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Cheerleaders Quote the Bible, Liberals Attack

The latest liberal panic is happening right now down in East Texas, where  a group of cheerleaders have come under fire from their local school board for–gasp!–holding up a sign with a bible verse on it during a High School football game.

The hand-painted red banner created by high school cheerleaders here for Friday night’s football game against Woodville was finished days ago. It contains a passage from the Bible — Hebrews 12:1 — that reads: “And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us.”

That banner, and other religious-themed signs made by the high school and middle school cheerleading squads in recent weeks, have embroiled this East Texas town in a heated debate over God, football and cheerleaders’ rights.

School district officials ordered the cheerleaders to stop putting Bible verses on the banners, because they believed doing so violated the law on religious expression at public school events. In response, a group of 15 cheerleaders and their parents sued the Kountze Independent School District and its superintendent, Kevin Weldon, claiming that prohibiting the students from writing Christian banner messages violated their religious liberties and free-speech rights.

For the anti-religious left, there’s nothing more offensive in America than a dozen Jesus-loving cheerleaders who want to exercise freedom of speech. These are the kinds of people who are always devoted to freedom except when it applies to anyone whose views they don’t agree with.


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