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Univ. of Chicago mulls disciplinary actions against protestors who wreak havoc on campus events

Protesting is one thing. Disrupting an event until it literally cannot proceed is quite another.

But student activists across the nation have made it a habit lately of not just protesting campus events they don’t like, but also shouting down participants, blocking entrances, storming the stage and getting in the faces of guest speakers, among other tactics.

At the University of Chicago, campus leaders are trying to get a hold of the problem. A committee is working to determine the best disciplinary actions against protestors who wreak havoc on campus events, the Chicago Maroon campus newspaper reports, noting group is charged with “proposing a disciplinary system for disruptive protests and other conduct that interferes with university business.”

Its probable recommendations include “the creation of a separate disruptive conduct-specific disciplinary system similar to the one for issues of sexual misconduct,” the Maroon reports, adding:

[T]he committee is especially interested in dealing with situations where the free speech interests of two groups or individuals come into conflict, citing an example last year when individuals celebrating Israeli Independence Day on campus were protested by members of activist organization Students for Justice in Palestine. Picker specified that the committee is not opposed to protests, which they expect on a university campus, but do take issue with the disruption of activities.

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