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‘Eirself or emself’: The bizarre campus pronoun wars

A crystalline example of weird progressive ideology

The campus pronoun wars are by now a familiar meme, but it is still worth reflecting on them simply because of how weird they are. A full culture has sprung up around alternative (i.e. made-up) pronouns: Individuals who have decided that, contra the facts of nature, they are something other than male or female and have also decided that they must be called something other than “he” or “she.” The proliferation of pronouns is something to behold: In some circles the number of pronouns run as high as at least eight.

A school official at American University recently suggested that this bizarre sub-culture should in effect become mandatory on that campus, a proposal that would force people to adhere to the belief that men and women can effectively shed their genetically hardwired identities in favor of something else. This idea has been floated at other universities. A few years ago such a plan might have seemed like a funny joke, the sort of thing you could laugh about but that would never actually come to pass. Several years from now it will probably be commonplace.

Here are the facts: The pronouns “he” and “she” refer to certain inarguable, immutable categories–male and female–and, barring rare genetic abnormalities, every single human being on earth falls into one or the other. Gendered pronouns are simply the way we use language to reflect reality.

Terms like “zirself” and “eself” are not reflective of that reality–they are instead corruptions of it, made in service to an incoherent and ultimately destructive ideology. We should resist this trend; it does nobody any good, least of all the people who believe themselves to exist outside the actualities of human biology.

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