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Football Player Blasts Idea of Unionizing College Sports

Former Mizzou wide receiver TJ Moe, who was signed to the New England Patriots last year, went on a Twitter rampage against the idea of unionizing college sports. His bottom line message? If you want to be paid like an employee be prepared to be treated like an employee–that includes getting fired if you show up late for work.

Here are a few highlights:

– If students want to be treated like employees, fine. However, be ready for consequences. If you’re late to work, that’s grounds termination.

– I think we’re digging a hole that could really damage college athletics. I hate the NCAA bullying, but don’t think union is answer

– Another good point- if being paid a salary, no need for scholarships anymore. Gov’t gets involved with taxes and would cost everyone more $$

– And how about Title IX? major lawsuits would follow if football and mens basketball (The only real revenue sports) began getting paid

– I know this, there would be far less complains from student athletes about the NCAA if allowed to promote themselves and make $$ from that

– Tell me Nike wouldn’t love to sponsor a ton of college athletes and use them for profit? Of course they would. Both sides win

– Even better in the free market system. Allow Nike, Adidas, Reebok to fight over these athletes. get every $ you can bc you may not go pro

Read more of TJ’s arguments here.

The National Labor Relations Board recently ruled that college athletes should be allowed to unionize.

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