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Harvard socialists rally against Brett Kavanaugh: ‘Hell Nah’


Allegations still unsubstantiated against SCOTUS nominee

Socialists at Harvard University recently held a protest against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh over sexual assault allegations leveled against him, demanding that the university sever ties with the judge who has taught at the law school there for a decade, according to a report in The Harvard Crimson.

As of press time those allegations remain uncorroborated by any eyewitnesses; the only alleged eyewitnesses to the alleged crime have all denied having any knowledge of it or the circumstances surrounding it.

In spite of the unproven nature of the alleged crime, during their protest Harvard International Socialists seemed at times reluctant to admit that there is no compelling evidence to convict the judge. The Crimson reports:

As the evening went on, the gathering attracted attention from tourists and students milling around the yard. Midway through the event, a pair of Harvard freshmen passing by — Neil K. Khurana ’22 and Oluwatobi I. Ariyo ’22 — strode up the steps to University Hall and asked for moderation and a fair hearing for Kavanaugh and his accusers.

“We have to make sure that due process is still upheld and innocent until proven guilty is still a thing that we hold true,” Ariyo said. “I mean, I don’t know if the accusations are true or not true, but —”

A member of the International Socialists cut Ariyo and Khurana off and thanked them for speaking. Several members of the crowd shouted “Go away!”

One student put it: “We’re requesting that these allegations, which are very serious in nature, be taken seriously.” The Senate has conducted an extensive investigation of the allegations, including obtaining sworn testimony from multiple alleged witnesses.

According to The Crimson, at one point the socialist protesters were chanting: “They say ‘Kavanaugh,’ we say ‘Hell nah’.”

Socialism as an ideology has a fraught history with due process. Under Joseph Stalin, the Soviet Union was rife with false imprisonment, persecution, purges and executions and secret police intrigue.

In the socialist country of Cuba, meanwhile, citizens are regularly denied fair trials, freedom of expression, freedom of the press and basic privacy rights.

Read The Crimson‘s report here.

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