • CaGerCoTex

            Damn. In the Army it was 0330hrs for weapons draw and that was for a 0700 formation. Everyone racks on 30 minutes so NO ONE is late.

          • capt howson

            That’s what the military is……hurry up and wait…

          • CaGerCoTex

            15 minutes early is 15 minutes late… do NOT miss that shit.

          • Papa Blue Stars

            They won’t leave as long as they are granted a ‘window’ for reporting to work; they’ll just keep pushing and pushing to see what else they can get away with.

            In our family we live by:
            1) To be early is to be on time. (showing up isn’t being ready to start work or appt)
            2) To be on time is to be late (see #1)
            3) To be late is to be forgotten. (or, in the case of employees, to be fired. In the case of the military, to be late is to be killed)

          • Olliver.Huntsman

            You’re so right. When I joined the Army, the first commander I had told us that he was going to give us the opportunity to do physical training on our own as long as we met Army standards. This meant that instead of reporting to work at 0600 every day, we could show up at 0730. “However,” he said, “this doesn’t mean you drive up at 01730. This means that you are ready to start working at 0730.”
            I never forgot that and after 22 years of active-duty service, and another 12 as a federal employee, I still show up about an hour early to get a cup of coffee, get my things in order, and to start work when it is time to start “work.”

          • IAmAProudAmerican

            My dad was in the Navy during WWII and developed the same habit. He went to work at least an hour early, got something to eat, read the paper and was never late to work. All his kids have the same habit…he was a great teacher.

          • Watcher

            Thank you for your service!

          • Azi Smythe

            I always showed up early. It’s great!!..you’ve got plenty of time for your coffee and getting your house in order for the day. You go at YOUR pace. Less traffic that early. Your bosses will know you’re there early and appreciate it. Your boss’s boss will know it……..

          • Bob

            Why wait for them to leave on the terms? Teachable moment, fire their A$$es!

          • Jeff Cimoch

            But then they will apply, and probably be granted unemployment comp.

          • Zorcon, Fidei Defensor

            Funny, I am an engineer with decades of experience. I have never been on time in 33 years. Then again, where ever I am standing, I am usually working on a issue in my head. If I didn’t get results, nobody would put up with my idiosyncratic crap?

          • JWHacket

            I expected you to say that you’ve never been on time because you were always early.

          • Zorcon, Fidei Defensor

            Sadly, no. It is also why I was self employed for many years.

          • Mark Touchton

            You do have issues.

          • Zorcon, Fidei Defensor

            Yes, I sure do but I have been successful. Then again, I had to work very hard to earn the ability to keep more flexible hours.

          • De Leweye

            My hours were generally from whenever I got there until the work was done. As long as the front door and the phone were covered, employees were judged on their work – competence, efficiency & professionalism. More profitable and less work than treating employees like machine tools.

          • Teapartyfolks

            This racial BS is just pissing off white pople more and more and making them become even better Trump supporters. We’ve all had it. With all of the problems in the world, the left is way way out in left field if they think this matters to people and will not piss them off. For instance, Mueller and that debacle and th almost coup they tried with the FBI. Fake Dossier, Fake FBI, Fake News backing them up and of course fake and corrupt Clinton that started it all. Jordan was just on Fox anf Friends and you got to see the video . They posted it up at Drudge’s conservative competitor Whatfinger http://www.whatfinger.com
            They really did try a coup, no joke!

          • True……. we’ve all had it with the left’s war on white people. I mean really. If you want to see some great videos on the topic check out the link in my profile for the Youtube channel
            As far as Drudge, he is a lefty for the most part and compared to that Whatfinger News his site looks like a child’s news site, hands down. Also WF calls out fake news that Drudge loves like all of his WAPO and NY Times fake news links atttacking Trump every day.

          • John (magnum)

            Whatfinger spammer

          • Tim GibbonZ

            Already flagged it John.

          • Pat Henry

            What is wrong with promoting a new aggregate site that is definite conservative vs Matt Drudge who has gone all cucky on us

          • Tim GibbonZ

            It’s a bot. It’s spam. It is a TOS violation.

          • Carabec

            Is black pigeon the publisher of Whatfinger, I wonder!

          • meeester

            Whatfinger News
            first I’ve heard of it. Will watch it.

          • Pat Henry

            I like that Whatfinger will point out the links that have a PAYWALL because I just won’t go there period to those links – but we get the info from the headline of the link

          • CoDanimal

            On the topic of Drudge content change. i “read” (could be fake) that Drudge was personally threatened and his family, about his “content” and he has let more liberal posts onto his site as a direct reflection on that happening….would explain a lot if true…i also had noticed he had taken a drink of the Koolaid or something from the stuff he now lets on, that he never would have in the past. I still read his site, but do so knowing this.

          • strongmind

            but do you also find more leftist drivel links on realclearpolitics? Something I have noticed more of lately.

          • Katherine McChesney

            Drudge Report posts all the news we need. Even some that we disagree with. And Whatfinger is a rip-off version for snowflakes.

          • Jjazznola

            Good move. Only read so-called news that you already agree with. Drudge is for fools!

          • Azrial Nimrod

            >This racial BS is just pissing off white pople more and more and making them become even better Trump supporters.

            This really does not matter. White people are already a minority in the U.S., as the official census numbers include hispanics as “white”. This is what was always going to happen when whites lost demographic voting control of the nation founded by their ancestors. We have been selected for a slow genocide, first stripped of our culture and pride by the Israeli dual-citizens who control most of our government.

            My kids are NOT going to be taught about their “white privilege” in school. The time for a discussion about eliminating racism is over. I am not sitting on the bench anymore while every other race is advancing the ball to my detriment and that of my children. I am now a full white nationalism advocate because I am no longer naive.

          • You have to see Mark Dice’s video – he has that council meeting with the ‘White Privilege’ Mayor and the latest supposed white privilege charge by some nut left winger on a cop. it is the top video right now on right side at http://www.whatfinger.com this can really get to you. White people really have had it with all racism against us all, white, black whatever.

            The more the left peddles this stupid topic and keeps up with their fake crimes, the more they destroy themselves.

          • John (magnum)


          • Pat Henry


          • Katherine McChesney


          • bookish1


          • Katherine McChesney


          • jonesybabble

            Two of them doing the same Punda Insurance garbage, good call.

          • AtlasObjectivist


          • TinStarred

            …………as Napoleon said, “Never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake.”

          • WakeUp!SleepyLiberals!

            sad part is, is htat the left, and every MSM watching idiot liberal brainwashed hysterical person hears the word nationalism + white = automatically think white supremecist. Which is not accurate. but you could never teach this to any of them, because they’re indoctrinated to thinking that White is bad, white is privalege, white people don’t know what it’s like to be poor (quote from Bernie) and that nationalism is automatically a mindset of the Nazi’s.. just completel ignorant, brainwashed useless idiot banter and garbage from people who don’t contribute to society.
            White nationlist are nationalists who happen to be white. There can be asian nationalists, black nationalists or any other adjectives with nationalists at the end. I’m white AND a nationalist/populist = therefore I’m a white-nationalist.
            But you can’t explain this to the leftist hysterical irrational people who can’t follow this logic. as they were programmed long ago to think that these words mean evil and they you must be stopped, attacked with bike lock to the skull, silenced, and have your civil rights impeded on. thus we have communists using fascism as their tactic to silence anyone they don’t agree with.

          • DZnDef

            You are absolutely incorrect. The term white nationalist indicates a person that desires a nation of white people. The term black nationalist indicates a person that desires a nation of black people. You are the one attempting to re-define terms.

          • Herb

            actually a nationalist desires and works towards the betterment of their nation…a white national its is a guy that happens to be white desiring the same thing, same goes for Black nationalist

          • DZnDef

            Again, incorrect. The term white nationalist consists of both words and indicates a person that wants a white nation. A black nationalist wants a black nation. You don’t get to separate the words and then push them together again with your definition.

          • thomr875

            If he identifies that way who are we to be racist against his identification. Maybe you haven’t unpack your identification correctly?

          • DZnDef

            Who are you to decide how anyone else identifies or whether they have done it “correctly”?

          • thomr875

            Well, I unpacked how I identify and realized I am one who can decide. Those who are not so enlightened need to get some chalk and define a safe space for themselves. 🙂
            But seriously, see, you came to the right realization, you should not decide for the other person.

          • DZnDef

            I am not the person that decides the definitions of words or phrases. Before anyone chooses to label themselves with any term, I would encourage them first to look up that term to see how that label will be understood by other people regardless of their own definition.

          • Vespidie

            His interpretation of the definition is correct because that’s what his google search results said it was. You know, the information obtained on the internetz is always right, especially those obtained via that commie think tank headed by Alphabet, Inc.

          • SpunkyMonkey

            I think the point is that this person favors his country & happens to be white… A black person could favor America too, being a nationalist who happens to be black,,.. Therefore the person is an American nationalist who happens to be white…Get it?

          • DZnDef

            I do understand the wordplay. They want us to start referring to ourselves with these terms. Then they will pull out the historical definition and say ” you see? They even admit it!” Never allow words or phrases to be redefined. Create new ones instead.

          • John Baker

            “American nationalist who happens to be white” might be a better label
            But, again, to the left, it is all about labels.

          • Jimbolovey

            Your so wrong on many levels

          • DZnDef

            Then why did you upvote my comment?

          • Joey Smith

            DZnDef – It is a battle for the language. The progressives-liberals-progressives are much better at it. They make up reality-obscuring terms and then change them when exposed. The conservatives do this much less, as they don’t have to.
            An excellent example of this language contortion is the left’s assertion that nationalism belongs on the right, completely ignoring Cuba, Venezuela, the Soviet Union, and, yes, National Socialists (all of these are nationalist and on the left).

          • strongmind

            it is hard to spend your time “making up reality-obscuring terms” when you have a real job to be responsible at. And yes, having had most of my family in EAST Germany, I know well the power of socialists.

          • DZnDef

            The Lives of Others was a fascinating film. I have no idea how realistic it was though. If your family was from East Germany, I’m sorry they had to deal with such conditions. I don’t expect people in East Germany today will allow such circumstances to return without a fight.

          • Jon

            Language plays a major role in reasoning and the way we view the world.

            We are being manipulated by language. The big money that is pouring into manipulating society and politics hires the best social scientists available. This is not arbitrary or accidental. Fear is being used to foment dissent. The truth is nowhere to be seen.

          • strongmind

            we need to help those marching and attending these classes find a black country willing to take them. I can guarantee you that my friends from Africa do not want these pantywaists in their countries. What could they possibly do besides “criticize and demonstrate?”

          • DZnDef

            You are extremely off-topic.

            EDIT: as you were responding to my comment which was not talking about what you talked about.

          • TinStarred

            I like WakeUp’s definition better, you can be a nationalist without being an extremist or a bigot. The left has been “hijacking” definitions for years, …..people can’t allow others to label you or define you. Once that happens, you’ve already lost.

          • DZnDef

            I don’t believe WakeUp is doing conservatives any favors. The Left just doesn’t want US nationalists that are white to get upset when they call us white nationalists. When they succeed at calling us that with us not denying it, they will remind everyone of the real meaning of the term. I, for one, would like to avoid that trap.

          • TinStarred

            yes…………we can’t let the left set the terms any discussion or brand any of us with their contrived labels. They weaponize speech to their own advantage and we must continue to call them on it

          • DZnDef

            White nationalist is not a “contrived label”. It is a defined term. Look up white nationalism and see what you find. A member of that movement is referred to as a white nationalist. Anyone that wants to apply that label to themselves really should look it up first.

          • Kbrick

            “The term white nationalist indicates a person that desires a nation of white people. The term black nationalist indicates a person that desires a nation of black people. ” Or zionism, which is the desire to have a nation of only Jewish people.

          • Phantomfighter

            Then how come the Left endorses the Black Panthers and La Raza? They don’t even hide the fact even though in your view all those so-called (by mostly anti-white racists) must be hiding all their white nationalist racism in plain sight. You are completely Jaded. Rid yourself of your hatred, we all live here and we all bleed red.

          • snakeplisken

            Yes, Phantomfighter( a great plane by the way) we do bleed red however in the final anaylsis your skin color is your “uniform” and that is the bs being taught today. I did not make the rules but I will refuse to be ruled over by people that cannot govern themselves. Merry XMAS.

          • DZnDef

            I have no idea what you’re talking about. The only thing that matters to me about another person is their character. I don’t care what race they are.

          • WakeUp!SleepyLiberals!

            no has nothing to do with “desiring”… that’s the perversion and the insinuation trying to make it something that it is not.. and this is the artificial construction of an alternate reality – an obsession of defining reality that meets their beliefs, that’s infected the left…… NAtionalist and the descriptor, is only just a description and is simply an adjective. A nationalist is someone who’s about country-first, and white, black asian is a description of that person who’s favoring nationalism. IT has nothing to do with favoring nationalism for certain people over another. Your’re conveniently interchanging that with the wrong term that belongs to white supremecist/supremecy – which is the favoring of a particular race/culture/creed/sex. the entire media gotten this wrong, and the bleedy ass liberals crying on tv, are still using this term wrong and then are just injecting the term “alt-right” to anyone who didn’t vote or isn’t infavor of a democrat….

          • DZnDef

            You are horribly wrong. Look up the term “white nationalism” and see what you find. An adherent to that movement would be called a white nationalist. The term was defined long ago (just like the term white supremacist was defined long ago) and you are attempting to change the definition. You are attempting to get conservatives to self-identify as white nationalists so you can then claim that they are self-identifying as racists.

          • Burnerjack

            Where else but in a Liberal’s mind can love of one’s country be considered “bad”?

          • Stanley Steamer

            Isn’t that the same place where marriage between a man and woman is bad, Christianity is bad, etc?

          • Burnerjack

            It’s like there are two kinds of minds: Liberal and normal

          • TinStarred

            …in a nutshell ………………….yes……………………

          • nationalslave

            If our education system had taught history, real history and accurately, these idiots today would have a totally different understanding of what a real Nazi, fascist, white supremacist is. I can only imagine what would happen or what’s already happening when a liberal parent runs their household just like they want to see America operate, open boarders, no sense of responsibility or accountability, disrespect law’s and the people who are responsible for enforcing those law’s, instilling work ethics ect. Do any of these entitled snowflakes tell their parents to fuck off, I’m not working and you have to take me in but I’m not following your rules? Can’t imagine they would want the country to operate like that and expect harmony.

          • Surak

            “Israeli dual-citizens” like 0bama, Hillary, Podesta, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Gore, Clinton, Carter, Kennedy? Is that what st0rmfr0nt taught you, all dhimmicrats are Jewish? It must hurt real bad to be as stupid as you. Go back to iran, you have a lot of friends there, iranian dual-citizens.

          • Kbrick

            Truth hurts. The fact is that Jewish people are overrepresented in proportion to their population. WAY overrepresented.

            And then there are other issues, like Soros….

          • Surak

            Truth does hurt, indeed, little one. 0bama, Hillary, Podesta, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Gore, Clinton, Carter, Kennedy aren’t Jewish. The inventor of the polio vaccine you took as a child was Jewish, on the other hand. So what?

            Soros? I loathe him. He was a [email protected] collaborator – kind of your type, no?

            Jews “overrepresented”? In what? Nobel prizes, certainly. You could always apply for an affirmative action exemption and see what the Nobel committee does with that… LOL

          • D.Plorable

            Racism and tribalism is the norm around the world and is often far worse than what is found in the U.S.–and the worst real racism here is the opposite of what the media tries to promote. The evidence is edited from the “news” but you can find the items linked from sites like Conservative-Headlines, VDare, ConservativeTreeHouse among others. The last real journalism is in the remnants of the local newspapers and a few TV affiliates that dare to cover what is actually going on. You know the drill, the suspects physical IDs scrubbed from the reports (assuming they even told the story). Support them, I’m going to throw some $ in the tip jar here, forces like Soros and the other “philanthropies” (freaking insane border-erasing globalists all) have almost no competition and now Gogol is infiltrating “journalists” into newsrooms to complete the takeover of reality (they are megalomaniacs, Schmidt gave an interview where he openly stated that Google searches should produce ONE result and everything else is a “bug”!)

          • GlomOnToMe

            Two years ago I might have considered you a racist. Today, I consider you a mind-reader.

          • LadyofOz

            A thousand kudos to you.

          • PattiDuke

            Right on

          • Jeff

            White people are not anywhere even close to being a minority in the US. Black people only make up 13% of the population, take a pill. White people are not going anywhere, that’s not even possible.

          • Ernest

            So we should wait until we are 50%? How about 40 or even 30%? What percent or rate of decline is the magic number?

          • hj

            There is a
            legacy of nearly three thousand years of writing and art in the
            Mediterranean basin which reflects an entirely White society, only that
            Egypt and Ethiopia were the first White nations to be overrun with
            blacks (see Isaiah 43:3), and were turned into mulatto cesspools before
            the Greeks went and tried to civilize them once again. The Egyptians and
            Ethipioans of today are the first result of multiculturalism and
            diversity, and the jewish desire is to do that same thing to every White

          • Lily Whyte

            Kennedy and Companies’ 1965 Immigration Act was a crime against our native born population. I knew then that it was the death knell for the America our ancestors built for their posterity and could not understand the passivity of my fellow Americans on this issue.

          • Patrick Burton

            This is purposeful. It is communists trying to tear down our systems. If they can pit classes and races of people against each other, they can usurp our system of government with no one really noticing. This has been going on for decades. At first it was done very subtly, Now they are at the in your face phase, because they think they have convince enough people of their ideology.

          • They are and wil fail especially now that we havea real president in the White House. America always seems to get out of our messes in the nick of time. The left is now dying.

          • Stan Semco

            I wish!

          • strongmind

            sorry black pigeon, but I disagree. The left has infiltrated everywhere with commanding numbers in government, the news media and education. They are not dying, in fact, those old enough to retire, are replaced with even worse believers. I will say, however, there are growing numbers of people more willing to stand up and be counted and fight them on their own terms. Donald Trump’s election may have “energized” their side, but it has been downright explosive for us.

          • Dave

            Yes but “your” side can’t get out of bed early enough to vote in any real numbers…. “our” side works and getting to a voting station on the correct time and day is not something special. “Your” side just shows up to break shit and light fires…anything that actually takes effort is beyond most of “your” side.

          • David Johnson

            Hey Dave, I think you miss read his comment. When he said:
            “Donald Trumps election may have energized their side”
            he meant it energized the liberals and energized us the conservatives even more.

          • strongmind

            that is correct. I was under deadline pressure and should have done a better job communicating that.

          • Jimbolovey

            All little clones do it.

          • strongmind

            Dave, I am on your side. Fed up with the liberal.progressive BS.

          • Stanley Steamer

            The most insidious is the media. Social engineering on a mass scale. It’s truly frightening.

          • TMA1

            Having info on the inside – the war is coming if the Left gets a foot hold again. It will not be pretty for the Left and sure as heck NOT for these snow flakes that know NOTHING but stress…………The Military is not lead by Communist Leaders – it is lead by Americans. The War against these New Socialists and Communists will be over powering and very bloody.

          • FuriousYT

            Spot on. Very, very frightening. This is the most important red pill that we all need to swallow.

          • lcky9

            I know people THINK that the left have the only young people on their side and the right has none but they better rethink that .. fact is while I read all the so called POLLS those polls are highly inaccurate.. they better expand their polling method.. and that would go for the schools.. media etc.. because all the young people are laughing and wonder who these left wing idiots are.. they nor NONE of their friends agree with the left.. the only ones on the left who even bother to vote for their agenda have to be paid to do so..

          • David Johnson

            I pray to God you are right.

          • Jimbolovey

            The silent majority will rise again

          • Ruth Gauthier

            The snowflakes will have to deal with their own children and if things go as they have forever, their kids will all be republican.

          • Defiant Fiandt

            There is no left in the US to speak of. Both sides support corporatism and militarism

          • bstoff

            That’s true but none of them are aware of it.
            Antifa, BLM, Occupy, OFA, MoveOn, etc., all are working for, and paid by Soros and his ilk.

          • Jimbolovey

            Well said and true.

          • John Baker

            And we are becoming entrenched and emboldened.

          • strongmind

            and we are practicing at the target range weekly.

          • Julesagain ✓ it’s me

            Only weekly? 😄

          • snakeplisken

            I wish that was true BPS,I don’t think they are dying. Unfortunately, if this trend continues with assassinations, fraudulent voting pushing us conservatives into corners, the outcome will be 1861. Personally, I think we are just about there 1859.

          • Trump needs to drag out some secret fbi files on some senators.. have a private meeting with them and tell them it’s “my way or the highway”.. then get a national ID and voter card passed.. no one votes without it. have a barcode on the back.. once scanned it’s no longer valid until the system is reset for the next election..

          • Ruth Gauthier

            I would love to see the feds demand photo ID for any federal election and bypass the states. But when people tell you that voter ID is racist ask them why and when they list off their reason (all racist) you can call them on it. The look on their face is worth it. One women telling me how racist I was because it disenfranchises black people. I told her black people do not need white kids to help them vote unless she think they are stupid and unable to do basic of life. The look on her face was priceless. They never think it through.

          • muskratlove

            Watch James O’Keefe’s “Project Veritas” videos about voter fraud that the DNC has been perpetuating for over 15 years, with Scott Foval and Bob Creamer actually BRAGGING about how they bus people over state lines to fraudulently vote. Dems don’t want voter ID because THEY are the cheaters. Oh, and dead people vote 100% Democrat. (a fact).

          • John Baker

            List the litany of things that require an ID.

          • Mack B

            1 Cigarettes
            2 Alcohol
            3 Open Bank acct–lol
            4 food stamps
            5 Welfare
            6 Apply SS/Welfare
            7 Apply unemployment
            8 Rent or buy house
            9 Rent/buy/drive car
            10 fly on airline
            11 get married
            12 buy a gun
            13 adopt a pet
            14 get a hotel room
            15 hunting license
            16 fishing license
            17 buy a cell phone
            ………I suppose I could go on but you should get the point.
            Demanding voter ID is not an imposition on any potential voter. Deflect, deflect, deflect……sad state of affairs, pal!!

          • S. Plankenberg

            What about getting Obamacare?

          • geoh777

            Local and state governments run the election and voting processes.

            The fedgov could pass a law requiring voter ID in elections involving federal candidates. But, since some communities and political parties seem bent on skirting an honest voting process, the best solution is vigorous prosecution, long prison sentences, and demonization of individuals involved in voter fraud.

            There could even be consideration of a death penalty or loss of citizenship and removal to a foreign country (if such could be found that would receive such criminals). The election process (one qualified voter, one vote) is too important to be left to the hands of criminals. And fraudulent elections risk civil disturbance wherein innocent people could be killed. Better to kill the criminals after conviction.

          • Hopeful Independent

            But but but ID is RAAAAAAAAAACIST.

          • james waylon dalton

            your voter card idea is the best one i have heard yet, it would eliminate the problem of voter fraud (the liberals heads will explode….lol) and the national ID card would be great as well, i would like to see a requirement to carry ID on your person if you are in public, or be held until your identity is established to law enforcements satisfaction

          • Stickyfrog ✓justified

            “i would like to see a requirement to carry ID on your person if you are in public, or be held until your identity is established to law enforcements satisfaction”

            Uh you know what this sounds like right?

          • Jimbolovey

            The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

          • Protonius

            I disagree, because savagery only reinforces savagery (including the will to act with savagery toward others). I would propose that a better way to preserve and strengthen liberty would be to constantly nourish it with honor, integrity, intelligence, clear-thinking, and wisdom, and an equally underlying passion to uplift us all (or at least to uplift all who share those same values).

          • Jimbolovey

            You honestly believe progressives/liberals have integrity, honor, clear thinking. I hope your judt pulling my leg. If not you might want to move to california and be led by moonbeam.

          • Dan Thomas

            No, Thomas Jefferson was correct by saying this.
            At some point, talking and reasoning no longer works and the Tree of Liberty must be watered.

          • libwithIQ

            That is a great philosophy in…never never land. You cannot deal with liberals using honor, integrity, intelligence, clear thinking and wisdom. Those are concepts anathema with the liberal mindset. Using all those to communicate with a liberal is like trying to teach a chicken to fly a space shuttle.

          • james waylon dalton

            aire force leutenant wiping chicken crap off left seat while they try catching another chicken for flight testing…

          • delong003

            Great idea. Except you won’t find those qualities in any democrat.

          • geoh777

            Protonius wants you to wait patiently while he and his accomplices steal more elections, etc.

          • John Baker

            Sometimes the weeds have to be pulled.

          • Bevo2

            sounds “snowflakish” ( a new word)

          • Gadfly156

            Why not both?

          • james waylon dalton

            i agree with you protonius, too often we spill the blood of our best and brightest to destroy evil tyrants and their nefarious schemes, but…. the evil guys prefer savagery, to not respond in kind makes free people slaves or dead

          • John Baker

            And snowflakes.

          • Jjazznola

            fraudulent voting? That explains how Trump got elected.

          • ernldo

            Says a typical buzz brain….

          • Artupstairs

            That’s funny; as it is always Demonrats who refuse to count the absentee and military votes; which go overwhelmingly to Republicans. And did you forget that you people RIGGED YOUR OWN PRIMARY???

          • Dan Thomas

            Ummm…. OK.
            I guess that would also explain how the Hilldabeast got the nomination.
            You have to remember, it is the dummycrats who like to engage in voter fraud.

          • libwithIQ

            Except for one little fact sparky. All the illegal votes found so far have been for Hillary.

          • Seawolf

            And you really believe that??? You libs must LIKE your politicians dirty, you tried to put clinton in that job with her 30 years track record of influence peddling, pardon selling and destruction of evidence of her latest scams and elected a clown you never heard of before with a hidden background who had never run so much as a shoeshine stand.

          • John Baker

            Well, he did work in a Baskin Robbins once time.

          • james waylon dalton

            what?!?! you mean slick willy actually had a real job once?!?! damn i had no idea anyone could possibly be stupid enough to hire that ass hat

          • TSA_TheSexualAssault

            H. Clinton started her career in corruption by being fired from the Watergate Hotel Scandal prosecution team. She was too corrupt to work in government 45 years ago.

          • brianOO7

            Guess you figure you’re pretty witty. News flash. You aren’t, except in liberal circles.

          • Animals over humans any day


          • Actually it explains how Hillary got as close as she did!

          • Rogertc1

            Sorry you Hillary lost the election again.

          • ernldo

            Especially the poll cheating….It needs to stop and the punishments should be harsh!

          • geoh777

            Death for voter fraud. The election process (one qualified voter, one vote) is too important to be left to the hands of criminals.

          • james waylon dalton

            aw come on, dont kill the vote fraud criminals, make them take the garbage out/pick up trash

          • John Baker

            We ARE in a civil war. If they keep pushing, it will go uncivil. We all know who will win if it goes that way. They need to keep in mind that we are the ones who back and support the military and the police.

          • geoh777

            The police are essentially mindless goons who will show up at your house in SWAT gear because your wife voluntarily went into a mental health facility for three days. You can expect them to do the right thing … maybe … depending on your locality.

            The federal military have descended into ineffectiveness. That is why the national guard units from the various states were sent to IRAQ and Afghanistan. These troops are aware and awake in comparison to the federal. (USMC, SEALS, etc. are too few to make much difference in a country of 330,000,000.)

          • james waylon dalton

            in my 6 decades i have been forced by others to explain my side of events several times to law enforcement, since i am bound by morals/ethics not to commit crimes i have never had an unpleasent experience with any law enforcement. try not being a crook, it really works

          • ronehjr

            What makes you think either the military or police are on our side. Evidence is mounting that both institutions are converged. What normal military would encourage tranny behavior. If civil war happens, it could go much worse for us than we are presently contemplating.

          • Chip

            Agreed. I’m 53, and I’ve seen this building since I became politically aware during the Carter years. It’s gone on too long. I don’t see diplomatic solution when a huge percentage of the population believe the purpose of government is to “take care of them” by enslaving others.

          • brianOO7

            You started thinking (meaning, understanding the real distinctions between conservative and far Left) at a young age. Good for you. Many never get there.

          • Gadfly156

            We should not wait for them to force conflict viscerally upon us.
            We need to be the ones to bring it.

          • mcsegeek1

            Don’t kid yourself. While conservatives and Republicans slept, the radical left went about permanently changing the demographics of this country. Demographics is destiny. Trump’s election is probably nothing more than a last gasp.

          • geoh777

            “… now that we havea real president in the White House.”

            (2012) “Trump endorses Hillary Clinton”

            (2016, just after the Nov. election) “TRUMP RE: CLINTONS: “DON’T WANT TO HURT THEM.” “THEY’RE GOOD PEOPLE.”


          • S. Plankenberg

            I don’t believe for a minute the Left is dying.
            In fact, I believe they will win in the end because they fight with a passion and determination that is totally lacking on the Right.

