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College Students’ Overuse of ‘Racism’ – Funny Or Scary Serious?

An Althouse blog post noted that columnist George Will on Fox News Sunday dismissed how college kids today cry “racism” this and “racist” that all the time:

“Look, liberalism has a kind of Tourette’s syndrome these days. It’s just constantly saying the word ‘racism’ and ‘racist.’ … You go to a campus where this kind of political correctness reins [sic], and some young person will say looks like it’s going to rain. The person listening says, you’re a racist. I mean it’s so inappropriate. The constant implication of this that it is, I think, becoming a national mirth.”

Based on hearing Will’s tone of voice, it’s clear — I think! — that Will meant it would work amongst today’s college kids to say “You’re a racist” as a punchline when somebody says something obviously race-neutral (such as “looks like it’s going to rain”). “You’re a racist” has been overused to the point where it’s not just boring or unbelievable, but a laugh line — a national mirth.

But frequently, The College Fix reports on these students and their claims of racism, and there is no mirth involved. These kids are angry. These students have huge chips on their shoulders. Students who attend one of the most prestigious university on the globe, Dartmouth, say they’re racially oppressed. At UCLA, a group of black students angrily growled into a camera and told the world they’re marginalized and victimized and abused. At the University of Michigan, black students claim exactly the same thing.

Three examples, but it’s everywhere. Every campus. Social science professors teach students to be angry. Not just minorities, women too. Telling them they’re victims. Distorting academics to create a sea of confused, bitter, vitriolic young people. Young people who vote. Young people who have become disillusioned with America.

During the height of the Trayvon Martin fervor, the young man in the hoodie was championed by professors and students as a martyr, an example of how things really are in America. White against black. Anger. Rage. Hatred. It was ugly. It still is.

No, the cries of racism are not mirthful. Not in the least.

Jennifer Kabbany is associate editor of The College Fix.

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