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Controversial ‘Problem of Whiteness’ course reintroduced at UW-Madison

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This spring, a controversial course titled “The Problem of Whiteness” will once again be offered at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The African Cultural Studies course seeks to teach students to “understand how whiteness is socially constructed and experienced in order to help dismantle white supremacy,” according to its online description.

When the course debuted during the spring 2017 semester, it prompted national headlines and much controversy, with some Republican lawmakers even calling for the course to be canceled.

The class this spring may touch on that, based on the fact that its professor created a montage of headlines criticizing the course as its new syllabus cover sheet, its online description shows.

The course is taught by Professor Damon Sajnani, who is white. In a statement emailed to The College Fix, a University of Wisconsin spokesperson said the upcoming “The Problem of Whiteness” course is very similar to last spring’s class and that its first iteration was a success.

“Student feedback was overwhelmingly positive – students said they found it valuable to examine majority cultures and how power imbalances are created, sustained, and challenged in societies around the world,” the spokesperson said.

After Sajnani debuted the class, it drew the ire of two Wisconsin state lawmakers who denounced the new class and said it could affect future funding for the flagship university.

State Rep. Dave Murphy also raised concerns about several tweets from Sajnani’s Twitter account that the legislator said showed the professor “condones violence against law enforcement and compares white voters to the KKK.”

In one of the tweets highlighted by Murphy, Sajnani included a photo of news coverage from the 2016 fatal police shooting in Dallas and wrote “Is the uprising finally starting? Is this style of protest gonna go viral?”

Despite the backlash, the course went on as planned and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, a Republican, called the course “goofy” but said the university’s funding should be based on “the broader issue of accountability and performance.”

The online description for next semester’s course states the class will “break away from the standard US-centric frame” and look at the concept of whiteness through a global lens.

“We will come together with our socially ascribed identities of Black, white, mixed and other and, with the problem properly in its place we will ask ourselves and our allies, what are we going to do with it,” the description states.

In a phone interview with The College Fix last year, Sajnani said his course explores how white privilege and white power are connected and that it looks at how students can work for social justice.

“The problem of racism is the problem of whites being racist towards blacks,” the professor had said at the time.

The University of Wisconsin told The Fix this month that Sajnani has “continued to research, write, and mentor educators from across the country” on the topic of whiteness since he first taught the course earlier this year.

In November, Sajnani chaired a panel at the American Studies Association’s annual conference that had the same name as his course. During the panel discussion, Sajnani, who is also a rapper, performed a song called “The Problem of Whiteness” that he said he plans to release.

“But you know what your number one problem of whiteness is, you don’t even know what the fuck whiteness is,” the lyrics of the song included.

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Nathan Rubbelke is a staff reporter for The College Fix with a specialty on investigative and enterprise reporting. He has also held editorial positions at The Commercial Review daily newspaper in Portland, Indiana, as well as at The Washington Examiner, Red Alert Politics and St. Louis Public Radio. Rubbelke graduated from Saint Louis University, where he majored in political science and sociology.

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  • Larry Moran

    You are crippling black students with this crap. You, and your fake “studies” dept. should be ashamed.

    • Robert Browning

      Black studies are revolutionary studies. Blacks are being taught by Jew professors to hate and undermine civilized white Christian society. It is what Jews do, hate on white Christians, hate on Christ.

      • Hughlon Thornbury

        Is Damon Sajnani Jewish?

        • Robert Browning

          He is a racial enemies of whites. And as I said the racial enemies of whites are blacks and Jews. I checked his picture. He has a Jewish face, with very distinctive Jewish facial features. The sloped forehead is a Jewish/ Neatherthal facial feature.

          • Kyle Hood

            You, sir, are an anti-Semite. There is no beating around that bush. While I agree with letting you speak because I want to know when you are in a room, you might want to consider going back under the rock you crawled out from under.

          • WereTurtle

            There are no racial enemies. Only ideological enemies.

          • arnaux

            True but there are racial differences depending on the connection with the heavens. The older races became decadent, stagnant or whatever word you want to use and went into decline.. The white race is on top now but has become somewhat stagnant with intellectualism and the failure to satisfactorily accept and help the other races to advance and reconnect.
            Perhaps it requires white blood mixing fully with the other races for this to happen.and a redefining what is white, black, oriental. For example, if Obama is 1/2 white why would you call him black? Unfortunately the people and cultures that were once on top and who became decadent and regressed (Chinese,Iranians Indians,Egyptians, Greeks) cling to past glories that can never return and believe the white people are the reason.
            If the white race goes into decline they will find out that is not true that whites are the problem but people alive now will not be around to experience it.

          • SnakeUSMC

            There are only three major races in the world. Caucasian, Mongolian and Negro. JEWISH is a RELIGION, not a race. Go back to school and learn genetics.

          • Uncle Tio

            HAHAHA anything to fit your anti-Jew narrative. NEWSFLASH: Jewish people are almost all white. HAHAHAHAHA

          • Graciesgotasquirtgun

            Except for the Jewish Ethiopians who are, get ready, here it comes, Black. Yup, that’s right. And then there was the actor, singer Sammy Davis, Jr., and etc. and so forth and on and on. Glittering generalities will always come back and bite you in the buttisimo.

          • Uncle Tio

            I guess reading comprehension is not your strong suit

          • Capesnake

            Is that like a “Black Irishman”?

          • George Trump 🇺🇸

            Sammy Davis converted. 😂

          • Uncle Tio

            Gracie…learn to read and comprehend. Nice try with the “Except for the Jewish Ethiopians who are, get ready, here it comes, Black.”. Read the whole sentence. Don’t read half then start spewing about how well informed you are…Dolt. Stick to looking at pictures.

          • Christopher Watts

            They may have a lighter complexion, but they are not white. They are Middle Eastern, Israeli, which is more brown than white. I know, my boss is Israeli.

          • rightyb

            so when did you start this obession with hating jews. i assume youre a failure in life, and that you or one of your parents are an alcoholic.

            please do tell.

            im always curious about the jewhater.

          • Capesnake

            Marxist Jews exploit the Black Race, and use them as “Cannon Fada” for their attacks on Western Civilization, as they are kept on the Democratic Party urban “Plantations”. The Democratic Party, home of the Marxist Jewish Cabal (and the KKK) is in a ideological war with Right Wing Jews that are supported by vast numbers of Christian America (myself included) we also support our best allies the Jewish State. These Communist Jews support the Palestinian Terrorists and have corrupted the education system in America.

          • Christopher Watts

            So then the issue is ideological, not theological.

        • MtBees406

          Closer to muslim

      • Graciesgotasquirtgun

        Ouch! That was a little harsh on the tone scale.

    • MooTieFighter

      Blacks are being taught the only way to survive is as victims that must hold their hand out and obtain special privileges to get were they are going (affirmative action/quotas/demands for percentage representation above other ethnicities). This simply causes resentment and knowledge that they are sub-par. This fools no one, but divides the country further.

      • rightyb

        and thats just what its meant to do by the commies who want a civil war.

    • Christopher Watts

      I’m really beginning to think that is the liberal objective… Cripple the populous, and they can’t rise up against you…

  • DNC Hezbollah Front

    This administration really needs to, at some point, start looking at the federal funding these indoctrination centers receive. I do not approve of my tax dollars going to fund institutions that ignore the constitution and the civil rights laws. I know Jeff Sessions started making some noise about it but he’s overwhelmed by going after subversive deep state traitors right now or at least I hope he is.

  • Lydia Long

    I have never ever had a problem with my whiteness.

    • Vindaloo Bugaboo

      Whiteness isn’t a problem. Considering I had no control over it, I fail to see why it should be. These people are simply projecting onto others.

      • Northern_home_Southern_soul

        Surprise, surprise, another black racist teaching our kids to hate themselves and people who have a certain skin color.
        Why is attacking whites with blood libel bigotry allowed?
        Would the governor, school president, etc.. quoted still be ok with this racism if it were directed at jews or blacks themselves (both 1,000% more deserving of criticism)? Therefore, my simple point proves beyond a shadow of a doubt the lie of white supremacist or privilege.
        [Edited] thanks for the comments pointing out the RACIST in Tre article/ school is white, however, I fail to see the difference between a black or white person spewing hate and bigotry at peopke based on skin color, THEY ARE ALL RACIST POS, no matter what their skin color is.

        • MooTieFighter

          I would say MOST are actually whites practicing pathological altruism. They have been taught by our globalist fed system to do it and have taken the bait, with eaze. Sad but they will be the first to suffer as our own economy, safety, productivity, education collapses.

          • stringtheoryrob

            “pathological altruism”

            Not bad. I prefer Democidal Benevolence.

          • Mike C

            It’s all Virtue Signaling BS

          • nick0004

            When are leftist tropes like diversity or mass immigration or so-called antiracism ever demanded of any non white peoples anywhere?

            If diversity is such a strength, why are the oh-so-humane left giving this “gift” to European populations Only, when there are so many non white populations in the world that “need” it much more?

          • John

            That is an awesome point!

          • Miguel Stevenson

            Well said. Hmmm… Wonder why? We all know the answer.

          • Marcus Welby

            There aren’t too many white people rushing to live in overcrowded, disease ridden, stinky schit holes is my best guess

          • stringtheoryrob

            Actually THEY ARE!

            Seriously, those imbeciles are overpaying for shacks just to “live the dream.” Totally pathetic. Any time now the real estate speculation bubble is going to burst and those hipster weirdos will be back living with their mother.

          • Marcus Welby

            Lol. I was discussing the real third world, not America’s third world

          • blair

            Open Borders! (for white populations only)
            Noone is Illegal! (where white people live only)
            Minority rights! (when white people are the majority only)

            “Diversity is a strength” really says “White people are a weakness”

            Who doesnt believe #White Geno cide at this point?

          • stringtheoryrob


          • RPVG

            “Western Culture” is their objective. Destroying Western Culture. Look into The Frankfurt School for a real eye-opener about how this all unfolded. The scholars at The Frankfurt School were BRILLIANT!

            Diversity? LOL! Is there anything more DIVISIVE? What better way to begin to destroy a culture than first to dilute it? Then denigrate it. Then… sound familiar?

          • stringtheoryrob

            Excellent. Well schooled reply.

          • Huckleberry

            Absolutely correct. Good day.

          • Rogue Cheddar

            I thought it was communistic comity.

          • bewaretheprophetwhoseeksprofit

            When you stand for nothing, you fall for anything…

          • SeattleGuy

            Exactly! That’s how we ended up with Trump.

          • Plurb

            You did not end up with Trump any more than Clinton, Bush or Obozo, they were duly elected Presidents and if you don’t like Representative Democracy then LEAVE!

          • SeattleGuy

            Clinton and Obama were legitimately elected by massive majorities. Not so with Bush and tRump. See the difference?

            Only a blind person or a pinhead can’t.

          • Jason Calley

            “Only a blind person or a pinhead can’t.”

            I believe that you meant to say “Only a visually impaired person or a cranial lancinate can’t.”

          • sy105

            Clinton never got a majority

          • SeattleGuy

            I’m sorry, I meant plurality. None of the Republicans have won a majority in recent years. None has had a mandate, but govern as though they did. Hillary had more votes than any other presidential candidate in our nation’s history other than Obama:


          • rust

            Yeah, and Clinton was a rapist, O’Bammy was the 1st Irish Prez who practised sodomy with his ex First Tranny Mike. Bush was brought in by the Supreme Court.

            President Trump was elected solidly by the Electoral College. Get over it, demoncrat.

          • SeattleGuy

            He won on a technicality. Republicans cannot win without cheating.

          • rust

            HAHAHAHAHA! You dumb ass. He won with the system in use from the beginning of the republic to prevent larger states bullying smaller states in elections. Or did you forget that particular piece of history?

          • SeattleGuy

            A token that Lincoln offered the racist Southern, slave holding states, to provide an olive branch for them to join the Union. We overturned slavery. Now is the time to adjust our voting laws and simply continue the Senate apportionment to balance the needs of smaller, poorer states.

            Give me a good reason voters in smaller, less educated and informed states should have more power than larger, more well educated ones? How does your answer conform to the Equal Protection Clause in our Constitution?

          • rust

            Show me the word “education” in the Constitution as it relates to “racist” (also not in the Constitution) states.

            Oh, and YOU overturned slavery? That was an issue at the beginning of Victoria’s reign (1837). Looks like it got to ‘Murica 25-30 years later.

            Equal protection BEFORE THE LAW, asswipe.

          • SeattleGuy

            You apparently are too young to know the difference between rape and consensual sex. Don’t worry, when you come of age, women will straighten you out. LOL.

          • rust

            Fuck, you used “LOL” as though this were SMS or IRC. It’s ok, I just translate it into “huyuck (slobber)”. As for rape/consensual sex, it seems you don’t know the history of Slippery Willie’s accusations. Keep your eyes closed, sweetie, mommy will make you come. Of course, you’ll never be straight.

          • SeattleGuy

            I know BC personally. You don’t know Jack. Typical right wing nut.

          • rust

            You know Beth Clinger? WOWWW. So impressed, #LUSER

          • 1G25

            Washington State again demonstrates its undeserved status in this country.

            Please consider a “fleet deal,” and secede from America with Oregon and California.

          • SeattleGuy

            NO thanks! I lived in the South for 8 years. There are many fine ppl there, but it reeks with racists and white supremacists like you.

          • rust

            Sounds like you need to spend a few months in North Korea, sunshine.

          • SeattleGuy

            How so? I believe in freedom. You should get behind it. It’s what America was based upon. Not racism and intolerance ala Trump and his ilk.

          • rust

            Racism and intolerance? What racism? What intolerance?

            Haven’t seen anyone being racist except lefties like you. And as for intolerance? I’ll bet you’re one of Georgie Boy “Weeping” Sores’ #AntifaGS.

            I’m sure you can get a job sucking off O’Bammy, but only if you swallow, cupcake.

          • SeattleGuy

            You are an intolerant pig and think your Christian. How ignorant can one be?

          • rust

            I’m intolerant? Wha-a-a-a? How would you know? And why would I think my Christian? My Christian what? As for ignorance, you’ve demonstrated your lack of understanding of literally EVERYTHING!

          • 1G25

            Yes, I remember all the great race riots in US history… Houston, New Orleans, Jackson, MS, Birmingham, AL, the South was in flames… not.

            Ferguson, Philadelphia , Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Washington DC, Newark NJ 1967, Watts, CA, and, oh, yes, SEATTLE, 1999, over 600 people arrested there.

            ALL RACE RIOTS, cupcake. Always glad to hear when human feces like you grace the South with their departure.

          • SeattleGuy

            Why don’t you grow up. Either take your meds or stfu. You’re making a fool of yourself every time you post.

            Seattle is the most well educated city in America. We have had more cranes here over the past 2 years than any other city of any size in the US. We dwarf that puddle you call home.

          • 1G25

            “Seattle is the most well educated city in America.”

            Harvard and Berserkeley grads in the forefront , apparently.

            BTW, Texas has more herons than Seattle does !

          • Robert Pashka


          • Robert Pashka

            8 years of Obama is how we ended up with Trump. You libs are so screwed up you can’t even recognize a real President when he’s standing right in front of you.

          • SeattleGuy

            You are right. Hate brought out the racists amongst us. You’re probably one of them, right? But afraid to admit your prejudice since it’s immoral and unethical, not to mention illegal.

          • Robert Pashka

            Way to go. Typical Liberal comeback. Whenever you face someone you disagree with you just call them a racist. Well you can call me whatever you like, it doesn’t bother me in the least. I know what I am and I certainly know what you are.

          • SeattleGuy

            Go back and read what Robert posted. He is a racist like many of my conservative associates.

          • Robert Pashka

            You just proved my point. You know, just because I don’t like Obama doesn’t mean I’m a racist. I didn’t like Obama because I thought he was a terrible President. Just like Bush and Clinton. I hated them too and they were white.

          • Telemon

            “Democidal Benevolence”

            Also not bad. I’ll just call them “dicks”.

          • stringtheoryrob

            That is much better!

          • BellasDad

            Oops wrong reply!

          • Oracle

            Not “sad” at all; it’s KARMA.

          • USA DRONE PiLOT

            Nope i disagree

            You learned this from a learned professor who probabally wore a dress to his prom, smoked dope and had his first boyfriend at age 36

          • David L. Stinson

            I think it wonderful that these vermin will be the first to suffer. Darwin has no mercy for the stupid. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

          • Kelly Jackson

            Really? Because the 2008 economic collapse proved the total opposite that white people who are “practicing pathological altruism” faired considerably better than black people and communists like yourself.

            You should probably learn a little self reliance, it goes along way.

        • JB Say

          The professor is white, according to College Fix

          • BDnSC

            Correction: a White liberal…..

          • mikeC

            Try using Google. He is NOT white. More or a racist in my opinion. I’m white and your not….get over it. If want to blame someone, blame you parents or GOD but not the white people of the world.

          • JB Say

            Simmer down Mike. Take your complaints to the editors of College Fix. Sanjnani is fair skinned, but so is Rachel Dolezal, Sean “Talcum X” King and Elijah Muhammad for that matter.

          • Jane Dowe

            Rachael Dolezal is a mentally ill white girl

          • ancientemplar

            she was a cute little white child but boy did she grow up to be UGLY in more ways than one.

          • nick0004

            Open borders, mass immigration and ‘diversity’ – thats the real so-called ‘White Privilege’

          • tracy Smith

            You like the rest of of your kind is just made because she didn’t want to be white.

          • Marcus Welby

            Lol. No. If men can say they are women who has a problem with someone identifying as another race?

          • ComeyTheClown

            I really don’t care. But part of the reason black people rejected her was because she used her faux blackness to take advantage of affirmative action type jobs, like working for the NAACP. She absolutely would not have had that job if they knew she was doing the spray-tan and black dye perm to pass as darker.

          • Edgar Aethelred

            But Dolezal and Talcum X are white.

          • Christopher Watts

            That’s a MAJOR part of the problem with liberals… They are unhappy with what/who they really are so their self-hatred brings them to identify as a victim opposite their true identities. Liberal male IDENTIFIES as female; Liberal females IDENTIFY as male; Liberal white IDENTIFIES as black; Liberal anarchist IDENTIFIES as peaceful; Liberal idiot IDENTIFIES as intellectually superior… Get it? If you look at ALL the social ideologies they adhere to, you will notice this is the central modes-oporendi of everything they claim: If you don’t like who you are, it’s because you are actually a victim being held down by who you are… Free yourself by pretending/claiming to be something you are not…

          • Earnest Bream

            Game..Set…..and Match. You win the internetz today Bravo.

          • Animals over humans any day


          • Plurb

            Yep, just like Focohauntis Warner

          • Telemon

            still laughing.

          • Edgar Aethelred

            Quite so.
            As Steve Sailer always says, the #1 rule of feminist journalism is creating a world where, after the revolution, they will be considered sexually attractive. It sounds at first trite and silly but the more you think about it, the more you realize how absolutely true it is. And feminism, I think, has been the #1 most destructive force of liberalism in the late 20th C.

          • Christopher Watts

            I would at the very least have to distinguish between Feminists and
            Militant Feminists. Feminism at it core or women empowerment and equal rights is a good thing. Militant Feminism on the other hand is nothing more than women superiority and that’s laughable at best.

          • Edgar Aethelred

            This is a common opinion. Unfortunately it’s poorly informed. Feminism even at best is a sign of a decadent, declining civilization. “Empowering” women to be like men unfortunately means the disenfranchisement and removal of men in timeless male places, such as the office or workplace. Elevating women in the worlplace has ultimately destroyed the Middle Class. It also means mass 3rd world immigration. There is ultimately nothing good about feminism. Even the vote–because women 9/10 vote liberal, which heads our society off a cliff. Women will always vote for bigger provider government, and what they’ve done is replace the man with Big Daddy Government.
            Time to rethink what you think you know m8

          • mewp12

            Rachel is all Caucasian. No negroid at all , unless her parents brought home the wrong baby.

          • mikeC

            Is he white or just “fair skinned”?

          • harriet

            who cares

            ignore him

          • JimFogleman

            Unfair skinned?

          • MtBees406

            But, read his classes taken and classes taught. Why would a group of blacks listen to a white guy teaching about blacks? They wouldn’t around here… nor would the Indian students want a white professor teaching ‘true Indian history’.

          • Telemon

            See Ward Churchill….
            another douchebag.

          • Terry

            He is another “mixed” who hates his white part, just like a looser football player or ex”president”, you might have heard about.

          • MtBees406

            But? Rachel is all white. She changed her name in 2016, so watch out for her in your local colleges.

          • mewp12

            I looked at his picture. Caucasian well race in general, is not judge just by skin color. But he had this dorky hat on so it was hard to tell but face shape seemed to appear he is part negroid.

          • TruthInLogic

            His dorky hat suits him as he is a dork.

          • Joe Frederick

            That’s his HAIR! Hindus don’t like to cut their hair.

          • TruthInLogic


          • Marcus Welby

            He looks sorta white. I mean not a true white but fairly close lol

          • europa3962

            white cuckold

          • Edgar Aethelred

            No…Asian or Arab of some kind.

          • Howard M Ccomber

            His name is of Arab decent from the UAE. The Arabs treated Africans worse than dogs, and still do so today. The Arab would NEVER have a black person in charge of anything less than cleaning the pooper. African Nations are NOT under the rule of white people, and in fact, most of the African Aide comes from predominately WHITE countries: USA, Europe along with South American Nations that support international programs. African Nations are ruled by blacks, corrupted by blacks, run over by militant lords, who are also black. IF you pay attention, non of the leading terrorist organizations support African Muslims. Some one please show me a powerful Black African within an Arab nation. You will NOT find one.

          • mewp12

            Perhaps he should seek counseling.

          • Gonzalo Fargenkneipper

            No, technically he’s a “wigger”. A wannabe negger.

        • Knights Hawk

          He’s a wannabe, like Rachel Dolezal and Shaun King.