          • pete

            The right has the guns…all the left has is pussy hats

          • UnsinkingTheTitanic

            If you’re the BPS of youtube I just want to say your videos are brilliant. Everyone should view them. Thanks for your contribution.

          • david smith

            Ironically, it is all done with marketing which is primarily based on the teachings of Edward Louis James Bernays, “the father of public relations”.
            I believe Nazi Joseph Geobbels read his works and based his Nazi proganda on it.

          • dat

            I recently became aware of Bernays and his foundational work developing public relations and propaganda technologies that are still widely used today. We see his work each time we watch TV or surf the internet. Reading about Bernays and his techniques can provide a useful tool when trying to interpret the constant stream of messages that assault us each day. Difficult to be truly ‘woke’ in this society without knowledge of his world view and his very effective propaganda techniques.

          • JokesOnUs

            Right. Incrementalism has been their plan for decades. They’re getting desperate now and way overreaching.

          • FuriousYT

            Bingo. Their desperation is what has led to their complete exposure as toxic progressive totalitarians. They are now doubling-down on all their blatant SJW racism and the media’s rabid anti-American anti-Trumpism. It’s simply absurd.

          • dat

            Mr. Burton is on target. Racism and discrimination truly and undeniably do exist within US society. However, even daily news provides ample evidence of an organized and well funded effort to construct and amplify divisions within US society using the higher education system as one of its tools. It is not clear to me which organizations are providing funding and support. Do not mistake this for a “grassroots” uprising from the local level – it’s too consistent in its message, extremely persistent/long-lived despite insignificant levels of support from the general public, and is provided with limitless promotion via central media news coverage. Who outside and above the higher education system profits from, organizes and pays for?

          • Jimbolovey

            Soros is the deep pockets.

          • Ruth Gauthier

            it called neo marxism or just plain divide and conquer.

          • HardWork

            Identity politics. The uniparty is terrified. They use the government controlled media to keep us divided because they know if we unite, their party is over. I see a ton of people in my line of work, around 1,000 a year and I can say with certainty that most feel the same: sick of greedy polititions, sick of pompous media types, sick of out of touch celebrities. Identity politics is all the uniparty has left. Remember, the four richest counties in america are in the Washington DC area. If we unite, we win.

          • ernldo

            Yup, just another wedge. Blacks will regret these times in the not so distant future. I’m retired now, but still have many friends in business and not a single one will EVER hire another millennial, nigro, or college grad. Affirmative action will be abolished someday, and darks will get a close look at the real world then….

          • 4Dees

            Patrick Burton, you have hit the nail on the head. It is called “divide and conquer” and is a socialist/communist tool.

          • rickmcinnis

            Read Mark Steyn’s article today about the IQ level in Sweden:

          • Anna Kreski

            Yup. Historically the commies have always loved a good class war. Going back to 1917.

          • rtwingman

            Spot on, Pat! Pitting race against race was the goal when Obama was pushed through Illinois politics, then into the Senate, and then the WH. The communist Dem party knew ‘O’ could not be criticized because of his ‘race’. And now, we can see the result of all this. Anyone paying attention during the ’08 campaign and heard ‘O’ say “my grandmother was a typical white person” knew what we were in store for. He was not even criticized for that comment. As well, when E Holder used the term “my people” when referring to blacks, the MSM never said a word. Trump 2020!

          • Gadfly156

            Yep, they took the long march beginning in 1945 and have finally arrived mainstreamed in the seats of power & authority within our institutions. Now let’s see them dissolve the rebel-idolizing ideology they hoodwinked three or four generations under to get there and explain how they can be the establishment and still be all about “sticking it to ‘the man’ …” LOL.

          • WakeUp!SleepyLiberals!

            finally! one of the few “Awake” people posting on this site. Surrounded by mentally ill, underinformed leftists who stare at CNN and MSNBC, and get their “news” from colbert, kimmel, trevor noah, and seth meyer and a list of other leftist/progressive liberal stand up commedians, posing as newscasters.

          • david smith

            Rome’s establishment gave its citizenry the gladiator games at the Coliseum as a distraction while the elite looted the treasury.
            Race/Muslims/gender/gay marriage/abortion are our gladiator games. Our treasury is being looted as we write.

          • Peter Snell

            Me being a white mature male that worked very hard to make it, when I READ STORIES LIKE THIS i have to ask myself if it is real or a joke? Please excuse me but did not white people (mostly) build the best country in the world through hard work and yes we did some bad things along the way but the good that has come out of this country is something that seems to be left behind. All the radicals want to take over America and what, run it like Africa? If the radicals., black and others just think America is so bad, why aren’t they moving to their golden land. So sad, so sad.

          • AtlasObjectivist

            The whatfinger posts are so ignorant, I wouldn’t go to the site if you paid me.

          • DZnDef

            It’s a site that downloads malware. It has conservative links but it is not run by conservatives.

          • alex carter

            This stuff annoys me because – see my post above – how I was treated for being white where I grew up, both as a kid and as a young adult. I got the F outta there.

            That being said, my case is unusual. I think there are a lot of white people who are just casually racist without meaning to be, and they’ve not been through what I have, and a 4-hour at most meeting with coffee and donuts isn’t going to hurt anyone.

            No way am I anything but the enemy of Trump. My grandparents’ generation fought against people like him, yep, fought a whole World War, and I’m ready to keep up that tradition.

          • DZnDef

            You have no idea what you are talking about. President Trump is not who you’ve been told he is.

          • Katherine McChesney

            whatfinger is nothing compared with Drudge Report. It’s a rip-off of Drudge Report.

          • hj


          • TRUMPstompSnowflakes

            It’s not a coup. It’s a SLUSH FUND. That is what it is and they all know it. Just follow the money. That is why mule-er hired 17 lawyers (and each with staff). All of those 17 lawyers were/are hillary supporters. The money goes from the federal government > pay for the lawyers > donations back to DNC. That is what this is really about.

            That is why mule-er already has people and media saying that “it’s going to take another year or so…” The longer it goes on, the more millions get funnelled to those law firms. In turn, the law firms will make political contributions to the left.

            So far this fiasco has cost about 7 million. The demoncraps want more money. It’s a SLUSH FUND, nothing more.

          • Stanley Steamer

            Yet, they’re telling us we’re getting a tax break. What we get will be sucked up with the investigation, the billions we’ll have to pay for DACA, etc. What a joke.

          • Jjazznola

            You sound confused. Fox And Friends is the epitome of “fake news”!

          • tracy Smith

            Then you whites need to stop being racist then.People of color are sick of you and your racist BS too.

          • rickmcinnis

            More than that, we are finding out our “racism” is justified. Sad to say: the old segregationists were concerned that “race mixing” would bring the white folk down to the level of the black folk. Maybe that is what the elites have in mind though they zealously guard their own progeny from too much of this “race mixing”.

            I remember that picture of that great friend of the BLACK MAN, Chris Matthews’s son’s wedding. Damn if I saw a single black person in the congregation …

          • Joe in OH

            Voters sick and tired of identity politics is a big reason Trump won in 2016. At least it serves one purpose.

          • Etu Brutus

            wow… they are perfect for gov’t jobs…

          • Olliver.Huntsman

            I’ve worked both, and found civilians are much less disciplined.

          • Cali girl

            Having worked as a contractor, this was my first thought. When the government went through BRAC, the contractor’s were released. Our departments didn’t want us to go because the government employees didn’t work and they couldn’t get rid of them. The woman who was moved to my position spent the first morning talking loudly to a friend about female hygiene and problems, then shredded papers when the engineers were on conference calls, checked in in the morning and then left for a couple of hours. They later found she was going off base for breakfast with friends and on Thursdays was hitting the thrift shops because that was when they put new items on display. They couldn’t fire her.

          • Foolwhisperer

            I’ve fired more than one GS employee. Gave them a reasonable to do list and a reasonable deadline to get it accomplished. When they were late gave them counseling statements and documented corrective action plans when the time for those was appropriate. After a few months of documenting their duty failures they were fired. All came back with EO, HR, and IG complaints and I was investigated and cleared of any leadership failures. Funny thing was the change in attitude among the other GS employees that witnessed this action. I didn’t have to tell them what to do more than once before it got done. Those that didn’t want to work found other jobs on their own, but without any kind of recommendation from me.

          • Cali girl

            Wish you had been in charge where I worked. No one wanted to do the paperwork.

          • Elle Williams

            While my work ethic is EXCELLENT, I have issues finding a job when someone learns I’m a disabled veteran.

          • bamared2222

            That is prejudice and grounds for recourse.

          • LadyofOz

            Yes, but try to prove it, just like age discrimination. Sorry, the job was given to a more qualified candidate…or you’re over qualified for the position. That was something I never got. I would rather hire someone over qualified than under or not qualified at all.

          • bamared2222


            A bit of advice as former HR person, tell them you are FULLY qualified rather than over qualified!

            Sent from Outlook

          • LadyofOz

            Problem is they tell YOU that you are overqualified as a means to disqualify you. My recommendation is only put on your application or resume qualifications that are in line with the job and not way above it. Sometimes you have to dumb down.

          • bamared2222

            Another good secondary tact. Ya just have to be creative and outsmart ’em! LOL
            Sent from Outlook

          • JWHacket

            Write them up for being late and fire them.

          • they could do that

          • Murphy’s Mom

            If your start time is at 8:00 a.m. you are there, at your post/desk/position/machine AT 8:00 a.m. If you want coffee, a last potty stop, or to catch up with friendly co-workers, you do that from 7:45 to 7:59 a.m. At 8:00 a.m. you are WORKING. This is how young people get jobs and keep jobs and set themselves up for better JOBS. The employer should make that clear once and only once. If the new employee doesn’t get that after being told what the expectations were, too fricken’ bad.

          • Tim GibbonZ

            If you can not be on time, be early.
            Read cursive
            Tell time from a wall clock
            Speak with lucidity
            All to much to ask for these days.
            And leave your parents at home for your job interview.

          • Sol Asylum

            They are really building a reputation for themselves across all career options. They seem to truly believe that they should be running the company within 6 months.

          • caesar

            Fire them now

          • bookish1

            At my last job, we were allowed 3 minutes past our scheduled time.

          • Piaget K Smith

            Tell them they’ll need references from former employers, and at this rate they’ll get no reference!

          • צדקיה עמיחי

            Early is on-time & on-time is late. I can’t fathom how an entry-level employee would think that they are exempt from the same scheduling rules as seasoned personnel.

          • disqus_yn1JLUxODY

            You’re enabling them. LOL

          • Burnerjack

            I guess my concerns about being usurped by a younger worker are wildly unfounded.
            I show up everyday, on time or before and do my job like I’m part owner of the company.
            Not saying I’m special or a hero. What I am saying is when somebody is paying you for your time and effort, this is “meeting expectation”.

          • GlomOnToMe

            Please, for everyone on this board, save them the hassle and fire them preemptively.

          • Sarah Jean

            Holy crap hahahahhaha they wouldn’t make it at McDonalds they time your breaks to the minute. Showing up to work not ready to work and clocked in on time is not doing your job. An hour flex time to start is more than generous sounds like a dream job for people who want to roll in on their own schedule. Their loss.

          • bonzai

            Why don’t you just fire them?

          • Anti-Matter

            Thats a law suit better to just make them show up at the crack of dawn and add to their job description, things that will make them leave. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a59d148650c174a3a2b7bfd066257d531e3b18704347aa58591d63c21c70bf37.jpg

          • Katherine McChesney

            Perfect description of these boneheaded liberals.

          • Anti-Matter
          • Joyce Bogin

            Wow. I am without words. Something rare these days. That’s pretty generous of you. I’d love to be a CEO or personnel person just so I could NOT hire anyone nowadays

          • Watcher

            Let them go so they can look full time. Call it a favor, but don’t say it is for yourself.

          • jb80538

            If they admitted they are looking for other jobs, give them all the time they need. FIRE THEM!

          • John Collis

            Why do they have the option to show up in a one hour range? Tell them to be there at a specific time. If they are late, terminate them.

          • StopLiberalHate

            I bet they all got trophy’s just for showing up

          • checkmate1996

            I hope they leave somewhere between 5 and 6…

          • Ruth Gauthier

            Put into place and have them sign an attendance rules for the office. We had to do this over 20 year ago, it makes it easy to fire employees who can not follow the company rules that everyone else does.

          • Twenty_Squared

            Them: “I’m looking for a new job!”

            Me: “Fine! You can now do it full-time. Ta-Ta and don’t let the door hit you in the rear on your way out, right now!”

          • hoot13

            Fire one ( the worst offender that habitually is the latest to arrive ) and let’s see if the other two keep up this garbage. Then look for replacements anyway.

          • CaptTimBob

            Requiring them to be on time an actually responsible is just so unfair to these individuals’

          • Hopeful Independent

            Why havent you fired them? The minute my employees alude to looking for a “better” opportunity, I make it easier for them by ending their current one immediately. Hire slowly, fire quickly.

          • rtwingman

            The rest of you should band together and start arriving at work late. I’m assuming there is more than just you who’s aware of what’s going on. You know you need to organize….so just do it. First keep record of your late co-workers, then start to come in late. If the boss says anything, then confront her/him with the facts. Maybe the boss/owner has a ‘confidential’ relationship with the losers? In this country and especially at this time, you could make accusations that the boss/owner is being ‘insensitive’ to those of you who arrive at work on time by allowing some to come in late.

          • Gadfly156

            Kudos to your office for ALLOWING a range AT ALL. OMG I would be beside myself with gratitude if I had that kind of leeway. I would use it — but not abuse it!

          • skoch

            Tell them they now have a bigger window of time to find new jobs, and YOUR FIRED!

          • Oracle

            And of course, you had already prepared a “safe space” for her to go to with her coloring book, so the poor snowflake could recover from reality.

          • Ron Swanson

            I’m so flabbergasted after reading that….I don’t know whether to laugh hysterically at her idiocy, or bury my face in my hands, wondering WTH this world has come to.
            Lemme get this straight…the unfair capitalistic system stressed her out so badly she missed the first 3 days of a brand new job…to celebrate said job with her friends at the beach, and somehow it’s the old white guy’s fault?
            That…. doesn’t……even….make any sense. Good Lord.

          • Lamb Chop

            It makes sense to Penny Fillette because he cares.

          • Ron Swanson

            Touchè. 👍

          • jn jac

            Unfrigging believable. And they get pissed when you brand them snowflakes

          • Joel Everett


          • CaptainParker

            Good for you!

          • Artur Hidvegi

            Good riddance!

          • Zorcon, Fidei Defensor

            No way. Seriously, no way? To funny..

          • Waya Hedia

            holy crap.

          • HoosierMom92

            I hope more veterans will be encouraged to go into public education. They know how to show up for work on time and will understand the objective.

          • jb

            Some will, but most have had their fill of punishment.

          • HoosierMom92

            If you know any vets, dealing with a bunch of crying, whiny high schoolers or even middle schoolers is not a challenge nor punishment. Most of the vets I know find kids pretty pathetic and want to tell them about their experiences with the Islamic terrorists, even those that have blown themselves up in the name of jihad. Did you know that when a Islamic terrorist blows himself up, his head pops off his body like a Pez dispenser? Marine vet told me. Teaching HS history now.

          • HappyJack1

            I would hire them. I’m a veteran but don’t get many applications from them. They can earn much more with a college degree somewhere other than public education. It’s a shame because education could really use them both as teachers and as role models. It’s a calling. I knew what I was getting into but I love it even with ALL the crap that comes with it.

          • Bear-Ninja

            Yeah, that totally happened……..

          • Dr. Donny

            A book was published about 3 years ago entitled “Academically Adrift”. It was the product of researchers from a number of colleges of different sizes and at various locations. The conclusions were that the main reason the current generation goes to college is (1) get a piece of paper and (2) party. They also found the amount of academic work outside of the classroom had dropped substantially in the past 20 years. And, of course, only about 2/3 graduate even after 6 years. So it sounds like your young teacher fit in nicely with her generation. Cheers.

          • Lamb Chop

            Now, that explains why Sir Charles Berserkly is such a dumb jackass.

          • EchoLibertyReturns

            I wish I could have seen that.

          • Murphy’s Mom

            Wish I’d been a fly on the wall during that conversation. Reality check, Priceless!

          • brownstoneconstr

            You should have put her in time out. She probably understand that method.

          • Watcher

            She will understand, but It won’t work.

          • Thor


          • Herb

            you would be better off hiring an elderly homeless person

          • Daniel Goland

            Are you joking,? didn’t think Liberals can be this stupid.

          • tdrag

            I hope you gave her a kick in the azz as she walked out.

          • Doszap

            Way to go, imagine getting fired for missing the first 3 days if a NEW JOB!!!!.
            For that lame arsed reason, as if was YOU”RE fault she is stupid.

          • Piaget K Smith

            Do you know how many times I have heard stupid things like this? It is absurd! People are getting so weak.

          • Bruce Wayne

            In another time and place your story would be fantasy fiction.

          • deplorablematt2717

            For some reason, our colleges teach everything except skills students need to actually function in the real world. But that’s not surprising, really, since most college faculty can’t function in the real world either.

          • DZnDef

            True. They can’t teach what they don’t know.

          • Mike Gilmer

            Wait until you get the show cause letter from the EEOC.

          • HappyJack1

            So far I’ve been lucky. I thought about the EEOC bothering me so I called them and was told that since she had never spent a day in the classroom at her actual job they had no problem with her dismissal. She never even spent one day on probationary status. Luckily we’re a right to work state, Texas, and we didn’t have to fight a union.

          • If she’s crying like a baby, she’s a girl.

            Either Western Civilization prevails or political correctness prevails. There isn’t enough room on earth for both.

          • Lightrider65

            Un Freekin’ real!!!!!

          • Catherine


          • strongmind

            I have experienced something like this a couple of times. Fortunately, I had the pleasure to watch these episodes unfold while the “child’s” parents were there. You can only imagine how embarrassed the parents were knowing how ridiculous their children looked AND how lowly their friends must have thought of their parenting “skills.”

          • TinStarred

            ………..so much for “responsibility”, something else not taught…………………

          • Robert FancyGuy Witten


          • advok_8

            We hired a college “girl” to work our pizza counter as a cashier a few years ago; after several nights of dumbfounded looks, confusion, too much attention spent on her phone and her being almost in tears, I learned she could not make simple change (we had old registers that don’t give you exact change due); when I asked her exactly what she thought she was going to be doing as a “cashier” working the “cash register” she said she didn’t know it would include math – and ran off in a fit of panic and fear, crying the whole way out.
            I don’t see her storming the beaches at Normandy any time soon . . .

          • Vespidie

            Good luck finding a recent graduate (last 7 years) worth their weight in salt. They have no ability to rationalize, have no common sense, and forget about critical thinking skills. They are a lost generation blanketed by helicopter parents that failed them as parents. The ‘parental’ guide dogs were more interested in being their friend rather than teaching them the basic skills needed to survive in a quasi-structured adult society where merit is more important than the imaginary safe spaces carved out by the parental units and the supposed ‘institutions of higher learning’ that the dumba$$ academicians control.

          • TheRefillMan

            We had a guy (college grad who thought he was super qualified) disappear last year for 6 weeks plus. We gave up trying to contact him. He finally called us to tell us he was “taking a leave of absence.” You can’t make this shit up.

          • What you found right there is something we like to call “the norm.”

          • twinlightwave45

            Can you say entitled with no sense of responsibility!!

          • nationalslave

            What really baffles me is that for the past 10-15 year’s employers have been concerned and complaining about how unprepared new college graduates are for the next chapter, working. The lack of soft skills such as hand writting, doing basic math in your head and a pen & paper, basic communication skills are at the top. Then you get in to work ethics, like the girl you mention, no clue, no common sense, the list is endless. But you can’t blame them entirely, parent’s failed them and the education system destroyed them. Kids were brought up being told they were special, they weren’t taught about being responsible, being held accountable, it was blame someone else. If you failed a class it was off to the principles office and complain and if need be file a law suit. The attitude “no one treats my kid like that” was common. There was a time you would support your kid if they did nothing wrong but made sure they were held accountable if they were wrong. That changed, it’s now” my kid is never wrong”. Parents sue if their kid doesn’t make the team or demands a coach be fired because their kid didnt play enough. Kids have been coddled, give them a trophy because they participated, you didn’t want their feelings hurt. Now they want to do away with the valedictorian, it hurts the feelings of the kids who didn’t put the effort in or didnt do as well academically. These college courses are no different, find blame, in this case being white, they want you to feel guilty for being white and they are attempting to force you to support someone’s cause. I work at a private college, the student’s associate with will fair much better in the real world than others from liberal arts college’s. But as whole the education system is destroying young minds with their self serving false narratives. They will not allow them to look at the whole picture, look at both sides of an issue, listen and research all the facts and come to their own conclusions. College’s are selling a defective product, a lemon and its called an education.

          • Captain Planet

            Two comments:

            1) Good for you! You handled that snowflake by applying reality to her fantasy. Nice job.
            2) I wish I had been there to watch. Something about melting snow is inspiring……

          • Pouncekitty

            I would like to sue her parents for child endangerment. Parents of these dysfunctional creeps are the real problem. They raised a generation of losers. DEATH to Liberal parents!

          • mcsegeek1

            Totally agree. Hiring a grad nowadays, I have to start from scratch – teaching them the rudiments of being a responsible adult. That is, if I have the time, the patience, and can’t find someone else to fill the slot. I’ve even come up with a sort of standard speech for day one. It warns them that any talk about how stressed they are, or about how unfair the “system” is, and out the door they go.

          • oldvlc


          • fredlavenuta

            You should have quoted Nietzsche: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

          • James Madison

            Omg you did the right thing getting rid of the educated snowflake

          • boocat

            Good night, we’re doomed…

          • Protonius

            To HappyJack1 —

            The best part of your response was to listen to her whining — perhaps at least HOPING to hear some kind of a LEGITIMATE and RESPONSIBLE explanation — and then to follow her UTTERLY VACUOUS AND OFFENSIVE whining with an unmistakable “Goodbye!”. Kudos!

          • BigDaddyDK

            So, she couldn’t comprehend the idea that her actions impacted others. This is a huge problem. The younger generations are so self-centered. Or, they want to be seen doing charitable work as though it earns a badge of honor.

          • Dan Thomas

            No “might be” about it.

          • 4Dees

            This chick needs to get a life!!

          • Kevin J. Burke

            That is an awesome story. I have seen first hand as well these new generation of workers getting a 20.00 hr job and loosing it 3 months later cause they simply like to take off work whenever they feel like it. Zero discipline.

          • yousoldout

            I have my teaching license and 3 years teaching experience (rural and urban schools). I whole heartedly believe that I don’t get interviews anymore because I have…a work history. I’m glad there are still people in education that take that seriously.

          • rickmcinnis

            That’s what you get fro hiring someone who was not qualified to be in the classroom to begin with.

            The road to hell is paved with good intentions AND no good deed goes unpunished.

          • 1m

            it is how they think. very sad but true. Thank you for not bowing to her.

          • Hodar

            Tell her to be sure to list you as a reference.

          • brianOO7

            Not saying she doesn’t bear responsibility, or that you have any rresponsibility to fix her, but this deluded young woman was destroyed by her university. She and the real world don’t mix.

          • Gadfly156

            I love it — “You’re absolutely right, we DON’T get it. Sadly for you, we are also the job creators. Bye now.”

            100% Brilliant

          • trudat

            We bypass the hyper liberal institutions. We’ve found fewer snowflakes and nut cases at Community Colleges. We also started a mentor-ship program for those who have a strong work ethic and drive, but no formal education.

            Our major Universities are producing a gaggle of exceptionally poor performers.

          • JoeCubano

            You could consider either hiring one from a university that is conservative or hiring a high school grad who has a demonstrated work ethic and traditional values….and teach him/her what they need to know. It’s tough finding them.

          • BraveNewWhirled

            Basic functions? You mean like talking and spelling?

          • D.Plorable

            Look for 2-year college students who took practical skills classes. The contents of the liberal arts BA degrees now are mostly worthless navel-gazing glop if not outright Marxist indoctrination. Also look to older age brackets, the corporates (especially the “tech” sector) practice such extreme age discrimination now they are leaving many useful assets unexamined.

          • Plurb

            Why not try those over 50 some may stay in that job till they are 70, what more could you ask for!

          • Pouncekitty

            Modern American universities mis-educate and indoctrinate students with leftnut garbage junk “science.” Global warming, racism, hating Republicans seems to be their core values. Unless we fire all the crazed dysfunctional crooked “teachers” in these places, we will continue to WASTE MONEY sending our kids to these corrupt crooked fake “universities.”

          • Fed Up

            I agree to a point because they are some that, having been raised correctly mine were able to stand up to the liberal professors and stand for what they believe and know to be true. One even got kicked out of a class that had a state presentation on fracking and was pushing their agenda and filming it. My kid asked questions and knew his stuff and they demanded he be escorted from the class. Just don’t lump all the college grads into the same pool as some do choose conservative colleges and some do not allow themselves to be brainwashed.

          • John Baker

            Put a picture of Trump in the main entryway. Any that make it through without crying are good to go.

          • Howard M Ccomber

            You need to hire prior military WHITE dudes, and dudets. They know what it means to be on time, perform to a standard, and be loyally committed to something bigger than they are. Most have been forced out because the person of color is being promoted over them, or they are exiting under honorable conditions to get away from the PC BS. I personally know of a few highly qualified people getting ready to exit.

        • JustJoe

          I have been in executive management for over 20 years with just a year of college.

          College is great if you have goals and stick to them. Just don’t get sucked into the BS.

          • Amen! My youngest son took 1 community college course before starting his own business. He is now a multi millionaire and has employed 6 or 7 of his college graduate friends. Hard work and common sense are still the road to success..

          • desert

            Common sense and intelligence are inborn, seems those that require college do NOT have the necessary common sense and intelligence, thereby, their only option is be a snowflake!

          • Duke

            That’s my story too. Dropped out of high school …. got some actual skill and now I am retired comfortably. Most of the people I knew who went to university … either work for a soul-destroying government bueruacrasy or did crappy jobs all their lives. A Liberal Arts BA doesna’t prepare you for anying but protesting everything.

        • jabusse

          If you don’t hire activist mexicans, blacks or LBGT people, and of course women (expecially the metoomoocows) you significantly reduce the chances of future litigation for anything and everything, known or unknown , past,present and future, and you get people who actually had to perform in school for their grades. No help programs, no affirmative action, no speciality scholarships, no race or gender based majors, homerooms, clubs, crying rooms, or diners, no nothing. Just hard working young mostly white or asian, indian, men who do more than all others combined. (not that there can’t be outliers in the other groups too) They call that privilege. We call it earned. So just don’t hire from the dependent class and you should be fine.

        • redhandpaddy

          Could not agree more. I run several businesses and refuse to hire anyone belonging to the present bunch of snowflake millennials. I do have hope or the next generation however which I sense is somewhat disgusted with the present crop of underachieving, entitlement minded, spineless, useless. politically correct idiots.

        • CaGerCoTex

          Hey, some of us who have degrees aren’t indoctrinated little coffe house commies… we have marketable skills.

        • iworkout

          I think your fairly safe with technical college graduates. They are there to learn what makes things work. Beyond that with general education universities, forget it.

        • capt howson

          The old cry used to be” hang the lawyers first”………..It should be up dated to hang the teachers first (professors are insulted when you refer to them as teachers)

        • bamared2222

          Good for you!

        • Username__already__exists

          You should have met my kids. One totally rebelled against the liberal orthodoxy and she still managed to get almost a 4.0 GPA at Ohio St.. The other eventually married a black woman and he still doesn’t believe the liberal clap trap like this. BTW I get along great with my daughter in law. They be more liberal than I am but so was Ronald Regan.

          My son is a research scientist for the government and my daughter is the finance manager of a large motorcycle dealership. My son actually got paid to go to school by foundations that wanted to make sure he stayed the course and didn’t have to worry about paying. He actually made good money going to grad school as an applied physics major.

        • Lightrider65

          Never thought of it quite that way. But you are dead right!!!! No doubt about it!!!

        • Burnerjack

          Worst thing an employer could ever do is to hire a ‘victim’. Considerable legal fees will be involved in their dismissal.
          Before that occurs, the resentment of the other employees can be carcinogenic enough to threaten the stability of the organization.

        • Paper, Scissors, Glock

          I agree with you, VC. When I interview to hire I don’t necessarily consider education levels anymore for the same reasons you listed. Have you noticed applicants with basic…and I mean ‘basic’…math skills and problem solving skills are becoming more and more difficult to find? I’ve found that an image of one inch of a ruler or tape measure with an arrow pointing at one of those ‘little lines’ to identify is an eye opener.

        • TinStarred

          ………….I’m sure you are better off for it…………………………

        • Oaksford

          I no longer hire employees, I only deal with contractors. Let them put up with the crap. If they shove it back at me, their fired.

