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University floods building with cops because of new ‘White Racism’ class

Because professor received unspecified ‘disturbing’ messages

How fitting that Florida Gulf Coast University called upon law enforcement to protect a class where students are taught that law enforcement is fundamentally racist.

The sociology professor teaching the “White Racism” class, Ted Thornhill, thought it was a bunch of hullabaloo, and students quoted by the News-Press said nothing troubling happened during the first session.

The administration panicked when Thornhill “received some disturbing emails and phone messages from people upset about the course,” according to the News-Press, which doesn’t detail the content of the messages. (Any professor who teaches this material and doesn’t receive critical messages from the public isn’t trying hard enough.)

When it first reported about the coming 50-student course in November, the paper said it was controversial because “at least one flier about the class was defaced” and a College Republicans official thought the course name should be “Systemic Racism.” (Indeed, Thornhill has said he tells students “I am not talking about your mama” but rather that “racism is systemic.”)

Not only were police officers stationed both inside and outside the hall where the class met Tuesday, but a media scrum was “waiting for the class to end and to talk with Thornhill and his students” about their experience … learning about the syllabus, course requirements and Thornhill’s expectations.

Look at this exciting coverage of going to class:

No protestors showed up outside Reed Hall. Students strolled by the building on the way to class Tuesday morning. Inside Reed Hall, students sat on couches on the first floor as they stared at their laptop and cell phone screens before the start of their classes.

It’s not the first university to station police outside an anti-white event: California State University-San Marcos did the same for its “Whiteness Forum” last year, part of a professor’s course on “Communication of Whiteness.”

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Thornhill’s explicit motivation is to create activists out of students, he told the class Tuesday:

He said over the course of the semester the class will talk about ways white racism manifests across a range of institutions, including criminal justice, education, the workplace, families, romantic relationships and media. …

“Lastly, what we are going to do … is give students an opportunity to learn about ways to challenge and push back against a system … that discriminates and marginalizes and trivializes people who are not racialized as white,”  he said.

He said he’ll also use the “disturbing” emails and voicemails he received as part of the class.

Thornhill told the News-Press in November that he decided the teach the course – which has a long-running precursor at the University of Connecticut – because of student demand for “more classes on race and racism.”

He admitted the title was “provocative” but said it clearly specified that the class would not tell students “it wasn’t OK to be white.”

Here’s the full course description:

In this course, we will interrogate the concept of race; examine the racist ideologies, laws, policies, and practices that have operated for hundreds of years to maintain white racial domination over those racialized as non-white; and discuss ways to challenge white racism and white supremacy toward promoting an anti-racist society where whiteness is not tied to greater life chances.

Read the News-Press article and its previous coverage of the course.

h/t New York Post

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  • david smith

    So funny listening to blacks talk about all the violence perpetrated on them by cops when it is blacks themselves that are the most violent and criminal demographic in America according to FBI crime stats.
    That and the fact that almost every “Racist incident” turns out to be a black perpetrated hoax.

  • Larry Moran

    They step into a white world and are surprised at the ‘whiteness’ they find.
    The solution is to walk into a black world instead. You may have to build it first, since all the available black worlds seem to be dysfunctional, only working to the extent permitted by their appropriation of white stuff. It’s a bi tch. Philosophy, language, stable institutions, science and medicine, military expertise, the arts; you know. White stuff.

  • Nathan

    I don’t know what the end game is for these people. I don’t think they even know what they want. Sure, they have stated their positions time and time again: They don’t like white people. They are offended by the existence of whites who don’t self-flagellate or don’t praise BLM every five minutes. And they hate what they term to be “the system of white supremacy”. But what do they want instead?

    Do they want black supremacy? For nearly 20 years, the country of Zimbabwe under the leadership of Robert Mugabe forced white farmers off of their farms under pain of death. The white Zimbabweans fled the country. The country that was once the bread basket of Africa quickly became subject to poor crop management and famine. Mugabe was recently removed from power, and now some of the country’s elites are unbelievably trying to entice the white Rhodesian diaspora to return to Zimbabwe to farm again.

    Do they want Arab supremacy? Libya currently has an African slave trade. Arabs, you see, were enslaving blacks centuries before Britain and France became colonial powers. For all of their wrongdoings, European colonial powers went out of their way to end slavery. Arab states had no such compunction to end slavery, the pressure came from the Europeans to do so.

    Do they want Asian supremacy? China is currently sizing Africa up. Although the communist Chinese have courted African nations under the banner of “peoples oppressed by imperialism and capitalism”, their designs in Africa are about the same as their European predecessors. China is looking at Africa thinking about China, not thinking about Africa.

    I think the time has come to confront these people on their anti-white stances and ask them what do they really want. In this non-white supremacist utopia, will people still use the scientific method? Will they still believe in the rule of law? Will there be due process? Will there be a right to assembly?

    The best way to defeat an ideological opponent is to convince him how dumb his arguments are. I think that pressing these sorts people who hold these white privilege/whiteness conferences is a good start.

    • Jeny Jones

      Unfortunately, blacks for too long want to blame their cultural ills on anything but themselves. Deep shame prevents them from letting go of their victim card and looking at their part. There are some real harms caused by racism but no one can get themselves out of a life of deprivation except themselves. There needs to be real discussion of all sides of the issue, balanced with pros and cons, mutual accountability, and an honest discussion about personal responsibility. It is not a “black or white issue.” It is complex; full of shades of grey. Real education is examining the complexity of issues. I highly don’t that is what this professor wants to do.

  • UnsinkingTheTitanic

    Florida Gulf Coast University… the “White Racism” class

    FFS, is this class offered everywhere?