          • harriet


          • Zac Mcclary

            or eminem lol. an embarrassment to his race for sure

          • Telemon

            Yup. I’m sure he stands in front of the mirror, imagining himself Black, by turning the lights down low, and thinking how eloquent he is, while appropriating another culture with his “white privilage” rap…
            Whata douche.

        • Christopher Watts

          He look like a typical light skinned “brother” to me…

        • mewp12

          The world has gone crazy.

        • BellasDad

          So you “edited” but didn’t take out the black teacher part? And why did it take a comment for you to edit. You didn’t even read the article

          • Northern_home_Southern_soul

            Stfu you clown. Make an intelligent point or stay quite. Btw, glad the only thing this article makes you feel passionate about is what I edited or not. Nice thinking you freaking bigot.

        • Joe Frederick

          He ain’t black … he’s a Hindu, and that makes him Caucasian, though not a white one.

        • centexfan

          They always envy and detest their betters….

        • Bogomil

          He is said to be white in the article. I say you can take the wigger out of the burb, but not the burb out of the wigger

        • FrankerWanker

          I am a professor emeritus and I would like to offer my services for a not-for-profit class at the University.
          My class would be titled “the problem with Niggerism” and it would cover the various problems America has with thieving, murdering, looting niggers who complain about not getting “eenuff monee fo dem programz” all the time and who play the knockout game on white people.

          Surely you want this class taught in the interest of free speech and equal chances for all races?

        • Sigint

          Are you sure he is ‘White’ by current standards? He may think he is Black trapped in a ‘white’ body…kind of transracial counterpart to transgendered.

        • survivor030406


          • Northern_home_Southern_soul

            Hahaha. It’s fifth paragraph, not sentence.
            And if you want to get all holy, go read my forth paragraph where I addressed your trivial compliant.
            Btw, this anti – white professor, is Canadian (has no idea about America) is a rapper (has no idea about real life issues) and is likely of Indian (the country in Asia) descent, so not “white ” in the eyes of liberal race code.

      • enoughisenough

        I assume if you opt out of this course you’re a white supremacist and must be thrown out of the college.?.

      • mewp12

        These people are feeling sorry for themselves and their situation and need someone to blame.

    • You not having a problem with it is the problem according to these dolts.

    • MooTieFighter

      America is one of the few remaining white dominant countries. This will change in less than 25 years. Why is/was this the goal? Whites are a global minority. Globalist have been purposefully diluting the few white countries that remain. Why? White countries are independent and generally safe/successful. They (globalist) are the ones that use “racism” to promote hatred/division and as a way to cause the dilution. How can a globalist agenda be fulfilled if there are several dependent, successful, safe, free, and most importantly, POWERFUL countries? It can’t. They must dilute these countries so they become unsafe, dumbed down, unproductive, and fiscally unstable. Then the globalist can come to the rescue with a national police force, central bank, global religion, global school system, and global governance. America/Europe, your kindness has been your downfall. You have been attacked from within and diluted with multiple, non assimilating cultures/religions/ideologies.

      • This right here.

      • arnaux

        What you say is true but perhaps it is part of a plan to help humanity move off the earth.The adventurous and creative white people are inventing ways to get people into space. Somebody has to move the cutting edge and it is not the copy cat invention stealing Chinese who the white race has dragged into the 21st century. So we should just keep on moving so the adventurous can leave the earth behind (if possible) as we strive to improve our souls and to emulate God

        • MooTieFighter

          Very “new age” reply, but if you wish to bring God into the discussion, which God are you referring to? As far as whites (the group in discussion) most still claim the Judeo-Christian faith. The Bible has warned against this globalistic approach in both the old (Judeo) and new (Christian) teachings. Both books actually warn of a new world religion that will basically teach what you are promoting. In the Old Testament God separated people from Babel and spread them out across the world. In the New Testament they are warned of a new false Messiah that will promote globalism, yet bring destruction like the world has never seen. I would really challenge you to read the Globalist agenda (Agenda 21 is a good start) before jumping on board. The plan is to for your government essentially owning all land/resources/housing/food and most importantly you and your thoughts.

      • Vlad-the-emailer

        This started in the 60s with all of the phony overpopulation propaganda. Whites wanted to be responsible and limit population, but no one else did.

        • Edgar Aethelred

          Well exactly. There is no population problem “in the world”–the problem is in Africa and Asia, not Europe and North America. But whites all had less kids and non-whites if anything had MORE due to WHITE medical advancement and WHITE aid money.

      • Lydia Long

        Well said.

      • MtBees406

        True… I just can’t hit LIKE button. The truth is too painful.

    • gimmemymoney

      I wonder if they will also be courses on the Problem with Blackness, Brownness…. etc, the rest of the human color chart?

      • MooTieFighter

        all you need is field trips. no history lessons necessary.

        • Capesnake

          Start the “Field Trip” in East St Louis!

          • George Trump 🇺🇸

            Start in Chicago and Baltimore.

        • ConstantReader

          Atlanta’s south side or neighboring southwest DeKalb County…exhibit 1.

    • Rex Jones

      I’m beige, not white. So they are going after albinos now? Why is it that if you change the words in their class from whiteness to blackness….then it magically becomes racist?

      • truthm0ng3r

        I love how only whites can be racist. If they weren’t so far off the deep end people might take these anti-whites more seriously.

    • Lowrider1984

      Just what America needs, another pansy white professor shouting “Look how cool I am! I’m white, and I hate white people!!!”
      What a putz.

      • MtBees406

        Check above. Sajnani is NOT white

    • LimesAndLemons

      I have….sunburn super easily.

    • Patti

      Whiteness isn’t the problem. Racism against whites by people of color is the problem. And it’s increasing.

    • Casio

      Being black, I’ve never had a problem with your whiteness either. So as long as you don’t get that white guilt disease and I continue working hard to achieve the American Dream, everything should be cool.

    • kennethhenson

      Now, be careful. You may spark a new academic field: making white people aware of the problem their color, or lack of same, causes for all others. Then you will see the halls of academe teem when college is free.
      There will be other new explosions of economic activity, such as remodeling basements so the students studying such fields in those free colleges move back home to live with mom and dad.
      Ah, the New Frontier is mind boggling!

    • sy105

      The only “problem” I’ve had with my whiteness is that I’m constantly barraged with bull$hit like this.

      • Solid Snake

        Racism against whites doesn’t exist. You can’t be racist towards white people.

        • sy105

          Total nonsense. Racism is about attitudes towards other races. There are racist attitudes in all races and any race can be the target of racism.

        • letmepost

          Bullshit!….go look up the REAL definition of “Racism” as it has been in dictionaries for many, many years and you will see ANY race can be racist. Now some asshole comes up a convenient NEW definition of racism so it does not apply to their own, just whites?? How stupid can you be???…Don’t answer, i already know!

    • Mel_Anosis

      It’s just another method of wasting precious education money on nonsense. Can you imagine the uproar
      if a college had a “problems with blackness” course. Riots and demonstrations, boycotts, calls for firing
      faculty etc etc etc. The liberal arts in America are basically propaganda instruments for the left.
      Name a conservative in any sociology department in an American major university. The left calls for diversity except when it doesn’t suit their agenda…..which is propagandizing for the left….read Democratic party.

    • nostudme1

      Finding a like partner??

    • 2Conservative

      Me neither, I’m all good with it.

    • Despicable me

      I consider it a privilege.

  • Freeland_Dave

    I wonder when they will offer really helpful courses like, ‘The problem with political correctness,’ ‘The problem with a liberal education’ or ‘The problem with progressive intellectual smugness?’ Question: How many liberal arts degree graduates does it take to properly staff a McDonald’s?

    • Vindaloo Bugaboo

      In five years, the answer will be ‘zero’ as AI and robots will take all their jobs. And I for one am eagerly looking forward to that day.

      • MtBees406

        But!! Will AIs pay taxes? That is the question, since our country survives on tax base

        • Animals over humans any day

          naaaah…. by then we will be all charged a carbon tax on a “per-breath” basis.

      • Kbuzz

        When that day comes, all those people sitting idle will cause crime rates to soar along with racial crime. The uneducated masses will be the weapon of the powerful.

        • Christopher Watts

          Not when the Police force is replaced by AI too. Then the robots can be called racist for shooting all the thugs.

      • Christopher Watts

        So long as R2-D2 can remember to put a straw in the flipping bag, I say him and C3-PO are hired.

    • Brian Sciullo

      What is the problem with political correctness. You angry because you can’t say nigger anymore without a black guy being able to punch you in the mouth for it. Liberal education or facts vs the earth is only 6000 years old because the bible says that. Intellectual smugness yes facts are really important and if bothers you that an evil liberal won’t listen to your Alt Facts yes we are smug. You don’t even know what Liberal Arts Degree means. A Liberal Arts College stresses the fact that a well rounded education demands you take classes outside of your major that don’t have to be related to making money. Most religious affiliated Universities and Colleges are in fact Liberal Arts schools. What really should make you angry is that you just parrot talk radio and tv heads without thinking for yourself. Yes that is intellectual smugness and I am guilty. I know it offends you to be called stupid but if you didn’t act stupid I wouldn’t call you that.

      • ponchoholic

        Why do we have to pay for schools to teach kids so much that is just wrong?

        • Brian Sciullo

          Teach what that everyone is equal. George Washington didn’t chop down a cherry tree. We did not do the native Americans any favors. The earth isn’t 6000 years old? I mean just what offends you. White Privilege extends to today? Just look around you and pretend that White Privilege doesn’t exist you are blind if you don’t see it. You just hate the fact that kids are actually taught stuff like equality and science.

          • ponchoholic

            The targeting of one race offends me that’s what .Stick your white privilege up your rear .Tell me how fortunate I am to get up every day and go 50 miles to work so my tax dollars go to support people that teach hate for me.

          • Brian Sciullo

            Nothing about hate but one simple recognition. If you were born black how would have it effected your life. Not someone else but you, in the state you live in. What are the chance or if have better. Just ask yourself that simple questions. If you answered the questions with worse well that is what it is about. The Way before we talk stupid recognizing he fact so that we can ignore the baloney and stick with facts.

          • Mike C

            Your opinion is not fact. Please learn the difference.

          • Brian Sciullo

            What opinion are you talking about. I am a white 56 year old man. Born in the north not the deep south. Are you saying that a black guy equal in every way to me would have had the same outcome. Now we are talking about a White Guy who is 56 years old in a Northern State. What are the chances that we would have had an equal outcome. All other things equal. I recognize that the chances are not real good. I recognize that if I was born in the south not a snowballs chance in hell. My ability to succeed was directly related to what my parents could give. My kids the same. Again recognizing these simple facts and teaching what they are does not teach hate. These kids did not see it first hand like we did. They never experienced it. It has to be taught because folks like you want to pretend that what happened the true history never existed.

          • Mike C

            Nobody is equal to anyone in outcome or ability. . I’m not equal to Michael Jordan in basketball. Racism is not why the NBA is almost all black or that STEM departments have hardly any blacks.

            These BS racist courses designed for people who are not college material, are taken my up valuable space that could be used for more STEM classes.

          • Brian Sciullo

            I guess you never went to college or you would know that you take courses in your major and other course to fill other requirements. This is an elective course like any other? Why are not more women in STEM classes it is simple when they had the education they didn’t get the opportunity just like blacks. It will not be until they recognize they can get paid and their sex or skin collar will not hinder their ability to get hired will they enter these programs. PS not too long ago Michael Jorden wouldn’t have been given the chance to play in the NBA. In my life time.

          • Mike C

            Your post is pure BS and you know it. You’re probably a liberal arts major. STEM is open to any race or gender with the scores to qualify.

          • Brian Sciullo

            Dummy I know you love to parrot talk radio but you do know that Liberal Art Major does not mean (LEFT WING) Arts Major. What Liberal Arts Colleges do is make you take your core classes in my case Business standard business classes you take at any college or university. The difference is that the Liberal Arts Colleges are more strict on your elective classes. They make you take classes across the board instead of letting the students pick any class they want to fill the electives. They make you take language, art, history, religion, Psychology, and science courses all out side of your major. (So Dummy) Liberal Arts Colleges usually don’t offer a Liberal Arts Major. You pick a field of study and get a degree in that field and fill in your electives. The only real liberal arts Major were PREMED and PRELAW. So dummy STEM another parrot term you learned was not usually the go to for women and minorities. The reason was simple they had learned that finding a career in those fields was difficult because of the good old boy network and stereotypes. IE women are not good at math. Blacks lack critical thinking skills. This is changing and STEM industries need the work force and have actively started to recruit women and minorities into these fields you have seen the commercials on TV right???

            So tell your old grumpy friends at McDonald’s at the WalMart that Liberal Arts Colleges do not usually offer a degree in Liberal Arts Major (except PreMed and PreLaw). The liberal does not mean left wing but (liberal) as in (broad-based). Stupid.

          • Mike C

            Hey retard,
            I know more about Liberal Arts majors than you. I helped them with their homework. Many who take it are those who cannot handle college level math, end up as low paid teachers who vote Democrat.

            As low as they are, they are geniuses compared to people with racial or gender studies degrees. Trade school drop outs have a higher level of education.

          • Brian Sciullo

            Dummy stop lying. I know your radio talk show hosts that failed out of college told you so it must be right but you can check. It is a Liberal Arts College. At Liberal Arts College you get a degree in a subject like any other college or University. You have a major not liberal arts but a major like Accounting, or Chemistry or Biology. The same classes you take in any college or University. You don’t major it liberal arts the only liberal arts were PREMED and PRELAW. If you are a school teacher you get you graduate with a degree in Elementary Education K-8. If you want to teach in a high school you graduate with a degree in the subject you are going to teach, History, Math, Biology and you take elective course that are based around the class room. You don’t know what you are talking about dummy.

          • Mike C

            A Liberal Arts Degree is different than a liberal arts college. You don’t have to go to a liberal arts college to get one, and many people with Liberal Arts Degrees get that degree because of the lower math requirements. Many of these bottom feeders become teachers.

            Maybe if you had better reading comprehension you would have understood me the 1st Time.

          • Christopher Watts

            So white men are holding back women and black people? Or are you sticking with your idea that they aren’t smart enough to know the opportunity is there for them? Sounds like your lifetime is far overdue for a return… You are one of those old white guys that according to Opra Winfree just needs to die.

          • Brian Sciullo

            I am a successful old white guy. A real child from blue collar dad in the rust belt. I went to school like my blue collar dad said I should and didn’t get left behind. I am not waiting for the mill to reopen, or for the manufacturing to come back or stuck in a place that didn’t have the job opportunities. I took my education and my skills and traveled the country making money. I am sorry that you got left behind.You didn’t listen to your dad when he begged you to get an education. You didn’t leave where you grew up to find a job. All you did was sit around and complain on how you got left behind. Crying all day about how hard it was to be a white man in America. In other words a pussy.

          • Kbuzz

            Can the blinders. I am in my 6o’s, grew up in the south, yes, there were black and white neighborhoods. Sure there was a difference, but we all went to the same schools, had the same teachers. Funny thing was the black girls did well in school whereas the black guys acted like thugs, and outside of school they would shake you down.
            And those black neighborhoods started going downhill in the early 70’s. LBJ’s policies were in effect. Did my whiteness help me in college – not one bit. But a lot of blacks got a free ride . Best job offer I ever had…was rescinded because they needed to higher a black. There were maybe a dozen people in the military capable of doing the job, none of them black because the role required being a military officer, and very few blacks were military officers…by choice. You speak BS, Brian…there are two sides to everything, and you seem to think it’s only white…privilege.

          • Brian Sciullo

            You again are the reason that the class is needed you have selective memory. What state did you live in where they integrated the schools?? If you are 10 years older than me you were in high school before they were integrated. Any of your uncles or aunts get bitten by dogs or killed because they wanted to vote? How did your daddy help pay for your education his wages were not effected by skin color the black guys were. Again selective memory. Your whiteness did help you because even after integration of the White State Schools the black guys didn’t have the skill set to make money to send their kids to college and they had a quota system that moved the bar when qualified black kids wanted to attend. LBJ and his war on poverty lifted whites and black out of generation poverty more in the south than the north. You saw it but you want to deny it. Blacks were not military officers because blacks denied education and the wage disparity made harder for blacks to get an education. You lived in the south how many opportunists did an educated black guy have before 1965 except the noose. Selective memory.

          • Kbuzz

            You are a product of a liberal education…no doubt.
            Clearly you see what you want to see.
            I lived in it and saw the truth…one you refuse to see.
            Let me sum it up.
            In 1978, while walking on a campus at UWF, a little old black lady came up to me and said she felt sorry for me being a white male, as I would be blamed for everything. I had no idea what she meant. I do now.
            You are a product of ignorance and nothing I say will make a difference.

          • Christopher Watts

            Life sucks, get a helmet you liberal elitist schmuck. Just because your mommy and daddy were able to give you a leg up in the world does not mean the rest of us white folk had the same opportunity. You yourself admit kids today don’t have to worry about the same things people did 50-60 years ago. Teach it in history class, not as a problem for today.

          • Brian Sciullo

            Chris I am 56 years old. My dad was as blue collar as anyone. My dad took his GI bill in 1963 and bought his first house in the best neighborhood he could afford. The one that was safe and had good public schools. If my dad would have been black doing the same job as my dad had. Making the exact same money! He could not have purchased a house in my safe neighborhood with great public schools. He would have been limited to his housing choice. He could not have taken his GI BILL benefit and his exact same paycheck to his bank to get a loan. The bank would not loan him money for a house in the area he was allowed to live in. I got a safe neighborhood and good public schools. For a guy my exact same age two different starting points. Not based on anything but skin color. I grew up in PA not Alabama. This system lasted well into the 1980’s. That is a fact I did have an advantage! My ability to earn was not effected by going to bad schools I had a great public education! I was able to enter college after the military and had the skills to succeed. Could a black kid have over come the bad public school system yes the best always survive and the even the high middle IQ guys could over come but they had to overcome my advantage. An Advantage based 100% on the color of my skin nothing else.

            Imagine living in the Jim Crow South. My dad in 1963 if he was black could not make the same as any white man doing his job it was hazardous to his health. Even my bad schools in the black neighborhoods of the north 100 times better than the segregated schools in the south. Again all based on skin color.

            I am 56 and my life could have been effected negitively and my earning power less than a white guy just because of my skin color. My kids depended on my like all kids all for their early years. I had more money to give.

            Keep pretending that their was no difference but facts say you are wrong.

          • Christopher Watts

            The GI bill is for going to college not buying a house. Learn to lie better you millennial liberal twit.

          • Brian Sciullo

            The VA home loan program was and is included in the GI Bill. It doesn’t just mean the education benefits. I am a Veteran and I used it to purchase my first home.

          • Christopher Watts

            Never once has anyone said the differences and disparities did not exist in the past. Now however minorities have every opportunity that you or I have so long as they apply themselves and work for it. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY NOT EQUAL OUTCOME. It is not my fault if they do not wish to apply themselves to be the best they can be. Plenty have and have excelled in life. That is not a problem with color. That is a problem of attitude. Just as yours is a problem of self hatred. You don’t have to keep apologizing for being white. It’s ok if you are.

          • Animals over humans any day

            You are not offering “facts” meatstick… you are offering suppositions. Ask the kid who is born white in the Bronx if his life is better or worse for being white. It is all circumstantial, and is in no way “fact”. White kids get no advantage in applications for education, get no advantage in employment hiring, get no special representation in legislature, get no advantage in a social setting by being able to claim to be a victim…. you are in fact, the racist. You use race as a barrier between races rather than promoting equality, you essentially are driving the wedge in deeper….. it is vomit inducing, liberal, idiocy.

          • Brian Sciullo

            Again you are the reason the class is required. How old are you Mr. Bronx. You grew up in probably the most racial mixed and most equal city in America. When you were growing up could a black guy move into your neighborhood (no matter how much money he made). Could he buy a house in your section of the Bronx. Was the person of color relegated to certain neighborhoods and denied a bank loan to purchase a property because the neighborhood (the only one he could live in) was a bad risk for the bank (this lasted well into the 1970’S). How about your dad could he have any job he was qualified. What were his employment opportunities. Stop lying and pretending that it was equal. Your fathers ability to build equity in a property and his wages effected where you are. Just like your wages effect where your kids are. These are simple and basic facts. You lived in the best place in America for a minority and it still wasn’t anywhere near equal. Imagine a different city or region of the country?

            Do you want to pretend that suddenly it has all changed. Right now do you want to pretend that every where is equal. That is what the class is about. Not white hate nothing but recognize reality. Stop pretending that it is equal and we shouldn’t talk about it because it makes you uncomfortable. Stop pretending your skin color did not effect where you are. In America being a minority sure as hell isn’t an advantage but on the whole a disadvantage.

          • Daniel Morgan

            Given the time you can devote to lengthy replies on this thread you must have a liberal arts degree, live in your parent’s basement and volunteer at a non profit

          • Brian Sciullo

            I own the place I can do what ever I want. I didn’t fear education so I get Paid. I not a member of Trump legion. I am not a left behind white guy crying about how hard it is to be a white guy in America.

          • Christopher Watts

            You’re apparently not an English Major either…

          • Animals over humans any day

            You seriously are willfully ignorant and I suspect it is all in the name of pretending/wanting to be a “good person”. So, at the end of the day, you can sit back and say, “I am a good person and people like me”….. when in fact, you are nothing but an ignorant muppet. The Stewart Smalley skit is in fact, comedy… you do realize that, right?
            First, can we get out of the 70s? If you want to argue about socioeconomic climates from 5 decades ago, I have better things to do.
            “Your wages effect where your kids are”….this statement is true for anybody. My father left my life at an extremely early age… we had no equity in anything… I, just like the majority of Americans, had to strap on my boots and get out there to make my own way. I had no advantage… and if you are going to say I started with one because of skin color, I will say s t f up, because you know NOTHING. I do not pretend that “everywhere is equal”, quite the contrary…. people are not equal, period. No matter how much you morons want to push “equality” and “everyone is special” it simply isn’t, and never will be, true. Equal opportunity, yes…. that can be achieved and for the most part, the United States of America is the closest thing to that ideology. Why else are people flooding to this country? it certainly isn’t because they think it is a racist country where opportunity is afforded to “whites” only…. in short, yes, a black guy could buy whatever house he wanted in my city and did. I played with the neighbors kids who were of a different race all the time. At that time, the color of their skin wasn’t even a thought… it wasn’t until I ran into people, such as yourself, who were sure to make an issue of it, one way or the other.
            Any class that has “white privilege’ in it’s title is in itself racist. until you acknowledge that, I am not even going to consider your ridiculous position.

