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U. Oregon preps for anti-abortion group: Counselors will help with ’emotional traumatization’

The anti-abortion organization Center for Bio-Ethical Reform is headed to the University of Oregon this Wednesday, and campus officials and students alike are buckling down for its message of “prenatal justice and the right to life for the unborn.”

According to the Daily Emerald, the group, on a tour dubbed “The Genocide Awareness Project,” plans to erect at the Erb Memorial Union a “twenty-foot tower covered in graphic images comparing abortion to the Holocaust.”

Erb Memorial Union Director Laurie Woodward said (rightly) that the CBER has the right to its display despite the explicit images: “Our job is to be content neutral because we’re a public space on a public campus. We book groups on whether or not they meet criteria.”

UO counselors will be on hand to deal with any student “emotional traumatization.”

Daily Emerald columnist Billy Manggala is quite upset about the Genocide Awareness Project being on campus:

GAP wishes to start a conversation on the value of human life by forcing students to examine poster-board sized pictures of dead fetuses, equating it to nations facing or have faced genocide. …

Everything GAP does is not only repulsive and disturbing, it goes to the extent of being racist, sexist and offensive to anybody who opposes seeing images of dead fetuses on their way to class, which I believe is the majority of UO students. Placing the images next to photos of Holocaust and lynching victims is GAP’s absurd tactic of comparing abortion to genocide. Although GAP is exercising its free speech rights, it’s doing it in the most repugnant way possible.

Of course, “most repugnant way possible” is just what the First Amendment was designed to protect. And, alas, the display has to be “racist” and “sexist” somehow for good measure. Because progressivism.

Manggala points to a Facebook page for those interested in counter-protesting the event. It says the Genocide Awareness Project “seeks to distress students with extreme anti-choice rhetoric that conflates abortion with the mass atrocity of genocide.”

Indeed. We wouldn’t want young adults to think about the untold numbers of unborn human beings killed for convenience, and how that compares to other irrational inhumane acts like the Holocaust and lynching, would we?

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  • grandmacaesar

    Free abortions for all filth. Get rid of the low-lifes. That’s what Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger said. (Don’t believe me? You’re sitting at a computer with an internet connection. Inform yourself.)

  • Zack

    As a 1970 UO alum, I am embarrassed at what my university has become. The lack of challenge, discussion and open minds is antithetical to the concept of university. It is now a monoversity.

  • Jonah Hirsh

    Counselors on hand to deal with ’emotional traumatization’?

    People who treat opposing views as a literal assault on their being are sick, and should be institutionalized (and not at an institution of ‘higher learning’ – the OTHER kind of institution).

  • Bob Builder

    oh the humanity, their poor hurt feelings.