        • Jack Yates

          Jerry Seinfeld agrees with you. And so do I and millions of others.

        • Accurite

          Next time someone tells you to be less white tell them to go get a sun tan

        • Plurb

          Agreed I told my kids not to go to College but to find the trade that provides them curiosity and passion and make their livelihoods from that! I f they want a Degree go to a Conservative College even if Liberal Arts! Like Hillsdale!

        • Deplorable Vulgarian Guppy2

          My sister is a buyer and floor dresser for a big name clothing store chain and is having the same problem. A recent college grad (marketing), and new hire accused her of being racist just for making her do her job.
          The Latina wasn’t ready for my sisters come back “First, “Spanish” isn’t a race and second I’m of Spanish (Spain) decent and third, you’re fired.”
          The Latina had the gall to tell her that “Spain” is just white Europeans, so it didn’t count and then threatened to sue the chain.
          My sister laughed and said, “Go for it but if you don’t leave now I’m calling security.”
          This girl picked the wrong lady to mess with, never mess with a woman who has five brothers, she’s tough as nails.

        • Jimbolovey

          Well said.

        • Ruth Gauthier

          But it is so fun to watch them go home every day in tears, when they realize they are dealing with people who don’t put up with their crap.

        • josh michael

          I work with non-college grads…they are worse since they have NO political education at all and are Libtards.,,,cannot talk sense to them, and they watch CNN.

        • BigDaddyDK

          Then, unfortunately you miss out on some of us who are highly educated and not indoctrinated by this garbage. There are people out there who are capable of independent thought and who seek higher education for the valuable knowledge that it can provide. Of course, one needs to be selective in the university he/she chooses to attend, but there are plenty of us out there with significant levels of education who are not brainwashed idiots.

          Granted, I’m 20+ years removed from my undergrad work and 15 years removed from my masters program. Things have gotten worse since then, and I’ve spent enough time in the real world.

        • Reddog

          Agree. You don’t really need a college education to work construct today. I hire people who seem to have common sense, don’t use drugs, don’t smoke, want to learn, don’t talk about themselves all the time, and do not have a big case of self-importance. The first thing I tell them is “I’m not your mom” so be to work on time and clean up your own messes. Works for me.

        • Joe in OH

          I’ve said for years that if I was in a position to hire I would contact the guidance counselors from a few decent high schools and ask for some recommendations of bright kids with good attitudes who, for whatever reason, didn’t plan to attend college. They’d earn while learning the business (90% is learned on the job anyway even with a college degree) and be free of student loan debt as well.

        • Chip

          Agreed. I often temporarily subcontract help for my small business in order to serve my clients. I have mostly stopped subbing recent college graduates. I need people with their heads on straight, who can function in the real world. The kinds of mush heads who come out of the universities today are mostly useless and undependable.

          But, I suppose they will make great Democrat government employees and welfare bums.


          If someone says BERKLEY, I say there is the door.

        • Colin

          I was in gad school when all this started happening (06-08) and I was attacked and told I had white privilege. I grew up a poor farm kid and saw welfare take care of everyone else. I certainly did not agree that I had this amazing privilege and told those who attacked me that these small safe spaces called higher education are not the real world and they will never survive. They all still work in higher education while I have worked in Aerospace, IT and now corporate retail as a instructional designer. I spent two years of my life getting a M. Ed. just to learn that I could never survive in that environment. I echo your sentiment v c that grads today bring along with them baggage that is destructive and not conducive to the working world/real world and I think we will see a constant self-alienation from this new “working” generation.

        • Mack B

          Good strategy

        • Danny73S

          unfortunately, you throw out the good with the bad. I have 18yrs working for a telecomm company with a union shop as a technician (but i don’t follow the herd mentality), bachelors in computer networking and an MBA (mainly done online for both), plus a former marine (albeit an air winger). You would throw someone like me out even though I don’t have a safe space to call my own. While i agree with you college kids a pretty weak when it comes to adjusting to life’s hardships (if you can call them that) without having their coloring books and puppies, you would weed out some very good candidates unfortunately.

        • bobfairlane

          You are a hero.

        • Piaget K Smith

          It takes an incredible amount of energy to repel the indoctrination. Also students in practical fields (engineering, STEM, etc.) are less affected by this nonsense.

      • Jane Dowe

        I graduated in 1973. I think I’ll keep my annual donation check from now on. I don’t think Ohio State has sunk this far.

        • Curly Bill

          Not yet maybe. The left may only be up to “M” in the list of colleges to pollute.

      • lol

      • Dryden01

        For the last time: No we are not going to pay “reparations for slavery.”

        • Artupstairs

          If they can find someone who actually was a slave; or child of a slave, I’ll chip in. Wait, I already do. It’s called taxes.

    • DirtyDeplorableDanMcGukin

      Do like I do when asked to donate to crap causes, I put a note in the return envelope ‘sorry, I forgot to put the donation check in before sealing it’…or, put an IOU in for 1 bijillion pesos

      • tommco

        How about responding with an explanation that the envelope’s empty because of their racist PC crap?

      • solly

        When I went to school, I was taught that talking about race in this way
        reinforces biases and stereotypes. Making sweeping, negative
        generalizations about an entire race prejudices people against that

        Now schools encourage people to do it.

        • sonnyboy1

          I think that’s the globalist’s demonic plan.

          • quaichang

            It is the plan.

          • Duke

            You have that right … divide and conquer … destroy the nation state’s culture through multiculturealism and then take down the borders. Then the monsters at the UN will try to government world using North Korean tactics. The people of the world must be enslaved so the elites can enjoy the planet with no fear of revolt.

        • Kay Edens

          Schools are also encouraging self-segregation. Something that Martin Luther King would definitely have heartburn over.

          • Lamb Chop

            Hello. Sorry for interrupting. My name is Sir Charles Berserkly and I don’t give a damn about all this crap.

        • azgirl

          I’m still trying to figure out how college students haven’t figured out that hating ALL white people and being unable to accept any of them as individuals is racist.

          • desert

            See above post about common sense!

        • DirtyDeplorableDanMcGukin

          Join the military and meet the good, and the bad in every ethnicity

    • Tom

      It’s the racist media agenda – to make white people feel bad. You just mighty be a sheep if you follow along with this herd.

      • ob1 kanob

        Yes, I feel bad for all the technology created by whites, the freedom that allows this communist BS.

        • Lamb Chop

          In Anti-MAGA Town, the 8.5 million precious snowflakes get offended by WHITE-OUT.

      • justoneofmany

        ob1 kanob, you “feel bad for all the technology created by whites”. Huh! First question….just how does one “feel bad” for technology? And by the way…..sheep only follow the idiot who is successful at getting the sheep to follow. Is that hard for you to follow?
        And this whole lie about how “white people” are supposed to feel really bad. That comes from all the sheep who keep following the same idiots……..MSM.

        • tommco

          Um, I think they were being sarcastic?

        • Sammie Jo

          Wow, undo the bunch in your panties, he was being sarcastic. lol

        • Hofnerguy

          I think his comment may have been poorly expressed sarcasm. Not everyone knows how to do sarcasm correctly.

          • Rodney Mann

            He did sarcasm just fine, I’m blaming the recipient, not the OP.

        • sonnyboy1

          Understanding sarcasm, isn’t your strong point, is it?

      • John

        Same brought about the civil war. The South was leaving do to taxes and Lincoln claimed it was about slavery and the northern whites signed up to save the blacks. The cause was good but the result horrible.

        • SpiderMike

          Many years ago when I moved South, I learned a lesson about race from a new girlfriend. She said, “You yankees “love” blacks as a group but dislike the individual. We may dislike the group but like and befriend the individual black according to character”. I believe that still holds true especially for yankees.

          “American by the grace of God, Southern by choice”

        • HappyJack1

          I don’t even think the cause was good anymore.

      • HappyJack1

        We are hated and are supposed to like it.

    • RavviOli

      Well din, don’t

    • ExposeThem511

      Quit supporting the international jew who is behind this white genocide. Perhaps you should study Ezekiel 34 and 35 and learn what the Edomite Jews (descendants of Canaanites) did to the white Israelites at the time of the Babylonian captivity. The Jews are trying to destroy the white race entirely. It’s up to you to figure out why. I could tell you but you won’t believe me unless you learn it for yourself.

      • Accipiter

        I could tell you…but I won’t.
        I agree with you, but I definitely would like to learn your reason as well.

      • John

        It is not the Jew who is doing this. Some may appear to be Jew but “not all Israel is Israel”.

    • Buster

      please do not send a dime to any college or UNiv. anywhere. they are such a scam

      • HappyJack1

        That’s pretty much all of them.

    • costam63

      Here’s a much more worthy recipient:

    • catb55

      This is precisely why my son did not go to U of M …We didn’t even consider them.

      • Kay Edens

        This is why my kids went into the trades. My sister & I were the first in our families to go to college & the very next generation didn’t (except for my nephew).

        • GetOutofHere

          The smart parents are sending their kids into trades. Solid money and they can run their own businesses. The old “white collar” system is now a joke and only exists in India with our old jobs.

    • Kbuzz

      Actually, I am not sure about this article. I can respect a course on how to talk about
      race. When you consider that “Blame White” for everything is the general crap that is being put out, it becomes difficult for white people to engage in a conversation, even within their own race – and it seems like one of the courses addresses that…maybe. However, if the intent is to point out that Whites are responsible, as the article seems to imply, than yes, what a piece of crap.

    • That Rapscallion…EtoculusDei

      The response should be easy. Tell them under the circumstance the answer is NO.

      Why would you want to finance and perpetuate the brainwashing of young adults??

    • ms20

      Crap like this should make NOT donating very simple indeed.

    • Uncle Rufus

      Your alma mater has been overtaken by lunatics, sorry to say. You should return those contribution requests with no money but a few choice words instead.

    • Holistic

      The U/Michigan, one of the most PC places to work or study in America. Sadly, they are proud of that fact.

    • Vindaloo Bugaboo

      Hard to respond? You mean impossible.

    • kramartini

      But it sure makes it easy to say no. I haven’t associated in any way with UT Austin after the way they treated Abigail Fisher. I was proud to attend UT after Hopwood, but I am ashamed to be associated with UT after Fisher.

    • Eddie Meeks

      Don’t send them another penny.

    • GetOutofHere

      I went to UofM in the early 70s and back then being a “white Christian woman” was a real enough problem to cause “discomfort.”

    • BobLarimer

      Don’t respond at all. Take the funds back!

    • disqus_hQ19w3VLjt

      Send them a bag of sand with the instructions: Pound this!

    • OgieOgelthorpe

      Tell them you identify as an oppressed LGBTQ person-of-color, and therefore are broke.

    • CaGerCoTex

      I just toss it straight into the trash. They NEVER send anything worth reading.

    • itsy_bitsy

      I hope that is tongue in cheek! Anyone who contributes money to these schools is aiding in their attempt to destroy this country and the Constitution that gave us what we have. We are fast on our way to becoming a third world country. Don’t help with that!

    • Bringingitreal

      It should make it an easy decision

    • Zorcon, Fidei Defensor

      I refused. They changed the mascot years ago from a American Indian name to a imaginary bird. In that light, I gave them the bird back…

    • JWHacket

      Let them know why.

    • MichMike

      The U has increased tuition and fees at double the rate of inflation every year, on average, for more than 40 years. They LOVE to tell people how the state used to cover 80% of tuition costs and now only cover 17%. Of course, they leave out that state funding has pretty much matched inflation and it is the university that has increase their internal costs to make higher ed, there and everywhere else, affordable only for the elites. How sad that my alma mater, and yours, is so dishonest.

    • HoosierMom92

      Stop contributions, but tell them why using the business reply envelope they so kindly provide for your contribution check. That’s what I did. I told them I would be sending my privilege to other charities who do not question my white race, which I have no control over.

    • trudat

      I stopped when my alma mater started this crap. They get nothing from me now…including hiring preference for grads.

    • BigAL57

      DON’T…..let the bastards do it on their own.

    • Henry Zee

      “Crap like this” made it necessary for me to completely ELIMINATE my planned giving to MY alma mater, along with ANY contributions while still alive.

    • Hedley Lamar

      I will assure you that I wouldn’t send my Alma mater a damn penny if they did this kind of thing. Thank God, they’re the opposite.

    • Alphonsus Jr. ✠ Dᴇᴜs ᴠᴜʟᴛ

      The response should be easy: NO.

    • Cavallo

      I stopped contributing donations to mine years ago.

    • JohnBreland

      My only regret is that my alma mater doesn’t call me anymore, so I miss the satisfaction of telling them “not one red cent.”

    • Send them a copy of articles on crap like this that they do.

      • EchoLibertyReturns

        Excellent suggestion!

    • fusilier

      You’re a chump if you give money to folks who feel you need to “unpack” your junque.
      Send them a copy of the offending article instead of a nice check. Let them unpack that.

    • Robert What?

      I haven’t donated to my AM, Columbia University, in many years and won’t in the future.

      • Peter Stephens

        I also went there, as did several others form my family, and they get nothing!

    • TheTruthIsNotPC

      Why not send them a check for 5 cents. It will cost them more to cash it than it is worth. And it sends a message to boot…

    • david smith

      My BIL isn’t having any problems. Last time the Alumni Association called he told them he would be sending everything that he USED to send U of M to Hillsdale College from now on.

    • YesIDidBuildThat

      Don’t give. And tell them why.

    • Sol Asylum

      Precisely, and for me, it’s been the encouragement to suspend all donations. If this is how they plan to use my money, then I’ll find a better way to appropriate it.

    • Trump Rules Obama fools

      I wouldn’t give them a dime and tell them why

    • chefjim

      Your alma mater is not what it used to be. Neither is mine. I went to Pitt and graduated in 88. My niece is going now and I couldn’t believe the crap in the course description sheet.

    • caesar

      Why give to them?

    • Piaget K Smith

      Do not donate to any university that does this. Do not support any sort of racism.

    • Trump Rules Obama fools

      Lamont Sanford is my son

    • Guest_User

      Maybe, they’ll offer a Ph.D soon in “Social Justice” or “White Privilege.” They just need to “jumpstart” the “industry” so there will be “jobs.” Of course, it’s more likely anyone could make a far better living by being a plumber, and avoid the cost and indoctrination of most “universities.”

    • Dave Sertand

      I have nvr contributed to mine for these same reasons. The universities of this country do not share my values.

    • Boris Badinov

      This is sick, racist, totalitarian manipulation. Allow this, and much worse will be coming in the future (see: Mao’s Cultural Revolution; Pol Pot’s Cambodia cleansing).

    • Burnerjack

      Respond? I wouldn’t even admit I’d ever attended.

    • His Highness

      My response has been to contribute to Hillsdale College.

    • akulkis

      This is why I decided to go out of state to Purdue rather than instate at U of Mich.

    • TinStarred

      ………..also makes it hard to respond to actions in a logical and cogent way when you are addressing something so incredibly insane to begin with. Are people actually spending money for tuition there? If so, they should demand a full refund and matriculate somewhere that actually provides a curriculum that actually passes for education. Sounds like what they are actually good at is slinging BS.

    • Sam Howe

      Cut them off Douglas! I cannot tell you the number of grads of UNC who have stopped all contributions over this insanity! Shutting up the pocket book is all these aholes understand!

    • TommyD6of11

      Don’t give your alma matet a single penny

    • RINOSHaveAbusedBase4LastTime

      Let’s all take a long look and see how far the continent of Africa has come in the last 250 years…and that’s just one of many countries and their citizens who have been looking to America ever since. If taxpayers really knew the trillions of dollars going to countries that HATE America and yet want out money, technology, educational opportunities (that one still baffles me considering our quality has fallen in such a short time)….

    • FUBO

      At OSU the president (a Black Man) told these types of rabble rousers to hit the brick or they would be suspended from school. Love it. Meanwhile Michigan is morphing into oberlin before our eyes!

      • Hamtramck MI plays the Muslim call to prayer 5 times a day starting at 6am, over a loudspeaker that anybody in the town can clearly hear even through walls and windows.

    • Facts

      If you don’t support the ethnic cleansing (i.e. genocide) of Whites from White nations that means you’re a racist, bigoted, privileged, neo-n4z1-that-wants-to-kill-6-million-j3ws.

      When will people realize we are living in the Darkest Age of all history?

    • James Thomas

      Just say no! 😁😁😁

    • Pouncekitty

      Harvard and all the other Leftnut fake “universities” need to be starved of donations from alum until and unless they can prove they are not insane race-baiting liberal nutjobs. It doesn’t look good for Harvard.

    • Scott Schymick

      I’ll be rooting for MSU from now on

    • Azi Smythe

      Right—here’s what I do: When they call I agree to make a pledge of their choosing. Then I call a conservative campus group like YAF (Young Americas Foundation) and DIRECT this year’s donation to THAT group and through that group’s organization…in my case the Univ of Florida’s YAF chapter. Done.

    • glamdeluxe

      Give them generous amounts of the middle finger.

    • fredlavenuta

      You’re nuts if you give them a nickel.

    • zeno2654


    • 4Dees

      You are seeing the socialist agenda using the divide and conquer technique at your alma mater. Stop donating to the U. of Mich. and give your money else where.

    • CrazyHungarian

      I gave up giving any money to my school forever after they had Al Gore as commencement speaker.

  • gotwood4sale


    Dang…of all of the condiments I could’ve been I unfortunately ended up being mayonnaise. This sucks…I am so sorry world.


    • Artupstairs

      Think of yourself as a lovely horseradish remoulade!

      • gotwood4sale


        Remoulade? Hey…anything goes nowadays!

        I’m not only a horseradish remoulade…I’m a lovely horseradish remoulade.

        Tomorrow I may identify as a spicy tomato aspic. And the next day perhaps a dull lawnmower blade.


        • Artupstairs

          It’s better than plain mayo!

          • gotwood4sale


            Hard to beat ‘Duke’s’ mayo, but I’ll take your word on it.

  • Laurel

    It is long past time to stop pouring in tax dollars to these universities (and I use that term loosely). What you subsidize you get more of.

  • Artupstairs

    I am perfectly comfortable with who I am.

    • luis martinez

      Of course you are, thus you must attent the whiteness course to enlighten you (insert sarcasm)

    • disqus_1asnJQJs36

      clearly you are in stage one – denial of your privilege!! 🙂

    • Andrew in Florida

      Agree. I would recommend the following to avoid ever having those feelings in the first place: Wake up, check the news, eat breakfast, take a shower, get dressed, go into work, Socialize a little, Perform your duties, take lunch, return to work for another 3-4 hours, leave work, go home, eat dinner, involve yourself with some small groups or communities that support a Hobby, Activity, Special Interest, Professional Skill, or Interest. Try to get 6-8 hours of sleep. Seek some fulfilling relationships with others. Avoid unnecessary drama. Learn to pity misguided or following people (instead of internalizing). Get on about your life. Focus on things you can fix. Don’t dwell on things beyond your control. Be strategic about which things you choose to invest with your finite amount of energy and attention. Stay busy doing constructive things. Be polite and civil. Strive to be kind and thoughtful when you can. (IE: Live)

    • model94

      And you are first on the list of those who will require re-education, if these insane people ever get control.

  • MAGAtime

    COS (Crock of S) rising to a new level. Replaces safe spaces, warm puppies, etc.

  • Faith Coleridge✔

    The only time I get uncomfortable in my glorious White skin is when I get sunburned.

    • BenDoverPls

      Amen to that!

  • Darla

    You’re kidding right?

  • Mack Plymale

    I am OK with taking the blame for other people’s failures.

  • Sharon Barnes

    Good grief! i rather like being white and have no desire to change.

    • TheTruth

      Sharon, you haven’t been successfully indoctrinated yet.

      • 4deuce

        Maybe she has been able to resist the indoctrination because the indoctrinators are such utter morons.

  • TheTruth

    A once great University is now a cesspool of liberalism. Ruled by the PC Nazis and the Feel Good Snowflakes.

    • William Huntforfood

      A neighbor kid down the road is a Michigan grad, I live here. He can’t get a job, total sjw, even his LinkedIn profile has lgbt crap on it…

      Been 5 years since he graduated!

      • daunt43

        Who in their right mind would hire him? He’s a law suite waiting to happen!

        • Bernard Marx

          Exactly, and a parasite as he’ll no doubt latch on to an EBT card…


        • Rocinante44

          amen. i’m an employer, and for the first time i have a mental list, which is growing daily, of colleges from which i will not hire. michigan is on the list

          • Kay Edens

            Put University of New Mexico on it as well.

        • quaichang

          And a lazy, unpleasant weirdo to boot!

      • Bernard Marx

        Welcome to the world of the Unemployable! ….


        • tinfoilfinn

          but…but…but…he’s so sincere!!!

      • luis martinez

        Majored in Gender Studies? Lots of employers looking for that!

      • DoghouseRiley9

        Some are born stupid, some achieve stupid, and some attend University of Michigan and have stupid thrust upon them.

      • model94

        Congratulations. We are paying for his education then.

      • David Teglas

        Give the lad time to find himself , after all under obamacare he’s still considered a child and just needs more time on the launch pad aka mom’s finished basement . Its a scary cruel world in the eyes of a snowflake.

    • Lamb Chop

      I got news for you, pal. Every single institute of lower living in Anti-MAGA Town is a clone of the Loony-versity of Michigan.

    • ExposeThem511

      It’s all delusion. The goal of white genocide is quite sinister.

    • Virtual_Reality_Loser

      They all are cesspools of liberalism. Have been for a long time. Mostly in the Humanities departments but they have been creeping their way into the hard sciences.

  • MAGAtime

    Wait, I think I’m getting that feeling about being OK to be white! Yeah, I called my doctor, he said I’m good to go with the rest of my life. He told me to hang tough. Further, there is no 12-step program for getting over being white. I had some suspicions that might be the case. My next challenge is to get over being privileged. Until then, I’ll enjoy it.

  • DirtyDeplorableDanMcGukin

    It’s ok to be white, just like it’s ok to be any other color in the crayon box…like people had a choice right

    • Lamb Chop

      All I know for certain is that Maxie “the Hyperventilating Harridan” Polluted-Waters is thrilled abd delighted with the contents of this course at the Loony-versity of Michigan.

      • DirtyDeplorableDanMcGukin

        She’s been using lead contaminated water in her absinthe and oxycontin jello shooters it appears

  • mark8302

    This is so sick.

  • Brett Reese

    I’m white. I’m also proud and conservative. Gee, what a loser I must be. Not!

  • J House

    It is a race based paradigm no different than that found in the tenets of National Socialism. You are ‘white’, therefore, you are X. You are a ‘Jew’, therefore, you are X….and you can’t logically argue your way out of it.
    Progressives have more in common with Nazis than they imagine…

    • David Teglas

      You are spot on , The Nazi Party had many shared values with the modern progressive left : anti capitalist , anti-christian ,strict gun control , intolerance of free speech as witnessed on numerous college campuses and the belief in a large centralized government.

  • Jim Schulz

    It must work. I have ZERO discomfort about being white.

  • Magnum

    The Russians and Asians must be rightfully convinced that we’re going mad in this country.

    • Lamb Chop

      Then, they are misinformed.

      97% of this madness is confined to the God-forsaken Northeast, as well as the insane state of Kalifornika.

  • ScottH3

    What about the privilege of not being a dumbass? I feel terrible about it, and probably need to unpack it too. It’s just such an unfair advantage.

  • Sansa816

    This is racist to the core.

  • Juan Doroteo Carrio

    Teaching white kids to hate themselves doesn’t seem much of a model for success.

    • UK1981

      Well success is racist

    • ExposeThem511

      The Jews are trying to shame them into marrying the brown races, thereby, genociding the white race. As it was in the days of Noah.

  • bolski

    More like “how to be a snowflake” and not melt. What a crock!

    You guys want a participation trophy after the session as well?

    • 4deuce

      A bunch of as*clowns decide to milk the PC teat and invent some useless kumbaya nonsense and then they want to tell me how to cope with being white?? Once they can prove to me that they understand basics like male-and-female without all of their gender-fluid BS, maybe I they might establish some credibility with normal people.

  • Ruckweiler

    I’d just identify as black. Isn’t that the rage these days?

    • TheTruth

      You could also be a Fake Indian like Liz Warren.

      • Lamb Chop

        She heap big fake injun.

        • BenDoverPls

          And speak with forked tongue.

        • Cracker Jack

          She Chief Spreading Bull.

          • Lamb Chop

            She also Big Chief Spending Bull.

  • Scornedpatriot

    these universities are home to the Dumbest people I have ever met. All they teach is socialism,global warming, 9/11, and yeah hitler killed himself too. Total bull! These poor dumb kids come out dumber than when they went in. And deep in debt too. Lol

  • Mary

    This is a joke, right?

  • JpRAustin

    Check another once great university off the list for consideration by my sons.

  • Ivan Stang

    It is white privilege not to steal
    It is white privilege not to kill
    It is white privilege not to rape
    it is white privilege not to make multitudes of babies with many women

    • TJTruth2

      1) Unless it’s Native Americans, Hawaiians, etc.
      2) Unless it’s millions of innocent Vietnamese and Iraqis
      3) Unless you are rich and connected
      4) Sure it is

      • Jack Sprat

        You are a moron, TJTRUTH

        • TJTruth2

          Disprove a single assertion I made.

          • TJTruth2

            #4 is the most dimwitted of a sorry bunch. Trump has how many children by how many women? Give us a break. Who falls for this garbage?

          • RetiredArmyGuy

            While Trump may have many children by his present and former wives at least he, and NOT the taxpayers, is PAYING for their upbringing. From the looks of it, they’re ALL doing quite well and are productive citizens.

          • Lamb Chop

            Hank “the Fondue” Tinkler of Not-So Happy Days & Jump the Shark fame falls for that garbage.

          • David Teglas

            Trump never had to rely on taxpayer funds to support the children he sired .

          • tinfoilfinn

            Trump was all we had against the Benghazi liar Cankles.

          • deanmike

            Cankles, the undocumented felon!

          • OliverBx

            He also supports them all with his money, and was married to the mothers. No Soup for You!

          • Mark

            The truth comes out. You are just a Trump hating moron.

          • pokey’s pissed

            How do you disprove vague, ambiguous statements?

          • LSB

            I realize you’re accustomed to having others support and provide for you but I believe it would be more appropriate for you to prove your assertions, not have others do all the work disproving your nonsensical rantings.

          • tinfoilfinn

            Okay…prove that those people you list weren’t doing the same and worse to each other and their neighbors down throughout all human history.

            Where would you rather live? So go be among them and improve their lives by self degeneration…don’t volunteer the rest of us to guilt up for the past and shell out more of our earnings to feed parasites and predators.

          • tommco

            TJ, although what you say is “true”, the whole misguided point of BLM, universities that teach this crap, etc. is that white people are somehow responsible as a whole for things that took place over 100 years ago and that we should continue to pay reparations, give every benefit and privilege under the sun to the “aggrieved” groups, on top of that already given, etc., rather than each one taking responsibility for their own lives. Your victim and blame mentality is what everyone else finds so pathetic.

          • OliverBx

            Millions of innocent Vietnamese and Iraqis? BS. Consider your brainwashed Kool Aid saturated brain corrected. Consider how many innocent Vietnamese were murdered by the Communists you lefty’s wanted to save.

      • Daniel Haney

        Hey, Aren’t you late for your self-loathing class???

        • TJTruth2

          Not lothing anyone. Just stating facts. I’m a man, so I don’t have to put pom poms on and cheerlead for whatever I think my race is like an insecure little girl.

          • LSB

            Looks like someone needs the immersive course on checking his male privilege. Someone had to work hard to raise such a complete idiot as yourself.

      • Marcus Landon

        REALLY? Holy crap. How do people like you even exist?

        But for white Europeans and their “privilege,” the entire planet would sill be rubbing sticks together to start fires.

        • Bill

          The African societies were ‘so advanced’, they never thought to invent a wheel instead of dragging heavy objects in the dirt. Or basic sanitation.

          The capture and sale of humans in slavery was in the past, and is still today, an established practice.

          Tell me more about my white privilege. 3 college degrees, I put myself through all of them working. The grandson of a poor Czech immigrant who came to the US. With no scholarships based on my skin color.

      • ExposeThem511

        Brown races go to lake of fire with the lying jews.

      • Buster

        nice revision of historhy, and yes of course the Left hates the USA

      • Mark

        I think you should kill yourself to get rid of the guilt

  • Sansa816

    I’m half white and half Samoan. I grew up in Samoa until I was 18 and then I moved to the mainland. I can tell you that growing up, my brown cousins and everyone else made fun of me for being light skinned. I NEVER felt like I belonged. And, at one point, I wished I wasn’t half white. Then, I moved to the mainland and never felt more welcomed! In fact, even though I am mixed race, it was white people who made me feel accepted. It was white people who helped me the most and I NEVER forget that. Of all the people I’ve encountered in my life, white people have always been the nicest and most respectful to me. That’s why I NEVER moved back to Samoa!

