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Dildo protest against campus carry at UT is illegal, but school won’t promise to enforce law

As hundreds of professors promise to flout Texas law by blocking licensed students from carrying concealed handguns in class, the University of Texas won’t commit to enforcing a different part of state law.

Corporate Counsel reports that UT-Austin General Counsel Daniel Sharphorn is mum on how he’ll handle the “Campus (DILDO) Carry” protest against the new campus-carry law, even though publicly displaying dildos violates

a Texas law that makes it a misdemeanor punishable by a $500 fine to intentionally make an “obscene display or distribution.” [Protesters] also face a school rule that prohibits the display of any “visual image” associated with obscenity.

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Sharphorn, a former Judge Advocate General at West Point, implied the school will let the dildos wave freely: “We do try to tolerate a good deal of free speech on campus.”

Law professor John Banzhaf of George Washington University tells Corporate Counsel the school risks a First Amendment lawsuit if it cracks down on the dildo-wavers.

Sharphorn seems less concerned about observing the constitutional rights of law-abiding students who own guns, saying one of his lawyers is reviewing the new law, which gives schools a year to decide on areas of campus to exempt.

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