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New campus diversity officer wants ‘zero tolerance policy’ for bias incidents

Here’s a scary thought at a time when bias incidents on campuses include a snowman shaped like a penis, a sign encouraging cleaning up after oneself, and telling someone “America is the land of opportunity.”

The newly appointed chief diversity officer at Appalachian State University reportedly wants a “zero tolerance policy” for bias incidents, reports the Watauga Democrat.

Willie Fleming, who began his job in mid-May, also told the paper:

“We as a community should be aware about microaggressions,” he said. “I think modern-day racism is much worse than old racism. I think modern-day racism is lethal.”

To help combat this problem, Fleming said he hopes to implement mandatory diversity training for all faculty, staff and students upon entering the university.

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“(We need to) have those tough conversations on social justice issues, hold people accountable and continue to engage students,” Fleming said.

Note to those considering Appalachian State — run, don’t walk, away from that school.

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