    • ob1 kanob

      People with a moral compass, whatever the race, will make one feel ‘comfortable’.

    • ExposeThem511

      It is they who don’t belong.

    • Barrysullivan1

      My white parents would never have tolerated any racist jokes or racism from any of their children. My favorite neighbor is a black cop married to a hispanic woman. Their three kids are a pleasure to be around and we all treat each other like family because that is what we are as human beings!

      • Mark

        You sound like a 100% brainwashed liberal.

        • Barrysullivan1

          Are you being sarcastic? I am a Navy veteran, pro-life, Catholic and the parent of two adopted children who is known for being on the conservative side.

  • Very Fake News

    I overcome my discomfort of my whiteness by laughing at white-guilt liberals that attend seminars on so-called “white privilege”.

  • TJTruth2

    What’s wrong with this? Nothing. Just clickbait because it fires off dopamine associated with tribalism, pack mentality and inclusion/exclusion. If you are reading this you are being played.

  • Defiant

    I’d LOVE to sit in on that class. I’d give “disruptive student” a whole new meaning.

  • Marx Isfer Toys

    Simple fix: claim you are part Cherokee.

  • Jackpine Savage

    It’s um-nyc what would you expect?

    The “training session” um-nyc should really conduct is “How Not to Sound Like a Whiny-Bitch Naw Yawker While Living in Michigan.”

    I wish we could deport the whole campus back to the NE…

  • GreenLivesMatter

    Isn’t this racist?

  • Corpseman57

    White males are superior; they don’t need Affirmative Action.

    • GreenLivesMatter

      I absolutely love this comment. If I were in school I’d ask my professor what is the purpose of affirmative action and make him explain it. Then I’d comment that he agrees that whites are a superior race since they are not being propped up with additional government programs to increase the odds of success.

  • WilliamWirt

    When are people going to start getting punched in the face for their ridiculously racist anti white sentiments?

    • Nicholas

      It’s only okay to punch a “Nazi,” even though Nazis have been gone for 70 years.

      • WilliamWirt

        If any teacher ever tells my child that there’s something wrong with them for being white I’m going to humiliate them.

        • Corpseman57

          I’d yank my kid out of the school and make sure all my white neighbors knew why. Our “white” school tax dollars should not be used for anti white purposes.

        • Nicholas

          My little sister just started at a “Catholic” college. Her summer reading assignment was about a Muslim immigrant’s experience with discrimination from Christians and white people.

          • WilliamWirt

            The Catholic Church is Mystery Babylon so no surprise there.

  • gplucas

    Is it any wonder that young people can’t function in the real world when they are indoctrinated by moronic liberal “educators” with all this bull sheet! Michigan and many other schools have become nothing more than Snowflake Factories”.

    • WilliamWirt

      That’s why I studied engineering.

  • Nicholas

    These people have too much time on their hands.

    • Sterny

      …and to few IQs in their heads.

  • Strangerinastrangeland

    I am SO ashamed! One of my daughters is SO ashamed. Other not ashamed, no need to be, not white like my African-American daughter (white, South African-American) should be ashamed. I need a DANCE CARD!

  • Just a pawn

    You mean, I’m really a black, hispanic, muslim, in a white skin?!?

  • magic1114

    If you’re seriously uncomfortable with your whiteness try six feet or so of good quality hemp rope. It’s strong and will fit your needs nicely! The tree is right outside the door…

  • American_League

    Never feel ashamed, guilty, or uncomfortable for who you were at birth, because that is an unchangable fact.
    It is how you treat others as you live your life, that should be a cause of pride or concern.

  • cecil91
  • Sterny

    These days, with this kind of ridiculousness going on at our universities, how is anybody supposed to take a college degree seriously? Each graduating class from our colleges is dumber than the one before and these kids are accumulating debt beyond their earning potential to be indoctrinated with “knowledge” that isn’t worth a pinch of shizzit in the real world.

  • barbara

    The insinuation that somehow white people are responsible for being white defies reason.

  • eramthgin

    Insanity there is no such thing as white privilege. Have our universities returned to the dark ages. What is next blood letting of the sick? What ever happened to ‘I’m OK your OK’

  • Corpseman57

    I bet the department of education is starting this anti white garbage in pre school.

  • JackBootedThug✓

    Say it loud, “I’M WHITE AND I’M PROUD”.

  • John Beckwith

    What a joke! Skin color has NOTHING to do with Character. This college has the mental disorder known as Liberalism for all to see. WOW!

  • eramthgin

    This is just a way to excuse the lack of performance by blacks!

  • Jose Whales

    I got ideas for a new class… how to teach others not to steal or kill for tax paid Michael Jordan shoes… how to attend the Maury Povich show knowing who the father is without a dna test…

  • docdave88

    I’m perfectly comfortable in my whiteness.

    Wish I could jump, but other than that, well………….

  • Mike Keller

    Suck it up other than whiteness peoples, being white is great and we have proved it through out history and are continuing to do so.

  • Lamb Chop

    Yet, some folks go into debt for over a hundred thousand dollars to expose themselves to lectures on the virtue of self-loathing.

    I dare anybody to try to convince me we are not living in the Platinum Age of Insanity.

    I double dare ya.

  • John Kent

    “unpacking Whiteness” ?
    They better hope that doesn’t happen,it will not end well for them…

  • Corpseman57

    Next will be yellow privilige.

  • Daniel Haney

    No thanks.
    I’m O.K. with being white.
    I was born this way and I make no excuses or complaints about what God gave me for a life.
    I’m also racist simply because of the color of my skin.
    I’m O.K. with that too.

  • Come On Now

    Like every other privilege, white privilege is earned. There is no shame in leading a moral, hard working life in hopes of advancing one’s self. While whites typically set goals of having a life as good as others better than their parents, and study and work to get there, non-whites in large numbers tend to want to ‘work the system’ to get entitlements and handouts, leading to multi-generation welfare family situations. Then said non-whites start blaming their plight on the whites with privilege.

    Perhaps cutting all welfare and entitlements would motivate some of the habitually complaining non-whites to get off their rear ends.

  • Very Fake News

    I can’t believe people pay good money to learn to hate themselves.

    Liberalism really is a mental disorder.

  • wcplace

    These so called academics are seriously mentally ill!

  • arcsinice

    Well, it’s about time……………. It’s about time that white folk, “…….deal with their “whiteness” so they could become better equipped to fight for social justice causes, according to organizers.”

    I agree. I fully agree.

    FIGHT the ruthless, vicious, racist system that holds white folk back. FIGHT the ruthless, vicious, racist system that is on the attack against white folk in all manner way, shape and form. STAND UP for our whiteness. SPEAK OUT and most vocally at that against white folk being oppressed, labeled with endless hopefully guilt inducing lies; e.g., being “racists”, “xenophobes”, etc., etc., ad nauseam, ad criminaleam. SPEAK OUT for and remind society of our beyond measurable contributions unto society throughout time – the list is near endless – and grows with each new day compared to EVERY OTHER RACE.

    Indeed……… SPEAK OUT and most stridently at that against the ruthless, vicious lies and oppression against the white race! Do not give these bastards so much as a millimeter, period.

  • dogwaffle

    if this article is accurate….bahahaha!

    • dogwaffle

      who profits from this nonsense?

  • capoprimo

    Sheer nonsense and a monumental waste of money! It’s stuff like this that is stirring the pot and creating ill feelings and ill will where none existed before!

  • John J Holliday

    It really is a good idea to kill off whiteness so this country can go on to becoming as much of a sh*thole as non-white countries.

  • keystonepipe

    And mum and dad paid $40K per year for this BS

  • Martin

    Next step is to have the white students drop 450 points on the SAT’s so they could fit in better with their non white counterparts.

  • NOYB

    These people are insane. It’s time for a Christian monarchy.

  • elizabethrc

    My kids will never enroll in this crap institution.
    How many whites are uncomfortable with being white? Only those who are liberals. The majority of us do not want to be anything but what we were born as. Stuff this politically motivated fiction where the sun don’t shine.

  • John J Holliday

    I wish these a**holes would leave for a nicer non-white country

  • themonkey69


  • Bernard Marx

    Did schools ever have to coach N e g r o e s on the “discomfort” of being black?

    Nothing more than “Ray-sis Cheerleading” , at the expense of true academics….


  • RickyPee

    Black/Hispanic studies, diversity studies, etc…..give students a chance to waste their parents money learning absolutely nothing of commercial value with their only job opportunities within university settings where “academics” continue to propagate this BS to the detriment of both students and society!

  • daunt43

    Beyond stupid! How about they spend there time teaching minorities to compete for jobs. Have you ever seen a person of Asian decent out playing PC and a victim?

    • Bernard Marx

      Of course not , they’re too busy starting businesses….


  • MATTY1351

    My granddaughter noted that we are not White, we are more Pink/Peach, so that’s that. No more White Privilege nonsense quilt trips keeping me up at night.

  • thomas thewho

    i guess the “self esteem” movement is over?

    • ArJay

      Only for anything white that might melt.

  • Zyzyzx Zyzer

    So these people say…I majored in idiocy and minored in racism and supramcism. LOVE YOUR WHITENESS YOU CANT CHANGE IT AND WHY NOT LOVE YOURSELF YOUR RACE AND EVERYONE ELSE.

  • Corpseman57

    Reading, writing and arithmetic?
    Little johnny is evil because he’s white.
    Little johnny is evil because he’s a Christian.
    Better start checking your child’s textbooks.
    Heck, I’d love to sit in on the elementary school classes to hear what garbage the union-protected teachers are spewing.

  • MO Guy

    Idiocy. I despair for the current college generation attending liberal universities. Anyone who sends their children to schools like this to be brainwashed by the left deserves what they get.

  • Bernard Marx

    “Idiocracy” is Here!

    Pass me a Brawndo….


    • Mikey


    • Daniel Haney

      “I Like monaaaay!!!” lol

  • Billy Beefcaked

    The progressive ideology is brilliant!

    It is so poisonous and so dangerous that we have a generation of white human beings who are growing up to believe that they are inferior to everyone else. For the first time in human history we will have a generation that believes that they should be slaves to someone else.

    I have never seen in all my life a generation like the millennial’s that beg to be slaves not only to their government but to another group of humans.

    This goes to show you just how disgusting the progressive ideology is.

    • Mike Langley

      Perfectly said. Our minds are the same. Without victims the democratic party cannot exist.

  • Jack Sprat

    POC people all over the country are laughing at liberal white people that are falling all over themselves to PROVE that they aren’t racists. POC’s have reached a new low with this bs…

  • Rocinante44

    this isn’t a joke, right? this isn’t from the onion?

  • Mikey

    Its great being White. It might be uncomfortable if you’re try getting into Harvard and a Black person w lower scores gets in ahead of you because they’re skin is Black, and then there’s the thing w needing suntan lotion but thats about it.

  • Jimmy Chonga

    Color has NOTHING to do with any kind of “justice”. Character and Integrity have everything to do with Justice. WTH is going on in “educated” circles????

  • kevin

    I’m glad I’m white.

  • Mike Langley

    I am white. Love being white. Love white woman. Love black woman. Love asian woman. I love my black neighbors. Love my hispanic neighbors. I feel sorry for the african american community. Their minds have been under attack since they came to this country. The democratic party founded the KKK for the same reasons they attempt to brainwash today’s young minorities minds in an attempt to convince them they are victims. Anyone of any color or creed can create great success in America. But the democrats have to have victims or their party will not exist. They are the greatest evil that exist in this world today.

  • Robert Steed

    Targeting a particular race to differentiate them (“training” by shaming) from other races thus ‘putting them in their place’ is not racist how? Racism (direct and by low-expectations) has never been worse and 95%+ from the left.

    • ArJay

      Never try to argue these people that have only their own interests at heart. We’re now in a rule by intimidation at the level of “least common denominator” so to speak.

  • Corpseman57

    Children, if you need Affirmative Action YOU ARE INFERIOR.

  • OpossumSaladSandwich

    I feel so guilty being part of a race with an average I.Q. of 100 that raises their kids. In contrition, I think I’ll huff a few dozen cans of spray paint, find a woman with a huge *ss, impregnate her, then move to another state. Only then will I have done my part to achieve equality.

    • kevin

      Don’t do it!!!

      • OpossumSaladSandwich


        • kevin

          Lol. I am whateveryou say I am. If I wasnt, than why would you say I am.

          • OpossumSaladSandwich

            Thank you for recognizing this. My maternal grandfather was a boil-covered, midget Lakota transwoman. Some say ze was magical. My lived experiences say you’re the real racist here. You are very wise for accepting the truth.

  • Corpseman57

    Attacking my whiteness is funny. I mean really funny.
    Guilty? Ha ha ha ha ha.

  • DingoDog

    More anti-white tripe.

  • Stan Bartsch

    Those poor, privileged white people just need to learn to take pride in who they are, despite the horrific actions of all the other white people that they, by being white themselves, support and condone. Wait, not pride – white people having self-esteem or pride would be bad. They might not dwell on the horrific things that other white people are doing, and might not feel sufficiently guilty. They must nurture their guilt, for sure. Guilt for things they never did, never would have done, and never would have condoned. Guilt for things that only their skin color and accidents of birth associate them with. Yes, that’s it – provided they don’t dwell too much on it – just enough to be sheep when it’s time to be sheered, but not so much they can’t help do the actual sheering.

  • RetiredArmyGuy

    I’m VERY comfortable being pink. However, so long as illiterate thugs who wouldn’t constitute a fully developed pimple on a warrior’s buttocks, and who are being given a free education for the sole purpose of dressing up in an athletic uniform, believe that they’re being oppressed donations to my alma mater will be taking a knee.

    • Gary Grimm

      Hoooorrraaahhhh! Well said, RetiredArmyGuy.

  • Jimmy Chonga

    It’s an agenda, Justice has nothing to do with color. Do yourself a favor, Google the following searches and see what presents:

    – put “White Couples” in your search field on Google and take a look at the images . . . what do you see?
    – put “Black Couples” in your search field on Google and take a look at those . . . see anything strange?
    – put “American Inventors” in your search field . . . anything unusual? (Ever seen Alexander Graham Bell look like that before?

    It’s an agenda and A LOT of people are on board.

  • ob1 kanob

    Communist BS.

  • Larry Dickman


  • Major Remington

    I’m perfectly comfortable being white. What a bunch of drivel.

  • Jack

    If there is White privilege, it is because our parents and grandparents earned it. Asian privilege is even greater. Why? Because they came to the U.S., obeyed the law, and worked their @$$3$ off to achieve in school and in business.

  • jguy1957

    UCLA is getting no money from me for turning the same way. These Universities have gone off the deep end and have lost all reason to exist.

  • Sam Adams

    So, libtards, should we send MORE of our hard earned money for this leftist drool…….or REDUCE the amount these insane, leftists receive?

  • Miguel

    Teaching communism openly and producing militant tyrants, one young mind at a time.

  • Deplorable Gus

    So public school teachers tell white kids for years that they need to feel guilty for being privileged for being white, then college professors enter the picture later in the kids lives to tell them how to feel comfortable with being white in a PC society. This liberal culture shift is insane – this is the root cause of the snowflake phenomenon.

    • ArJay

      It’s easier to lie defame and slander to get your way today than actually have to earn by merit, working harder and smarter to contribute to society’s success.

  • Sam Adams

    If the damn white people would discover marriage, PTA’s, and church maybe things would improve…..oh, wait.

  • Cracker Jack

    BS, call it the White Guilt seminar.

  • Glenn Tec
  • Lets all go to Saudi Arabia

    Can I purchase some of this “white priviledge” ?

  • Sam Adams

    Someone please tell me WHY the state legislatures continue to fund this psychotic Marxist crap with our tax dollars?!?!?

    • Marcus Landon


  • Don Mei

    The thing that liberals refuse to acknowledge is that “privilege” is not simply a black / white issue. A poor person in the US is still better off than 70% of the other people in the world. Priviledge comes from a number of factors.

    1) race
    2) height
    3) parental wealth
    4) national origin
    5) weight or athleticism
    6) intellect

    These are all things that contribute to our life outcome and have nothing to do with anything we can change.

  • I survived the GAY kenyan

    You want to be safe from WHITES/ MOVE to AFRICA.
    MAGA get rid of ALL BLACKS. ChIraq is doing a great job.
    Let’s start hitting back at these assholes.

  • Jimmy Chonga

    Do yourself a favor, Google the following searches and see what presents:

    – put “White Couples” in your search field on Google and take a look at the images . . . what do you see?
    – put “Black Couples” in your search field on Google and take a look at those . . . see anything strange?
    – put “American Inventors” in your search field . . . anything unusual? (Ever seen Alexander Graham Bell look like that before?

  • Lilly Skywalker

    I missed the boat on “White Privilege” when does the next one leave?

  • bernie

    No. Stop this insanity. It’s OK to be white. It’s OK to proclaim your heritage and embrace everything about it. Do not deny your history. Do not be duped into thinking you are a bad person. Do not be duped into thinking you should be ashamed. Embrace your heritage.


    As they say, GET WOKE. If you continue to have blinders on, ignore the negative effects of the last 8 years of globalism, ignore the negative effects of illegal immigration on Americans and feel bad about being white – you will reap what you sow. You will live in some quasi-Sharia zone which makes you a perceived “thought criminal”.

    Stand against this. #MAGA #ENDDACA #STOPDACA

  • David

    I feel fine about it

  • downhill_run

    Snowflake training.

  • karl


  • Marcus Landon

    These far left cultural marxists are seriously mentally ill. They should be treated like what they are; stark raving lunatics whose delusions prevent them from objectively processing reality.

  • toysbyus

    What a bunch of self-hating crackers……….and supposedly “educated” ones too. I’m neither proud of being white or ashamed, i didn’t have a choice but, in any case, I’m not a victim………watch these clowns change their tune the first time a “thug of color” assaults them!

    • Daniel Haney

      Unfortunately, these SJW morons believe they deserve to be assaulted by the thugs because of the oppression white people have caused. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH….
      They find being a victim of a POC thug liberating….

      • toysbyus

        In that case and in this season of Christmas giving, I HOPE that they get their wish………..

  • Lowrider1984

    I predict that the ultimate result of this foolishness will be to fire ALL white professors and administrators, replaced with only colored people. Teach ONLY African, Women’s, Hispanic, Gay and Lesbian and any other non-white Studies classes. ALL white students will have to undergo indoctrination classes until they admit that they are RACIST HOMOPHOBES. Of course, no “graduates” will be hired, since they learned nothing useful. Finally, people will have had enough of this crap and will re-populate the universities with competent white people and eliminate all the useless “studies” courses, along with the useless colored “professors”.

  • DWarren

    Radical, alt-left, anti-American, socialist, Progressive Democrat indoctrination centers pretending to be places of learning should rather focus on helping their wards overcome the “discomfort” of being ignorant and stupid.

  • Daniel Haney

    Here is the problem.
    Tell young white kids that they are racist simply because of the color of their skin from kindergarten through High school and there are 3 possible outcomes.
    1) The kid begins to believe he actually IS racist, just because he is white. In this case he becomes a liberal SJW and sounds like a total idiot spewing white hate.
    2) The kid realizes he’s never done or said anything racist in his life and realizes it for what it is, an attempt to demoralize him or her simply because they are achievers.
    3) The scariest, those who not only believe they are racist, but embrace it and become the true racist who hate others and sometimes revert to violence.
    Why not just start everyone out on the same playing field.
    Those who are smart get pushed to the head of the class and provided for further education.
    Those who are not so smart, are given vocational training and encouraged that working in a trade is just as important as going to collage.
    Those who are able bodied but too lazy to get off of their posterior and work, should be allowed to starve for a while. Hunger is motivational.
    Finally, Welfare in ANY form should be limited to 3 years lifetime total.
    A “safety net” should not be a life choice.

    • Lorungee

      You forgot to mention # 4….The kid who becomes “racist” because everybody he encounters is racist to him, and he does this in self defense.

  • Miggy

    SEE WHAT THE SOCIAL ENGINEERS ARE DOING? It’s very subtle, but they are trying to condition all people into thinking in terms of GROUPS, group-think, not as individuals. He, she, him, her, etc. refer to single individual people… They, their, them apply mostly to GROUPS, or classes of people. The elites are doing their best to get us to all abandon individual thinking, individual creativity, individual achievements… they want us all to be “Politically Correct”, always conforming to popular opinion that they promote in the media, so we can all start assimilating into a singular ‘Borg Mind’ (like in Star Trek) and censoring and policing each other… basically acting like a bunch of thought Nazis and doing their job for them (see, I even used the word “them”, because they like to think in terms of groups) ! LOL… this is rich!! Of course, the elites themselves are laughing at us all, acting like we do not know what is going on. The elites know there is power in unity, in conning people to think in terms of ‘groups’, classes and races… like “they”, “them”, “their”… they are using peer pressure to force people into conforming and ‘fitting in’ with ‘popular opinion’, so people go along to get along and do not feel like social outcasts or social rejects. Many people will just go along with this without thinking about how their values and attitudes and opinions are being manipulated and twisted to support the agenda of these auspicious and nefarious elites.

  • Voltair

    U of Michigan has long been recognized as a liberal insane asylum.

  • Buster

    Liberalism is a deadly disease

  • Smokey Jones

    I have no discomfort, only feel sorry for those who create this shit to make them feel equal. the question is why is it that Whites are now a target? people question the white race but there is no questioning to it. We have Jobs, We keep familys and values, we disapline our children not to be thugs, our music isn’t a bunch of hate ryming DR Suess cRAP, we have daddys at home. Why is the Colleges and Media trying to start a race war.

    • Red47 pffft

      Destruction of that is the goal.

  • Jimmy Chonga

    Traditional, nuclear family, commitment to self-improvement, balanced growth in spirit, mind and body – these are not the hallmark of being WHITE; they’re the hallmark of being HUMAN. If you fail on these basics, you fail in all the others as well. It doesn’t matter if you’re black, blue, pink or green. Stupid “educators”.

  • disqus_ZoTkgnnndJ

    Lol, become a pro-abortion Democrat, and you’re all set!

  • John

    I’m so ashamed….really….no kidding….woe is me…..lol.

  • Richie Rich

    Black and brown racists are the predominant bigots in todays society.

  • Dave Messenger

    University of Michigan = Whiteness re-education camp. If there weren’t so many sheeple taking this stuff seriously, this would be absurdly funny.

  • disqus_1asnJQJs36

    so i am assuming that these employees are experts in their fields and have no reason to further their teaching skills in courses like mathematics, physics, robotics, computer sciences? You know, technologies that will gainfully employ their students?

  • David Wayne

    When non whites attend college isn’t that cultural appropriation?

    • Richie Rich

      Driving on our roads is cultural appropriation. Straightening their hair is too

  • SisFromIL

    I feel great about being White.

  • Rufus T Firefly

    I guess tolerance is a thing of the past.

  • Andrew in Florida

    My recommendation for overcoming: Wake up, check the news, eat breakfast, take a shower, get dressed, go into work, Socialize a little, Perform your duties, take lunch, return to work for another 3-4 hours, leave work, go home, eat dinner, involve yourself with some small groups or communities that support a Hobby, Activity, Special Interest, Professional Skill, or Interest. Try to get 6-8 hours of sleep. Seek some fulfilling relationships with others. Avoid unnecessary drama. Learn to pity misguided or following people (instead of internalizing). Get on about your life. Focus on things you can fix. Don’t dwell on things beyond your control. Be strategic about which things you choose to invest with your finite amount of energy and attention. (IE: Live)

  • BajaDreamer

    What a load of horse shit!!!
    If their employees have any “discomfort over being white” at all, it’s because the university caused them to feel uncomfortable in favor of radical political correctness!
    If those poor uncomfortable folks want to feel better, maybe they should sue over the university fostering a racially oppressive work place?!

  • Jimmy Chonga

    Aristotle had it right many centuries ago. You can’t excel in your own nature, if what you pursue is common to both your nature and that of the brute animals. Pleasure, gluttony, shallow distractions, the “hook up” lifestyle – these are what any alley cat or stray dog will find fulfilling. They’re not supposed to be the hallmark of what satisfies the human person, with human intellect and human potential. What these “educators” are spouting is sheer non-sense; they should all be tried and convicted for gross negligence.

    • Gary Grimm

      very well said, Jimmy Chonga.

      • Jimmy Chonga

        Nothing original – All Aristotle.

        • Gary Grimm

          true, but you put it out there and I just saved it to my ‘worth saving’ file, so thank you.

          • Jimmy Chonga

            He’s the GIANT, I just saddled up. Thank Aristotle, not me.

          • Gary Grimm

            okay, Thank you Aristotle.

  • Lincoln Osiris

    The University of Michigan has always been a wannabe. not quite Ivy League, not quite leading edge progressive. It always seemed that if you ended up there it was because you couldn’t make it a a real school.

    • calchick


    • Jimmy Chonga

      Carl Marx, Nietzsche, Descartes, Freud – all claimed to be real philosophers and not a dam one of them studied it. Beware those that are close enough to the real thing to be mistaken for it.

  • Red47 pffft

    People need to stop willingly attending this sort of garbage. When they are required to attend, they need to sue.

  • Jimmy Chonga

    And to think people are spending top dollar for this drivel. Unreal.

  • Barrysullivan1

    This makes more and more people see the idiocy of the Left even among most minorities who are actually trying to make it without government trash like this.

  • calchick

    What a joke. You’d swear this was a satire from “The Onion”…but sadly it’s not.

  • onbar

    White is right.
    Glad to be White
    All the men in my extended family are fathers.
    All the children are all top-notch.

  • William Farro

    I’m white! I’m happy because God made me this way! Other ethnic groups should say exactly the same thing!

  • oney

    Hell I worked for and earned my WHITE PRIVILEGE so you bums can go find something
    else to cry and whine about. I do not owe you anything and if it were up to me you would

  • Cipher’s Solution

    I’m beginning to believe that the Brain Bug in Starship Troopers is real, and that it is controlling the very minds of the administrators of our liberal institutions of “higher” learning….well, at least we know that it’s afraid….

  • Terry

    So tear them down emotionally and rebuild into a SJW robot. This is sick stuff. Hitler would be proud.

  • mmeh

    Are these universities TRYING to go out of business? No way in heII am I sending my kid to one of these liberal indoctrination centers. A specialized trade school or local community college is just fine. And bonus, I’ll be able to finally buy that boat with all the leftover tuition money I saved! 😉

    • Very good…let’s get that to go viral: Universities are nothing more than Liberal Indoctrination Centers, or LICs…God help us!!!!!

  • Talk about divisive antics! WOW!!! Will the real racists please stand up???

  • Reardon Steele

    I soooo loathe the education establishment riddled by Marxists-with very little to zero real world experience informing their opinions-for their horrific damage to America.

  • Tom Wharton

    I’m white and damned proud of it, if you’re black be proud but if you’re a Democrat then you should really be ashamed.

  • Forget about the opioids. Liberalism is a mental disorder and it’s destroying America.

  • SCS1776

    Complete Wacko Commie Liberal Nutty thinking to make a race war

  • Tomas Cruz

    Why would any white person donate money to any university who considers them racists bigots?

  • John

    This just might help the cry baby whites who feel guilty for the failure of the black community. But really all these whites need to do is realize the failure of the black community is due to the blacks’ own actions.

    If this was taught around the country a decade and half ago Obama never would have been our president – horrible thought, that would mean Hillary would have been the liberal candidate and possibly won.

  • Jimmy Chonga

    The talk about politics now is that the dismantling of the Berlin Wall, the “end” of Cold Era Communism was really ALL SHOW. They set up what “appeared” to be their demise so that our focus and attention wouldn’t pick up on the fact that they were transitioning to an agenda that was more discreet, meant to infiltrate, designed to rot from within. Looking at the social landscape, it seems there is some merit to this theory.

  • RalphSC

    Seems like the liberal PC Bull shi#@TT never stops . If these stupid idiots feel guilty, just too damn bad. I have no problems being white.

  • Oh Really

    Being white doesn’t hurt and it’s not uncomfortable. But the theme of this conference is spot on for liberals that want to spend government money. This makes the money doors open by themselves.

  • Raging Tater

    Yup, dem white folks dont know nuttin look at all do kool stuff da peeple of kolor dun did I’z hapi dey want me on da teem nex yair

  • G. Anderson

    Plain and simple Bullshit!!!!!

  • Fred Whitney

    YGBSM. So much for “advanced education”. What a legacy to try to overcome the next 100 years.

  • Nightand Fog

    Universities are ruining the value of their produce.

    • JonBarleyCorn

      Edit: Universities have ruined the value of all higher education.

  • David Puddy

    I was just wondering…. IF I replied back to the University about this, and said that I never experienced discomfort about being white and that I was actually a proud person. Would I be considered a racist?

