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Not Even ‘Free Speech Zones’ Are Safe For Speech At Penn State (VIDEO)

The most baffling interactions with campus bureaucrats always seem to happen on Constitution Day.

The Young Americans for Freedom chapter at Pennsylvania State University got a crash course in the art of parsing campus regulations Wednesday while distributing copies of the Constitution and informing students about Penn State’s speech code policies.

According to Young America’s Foundation spokeswoman Ashley Pratte, writing at Breitbart, the students were manning a table in one of 12 free speech zones on campus. Then a security official told them to take down the table (apparently that’s not allowed even in a free speech zone).

Then the students started filming.

The official brought two more people from the college with him, one of them from Student Affairs, where they explained to Davis that she needed to reserve the space. She asked why she would have to reserve the space since it is a “designated free speech zone.” The college representatives told her she could go inside and discuss the policy. However, when she did, the officials hurried away.

Pratte continues that the chapter has tabled in the same location with no prior problems – but this time the group “was highlighting Penn State’s ridiculous speech code policies.”

Penn State blog Onward State names the official and says the school bans “unregistered structures.” Regarding that official’s curt declaration that “You are in violation of our policy. It is really very simple,” the blog remarks: “Policies that are only justified by the fact that they are, in fact, policies are usually never good…”

Read the full Breitbart story here.

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