          • Christopher Watts

            I wish I could upvote this more than once… EQUAL OPPORTUNITY NOT EQUAL OUTCOME!!!!!

          • Christopher Watts

            No wonder you are such an idiot… You think nature overrides nurture. Guess what dillhole, it doesn’t. They are equally important. Not to mention your whole premise is racist as all get out… You honestly just came on an international comment board and tried to claim that being born black automatically means your life is going to be harder than that of a white person? What you think a black person is incapable of overcoming a hard situation in life you racist? You think the black population needs you to support them, to lift them up? If I were black, I would be insulted at the very insinuation that I was unable to fend for myself… Filthy racist.

          • Brian Sciullo

            Folks like you amaze me! When the civil rights law was passed do you think it was a magic wand and everything suddenly became equal? Do you think the people screaming nigger at the 2 black kids going to the University of Alabama threw stones at them suddenly felt love in their hearts? Do you think the people that beat and fire hosed and put dogs on folks that just wanted to vote suddenly had a change or heart? That was just the overt racism of the south. It still existed in the north but they hid it better. Do you think it suddenly vanished.

            Better yet guys your dads age that were denied equal wages and education opportunities suddenly got a big pay check and an education. News flash they didn’t. Your dad and what he could supply to you were directly effected by their history. These are facts you seem to be unaware of do you think all of that hate just went away. The power structure that thrived off that hate just went away it didn’t it still exists.

            Nobody says that a black person is incapable of anything except the Filthy racists the guys marching behind the Nazi Flag, Klan Robes and the Alt Right. The folks we all saw in Chancellorsville. They didn’t go away they still exist and they still believe blacks don’t deserve equality. You are just putting your head in the sand.

          • Christopher Watts

            You are an idiot if you think you can legislate away racism. It’s ingrained in every persons tribal membrane. You can’t teach it away either. It’s an eons old survival instinct to be wary of outsiders. You darn sure can’t teach it away with hateful rhetoric. This class is divisionary. All it does is sow seeds of animosity and hate towards white people. Instead of teaching them they are better than the stigmas thrust upon them, it teaches minorities that they are just victims of the evil white man and that they are not responsible for their own actions. Stop being so willfully ignorant and trying to hide behind a false sense of intellectual superiority.

          • Brian Sciullo

            You are an idiot if you think this class is the reason that some black people mistrust white people. Their history show that it should be their survival instinct. This class isn’t to teach black people anything. The Class is at the University of Wisconsin. Wisconsin 6% black 348,308 in the entire state 240,203 live in Milwaukee. It is for white people to look at the society and it is up to them to defeat racism and overcome the stereotypes. It is to show white people that the institutional racism and the covert not overt actions of the past exist.

          • Christopher Watts

            So you’re one of those tools that thinks only white people can be racist huh? No wonder you’re such a self hating moron.

          • Neil Lace

            If forty plus years of affirmative action has not enabled the blacks to fix their problems then I must conclude that white privilege is normal and well-deserved and there is nothing to be done about it.

            Perhaps we need to return to a “separate but equal” situation and the blacks can live in their own society without us oppressive whites getting in their way. Unfortunately, if Africa is any example, the blacks would not be capable of managing their own society.

          • Brian Sciullo

            When you say their problem what are you talking about. When the civil rights act was past a magic wand was waved over them and all was well. The guys putting dogs on them, beating them with sticks and hitting them with fire hoses suddenly embarrassed them as brothers???? The lack or education and the limited job opportunities suddenly opened to blacks? What country did you live in that happened? Affirmative action was only put in place because even with the laws in place many places tried to keep moving the bar and instead of skin color used other factors to eliminate them. Where do you live? I travel the entire nation and it still amazes me the lack or black executives. Even in states with a huge black population you don’t see them. Every time I go to Atlanta I joke and say so this is where they are hiding you.

          • ponchoholic

            I hire people daily because of their race and it is not white but we by law have to have the numbers even if they over represent the minority population in the area we have work .That is wrong because we leave better workers at home and hire people that know we have to have them and use that to their advantage .To answer your stupid question if I had been born a black woman I would be first in line every time for promotion or raises .

          • Brian Sciullo

            Only on the Federal and State level where it is checked. In the private sector it isn’t so stop pretending. PS over the last 20 years I have hired 100 time more people than you ever dreamed of.

          • Mike C

            You persistent use of strawmen is quite comical. I bet all you coworkers at Starbucks are really impressed.

          • Brian Sciullo

            I make more money and pay more taxes than you ever did. Folks like you are the reason that this class is required. Simple question if you were black at your age no matter where you lived would you life be better or worse. If you are not a liar you would say less. These facts are what the class is about.

          • George Trump 🇺🇸

            Blah blah blah blah.

          • Brian Sciullo

            Snowflake now tell me how hard it is to be a poor white man in America. Woo is Me Woo is me. I will get you a crying towel for later.

          • Christopher Watts

            Why, are you done with yours liberal snowflake? Crying about how hard black people had it 60+ YEARS ago.

          • Mike C

            You’re a welfare pajama boy begging with the Democrats for handouts. You’re not fooling anyone loser.

          • Brian Sciullo

            No I am not a red state republican that relies on the Federal Government to pay my bills. I am the guy stuffing dollar bills in your grand daughters g string at the club. The daughter you put their because your social security disability doesn’t go as far as it used to. Your daughter was on the pole until she got to fat and your junky son is giving bj’s at the truck stop to support his oxy habit. I know you are a republican and you have the answers the Red State republicans that lag the nation in education, health and weath. I know us evil liberals are dumb because we don’t want to race to the bottom.

          • Mike C

            Those states have the highest percentages of blacks. Georgia is around 30% and other southern states are in the 20’s.

            It’s not the Republicans in those red states who are on the dole, or they would be voting with losers like you for more handouts.

            So I guess you want to cut off all the blacks in the south from welfare. Trump on the other hand is doing more for them than Obama ever did, and has their unemployment at a 17 year low, and is slashing the welfare roles by actually improving people’s lives.

          • Brian Sciullo

            The Northern states are not the ones responsible for JIM CROW. The reason the southern states are so broke, sick and uneducated is they would rather cut their own throats than let the black folks be equal. It isn’t the Northern States fault that they still want to ignore the potential economic benefit of their own citizens. PS why were the job numbers all a lie when Obama was President but suddenly they have become the gold standard. I know Obama was black.

          • Mike C

            Jim Crow has been around for over 50 years and minorities get preference now.

            I agree with you on the fake unemployment numbers, but now you suddenly want to score them accurately now that Otarda is gone.

            Real unemployment was in the 20s with GDP under 2%, 95 million not in the workforce, record numbers on welfare, all while flooding our country with cheap illegal workers who drain social services and for down wages. That’s the tail wind Otardo the economic illiterate handed Trump.

          • Christopher Watts

            Way to play the race card my little liberal elitist pissant.

          • Kbuzz

            That was an evil response, undeserving, and typical liberal. But I agree with one statement, ya’ll don’t want to race to the bottom…don’t have too. Libs are already there and have a shovel in hand.

          • Brian Sciullo

            I guess I missed something welfare pajama boy begging for handouts was meant as a compliment????? PS the Southern Red States lag the nation in wealth, education, health. Lead the nation in federal payouts, oxy addiction and daughters and granddaughters on the pole.

          • Christopher Watts

            Dude, you won that race a long time ago…

          • Daniel Morgan

            Doubt that. Tell you what Mr. Socially indignant, my whiteness never got me a damn thing. I EARNED every thing I have. I didn’t get a job because I was white. I got it because I was willing to work hard and follow instructions. I managed to build a comfortable life without a liberal arts education or any other degree. All three of our daughters have college degrees -_- they all WORKED their way through school and then WORKED their way up through the world of work. My white parents taught me that the key to success was hard work The sad thing is the way society is today if I was just starting out it would be a lot more difficult for me to make it because work ethic and common sense don’t mean as much as “sensitivity” and skin color -_- anything but white. I should add that back in the 60s in the Army, My best friend was a black from much the same economic background as me who had been raised with the same sort of work ethic and after the service went on to be an attorney. And I don’t think race had anything to do with his success

          • Brian Sciullo

            You worked hard Daniel nobody says you didn’t. But you, you yourself where you live the exact same city the exact same place, same intelligence same willingness to work hard what would have happened if you were black. Admit it be honest the outcome would not have been the same. You were able to give your daughters because you were not limited. You could do any job you were qualified for. You could live in any neighborhood you could afford. No limits. Your father and mother told you the key to success was hard work. Where you lived where you grew up what would a black guys parents have said to them? Would it have been the same?

            You said your black friend in the Army when he got out would they have killed him for wanting to vote? Say he finished his Law Degree in 1960 would a white firm hire him or would he have worked for a black firm. If he was doctor could he treat white folks (a white women??) Ignore that if you want but look at it yourself.

            You know what would have happened if you started out today. You would work nothing has changed. You would work and if you could do the job you could bet paid. No you couldn’t say nigger or act inappropriately with the girls working but you probably didn’t do that anyway. Your skin color would not effect your life one bit because you are white. A black guy to this day can’t say the same thing.

          • Christopher Watts

            My life would be no different than it is now, because I am not a victim of anyone’s circumstances but my own. By your own claims, you are either an elitist trying to sow racial strife, or you are a liberal liar trying to do the same. Either way you are a troll… 95% of the black people I hang with would whoop your arse just for suggesting they aren’t good enough to make it on their own you racist trash…

          • Brian Sciullo

            Easy for you to say. I know you walked up hill to school both ways? You are why this class is need guys like you that want to pretend your history has no bearing on where you are today. You did not do it on your own your skin color gave you an advantage every single day of your life. You actually want to deny if you went into a job interview with a black guy you didn’t have an advantage. Don’t play the bullshit affirmative action crap either. I work at the highest level of business and see this prejudicial behavior every day. I walk into companies in states with huge black populations and never see people of color in the front office. In the back were they are not seen loaded but where they can be seen few or none. I see it among the so called enlightened.

            I have nothing to do with racial strife. Do you deny the Klan, the alt right and the Nazi’s exist? You can see them on TV marching with their uniforms on proudly spewing their hate. They do it in the open and want to pretend that it does not exist in America today. I am decisive because I use facts. What your white friends don’t say nigger. You don’t hear that or see prejudice among white folks you know. You don’t get out much do you? Stop lying and stop pretending. You don’t hang out with black people you don’t know black people if you did and they would actual talk to you, you might understand what the class was about.

          • Christopher Watts

            You automatically assume you know me or my situations in life, and you wonder why people see liberals as wannabe elitist trash with a gigantic falsified superiority chip on their shoulders… Your class is a joke and so are you, you whiny little brat.

          • Brian Sciullo

            I know using facts is talking down to the so called conservatives. I don’t need to know your situation to know one simple thing in life. You can actually view how whites treated blacks during the civil rights era. You can see the dogs, the fire hoses and the billy clubs. You can read and see the stories of black churches blowing up and look at the faces of those screaming nigger at 2 kids just wanting to go to college at their own states university. You can pretend that hate just went away with the wave of the presidential pen. The cop that set the dog on the guy or the beat them with a club suddenly found love in their hearts for black people. The cop on the job suddenly respected blacks. The state houses that fought the civil rights suddenly had all new elected officials and every was great. Come on man.

          • Christopher Watts

            Starbucks would never hire a 56 year old white guy, because you know, diversity…

          • Mike C

            Unless they show up looking like they have a questionable gender or sexual orientation.

          • Animals over humans any day

            “White privilege’…. talk about liberal idiocy. What do “white people” get that others are not “equally” afforded the opportunity? Think hard on this one before you answer, meatstick.

          • Brian Sciullo

            Think on this where did you grow up. Was it equal in wages and opportunities for a minority. How old are you and how long did you live with this advantage. Did it every go completely away? Your father was not denied anything. He could live where he could afford, his wages were not determined by skin color. He could attend any school he choose.
            Advantage is starting at one point (nothing to do with you) when others had to start at a different point. This advantage was what every white American had in this country no matter where you lived until the 1970’s. To a greater or lessor extent until today.

            You are the reason this course exists you deny reality and replace it with fiction. The legacy of racism in America is all around us and folks like you want to pretend because it is against the law it doesn’t exist.

            Real world example I have a client who is Black has 200 racial mixed employees. He is always late sending in his payroll taxes (he tries to do it in house) late filings cost him a bundle every year. I finally convinced him to interview the employment services ADP and Paychecks the two largest providers in the US. He had one stipulation he said they had to send in a black person. Neither company had a black person on their sales staff. Not one person in a state with a huge black population. That is reality.

          • Animals over humans any day

            “Advantage is starting point”…. to which I will respond with EVERYBODY starts at a different spot in life, color has no bearing on it. You think the Oblahblah kids aren’t “starting” at an advantage over 99.9% of the white population? White kids all start at differing vantage points…. it is not a racial thing. Besides this, every individual has the opportunity to make their “advantage”. I don’t “pretend racism doesn’t exist” moron… i just understand that in all cultures, in all countries, it exists and don’t pretend it is a “white” issue only. The kid that was born into a single mother household holds no advantage over a kid in a sound family unit, regardless of color. You are just making an issue of one particular subject, race. That is the very definition of a racist. You are no better than anyone else in regard to being a racist when you champion racist classes and racist causes. ….and why did your client stipulate a “black” representative? Is that not in itself suspect? I am in no way the “reason this course exists”… and in fact, it is you that are the reason. Oh, and by the way, where I grew up there was no disparity in being employed and the wages associated… if you could do the job, you got hired… and the better you performed, the more you could make. It was and is, the same for everyone.

          • Christopher Watts

            I notice he couldn’t even begin to address your question. Just trailed off on his same old tired talking point that he had to go back 60+ years to get.

          • Animals over humans any day

            That is because, undoubtedly, he is a liberal college twit who has been indoctrinated, not taught. He was told what to think… this isn’t his own thought out determination and philosophy. It is really hard to argue about something when the position you hold is merely what you have been told you should think… not what your actual belief is. Colleges no longer support critical thinking… no longer are you encouraged to think “outside the box” or to take the opposition in argument. They want parrots who will tow the line. Lemmings who will go out and regurgitate the echo-chamber’s phrases and tag lines. College has turned into a mighty expensive disservice to our children. He absolutely is a Stewart Smalley.
            As long as he “feels good” at the end of the day, all is right in his tiny, pathetic, world.

          • Christopher Watts

            Glad I’m not the only one who sees it. He’s a tool, who actually thinks anyone believes he’s a high end business man making these claims…

            Wise man once say; If you are under 25 and not a socialist, you have no heart. If you are over 30 and still a socialist, you have no brain…

          • Brian Sciullo

            Yes everyone starts at a different point but we are not talking individuals we are talking on a whole. If you were black and a product of Jim Crow you did not have opportunities. This is fact not an opinion but fact. The ability to give to their kids was effected by not their hard work or intelligence but their skin color. Your children are effected by what you can give. Good schools vs bad schools. Wisconsin has a black population of 6% do you think this class was to teach black kids not to trust white people. They don’t need to be taught this they see it every day. It is for white kids to realize that the stereotypes and the way things are in regards to race are not so simple.

            This class if for guys like you that want to pretend that racism does not exist. I saw a mob of people in Chancellorsville flying the Nazi Flag, Klansman and Alt Right unashamed of their view point. Marching in broad daylight not hiding it. You are foolish to think that it doesn’t exist or is not effecting the black community.

          • Kbuzz

            Blacks could live where they could afford. Neighbor was black and was the only neighbor my father would talk too.
            Black men had choices, and the youth could work any job, but very few bothered. I did the min wage work and never saw any blacks apply and that was with employers actively trying to get a quota. That was reality.
            They have to want to work, not whine about it. Your response is one sided and not the rest of the story.

          • Christopher Watts

            So it’s the white man’s fault that your black client can’t get his payroll taxes in on time because he refuses to work with anyone other than another black man? Do you even hear yourself when you spout off such ignorance?

          • George Trump 🇺🇸

            Lol! Your ass must get jealous of all the shit that comes out of your mouth.

          • Brian Sciullo

            I know those pesky facts keep getting in the way of your racist stupid ideology. PS you were always a racist don’t blame Obama or the Education system. Trailer park trash.

          • Christopher Watts

            Race card denied!

          • Daniel Morgan

            No, I hate the fact that the primary goal of higher education today is to try to make students feel guilty about what their ancestors accomplished

          • Brian Sciullo

            No they are taught facts vs what we want to believe. Learning Washington didn’t chop down a cherry tree didn’t change America. Jefferson was a slave holder and had a slave family again facts are facts. Since the inception of our nation Blacks were here and fought in every war and helped build this nation. Slavery was bad and Jim Crow the same. Equality was not put in place after the civil war and all minorities suffered under majority rule. Feeling guilty is your words. Recognizing fact vs fiction is what education is all about. Facts never hurt anyone but those that benefit from the fiction.

          • ponchoholic

            you are so full of shit .I see reverse discrimination on a daily basis.

          • Brian Sciullo

            Discrimination can only be practiced by someone in power. IE the hiring manager if white or black can discriminate. Problem is the hiring manager in almost every company any job is more likely to be white. Stop pretending that people without power the minority race can have such power.

      • ponchoholic

        You do know the race card is over played at this time.

      • Mike C

        This stupid class is not factual. It’s racist and PC BS libtard

      • George Trump 🇺🇸

        You sound like another liberal moron who has drank the stupid-aide.. No one cares what you think.

        • Christopher Watts

          You’d think he would have figured that out by now… What with his comment to like ratio being 4:1. Just another liberal, elitist, self adulating, troll.

      • Daniel Morgan

        A liberal arts education and $10,000 from your parents might get you a serviceable used car. A liberal arts degree doesn’t give you a markable skill or any common sense

      • Christopher Watts

        Thank you very much for providing the show and tell portion of Dave’s comment, you intellectually vacuous, liberal troll. It’s like you idiots have a quick reference guide that says “anyone who questions your doctrine, just call them a stupid racist bible thumper and act like you won”. You really should take your own advice about not acting stupid. You speak of parroting tv heads, yet you start by spouting off liberal talking point ignorance as if any who don’t agree with you automatically believe your assumed theological timelines; You use catch phrases like Alt facts, but claim to be a free thinking individual; You apparently have no idea what a Liberal Arts Degree is, based off the fact that you suddenly started talking about a college not a degree. You claim to think for yourself, but you haven’t produced a single original thought in your entire diatribe. All you succeeded in doing was showing the world what a moron you truly are, and rattled off every liberal superiority complex talking point. But please, by all means, try to come up with something original to insult me with and prove me right again…

        • Brian Sciullo

          Not doctrine the earth isn’t 6000 years old and George Washington did not chop down a cherry tree. I did win Dave and probably you did not know that Liberal Arts Colleges does not mean Left Wing Colleges but a educational institution that forces students to study a wide range of subjects outside their major. (liberal as in diverse) Now Dave did not know that and the talk radio and tv heads want Dave and the other dummies to think differently.

          PS dummy I stated Liberal Arts College because you don’t usually get a Liberal Arts Degree. In most Liberal Arts Colleges you get a degree like any other school in your major from a Liberal Art College. The only liberal arts degrees from my religious affiliated college were PREMED and PRELAW both Liberal Arts because they had to take a series of classes and not enough in any one subject (Chemistry, Biology) to get a degree in those subjects.

          I know taking down to stupid folks is a bad thing.

      • Mike Ross

        News Flash: People still say whatever they want based upon your behavior, it’s just behind your back. Do you like that better?

        • Brian Sciullo

          I guess you liked it better when you could say nigger feel so superior because they couldn’t smack you in the mouth.

          • Mike Ross

            When you talk about hitting white people or play your beloved knockout game on elderly white people or kill five American police police officers in Dallas, there is only one word to describe you. That will NEVER change so whine all you want. People cannot say it because they will lose their jobs or be ridiculed, no one is afraid of you. Haven’t you figured that out yet, Travon?

          • Brian Sciullo

            Or shooting up a church with old black people praying or shooting up a church with white people praying or shooting up a concert in Vegas. Who should be afraid of who??? Haven’t you figured it out yet Adolf.

      • Artemesia

        It is quite obvious from your comments that you have no reason to be intellectually smug. There are such things as question marks, commas, and periods which most well educated people use to demonstrate their ability to write a rational, comprehensive commentary. Intellectual smugness demonstrates the inability to recognize your own shortcomings.

      • Freeland_Dave

        You asked “What is the problem?” I do believe that you have very effectively shown everyone reading your post exactly what the problem is.

    • MtBees406

      Or: How to change a flat tire, repair your OWN window, fix a meal AT HOME, be a parent to your children, you know, REAL LIFE STUFF. Not how to become more racist than you ever were before.

  • mike

    D E F U N D.

  • Walter White

    It’s ok to be white.

    • That right there is white privilege.

      • Vindaloo Bugaboo

        What’s privileged about accepting something which you had no control over?

      • Mike Ross

        What color are you?

        • Mike C

          He’s a green troll

      • Yukon Cornelius

        I got yer white privilege hangin

        • Christopher Watts

          Sarcasm is a thing still isn’t it?

      • ponchoholic

        what you just said is total ignorance ,every race should be kissing our as$es for bringing them along for the ride.Feel free to chimp out now.