  • JonBarleyCorn

    It’s all prepping whites for one thing — the ovens. Wake up.

    • OpossumSaladSandwich

      No, they would if they could, but they’re not smart enough to plan in advance. They emote, that’s it. We let stupid people into higher ed, told them their feelings were as important as objective reality, and this is the result.

      • JonBarleyCorn

        All fair points.

        I am not saying tomorrow. It is long term. The result of all Left takeovers — from the original Bolsheviks to modern day Cambodia — is mountains of human skulls. This is undeniable.

        • OpossumSaladSandwich

          Agreed, but it won’t be these leftists. I mean, take a look at the vids from Evergreen. Morons… Complete morons. I’ll be more worried about being thrown in a Gulag by someone who doesn’t think “Gulag” is a nice, traditional, African baby name.

          • JonBarleyCorn

            Total agreement. They can’t do it now.

            But what if Hilda had won? They would have been decades closer. They are just biding their time.

            We haven’t had a war on our soil since 1812 — other than Civil War.

            All our enemies, foreign and domestic, are just biding their time. These types are screaming — we are your enemy. Do we wait until they are MUCH stronger to address it?

  • Ben

    Put me down in the “denial of privilege” category. Next.

  • Faith Coleridge✔

    This is why I would hire Joe or Carol smith who worked during the day and got their degree at night through the local community college. They don’t have time for this BS. Nor do they have time for anyone who participates in this garbage. I would never hire anyone who is graduating from what is considered Ivy League or top notch again. Ever.

  • Xerocky

    It’s easy: I don’t feel any.

  • im4truth4all

    “The first effect of not believing in God is that you lose your common sense.” – G. K. Chesterton

  • unhyphenated1

    I don’t feel any discomfort at being white. I don’t need a weird sounding name to make myself feel better about myself. I don’t need laws to help me get a job that I wouldn’t otherwise be qualified for. I don’t need to pay someone to research my DNA . I can enjoy a joke (if it’s funny) without having a mental breakdown or hiring a lawyer. I am my own safe space. Millions like me (regardless of race, creed, or color) have risked everything to make it possible for anyone to enjoy the same for their own selves and their families. I am American and proud of it.

    • Kirbyman

      Wish I could give your commentary a hundred thumbs up!!!!

  • Taken for

    Let’s define privileged. If only non-white races can single out their perceived racial nemesis for its harmful cultural follies on society, true equality will never exist.

  • Overthrow The Swamp

    I’m thankful to be ‘woke’ to my white privilege. As an employer I’m going to exercise it to the fullest.

  • 1PissedAmerican2

    Just think how much less it would cost to attend college if the schools actually concentrated on just educational concerns instead of BS like this…..

  • Easyeddieg

    Why should I feel “discomfort”? Is it because of ALL of the special privileges that I receive because of my skin color? Like not receiving scholarships for college because I was not a part of an under served minority, or not getting jobs because I was not a female or not a minority? Look at civil service job applications and you’ll see “special” considerations for all groups except whites. Now that’s special.

  • disqcret4

    What about plain old fn truth?

  • And who is responsible for making these whites feel uncomfortable being white?

    I’m very comfortable with MY whiteness.

  • Afterlife Jedi

    I’m white, love being white, and have no guilt about being white.
    Get over it!

  • bumm

    “When asked why the “unpacking Whiteness” event was created, and whether
    or not students at the University of Michigan had complained about the
    quality of racial discourse on campus, Smith responded: “This is an
    internal training for U-M Student Life staff.” A subsequent query to
    Smith was not returned.”

    This pretty much shows that they know how stupid they look outside of their academic bubble.

  • Christian Washington

    Welp. Just crossed Michigan off my kid’s future college list.

  • shadow1100

    OMG! So stupid it makes me “squint”

  • bpj

    If your kid has a problem drinking beer then by all means pick out a college and send him off .

  • Computer_Expert

    Sounds like a “mick” or “feel good” course. Want “social justice?” Do what Americans have been doing for over 200 years. Get educated, get a job, get a home and get responsible. Quit your whining and blaming others, for your own inactions.

  • JonBarleyCorn
  • Virtual_Reality_Loser

    This is “take Whitey on a guilt trip” on steroids. This is how the villification of jews got started in Hitlers Germany.

  • milburnschmidt

    This is what you get from only teaching black history and social justice and then finding jobs for those graduates. They do know how to make race relations worse.

  • ExSF

    I keep waiting, and hoping, for my white privilege to kick in. Sadly, nothing to report as of yet.

  • shadow1100

    Oh, and “white privilege doesn’t bother me at all. Get a job and work your way out of your self-depression.

  • tommygunta .

    And yet another college my child will not be attending.

  • Amaya

    So basically we have a class that teaches white people to be anti-white or rather to hate themselves… Thats nice.

  • Gail

    My husband and I own a business. We check out the Linked-In and Facebook pages of every applicant. Anything that even hints at social justice brainwashing is a NO for that candidate because all we see is constant drama and a guaranteed lawsuit over some inane thing. No thanks. Next….

    • JonBarleyCorn

      Bravo! You actually did more than the entire Ovomit administration — to hire your people. Great job.

      Ovomit refused to check the social media of muslims entering our nation. The result? San Bernadino. The “Black Widow” muslim terrorist posted over and over about her radical ideas.

      Why not such a simple check to save American lives? “It could embarrass them.” You cannot make this stuff up.

  • America is heading toward the model of South Africa where Whites are murdered and abused while the rest of the world looks on with no interest. The European Marxists that financed the bombing campaigns of the African National Congress Party in the 80’s and 90’s now refuse to take in White South Africans who are experiencing genocide, while they allow welfare parasites from African & Muslim nations to flood into their countries. Many South African Whites can trace their history back to Holland and the UK but both nations refuse to help them in any way. This is where American Marxists are taking the US, if we don’t fight them as if our children’s lives depend on it, because they do.

    • JonBarleyCorn

      Every word of this is absolute truth. And it has already begun.

      Whites were intimidated at the voting booths by blacks carrying truncheons — and our so-called Justice Department did NOTHING. ZERO.

      Black Lives Matter/Antifa beat men, women and children on national television at Trump rallies. ZERO repercussions.

      Minorities riot — and it is excused. Cities burn — a yawn from our “protectors.” If you’re ever interested in what actually happens during a riot — You Tube LA Riots Reginald Denny. That is what happens.

      We are moving from this activity being ignored and excused. To accepted. To encouraged. To mandatory.

      When it is mandatory, that’s when the “showers” open up. If left unchecked, this cannot end any other way.

  • im4truth4all

    Do you get a complimentary teddy bear when you finish the instruction?

  • The Bard Of Al-Anon

    If you can’t handle being white, just walk into traffic or step off a very high building.
    You’re not needed.

  • Joni Olson

    i never realized until now that the great wall of china and the pyramids and aztec temples and all of the other things built from the beginning of humankind was done with union labor !!!!! amazing !!

  • Todd Nelson

    This is a parody ? Right? It has to be. no one in their right mind would believe this excrement.

  • ……

    Racism at it’s finest….

  • puhiawa

    Addled moonbats.

  • proguy

    This is such a political loser. Identity politics is killing the Democratic Party. Deal with it, Whites are a huge majority in this country. Alienating them is NEVER a good idea. What happened to the party of the working class?

  • JonBarleyCorn

    The new waiting room for white people seeking college admission — or health care. Thanks Ovomit! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/af3f1119c81832d809191677b9935f17f59f1ff38c608f4a29557058a65f407a.jpg

  • Widget30

    This country was built by whites for whites. Be proud of it and yourself. This kind of pinko crap is why the universities in this country need to be cleaned out or closed.


    Who are these pu$$ies with discomfort?!?!?!?! Go get some Vagisil!!!! Be proud of who you are!!!!!!!

  • bobbyggg

    And just when you thought the world couldn’t get any looneyer. smh.

  • Tony

    Progressives making being white a crime… and this is what gets white liberals excited ? how stupid are white people to stand for this kind of hate and trash against them ?

  • Tim Cohen

    I’m white an damn proud of it.

  • HomeIsTexas

    I’m thirsty…….wheres the hot chocolate??

  • seaarrow

    I hope white people will stop going to this racist college.

  • John Smith

    “recognize the difficulties they face when talking about social justice issues related to their White identity, explore this discomfort, and devise ways to work through it,” ARE YOU SERIOUS…this country is SOOOOO far in the toilet and so totally devoid of common sense and basic intellect that it makes want to PUKE!!!!! I need NO training to be white or any other color….AND I have even less reason to apologize for being white, I am actually very proud of my heritage. People of color who constantly complain about white s ONLY use that as an excuse for their inability to want better for themselves and families…WORK on that!!!

  • Ann Danish

    They need to get a life.

  • Peter Famato

    OSU employees needs to go over there and put a beat-down on those idiots, just like they did to their football team.

  • bobbyggg

    And the person who started it all. I guess we could’ve guess her race.

  • Miles to Code

    Imagine the outcry if there was a seminar on being butthurt because you’re a person of color though…

  • Sammie Jo

    I am not uncomfortable being white at all, sorry to disappoint the crazy university.

    • OC21

      Actually, I’m pretty comfortable in my white lifestyle. I have a nice home, good job, family is healthy. No substance abuse issues. No one in jail or probation. No one pumping out kids they can’t afford for a bigger government check. All in all not bad.

  • Tom C

    We din do nuffins!

  • MacCane

    So why attend the class/ Boycott it. If it’s an elective, don’t pay; if they require it for graduation change college. Absurd, ridiculous and racist. No employer could require employees to take such crap. So why get ‘educated’ and barin washed with the content?

  • 4ever49

    Yup, it’s crap like this that causes me to hang up on fund raising calls I receive.

    University of Colorado graduate.

  • Gary Grimm

    a rather poor way of saying ‘thank you’, I believe.

  • Tony

    I have a great idea… for every white liberal who thinks white people are to privileged… give up your jobs… don’t hold any job where you have any power over anyone…if not.. then STFU… …

  • de_ploribus_unum

    The Left tries sooooo hard to induce and expand “White Guilt.” It’s OK.

  • GWAR44
    • JonBarleyCorn

      Right. Just another college student, peacefully strolling down the street. Murdered by whitey for no reason.


  • Liberalism_Bites

    Makes me wonder how these self loathing white liberals make it so far in life without killing themselves https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1b771682558e3c13f86905a4b98c192567faaf04931ef1b2b478d98fd043197d.jpg

  • GWAR44
  • Peter Famato

    There is a term for those that subscribe to this. I believe that psychologists call it guilt complex and irrational low self-esteem. There are drugs to treat this, although I suspect that they are already on some sort of “drug” program

  • OpossumSaladSandwich

    Here’s an idea – instead of fuzzy-wuzzy concepts like “privilege”, how about we measure racial debt in money? You know, like use math? As in, over the past 50 years, who has paid the most per-capita, and consumed the most, per-capita, in taxes?

    F*&^ it. If the left wants to play this game, let’s play.


    How about UM and other learning institutes teach Black-Americans how to improve their collective work ethic, morality, education; blend in and become a normal part of our nation’s established society … instead of insisting on creating their own “primitive-African based” counter-culture?? (Of course that would mean dropping their ‘chip-on-the-shoulder’ racially-biased, Ebonic-speaking, Rap-loving, ghetto dressing, Welfare embracing, white hating.)

  • Will ……

    I bet watt is black and doesn’t understand the privilege she had going to college while her inner city kind languished, but it’s evil whites fault.

  • Silentmajoritynomor

    Now I know why Michigan loses every year to Ohio State…………

    • WereTurtle

      UMichigan is a wasteland of leftist thought. Ann Arbor is almost as bad as Cambridge, MA.

  • Crocodile9

    Not to worry, it is becoming more obvious weekly that the ‘white discomfort syndrome’ is limited to certain developmentally retarded far-left university professors and their PC-besotted students. There is no danger of this mental disorder affecting the general population as long as people avoid the liberal ‘news’ media like CNN et al. Personally my ‘WDS’ only kicks when I visualize taking a long unescorted, unarmed evening stroll thru one of our major ghettos.

  • JonBarleyCorn

    So what’s the true end game?

    * “White guys” and “old white guys” are the only groups you can disparage, by name, any time. Any place.
    * A million crimes of violence by people of color are ignored every year. Almost none are considered a hate crime.
    * White men, women and children were beaten. On national TV. At Trump rallies all over the country. Not only was this ignored later by the media. At the time, in front of police, it was ignored on orders of Leftist Mayors.
    * Every institution is being purged of white people. From higher learning to the local janitors union.
    * You are being systematically marginalized. Bit by bit. Day by day.
    * The border is being kept open not to add to our society. It is open to REPLACE whites with people who always vote Left — and will not protest rights being stripped away — as long as they get a ration of rice and beans.

    Do I need to spell the rest out???

    • OliverBx

      You just did, quite nicely.

  • Christopher R Watson

    I never really even thought about it……….but now that you bring it up, I dig being white.

  • Will B Dunn

    Something tells me the only people that attend this course are those that already subscribe to far left ideology. That’s called preaching the choir. The end result is that nothing is being accomplished except getting a bunch of people to comment about how stupid the whole idea is.

  • SmartDoctor

    This is important, despite what you may think. I hate my life. I’m white and I hate it. I have brown eyes, and I hate it. I’m successful professionally, I have a house in the suburbs, two kids, and I hate it. I’m circumcised, thanks mom and dad, and I hate that too. I work for a living, and I hate that. What can I do to be like those damn lucky black illiterates, welfare recipients, hip hop ganstas? I mean, what did I do wrong to deserve this horrible fate? Do you think black-face might ease my suffering if I were to show up in the hood? Can someone direct me to a security place?

  • RichieRich

    Total unadulterated Bull $h!+

  • ConstantReader

    If you don’t recognize elements of Mao-ist ‘re-education’ in this, you are suffering ‘denial.’

  • Dawn Marie❤️Trump

    Happy to be white😊no guilt here!

  • DrJennySueNY

    Are these people really this blind to their blatant racism?

  • Hofnerguy

    What if I’m already comfortable with my whiteness?

  • WereTurtle

    If anyone feels unsafe in their own skin, that is their choice to do so. The only one who can MAKE you feel less than you are is YOU.

  • Jalan


  • SactoDan

    This has power if people give it power. Take it to the dump.

  • SteveinAZ

    Hatred does not fall from trees, but is incubated in programs such as these.

  • model94

    The main burden I have with my whiteness is … providing $$ to ridiculous social problems for the diverse.

  • Leretseh

    How about learning how to fight against black male CRIME in America? How about learning how to reject the lies about white racism…and become willing to accept that the color of racism in America is Black – always has been. How about a course teaching students… black males built no cities in American history, no towns …. created no political systems…and did not/ do build their own home, nor do they employ their own people… Finally, that wealthy blacks will NOT invest in black communities, will NOT live among their own people and will not spend their money in black communities. REMEMBER, this is all about the black race… No other race is trying to pull this garbage… A history of whining and squealing… desperately trying to get ONE people to pity them (white Christians). So sick and tired of it.

  • Davy Buck

    Wait. If being white is “discomfort”, isn’t that the same as being oppressed? This kind of idiocy is why I’m discouraging all 21 of my grandchildren to choose another option than college. There are many.

  • model94

    More unemployables.

  • RichieRich

    To follow their logic…All the inventions made by White people should only be used by White people. All others using it is “cultural appropriation”. Let them rub two sticks together while we use Zippos.

  • Michael D. Strowbridge

    I would think that new students might feel uneasy about being white in todays culture. The class seeking to put at ease any student who might feel this way could point to the evacuation centers for the recent fires in Ventura and Santa Barbara California. The mostly white and Hispanic populations come together, make sure everyone is ok and the children are safe and the elderly are safe and then at night, when the sun goes down, they start to sing.

  • SteveinAZ

    Google the image of Sherry Watt and “do the math” on the person who came up with this crap.

    • BillybobBiden

      Yup…..I Guessed It Right, Sheesh

  • u25dtp

    Are these people friggin crazy

  • MacCane

    This must be part of the snowflake curriculum

  • GWAR44
  • Redbone

    Let’s not forget the training for “mus_lim privilege” whereby no jokes or public accusations can be made about them the way every other religion is ridiculed. Or the “black privilege” whereby you get preference in hiring decisions (affirmative action) based on being black along with being able to openly name all of your events, programs or t.v. shows “Black (fill in the blank)” to the exclusion of all other races. Or the “homosexual privilege” whereby you are not to be judged or spoken negatively by anyone due to your sexual preference but actually afforded extra privilege because you are only 2-3% of the population. Or the “Obama privilege” whereby you are given a pass on everything and can not be ridiculed or critiqued based on being the first leftist black president. Shall we go on…?

  • Akello Rashid

    I understand how some Americans don’t believe in the concept of White privilege. Like other forms of “privilege” such as wealth, education, appearance, physical and intellectual abilities, etc., there are beneficiaries of those that sincerely believe that’s not the case for them either. Moreover, I believe there’s a way to broach the subject of “privileged” statuses without it sounding hostile toward the beneficiaries. Unfortunately, it appears that institutions of higher ed. have failed in executing this important discussion about the nature of our society. Merry Christmas!

    • OpossumSaladSandwich

      It’s the fixation on “privilege” while ignoring GLARING, self-imposed problems in the black community. It’s like blaming a car that won’t start on a French fry under the passenger’s seat.

      • Akello Rashid

        Oh, and what I mean by etc..includes gender, if you haven’t been paying attention lately. Peace…

        • OpossumSaladSandwich

          It’s not “privilege”, it is innate differences between races and sexes. There is a 15 point IQ difference on average between blacks and whites. Men in general are better with spatial reasoning, etc.

          Most of the time, “privilege” is invoked as a conspiracy theory to avoid these facts, and for leftists to avoid discussing the disastrous effects social programs have had on families.

          • JonBarleyCorn

            Check out the SAT scores — blacks vs Asians.

            Yikes. We could give black people ALL of America. Within a generation, things would be worse than they are now.

            That is what no one wants to deal with.

          • OpossumSaladSandwich

            Yeah, where did that “Asian privilege” come from, anyway?

            Oh, yeah, they’re a “model minority” or something. Argle, bargle, blah, blah, white supremacy! REEE! blah, blah.

        • JonBarleyCorn

          Yawn. Everyone vs. good and decent white males. Even Leftie white males. That is the battle cry of the Left. For centuries.

          Guess what? You’ve always lost. You will again.

          Just have your transgender operation — paid for by Ovomitcare. Become that Trannie Hooker you really want to be. Leave the important stuff to the grown ups.

    • JonBarleyCorn

      Here’s an idea. Don’t have kids if you are poor, young and single.

      You virtually guarantee them to a life of drugs, jail and slow death.

      Who’s fault is that?

      • Akello Rashid

        But even if you’re not “poor,” try being disabled in our society and let me know how it feels. If that’s not an option for you, go ask your good looking vs not-so-good looking associates how they are treated in our society. Peace…

        • OpossumSaladSandwich

          Oooh, look, more goal shifting. Everyone has personal advantages and deficits, because everyone is different. Some people are cognitively disabled, or of below-average intelligence. But we don’t talk about that, do we?

        • JonBarleyCorn

          Typical Lib. Move the goal posts.

          Get a new tactic. And address the notion of “personal responsibility.”

          • Akello Rashid

            “Personal responsibility” is a given no matter what one’s social status is. However, if you believe there’s no such thing as White privilege, among the other forms of privilege I noted, then so be it. It doesn’t take a political scientist to realize that our system of governance what set up by and for the perpetual hegemony of White males. Just go read what the the framers said about what they were creating. Peace…

    • bisquitbrain

      Most privileged people in our society come from a work ethic environment. Their “privilege” was earned by someone who wanted to pass on their success to someone in their family they loved and cared for. The whole concept of “white privilege” is a complete farce ginned up by the same people who shared their agendas of “white guilting” in order to talk people out of what is rightfully theirs. They are aware that the “white guilt” thing has run its course. So, they are just trying to repackage it in another way. But, this I know for sure – No product of value, no service of value, no value of any kind will come of this nonsense. It is intended for the sole purpose of robbing people of their value, instead of creating it, by people who have made a science of stealing from others to give to themselves. Social Justice is a term ginned up because the real justice system that has worked for people who have worked, for generations, doesn’t work for those who want to get paid from the efforts of others.

  • Oscar Diggs

    Colleges are producing liberal morons. I became an electrician, opened my own Company a few years later sold it and retired a very happy and wealthy man.

    I want to thank the thousands of college educated dummies who couldnt fix a switch or change a light fixture.

    Learn a real skill folks, COLLEGE IS A WASTE OF TIME

    • JustJoe

      My daughter graduated from a “liberal” Catholic College and she turned out fine. She was a D1 athlete, held part time jobs during each semester and got good grades in challenging courses.

      Upon graduation she got an outstanding position with the connections she made while working in school.

      The bottom line is the cream rises to the top. There are too many people going to college that really don’t belong there.

  • timothy maclean

    As if Michigan didn’t have enough reasons to be ridiculed

  • anotherday

    They’ll need to teach me how to feel discomfort from being white first.

  • Stanley F Pietrzak Jr.

    This is pure bullshit. Assholes. Why are we letting single digit IQ idiots run our university now? Dr. Pietrzak, Captain, US Army, Vietnam era vet

  • TarHeel Jim

    So the dream of a “color blind” society is dead? BTW, if I self-identify as non-white do I get a pass on apologizing for looking so white?

  • Finch Haden

    Total crap. White and proud of it!

    • Rhogue


      • Deplorable Common Man

        What’s the difference from “Say it Loud and Proud, I’m Black?”

  • JonBarleyCorn
  • Molon Labe

    What in the F’sake is going on in Michigan? How could a perfectly capable blue-collar society fall prey to such aggressive liberalism.

    The cancerous mentality that empowered the unions has spread through that entire state. Pathetic.

  • bisquitbrain

    Straight from the ministry of truth. Winston Smith, the 2 minutes hate, The junior anti-sex league, all wrapped up into a neat little package adorned with ivy.
    If you are an alumni, just say no.

  • Deplorable Common Man

    The only “privilege” I’ve ever had in being white is having to wake up every day and work for everything I own. This whole topic of “Whiteness” is nothing more than intellectual masterbation on the left.

  • HappyJack1

    How about seminars aimed at helping blacks recognize they have a built-in systemic mechanism that prevents them from dealing with the fact that slavery ended in this country over 150 years ago. How about a Blackness seminar focusing on the genetic disposition of American blacks to avoid familia obligations and a purposeful desire to commit crimes. Blacks need to wake up and join society instead of constantly berating it and opposing what is good for them. They act like untutored children.

    • Rhogue

      Ah! But that would spoil the income of some professors, politicians and those who stocke racism in order to make a living. I live near a metropolis and interact with people of all races and backgrounds. Only once in a decade have I encountered a human being with racist overtones and/or concerns. They make this crap up and peddle it to pay the mortgage…normal Americans are busy creating good lives for themselves.

  • Edward C Schaub

    They would have a tough time with me, I enjoy being white and have no idea of accepting the idea that I should treat some street thug that was given a free ride to a university is my equal

  • MickeyD’s is GROSS

    Someone should start suing these Universities for their racist bullshIt. OR let’s teach black to deal with their Blackness, or Hispanicness, or Asianess, WhatTheHellEverness. and others wont have to fight for social justices. Troublemakers are trying to make white people hate themselves in order to create hostile environments with a certain group in order to have them try and bring someone down to THEIR level. I chose to be white just as much as the ones that chose to be black or what ever. They are teaching Americans to hate Americans, these colleges need to be fined or shut down. In stad of teaching how to better themselves through a good education, they are spending time creating victims of society by creating BS that will entangle racism in this country. Then they will tell you to support efforts to end the racism that they are creating, Thus holding back and evolution of societal harmony, which would create knowledge of they divide us to keep the hate even in case of another civil war. If people realized that as a whole they could do anything, such as a coup, then they would stop listening to these assholes that are teaching them to hate us and vise versa. Any civil war will be divided down the middle, people fighting people, instead of people fighting the ones who control us by falsely influence us through education. It’s not education… it’s brainwashing, and you pay them to fill your head with hatred.

  • seti111

    No discomfort about being White here. In fact, I’m very proud to be White. A member of the smartest most successful and advanced race on the planet. That’s just a fact. WPWW!

    • Dawn Marie❤️Trump

      White is Beautiful❄️

  • tonylion

    College faculty are like political consultants.
    They know nothing about the real world.

  • BillybobBiden

    OMG…you got to be kidding me? WTF is with these snowflake morons teaching future snowflake morons to be snowflake morons. I AM VERY COMFORTABLE BEING WHITE. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  • Griefner

    The only difficulty I have with my being White is dealing with white guilt ridden snowflake libturds who accept being told how to feel.

  • R. Daniels

    Disgusting racists at U Michigan

  • OutlawJoseyWales

    Proving yet again that the one thing the left delivers consistently to humanity is the batsh!t crazy mindset.

  • USApartisan

    Another reason not to send your child to the U of M.

  • Molon Labe

    There really is nothing more pathetic than self-loathing, white liberals.

    I can’t imagine the daily torment they feel every moment of their existence. Such anguish that the only way they can self-medicate is trying to convince others of their self-righteousness and act like they’re tormented in life while on their way to their country club or private schools.

  • tonylion

    Academia is trying to manufacture reputation out of thin air.

    But in reality (sorry all you minorities) reputations are NEVER built out of thin air.

    • GFTW

      Yep. Reputations are EARNED. So many unaccomplished yet entitled liberals DEMAND respect.

  • Sam James

    This simply shows how out of touch college’s are with reality. Student’s and faculty apparently need to enter the real world, rather than their made-up academic fantasy, to see how humans actually interact with each other….and when they are simply being stupid by staying at school!

  • Lorenzo A Vina

    ‘White discomfort’ is nothing more than a major symptom of liberal derangement syndrome and should be viewed in the context of the myriad disorders associated with this form of developmental retardation.

  • William Bartholomew

    It’s hard to feel guilty about my whiteness when I don’t own a plantation and slaves. And where was my white entitlement fund when the white state forced my divorced white mother to place us six white children in a multi racial & ethnic orphanage for five years?

  • GFTW

    These University Snowflakes need workshops addressing their Racist Privilege.

  • pheddup

    I would love to see these misguided liberals try this with substituting any other color than white………….

    We are waiting…..

  • Blaine McAvoy

    I don’t blame the people pushing this agenda. I blame the white kids who are gullible enough to be convinced of the need for self-loathing and their parents who should have pulled them out of this garbage.

    • JonBarleyCorn

      Fair point.

      But do not forget. We as a society have allowed our education system to be completely hijacked.

      It starts in K-1 with “Heather has two mommies.” Progresses to Anal Sex Guides in 3rd grade.

      And on to this. The entire Dept of Education must be wiped out. Any school that receives federal funds must reform or — no more funds.

    • Molon Labe

      I blame the parents.

      The fact that their children are going off to school so utterly ill-prepared for the real world is disconcerting.

      The kids are being taught from the womb that they are special and will be given everything they need. Goes hand-in-hand with the core of liberalism

  • George Butler

    I feel dumber having read this garbage…

  • Skitz00

    Meanwhile, the quality of college graduates has fallen to the high school level of 40 years ago. You can’t read a newspaper or listen to a radio today without enduring the appalling lack of grasp of the English language people have today.

    • deanmike

      Listen to the crazy incoherence that comes out of Obama’s mouth and he graduated from Harvard!

  • Jake Lakota

    When will the universities have psychoanalysis talks about “Homosexuality: That is an Exit, not an Entrance”

  • Byrd Westbrook

    This is nonsense that forces employees into the SJ BS.

  • Joel Gannotti

    It is increasingly difficult to wade through all the crap and BS that passes for intellect and worthwhile discourse. Racism and social bias are bad… Over analysis and masking of same under the guise of study and intellectual understanding are worse. If you hate people because of what they are instead of who they are and what they do, it’s on you as an individual not on society or politics or me. “I don’t believe in group rights” E. Koch … “by the content of their character not the color of their skin.” M. L. K.

  • dem816

    K-I-S-S M-Y W-H-I-T-E A-Z-Z !!!

    • Dawn Marie❤️Trump


  • ConstantReader

    It must be wonderful to be able to blame your personal failures on an entire race and events decades or hundreds of years ago, rather than having to address the painful reality that the reason you are a failure is entirely due to your inabilities, inadequacies, and social unpleasantness.

    • Griefner

      tru dat

    • MY3CENTS

      Tru dat x100

  • rbeccah

    The more stuff like this I see, the gladder I am that I am white. And if the rest of the world doesn’t like my whiteness, I have a response for them right here.

  • Webjak

    LOL, I think a class on “Black Expectation” would be relevant:
    1. Re-think your shoplifting urge.
    2. Expect jail time when you commit a criminal act.
    3. Stealing tennis shoes in not a “protest” .
    4. Fatherhood means a life of commitment.
    5. It’s not the color of your skin you moron, it’s your conduct that is on view.

