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Columbia Radicals Create ‘Disorientation Guide’

Via Bwog: Activist groups at Columbia University have created a new “Disorientation Guide,” in order to “inform new students about activist and left-wing issues surrounding the university.”

Some of the topics included within:

  • Columbia: A Brief (Colonialist) History
  • Smiles and Lies: Tips for Dealing with your Administration
  • Columbia, Capitalism and You
  • Student Worker Solidarity
  • The Perks of a Hostile Environment: Students for Justice in Palestine
  • On “Leaning In” and Corporate Feminism
  • Womanhood and Women’s Colleges: The Trans* Reality at Barnard
  • Divest for Climate Justice

Bwog notes that there have been previous guides created in 2000 and 2002, but this current edition “includes more about history than the previous guides,” and features “several perspectives on the core curriculum, and warnings about ‘corporate feminism.'”

Perhaps most notably, the 2014 version “takes a more oppositional approach” towards the college’s administration, stating (among other things) “Administrators are not your friends … ever …”

Read the full guide here.

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