        • Christopher Watts

          Really? You just chimped out because he forgot the /s tag…

      • Mike C

        By that logic there is black, brown, and every other race privilege because many feel that way about their race. So take your pseudo intellectual BS and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

        • Christopher Watts

          It was a joke, not a di*k. Don’t take it so hard…

          • Mike C

            Sounds like you speak from a lot of experience of taking them.

          • Christopher Watts

            Jokes? Yeah, I am. What, you can’t tell the difference between the two? I give you a hint, I take jokes in the ear… You take di*ks in the butt. Does that help clear it up for you?

    • Yukon Cornelius

      Its not just ok, It freakin rocks

      • Brian Sciullo

        So proud of something you had nothing to do with?????

        • Christopher Watts

          Yup. This is us, not having any white guilt. You should try it some time. Maybe you wouldn’t be such an ignorant dush…

          • Brian Sciullo

            Yes I do feel guilt that so many white racists still exist.

        • Yukon Cornelius

          WHITE POWER

    • Rex Jones

      Better turn beige really fast…they are comin for us.

    • Capesnake

      I just reassigned myself as a transgender Ethiopian who follows the wiccan sect. Don’t call me “White”!

  • I never judged the people I work with by the color of their skin. Then when Obama took office, suddenly I did because I was being blamed for being white. This new term ‘white privilege’ enter the public vernacular and I was being blamed for it. I mean wtf? Everything was fine before Obama got here, but now I am a racist.

    • Vindaloo Bugaboo

      Don’t you know? You’re racist simply because you have the color of skin that you do, and guilty by association, because non-whites can’t possibly be racist—even though they are.

      • Mike C

        They are more racist and seek to benefit from it

    • Negan Grimes

      That’s because Obola was an acolyte of Saul Alinsky. One of Alinsky’s rules for radicals is, “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.“

    • hiram floss

      hey! you should feel ashamed…just like those RACIST trees lining the golf course in Palm Springs. I mean when people are oppressed by shrubbery then it’s time for action!….

    • snakeplisken

      of the basic principles of Black Run America is that on no account and not for
      any reason can anyone tell the truth about race. This is why people who speak
      the truth, whether a college undergrad or a professor or a film crew, must be
      treated as the ultimate in heretics. DWLs cannot face the reality that their
      ideology is a fraud. If they had to face that reality, the justification for
      their programs, their policies, their social status and many of their jobs
      would go out the window.

      As for blacks, if they had to face the reality, they’d know they could never
      create a civilization equal to that of Whites. They really would be doomed to
      creating Africa wherever they go. (Although I suspect that blacks, underneath
      it all, know the truth, but just refuse to recognize it in public. This is why
      they go bonkers upon some light being shined on their proclivities.)

      All told, DWLs and blacks would rather let great cities be turned into another
      hellhole of African-in-America violence and dysfunction than admit the truth.

      “Liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide.” — James Burnham

    • Brian Sciullo

      White Privilege was a term first used in 1964 long before Obama was president and had its origin at the Turn of the century. Face it you were always a racist and used Obama as a reason to voice it.

      • ponchoholic

        such a tired story line bub the war was over in the 1800s catch up with the times now we have the open demonization of the white race.

      • I literally paid no attention to race as it related to work or people I dealt with in daily life. My parents raised me that way and so did my school. I literally became a racist when I was being attacked for being white. Better late than never though to learn the true feelings black people have about whites. Game on!

        • MooTieFighter

          I share the same life experience. Then I learned you are a Nazi if you simply defend yourself. This became the last straw. After just a few months of paying attention the goals and reasoning has become clear. I will always treat others with respect and true equality, but this is no longer what we get in return.

          • Brian Sciullo

            When in America have black people gotten respect and true equality. How many times can you be kicked and ignore the fact that a segment of our nation will never accept them as being equal or even human. Don’t pretend that blacks want anything more than true equality or are so dumb that they have to trust people with power that consider them animals.

          • Christopher Watts

            Black people have had true equality as long as I have been alive… Maybe you just need to quite living in the past…

        • Animals over humans any day

          It is so true… i never thought about the color of someone’s skin, until they made it an issue.

          • Christopher Watts

            Racism in America was in a death spiral up until some time in 2009. Then it got ratcheted back up real high real fast in the other direction. Something very similar happened in South Africa soon after the apartheid ended. Now, strangely, there’s next to no white people left in South Africa, and all the agro was torched too. Go figure…

        • Brian Sciullo

          You were white so you have the ability to not be affected by race. Black folks couldn’t effect your life on a whole. If you were black not so easy. How old are you. If you were born before 1965 in the south you knew the local government, the police, the state even the Supreme Court wouldn’t defend you. (they killed you) You learned education was wasted because nobody would hire you or in some places it got you hung. You knew if you complained they would beat hell even kill you. They say you could be a WWII combat vet, pay taxes and live an exemplary life but if you wanted to vote they would kill you. Overtly in many states but in some more covertly. If you lived in the so called liberal Northern States it was more covert. You were limited to where you could live and get a mortgage for a house (better schools). This lasted until the 1980’s against the law yes but nobody enforced it. Look at America and ask yourself why would they trust white people? The crack epidemic because they were animals put them in jail. The oxy and heroin epidemic and white folks treatment instead of jail. Ferguson Missouri they were just animals. The FBI said the city fucked with black people all the time not to enforce the law or public safety but because the fines they paid were a revenue source for the city.

          Black people don’t hate all white people for being white. What they hate is that white people won’t treat them as equals. When they complain the worst in America call them Animals, the middle ignore it and the best say wait a minute they might have something. Problem is those that ignore it.

          • Christopher Watts

            You’re just a racist living in the past…

          • Who are ‘they’? Who is/was killing blacks for getting an education? Who is killing blacks for voting? Where do you get your information?

          • Brian Sciullo

            How old are you? Are you denying that until the the civil rights act in 1965 it was the norm in many states. What all that hate just went away? The old racists suddenly embarrassed their fellow citizens? The business owners hired blacks and color just stopped mattering. Where do you live? Did you see the Klan, the Nazi and the Alt Right the new Nazi’s march in the open in Chancellorsville? This bull shit ideology just suddenly went away? You are fooling yourself if you do.

      • Michael Simpson

        Too funny. Your first posts were mostly coherent but as the minutes wear on, your writing deteriorates. You assertions have become weaker. Your grammar, abysmal. Time to take the crack pipe out of your mouth son. It’s giving you delusional ideas.

      • Mike C

        White privilege is pure fantasy.

      • Michelle E Roper

        Obama hurt the black population immeasurably. His policies put blacks back economically to the 1950s. Also, through his rhetoric, Obama drove a huge wedge between the blacks and whites in this country. So much for “Hope and Change”! He’s a disgrace to this country and especially his black brothers and sisters.

        • Brian Sciullo

          Obama took office at the beginning of the worst recession since the great depression. Did you miss that??? The worst economic situation since the depression. Black are predominately poorer than the rest of the nation. Of course they recovered last they always do after every recession. Noting to do with his policies. If you want to discuss policies the US economy using the Democrats model recovered 3 years before Europe. Europe used austerity the GOP policy and it failed. They had a double dip recession and end up spending their way out like we did but three years latter. Black people didn’t need Obama to tell them they were getting a raw deal. They live with it every day of their lives. It isn’t his fault that the racists that were always racists hated a black man in the white house.

  • Chris

    I am insulted that such a racist course would be offered…! How offensive… Hypocritical… and Divisive! Where is the class called ‘The problem with Blackness’? Because, there is a lot of issues bared by those with darker skin. From them only being 14% of the population but committing 60% of the violent crimes. From most blacks being killed by OTHER blacks. From the gang thug rape culture and their music that supports it; to a major issue of black daddies not raising their children.

    This is the problem with our nation today! Decades of getting rid of racism and segregation only to have it shoved back into our face. Is the past rife with issues? Of course… It is called HISTORY! You have to start somewhere in order to improve and move forward. We can not change the past but only move forward into a better future. Being racist against whites is a step back not forward!!!!

    Shame on the College for allowing such an abomination of a class!

    • theminx

      Well, progressives are regressive.

    • Brian Sciullo

      How old are you? I am only 56 and I am the recipient of white privilege. I look out my office window and see the beach. In my life time the most successful black businessman who paid a ton of taxes would be beaten to death for putting his foot into it. In my life time a black kid my exact same age would have ridden on the back of the bus and saw his relatives beaten for just wanting to vote. My early education would have been effected by the uneven funding for schools. That is just my life. My ability to move forward would have been limited by the color of my skin. Depending on where I lived to a bigger or smaller extent.

      My dad well he was really screwed. He would have fought for freedom in WWII and been beaten or killed for actually wanting to vote. The police and the law would not defend him. He couldn’t have used the GI at the state school where he paid taxes. Education was a waste nobody would have hired him. He couldn’t buy a house in some neighborhoods because he was black and the bank wouldn’t loan him any money to buy a house in the neighborhoods he was allowed to live in. He had to see his kids with less no matter how good, educated or patriotic that he was.

      Know these are facts and pretending that they just went away in 1965 is just plain stupid and ignorant of facts. Facts you probably lived though. Studying the way of something is not evil especially when it is needed. The young folks didn’t experience it first hand like we did. They are ignorant of the facts and how it actually was so they need to be reminded.

      They need to know the racists like you are always out there in a world where facts are to be ignored because it might make them uncomfortable or even realize that what they have wasn’t all dependent on their own worth or work ethic. A lot of it had everything to do with skin color.

      • Chris

        Piss off JA! I am neither racist nor have ‘white privilege’. I am 46 and have worked hard for what I have. I teach my 7 children the same! I did not grow up with the crap you speak of, as it had been eliminated by that time and most had gotten used to it. Is there still racism? Sure especially by black people today! I see it every day.

        I do not ignore anything but realize that as long as we still sell this crap, idiots like you will buy it! Time to dump it in the trash, get rid of the race card and teach that we are all equal.

        No one is pretending anything but you… everyone is responsible for their own actions, situations, and success. I know many successful people with darker skin… they made themselves and do not play the race game. They are not uncle toms, thugs, etc. they are successful Americans.

        All the crap you have said above is either illegal now or hardly ever happens. You do know that the first slaves in America were the Irish? That the first black slave owner was in fact another black man (and there were a lot of them too)? And that most slave owners were Democrats? Why do I mention this? Because this is where all these differences and separations came from.

        I never said for us to forget about the past… but it is just that – the past. It is neither our present nor our future. Racism does still exist (on all sides – not just the poor black man as you had portrayed them). In all the world, we are one of the greatest, freeest, when it comes to race. I know this, having lived outside of the US for 5 1/2 years and going to at least 19 different countries; on top of education and military training.

        Seems to me that YOU are your own worst enemy!

        • Brian Sciullo

          Okay lets do the math. You were born in 1971 so lets say your dad was born in 1951. (son of a WWII vet). Your granddad was born in in 1931. Your grand dad was 34 before he could vote. When he came home from WWII he didn’t use the GI bill for college like the white guys because nobody would hire him. (in both the north and south) Your granddad even in the North probably didn’t finish HS so his education limited him. Your dad if he was born in the Jim Crow south was educated in segregated schools. He was 14 before his dad was allowed to vote.

          The magic wand of the civil rights act didn’t suddenly change all of that. Your grand father’s skin color effected his ability to earn and your dad has less assets to then help you Your dads skin color never stopped him from getting a job. His skin color and the vestiges of racism did effect the black guys salary. Your dad could live in any neighborhood he could afford. If black not so much housing discrimination and collusion with the banks limited the black guys ability to live in neighborhoods with better schools or buy a house in many areas and this was wide spread until the 1980’s.

          Again we are all born at starting point in life the rich get a head start sometimes a big head start. Because we were born white on a whole we had a head start even someone your age. Has that head start been less as time goes by? On a whole yes but still in the larger country a head start. Will it get better yes but it will not be eliminated until we recognize that it does still exist. See the posts they all think it doesn’t exist and never existed.

  • Billy G

    It would nice to have a conversation with this professor concerning “The Problem of Blackness”. Topics covered will include disparagement of education, violence/murder, and critical thinking skills (or lack there of).

    • Jimminy Cricket

      Can’t have conversations with liberals, they don’t listen, think their ideas are the best, and if they start to lose or have no reply they start yelling and insulting you all the while trying to claim the “high road”.

  • Marine06

    The problem with whiteness is there are too many people in this country who aren’t.

  • Vindaloo Bugaboo

    Can we just pay out reparations to every whiny liar suggesting who’s racist in this country so that we can then judge people by their merits and character of heart like MLK Jr. said? Thanks.

    • Mike Ross

      Reparations?! For what? Stand up like a man, we owe them nothing.

    • Rex Jones

      Reparations were paid by blood and death in the Civil War. We ended slavery. There are millions of Blacks now who have more than you do.

      • Brian Sciullo

        Millions????? Millions??? I forgot you must be one of the left behind. PS blacks have also fought and died in every American War. It was their blood too.

        • L Scott Caston

          White don’t have a problem with whiteness – people of color have a problem with whiteness period. White people know exactly who they are and how they are, and if this kind of liberal insanity keeps up eventually the whites will have had enough of the blacks and are almost to that point now. Then all hell will break loose and the blacks will find out how whites reallyare!

  • Mike Ross

    As the faculty and minority behavior at so many parasite colleges have demonstrated, the big problem in America is those who aren’t white. Whites couldn’t care less about their endless whining and braying. We don’t need them and their shocking lack of contributions to humanity at all.

  • Check out redice tv on youtube. Great info on this subject.

  • lysosome

    From the article – “The problem of racism is the problem of whites being racist towards blacks,” the professor had said at the time.

    He states “The problem of racism is” – as if there is only one problem? If he is able to say that with a straight face then he is totally unqualified to teach such a course and yet he becomes, in the eyes of the left, an expert in the field. The idea that all of racism rests on the shoulders of whites is beyond ridiculous and requires the willing suspension of simple observation.

    You on the left can take your leftist guilt, bubbles, coloring books and other “safe zone” crap and go cry by yourselves. Do not include me in this utter nonsense.

    The whole problem with higher education has become the resistance to teaching science, mathematics, history (and not the leftist lies about it) and language, but instead, that gets sidelined by the more important social engineering projects invented by the left.


  • WereTurtle

    The class that should be taught is “The problem with Progressive Leftism”

  • Bill Henschel

    I like my whiteness, dig? Snowflakes need to check themselves. You think Putin or Little Rocket Man care about color? They just want to eliminate us and our way of life. You live in the best country on the face of the Earth. Don’t like it? Then leave.

  • Jose Whales

    What a waste of money and time… and how is this class going to prepare a college student for the real world and getting job?

  • Nightand Fog

    The problem with blackness…… Get the point?

  • Lori Hollywood

    Painting people with a broad brush based on skin color without knowledge or consideration of the individual- isn’t that the definition of prejudice and bigotry? Prejudice – “an unfair and unreasonable opinion or feeling formed without enough thought or knowledge:” Bigotry – “strong, unreasonable ideas, esp. about race or religion:” (Source – Cambridge Dictionary). Of course, this professor no doubt considers her radical ideas to be reasonable. But they’re not. They are hate speech.

    • snakeplisken

      But no one has the courage to call her/him out on it. That is why we are heading into troubling waters.

  • sunnyd55

    Progressively led, government funded public indoctrination centers are the real problem.

  • Robert Lee

    I hear the final exam for “minorities” is whipping a W&shyhite classmate 100 times. For Wh&shyite students, they have to whip themselves 20 times as they apologize to a “min&shyority” classmate.

  • itsknotme

    While I flip this burger and think about my $tudent loan$, I’ll reflect back to my college days and ponder, “Maybe I should have taken an Engineering course instead?”

    • MooTieFighter

      nah, they just want you to pay (once again) for their bad decisions and year of partying while going to “college”.

  • Sgtsnuffy


    • Lori Hollywood

      Please turn off the caps lock.

    • snakeplisken

      of the basic principles of Black Run America is that on no account and not for
      any reason can anyone tell the truth about race. This is why people who speak
      the truth, whether a college undergrad or a professor or a film crew, must be
      treated as the ultimate in heretics. DWLs cannot face the reality that their
      ideology is a fraud. If they had to face that reality, the justification for
      their programs, their policies, their social status and many of their jobs
      would go out the window.

      As for blacks, if they had to face the reality, they’d know they could never
      create a civilization equal to that of Whites. They really would be doomed to
      creating Africa wherever they go. (Although I suspect that blacks, underneath
      it all, know the truth, but just refuse to recognize it in public. This is why
      they go bonkers upon some light being shined on their proclivities.)

      All told, DWLs and blacks would rather let great cities be turned into another
      hellhole of African-in-America violence and dysfunction than admit the truth.

      “Liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide.” — James Burnham

  • Holistic

    There is no problem with or about whiteness just envy and jealousy!

  • Bill E. BOBB

    It seems that the problem with whites is that they are not nearly as dysfunctional as Mexicans or blacks…. For Mexicans and blacks, it’s much easier to pull down whites than it is to raise themselves up

    • Christopher Watts

      Why you gotta throw Mexicans in there like that? Them fools work like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I have absolutely zero white guilt, but I will be one of the first to admit; compared to them, we white folk are some lazy SOBs. Need proof? look at almost any southern street corner where homeless are. White guy has a sign that says his family is poor and homeless and needs help; The Mexican ten feet down the road is selling the oranges he stole from the orchard to feed his kids…

  • Yukon Cornelius

    There is no problem with whiteness. The problem is with non whites being jealous of white accomplishment

    • MooTieFighter

      agree, but the proven tribal nature of human nature has proven that there will ALWAYS be resentment. the fact is we will NEVER get along and always have interracial strife. our cultures, behavior, genetics is TRULY different. ignoring and denying this will be looked back on one day with curiosity and regret.

  • Yukon Cornelius

    WHites run this show and they know it

  • Brian Sciullo

    I watched a PBS show last night about the Spanish settlement of Florida. It showed the Spanish missions and the settlement long before Jamestown and the Plymouth Rock. It showed exactly how Spain settled Florida and up the East Coast long before the English and the French. It showed the true history of the US. Most of you racists don’t consider Spanish to be white because they were Catholic and not Northern European but this PBS show is exactly why this course is needed. The why we think things are the way things are and how we tailor our ideology based on untrue assumptions is what true History is about. I see all the time people saying that Northern Europeans are superior and use the last 300 years to enforce that. They forget that the world is much more complicated and our history than we would like to pretend.

  • sirandrew

    I have had no problem being White..I have no fear of walking the streets n my neighborhood,I have no fear of gang wars that may kill me in my sleep,I don’t see drug pushers on my corner ,I don’t see the walls of houses in my neighborhood spray painted with graffiti
    So what is my problem


  • Graciesgotasquirtgun

    Best to strike out the Yule time fav, “I’m Dreaming…..” for all the socially corrected snow flakers. For the majority of the country’s population who are not and never will be racist may I suggest that they might be the ones who should teach this course using the same Christian-Judeo values they were brought up with.

  • abaton7

    White people did not invent slavery. American white people ENDED SLAVERY! Get over it.

    • ICEvictim

      our British cousins were totally with us on that, abaton7

    • MooTieFighter

      The total of Americans that owned slaves was approximately 1.4% (at it’s peak). That’s right, 98.6% of Americans did NOT own slaves (even at its peak of existence, in America). There are countries in Africa that have higher numbers, NOW. Look up slavery in Mauritania. This is a dead argument for anyone informed.

      • ICEvictim

        “informed” vs propagandised (as in the colleges)

        • MooTieFighter

          agree. colleges are great for intellectuals that wish to learn in depth studies such as mathematics, engineering, law, medicine, etc…, but the majority now are not true intellectuals. they are simply riding our dollar to be indoctrinated further by globalist. this has been a brilliant design that the Nazi’s themselves participated in/developed. they make college easy enough for these less intelligent to graduate from if they follow their college pathway. then they get to graduate with a “degree”, but as would be expected they can’t find jobs and we are now expected to pay for their playtime/indoctrination. In essence they are asking us to pay for our own assassination bullets. we could be more productive as a country if most of these kids went on to mentoring programs/trade schools.

  • Bob Johnson

    My Whiteness doesn’t give me advantage over others, my White achievement does.

  • arnaux

    People prefer the light of the golden Sun to the darkness of a moonless night . Also preferred is the blue of the sky to the mud of the earth. It is as simple as that. The human being looks to God above to help them with their effort to advance their soul. Should humanity follow those who do not?
    It is true that the white race has created the culture that is present on the earth today but who is to say it will endure. It had become stagnant and is becoming decadent with the excess of intellectualism

  • doclogic

    “White Privilege” mythology is a system of thought through which closet racists can both express their otherwise socially unacceptable racism and, at the same time, be praised for it. Example? Racist “white privilege” proponent: “My dear person of color, I know you are inferior to me in every way, but while my own racist pathologies create in me a need to express this, it is unacceptable for me to say it out loud. So, instead, I will safely express my feeling that you are a failure, but couch it in a mythology that makes your shortcomings, which are certain and many, entirely my fault. By doing so, I get to feel superior to you (which, of course, I am) and, at the same time, morally and ethically superior to my own, liberal culture-mates (which, of course, I am not, but my fellow racist liberal cohorts will think I am). You, on the other hand, get dispensation for every bad decision you have ever taken, if any. Hooray! Cover for me and excuses for you; a win-win!”

  • Armician

    Blacks invented slavery in Africa and exported this product to the rest of the world.

    • WereTurtle

      Slavery has existed everywhere – Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, and North America.

  • ronsfi

    “…who’s also a rapper…”


  • Red Feather

    There is no problem with whiteness. Some blacks are making it a problem, because they are running out of excuses. The problem is they won’t assume responsibility for anything. They are on an unending pity party. Their misdeeds and failures are someone elses fault. With this kind of attitude, they will never rise above the very thing they continually complain about. If you want to be successful, you are going to have to work for it. If you think someone owes it to you, guess again. No law will ever change the facts of life. “Problem of Whiteness” course be damned. It’s nothing more than racism.