    • Griefner

      6. If you don’t like being profiled, don’t fit the profile.

  • Griefner

    When all of the White Privileged Racists are gone, who is going to pay for all the free stuff?

  • Chris


  • Rowana

    Shoot the administrators and activist teaching staff. Burn the phuc’ing place to the ground and save us from funding these left wing looney bin Zoo’s.

  • JonBarleyCorn
    • Deplorable Common Man

      Just another example of White Police putt’n down da po black man fo nutin.

  • Marc S.

    University life has certainly changed since my college days! The “new” departments are a joke but then again they are doing a great job of indoctrination rather than education. Universities have become nothing more than a money making business

    • Dawn Marie❤️Trump

      More like a scam!

  • David Miller

    Fuck this shit. Because that is all this is. Complete and utter shit.

    • Griefner

      Can you say Because on the internet????

  • ms20

    Any White person who feels the need to take course like this should be referred to a mental health facility.

  • desert

    What a pathetic bunch of B.S.!! Get a frigging life, then move to china or russia morons!!

  • my2nhalfcents

    Much more productive for the University would be if the staff cleaned up graffiti, took a class in any one of the liberal arts subjects or picked up garbage.

  • BOB

    White power!!!!!!

    I’m good with my whiteness.

  • hydrangea1

    What a bunch of fools, or should I say communists, trying to undermine this country. They must be Obama sucker-uppers.

  • D.B. Cooper

    How do you know when you are indoctrinated to hate yourself,
    white person? For starters, do you support the Democratic Party, the political
    party that hates you?
    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d2519b2039180961ec8ec41081c040c3f9d6304c846cb16616b2bb84334b8ac9.jpg Pathological Altruism often affects white females under 25. War has been
    declared on you, and your own leaders have become too afraid to confront it.

    • Griefner


  • swingblade

    How stupid! I’m white and proud of it, no discomfort here, I earned my way through life!

  • cestusdei

    For every program like this at a public university reduce the amount they get from the state. Take it from the profs salaries.

    • Russophile

      You’ve hit on it. Public universities are using your tax monies to indoctrinate your children.

  • Giovanni

    And they wonder why the college “educated” vote for left wing nitwits.

  • bddd

    Disgusting and divisive….

  • Jack Spratt

    The University should support melanin enhancement so that the guilty whites can rid themselves of their shameful pastyness permanently.

  • jabusse

    Times have changed. When I was 18 I started working for a black forman as an electrician. He was a regular guy. Smart capable and all things one could want in a boss. Once “Bob” a school teacher turned electrician because he wanted a raise, asked our forman. Hey Charlie, what do you think about you being black? Charlie answered, Bob, I never really think about it but now that you mention it, it kind of pisses me off. What this has to do with insane administrators thinking we have to cover our race or feel privileged or responsible for the past is beyond me. I know that I would never send my kids or grandkids to this school nor contribute anything to its survival. Their goal should be to make everyone excell rather than condemn those who pay the freight out of their “privilege.” Remember this is the school of quotas. Don’t go.

  • annabel

    I am white and I am comfortable in my own skin. I treat people, no matter their color, the same way I treat everyone. I have no need to “unpack” my whiteness. To quote someone who really did get screwed because of his race, “Can’ we all just get along” and stop looking at color?

    • Jack Spratt

      Social Justice is just another word for looting.

  • PGT Beauregard


  • BOB

    I’m not racist I hate everyone!

  • Deplorable Common Man

    This is the TRUTH about Liberals, they are the only people that care about the COLOR of your SKIN. The ONLY time I felt “White Discomfort” was when I had to walk through Harlem at night back in the 60’s. What a bunch of leftist garbage. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3800bb54038facefcdc7311f00ca0089022454e5f6a1a692c9cbb3d13a6bb582.jpg

  • Tony

    This social justice and identity politics is pure Marxism- and I don’t mean Graucho. I was not born with the good looks of George Clooney. He needs to admit his George Clooney privilege.

  • Arc275

    Brainwashing at its best!

  • DJ

    This is the sort of social engineering that Nazi Germany did to turn everyone against the Jews. Robotic white people who take these courses demonstrate that they know nothing about critical thinking. Ironically, they think they are progressive and intelligent to sign up for the bigoted indoctrination when in fact, their hive mind mentality is only reinforced. Reclaim your mind America.

  • swingblade

    Diversity and Inclusion, code words for screw you whitey!

    • algonquinmatt

      Anytime i hear somebody say that they want more diversity (in terms of people) for this, that or the other thing, i know that what they really want is less white males. period.

  • Darryl Graham

    Pretty soon we will have to sue for our right to be white

  • mike

    defund the SJW management, human resources, departments, professors and universities. Get this crap out of the system.

  • deanmike

    Racism at it’s best!

    The only ‘privilege’ may be to not have been aborted by a liberal child killer

  • alance

    These are misinformed eggheads selling out their own race.

    • JonBarleyCorn

      There were Jews who worked with the Nazis in the camps.

      Same concept here. It is a severe form of self-loathing — which is a mental illness.

  • Law-ls-EqualityForAll

    These are Marxists who support this kind of “education”. Pick any other race or color and try this… the MSM (Marxist Seditious Media) would refute any kind of retaliation by calling you a RACIST.

    My response…. “PEDOPHILE” !!! (there is just as much proof)

  • SJMWilco

    we need more black identity courses. titles like ‘why can’t you people be more like white folks’, ‘exploring the failure of the black community’, and ‘how to whine like a minority’.

  • mike

    Stop donating any funds to any university that supports this bs.

  • If anyone is uncomfortable being white, they need to check into a psych ward asap for much needed help.

  • mike

    Let the market decide if ebonics 101 is a wise use of academic resources.

  • bddd

    Just as DACA-Caca is making American citizenship worth less and less; so goes the advantage of a university degree when the content is political rather than knowledge based… .

  • JeffC

    Really isn’t that hard……..anytime I hear someone use words such as “white privilege”, “micro aggression”, “trigger”……I mentally equate them to loser scumbags and I immediately know that I’m a better person than they are

  • robert van

    Result of stupidity coupled with a lack of real world experience shielded by academia fantasies.

  • Smedley Butler

    Tried to use my White Privilege today…..I was stopped on the way to work by a policeman. He asked for my Driver License, registration and insurance. I showed it to him then told him “clearly you can see that I am white. Have a nice day I will be on my way now.” As I was starting up the car and getting ready to leave he abruptly jerked me out of the car, beat on me with a club then tazed and handcuffed me. Clearly I have a case against this officer for failure to recognize my White Privilege.

  • Holistic

    I have finally come to embrace and accept my whiteness. Those who have white envy need to deal with it on their own. Get a life!

  • T.W.

    Sorry…Not sorry!! I love being white!


    The “Communist Rules for Revolution” first article says this: Corrupt the young, get them away from religion, get them interested in sex. Make them superficial, destroy their ruggedness.” Universities are following this first article to a T!

  • RightMinded24

    Dear White Hating Universities:

    I am a horrible, evil, white person, so I’m sure you won’t be expecting any financial donations from me.

    Best of luck raising money by insulting someone’s skin color.

    • Smedley Butler

      You Racist! You should be ashamed of your horrible whiteness!

  • swingblade

    I have no doubt that “white professors” feel guilty! Don’t produce anything, get tenure so an aide can teach their classes, and are over paid by all standards of fairness!

  • jimt5367

    Cultural suicide is well underway.

  • JonBarleyCorn

    Any whites feeling guilty on campus — report to this woman. She will take care of you… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d6565d0b8ca3c54b1265ec6b56387767f7e88c59d73de01daa68a4a54ca20820.jpg

    • eristiclogos

      Dear, oh dear, publicly inciting violence, what a bad thing to do. No doubt, the judge will explain her crime to her in court.

      • geoh777

        Don’t count on that happening.

        You are aware that judges cannot be held responsible for their “mistakes,” aren’t’ you?

        • eristiclogos

          Oh yes, sovereign immunity applies.

  • Duke

    How about courses for FAT POEPLE so they could learn to feel better about being so fat. How about courses for UGLY PEOPLE so they can feel better about being so ugly … how about couses for STUPID PEOPLE, so they could feel better about being so stupid. How about courses for BLACK PEOPLE so they can feel better about being black. Then there are the BAD-HAIR PEOPLE … they need help too. How about PEOPLE WITH MISSING TEETH … shouldn’t we have a course to help them learn to chew anyway? WE ALSO DESPERATELY NEED A COURSE FOR FEMALES TO TEACH THEM HOW TO BE WOMEN.

    • eristiclogos

      So I guess a toothless, stupid person can have a double major?

      • Duke

        You are a keen observer.

  • Dawn Marie❤️Trump

    Remember the crayon color flesh? They changed it to peach to be sensitive to the dark crayons! The madness continues.

  • mike

    Get rid of tenure for social sciences. This installs a moneyed and entitled commie class at the universities whose constituency wouldn’t be able to find even menial regular employment in the “real world.”

  • eristiclogos

    I have no trouble overcoming my whiteness.

    I get up each day, I pray, I work, I mind my own business, and I harm no one.

    I behave as a decent human being ought to.

    • Smedley Butler

      Keep working! Millions with EBT cards are depending upon you.

      • eristiclogos

        Having a large family is surely a burden. 😉

        But there is something that even the most valuable ebt card cannot buy:

        Self-respect and personal dignity.

        • Smedley Butler

          Ahhh the burden of being white. Seriously though….Have you ever noticed how black people from other countries come here and do well. They start business and make money and prosper.

    • bddd

      That desire to be a useful person is very difficult to overcome. It’s in our DNA. Perhaps welfare, crack and fornication could help us in becoming “more than white”? Perhaps it would help us feel the confusion of Father’s Day that our welfare rat “betters” suffer from?

  • Timothy Adams

    I I replied to my alumni org that considering my experiences on campus I would never support the school

  • bddd

    Those who can do. Those that can’t teach. Those that can’t teach administrate and come up with worthless propaganda courses… .

  • T.W.

    Sorry…Not sorry!!! I love being white!!

  • TimeHasCome

    So 94% of all US farmers are white and they feed their super cheap
    products to over-stuffed minorities . Maybe they should stop or simply
    charge minorities more.

  • Drillboss

    I find it relatively easy to deal with my “whiteness” and “privilege” when reading how delusional the disciples of “social justice” are. These people need to be isolated, mocked and ridiculed…..just like the Alinsky Model teaches us.

  • mike

    Affirmative action needs to be abolished. The university should be a meritocracy where success is proportional to ability and not membership in a particular identity group.

  • dont_bring_me_down

    Don’t let them convince you that dermal melanin content dictates character.

    It’s like we’re back to fighting phrenology.

  • boca_grande

    This is just another way to control the dialog. They turn the color white to a negative and put all white students on their heals. And I wouldn’t doubt for a second that Asians weren’t put into the same category. Once they establish the form where they make the rules they will suppress any argument and all is lost. I was born white but that privilege was all I had. As I had no college education and came from a poor family. But what I did have was the smarts to side step events like this and make my way to a successful life by hard work. What is showing it’s ugly head here is racism in reverse where whites are to be put down for being white. There is no difference. There are many blacks that know that to better themselves isn’t easy it is hard work and one must show accomplishment.

  • Archduke Ferdinand

    Holy Fk is about all I can say. Staggering.
    I guess I should be happy that I am old enough that I will not have to suffer too long under our completely dysfunctional and thoroughly ineffectual future leaders.

    • MY3CENTS

      Ain’t that the truth…🙄 Aging as an escape. lol!

  • sarah jones

    They should be taught about the I.Q. spectrum and about people long gone, what they were able to accomplish at that day and age, like Issac Newton, and even earlier, Leonardo Da Vinci- just two of the marvelous brains. These days we are all brought down several i.q. points by glorifying the Stupid.

  • Troy Dynes

    White folks will just have to accept that they have don’t have the same special privilege as other demographic groups.

  • Moon Conspiracy

    Don’t hire millennials from large state schools.
    They are the ones teaching them this crap

    • BOB

      I have one next to me I’m 46. This turd walks in whenever he wants usually around 11:10 to 11:30 East coast. My boss in California is to much of a p9ssy to make him come in at say 9:30. These turds are worthless cry babies. I Said we should make a safe place for him and he went to HR. HAHAHA not kidding.

      • Moon Conspiracy

        Yea I had a millennial black woman complain about me and I used it as a badge of courage. I told everybody about my meeting with Hr . She eventually left And I was happy. Anyone asks me about her down the road I will have a lot of negative things to say

  • John Steele

    The GOOD news is that I’m extremely HAPPY being a white man. Life is good !!. I wonder how racists in these colleges can justify being anti-white whcih is exactly the same as being anti-Black.. Just flip that over and try telling that to one of the black racists in these colleges and watch them scream !!. Your blackness is racist.. You should be ashamed for being black. Your responsible for 13% of the population committing 50% of the murders and 47% of all robbries in America and watch the fun.

  • mike

    If you want to make America great again, the rot that has infested universities since the sixties needs be extirpated.

  • OpossumSaladSandwich

    Why’d you score 600 on your SAT? “White privilege”. Why can’t you conjugate verbs? “White privilege”. Why’d you name your kid “Shartqueefa”? “White privilege”. Why’d you get pulled over for doing 80 in a 35? “White privilege”. Why’d you fail your math test? “White privilege”. Why’d you get shot robbing a liquor store? “White privilege”.

  • Carl Edward

    An institute of supposed “higher learning” teaching a race of people to dislike themselves……that class should be called OXYMORONIC IRONY 101

  • HLH

    are you kidding me? I have no discomfort being white, I do have discomfort that morons are teaching young people this BS.

  • Redford1

    Sorry about your neuroses, but white is beautiful. So are black, brown, yellow and red… when you put character before color.

  • TimeHasCome

    Why does a nation allow 3% of the population ( Black males 14 to 34) to commit 83% of all homicides.

    • Smedley Butler

      Very good question!

  • John Sharp

    I was born white and I am still white 64 years later. I have never for even one second felt bad about it. Actually, I am ecstatic that I am white and intend to continue being white until I die. But I do love black music!

    • Smedley Butler

      I love watermelon, fried chicken, pork ribs and sweet potato pie……Am I guilty of cultural mis-appropriation?

  • Carl Edward


  • Daniel Reynolds

    I am quite comfortable being white.
    Love Trumps Hate. John 3:16. MAGA!

  • Darryl Graham

    Some people just need JESUS in their life.

  • William Doty

    I love being white. Opportunity, privilege, chicks, money, jobs, education, power, stuff all fall right into my lap, almost effortlessly. Being white and living in this time in history in the US is THE BEST!!! My ancestors fought hard to be and stay white and it was the best gift they could have given me, seeing how weak minded, immoral, intellectually derelict, violent, entitled, stupid, criminal, dependent and parasitical non-whites can be. The numbers don’t lie. They need a little more white morality and lot less ‘people of color’ heathenism.

    • Smedley Butler

      Used my White Privilege today…..I was stopped on the way to work by a policeman. He asked for my Driver License, registration and insurance. I showed it to him then told him “clearly you can see that I am white. Have a nice day I will be on my way now.” As I was starting up the car and getting ready to leave he abruptly jerked me out of the car, beat on me with a club then tazed and handcuffed me. Clearly I have a case against this officer for failure to recognize my White Privilege.


    Great example of nut bag liberalism

  • Nuts

  • Maud St James

    Ridiculous premise. White privilege is and always has been a myth, founded and promulgated by those unable or disinclined to earn anything themselves.

  • Leonid Drayeniv

    There are definitely valid reasons for ‘white discomfort’ that we should discuss. Imagine finding yourself alone in a major urban ghetto at night, or the only white at an all night rap session or your car breaking down while driving thru South Chicongo. Yes, let’s talk.

    • OpossumSaladSandwich

      But if the same thing happened to a black person in a WHITE neighborhood, there could be literal microagressions. Feelings could be literally murdered.

  • Yabba_Dabba

    Anti-White racism is alive and well and subsidized by your tax dollars…

    This is what FundamentalTransformation!™ looks like. The self-loathing filthstains behind this all need to be fired. This is a malignant, metastatic CANCER eating at the very heart of the American Academy.

  • CelestiaQuesta

    Talk about totalitarian suppression tactics. I wasn’t a nazi white supremacist until they told me I was one. Now I’m a proud member of my local KKK chapter. Life is white and beautiful.

  • relee

    Unpack this……

  • Troy Dynes

    White privilege is being held responsible for acts of your ancestors by folks that take no responsibility for acts of their children.

  • JHogwin

    “help white participants explore the “discomfort” of their “white identity,” ”

    Wtf. They are promoting that people should be uncomfortable with who they are, sure sounds like prejudice, bigotry, racism. Take your pick.

  • pooteeweet

    If being white makes you feel uncomfortable get some skin dye and become trans-colored, learn to speak ebonics, and move to the ghetto. You don’t need to do anything with your IQ, just have them do a gang bricking on your head!!! Have a happy life.

  • Vindaloo Bugaboo

    There is nothing to feel guilty about over something I had no control over (being born white) or having done what is expected of me in a successful society (go to school, be personally responsible, get a job.) Progressives should try to improve their own lives instead of blaming someone else for their own level of mediocrity.

  • American Voter

    Get over what? I am very happy in my whiteness.

  • Joe Sherrill

    Liberalism is a mental disorder, they prove it every day!

  • Reginald Worthington IV

    This article is a reprint from The Onion, right?

  • Gary

    Democrats think this is a winning strategy?

    • Reginald Worthington IV


      • Gary

        Good luck with that.

        • Reginald Worthington IV

          No amount of luck will work. It’s a fantasy BUT for its believers, it feels good.

    • OpossumSaladSandwich

      They don’t “think” in the same way white men do, as in “reason through what might happen”. They emote, then they act.

      • Reginald Worthington IV

        They eat and crap, too.

  • I.D.Servesit

    This is real news from Bizarro world.


  • Mightyhunterhaha

    To the Dean and all those who think this is a great idea. There is no cure for stupid! You do not belong at a university.

  • LloydDrako

    I deal with my whiteness by vigorously applying sunscreen whenever I go outside.

    • Reginald Worthington IV

      In the winter also?

      • LloydDrako

        Yes, because I am an avid skier. Nothing ruins a bluebird day like a peeling sunburn the day after.

  • TRS Gray

    It’s okay to be white.

    • Reginald Worthington IV

      ‘Cause white be right, yo….

  • VillageViking


  • Huskie_Jon

    There are some forms of stupidity that can only be obtained with a college degree.

    • Reginald Worthington IV

      You have identified the motivation behind liberal indoctrination on campus.

  • DeDEMOCRATification

    It has become exceedingly apparent that the people we have been mistakenly and euphemistically referring to as progressives, liberals, leftists, and Democrats are in fact psychotics. Indeed, they belong in asylums, prisons, and on the gallows … not out on our streets causing mayhem, beating up and shooting people … not in our schools and universities … not on our televisions … and definitely not in the government created by our Founding Fathers. Lock those whackjobs up!

  • Tony

    Why would anyone have discomfort for being white ? every race wants to be around whites.. and go to only white countries… Seems to me being white is great… That’s why they all come where we are….

  • Texas Missileer

    I assure you that there is no discomfort whatsoever.

    • Reginald Worthington IV

      After a day in the hot beach sun with no sunscreen, whites are in MUCHO discomfort, even if they turn red.

  • Eddie Meeks

    Gee… another white hating College what’s new? So now they have racist classes that teaches you to hate white people?

    • Reginald Worthington IV

      Taught by whites TO whites. Paid for by mosrlty white Republican taxpayers, too. (Most Democrat leaning citizens do not pay income taxes, but they benefit from them! Illegal aliens rarely pay income tax and benefit the most.)

      • Eddie Meeks

        I could not have said it better.

  • gimmemymoney

    I will be 75 next month… Never a day in my life have I felt “discomfort for being white”…
    Why are you trying to put guilt on me when there is none…

    • feellikeastranger

      It’s psychological warfare against white people …

      it really is, and very intentional

    • Reginald Worthington IV

      It will work with some white liberals….and they’ll donate, promote, criticize and generally suck up to the more brown toned complexions among us, who themselves will feel all warm and fuzzy. Nothing will change BUT the fantasy & distraction will feel like a several week long joint.
      My guess is … you’re not a big pot smoker. So therefore…..You. Do. Not. Understand.

  • Tim Morris

    Lets see how do white people deal with their skin color? #1 tell the racist to kiss your white a** #2 tell the racist to yell at God instead of President trump. #3 Tell them if they want to hate because of color join the KKK and admit they are racist. #4 Did I say to tell them to kiss your white A**?

  • feellikeastranger

    liberal academics are intentionally causing psychological trauma to white students

    these liberals are sick, evil people.

  • ItsPolitics101

    I can think of an extremely quick fix for relieving all the stress and strain from being born with white skin:


    • OpossumSaladSandwich

      Just pull funding for the arts, humanities, and “diversity initiatives”. Done.

      • ItsPolitics101

        And here ai always thought this college wasted millions hiring coach Harbaugh from the 49ers a few years back. Shining example of white privilege when that money would have been better spent on a person of color as head coach!

  • Andrew Johnson

    Hey you have my name, proud that you defend liberty and aren’t one of those braindead libs.

  • hughcyoung

    All of this social justice is making me less tolerant of other races except for the Asians that work hard and educate their children proving that you don’t have to be White to be successful in the USA. We have been more divided in the last eight years thanks to Obama and the Socialist Democrats dividing us and making groups of victims to vote for the welfare state. Only problem is we have a 21 trillion dollar debt. As Thatcher said, Socialism fails when you run out of other peoples money to spend.

  • goneout

    can’t be white and proud.how racist is that? accomplishing too much is racist?

    • Gary

      Accomplishing anything is racist in a liberals mind

  • JHogwin

    Can non students attend? I’d like to go, they might not like my shirt though. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/742485fb9f71707cd0c54f82968e7206da2c1ab0263d85fe6ffa466505df5d56.jpg

  • mnemonicmike

    Fire them and cut this cancer out of society. The “victimization” stuff is getting really old. If you can’t make the grades or do the work, it’s not whitey’s fault.

  • WM

    Easy solution to the “problem” of Whiteness – Just say “Proud to be a White American”. End of indoctrination and brainwashing being imposed by cowardly libtards.

  • kevinstroup

    You can all suck on my whiteness.

  • Joel Silberman, DDS

    This is total BS. I have never met a caucasian ashamed of being white. What a waste of time and money these courses are! Universities and college professors should be ashamed of themselves for wasting students time and parents tuition money. This reminds me of the “Underwater basket weaving classes” that were so ubiquitous in the past. Of course, this is more insidious.

    • Reginald Worthington IV

      You won’t meet one, either.

  • Maxine Sophie

    Liberalism is a disease

  • dbsheffield

    I’m becoming very nervous being white , it is not a good color to be now, try getting a job ?

  • EnabledVet

    This is why the population of home schoolers is growing, the NFL is withering and the Public Education System is losing support. The more time these fools who have never produced for the country spend time on this academic shite, the more people will decline the “right” to higher education. It is more profitable to NOT go to college and learn a vocational skill, than to spend the effort and time going through this gulag education, complete with re-education and indoctrination into the ethos of social-marxism.

  • James


    “…the model purports to be a method for understanding how people react to stimuli that alert them of the privilege they hold…”

    Had at least 1 job starting since the age of 14. Parents had NO money – divorced at an early age. Worked and bough my first car, insurance, 8-track player installed myself! Earned a full scholarship to go to college. Worked 20+ hours a week in college while carrying a full course load. Became a teaching assistant. Was fully functioning independent since age of 18. Earned my own money, paid my own bills. Zero help. Got a job, got another job, and have worked for myself since I was 27 – now 65. Paid taxes. Never got arrested. Never a DUI. Never did drugs. Borrowed money – paid it back. Got married. Raised 2 daughters. One a CPA – the other a corporate pilot who drives a Challenger 650 from the left seat.

    Yeah – I’ve been busy reacting to all the “stimuli…”

    How about this as an idea. Get off your asses, starting working hard and smart because nobody cares to begin with so it’s all up to you.

    Or you can sit around and wonder about what color you are. All they teach in college these days are courses on “excuses” or “explanations”. I thought being a victim solves all your problems – apparently not!

    • Reginald Worthington IV

      Immigrant father (war refugee from Europe) I worked in a restaurant to get through college, married my college sweetheart, two kids now married 31 years. Did what you did also – stay out of trouble. Our son is now a Captain, USMC Special Forces Counterintelligence. daughter a young corporate exec.
      Where are my stimulus and assistance? Oh wait…I’m supposed to be guilty…

    • Gary

      Its called identity politics. Liberals can’t win in the arena of ideas, thus they resort to divide and conquer us.

      • James

        Totally agree!

        You can’t control people, however, you can control “groups”. You can advantage them, criticize them, give them money, take their money, pit them one against the other, etc. It’s beautiful.

        Peoples goals should be a member of as few “groups” as possible – not as many as possible.

  • Ram6

    This is the most absurd thing I’ve ever read or heard. But then I’m not privy to most stuff like this from our colleges in this country. This “white privilege” crap is out of hand. If anyone is experiencing “privilege” in this country it’s ethnic minorities to the exclusion of 80% of the population. I for one have no privilege. Every damn thing I have I worked my butt off to get and many times having to fight the fact that I am NOT a privileged ethnic minority. So guess what University of Michigan you should be ashamed and frankly I hope your alumns cut you off from all further donations. Giant breeding ground for liberal jerks!!!!

  • Sagesteve

    THIS is ridiculous!!! RIDICK U LOUSE!!!! I’m WHITE and I’m PROUD…WE made this country what it is…period.
    Stop this crap and STOP giving in. I’m a Philanthropist. I give to EVERYBODY. I’m 70 years old…thank god I’ll be leaving before this crap hits the fan. By the way, I’m the happiest guy on the planet…so very true.

  • StarsR4me

    Every day I look at myself in the mirror and thank God I was born white. But, y’know what? I was never given anything. I always had to work hard to support myself. So much for “white privelege”

    • Oracle

      Same here. The only advantage I can now appreciate growing up “white” was that I was exposed to “white” cultural values and moral decency, in clear contrast to those found in most non-white communities. Those values go straight to making good life choices. “Privileges”? No, I live under the exact same legal and cultural system everyone else does, with all the same “privileges”, but I receive no extra ones.

  • Oracle

    These people are deranged. Not much more to say that hasn’t already been said, but it suffices to just say that political correctness is killing the country. Deal with it swiftly and summarily wherever it rears its ugly head.

    • Gary

      Welcome to todays modern democrat party

  • DennyOR

    This shows that these progressives are better than Hitler, because I don’t think Germany had a program to teach Jews how to overcome the discomfort of being Jewish.

    • Reginald Worthington IV

      Whites in the USA have guns.
      Europe’s Jews did not.
      History tells the tale of being unarmed.
      “A well regulated militia…..”

      • DennyOR

        The Nazi’s did make a law that Jews weren’t allowed to own guns. And then they used the pretext of looking for guns as an excuse to invade their homes. When progressives succeed in their last remaining goal of making it illegal for U.S. citizens to own guns, I suspect they’ll follow up by invading our homes as well.

  • Rickohh

    The sheer stupidity and blatant ignorance of this clearly demonstrates the lack of value attached to education degrees in the real world today.

  • Alex1611

    Filthy goddamned niggers. I’d most definitely never hire anyone espousing this crap. The only thing worse are self hating whites.

    • Reginald Worthington IV

      Oh no….you are gonna make somebody upset.

    • DennyOR

      I can smell a progressive troll a mile away. Go troll another site.

      • Alex1611

        I can guarantee you I’m not progressive, at least as far as race is concerned, believe me.

        • DennyOR

          Chance you’re a real idiotic racist – 1%. Chance you’re trolling – 99%.

          • Alex1611

            Well if you read the rest of my comments, my opinions are pretty clear. Your assertion that I’m a progressive on race, is insulting, tbh.

  • Tyler Smith

    A Democrat Party Success Story!

  • BobLarimer

    Only a pinhead would even begin to worry about their skin color. Thank God Trump was elected.
    Now it’s time to sweep these progressives/socialists/Humanists out of public schools and universities.
    Students need academic mastery of real subjects.
    Not training in how to be good little socialist world citizens.

  • Rich Betterman

    I love watching liberals. They are so weak and beat. The wives of liberal men are really thirsty for real dick though. My friends and i laugh about taking liberal men’s wives.

    • Reginald Worthington IV

      What does Richard say about your point-of-view?

      • Rich Betterman

        Richard who?

  • Ed Nolan

    Don’t send your kids to Universities. Tech and Engineering schools only. They don’t have to deal with snowflakes like this and they will make more money. My son’s in an Engineering school. He says the Professors make fun of the University people.

