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‘F*** you, Zionist scums,’ pro-Israel students at Cornell told

Here we go again — students and “professional” protesters are at it at Cornell, hooting and hollering the usual garbage about Israel and Israelis.

Back on November 19 — just one day after the slaughter of five Israelis by a Palestinian in a Jerusalem synagogue — Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and the so-called “professional” protesters were at Ho Plaza referring to Israel as a “racist,” “terrorist” and “apartheid” state.

The Cornell Review Blog reports:

About half of the SJPers stood on the north side of the plaza holding two large banners while the remainder stood about fifty feet down the plaza chanting the usual slogans–”Israel is an apartheid state!”–and berating pro-Israeli students who were waving signs that read “Israel is invested peace.” A few in the SJP cohort dressed in black and wore cardboard signs reading “IDF,” which stands for Israeli Defense Force. They along with some plain-clothes protesters role-played checkpoint searches of Palestinians.

Pro-Israeli students reported to The Cornell Review that SJP students ripped one of their signs and smeared ketchup on another. At times the confrontations became aggressive, devolving into close-up shouting matches.

One pro-Israeli student, who asked to remain anonymous, stated that he was repeatedly called “Zionist scum” and was continuously provoked by a protester saying “Slap me, bitch, you know you want to.” This protester, professional protester kat yang-stevens (she does not capitalize her name), reportedly stood “one centimeter” from pro-Israeli students’ faces while shouting at them.

The Cornell Daily Sun reported other quotes such as “Apartheid is fucking apartheid,” “there’s no logic to Zionism,” and “we will respond to aggression with aggression.” Review correspondents also reported seeing SJP displays across other parts of campus, including banners featured in Duffield Hall, Sage Hall, and the under-construction Klarman Hall, one of which read “Cornell: Colonizing Since 1865.”

The Review’s Casey Breznick asked some protesters why they were doing this today “of all days,” and got no response. He also asked if they “denounced Hamas” — with the same result.

Here’s some video from the event (warning: NSFW language). Notice at the beginning of the first vid the “F*** you, Zionist scums” comment:

“Professional” protester kat yang-stevens, it seems, is no stranger to Cornell; the very next day, as Legal Insurrection reports, she was featured at the school’s Africana Center where she led a discussion titled “Resisting Domination: Theory to Action, Action to Theory”:


Here’s yang-stevens’ bio, according to her website:

kat yang-stevens is a cisgender queer woman and first generation Asian American of Chinese ancestry. kat grew up on and currently lives on occupied territories belonging to the Onondaga & Cayuga Nations of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy in so-called New York.

If you read further, you’ll notice kat refers to herself in the third person plural — “they.” Huh??

Dave Huber is an assistant editor of  The College Fix. (@ColossusRhodey)

h/t to Legal Insurrection.

ARTICLE IMAGE: Legal Insurrection.

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