    Caveat, there are many hardworking blacks out there who understand exactly what I’m talking about. God Bless them.

  • Gringo Bandit

    Mighty “White” of them to offer the course.

  • oxi

    This is racism by its definition, and this professor and university should be sued in federal court!

    Liberals are the new racists!

    • WereTurtle

      The new? Are you unaware of the fact the KKK was an instrument of the Democratic party? Democrats are responsible for Jim Crowe laws, and gun control (to keep guns out of the hands of blacks)? They have always been the heart of racism in America.

      “Accuse others of what you do”

      -Karl Marx

    • Christopher Watts

      Well you’re half right… Liberal are the old racists too.

  • Titus_Pullo

    Self hating, self loathing, bitter left wing hypocrites. Can you even imagine how unpleasant their home lives must be? How would you like to spend Christmas dinner with them?

  • BENDER tharobot

    Sajnani yeah that sounds like a white name (sarc)

  • gazoo3

    Obsessing about race is racist. School is where you go to learn how to be stupid. Those who can’t, teach.

  • Broken Arrow

    Time to purge the Universities of these idiots

  • Tyrantlord

    Have fun obsessing over this. I come at it from this angle I don’t care what you are just as long as you stay out of the way.

    • Capt. Quantrill

      Your statement is why you’re part of the problem. Wake up.

      • Rex Jones

        Free speech is not a problem, it’s a right….just like yours.

      • Tyrantlord

        I am wide awake. I live and let live and am equal opportunity across the board. Don’t foist that’s where the problems start.

  • cleo48

    At Madison? Oh, gosh yes. We’re talking Berkeley central here. Can you imagine a course on the problem with blackness? It would never see the light of day. This isn’t a place of learning. It’s a Pol Pot style rehabilitation camp.

    • ExSF

      Only one course on the problem with blackness? That could become an entire major.

  • arcsinice

    For those who are Occidental (“white”), there increasingly is a problem within the USA and European nations. It is simply the fact that “whites” are superior and this manifests extreme envy, jealousy and hatred (and lies against “whites”) on the part of non “whites”, especially the negro and latino. It is a challenge that “whites” face every day.


    We need to have a course called “Asinine liberals and why they do it”. Obama can teach it since he is such a great professor.

  • Lilly Skywalker

    Could it be that Damon Sajnani is really Rachel Dolezal?

  • Capt. Quantrill

    I LOVE my whiteness. And you should love yours as well.

  • Mike C

    This is a pseudo intellectual racist class. This so called teacher along with any Marxist professors (Obama types) should be forever banned from colleges. They poison students minds with their racism and anti Americanism. What they are teaching is uleless, unproductive, and hateful.

    This class should be replaced with one that teaches people how to work harder and stop blaming whites for the results of your low IQ, laziness, and crap attitude.

    If you are stupid enough to incur college debt to take a course like this, you deserve to be a loser barista.

    • MtBees406

      Problem is: most the young students will NEVER REPAY their college and cost of living loans they get FROM THE TAXPAYERS. Many will, most won’t.

  • Capt. Quantrill

    I blame the parents of any white student who would even THINK about taking a course like this.

  • Caddolakeguy

    The “problem with whiteness” is that white people allow this kind of racist crap to exist.

  • MrWorldCitizen1

    The problem isn’t white, black, pink, brown, purple, etc. The problem is the decisions people make and refusing to accept the consequences for their decisions, blaming “whitey” for their bad decisions/choices.

    • MooTieFighter

      but it’s so easy AND it works

  • Vlad-the-emailer

    I usually look in the mirror in the morning and smile.

  • fishingrod

    I am always amazed the dumb-a-crat has bought into everything the KKK said about them. Listen very carefully to what they say and compare it to the Klan!
    Maybe they can show me i am wrong Detroit would be a good start?
    Blacks want to move to white communities! Blacks can not run a community where whites want to move into!

  • aldorey

    Who in the hell wants to waste time and money going to college anymore when you can start making good money right out of high school as an apprentice journeyman electrician, plumber and many other trade careers. By the time you get out of this educational government quagmire it will take you the next twenty years to pay it off if your lucky enough to find a good paying job.

    • MrWorldCitizen1

      Especially with degrees in “lesbian dance theory” and the like.

  • Graciesgotasquirtgun

    Liberal education had a different meaning back when. It used to mean a ‘broad or diverse’ education. What happened to these college and university profs?

  • Brenda Oakley Lumpp

    The problem today is not with Whites…. it’s the ridiculous agenda of the Democratic Party that is the problem. They have been fanning the flames of racism for over 50 years. Johnson said it best when he said he’d have those n****RS voting Democratic for 100 yrs. with the Advent of welfare.

  • Todd Hudnall

    Parents who actually pay hard earned dollars to send their kids to school to be indoctrinated with this type of propaganda, racist nonsense are idiots and irresponsible. If people would stop supporting these types of racists universities with their dollars you’d see a lot less of this type of perverse “education”.

  • Kelly

    if these idiots get rid of whitey… who’s going to pay their welfare, education, and all the other bs i pay for?

  • snakeplisken

    worked and nothing is going to work. There is clarity in this realization, a
    clarity to admitting what is actually happening. It avoids tortured reasoning
    to show that the dysfunction of blacks is due to anything and everything
    but blacks themselves. One need not make endless excuses for endless bad
    behavior, for the crime and dependency, the racial attacks, and the degradation
    of society.

    culture of the ghetto opposes everything usually believed proper in an advanced
    society: high academic standards, equality of opportunity, good English,
    minimal obscenity, equality under the law, low rates of crime, reasonable
    self-reliance, freedom of speech. Black culture, intensely racist, encourages
    none of these and opposes most. It is tribal, based on identity, instead of

  • demmi

    The catch-all excuse for one’s own failures. Pitifully weak.

  • Azrial Nimrod

    This was always going to happen once whites were no longer the decisive majority. Brown people do and always have hated us. We are going to be South Africa within 20 years. Maybe start looking out for your own interests and that of your kids.

    • MtBees406

      Good time to have your protections in place. The skirmishes are nasty in African countries.

  • FL_BigFoot

    The only problem with whiteness is that not everyone is white.

    • MooTieFighter

      Actually whites will be less than 10% of the worlds population by 2050-2060. Interestingly enough we are still the only ones that are expected to “diversify” or be labelled “racist”. This is NOT accidental.

  • JB Say

    The Problem of Cultural Marxism

  • Guest

    Whiteness is not a problem.

  • BassFreak

    I think I’ll call in sick to work today, and use it as a day of reflection on my horrible whiteness. “White Privilege” is just another excuse for black as why they can’t get ahead. Instead of looking inward, they ALWAYS look outward to blame other’s for their shortcomings.

  • kettlecorn

    At this libtard utopia university, the problem with whiteness, is there are too many white professors and they should all be fired and replaced with people of color, and no discernible talent. Talk the talk liberals, walk the walk.

    • MooTieFighter

      unfortunately, they are taking your advise. this is why so many of our children now have beautiful diplomas framed that are worthless and now expecting YOU to pay of it.

      • kettlecorn

        Universities are destroying this country’s future. Those who can do, do, those who can’t do, well, they become liberals and teach at America hating liberal universities.

  • plkatk

    Parents !!! Here is the fed flag warning signal from this former institution of higher education that they have dropped any pretense of being educators. They are only anti-intellectual propagandists for promoting racist hate and divisiveness in the minds for your children. Do NOT allow your children to attend this awful place; do not donate money to them; if you’ve made a financial pledge, break it. This terrible place needs to be crushed as an example for all of the other hate mongering monsters poisoning the souls of our children.

  • BDnSC

    Blacks are 13% of America’s population but commit almost 50% of the murders and a large majority of the assaults but these idiots want to tell the world that being White is a problem???

    Maybe, JUST MAYBE, if they acted a little more White they wouldn’t have soooo many problems!
    Their problem is obvious to the rest of us….

    • MooTieFighter

      Facts are “racist”. You are now banned from this board. Only non verifiable feelings can be discussed here.

  • ksrgl444

    I appreciate Sanjani speaking on my behalf as a white women. So nice to be included in a big old generality of racism based on my skin color. MLK, Jr. is rolling over in his grave 🙁

  • agreatsign

    The only problem with “whiteness”, exists solely in the vivid imagination of the perpetually miserable, progressive left. If those busy bodies spent as much time doing something constructive as they spend finding new ways to feign outrage, they might actually accomplish something.

  • Mystick

    This “course” is promoting racism, along with the “professor” and “college”.

  • Ecclesiastes 10.2

    Trump needs to withdraw their tax exempt status, funding, accreditation, etc. for promoting racist ideologies

  • The dude

    How is this even legal? Someone needs do that “professor” a favor and beat that wigger till he turns black, like he obviously wants to be.

  • The Un-PC Truth

    “gonna go viral?” “You don’t know that the ***k whitness is!”

    Yeah, that’s a professor with something to offer.

  • OgieOgelthorpe

    I’m more tan than white.

  • Tim

    Your mind on liberalism.

  • geigh mann

    Isn’t it grand the way blacks complain about whitey yet they don’t seem to be moving back to Africa

  • AmRifleman

    People are missing the point re. constant attack on white people, and their history.
    Blacks and Hispanics need victimhood status in order to compete with white people, so they have to have excuses of why they have not accomplished much thru out their history. By constantly claiming that they’re being “held down”, they being “discriminated against”, and whining about whites supposedly being “privileged”, they get special freebees like Affirmative Action, Quotas, Set-Asides, admission to universities with lower SAT’s, pats on the wrist for things a white person would get crucified for, and lots more. It’s a con game.

  • Miles Archer

    As a person of color I’d like to thank our White brothers and sisters for their generosity and good will. We should not be criticizing them. Let’s look to home for our problems. Now there’s an idea for a course.

    • Animals over humans any day

      White people need no recognition for their good will… just an end to the fabricated “racism” that we are all painted with a broad brush as being. There will always be racists, but to say that in general we are all racist? Give me a break.

  • Abe27

    Now I understand why I like getting a tan.

  • JDStill

    To be fair and balanced , they should also offer a course on liberal dumbassedness, targeted to those that are blind and deaf.

  • Anonymous Guy

    I’ve started a boycott of college football. Time to stop supporting these indoctrination centers run by leftist gubment stooges. Hit them in the pocketbook NFL style…

  • general

    Get rid of all left wing colleges, congress, dims, rinos, socialist, communist, from local to federal, clean out the swamps, and do what the ;

    these so called servants we keep electing are not doing this, so when are we to wake up and stop voting this trash in and clean up the swamps.

    Until then it will be destroying this nation as usual…..


    Take the WHITES and ASIANS out of the college and the level of education will be lowered to a 3rd. grade level .

  • The solution is to somehow lower the IQ of white people so they won’t be superior.

  • Kim Gregory Emond

    It’s amazing to me how so many black people (and other people of color) get away with everything they say and do under the guise of claiming racism and repression. Look at activist college professors, John Lewis, Maxine Waters, Jesse Jackson and many other black so called “leaders” and their feigned outrage of white people. If we were to ask Martin Luther King about white privilege he would be sick about this allegation. I remember Martin Luther King when I was a 13 year-old boy on April 6th, 1968 sitting in front of our black and white TV. I asked my mom what happened and she said “they shot Dr. King” (that’s what we called him). His message of peace was for all of us, not just the black activists who use his name as a punchline. Most young black people with their pants below their ass who invoke Martin Luther King’s memory don’t have a clue who he was and their rhetoric and vitriol would not have been tolerated by him. I am a 64 year-old white man and guess what; he’s my Martin Luther King just as much as he is yours, and I think he’d like my message better right now.

  • james4usa

    Rain soil,mineral,timber rich Liberia GDP about $1,900 pp pa. Cold Sweden GDP about $45,000pp pa. No brainer.

  • europa3962

    cultural marxism disquised as anti racism. What do you expect from the birthplace of American progressivism i.e. liberalism i.e. communism,

  • sones1

    The Problem of Blackness 101:

    Illegitimate Births: >73%
    Only 44% of HS Seniors with reading/math skills at grade level
    Blacks represent 39.4% of the prison population (they are 12.3% of the U.S. population)
    Highest poverty rate @ 22%
    13.5% receiving welfare (vs. 4.4% of whites)
    Black males represent 42% of cop killers
    H.S. graduation rate: 75% (88% for whites)

    This list could go on, but you get the point. Rather than focusing on the problems of whiteness, I would advise getting their own house in order first.

    • james4usa

      The 44%reading/math v 75% graduating HS tell’s me they graduate illiterates.

      • sones1

        Good catch! Correct!

      • Christopher Watts

        No child left behind. We can thank the Bushs’ for that gem…

        • james4usa

          Local no child left behind Sch spend $42,000 pa per “student” According to the principal “most of them are going to jail anyway.

  • David Harrison

    No Guilt Here

  • Dad_and_girls

    I am white and grew up in a predominately black neighborhood. I can assure you racism goes both ways. The real problem is that we are still labeling each other. This is how liberals keep themselves busy. They develop new labels and then fight to protect these “minorities”. Perhaps if we stop labeling people as minorities, then people will stop considering themselves as such. I realize that this is not a fix but it is a start. As the band Depeche Mode sang “People are people”. Just leave it as such. As far as whiteness is considered, American has a majority of white people. We are not going out of our way to harm others, we are just living our lives based on that fact. Also many problems in the black community will NEVER be solved by white people changing their ways. Take for example black on black murders (which is a overwhelming percentage of the deaths) can only be solved when blacks stop shooting each other. Very simple, stop the violence, stop the shooting. I can not fix it! This class is like trying to stop an elephant with a rock and spoon.

    • MrWorldCitizen1

      Agreed, wish I could give 10k thumbs up. There is one race, “human.”

    • james4usa

      Friend worked for NY DMV blks harassed her out of a job. She turned conservative.

    • general

      Let these idiots continue to shoot and kill each other, it will clean out the trash for all.
      Then those left who are hard workers will contribuite and the problems of these animals who think they are owed everything are gone like Johnson who started this by setting up a system, saying, doing this and all we will get all the (NGRS) to vote democrat for us for ever.
      What a ass hole he was… and we are seeing the problems….

  • TheBerean

    I think the course is titled “Winning”

  • Peter Famato

    The “problem” of whiteness is their “society’s” level of development and achievement compared to the achievement and underdevelopment of those other societies that had to depend on their own ability to succeed.

  • MrWorldCitizen1

    They are just upset that their degrees in “lesbian dance theory” and the like, don’t immediately get them 6 figure salaries on graduation.

  • dieter

    What about courses for the much bigger The Problem of Blackness….just considering reality.

  • 84Cheetah

    Yea, working hard and studying to try to get ahead and have a good job is a “white” problem. Why do you think companies want more work visas. Today’s “students” have been taught that the world owes them a living, which is false. “Snowflakes” come in all colors in the United States. Student loans should only be given for “STEM”.

  • Kirbyman

    Burn these divisive, progressive cesspools to the ground!

  • general

    The idiots we vote for are causing division, against colors, denominations, language, business, keeping us fighting on issues of little importance, while they continue destroying this nation.
    If we wake up to this trash in congress and realize we all are being used then stop this childish behavior focusing on the evil this so called government is doing and say enough is enough, we may all realize we all need to work as a group or we are falling into their traps..

  • Sane Responder

    Whiteness is a concoction of black rhetoric. Fortunately, whites can exercise their privilege and remove themselves from black rhetoric. Black cannot do this without facing devastating emotional retribution from other blacks. White liberals, whose main desire in life is to earn the approval of blacks, will always be the pariah of blacks who must blame others for their lot in life. White liberals are the greatest victims of so-called whiteness. The rest of us are just waiting for our tax cuts.

    • james4usa

      Blame others and you cede control to them leaving you helpless.

  • Dr_Albert_Gortenbull

    Stop contributing money to these left-wing, racist universities and colleges. Albert

  • Jim Mason

    I’d like to propose a course: The Problem of Taxpayer Funding of Propaganda Masked as Education.

    • Animals over humans any day

      Now that I can get behind!

  • Capesnake

    The asshole teaching this Marxist shit is the problem with “Whiteness”. How can a “White Person” teach others about the evils of “Whiteness”?

    • Animals over humans any day

      Because people with ZERO integrity will sell their grandmothers to get ahead.

  • Teresa Tafoya

    He first earned the title professor after spending some time traveling the world as a professional rapper (or “emcee”).

  • Steve Heitman

    I hope they did not bump the more useful and challenging Under Water Basket Weaving course for this waste of time.

  • KCEddie

    This course will get you a free hat and t – shirt ? Welcome to the Big Time ! LMFAO

  • GiantClam

    White and proud!

  • Joseph Waltenbaugh

    When are they going to offer a “Problems of Liberal College Administrators” course?

  • Incurablewound

    But a “Problem of Blackness” course would be RACIST………

  • Timothy Adams

    Are Black majority countries experiencing toxic “blackness”? Are the Asian nations majorities oppression of minorities there a problem to be addressed? No, only White, WEALTHY, successful nations are to be flooded with hostile, uneducated, unneeded foreign burdens

  • GiantClam

    Another pathetic white doosh who wishes he were black. Lol – lefties are such losers. The problem is that he gets to brainwash already angry blacks and other white dooshes.

    • MtBees406

      Check out his college page. Sajnani is not caucation. Look at his studies and classes. This author is wrong.

  • Mariner

    Every time I see the murder and mayhem on my LOCAL news it ain’t white people doin it.
    Why is it that the ABCNBCPBSCBS NATIONAL news broadcasts always show the one in a million white on black crime 24/7 For weeks at a time, but the millions of black on white hate crimes never get reported?

  • Zedsded

    Pfft….white people…..what have they ever done for anybody?

    • GiantClam

      Beside creating the greatest civilization the world has ever known?

  • KCEddie

    How about a course of why you are in debt and homeless ? With 10 years of college under your belt ? Letting the days go by !

  • Timothy Adams

    I’m Tim Wise and I make a living shilling this globalist approved message

  • John Steele

    I have NO problem with being white.I enjoy it and am very comfortable with it. Why not go find a 300 black guy and tell him he’s too damn black and wake up in a hospital two weeks later. I don’t kill people for 10 cents, I don’t use drugs and I absolutly do not blame my problems and failures on other white people for beng white.. Grow up and face life head on..

  • Michael Bode

    Go to LiveLeak and watch the featured video. “A drive down skid row LA” … Now that is A PROBLEM. ffs get with reality people

  • Doctor_GOP

    Chalk up another university that is off the list of where to send my son for college…

  • rightyb

    time to stop sending money to this place. time to cut off fed assistance. why not call it the hate whitey commie class.

    no wonder they cant get jobs out of college. but they know why they didnt get one!!! they learn to play the race card for the rest of thier lives.

  • BanditnBella

    They’ve taught the black and brown folks to hate themselves, so now they must teach whites to hate themselves. Victimhood pays well. My four grandchildren will NEVER go to College. They’re all under 17 and already smarter than those I’ve seen in college today!

  • WakeUp!SleepyLiberals!

    This is why Academia IS A JOKE. Stories like these are one of the reasons why we elected Trump.
    College admissions are gradually falling, as we have the least men now goign to college, ever, and it’s because more men are not indoctrinating themselves in universities to be ramrodded this garbage BS. They are learning skills that will make them money and give them trades they will live by doing. Universities are just another word for leftist liberal communist indoctrination centers. that’s all.

  • Holly

    Why are we supposed to be ashamed of what we have no control over? Liberals should just consider it a birth defect and be proud they were able to raise above the stigmata.

  • Ruckweiler

    What nonsense. This is academic rigor?

  • GiantClam

    How about a course on how Africa has contributed nothing to modern civilization?

    • MooTieFighter

      I would dare say you are wrong. It’s has contributed quite a bit of heartache to the advanced societies it has affected.

  • general

    Wake up ,, evil does not come from color, it comes from the evil heart of all people regardless of ethnic group, color, education, money, evil is in all and each has the ability to become evil, or good, regardless of economic status..
    Until we all learn to control this evil, all the problems we see will continue to destroy this world let alone any nation…

    • MooTieFighter

      Problem is that you can’t discuss this with the ones causing the problems, because it’s “racist”.

      • general

        Having civil discourse with closed minds is impossible along with any type of debate explaining issues and stating possible answers.
        Public debating on a civil level at colleges, STREETS, at rallies etc., has reached a animal level and they will only listen to what they believe rather than listen for they have lost all ability to be civil in this society..

        • MooTieFighter

          I have been there personally. You will be labelled a “hater”, “Nazi”, “xenophobic” etc… for simply stating indisputable facts and simply taking up for whites. There can be no harsh criticism or dislike in your comments, but if you simply take up for whites (with facts) they hate you. It’s absolutely stunning. This is often as you have politely allowed them to talk (uninterrupted) for extended periods. Debate is dead, it’s now believe like me or get labelled and screamed at.

          • general

            If they continue this a period of time will end when one of these people start major rioting and then try a civil war, it will be over for them, and it appears this is where they are headed.
            If so they have no idea of the hell they will encounter and it will end this mess of race baiting infighting, and their so called superiority complex, remember this is being controlled by globalist, deep state, and the so called servants who are allowing this …

  • radargeek

    Is this all African Studies have to offer as higher education? Nothing about success stories, high achievement, high contributions to humanity, etc.. in the African community? Just race envy and victimhood?

    • RLABruce

      Yes, this is all they offer.

  • bigcrawfish

    The only white guilt I have is when I forget my pistol at home and have to go around black thugs.

  • LibertarianUSA42

    More liberal propaganda in the class rooms

  • Checkssc

    White, straight and republican. Anything else I can do to Pi$$ you off today?

    • RLABruce

      Just existing pi$$es some groups off.

      • Checkssc

        Then I’m their man!

    • Christopher Watts

      That depends; are you a man, woman, confused or a genetic mishap?

