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Dead people: Coming soon to a California university near you

A new law will force California public universities to help students abort their babies

SB 320, currently working its way through the California legislature, is ambitious: If passed, it would mandate that every public university and college in the state offer students access to RU-486. That’s the drug mifepristone, which is used to bring about medical abortions. Most of the times the pill is taken in the first trimester, but it is also used sometimes in the second trimester. The drug works by blocking progesterone, a hormone which is necessary for the continuation of a pregnancy and thus the baby’s survival; without it, the pregnancy will end and the baby will die. That’s abortion.

The modern university environment, which has place a high premium on sexual profligacy and post-sexual revolution mores, is naturally suited to the politics of abortion. This goes doubly in the state of California, which is deeply progressive, particularly where higher education is concerned. Providing abortion pills to university students is hardly subversive as far as California is concerned.

Abortion is brutally common in this country, and so perhaps we should not be surprised that it is making inroads to be officially sanctioned by university administrations. And yet it is still deeply distressing, at least for anyone who properly regards unborn human beings as just that—human beings. Every abortion is a tragedy; contra the giddy shout-your-abortion memes boosted by Planned Parenthood and Internet feminists, abortion is virtually always the needless taking of innocent human life. It is a bad thing. Making it more common is not a good thing.

There are a great many fronts on which the pro-life movement is fighting; at times we can feel stretched thin. This is not an accident. Every pro-lifer has to pick his battles, of course; you can’t be everywhere all at once. But at the very least we must be prepared to call pro-abortion efforts like SB 320 for what they are: A law that makes it more convenient to kill innocent people.

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