  • tigersfan61

    I never look at the skin color to determine whether or not I will engage with people…this nonsense is just going too far…liberal white guilt should be the name of these courses…Martin Luther King said it best when he reminded us that we need to be a society that does not judge a person by their skin color but by the content of their character…which, by the look of things, is sorely lacking…

  • Braveheart8850

    Use wite fokes kneeds two goes aewhey cuz use iz stoopid ana knott gude. Witeness iz aul bery badd.

    • Reginald Worthington IV

      Your spell checker be smokin’ like you with a joint, yo….

  • AmericaIsToast

    I just sit down and enjoy the new show called “Whiteish.” Oh, wait a minute, there isn’t one, so I just look at my life and understand I worked for every dime I have and I don’t owe anyone else a dime who doesn’t and I sure as hell don’t owe them an apology for being white. AT one time in this nation we were 80% of the population and you can call me racist if you want, but we had a much better country. There was a time you didn’t even need to lock your doors or cars, but that day is long past. 13% of the population of our country commits over 50% of all felony crimes and until that is addressed by the people that do it, there will be no conversation. Until politicians address that same issue, there will be no conversation. So for the time being, conceal carry and watch your back, your family and your belongings.

  • C. Claudius Quadratus

    Sheer idiocy! Attending such institutions is a waste of time, money, and effort.

  • Joe Brown

    WTF is wrong with people?

  • Tim Morris

    The College needs to look at their sports department and bring in more white, Mexicans, and Orientals to combat the Black Privileged Athletes. Than teach the blacks about their Blackness

  • Elbert Colorado

    I just love this. LOL That’s what the mandatory white self-loathing psychosis does to one. All you who conform to it get what you deserve.

  • Old Sod

    It’s OK to be White.

    • The Grinder! ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰ

      Damn right it is.

  • The Grinder! ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰ

    What a bunch of morons. How did the ignorant infect most universities at the professor level?

  • DNC Corruption Queen

    Every time I see a story like this I keep thinking I’m reading The Onion in satire. But I know I’m not. Leftism is truly a mental disorder.

  • OpossumSaladSandwich

    This is what happens when you tell “marginalized people” that their “lived experiences” carry more weight. You wind up with a bunch of borderline-mentally-disabled lunatics running around with the belief they have magical powers.

    This is postmodern academia, ladies and gentlemen. No accountability to anyone or anything, just burning your money.

  • idontknow

    It’s okay
    to be White.

    It is even okay
    to be PROUD to be White…

    • Elbert Colorado


  • krampus

    Remember when we used to make fun of trump U for being a fake college. I don’t know how we can do that anymore with a straight face with how fake modern academia is.

  • James

    Go look up Sherry Watt, University of Iowa. Draw your own conclusions…

  • Rick Shonsite

    Disgusting racism.
    Liberals hate America.

  • disqus_hQ19w3VLjt

    Wanna get dumb – go to college

  • The Grinder! ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰ

    I will never apologize or be made to feel guilty about being white.

  • Reginald Worthington IV

    The longer this keeps up, the better the chances a liberal democrat never makes it back into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave

    • DNC Corruption Queen

      I’d like to believe that, but the left has taken over both public education and our universities as indoctrination camps. It’s been decades in the making and the results are starting to show themselves.

  • DNC Corruption Queen

    I enjoy my white pride every day unapologetically. If you white guilt libtards don’t like that, then get the he&shyll out of MY nation.

  • Tommy Tunez

    Q: How do we fix this problem ?

    A: Arrest all of the communist faculty and administrators. Put them on an unmarked military transport and drop them off at Gitmo.

    • DNC Corruption Queen

      I’d just settle with sending them to Venezuela and degrading to eating zoo animals.

  • GD in VA

    Doesn’t everyone need to be comfortable being themselves? Why is this only directed at white people?

    • Rhogue

      Because when a segment of society is marginalized they can be controlled.

  • HoKoJoJo

    When I wake up in the morning, I wake up to my own consciousness. Not anyone else’s.
    I assume others do the same. Do others give two shits what I’m thinking? No, I didn’t think so.
    Don’t expect white people to be any different.

  • The Grinder! ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰ

    Fact: There is no such things as white privilege. It’s a made up term used by losers who feel the need to blame others for their failures. Anyone who uses the term proves they are a moron.

    • DNC Corruption Queen

      Exactly. Common sense says that if you want to succeed, you will. If you want to obey the law, you stay out of jail. Both have nothing to do with the color of your skin. Stupid leftists.

      • SJMWilco

        Unfortunately, there is a particular segment of our society that has to have it drummed into them constantly that when a cop says stop, it doesn’t mean (run, shoot, backtalk, fight, or lie). white privilege really means is ‘smart enough to function in society without a baby sitter’

  • Any One

    No white privilege exists; only civilization privilege. Idiots who can’t see past color have to call it by a color.

  • another_engineer

    White privilege =
    having to listen to every other failed race whine about their lot in life.
    getting taxed to high heaven to pay for every other whiney non white.
    Having to take verbal abuse from the loser non whites that whine all the time.
    Having to endure the violence perpetrated by non whites.
    Having our educational system dumbed down to accomodate non whites.

    get the picture ?…………………………………….

    • BOB

      100% white thumb up

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    No discomfort here. Don’t like white people? Then ƒück øff and dle!

  • europa3962

    Take this and reverse the color.

    “University teaches black employees how to overcome the ‘discomfort’ of being black.”
    How would these cultural Marxists social justice libtard warriors react to this article?

    • another_engineer

      school would be burned to the ground

  • WM

    I see “whiteness” as a distinct advantage. I jog at night so I am much easier to see by passing motorists.

    • DNC Corruption Queen

      I literally LOL’d at that.

  • GetOutofHere

    There needs to be some justice for the white kids who graduate in heavy loan debt while the black students get basically totally free rides. Do these administrators have to be taught how to handle that racist hot potato?

  • SJMWilco

    can we have a development course to teach me how to tell mindless liberal whiners to politely FO?

  • B662

    Lets talk about controlling things no one can control. Isn’t the MLK argument the complete antithesis of this concept? This acceptance of these types of issues are what truly distract from the need to over come racism. The desensitization with topics and conversations like this put more distance between the removal of racism because it is racism!

  • Lea C.

    Let me make this perfectly clear. I have no “discomfort” with being white. I certainly have no “privilege”. And fuck you. This is exactly why I am working to get out of my university job.

  • SecondAmendment

    Geez! Proud to be white! Trump 2020!!!

  • guido350

    Your liberal scums just reelected Donald J. Trump, THANK YOU!!!

  • jn jac

    Does the University of Michigan realize how racist they are being by pushing the myth of White Privilege?

    • GetOutofHere

      Actually there is a racism industry operating in this country. They’ve been at it so long it has passed into absurdity but the administration is too afraid to smack them down.

      • jn jac

        The administrations of most institutions of “higher” learning are complicit in keeping the racism industry alive,

  • DNC Corruption Queen

    This entire white guilt disease has gotten entirely out of control. I don’t know what can be done about it other than grab all these cult leftist lunatics and beat the he&shyll out of them into submission.

  • gildersleeve

    As a graduate of U of M, I am ashamed of the state of affairs, that it has now slipped into.

    • GetOutofHere

      It always was a lib-retarded place but this institutionalized anti-white hostility scares me. I was there back when the dorms went “co-ed.” I’d be afraid to have my kids live in one now.

      • gildersleeve

        My degrees were Mechanical Engr and Metallurgy. Very few liberals in those classes. This was back in the late 60’s and early 70’s. I guess they are right, you can never go back.

  • mcd1948

    More racism from The Left.

  • Pro_sanity

    Wow, that’s weird! I couldn’t be more comfortable with my “whiteness.” Are there uncomfortable whites? What the hell’s wrong with these people?

    • jn jac

      all you need to do is go to LA, NYC, Seattle, Portland, Boston and you’ll choke on the liberal white guilt

  • Native New Yorker

    Time to clean house at Universities – especially State Owned schools! This is pure sickness and reprehensible. Shame on them all!

  • OpossumSaladSandwich

    It’s time to place the blame for this stuff where it belongs – spoiled, white liberals (most of them young women), with arts and humanities degrees.

    They are so worthless, as human beings, that they cannot even conceive of anyone adding value to the world. Therefore, whenever they see a disparity in outcome, they assume some sort of theft is occurring.

  • Attilla7

    A proper class-action lawsuit ought to bankrupt offending “university”.

  • Miles Archer

    Schools putting their graduates on the National Do Not Hire list…priceless!

  • Phantom Phi

    Mao would be proud!

  • RDerrick

    It’s called not be discomforted by anti-American: White Christian propaganda of liberal marxists, and their racist black “civil rights” arm of intimidation.

  • Magdump

    I readily admit my white privilege. The privilege to have 1/3 of my paycheck taken by the Government so that 300 pound welfare queens can live for free and keep cranking out endless numbers of violent little felons who keep stealing my motorcycles.

    I am just thrilled to have such privilege. Just great.

  • GordonTrenchard

    Did anyone go to the website? They use the Privileged Identity Exploration Model (PIE). Sounds legit. I will sign right up.

    Seriously, when will all this nonsense end? It appears to me like we are starting to see these snowflakes spew this kind of garbage in the workplace. We will see if the grownups in the room have a spine.

    • Ashley Brenton

      They won’t stop until Trump gets reelected…followed by 8 years of The Rock. They can only double down on stupid.

      • Dan Austin

        I wish, but Trump will be neutered when the democrats take the House next year and start wall to wall impeachment hearings. The democrats will take over in 2020, and give citizenship to about 12 million illegal immigrants.

        Besides that, storm refugees from Puerto Rico who now live in Florida have already tipped the key state democratic for the foreseeable future.

        Trump’s single term will be the last republican president for decades.

  • DG

    Couldn’t be a better way of prepping students to hate liberalism after they grow up.

    • Pro_sanity

      Unfortunately many never grow up.

  • SuckMyWake

    Lol. “Institution of Higher Learning”… just LOL! Bet a lot of kids wish they could get that tuition back. I now know EXACTLY why people at UofM feel “uncomfortable with their whiteness”. The solution is get the hell out of UofM.

  • American Freeman

    What an unadulterated load of garbage.

  • Libertarianski

    My antistupid phobia is kicking in

  • rogerthatokay

    One method of overcoming their “discomfort” of being White would be to compare the success of Whites in ending slavery…

    -5/31/16 nytimes.com “The organization, the Walk Free Foundation…”
    “The countries with the lowest per capita rates of modern slavery — defined as 0.02 percent of the population or less, were: Luxembourg, New Zealand, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Belgium, Australia, Canada, Spain, Britain, France, Germany and the United States.”

    -globalslaveryindex.org Europe has lowest regional prevalence of slavery in the world.

    …to the failure of Blacks to do so:

    -10/17/13 http://articles.latimes.com… “African countries dominate a new global index on slavery, with 38 of the 50 nations where the scourge is at its worst found on the continent.”

    -https://www.alliance87.org/… 2017

    The rate of modern slavery is highest in Africa, with 7.6 victims for every 1,000 people in the region.
    -1/29/15 https://afkinsider.com/8574… Mauritania [100% African Muslim], the highest percent slave population in the world.

    That ought to make all Whites lose some of their …”discomfort.”

    • Dan Austin

      Your facts will be ignored by the morons in this article.

      Facts matter lees and less with each passing day. They win their arguments by ignoring you and the facts you bring with you.

  • another_engineer

    they are trying to guilt you into fully accepting the brown invasion into the country.

  • Nicholas Zumbulyadis

    I would pass that course with flying colors… Just like I never felt any discomfort with quantum mechanics or differential equations!

  • MrPandy

    When they define one of the defenses of white privilege as “denial,” then all debate is shut down. Claiming that you are not privileged is proof of privilege. Sounds like the empty phrase “start a dialogue,” which actually means “I’m going to lecture you and you just need to shut up and listen.”

    • Dan Austin

      They can’t help being dumb. The problem is that their nonsense is gaining respect daily

  • George McCain

    I’m sooo HAPPY to be WHITE, and MALE! I don’t give a damn about what a bunch of non-white creatures think or say,or feel !

  • RDerrick

    People who truly aren’t racists, already are NOT discomforted about their own race.

    Only characterless, spineless, racially-minded white liberals are “discomforted” by it, because they have no independence of thought to reject the modern racial propaganda of the leftwing movement…

    Just a bunch of weenies that deserve to be “uncomfortable”. Maybe they will get so tired of being discomforted all the time, that they will grow a pair and tell the activists of to take a hike…

    • Ashley Brenton

      If I wasn’t uncomfortable being white in countries where I was in the minority, i.e. Iraq, Kuwait, and South Korea, why in the hell would I be uncomfortable with it in America, where I am the majority?

      • RDerrick

        Because America is not everywhere in this country. the division is literally real. ALL places under liberal-demoract control are literally NOT American, but rather a hodgepodge of ideological fascism, race-baiting, economic assault, and social upheaval…

        The rest of us are Americans where we work for ourselves and live-and-let-live in the liberty and neighborliness that God gives and desires.

        And of course, the rejection of that God is the first step to the heart & mind intake of the liberal disease.

  • SJMWilco

    white privilege= knowing not to hold your handgun sideways, knowing that when a cop says ‘stop’ he means STOP, being able to converse in standard english, behaving well enough to not riot over tennis shoes. recognizing that children are more than a means to a WIC payment, have I missed anything?

    • Ron Swanson

      The ability to maintain gainful employment.

  • Tom Sollenbarger

    As a leader in the perpetuation of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, the University of Michigan gleefully underwrites racist attitudes towards whites. Liberals filled with white guilt will flock to be brainwashed at this institution of questionable learning

  • itsy_bitsy

    What they need to be taught is to overcome this disgraceful attempt by Universities to imply that there IS something wrong with them. I have said that Universities don’t teach and here is additional proof of that! The only education you get is a propagandized (Radical Marxist and Radical Racist) view of the world. They teach hatred! They teach destruction! They are not only worthless as far as educating is concerned, but they are dangerous to American society because they mean to destroy it!

  • Ashley Brenton

    What utter, complete nonsense.

    • Dan Austin

      What else can you expect from morons?

  • rentslave

    When online nationwide sports betting is legalized,they’ll really see White Supremacy.No one else has the necessities for that demanding discipline.

  • Bob

    How F_____ Stupid are our colleges? Pure crap! I guess the White Donors need to find another place for their hard earned dollars to go where they aren’t insulted!

  • Ger San

    Oh. My. God. There’s just too much stupid here to unpack it all.
    This “white anything” foolishness is way past it’s use-by date. The idea that anyone needs to apologize for what they were born as (for lack of a better way to put it – “birth race,” maybe?) is about as ridiculous as it gets. It’s not like one can change it. Comes down to people who have too much time on their hands and not enough of an imagination to fill it. And it’s really funny that the biggest fools are complaining about their own race….why?

  • Bringingitreal

    It’s your charachter not your color….cmon figure it out

  • Ge Ka

    “… recognize the difficulties they face when talking about social justice issues related to their White identity … ‘I Don’t Feel Safe Talking About Race’ ….”

    So, we’re told that white people *inherently* have “difficulties” and “don’t feel safe” when discussing race and so-called social justice issues! It’s now OK to negatively stereotype white people?

    What do we call groups which “have beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics.” I can think of many terms, but the hero of the Left, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), calls them “Hate Groups.” https://www.splcenter.org/hate-map

    According to the SPLC, an entity which creates hateful stereotypes (such as “white privilege … whiteness,” etc.) which “attack or malign an entire class of people [Caucasians] … for their immutable characteristics [being white]” clearly qualifies as a hate group. (Same applies to those who smear all males as being infected with “toxic masculinity.”)

    But those who negatively stereotype all whites or males won’t ever appear on SPLC’s Hate Map as a Hate Group. Surely they would if they condemned universal Black Privilege, Feminine Privilege, Blackness, Toxic (you pick the racial, ethnic, gender, or other group).

  • Jus Wundrin


  • Jake

    U of M = University of Morons.

  • IndyGirl

    How about we teach people how to overcome the ‘discomfort’ of viewing everything through the prism of color?

  • Artur Hidvegi

    These people are out of their minds! Talk about swallowing the liberal Kool-aid! These idiots are swimming in it!

    • Dan Austin

      It’s getting worse, not better.

  • HeyNav

    I suggest a Conversation on Being Stupid.

  • Dus Dusgalan

    This has got to be fake news. What a crock of bull crap.

  • Buzz

    How about a two day seminar (I suspect it may take longer than two days) for the idiots who came up with this on how to overcome their abject stupidity?

    • Dan Austin

      It won’t happen. Abject stupidity is ‘in’ these days.

  • Tony Welker

    Proof that minorities are afforded more opportunities with their free college education, free food, free healthcare, free room and board. So many white people long to be minority status these days because there is no advantage to be white. In fact if your white or Asian you are expected to overcome obstacles and work twice as hard to match all the free stuff given to minorities while starting off in life after college in major debt. Even after college minority grads are pretty much guaranteed job opportunities before many white graduates through quotas and affirmative action.

  • Carl Anon

    Privilege my posterior… good jobs and opportunity come to those of us who put in effort at school. The color of my skin didn’t earn me my CPA credential. I had to work for it.

  • Zorcon, Fidei Defensor

    “American University hosted a training event earlier this year designed to help staff understand their own identities.” We truly are at the intersection of stupidity and insanity.

  • hyphenatedamerican

    This is why the sign “It’s okay being white” are so important.

    • Tommy Jeff

      or “I simply adore being White”

      • hyphenatedamerican

        White lives matter.

  • Reasonandbelieving

    This is all based on the absurd non scholarly “scholarship” of race, womens and gender studies . These programs were invented to give low IQ’d individuals a way of going to college since they cant academically succeed in actual scholarship programs. More pointedly, these programs exist so the unis and colleges can charge tuition to these otherwise scholastically unacceptable individuals. Yes , this is what is meant by “inclusive” and “diversity”.
    National policy should be that all federal funds, even grants and funds from government backed loan can not be used in institutions who harbor these programs, that in reality just take advantage of simple people, who could be using the time , money and effort for actual self- beneficial endeavors.
    I’ve had many conversations with ,and intimate knowledge of these Marxist inspired studies. In the majority ,they can barely read at a 7th grade level. They can barely add two large whole numbers together. They are at a loss when trying to properly use logic . It’s no wonder they go on to work in Starbucks ,and Costco—jobs they could have gotten without their phony degrees.

  • stealthdan

    So when will the college and universities demand whites wear black face to school?

  • CountLippy

    as a white man I find doing Johnny Maziel’s “money fingers” gesture really eases the tension.

  • homertownie

    Training in how to let people insult you and not fight back, because this stupid racism can’t survive being criticized.

  • Max42

    When is the Department of Justice going enforce the 1964 Civil Rights Act and charge these schools with racial discrimination? Course such as this use race as a discriminator, which is in direct violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Oh wait, I forgot. So is Affirmative Action in direct violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and the DOJ, along with Courts, have promoted it and approved it for decades. So much for the rule of law.

  • That Rapscallion…EtoculusDei

    Here’s how you do it. Every morning….you leap out of bed….and yell…..God Dam it’s great to be White!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jack76

    Maybe a short and mandatory course for ALL university students describing all the advances in science, medicine, literature, physics and mathematics that have been the result of the work of white males is in order.

    • Ashley Brenton

      Um…well, no. We don’t actually want you to be proud of your heritage. Just to admit you are the problem, after which we can patronizingly pat you on the head.

      • Jack76

        The class would be for the non-white idiots that think we’re the problem.

  • Tommy Jeff

    End of the world sh it

  • SJMWilco

    put me in one of these and the next session will have to be ‘how to deal with the obnoxious b-astard in the back row’

  • CountLippy

    I find doing the “money fingers” gesture really eases the tension.

  • Maxwell 1

    Denial is a defense, so anyone who denies they have white privilege are lying, which gives credence to this idiots “model.” Won’t work lefties – those days are gone

    • Dan Austin

      I have to disagree with your conclusion that “those days are gone”. The ‘swamp’ is way too big, widespread, and powerful to be taken down by Trump and his supporters. The biased news, lying politicians, and liberal group think will put the democrats in charge of the House next year.

      At that point Trump’s presidency will essentially over, since the House will be too busy having impeachment hearings, with biased news media constantly painting Trump in the most negative light possible, to pass any of Trump’s legislation — you know, the exact opposite of how they covered their favorite rapist, Bill Clinton.

      In 2020 the democrats will own all 3 branches of government. Besides open borders and control of opposition free speech, they will give citizenship and voting rights to about 12 million illegal aliens, which will put the democrats in charge permanently.

      The latest polls show that a majority of voters want the democrats in charge of the House. Google it:
      Poll: Voters give Democrats edge to lead Congress – POLITICO.

  • DvdPvlch

    This is the sort of thing that the Chinese, Russians, and Jihadis read and laugh. Western Civilization is writing its own epitaph. Not one shot will be fired, but Western Civ will be conquered by this supreme lunacy. To you that posted and have your businesses, you will eventually retire. Think about what is coming of age that will be taking over. It is beyond pathetic.

  • Jack76

    Maybe little stickers on the light switches that say thank a white man when the light goes on.

  • homertownie

    Funny how they don’t want white people to fight back against racism against them. The message to white people is “SHUT UP AND TAKE IT”.

  • Vince Dabecco

    Horse dung!
    More liberal-socialist racism by the inteligenti idioti ignorami
    And their adoring mush for brains studenti pay money to go to these schools??

  • CFC

    Commission: EU Too White, Mass Third World Migration Must Be ‘New Norm’
    Prep the LZ and the trains to camp. All white people report to your assigned cars for transport and process…. Oh wait If there’s no white people who will drive the train and maintain the equipment? Dammit we didn’t think this out….

  • Bobby Hammons

    I am proud to be white. It’s OK to be white.

  • Navel Gazing 101.

  • M McLain

    The whiteness session utilized the “Privileged Identity Exploration Model” developed by University of Iowa professor Sherry Watt ( https://diversity.uiowa.edu/people/sherry-watt )

    Wait…I thought it was racist for white people to assume that they understand the and speak for the black experience. But this black lady somehow understands white culture and and experience and can create programs that demand we repent for …well…something. Sounds pretty racist to me.

  • SJMWilco

    show up for the first day in a ‘white is always right’ t-shirt and take it from there.

  • Jack Steffen

    More and more I’d like to see all colleges and universities in this nation closed. They do absolutely nobody any good. In fact, they actively harm this country. Rot like this just proves me correct.

    • West_Coast

      They’re not “college campuses”. They’re the American version of Mosques labeled as “Higher Institutions of Learning”.

      • Jack Steffen

        Call them what you want – they should all be closed and shuttered. I prefer to think of them as seminaries for left-wing liberalism.

      • Kaine’sJailbirdSon✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

        Collegiate Insane Asylums.

  • West_Coast

    Diversity for its own sake is a bankrupt concept.

  • cyberdove

    I’ll never donate to UofM again.

  • Count_Yob

    It’s hard to square the fiction of “white privilege” with affirmative action and minority set asides that actively discriminate against white people.

  • Gmama

    Remember when university staff worked on ways to teach students literature, higher reasoning, math, science, and other academic subjects.

    • An eye on liberals.


  • Ashley Brenton

    You want to overcome “white discomfort”? Easy. Simply declare that you are responsible only for your own actions, beginning the day you were born.

    There is no collective, historical guilt. I do not own the sins of everyone who ever lived who happened to also be of European ancestry.

  • ExSF

    If race really is just a meaningless social construct, as the intellectual left maintains, then why do so-called “whites” have to try to come to terms with something that doesn’t actually exist?

  • M S

    “University teaches white employees how to overcome the ‘discomfort’ of being whit”

    I think we can now safely say that “university” attendees and employees are pretty much worthless.
    Time for a full-scale military draft.

  • Foxwater

    Millennial smart phone culture is pathetically softer than yogurt. Bad timing as we are losing the toughest Greatest Generation day after day.

  • Reasonandbelieving

    Inclusion is not a value unto itself . The only diversity that has any logical and moral value is organic.
    Forcing diversity , or planning for it, is the antithesis to any positive aspect resulting from it.
    The “vibrancy” must come of its own accord, otherwise you’ve jus created a laboratory of multicultural rats whom you put together in order to experiment on and study.

  • Sir Charles

    I love being white and I can’t change that because my parents were both white. Sorry, if I offended any non-white people. Actually I’m not (ha), get over it and accept who you are.

  • Marathon-Youth

    It is about time, though I disagree that whites feel any ‘discomfort’ of their privilege in America.

  • beenthere

    Who desides whether or not you comfortable of not with your color. Just more nonsence to drive an even wider divide among the people of this country. It will be interesting to see how all this shaming and liberal idealism will do to the students that take this as normal life.

  • Kaine’sJailbirdSon✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    Nick Smith and his cohorts need to “check his privilege” and answer questions and be held accountable for these brainwashing seminars.

    Your tax dollars at jerk.

  • Doctorcrime

    I LOVE HAVING “White Privilege”…who wouldn’t ? Only the jealous…

  • Christopher

    Andrew Johnson, thanks sincerely for your efforts on this and other topics involving the cause of Liberty.. But for you and those like you, i shudder to think………

  • Skyhawk

    Utter garbage. But any rational person already knows this. The relentless march of the left will only be quelled by violence. I am not calling for it, just commenting that it will never, ever stop.

  • Mike_E_V

    You want whites to deal better with social justice issues? How about training for those non-whites to quit threatening every human being they encounter white or otherwise? The whiteness issue escalated during the Obama era and that Administration’s policies. Do the math. Non-white cultures exploit, harm and kill their own kind and blame it on white skin. Pathetic. I don’t care how down trodden you get, (been there, living in my car, etc.) you don’t rob, assault or kill to raise yourself up. This is entitlement thinking at its worst. U of M has become a s**thole of useless propaganda. Take away their accreditation before they destroy any more young minds. The people involved in these outrageous theories and programs somehow believe only they understand life and social issues. You must walk in Black or Hispanic shoes to understand white privilege. For starters it’s time they consider walking in white shoes as we watch once pristine neighborhoods degrade into ghetto style trash bins with 6 cars (4 not running) parked on the front lawn. (lawn?=weeds=dirt) 14 people living in a 3 bedroom house and the refuse never seems to make it fully into the trash cans. Why is it so many non-whites insist on turning once prosperous areas into the hell holes from which they claim they came here to escape?

  • Christopher

    It is my privilege as a white Californian to be taxed to the teeth to support an endless financial stream of money directed at those who hate me. Ain’t it great!!!!??

  • MichMike

    There is a new “public” service ad on TV that has a variety of different nationalities (none white) telling us they are not all alike. Brought to you by the SAME people who claim all whites are racist. If the left didn’t have the simple minded, they would have nothing to do.

    • Mike_E_V

      Problem is the left leadership is only a quarter of a notch above those they lead.

  • 1jd1

    This training session could not be a more blatant display of racism itself……

    Only RACISTS have a problem with white people

  • Waya Hedia

    So.. lemme get this straight. They spend years trying to make white people feel arbitrarily guilty.. then they try to teach them how to deal with their ‘guilt’. Sounds like a circle jerk to me. If you look closely at the people behind these fiascos they’re usually confused, hateful bigots in the first place.

  • Michael Redford

    I have no problem with my “whiteness” I do not care for racist social justice being taught in schools though and I pity the kids buying in to this hate and self defeating attitude.

  • LoveTheUSA

    I am so glad my college student is not SJW. We know that upon graduation he can get employed or start a company and these little idiots will answer to him, not the other way around. Enough PC BS. I am going to enjoy watching the SJWs go down in flames, broke and stupid.

  • Mad Dog

    What you say: What it means:
    “I’m racist.” You’re racist.
    “I regret my racism.” You’re racist.
    “I’m not racist.” You’re racist.
    “What’s white privilege?” You’re racist.
    “I like pudding.” You’re racist.

    See the pattern?

    • Mike_E_V

      Damn! I’m screwed. I love pudding.

      • Mad Dog

        Pudding: the Racist Dessert. Along with strawberry shortcake, banana cream pie, chocolate cake and everything else white people like.

    • 1jd1

      Don’t forget not only are you racist but you’re a Russian or “colluding” with Russians……

      LMAO.leftys are so dumb

  • militant

    Screw you (them)! Mighty white and proud of it.

  • An eye on liberals.

    Interesting, my grandfather’s white privilege got them an early death before 60 via coal mining and black lung. They were doing this thing called working. My parents as children used an outhouse and had limited plumbing, so their privilege didn’t get them that far. Me, I’m well off due to a long line of hard working family. We got there by hard work. Try it.

  • peggy6824


    White people are purposely being humiliated and worst of all they allow it!

    People should be proud and confident!

    How do you spell “STUPID”!

