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Educational ‘equity’ consultant advocates burning ‘most books used in schools’

The notion of burning books is, or should be, quite repugnant to those with an interest in maintaining a free society.

Whether it’s environmentalists setting ablaze a book which challenges man-made global warming theory, or conservatives putting flames to a progressive’s anti-white-themed offering, never should Ray Bradbury’s warning of Fahrenheit 451  be forgotten.

But in “equity” consultant Kimya Dennis’s case, she’d likely shrug off that notion — because Bradbury was a white man.

In a now-deleted tweet from January 8, Dennis boasted that in her trainings and presentations, she requests “most books used in schools be burned” … because white people:

In fact, Dennis’s entire Twitter account now has been deactivated. You can still read her archived tweets, however, in which  she routinely advertises her services for “REAL equity and REAL justice.”

In one brief thread from earlier this month, Dennis claimed black students, both male and female, “feel empowered by talking trash to faculty and staff.”

When she asks these students what they think this bad-mouthing will accomplish, the response is animosity to predominantly white institutions (PWIs) not having “racial conscious trainings and racial conscious resources for Black students, Black faculty, and Black staff.” Dennis notes the students aren’t referring to the “white-based diversity training or implicit bias training” one may typically encounter.

She follows this up with “contact me if you want to utilize my services.”

What do her services entail? Dennis’s website looks pretty much like other equity/social justice/diversity pages, full of the “correct” buzzwords and phrases.

For example, “to improve organizational justice,” she says, “I can help your organization evaluate, assess, and make necessary changes to recruitment, education, trainings, and policies and procedures.” Dennis is “an educator, community advocate, consultant, and researcher specializing in demographic and cultural awareness, demographic and cultural variance, and REAL equity and justice.”

But her tweets give a better idea of precisely where she’s coming from. For instance, Dennis argues “power disparities” at colleges result in poor retention of minority students: “Power majority wants quick fixes and bandaid on deep wounds instead of hearing the REAL perspectives of students, staff, and faculty.”

“Most schools,” she continues, “hire outside consultants or use within-school Popularity Contest Colleagues because most schools refuse to encourage equity in the voices heard at the school.”

So, again, if you’re weary of this and want “honest dialogue, real changes, and annual assessments not based in power disparities and popularity contests,” she’s the expert you need!

It appears Dr. Dennis has done most of her consulting and presenting in North Carolina, specifically in the Guilford County Schools. Her workshops include gender discrimination trainings for school administrators, a “Difference between personal preference and official policy: School dress code” presentation, and a workshop titled “Personality or mental illness? Demographic and cultural variance in mental health.”

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