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79 UPenn profs: We celebrate creative, intellectual work of OWS

The tally of Columbia professors who have signed the petition in support of Occupy Wall Street is up to nearly 350. Joining their Ivy League colleagues? The faculty at the University of Pennsylvania.

An excerpt [emphasis ours]:

We join Occupy Wall Street in calling for urgent action to increase employment and to protect programs such as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, in part by requiring the wealthy, the investment bankers, and the large corporations to pay their fair share of taxes. We also join the protesters in decrying the disastrous effects of the costly, unjustified wars that the United States has been conducting overseas since 2001. Only by identifying the complex interconnections between repressive economic, social, and political regimes can social and economic justice prevail in this country and around the globe. We applaud the efforts to keep the protests peaceful and democratic.

As teachers we express our conviction that without social justice, education is a shell game. And as scholars we celebrate the creative and intellectual work of Occupy Wall Street as an essential partner to our own efforts to facilitate the emergence of a better social order and a smarter commitment to its lively perpetuation.

Since we did it for Columbia, here are the average salaries for non-medical professors at UPenn: $175,100 for full-time professors, $112,500 for associate professors, and $106,800 for assistant professors.

[The Pennsylvania]

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