    • Buddy

      it is worse that “allowing” it….they are PARTICIPATING in it and even worse…organizing it as well

  • Waya Hedia

    THIS is why Trump won. It has nothing to do with White Supremacy. Just common sense.

  • Bunson Honeydew

    Perhaps they are overthinking this whole thing. Maybe they should look at people for who they are and not what category they can file them into.

    Slow down and think more Martin Luther King Jr.

    • Gary

      Its called identity politics. Liberals can’t win in the arena of ideas, so all that’s left is to divide the citizens against each other.

      • Martialis

        That is so true.

    • Mike_E_V

      If only these antagoniststs where that thoughtful.

  • Buddy

    I’ll say it again..THESE PEOPLE ARE INSANE!!!!!!

  • E.C.

    Ought to demand truth from these organizers. It ought to say, “Why we have judged you to be bad by seeing the color of your skin. Come hear from Racists about how you, who have a bad color of skin, must behave so we might possibly forgive you for being born in a color we don’t like” Or how about: “Learn to see yourself as we see you because of your skin color.” Racists, the lot of them. They have become the monsters.

  • Tanteleis Strawberryfields

    The article states: “Watt states there are eight defenses people use to avoid recognizing
    their privilege. Examples of defenses include “denial,” where someone
    simply refuses to admit their privilege, and “minimization,” where
    someone trivializes the impact of their privilege.”…..This is related to blacks more so than whites.

  • Keith Owen

    What a load of crap. Just another institute of higher indoctrination.

  • Martialis

    It’s interesting to me that it is always white people who are expected to bend and accommodate everybody else.

  • vobmfas

    Academia truly is the last refuge of the otherwise unemployable.

  • Buddy

    could you imagine the disgust if a Black person railed on about the “evils” of black people
    how is this not the same ?

    white people today (whom, by the way have NEVER OWNED SLAVES) are raging about the evil of being white…

  • Buddy

    so there were….how many people listening to this BS? 3? or 4?

  • mattmo79

    Never underestimate the stupidity of those teaching our youth.

  • trudat

    This hyper focus on skin color (vs individual character) by Liberals and Liberal institutions demonstrates to the world who the real racists have always been….them.

    • Buddy

      the left believe that individual character is some how shaped by skin color

      i have proof that they are wrong……Obama was Black and he was STILL an elitist and a racist

      • hazmat-Latina4Trump

        No surprise I get the stink eye from the Dems for being a Latina supporting Trump. It’s hilarious because they’re flummoxed. They can’t call me racist, hillbilly, trailer park trash, uneducated, blah blah blah.

        • Buddy

          Democrats can’t understand why you want to KEEP other Democrats out of America…

          this is a FACT…the only reason Democrats want OPEN BORDERS is so that the down trodden in Mexico will VOTE for Democrats ..

          it is insanity that they do not understand that Republicans do not want to IMPORT NEW Democrats in numbers

  • Mark Cottrell

    Idiots, no wonder our schools pale in comparison to other countries. It starts in HS and the dimwits advance to college. Asian students are too busy studying thermodynamics and mechanical engineering practices to bother with this

  • McSwag

    What lunacy.

  • Lee Norris

    Classic test to see if something is racist. Change white to black. If it sounds offensive that way it’s racist.
    This is racist.

  • GHerblabnik

    I was white. I got over it. What’s all the fuss? (sarc) America is doomed with that kind of people teaching – strike that – indoctrinating our young.

  • Marathon-Youth

    I have no idea what the article wants. I made a comment and that was stopped.

  • rentslave

    They’ve been doing this in every country they’ve invaded for centuries.A Final Solution is needed.

  • freddy 123

    if all the people had the choice to be what race they wanted to be they would choose white

    • hazmat-Latina4Trump

      As evidenced by all the hair straightener products on the market

      • chattering teeth

        And the bottle blonds.

  • sirandrew

    I am white and have no feeling of discomfort.I am comfortable on who I am .The blacks should be the ones to have discomfort..Look at the prisons where blacks dominate, look to the inner cities where blacks dominate.to gain respect,one has to deserve it ,We have ,through our welfare system, created a sub culture that is a cancer to or society

    • Buddy

      but…but…it is society’s fault

  • Richard Piotrowski

    It must be the end times. The world has truly gone mad. Or, at least the part that the liberal elites inhabit.

  • Bob Clampett

    Yet another indication of how the American university degree is becoming increasingly worthless.

  • Joey Smith

    Whenever someone says they want to have “an open discussion about race” it means that you dann well better opine properly. They will start by making it seem they have an open mind, but the underlying message is always to conform, fall in line, and take the liberal stance.

  • rentslave


  • Man these people attending these Liberal/Progressive Schools are going to be eaten alive once they hit the real world.

    • Buddy

      well fortunately for them….much of the “real world” is being consumed by their kind

  • Tim Bresnahan

    Kill Da White Man –

  • John Wallace (Party of One)

    I think this is a great basis to sue the university. What employer can have classes that insult employees race and instruct them how to get over their blackness.

  • Rogertc1

    I have no problems being white. Do not feel bad about it.

    • Buddy


    • Jorge

      Are you in the Klan too?

      • hazmat-Latina4Trump

        Jorge, eres o te haces?Acuerdate el Hispano tiene sangre blanca.

        Are you for real? Remember Hispanics also have white blood coursing thru us.

        • Jorge


      • Rogertc1

        You on crack? Why do you hate yourself?

      • Rogertc1

        No I am white with Hungarian, English and Irish heritage. Proud of my Heritage, Why not? What is “Klan”Jorge?

      • Rogertc1

        No silly

  • Joe_MaMa

    White Lives Matter…

    • Hedley Lamar

      Not in Michigan

  • stronmness

    how big a Miss Nancy boy would you have to be to attend such a conference?

  • Jorge

    I am a proud white man, native to North America & a dominant male.
    The white man has made the world a better place.
    Black men have made Africa a hell hole.
    Why should I be ashamed of my race?

    • Buddy

      because in the anti Trump world …it would be considered RACIST if you are proud of anything “white”

      • Jorge

        WHITE POWER!!!

  • Andrew Popper

    I want to ask these vermin “Do Orientals (East Asians) have White Privilege?” Chinese and Japanese Americans, for example have higher incomes than whites. The only “Privilege” is being born with larger brains and higher IQ’s. You can look that up. Political Correctness is a mental infection. PoliticalCorrectnesSucks.net

  • TRex:ex

    How do state universities get away with this racially-discriminatory claptrap?

  • What kind of insanity is prevailing in our universities?

    • Hedley Lamar

      The kind that can only be fixed by cutting off funding and legislating pay cuts.

  • jerry mann

    I’m HAPPY, that I’M WHITE……………

  • MicheleLloyd

    Raised three kids (all white) and fortunately none of them brought home stupid broads like Sherry Watts, or limp-wristed wussies like Smith for me to meet.

  • Alphonsus Jr. ✠ Dᴇᴜs ᴠᴜʟᴛ
  • freddy 123

    Do these billionaires like cosby,oprah have black privilege?

  • libnot

    Maybe they should just take tanning pills.

  • Buddy

    the LEFT live in a world of intersectionality…look it up and study this.

    according to the left’s scale of intersectionality every race, gender, creed and religion has a “sliding scale of greatness” attached to it…it can also be called a victim-hood scale…

    WHITE, HETERO, MALES being the LOWEST on their scale …and the highest would be homsexual, transgender, black, Muslim, women with one eye and 9 toes…in fact 95% of all animals on the planet rate HIGHER than WHITE, HETERO, MALES..so do most rocks and all trees

    the only exception to this scale are the unborn babies of any gender or color

  • Hedley Lamar

    What this really means is employers will cross this university off their hire list.

  • bamared2222

    Colleges are so out of touch with reality. They have no idea the chaos they are creating for students and employers. All of this progressive garbage and insane PC is splitting our society. College administrators and professors feel they are the liberating academics with intellectual wisdom. Actually, they are empty-headed dumb asses!

  • freddy 123

    White liberals are the only people who hate their race and wont defend their race.Do they hate themselves?

    • Iflyfast, Deplorably fast

      They should because they suck.

  • RIR fan

    Interesting that they capitalized the word “Whiteness” whenever they used it. Isn’t this disrespectful to non-whites?

  • Robert What?

    To paraphrase the late great Charlton Heston, they can pry my White Privilege out of my cold dead fingers.

    • Ho Jo

      “Take your stinking paws off me you damn dirty ape!”

      • Robert What?


    • Buddy

      Soylent Green is people!”

      • Robert What?

        Well, I was specifically referring to his tenure as head of the NRA, but that’ll work too 🙂

  • EchoLibertyReturns

    I find it extremely comfortable! No discomfort here.

  • RagsOnYouSchwags

    here’s a thought on how to “talk about social justice issues, ” just don’t because it’s total bullsh*t. problem solved 🙂

  • Ray Nagan’s cellmate

    “Unpack” my whiteness?? Seriously…. any white person that would sit through this needs immediate psychiatric help.

    • Buddy

      the LEFT are insane

  • libertatem annulos

    Academia needs a good hard purge to rid it of the destructive cultural Marxism that has infected it for the past 100+ years.

  • Ringo

    If these white people would just scrub a bit harder they could relieve themselves of some of this whiteness. Oh wait, that will just make them whiter. Never mind.

  • Ho Jo

    That’s the problem when your college takes guberment money

  • Crocodile9

    Liberalism and political correctness have long since permeated our education system K thru degree. As a result there is now little noticeable difference between K and degree. Why waste all that time and $ on college? Get a job, start a business, learn from successful people instead of campus idiots. (GROW UP!)

  • JohnBreland

    As a Caucasian, I could teach that class. It would only take about 30 seconds: “Welcome, class. You’re White? Very well. I don’t care. Like everybody else on this campus, you’re a human being. Now get back out there, be comfortable and confident in your humanity, and make these race mongers who try to make everything about color as uncomfortable as hell.


    Oh I am so privileged to not have made the choice to smoke crack, impregnate as many women as possible without marrying any, to sleep though 12 years of a tax payer paid education, and to turn down every job offered to me because it’s beneath my dignity.

  • Username__already__exists

    Replace “Jew” with “white” and you have fascism at it’s worst.

    • Buddy

      to be fair….the Jews spent the better part of 2000 years being SLAVES

      • Username__already__exists

        And you don’t think most white people were slaves from the days of the Roman Empire until the modern age? Do you have any idea what peasants lived like? They were essentially field hands for the guys in the castles.

  • dudefromdixie

    Why in the h$ll does liberal white America want to destroy white America? Scratching my head.

    • Buddy

      to the LEFT….America is OPPRESSIVE…and WHITES are the oppressors who oppress the oppressed (people of color)

      it is exhausting keep up with the failed ramblings of leftists

  • Craig Hobson

    Just quit your jobs and let this place burn to the ground. Ridiculous. Reverse discrimination isn’t how you fix past discrimination.

  • TiredOfIt


  • Jim

    I’m so proud to be white!! No guilt or feelings of white superiority. Just proud!!!

  • dudefromdixie

    Whites are privileged to own 90% of the legal 300M guns and 300B bullets. That privilege may come in useful really soon.

  • Alex Kaplun

    I do not feel any discomfort to be white.
    Shall I hang myself??

  • JustAnothrAnimal

    For the last frekkin’ time!: We’re not uncomfortable being white. We’re uncomfortable with people who aren’t. And we’re really uncomfortable with people who can’t seem to see past the color of our skin and seek to deny us fundamental, constitutionally protected rights.
    Now STFU and climb back into mommy’s basement.

  • Tim Fulton

    They need to do a class on white genocide in South Africa and cover the atrocities and horrific abuse the white farmers their face at the hand of the black majority including rape of elderly white women severe torture and murder of white farmers and their children and families

    • dudefromdixie

      Zulus there want confiscation of all white property with no compensation. Coming soon to a theater near you.

  • The Count of Monte Cristo

    This whole “White privilege” program is brainwashing straight out of a North Korean prison camp. It is designed to condition otherwise normal White people to ignore the obvious, stark reality that “some people” can not abide by the rules, customs, and standards of Western, i.e. White, Civilization because these “people” are congenitally degenerate, incompetent and/or criminal. The purpose is not to the uplift these “people”, that is nigh impossible, but to tear down Western, i.e. White, Civilization.

  • Red Eric

    The difficulties of being white include paying for all the gimmedats. Gimmedats hired due to PC hire only gimmedats when promoted to do so. Then they hire consultants to do what they were hired to do. Fraud in gimmedat programs is nearly 50%. That means every gimmedats is receiving for two.

  • Luv2GoFly

    I have no discomfort being white. Quite proud of it actually.

  • American Snipper

    I love my Whiteness, why on earth do you not embrace it? If you can’t handle your whiteness, you might try a bullet to the brain…

  • belugaz

    Do they have do they have classes for being assh*(ES, for having classes like this?

  • BinRaleigh

    To get over the “discomfort of being white” get rid of your self respect, stop paying taxes and get on the dole.

  • Jose

    What a Racist thing for the University to do.

  • RalphCramden

    Hopefully they include how not to look at all employed black people as having gotten hired because of some affirmative action quota that lowered the standards and not on hired on merit.

  • luvitall21

    Someone tell them that Obama is no longer President.

    • David Kachel

      Obama was never President.

  • David Kachel

    I find that punching a lefty in the face as hard as I possibly can relieves my discomfort with my “whiteness”, instantaneously. And if that lefty happens to get up (not very likely), I can then have twice the relief!

  • JustVisiting

    When my “whiteness” causes me discomfort, the heebee jeebies, or willy nillies, I just hop on the next jet available, hit the beaches in St. Martin’s, come home with this glorious tan, and poof!, discomfort all gone!

  • higggs

    This racist garbage against white people needs to STOP- I suggest that from this point on, white people only hire other whites, fire all others, do business only with other whites, vote white only…

  • Luv2GoFly

    So, just last week, I was in the Dallas area. Caught a Lyft to DFW, and the driver was from South Africa, and had been a farmer there. I asked him about the issues with the white farms being taken over by the black Africans. He related that his neighbors on the neighboring farm were butchered by the blacks, and their farm was taken over. It was a very prosperous mango farm, but within a year, the farm had failed, and so the new “owners” elected to simply burn it down. Freakin’ idiots simply had to keep the farm up – all the hard work establishing the farm had been already been done. Yeah, try and tell me that whites are the problem and that all cultures are equal…I say BS.

  • Michael

    I’m not white, but tan.
    Negroes aren’t black but tan to brown.
    The white/black thing is polarizing.
    The government is the biggest discriminator.
    Stop discrimination now.

  • Regulas

    LOL when you start to think liberal loonies can’t get any more loony………

  • Clem

    Ashamed of being white ……… hell NO! I thank God everyday that I AM, as if I ever had a choice.

    I do know there are a whole bunch of folks that are JEALOUS as hell of US, I’m very sure of that.

  • Simon Battle

    How the heck is this not anti-white racism?

  • Simon Battle

    how is this

  • Luv2GoFly

    White guilt is a pathetic thing to behold…

  • Biff_Maliboo

    ‘White liberals, in their hunger for humiliation, will take as revealed truth anything an Angry Black Man says.’
    -S.I. Hayakawa

  • Cuffy

    And this is what many are paying a king’s ransom for? To have their heads filled with this barge bilge!?

  • Liz

    It is very simple and no conference is necessary. GROW A SET!!!!!

  • Jack Melow

    I’m really surprised that Universities haven’t begun advising their white students and faculty to commit suicide. I mean, think about it. There will be one less white person, you won’t have to suffer the awful white guilt any more, and you’ll be saving the planet by reducing your carbon footprint as much as possible by ending your consumption. As an added bonus you can’t possibly have white children to continue the oppression of minorities and the destruction of our planet. Step it up a notch looney libs!

  • Jack Frost

    I feel so ashamed for being White…Not!

  • Earnest Evanston

    University of Michigan is now off the list for our kids. Vote with your pocketbook and VOTE OUT ALL DEMOCRATS!!!

  • Kropotkin

    such a cush job…

  • warpsix

    Makes me want to slap the parents…

  • shalapnagog

    This is either just creepy real or both, I’m thinking both.
    Checked out the links and did some research on my own about actual Majors in
    gender studies. Did people miss out in biology in like 5th grade? Guess they
    got “educated out of it”. Anywho, there is no such thing as a white
    person according to common sense, just like there is no such thing as a
    burgundy person. Place a paper towel or some white paint up against your skin
    and see if it matches. In 5th grade science class I was showed that white is made
    up of all colors and black was devoid of color. That is just some science for
    any sjw white privilege idiots. With that said, they must be referring to
    Caucasians (Anyone North of the Caucasus Mountains), which anyone who is trying
    to actually be a part of the sjw lgbtqttsshdahfkafhk etc.. movement is “trying”
    to debate about just here in the USA. But mostly all of these people ARE
    Caucasians. I doubt they even know their own history. Do any of these
    “people” know any history? How about when Sicily was pillaged and
    raped by many different cultures, the Nords and the Arabs and the Moors from Morocco
    which are African and enslaved them? This type of thing happened all over the
    world at different times. But lets focus on the USA which I agree that the
    democratic African slave move was not right. But catch my drift privilege is
    different than luxury. A toilet is a luxury, a privilege is an honor.

  • Will Rogers

    White privilege simply means you pay. You will get no free rides. Your home, school, auto, phone, food, etc will all be paid for by you…this is ‘white privilege’ and I found that out right after high school.

  • TheWorldsHighest

    So when does white trash and white privileged intersect? Does a rich black kid have no privilege while a white kid born in a trailer to meth heads is privileged? Are people in college more privileged then most of the worlds population? Yes. But You won’t here them admit that. Liberals are insane.

  • Steve

    If you are over 35 you grew up being told by the left over and over and over that no one can judge people as a group, that people can only be judged individually. ANYONE that made a judgement about a race as a group was attacked as a racist.

    Yet here they are now…

  • freeinpa

    What they need is to find a cure for the mental illness commonly known as liberalism

  • akjim99

    The only necessary response to someone having issues with White Supremacy: “Grow the fuck up.”

    • Buddy

      that would be RACIST…

  • zanzara2041

    Whoo-hoo! Another form of showing how white people are so superior that they will have to teach themselves how to feel more comfortable with their superiority. Hah, hah, hah!!!!

    Another way of saying it from madworldnews dot com:

    “Liberals have a nasty habit of demanding equality for minorities, which they already have, while subsequently treating them with special privilege. Thusly, liberals are showcasing the belief that minorities are not equal to the white majority and are not actually endowed with the ability to do for themselves as the white majority. In reality, the left is perpetuating the idea that minorities are inferior races that are not as capable and resourceful as whites, and that they must be dependent upon the white majority. This is nothing short of a racist mindset.”

    • Heartland Patriot

      And over 100 years ago, Booker T. Washington called them out on that kind of stuff. Of course, he’s not very popular among black folks these days, imagine that.

    • Winston Smith


  • Racher

    These people can not to be allowed to teach or even be around people. It is time to defund the universities until they get back to basics.

  • Derek001

    Colleges have given up. No longer do the try to elevate, no that’s too hard. Much easier to bend over and lower standards and try to BS whites to be lazy too

  • YippiKiAyMoFo

    “…the model purports to be a method for understanding how people react to stimuli that alert them of the privilege they hold.”

    Privilege? I work, I get paid, I have a RIGHT, not a privilege, to keep what I earn (minus reasonable taxes to maintain the country’s infrastructure and security) and spend it how I like.

    I have a RIGHT, not a privilege to not be accosted and assaulted by people who want to steal what is RIGHTfully mine.

    There is no “privilege” here, only rights.

    • Buddy

      there you go..i will help you understand how these crazy people think…

      “PRIVILEGE”…the only reason you work is because you are WHITE

      “PRIVILEGE” …the only reason you get paid is because you are WHITE

      everything YOU have worked for is considered by the LEFT “PRIVILEGE”

      and because you are WHITE ..you were GIFTED your “opportunity”

      if somehow you were BLACK..you would be in PRISON or born into poverty by a SINGLE mother after your father impregnated her and left her to raise you alone in squarer …so be lucky you are white…

  • pashawn

    this is the most racist thing I’ve heard in while. Although since the university is full of people so much smarter than me I’m sure they could explain how it’s not racist at all

    • MrWorldCitizen1

      They have to be “highly educated” to be that stupid.

  • Randy Brown

    stupid , moronic “A” holes, i’m a proud white man and trying to infuse me with guilt over being white, never going to happen liberal buttheads

  • Fred Doe

    How much more proof will it take for even the weakest minded among us to finally realize that liberalism is a dangerous, contagious mental disease being intentionally spread by those who have infiltrated our schools?

  • MrWorldCitizen1

    There is one race, the human race. Anyone attending and taking this “professional development conference” seriously, needs to be removed from the gene pool.

  • Mark

    I am white and have white privilege. White privilege is in general due to white people treating other white people “nice”. In general many white people can treat black people nice too. But black people treat other black people like crap in general. Black people need to treat other black people nice and they will experience “white privilege”. If black people can be nicer to other black people they will also learn to be nice to white people.

    The moral to the story. Treat people nice.

    God Bless President Donald Trump.

    • Heartland Patriot

      Yes, if a white person betters him or her self, then other white people will often say “Good job, way to go”, etc. If a black person betters him or her self, then other black people will often say “Who you think you be, some whitey? You just uppity”, or words to that effect.

  • Peter Stephens

    White’s are superior in many ways! Ask yourself why other races, choose or have chosen, slavery, or second class aspects? Do not accept this criminal attack, by intellectually inferior people. You want to move ahead in life? Then work your butt off and do not fall for dishonest discrimination, and outright racism, from any direction. Just remember! “I can not do! Therefore I teach!”

  • DWKeller

    How about a simple solution: fire the teachers and stop teaching this BS!

  • Has every college and university in the
    Nation gone Bat Shiite Crazy. GFY.

    • MrWorldCitizen1

      In a word….yes.

  • jrros

    What Morons Ahahahahahahahahahahahah

  • Calvin Snyder

    This rivals the stupidity of coloring books, crayons, and puppies for college students who were upset with the 2016 election results. If my son were enrolled there, I would be there this evening helping him pack to come home.

  • Fred Doe

    To any of you who actually continue to contribute to your now leftist alma mater’s destruction of your own culture,

  • KingofStreitHall

    Who approves this garbage? Time for parents to go all “mizzou” on these indoctrination factories and vote with their $$$

  • EileenDover

    I don’t go anywhere without my teddy bear and coloring crayons just in case I am overcome by my whiteness and have to calm down a little

  • Heartland Patriot

    Anyone who buys into that complete and utter steaming pile of manure, and says to themselves, “yes, I’m bad because I’m white” is a blithering moron. Stuff like this makes me happy to be a blue-collar technician. Those academicians can go fornicate themselves.

    • YippiKiAyMoFo

      And they often do. 😉

      • Heartland Patriot

        Yeah, you’re probably right, ha ha.

  • RLABruce

    When will teachers be taught how to overcome their blackness?

  • Worraz

    I hear wearing blackface works well.

  • Michele Archer

    And here we see another good argument for homes school ending with a technical or trade school. Beats being in the red for several grand along with becoming a freaking idiot.

  • Alana

    These people are crazy.

  • YippiKiAyMoFo

    Y’know, if it wasn’t for the Left, I could go days, weeks even, without thinking of myself as “white.” Its not a thing I waste time pondering, so why is it that they obsess over it so?

  • Tim GibbonZ

    I am so glad I was born black. Said no one.

    • Buddy

      Obama would NEVER have been President if he was WHITE…well all white…Hillary would have beat him in 2008

      • Tim GibbonZ

        You are 100% correct.

        • Buddy

          we would be coming off 8 years of a FAILED Hillary Presidency instead of 8 years of a FAILED Obama Presidency

    • Heartland Patriot

      And that is because they care more about their own skin color than their individual abilities or accomplishments…as trained to be by the political left/Democrat Socialist Party.

      • Tim GibbonZ

        Well stated. I lost all patience with the left long ago.

  • Garys_opinion

    What discomfort would that be?
    I have a feeling that a lot of these collages will be closing due to lack of interest.

  • whimsicalmama

    this has to be a sick joke, right???

  • WakeUp!SleepyLiberals!

    This is WHY you don’t send your kids right away to a major university NOR do you pick a career working at one of these communist indoctrination centers aka “universities”….

  • Guest

    I feel no discomfort about being white.

  • Dean Walsh

    Another exercise in lunacy brought to you by the eight years of BHO.

    Am I uncomfortable about my race? No. Am I proud of my race? No. I am completely and utterly indifferent about my race, as every thinking person should be.

    • Buddy

      CORRECT….all of this ANTI-WHITE talk is based on the FAILED 8 years under BHO

      blacks suffered the worst economic hardship under a black president like they have never since SLAVERY

      THANKS to President Trump..blacks are now seeing the lowest unemployment since that other white guy..the 1st Bush

  • TheChairman

    Notice how all these ‘white liberal’ professors won’t give up their tenure privileges or positions. Hypocrites.

    • TheWorldsHighest

      If they weren’t getting paid so well they wouldn’t have any reason to virtue signal. Most people that struggle to pay the bills don’t have time for identity politics.

  • Flyingfish42

    The proper response to people who give you crap for being white is to punch them in the face for being a racist. The incorrect response is to feel bad about it (being white or punching some mouthy SJW fuckwhit in the teeth)

  • akredpoll

    Let’s look at this from a rational viewpoint. How is privilege measured? I suppose there’s a definition out there, but how is it measured in a population or in an individual? Is there a measurement scale that is considered to be accurate? Does privilege change over time? How is privilege expressed between different groups – what would Chinese privilege look like, or Bantu privilege in Botswana? What happens when an individual’s privilege score doesn’t match the group’s privilege score? What are the estimates of privilege in other cultures throughout history? Does privilege also exist in animal populations, especially those closely related to humans, such as chimpanzees and gorillas?

    Even the most basic elements of scientific thinking aren’t addressed about the core statements articulated in this belief system. It’s the phrenology of our time. But it costs some people thousands of dollars each year. Pathetic.

  • tiotaco

    more silliness from libturd faculties, there is no college worthy of supporting.

  • LLinLa

    Psychology Today has a dead link but Wikipedia will suffice to explain the tactic used by these SJW’s: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaslighting Use of a volatile element like Truth will cause them to ignite or melt . . .

  • Gerald Jensen

    Hey–no discomfort here…and screw the University of Michigan and the horse they came in on and all the scumbag vermin leftie professors stinking up their so-called “faculty”…

  • David169

    Obviously the solution to a non-existent problem. I am an employer and I agree that V C below is correct. The college graduates are for the most part made mentally ill by the colleges.

  • letmepicyou

    The poisoners of the wells are doing their evil works. Meanwhile, the goyim are afraid to call them by name and drag them into the light from the shadows of Zion.

    • TJTruth2

      And here is our resident low information loser with the anti-semitic “why my life is sad” excuses.

      • tNJ

        well the ol professor is suggesting our life is sad excuse because we are white.

  • steve miller

    more liberal nonsense

  • RLABruce

    I am rereading a martial arts adventure series from the 1970’s that includes political and social humor, satire and commentary that was edgy for that day. It’s amazing how prescient it was. It’s called “The Destroyer,” by Richard Sapir and Warren Murphy. Black Pride was described in the books, as was Affirmative Action and Women’s Lib. Gender Confusion wasn’t there, but its seeds were planted in the descriptions of the counter-culture of the Millennial-aged generation of the day. Read any of the more than 100-plus books in the series; some of them could no longer be published today because they are so politically incorrect.


    Whitey built the schools you teachers hide in and collect pensions from.

  • tNJ

    My privileged white ancestry included my father king of the construction site with his ruling golden shovel and his father King Sal ruler of the machine press and his wife dressed in homemade robes. I’m going to puke. Bernie I do not want my taxes to pay for this free crap-let the SJW’ers wield a shovel and forget about college like my father

  • tampabaygirl

    I feel perfectly comfortable being of European heritage. Obviously leftists are the ones feeling bad about themselves.

  • Rupert Chappelle

    Racism sucks, both ways.

    How would African Americans think about teaching people to overcome the discomfort of “blackness?”

    Cell phones have made everyone STUPID.

    • tampabaygirl

      Remember when people were smarter than phones. Now phones are smarter than people. Young people don’t learn critical thinking skills anymore so they buy into all the garbage.

      • Rupert Chappelle

        Smart Phones – Opiate of the masses.

    • tNJ

      definitely brought on the devolution of the human race. Sad when a rock band has more knowledge oh humans than the esteemed professors.

  • Golfendude


    • ColoradoEyes

      Brilliant! Text to get around JPG and word search scanning software.

  • nearboston

    Waitaminnit, I’m getting confused… They’ve spent the last 10 years teaching us TO be uncomfortable about being white. Now they want us to overcome that? So is it cool to like my skin color again or not? Am I supposed to hate being white and not be uncomfortable?

  • thomashenryjr