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‘Campus Roundup’: The College Fix unveils new weekly video program

The College Fix continues to grow its opportunities for talented and driven students seeking media careers with its newest venture, Campus Roundup, a weekly video program featuring interviews and commentary from campus journalists and College Fix editors.

Campus Roundup will give student journalists an opportunity to gain experience with video interviews, with The College Fix team offering instruction and tutelage to that end.

“We’ve always posted videos at The College Fix. But now we’re going to be more deliberate about it, producing excellent content on a regular basis with our editors and student reporters,” said John J. Miller, founder and executive director of The College Fix and its parent organization, the Student Free Press Association.

The program is hosted by Dr. Duke Pesta, a professor of English in the University of Wisconsin system and the director of FreedomProject. Dr. Duke has taught at seven different universities, from small liberal arts colleges to large research institutions, and has been involved in educational reform at every level, from elementary schools through graduate programs.

Pesta’s expertise and broad experience in academia uniquely qualify him to interview students about their articles and how they reflect pressing concerns facing higher education today.

“One of our missions is to train the next generation of outstanding journalists,” Miller said. “This will help us fulfill it, as they learn to work in this medium, improve their communication skills, and prepare for careers.”

Each episode will include three segments: a student reporter interviewed about their “Top Story”; a “Talking Campus” interview with a College Fix editor; and a “Final Fix” segment during which “Dr. Duke” signs off with some parting thoughts.

The debut episode features College Fix student reporter Amanda Tidwell of Ohio State University, who discusses her article summarizing 17 different campus hate-crime hoaxes in 2017, a piece that quickly went viral in late December.

The program will be hosted on The College Fix’s popular YouTube channel.

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