      • Checkssc

        Obviously you’re confused so I couldn’t do anything for you.

        • Christopher Watts

          No liberal confusion here. I know exactly who/what I am. My only point was that if you were a man, you’d piss them off even more. Obviously I was mistaken…

          • Checkssc

            Well obviously since I refuse to bend over for you or to bend you over I’m not a man. Let’s have a little talk behind the dumpster one day and after the beating is done the loving can come.

          • Christopher Watts

            Oh boy, a keyboard warrior… threatening to beat me up over the internet? Could you be a bigger tool? All I have been trying to point out from the beginning you half wit, is that the term is straight white MALE republican. If you are a male then yes that’s one more way to piss them off. If you’re not, then no there’s not, that’s all. You attacking anyone who says anything to you, including other conservatives, makes you look either like a troll, or as dim as a fence post. You pick your fate.

  • bigotry is vile no matter who expresses it.

  • Steven Patterson

    These darn white people are real smart and they work real hard we got to figure out a way to make them more like us.

  • pi314

    Great. That’s not racist or anything. Liberals doing what they love to do – try to divide people along racial lines and spawn hatred for anyone who doesn’t buy into their poisonous agenda. Absolutely disgusting.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Then the scene faded from color to black and white while the camera swung 180 degrees, stopping on a medium shot of a short man with black hair in a perfectly tailored Kuppenheimer suit. A lit Chesterfield smoldered in his right hand as he addressed the camera in deep sonorous tones that belied his lack of height:

    “Submitted for your approval, an excursion to a world where students have been reduced to the role of guinea pigs in bizarre social engineering experiments and indoctrination programs the likes of which have not been seen since the darkest days of the Third Reich and the Soviet Union, and conducted by faculty and administrators barely capable of basic pet care. The school bell’s ringing and it’s time to proceed to your assigned lecture hall because classes are about to begin at the University of The Twilight Zone.”

    • Howard M Ccomber

      Oh man, that was AWWWWWSOME!

    • Christopher Watts

      It’s funny because it fits!

  • tulsabubba

    Damon Sajnani, better known by his stage name Professor D or ProfessorD.us is a Canadian rapper and assistant professor based in the United States

    That explains it all….

  • Jonathon Quentin Public

    Meanwhile, crime statistics, abortion rates, homelessness, single parenthood and drug abuse are HUGE examples of “the problem with blackness” but nobody will mention it. Therefore it will continue and worsen.

  • redant23

    These libtards are silly little crap for brains.

  • IceStar

    I think the course should list the benefits of White people and culture.

    The world has benefited from White Laws, White technology, language,white exploration of Earth and space.

    Show me plz where black or brown people have accomplished even half of what whites have.

  • 4Commencefiring4

    Why is this course not condemned as “hate speech” and protested accordingly, being as how its purpose is to denigrate a specific race? Would a course called “The Problem With Arabs” or “The Problem With Blacks” last two minutes?

    Oh, but I know why this is accepted: whites are in power and blacks aren’t. So power equals racism. Then why are blacks trying to gain power? They’ll only become the new racists if they succeed. Isn’t it better to remain the led instead of the leader, lest one become a racist?

    Or maybe everyone has just lost their compass heading. Yeah. I think that’s probably what’s going on.

    • Howard M Ccomber

      Because white liberal progressive democrats suffer guilt for having not committed a single atrocity against black people.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Meanwhile, life goes on in the Gender, Ethnic and Non-Heterosexual Supremacy Indoctrination Centers, sorry, the Women’s, African-American, Hispanic and LGBTQ Studies classes.

    • Howard M Ccomber

      You missed Ghetto, rap, get on your side of the street or I will shoot you, drive by culture, blinged out, no job, hat in hand cultural studies.

  • zjak10

    “The African Cultural Studies course seeks to teach students to “understand how whiteness is socially constructed and experienced in order to help dismantle white supremacy,”
    Sounds like the UW-Madison white leaders have issues with their whiteness and those bigots at the UW-Madison apparently believe in white supremacy or they wouldn’t feel the need to dismantle it.

  • NationatRisk

    Are students actually able to take such a course FOR CREDIT?? No wonder our higher education is in the dumper!

  • Rick Shonsite

    This is blatant racism. Run the racist out of the school the same way you would if this were a racist “white” person.

  • Bergbau

    Why can’t we all just get along together? Who profits by keeping this racist “stuff” alive?

    • Prof. Bacchus


  • Clive Spines

    What does an Asian Indian know about American culture? Send this guy back to where he came from (Is he in our country legally? What kind of peculiar visa did this guy use to get a job teaching American kids how to hate our great country?). Go President DJT, drain the swamp, MAGA!

  • RB

    The only ones who have a problem with whiteness are racists.

  • Kradke

    You can bet I’ll be crossing off that place as a possible college choice for my kids.

    • RLABruce

      Hillsdale College should be on your list.

      • Kradke

        It is.

  • foxblue

    So when does the equal representation begin and the other course follow in the spring, in the fall ????
    You know those “Problem of Hispanic , Problem of Asian, Problem of Blackness and Problem of Muslim religion, Problem of Christianity, Problem of paganism, Problem of Liberal Professors offering total BULL Z)(/t courses that have Nothing to do with a formal accredited education,

  • ConservativeBeaner

    Let me guess: this professor is a Self-loathing White…

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Safe bet: No white faculty member at UW-Madison will willingly surrender their position to an equally or better qualified person of color.

    • RLABruce

      Actually, Affirmative Action requires that blacks be hired and promoted regardless of qualifications.


    Controversial ‘Problem of Whiteness’ course reintroduced at UW-Madison

    Does the UW-Madison ever support anything other then Socialistic, Progressive, Communist, and Democrat Spin ?

    Reintroduced ?

    Does this mean that the first time out of the gate, only Blacks signed up ?

  • gerald carbonneau

    The problem of whiteness thru the intersectional lense of the Indian caste system is what he should be teaching.

  • Jane Dowe

    Sorry, but my “whiteness” is not a problem. I’m damned proud of it.

    Instead of indoctrinating these young adults with liberal garbage, why doesn’t the university teach them the skills TO GET A GOOD JOB??????

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    How about a “Problem of Graduating with No Marketable Skills Due to Too Damn Many Useless Social Awareness Degrees” course?

    Just a thought.

  • Isle_of_Ischia

    The liberal mindset is always racing to the bottom with their hateful thoughts.

  • Mark Russo

    But White’s are no longer a majority

  • Edgar Aethelred

    I’m proud to be white. We are the privileged race because we invented practically everything, give practically all the charity to 3rd world nations, commit the lowest crime and pay the highest taxes.

    I’m still expecting that big “thank you” to whites for introducing to the world modernity, technology, democracy, legal protections for women and gays, indoor plumbing and the internet. Guess I won’t hold my breathe.

  • The BANNED tonymarini

    When will Madison offer the complementary “The Problem With Liberals” course?? It would be an adjunct of the Abnormal Psychology offerings…focusing on puerile, self-destructive behavior.

  • Prof. Bacchus

    Time for a “Problem with Blackness” course and work to end the eternal victim-hood mentality of the black community.

    It’s always the fault of someone else. Blame Whitey~!

  • Knights Hawk

    He should remove himself from all white influence. Like money, universities, etc. Go live in central Africa.

  • T-Rex

    I don’t have a problem with my “Whiteness”, but it appears a lot of other people do. Guess what? That’s YOUR problem

  • billie ray jim-bob

    if whites are hated so much..stop using all of their inventions..ie cars..trains..elevators..computers..etc..its hard to advance society when you smoke pot all day and shoot each other (see chicago as exhibit A)..

    • Sinead McGowan

      shutup moron

  • Darius Jamil Greene

    These kinds of headlines, and what amounts to universities abusing their freedom of speech and their dedication to the degeneracy of society, annoy the heck out of me. Those responsible for creating curricula that include such inane and ridiculous subject matter need to lose their tenure and be charged with moral turpitude.

  • Steven Phillips

    Ok then…Have a ” Problem with Blackness ” course also….it would be a 4 year course

    • Mark Russo

      A degree

      • RLABruce

        It might take blacks four years to get through the course.

  • stronmness

    newsflash spanky, in head to head competition white and black, we crackers aren’t having sleepless nights. we’re good…

  • RLABruce

    They should offer a “Problem With Blackness” course as required for a Criminology degree.

    • feellikeastranger

      that’s racist …

      • Mark Russo

        How so..according to FBI stats blacks are proportionally more likely to engage in criminal activity

        • feellikeastranger

          statistics, and math in general, are also racist …

          It’s caused by Global Warming … We must tax carbon, the building block of life, in order to combat white supremacy.

          See how that works

          • Mark Russo


      • RLABruce

        Not racism, just an objective opinion based on facts about crime.

  • Mark Russo

    Lets teach the new generations to hate whites so when whites are true minorities with no political clout revenge can be given.

    Liberals would love that… hopefully the white liberals suffer first… of course they would say they deserve it

  • general

    Failing to educate our whole history, good and bad, Magna Charter, morals, ethics, declaration of In dependence, Northwest Ordnance, Constitution, Bill of Rights, Federalist Papers, all writings of the founders, then allowing our enemies to educate, run for office, vote illegal laws, then cause the evil we see from all the so called wars on, poverty, drugs, education, jobs, health, pouring trillions down the rat holes, and creating 1 year of educational decline every decade for decades, and these servants allowing our enemies in to destroy this nation is insanity.
    We the people must stop the enemy from destroying us there is evil beyond control if we allow this to continue …

  • DonH

    It takes a very wealthy nation to have enough extra wealth to throw away money on such silliness. Hey Northern_home_Southern_soul the article says the teacher at UW is white not black. He such looks 100% white on his web sites All this foolishness reminds me of my college years when my head was full of mush. Folks raise your glasses in a toast to being a real adult.

  • feellikeastranger

    The recent problem with “whiteness” it seems is a tendency of a large number of useful-idiot-white people to capitulate to those who hate them because of their white skin color, and their ability to organize a civilized, modern society.

    In other words, idiot-white-people bowing down to the third world racists that hate them.

    • George Trump 🇺🇸


  • George Trump 🇺🇸

    Who knew that black racism would become hip with liberals?

  • tex

    The leftists are bat-sht crazy going after boogie men that don’t exist. “White” folks are not even the highest income earners anymore. US Asians top the list & US Arabs earn more than the US avg incomes. BTW, for those that don’t know, over 60% of US Arabs are Christians & not only do US Arabs earn more than US avg, they are better educated than the US Avg.

    I don’t know if religion has anything to do with the Arab success. A US Iraqi born in Mosul, same city as Saddam Hussein, was educated there in Catholic schools & received Bach & MS degrees in Engineering & is one of the best engineers in town. His family, likewise are well educated & typically professionals including a doctor. I am unaware if the US Muslims are doing equally well.

    I mention Arab’s success because I think it much less known than the Asian’s success. I also add, that the US has a law since 1944 declaring Arabs “white.”

  • rbblum

    ‘Problem of whiteness’ is based solely upon white submission to reverse discrimination.

    • Rick Shonsite

      “Reverse” discrimination is a racist term. It assumes only “white” people discriminate, and therefore when discrimination adversely affects a “white” person, it is somehow “reversed.”

      Let’s not water it down. This is pure racism and discrimination. The color of the victim is irrelevant.

  • Patti

    “Student feedback was overwhelmingly positive – students said they found it valuable to examine majority cultures and how power imbalances are created, sustained, and challenged in societies around the world,” the spokesperson said.”

    No, the student feedback was overwhelming positive because

    1) you really didn’t have to actually do anything in the class
    2) it was an easy ‘A’ so it helps the ole GPA
    3) if you’re a person of color, it’s a three-fer: you don’t have to do anything, it’s an easy ‘A’ and you get to overtly express your racism against white people and get away with it!!!

    • Darius Jamil Greene


    • Animals over humans any day

      …and as I am personally experienced with, if you buck the system and do not conform, your grades will suffer. Conform or else.

  • The Manager

    It’s not a “problem of being white” … it’s a very complex problem of race relations.
    Trying to approach it from an angle of “whiteness” or “blackness” or any other race may generate some heat, but no light.
    At least he has managed to generate some conversation, and that’s a start.

  • Mark Russo

    In NYC the black hebrew Israelites stand on a corner and preach about the coming race war.
    Will you be ready when they come for you?

  • Rationalist X

    ok – time to give up. The communists have completely taken over the campuses…

  • ancientemplar

    Hey snowflakes, there is NO problem with whiteness. The problems are the universities and they’re liberal vision of right and wrong.

  • trudat

    Thanks for the heads up. I’ll be sure to add this to the DO NOT Hire from schools list. Imagine the f’d up minds they are creating. Who wants that in your company?

  • matt

    sounds racist to me.
    but then i’m not a moron.

  • sfchuck

    “Whiteness” is not the problem. It is a scapegoat. The real problem is people…of whatever hue, religion , ethnicity, etc.,..refusing to conform to the conventions, mores and standards of the American society. Those who DO conform…of whatever hue, religion, ethnicity, etc…have no problem at all.

  • blindsight

    In order to get around the taboo of hating people on the basis of their skin color, race, or ethnicity, leftists who hate whites, and leftists who are self-hating whites, throw up a smokescreen. They claim that they don’t actually hate white people but hate an abstraction called “whiteness.”
    The truth is that they hate non-abstract human beings who are of European heritage.

  • wminaz

    This has to be an embarrassment to the people of Wisconsin.

  • Rat Bastardson

    Everyone has involved should be sued for civil rights violations.

  • Walter Festoon

    Black Victim Theology taught here!

  • kennethhenson

    Classrooms in which this and other fallacies are advanced will be jammed when college is free. But what type of degree does one earn studying such and what does one hope to do for a living with such a degree?

    • sfchuck

      The same hope as those who hold degrees in sociology and psychology…the disciplines that dreamed up these idiotic courses.

  • Hedley Lamar

    I have the solution to whiteness: Require all white students to wear minstrel black face when they go out in public. Also, they must walk with a shuffle and say, “Yassuh boss” when spoken to by a black person. Problem solved.

    • Rick Shonsite

      I think the liberals’ ultimate plan is to make all “white” people wear a yellow star of David which says “whitey” on it.

  • Sterny

    I think I’d like to teach a course titled, “The Problem of Dumbassery” in the room right across the hall from this intellectual featherweight.

  • Paul Miller

    And the DA white alumni keep donating to keep such trash alive.

  • JIm G

    What do they want to do? Lead by example?? This example – Most of Africa is in the toilet and Haiti is a basket case. I think they should focus their attention elsewhere.
    And BTW – don’t blame colonialism – it’s been over for a LONG time

  • patrickkell

    Will there be a course on the problem with blackness ?

  • Patrick Joseph Dunne

    White folks get shit done.

  • John Donner

    The problem with whiteness is that whites have invented just about everything and civilized most of the world and the left and most of the rest of the non asian people hate them for it.

  • mewp12

    I am so grateful that my children are out of school and hopefully by the time my grandchildren get there the universities will have come to their senses.

  • Roger Trox

    I think the only place that would help someone get a job after college is UW Madison.

  • Does it infringe?

    Isn’t diversity wonderful?

    Its so great seeing this country turn into a brown melting pot that hates white people. This is what the founding fathers fought for.

  • James M Gensch

    Well thank god ,it doesn’t include the honorable President Trump, since these very people have proclamed him part of the orange race,

  • Snapperman

    How about a course exploring POC shiftlessness?

  • Dimocrats=NewNazis

    The real problem withwhiteness, is too many white people just sitting there allowing themselves to be slapped in the face every day with crap like this. Stand up and show some backbone damnit!

  • Larry Dickman

    The problem with whiteness is that we have to keep seeing these silly stories.


  • zrevtom

    I have been a minister in a black church of over 12000 members and of course there were about 3 white
    people in there 2 men and 1 woman. Here is the problem with being white.
    The Blacks want to be us because they have a problem with their blackness. Yes Blacks have a problem
    being black, they just cannot accept it. they think being white has benefits they do not have. They are wrong,
    Blacks sat they suffer from poor education, why the schools they have are in poor neighborhoods, No the
    teachers they have are in a union that cares more about THEIR BENEFITS than the kids they teach and
    because they have a union they cannot or will not be fired EVER so why waste their time when they still
    get a paycheck if they teach or not. Cant get a job, Why, they do not have the education or the will to learn
    or they are too lazy as the Democrats do not want the get an education or a good job because then these
    Educated Blacks will see the Democrats are the ones keeping them in financial bondage. Dems want the
    black vote, Dems lie about Republicans not caring and the whites are keeping them down because they
    are racists, All lies, look back at history and who actually fought to give Blacks their civil rights, NOT the
    Dems, they were the ones blocking those votes, But blacks do not bother to check because it is the
    Democrats who want to keep them on welfare, it is the Democrats who want the men to leave their families
    and go from woman to woman giving them babies and then leaving, because then these women mostly
    young girls need the services of welfare, food stamps, poor education and bad neighborhoods with
    poor housing keeps the blacks voting for the Dems as they believe there lies because the media is in
    the pockets of the democrats and keep repeating those lies and that is all the blacks hear, the lies not
    the truth.

  • merkinmuffy

    This guy isn’t white. He’s East Indian.

  • HappyJack1

    I am sick of this war on white people. It has become so obvious and overt there is no denying it. Will we soon have to arm ourselves for protection? Where are our representatives to call this racism and stop it? If this was reversed and aimed at blacks there would be uproar.

  • titorite

    Whats the problem with blackness or browness or yellowness??? Whats the problem with racism. Is it ok to be white? I think its ok to be white. Its ok to be any race you are and if anyone says they have a problem with your race then THEY ARE RACIST.

  • Eugene G. Windchy

    Eighty percent of black problems would go away if they studied more in high school and did not drop out.

  • ConstantReader

    So basically blame the white race for your failure to be anything, achieve anything, accomplish anything, earn anything, learn anything, or improve anything.

  • 2old2care

    How about a course on the “problem of black victimhood”?

    • ConstantReader

      Black victimhood = Democrat votes and nonprofit jobs for ‘community activists.’

      • 2old2care

        Don’t forget, “I wants a fuss class seat so da white woman gots to move”, “I shot da poleeze cause he be all in ma face”, and the ever popular “whitey owe me”.

  • johnleehooker

    ““Student feedback was overwhelmingly positive – students said they found it valuable to examine majority cultures and how power imbalances are created, sustained, and challenged in societies around the world,” the spokesperson said.”

    If ANY of these “graduates” is EVER in charge of something more complicated than a McD’s drive through window WE’RE ALL SCREWED.

    • 2old2care

      Actually, they have learned that PC speech gets them a passing grade in this stupidity.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    State Rep. Dave Murphy also raised concerns about several tweets from Sajnani’s Twitter account that the legislator said showed the professor “condones violence against law enforcement and compares white voters to the KKK.”

    Professor’s response: “Uh, yeah. And?”

  • Animals over humans any day

    …and this is exactly why the Demotwits are pushing for “free college”….. they will give away “education” as long as it is about social BS and not actual higher learning.

  • Fred Lang, enlightened troll

    Oh wonderful, Professor Rapper is here to tell us all why being white sucks. I’m sure to make big money when I graduate from college with this incredible valuable knowledge!

  • A=A

    The problem with whiteness is whites let everyone else make us feel bad for basically creating everything advanced, useful, and helping humanity to advance into the internet world with AC, computers, cars, housing, and everything else good in the world except for a VERY few exceptions.

    Face the facts, without white people this planet would still be living in the trees and mud-huts, like alot are. Hell, when the white man came to Africa most of it didn’t even have the wheel!

  • steve sun

    Brilliant! Let’s end racism by fomenting more hate and racism. Welcome to the NWO where black is white and white is black.

  • akemihomura

    LOL this guy again

    I think he’s just hoping that if he says enough bad things about white people, he’ll be allowed to say the n-word like his hip hop idols.

  • Steve K

    libs are pathetic, they talk about how wonderful they are for being against racism. But when it comes to white people they are the biggest racists of all. What a bunch of disgusting hypocrites.

  • Ken Sebastian

    I am concerned about the problem of idiocy and how they are trying to spread it. The objective is to make everyone poor, brown and slant eyed.

    • pcanon

      They want slaves, so they have to destroy the people who most oppose slavery — whites. The left has proved to us that they don’t care about black slavery by their response to the ongoing slave trade in Africa. It is a source of complete indifference for them.

      I don’t know why it never occurs to these people that they are creating an environment reminiscent of 1930’s Germany. Genocidal leftists need to be identified and exposed for what they are.

  • Eddie Smith

    Why is this idiot (in the purely medical sense) allowed around students. And what about the problem of blackness or brownness ? Why make up stupid classes to give excuses for people being to lazy to try to succeed?

  • harleymunchkin

    The only “Problem of Whiteness” is the fact that there is not enough of it.

  • Eddie Smith

    BTW I am multiethnic but I constantly get treated in a biased way because I appear white.

    • Ken Sebastian

      Then you don’t live in the USA.

  • Earnest Bream

    “The problem of racism is the problem of whites being racist towards blacks,” the professor had said at the time.

    People o’color can’t be racist, because a ‘professor’ said so. If the ‘elitists in a bubble’ say so, then it must be so. This is the type of nonsense that those paying actual taxes are paying for at the “institutions of higher learning”. Now do you see how the problems in society are being perpetuated?

  • blindsight

    The course title is clearly intended to be provocative, while allowing for plausible deniability for the university and Sajnani. The use of the abstract term “whiteness” enables Sajnani and UW-Madison to deny that the title suggests that white people are a problem.
    Imagine a course titled, “The Problem of Tutsi-ness,” “The Problem of Irish Catholic-ness,” or “The Problem of Jewishness.”
    Anyone affiliated with UW-Madison who denies that the course title expresses thinly-veiled hate is a liar or a fool or both.

  • John Schilling

    Grad: “Much easier class than all those advanced science and math courses, and it’s still 3 credits, too, so the choice was easy for me.”

    interviewer: “Our choice, too, has been made easier. Thanks for coming in today. Best of luck in your future endeavors.”

