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Ending affirmative action is ‘white supremacy,’ Democrats say

Congresswoman Omar suggests the Supreme Court is not a legitimate institution

The Supreme Court’s decision on Thursday to prevent racial preferences in college admissions is a form of “white supremacy,” according to elected Democrats.

“The Supreme Court just upheld white supremacy,” Representative Jamaal Bowman said in reaction to the decision, according to Rolling Stone. He also called the decision “infuriating, exhausting, and another body blow to our continued fight for justice and equality in America.”

Congressman Bowman also said the decision has “taken us back in time.”

Gene Wu, a Texas legislator, also called the decision a win for “white supremacy.”

“Congratulations to WHITE SUPREMACY for winning a huge victory today,” Wu tweeted.

“For decades, WHITE SUPREMACISTS have argued that there’s no need for direct affirmative action programs because institutional racism has been eliminated,” Wu said. “For anyone actually from minority communities, you know that’s complete bullshit.”

“If you want to see how ASIAN AMERICANS can be used to whitewash discrimination and support a White Supremacist agenda… Talk to Nikki Haley,” the Texas Democrat continued.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, also criticized the Supreme Court’s decision.

“If SCOTUS was serious about their ludicrous ‘colorblindness’ claims, they would have abolished legacy admissions, aka affirmative action for the privileged,” she tweeted. “70% of Harvard’s legacy applicants are white. SCOTUS didn’t touch that – which would have impacted them and their patrons.”

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota also linked the decision to “structural racism” and “white supremacy” while also appearing to question the “legitimacy” of the Supreme Court itself. She also pointed out, perhaps to undermine the validity of the decision, that a majority of the justices were appointed by presidents who lost the popular vote. However, the U.S. Constitution provides that the Electoral College determines the winner of the election, not a popular vote.

“Structural racism is not just a theory. It is reality in this country. Centuries of legal and de facto discrimination against people of color have led to white families holding 10 times the amount of wealth as Black families and being 28 times more likely to become millionaires,” she stated. “America’s schools remain highly segregated—with low-income and students of color facing persistent education barriers on every level.”

“Our country ratified the 14th amendment in the wake of the centuries of chattel slavery specifically to address racial hierarchy and white supremacy,” she added. “This Supreme Court is now upending the 14th amendment to uphold racial hierarchy and deny people of color the basic opportunities they have been denied in this country for centuries.”

“This decision is especially striking from a court where at least 3 justices are facing major corruption scandals, and the majority were appointed by Presidents who lost the popular vote,” she said. “No wonder American people increasingly see this Court as corrupt and facing a legitimacy crisis.”

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IMAGE: U.S. House of Representatives

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