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Biden would have faced ‘hundreds’ of Title IX investigations as a student under his own rules: DeVos

What can a Biden administration do to roll back the Trump administration’s new Title IX regulation on campus sexual misconduct investigations?

Surprisingly little without going through the yearslong rulemaking process that the Obama administration casually ignored in favor of legally unenforceable “guidance,” Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos* tells Robby Soave at Reason.

And even if Gropin’ Joe tells universities they can safely ignore the enhanced due process protections and jurisdictional limitations in the regulation, students will continue suing them because courts have largely required similar protections in recent years, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education senior fellow Samantha Harris says.

Biden would be wise to keep his voice down when discussing the issue, given his own well-documented handsiness and sniffing around women of all ages. DeVos told Soave that Biden would have faced “hundreds” of Title IX investigations, had the Obama administration guidance been in place when he was a student.

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