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Gambling on grades could pay out in more than cash

Here’s how it works: Students register on the site, upload their course schedule and give the company access to official school records. Next, the company calculates the likelihood of what grades a student will get using that student’s personal academic history, the school’s reputation and any other details likely to predict a student’s future grades. The student then wagers on the grades he or she wants to gamble on and then, hopefully, begins studying.

The company faces legal questions regarding its similarities to online gambling, which is illegal in Texas. The website fervently states that it is not an online gambling website, contesting that gambling relies solely on random chance whereas earning a certain grade involves skill and can be manipulated.

The other difference is that students have control in this scenario. A student plans how much to study, completes assigned work and takes extra credit all to obtain the grade they set out to achieve on the site.

This concept of “gambling” on grades really isn’t that bad an idea. College students should receive some tangible compensation for their hard work in the classroom, and the website provides just that.

Read the full column at the Daily Texan.

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