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CUNY adjunct professor: All white people responsible for ‘ideology of racialized terrorism’

An adjunct professor from City University of New York says the “ideology of racialized terrorism” is the responsibility of all white people in the United States.

In an interview with WBGO radio (which was taken offline shortly after being posted; the archived link is here), political science instructor Josie Gonsalves said that she has “seen enough” and proceeded to tie America’s racist and capitalist past to the current mass shootings of the present.

Gonsalves claims she left her island nation (she doesn’t identify it) — “a parliamentary democracy with vigorous intellectual discourse and robust civic engagement” — and upon arrival in the US was “assigned” the designation of “immigrant, non-white, and ‘other.'”

That “other” is key, Gonsalves says, as white America has a history of engaging in the ethnic cleansing of “others,” starting with Native Americans.

The professor also has an interesting way to describe the Civil War: “So fierce, the fight for ownership of human beings as chattel, America waged a Civil War from 1861-65 to maintain, property rights over Black bodies.”

From the story:

This political ideology of racialized terrorism rests with every white designated person in this country. White neoliberals cloak themselves in a fantasy that the race war exploding on the streets of America rests discreetly in the hands of “crazies,” “far-right wingers,” “outliers” and even more mythic characterizations. So, America builds clinics and mental health hospital beds for White home-grown terrorists, but concentration camps and high-level security prisons for Black, and Black and Brown immigrants.

The killings in El Paso and Dayton this past weekend demonstrate, again, that the ugly of America is as mainstream as apple pie. This country’s history and praxis rest comfortably in the mythology of white superiority. In choosing to “other” fellow citizens [undocumented and documented Black and Brown immigrants; Brown and Black; Muslim and Jew], white America has damned this democracy into the hands of White terrorists. White America has laid the burden of the debt incurred by white supremacy on the bodies and psyches of the “other.”

Gonsalves goes on to wonder why we pay tribute every September 11 to “the once pillars of American capitalism,” but never to “the young Black and Brown” victims of domestic terror. She also claims a race war “is being thrust upon us.”

“White America,” she concludes, “can no longer expect to pay for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness with the red blood of those they want to Other, criminalize, dehumanize, disenfranchise, and marginalize.”

The College Fix asked WBGO why Gonsalves’s original commentary was removed, but did not receive a response.

According to her LinkedIn page, Gonsalves is a “sort-after [sic] public speaker and moderator on racial and social justice, and implicit bias” whose post-graduate studies at Rutgers included “reparative justice.”

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