  • Ken Sebastian

    Why do I smell “New World Order” funding behind this professor?

  • Baron Karza

    Not surprised. Funny, though, UW-Madison is as white as white can be.

  • Gas_Passer

    I believe this college should be teaching “Problem of Blackness” with the amount of crimes committed by the black minority group.

  • Rogue Cheddar

    There is no problem other than not enough people try to emulate our best qualities.

  • Rocco Tool

    Why isn’t the university funding stopped immediately, due to racism and a hate crime?

  • Colorado Proud

    It is antiwhite antiAmerican Marxists on a mission to destroy America who have a problem with whiteness.

  • Hercules Einstein

    The biggest problem with whiteness is having to listen to all the whining from liberal halfwits.

  • DWarren

    And the insanity continues with no signs of being stemmed at radical, alt-Left, anti-American, socialist, Progressive Democrat indoctrination centers masquerading as institutions of higher learning. A much needed course in “Drop Your Ignorance and Abandon the Utter Stupidity of Radical, Alt-Left, Anti-American, Socialist, Progressive Democrat Post-Modern Deconstructionist Anti-Intellectualism” sadly remains non-existent.

  • Keith Owen

    I have an idea for a course, “The Mental Illness of Liberalism in College Administration”.

  • Creten

    Brought to you by the letters and numbers 2N2B4.

  • Colorado Proud



  • Gas_Passer

    I’m surprised that racist Dr. Kris Sealey isn’t a white bleeding heart liberal educator selling out the white race to make her living.

  • Gonzalo Fargenkneipper

    My biggest problem with “being white” is that I pay such high taxes to support melanized welfare recipients and illegals that I can’t afford slaves. That just doesn’t seem fair.

    Black may be ‘beautiful’, but we all know that ‘white is right’.

  • Gas_Passer

    Hey Dr. Kris Sealey, this is what MeatHead and I think of your course of nonsense.

    • Gonzalo Fargenkneipper

      There is a reason that God, in his infinite wisdom, chose brown for the color of “black” people’s skin.

  • Abriana Zinich

    Is the 2nd semester course going to be the problem with blackness??? If you present one side, you should always present the other side for total balance.

    • Gonzalo Fargenkneipper

      You don’t need to take a course for that. Just park your new car in a black neighborhood and wait five minutes to be “jacked”. Independent study. Three credits. No homework.

      • Abriana Zinich


  • Huskie_Jon

    Will there also be courses in the problem of blackness, Hispanicness, or even mixed races? Where is the diversity?

  • John C

    How about a course on the problem of 72% of black kids being born out of wedlock and doomed to a life of poverty, drugs and crime by their lazy, stupid parents?

    • Gonzalo Fargenkneipper

      It doesn’t take any brains or education to work a penis or a vagina, as black people prove daily.

  • Dammit

    When will they have a course titled: “The Trouble With Wasting Money on a UW-Madison Degree?”

    Too wordy?

    • John C

      Somebody has to make our French fries and lattes.

  • Dave Turkheimer

    We are inhabiting Bizarro Land.

  • Just Common Sense

    A very poorly written article with a ridiculous subject to boot……

  • fusilier

    Hey donors……stop giving these Skools money. It will only encourage them. If you get a begging envelope send it back with a letter and no check.

    • Gonzalo Fargenkneipper

      No. I get my dog to “contribute” a little “sump’n sump’n” for the envelope.

  • bugandco

    It will take the extermination of all whites for the nonwhites to finally stop feeling inferior.

  • john

    Whiteness is great! Everyone wants to be white! That’s way so much talk about it. I believe all people should have children of their color.

  • John C

    There are warning labels on cups of hot coffee and pillows.

    Yet no warnings attached to degrees and courses that parents spend tens of thousands of dollars on that are utterly useless for making a living with after graduation.

  • Big ideas


  • Gonzalo Fargenkneipper

    Here’s a little song I heard years ago, composed by an Armenian wrestler I knew.

    “It’s a sad, sad world we live innnnn—
    And it’s really not a ballllllll—-
    “Cause the neggers are multiplyinnnn’—-
    And they’re gonna take it allllllll——.

    Rest in peace, Charlie. You were a street corner visionary.

  • The only thing whites need to learn is to wake up before we lose our entire heritage to these non-white racist savages.

    • Gonzalo Fargenkneipper

      BEFORE???? Do you think it might be too late now, thanks to the Demonrats who bought black votes with OUR tax dollars????

  • ProudMarineVeteran

    So calling someone a “problem” based on skin color, despite the fact that they have no control over it, isn’t a discriminatory attack in of itself? Don’t think so, professor “hypocrite”. Here’s one for your class, professor. How about discussing the trend in the black and Hispanic communities where “thuggin” is cool and killing as initiation to join a gang is condoned? How about bringing up success stories from “non-white” groups as inspiration instead of demonizing whites just because of some misperceived social constructs. And by the way, Sajnani isn’t a white name, it’s from Pakistan. Get your genealogy right.

  • Harold

    I have a much more prescient and earthshaking proposal. A course detailing the perils of the WILLFUL [The NEA & Dept of “Education” did it on purpose!] dumbing down of American education!!!

  • James Cromer

    all these idiot libtards are doing is taking away the focus from the destruction of the black family, community, and youth…all of which was originally caused by libtards. Before the democrats came up their plan to do that by paying unwed black women to have more and more babies out of wedlock, blacks had family structures just like anyone else, and were mostly conservative to boot. The democrats did it on purpose to create a voting block. Libtards are the enemy of the black race in america. LBJ use to joke about, no crap.

  • Punishment214

    What would happen if there was a “Problem of Blackness” course
    RIOTS!!! Marches with people screaming racism! Snowflakes in a child tantrum RAGE!

    “Problem of Whitness” = racism by any other name and another perfect example of Liberal Hypocrisy

    • DKing

      You are white and cannot understand how it is to be gay, black, transgender, female, brown yellow, purple or someone who identifies to be a yeti. Now back off…this course is money well spent.

      • Animals over humans any day

        You are an idiot of the highest magnitude…. there are plenty of white gays, plenty of white transgenders, plenty of white females, plenty of transgender females, plenty of gay blaks, transgender blacks, gay browns, gay yellows, etc……. all of these people you list are not mutually exclusive, except apparently, in your pathetic mind, whiteness is all alone in the spectrum of “not understanding what its like”?
        I don’t give a flying fruit-cup “what it is like” to “identify as a yeti”….. nor do I need to. It is only in your pathetic, limp-wristed, mind that people need to “understand” what it is to be these things. Each and every category you name goes so much deeper… what about the black guy, who is gay, who has suffered terrible loss of family in a landslide? Do I now need a class on what it is like to suffer from a loss due to landslides? Where the Fk does it end with you people? Every day people deal with their own little tragedies…. some are minimalized by others who have suffered greater trajedy. Some are held up on a pedestal by people who have never experienced these things. This class is nothing but a tool… pandering to “victims” to perpetuate the victim mentality for political gain. Period.
        You are black and do not understand what it is like to be labeled a racist when you haven’t a racist bone in your body. Should we now have a class on that? How about you keep your socialist garbage to your neighborhoods, church, and family and let tax funded institutions teach skills…. not teach victimhood?

        • DKing

          Lighten up Francis….learn to read the sarcasm.

          • Animals over humans any day

            Learn a little about the written word and how “sarcasm” does not always convey when done poorly….

      • Punishment214

        I’m not white.
        Sad you totally went on a Snowflake Rage before knowing all the facts, but that’s just typical behavior from an Racist Hypocrite Liberal Snowflake.

        Funny how everyone complains about the high cost of college tuition, yet they have totally worthless classes like this…

        Boss: “How is that business forecast I assigned you going? It’s going to strongly effect what we’ll be doing next fiscal quarter.”

        DKing: “I’m a yeti!”

  • ReadyToMoveOn

    What would you do, if you were a die-hard Klan-card-carrying racist businessman in the ’60s, and you were getting pressure to hire blacks? If you were seeing more black college grads with engineering degrees, with accounting and business degrees, and people are asking why you don’t hire them?
    If you’re really smart, sneaky, and evil, you and your racist Board of Regents buds start handing out degrees in African Studies. Encourage young black people to “go back to their roots, take pride in their heritage!”. Don’t waste time learning something useful, you can march into our Human Resources dept with your degree in hand and demand a job! And there will be one waiting for you, a job that your degree qualifies you for.
    It will involve wearing a shirt with your name on it, and a bucket and a mop.
    While all the high paying professional jobs go to the white kids.
    This idiot Sajnani probably thinks he’s helping the black community by teaching “African American Studies”. If he REALLY cared about them, he’d be screaming at them “Engineering! Math! Medicine! Law!”.

    • TruthInLogic

      So true, but only the last sentence.

    • Pat Hines

      There is no “talented 10%”, the negro does not have what it takes to be better than they are in all negro run African countries, and in Haiti. Haitians are the best they’re ever going to be until the negroes are transported to Africa and that part of Hispaniola is repopulated with whites.

  • Buddy Breeze

    It’s OK to be White

    Intelligence can not be manufactured, intelligence is has been apportioned by mother nature heavily to whites. The game changers of the scientific
    method and its applied technology that has provided us all with what we enjoy
    today, is from the genius class of White males (some White females in there and some Asians), but White males dominate the 3rd deviation of population in IQ. All of human history has shown that
    White males have been the game changer in society when it comes to
    technology and those results have an extremely high correlation to IQ
    testing results. This fact is attacked by the likes of the
    University of Wisconsin-Madison via sjw professors to cover their shortcomings.

    In the USA the black/white experiment has failed. Classes like this are a last gasp effort to retain relevance in society. The experiment has failed. Not
    because of culture, or white privilege, or racism. The fundamental
    problem is that white people and black people are different. They differ
    intellectually and temperamentally. These differences result in
    permanent social incompatibility.

    Our rulers don’t seem to understand just how tired their white subjects
    are with this experiment. They don’t understand that white people aren’t
    out to get black people; they are just exhausted with them. They are
    exhausted by the social pathological tendencies, the violence, the endless
    complaints, the blind racial solidarity, the bottomless pit of
    grievances, the excuses, the reflexive animosity.

    Blacks would be better served by the offering classes that would discourage this group as a whole, to rather than
    sit around and moan about stuff, and expect someone to make it all better,
    to instead just become adults and drive on to success in
    spite of those who seek to visit harm on them. It is that simple.

    • TruthInLogic

      You are describing tribalism, an inherent trait of humans of any ethnicity.

  • Trumplovesyou

    The problem may be blacks and how they interpret race.I think if they took a closer look at behaviors and attitudes they may find that the real difference is not skin color but the difference in behaviors.

  • ToxicOdor

    I guess only common sense can tell us that now we need another course offering: “The ignorance of white people that think they helping blacks.” Clearly this moron doesn’t understand they don’t like him either. Then he can have another course called: “The Problem with Blackness and their relentless hatred toward Whites.” I’m sure both will be a smashing success =/

    • Trumplovesyou

      H looks maybe mulatto. Really bad pock marks. Damon Sajnani

  • Trumplovesyou

    Whites have created the greatest nations, monetary systems , judicial systems, culture , language and 90% of all of the inventions that make modern life and civilization possible. I think if they do have privilege …it was earned.

    • TruthInLogic

      99% is closer

      • Trumplovesyou

        Yes , I do believe the africans invented …the stick.

        • TruthInLogic

          with a pointy stone on one end.


    It’s quite amazing how magnificent stupidity has transformed Sanjani into a debauched rhinestone studded Simian fruitcake..

  • TruthInLogic

    Here is the true problem with “whiteness” and male “privilege”. White males have invented and made every discovery that makes modern society, technical and social, today. From electricity to computers to our legal human rights based society, exclusively attributable to white males, with almost zero input from people of color, no matter what ethnicity or gender. This must be a huge embarrassment to those ethnicity’s, and thus engage in a campaign to disavow and minimize that contribution to humanity made by the legions of white male inventors and discoverers. This not white racism in any way, merely a true recounting of fact based history, for whites have contributed as well to the bloody history of humanity throughout history.


    White people, for the most part, write the welfare checks for buffoons like Sanjani who is immersed into his own world of decadent effluvium.

  • West of the Mississipi

    White Envy…such a burden to carry. It glowed during the Obama years.

  • Darko714

    No one should be ashamed of the color of their skin.

    • TruthInLogic

      agree…but work to enhance the positive perception of that skin color

  • Murdoc34

    The presupposition the name of the course carries betrays how exceptionally unscientific and non-academic the course material likely is. While it’s obvious there are various dynamics affecting people and communities of different races, it’s quite absurd to blame whites for disadvantages faced by non-whites. Any person or group of people – including whites – can easily place themselves in an inferior position by virtue of their habits and behaviors. There is absolutely nothing intrinsically wrong with whiteness.

    • Trumplovesyou

      And many liberal whites are placing themselves in an inferior position with misguided altruism.

  • Pole_cat

    White Privilege, it’s based on the Leftist idea that not everyone is born equipped to have Individual Free Will foisted upon them. -YOU were accidentally born equipped to cope with life as a Free Individual. You have that natural born urge to be Free and this silly idea that it’s your INDIVIDUAL right.- “How dare you think that everyone else is so lucky. THAT is White Privilege.” Leftist insists that MOST people (Islam insists that ALL people) are born WITHOUT this Spirit of Individual Free Will, lacking both the ability and inclination to be SELF-SUFFICIENT and make their OWN decisions. So in the name of fairness, YOU must deny your Free Spirit and be enslaved, right along with all those who would prefer to be taken care of by their Leftist APPROVED TRIBES (or Allah) as slaves, rather than live life Tribe-less as Free Individuals aka American Individualism.

  • Oracle

    There will always be lunacy and irrationality in life, and reasonable people can simply choose not to participate. Only political correctness allows this kind of nonsense to exist. Why is it “racist” to be critical of non-whites, but not the reverse? Why are non-whites allowed victim status on the strength of their skin color alone, and no one is willing to point out their unwillingness to get off their dead butts and do something with their lives?

  • Gas_Passer
  • Snake_Oilbama

    How about a “Problem with pathological lying debt doubling race baiting Leftists” course? 3 House Bernie could teach it.

  • Daniel Haney

    So, WHAT exactly are you going to use this class for in the real world?
    What I find astounding is that self loathing whites actually PAY to listen to this load of manure.
    More money than brains I guess.

  • Cathy

    And we wonder why the United States keeps falling behind in education.

  • Elwood

    – Liberal arts professor — so you can assume he’s not very bright or logical.
    – Thinks the way to reduce racism is to tell people how much of a problem they are because of their skin color — illogical and hypocritical.
    – He’s also a rap “artist” — so you can assume he’s not very talented and a shameless self-promoter.
    – Ignores the real issue, which is blacks in inner cities like Baltimore and others, living off taxpaying white citizens for generations, then complaining the world isn’t fair when these same freeloaders have no skills or abilities to offer the world. — so you can assume this professor is just another hypocritical leftist.

  • August Dunning

    the problem with whiteness? NO PROBLEM. the problem is with the other colors jealousy and the democratic party cashing in on the anger the DNC foments…the DNC is ISIS

  • Joe Sherrill

    I am a white male. As such I am a homophobe, racist, Christian, Trump supporter, Honkey, etc., and not ashamed to admit it.

  • Seijinvet

    It is time to clean out these warped, evil purveyors of anti-white racism. Not only does it foster hate of whites, it injures innocents, such as naive young whites who believe this perverse propaganda and conditions other young naive to underachieve, defaulting to a false sense of entitlement claiming that whatever is insufficient in their lives or accomplishments are referable to others (whites) so they do not need to be active in creating their own lives. Pure evil fomented by racist pseudo-academics.

  • Jerry Newsom

    “Political correctness is fascism pretending to be manners” — George Carlin

  • Bassou

    I love being White. Blacks are ugly, stupid, violent, dishonest, and they smell awful. Deep down they know this. We shouldn’t allow Blacks to live among Whites – ever.

    • Animals over humans any day

      You do nothing to help white people…. you are the reason these classes exist. If you can’t find a reasonable argument or angle, just shut the F up.

  • TheChairman

    The 2nd semester course should be: “Black Entitlement Disorder”

  • Joe Frederick

    Exactly how is it that the UWM plans to solve the “problem” of the IQ differential between blacks and whites, which is the core of the “white supremacy” philosophy? With whites averaging an IQ of 100 in the USA, and blacks averaging 85 for citizens and 70 for newcomers from Africa, isn’t that enough to explain everything?

    I suppose all whites could be given a lobotomy to even things out. Or all blacks could be given weekly total transfusions of white blood … that might work out quite well … who knows?

    Let’s face it, Mother Nature is in charge here, and no silly, ridiculous “course” being “taught” by a Hindu hoser and meant only for blacks on that insanely left-wing campus is going to do anything but stir up black anger even more. Idiots.

    • feellikeastranger

  • VivaSam

    Brain teaser………..
    “Why is it an insult, that almost brings on a violent beatdown, for one black to accuse another black of “acting white”?
    Define “acting white”.

  • VivaSam


  • siylencedogood

    Racists are racists, regardless which inherent skin color is chosen to persecute and denigrate.

  • VivaSam

    A better course to teach at lily white U of Wis-Madison…….
    “How to pass for White”.

  • VivaSam

    OK…..another course for the only blacks on campus…..the football team.

  • rambo jones

    Not only do I love my “whiteness” I embrace it!

  • noway2no

    Pretend you are the opposite sex, pretend sub-Saharan African nomads have created western civilization, pretend college subjects. I see a trend…

    • Joe Frederick

      We’re becoming a nation of ACTORS!

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Next headline:

    UW-Madison Forced To Offer “Problem of Unemployment Due To Stupid Pointless ‘Problem of Whiteness’ Course” Course

  • 1911

    The “problem” with whiteness, is so many illegals, welfare addicts and would be obama kids, are jealous of what they’ve accomplished.
    irony – without several key “white” accomplishments – many of them would have never enjoyed the freedom to be as racist as they are.

    here’s one. As soon as BET, united negro college fund, ebony magazine, BLM, NAACP, and affirmative action stop being organizations based solely on the color of ones skin, we might have a bit less racism in this country.

    Want to see the source of the largest racists in the country? If you belong to, believe in, or subscribe to any of these, take a good look in the mirror.

  • Jim Steele

    If only there was a muslim who could take care of this piece of crap…

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    The course is taught by Professor Damon Sajnani, who is white.

    Professor, will you be taking the day off to observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day? . . . Martin Luther King Jr. . . . Oh, never mind.

    • BajaDreamer

      Don ‘t bother the professor. He’s busy celebrating Kwanza.

      • Joe Frederick

        Actually, he’s a Hindu … note the LONG, never cut hair.

  • feellikeastranger

    “Even the playing field” That’s essentially what these types of courses are attempting to do.

    Lobotomize White People via Racist Self-Hate Indoctrination .

  • Jack the PC Killer

    The exact opposite of MLK jr.’s “I’ve Got a Dream” speech where people are judged by the content of their character instead of the color of their skin. I would like to see a course that delves into the problem of disproportional Black violence in the US and the concept of “Black Privilege”, which is exhibited by the existence of the Congressional Black Caucus, Black Entertainment Television, Jet Magazine, Ebony Magazine, Miss Black America, Black History Month, The Atlanta Black Arts Festival, the NAACP etc….etc…etc…

  • 1911

    Another racist liberal “professor” not worthy of the title. yo, Sajnani here’s some real reasearch you should include in your “class”

    Whites are only 10% of the world’s population, yet are the most industrious,
    ingenious, and innovative race the world has known. Whites have formed nations,
    built civilizations, assumed and administrated power, created the Renaissance,
    the Age of Discovery, the Industrial Revolution, automation, technology,
    discovered electricity, nuclear energy, X-rays and invented automobiles,
    airplanes, jet engines, spacecraft, submarines, helicopters, radio, television,
    internet, computers, telephones, anesthesia and medicine, communication
    satellites, microwave ovens, concrete, light bulbs, telescopes and microscopes,
    cameras. Whites were the first to circumnavigate the planet by ship, and orbit
    it by spaceship, to walk on the moon, to explore the solar system, create
    architecture, unlock the secrets of DNA, and relativity, climb the highest
    peak, reach both poles, exceed the sound barrier, descend to the deepest point
    of the oceans…… sub-Saharan Africans still cannot even feed themselves.

    No pre-contact sub-Saharan African society is known to have ever created a
    written language, or weaved cloth, or forged steel, invented the wheel or plow,
    or devised a calendar, or code of laws, or any social organization, or formal
    religion, or system of measurement, or math, or built a multi-story structure
    or bridge or sewer, or infrastructure of any kind, and they never harnessed a
    river, or even drilled well or irrigated, or built a road or railway or
    sea-worthy vessel, they never domesticated animals, or exploited underground
    natural resources, or produced anything that could be considered a mechanical

    Blacks lived alone in sub-Saharan Africa, a vast continent
    with temperate climates and abundant resources for 60,000 years; so they cannot
    blame racism, poverty, imperialism or anything else for their failures. How
    could they live with all that shoreline and never contemplate putting a sail on
    a ship like every other culture did?

    Blacks are the oldest race, they had a huge head-start so they
    should be the most advanced race; but they are the least advanced culture on the planet

    19 of the 20 poorest countries are sub-Saharan African
    (Haiti). There has never been a successful Black country. No modern creations
    or civilization exists in sub-Saharan Africa that was not brought there by

    There are no White Third-World nations, but all, all Black ones

    Put Whites on an island and you get England; put Asians on an
    island and you get Japan; put Blacks on an island and you get Haiti.

    • feellikeastranger

      well, yeah … That’s precisely why that they must resort to shrieks of “RACISM!”

      … a bit of a paradox.

    • Joe Frederick

      Going back further, MUCH further, the ape community of western Africa became split by the newly-formed Congo River, with the mild-mannered Bonano tribe on one side and the troublesome and often vicious Chimpanzee tribe on the other.

      For over a million years they remained apart, and I contend that the white race was based on the Bonanos, while the black race was based on the Chimpanzees. It’s all in the genes.

    • Trumplovesyou

      They may have invented …The stick.

  • Ted Kennedy Memorial Fund

    Is there a tee shirt available at the book store:


    I want one…tardz…

  • Stone Wallz

    Wake up every morning thank God you’re white.
    The alternative is a life of loathing white people while secretly wishing to be …. white.

    Whites act naturally.
    Blacks who want to succeed in life, mimic whites.

  • u.r.tripping

    Madison- no surprise there.

  • exf14rio

    Leave it to a liberal white Professor of Basketweaving to alert us to imaginary problems.

    • Joe Frederick

      Caucasian, yes. White, no. He’s a Hindu hoser.

  • Count_Yob

    There should be a course celebrating whiteness.

  • Groo

    Universities perpetuate racism…

  • Jack Inmanz

    This article keeps getting posted. We get it already.

  • Marcus Welby

    I could discuss the problem of blackness. That ought to be a semester’s worth of material

  • Ryan L

    The African culture studies needs to have a course for blacks. They need to not worry about white people but to get these 15 to 18 year olds off the streets and stop killing each other for a pair of sneaks.

  • Barbara C Peterson

    There is no problem with “whiteness” – the problem is “racism” from all colors. Open your eyes, clear your minds, and look at people for who they are. Some are good, some are bad and some are just plain idiots. It has nothing to do with color.

  • Danger Noodle

    IF this were truly a *problem*, one would have to look at the reasons Caucasians are in control of just about everything. Evidently some of Darwin’s observations were correct, not a statement of racial bias but an honest observation. If you look at Africa for instance the majority of the population is still struggling to drag itself out of the stone age, Egypt developed a *very* sophisticated society then it completely collapsed with the onslaught of the Romans and never really recovered. Asia major and minor run socially/intellectually hot and cold historically; in the middle east it’s been suggested one cause is arranged marriages between 1st cousins. In the Americas the indigenous peoples of the northern hemisphere never actually made it out of the stone age, the southern peoples managed to become quite sophisticated but withered with the advance of white Europeans. It appears to be a problem of evolution. Think they’ll teach a course on that? lol… nope.

  • philster7656

    I liked the last few lines of the story. A college professor teaches a class which encompasses the lyrics of a profane rap “song” he is planning to release. Perhaps he should study Greek mythology to find out what always follows hubris.

  • Marcus Welby


    Just to add a liitle info Sajnani is just another gangsta wannabe, a rapper and a loser with an assistant professor title. He probably qualifies for medicaid in his state, if the non tenured track contract associate professors are paid what they are paid in some areas. He proly works on a contract without bennies. Why don’t you correct this Sajnani in a reply? Also I am curious about your treason to whiteness view and if you would expound upon that

    • Jus Wundrin

      A Phd in hip hop, or just hate?

      • Marcus Welby

        I think he has a chip on his shoulder. It looks like he was a professional student for a while. He clearly isn’t from money so he proly has a lot of debt and a low salary as an assistant professor. Lefties have this view of themselves as extremely talented and intelligent so if they aren’t being paid what the feel they are worth it is clearly someone else’s fault (usually “the rich”) for tilting the playing field and oppressing them somehow.

  • The only thing white people need to learn is to wake up before we lose our entire heritage to these non-white racist savages.

  • Marion Morrison

    Funny, I see alot of black-privilege, most notably the unconstitutional actions of Obama and the press coverups. Don’t see alot of white- privilege though. I do remember Ashton Kucher’s line at an award ceremony: ” Funny how the harder I work the luckier I get.” Principle may work in general ya know.

  • PaoloRM

    The biggest problem with whiteness is LIBERAL SNOWFLAKE STUPIDITY, proof DNA can be and is wasted.

  • The only thing whites need to learn is to wake up before we lose our entire heritage to these non-white racist savages..

  • harriet

    Non white people have a problem with whiteness-they are not white……that is their problem

    Sorry us white people have developed the most advanced and envied civilization and too bad non white people feel inadequate or overwhelmed by white achievement

    too e f f i n bad

  • joefriday

    There is no such thing as “White Supremacy”, there is however economic supremacy and those people are against people of every color. There is little difference between poor Whites and poor Blacks and those in power are more than happy to see race conflict.

    • Vince A.

      A person is not automatically bad because they are rich. Get off that communist bandwagon. It’s old, tired, and proven wrong.

      • joefriday

        I am not talking about all rich people , I am talking about the corporations that rule the world and the very small group of people that sit on the boards of those corporations. The ones that run the for profit prison system, the ones that lobby government to open the borders to illegal immigration to hold down wages, the ones that seek political power without holding political office. Those people are automatically bad.

  • A, Price

    There’s an ‘agenda’ here folks! Driven by ‘Progressive/Liberal/Democrats…who are ‘USING’ the blacks…mainly… to instigate ‘riots, protests, violence’, at the ‘drop of a hat’!

  • Vince A.

    They’d be more credible if they offered a Problem of Progressives course.

  • Jus Wundrin

    Raising up the next generation of nazis one student at a time. Do they pass out the white colored puzzle pins to the white students for them to wear too?


  • Masseur

    White Is Right. Frown On(any shadeOf)brown.


    If white supremacy means loving God, loving your family, work, treat others right, and dont steal, murder, rape or rob other people, or smoke dope, then im glad to be a white supremicist

    Only a true fool would judge a man or woman by thier skin color !!!

    Tell these Racist fools who are holding this course to go and eat 💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • Vince A.

    The only problem with “whiteness” is that some stay out in the sun too long.

  • Marx Isfer Toys

    Hey, Marxtards: wanna know how to “dismantle white supremacy”? Pull up your pants, go to school, get a job, work hard, get married, don’t abandon your children, shut up when a cop tells you to, pay your bills, don’t burn your city down whenever something doesn’t meet your expectations, take care of your property, don’t slap each other around at restaurants like jackasses, learn proper English, quit making gestures like every thought must be accompanied by a pseudo gang sign, and face up to the fact that a microphone is not a musical instrument.

    • Vince A.

      The requirements are too tough.

  • tbone51

    A waste of money but worse…. Why isn’t this considered anti-American and promoted in the backrooms of the beer-halls or out-in-the-woods like the KKK or NBP? These kids are borrowing student loans that in eventuality, are going to cost them dearly to pay back as the years go bye. Clearly it isn’t going to do anything beneficial towards a degree – and clearly it’s a rip-off.



    HA HA

  • Joe Adragna

    The professor needs to be capped.

  • 2Conservative

    So, a bunch of self-loathing, liberal white dorks created a class to make themselves feel ‘enlightened’. How nice for them. Anyone who would pay college tuition money for this is too stupid to be in college. Class is probably full.


      They made that class to practice thier stupidity

    • Vince A.

      They, along with the illegals, helped Hillary win the popular vote.


    After seeing this article I am convinced that thse snowflake left wing libersls had parents that had some strange kinky fetish where they ate 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
    Because no one on planet earth could be this damm dump !!!! Or so full of shit !!!

  • LysolMotorola

    The problem with whiteness is that all the people of color, or as we call them – gimmiedats – want us to provide them with everything . If people of color, which is an acronym for the “N” word which is an abbreviation for People of Color did not belong to a culture that self destructed, along with a lot of help from white progressives, they wold be holding course on how to stay out of jail until you turn 21; how to not knock up your girlfriend and her sister and your sister; how to get a damn job; how to read, how to get an education ….lor



  • Sharp Shtik

    Democrats with degrees in LGBT, Caucasians, Africans, etc. go straight to welfare, including being a professor.


    These left wing libtards are telling us about racism, when they cant figure out what sex they are, or what restroom to use.

  • The Grinder! ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰ

    Another college that just made all of the degrees it issues, worthless.

  • MtBees406

    Professor is from Toronto . … https://african.wisc.edu/content/black-radical-tradition https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3c25f0ba8a6f4d4090c130c9305e9e84cc95f33f3053581e8fd43cd0b69e0c43.jpg

    I grew up in 60s and never heard all this diversity stuff.
    It was peace/love/ rainbow. All the same.
    Now it’s dividing/hate/ & Rainbow flag was stolen.

  • Mcalluster Lee

    No problem here being white…lol any darkies have a problem with it tough nookie..

  • Sparky Mills

    What a waste of people’s time. Saul Alinsky would be proud.

  • tbone51

    Upon graduation you’re given a milk crate to stand on when you go out to make speeches in the public square, just like a real community organizer.

  • Walker is a coward.

  • Green Eagle

    Saw a movie the other night, “Meet Me in Saint Louis” with Judy Garland. She had a line replying to a “beau” about can she do something and she said: “I’m free, White, and 21.” Think we should topple her gravestone or something now?? :-/

    Whites may have some historical down sides to their history but for the most part have been the most innovative people on the planet in recent history until other races began copying them. Africans by comparison have had little in the way of “civilized” accomplishments when gifted with incredibly good weather, wide variety of minerals, forests, precious metals, water, etc.

  • illhaveanother

    There IS a problem with whiteness. We clearly ARE better than black people. Now what can we do about it? How can we dumb ourselves down, make ourselves lazier, and commit more crime?

  • Juxtapose

    Get it straight!

  • David L. Stinson
    • MtBees406

      Borrowed. A good one!

  • David L. Stinson
  • incognito

    Yep, we need a course in “The Problem of Blackness”

    Seriously, after decades of being handed “privilege” over whites for college admission and for jobs (via government subsidizing employers & colleges) and they are still having a hard time making their own way in a civilized society. They are still whining racism, still whining it is all whiteys fault for all their ills and failures. Time to look in the mirror and check your attitudes!

    These whiny losers need to shut up already, as they are failures (even with a leg up) with attitudes and hate in their hearts that no sane person wants to be around.

    • Austin Morris

      Quite so. As a race, negroes are violent, stupid and lazy. They drag down every society that harbors them. And just compare their home continent (Africa) with whites’ home continent (Europe). Enough said.

  • PatriotPenumbra

    This is racist rubbish. If my kid was attending there we would be withdrawing and applying to new schools.

  • Dave Turkheimer

    Taking this course is sure to help you get a good paying job.

  • ComeyTheClown

    The problem of whiteness? Yeah, I’ll tell you the problem with whiteness… the problem is, everybody keeps telling me that I should feel guilty because I’m white. But I don’t. And according to them, that makes me a bigot, racist, heteronormative troglodite. That’s my problem!

  • centexfan

    And anyone that pays for this schite deserves to be in debt for 15 years after graduation with a job that involves discussing latte mocha and living in daddy’s basement.

  • Jose

    Or in other words. A Marxist course….

  • biggy

    Got to be honest, if I were a hiring manager and a candidate for a position came before me from one of these ultra crazy “University’s” they would never get one foot past me, there grades and major would be considered a joke. Students are poisoning their career by listing this school and many other alma mater on their resume.

  • mrpulpol

    I think courses like these are con to get more money from student for something that will not help them in the real world.

  • krampus

    this right here. This is why there is an Alt-right.

  • TLYG

    Always nice to see another example of how racist academe really is despite all the nonsense they shout to the contrary. White without guilt.

  • biggy

    “Problem of whiteness” is hard work, responsibility and financial accountability.

  • Right Again

    No more “WHITE” donations for YOU! Go live on that Aholes!

  • Lib Serum

    New word for leftist academics mental condition – “imbecilism”
    Why are these people so obsessed with comparisons, parsing racial differences and degrading some to supposedly elevate others. Nazis did this too.

  • Jeff Charles

    I call the mainstream media including yahoo ((the white guilt industrial complex)). The white brain is susceptible to brainwashing more than other races. Most of these media companies are packed with dual-citizens who push this anti-white narrative. No other people are subject to this double standard. Ever wonder how the same diatribe that comes out of the democratic party is parroted by the same globalists in Europe? Wonder why white countries only are forced to become multicultural and multiracial? All ethnic groups have their own country to celebrate their culture, history and heritage except the soon to be gypsies of the world the white people.

  • Gas_Passer

    You’re a poor parent if you pay to let your children’s listen to this racist horse-shit.

  • TimeHasCome

    Huff-po advocates to ” Deny the white male the franchise to vote “…. Google it and see where this is heading.

  • TradProf

    Once again proving a degree from UW-Madison is worthless. The only thing that dunk tank focuses on is liberal/communist ideology…oh, and safe spaces. By the way, aren’t people who judge others by their race racists? Enroll in this class then and make it official.

  • Jason Roamer

    who moves to a white country and then complains about all the white people?
    Would you move to the middle east and and complain about all the muslims?

    • Edmund Ruffin brigade

      Or move to the Indian subcontinent and then complain about all the curry

  • Robert Walling

    Ah yes, the problem of whiteness. Everywhere I go there are parades with classical music, unicorns, and lollipops. People clap and cheer and hold out their cash to me in tribute to my whiteness. When I go down to the DMV or a local restaurant, the sea of undesirables make a path before me, bowing humbly as I pass. I never have to wait on hold for customer service because everything is always perfect. You know, because I’m white. My pizzas come in under 10 minutes, and they tip ME for the privilege! I can even be aggressive towards cops and they just giggle with amusement. It really is wonderful.

  • hughglass

    “Is the uprising finally starting? Is this style of protest gonna go viral?” …If it is I hope this worthless SOB is shot first.

  • FRED

    The problem is politicians want a STUPID IMMORAL MAJORITY of people and whites are a hindrance to despotic immoral rule, especially white Christians. Unfortunately whites are the smartest race and have the highest Christian membership therefore the politicians MUST GET RID OF THE WHITES!

  • Mojo Jo

    Damon Sajnani, better known by his stage name Professor D or ProfessorD.us is a Canadian rapper and assistant professor based in the United States.

  • Mark Sman

    Ah, Madtown. P ussies and snowflakes abound. Can’t open a can of soup, but they do understand how Taco Bell works.

  • Foxwater

    Pull. The. Funding. Now.

  • Factualizer

    It is patently racist to discuss whiteness as opposed to any other racial characteristic. Any student of the school should sue for as much as they can and begin setting precedents for entrenched academic racism. Every member individually of the board of directors, every professor participating and teaching in such classes should be named in legal actions. Every faculty member who refers to “whiteness” as a social evil should be sued for each and every instance until this racist garbage ends.

  • Easyrhino

    Since Western civilization is based on White culture and everyone on the planet wants to emigrate to Western/European countries (rather than the reverse) it’s quite obvious that Western civilizations and by extension White culture is indeed superior.

    As far as this crackpot professor is concerned perhaps he’d be happier preaching his propaganda in Haiti or Liberia.

  • That Guy

    If they don’t like it go to any country that is run by blacks. You will instantly realize that whites are better than blacks at creating safe societies with the ability to succeed. Generally, in white societies their are schools and a way to make a living if you are willing to work. In many black societies one tribe will attack another tribe chopping off breasts and hands so the men can no longer feed the family and the women can no longer feed the babies and must listen to them starve to death.

  • 1mtnman

    I’ll never hire another grad from that racist factory.

  • Deployable

    Students dumb enough to sign up for this deserve what they get.

  • Goober_Pyle

    What a pant load of crap.

  • goggles

    The Prof is probably kool to party with, or something

  • John

    As long as its not required, who cares? If some dumb liberal white kid needs to take it to feel better about himself or herself, let them.

  • rational2012

    Why don’t they offer courses on “The Problem of Blackness” and “The Problem of Asianness”?

  • Jalupenyo Bidniss

    TYPICAL NUTFLAKE LIBERAL POS…teaching our white kids to be ashamed of their race and their heritage.Without white Europeans,especially Englishmen,America would not exist and the entire world would still be living in the Dark Ages…Women would be sold as sex slaves,blacks would be work slaves or cannibals in Africa,and gays would be killed on sight.And of course Mexicans would not exist because the white European Spanish explorers would never have conquered Mexico along with Central and South America.Without white people the world as we know it would not exist.I say all other races have appropriated WHITE CULTURE and we need to take our culture back and drain the shallow end of the gene pool.Can you imagine an America without blacks playing the whiny crybaby victim race card everyday about everything and ruining everything they touch everywhere they go?Wouldn’t that be nice?…We can only dream for now:)

  • Wintermute

    The problem at the University of Wisconsin is the prblem of Matriarchy.

  • Lawrence Jones

    Or they could teach the problem of blackness and understand how blackness is socially constructed and experienced in order to help dismantle black victimology, If “whiteness” is only a social construct and thus brimming with its own dysfunctional psychology, then it is more than probable that so are all the others. Just think of all the course potential. One could graduate with and art and sciences degree (way more art, or artifice, than science) in “color studies”. Why not? It would be one more crap degree on the pile.

  • Grab_a_root

    Chill. For fach sake, it’s Wisconsin. Is explanation really needed?

  • Grab_a_root

    The universe is hierarchical. White, Western civilization is at the pinnacle of human accomplishment, wealth creation and institutional development. Get over it. Embrace it. Accept it. Love it.

    • Ashley Brenton

      Thank God for the Greeks…

  • ata777

    Any white person taking that course is either an idiot, a masochist–or a progressive.

    • BarackMugabe

      Same for any black person.

  • douglasmcb

    It seems to be inevitable now. Western (that’s “White” to liberals) nations will collapse from the mass of uncontrolled immigration from failed (that’s “non-White” to liberals) states which can’t maintain order, provide sufficient food, or provide an economy for their people. The Chinese will be the big winners, because THEY have no problem controlling their borders, controlling crime, and limiting immigration. It’s a tragedy because the freedom of Western culture is superior in every other way to the tightly controlled and restrictive Chinese communist empire, but it just isn’t going to stand the test of time. Westernism isn’t a system that is sufficiently self-sustaining. Once the Liberal elite rose to the top, it signaled its own end by weakening internal protections such as patriotism, the death penalty, and border enforcement.

    • Ashley Brenton

      I would only add that China likely enjoys success at controlling its borders due to the fact nobody wants to move there except North Koreans on the run. China is a ghastly, polluted land where 60% of the people still get by on about a dollar a day. That’s not a superpower.

  • Stenka Razin

    You would have enough material to get a PhD in the Problem of Blackness if they would ever allow it.

  • Silvershine

    When are we going to address “The Black Problem?”

    Insane poverty rates. Insane criminality. Little contribution to society. Etc.

    Or should we not broadly apply stereotypes and treat people as individuals? I’m good with it either way but have no room for the hypocrisy of claiming one side should be treated as individuals and the other as a negative stereotype responsible for all the ills of society.

    • Stenka Razin

      Y u b raaaayciss ‘gainst da po’ Din Du Nuf Fins? Dey only wants wut u got. So giv it up!

  • MARK

    Thank Goodness I’m seventy years old, and won’t be required to live in a civilization that’s gone to total shit. Partial shit I can handle, but total shit is beyond me.

  • Tin Can Sailor

    By the time they enter college, most young men and women should be able to recognize this ‘class’ for the self-loathing bile that it is. But it seems the indoctrination begins so early in our public schools that there are some who will fall for this garbage. Maybe it’s past time parents take the schools they fund away from the leftists who use them to rot their kids minds.

  • John

    Black crimes matter

  • 1Psuche

    Institutional Bigotry!


    The Bolsheviks are looking for yet another white Christian genocide. The first had its beginning in the Russian universities. Do not underestimate those behind this movement, this is a prelude to mass genocide.

  • dd121

    How is being of European descent a problem? Our ancestors built this country and created all of our institutions. Blacks? Well…..

  • David Hedricks

    I’m white and proud. What of it?

    • Edmund Ruffin brigade

      That makes you “problematic”

  • mnc77024

    The problem of whiteness is that blacks and slant-eyes and latinos aren’t white.

  • Fleendar the magnificent

    Whiteness isn’t the problem. Political correctness and continuing to think that white people still owe you something 150 years after slavery IS. As it’s been proven, there isn’t one black person alive whose ever been a slave and not one white person alive whose ever owned a slave. But we have plenty of people complaining about slavery that hasn’t existed for 150 years.

    Anyhow, let me clue you all into a something that IS a problem. Black people and other minorities blaming white people for being poor and telling us that we keep them repressed and poor. THAT is a problem and the ONLY people to blame for that is yourselves.

    You people, by remaining on welfare and on the government’s teat have done this to yourselves. You are happy, content and OK with where you’re at because you get everything for free. But are you? Have you been repressed and held back by the white man? No, you haven’t because welfare has sapped you of the desire to improve your own lives, work to be responsible and make positive changes in your lives yourselves. WELFARE has repressed you because it has made you lazy in complacent. Welfare breeds LAZINESS and destroys the desire to improve yourselves.

    With that being said, stop blaming white people for your woes and ills. Stop blaming white people for how you are treated in society. You have brought ALL of this on yourselves by being LAZY, not wanting to be responsible and improve your lives, and supplementing your lives by the unlawful appropriation of other people’s property.
    Change starts with YOU FIRST! Do you want to be treated better in society? Then be responsible for yourselves, be respectable, be honest, be contributory back into society and stop blaming US for your problems that YOU created.

  • Joe Patriot

    This fvcktard teacher and all the other white apologists that continue to manufacture “victim crutches” for blacks and other minorities need to get their azzes shipped over to Africa…..then they can live out their liberal version of mAgA…..Making Africa Great Again.

    Don’t let my whiteness get in the way of that country’s overwhelming success stories of self sufficiency, over abundances of food/water, sanitary conditions, and non corrupt leadership/govt. (oops, I mean militias).

    So maybe all of that aid sent over by the US (Food, money, medicine, technology) and other (predominately white) countries should be cut off so as not to cause/create a “whiteness” problem there.

    Let’s see how long this teacher and other white apologists fair in the African bush…ain’t no Starbucks or vegan restaurants nearby

  • oldstroke

    I never had a problem with my whiteness but a black café owner in Missouri did in the mid 1980’s. I was not allowed to enter his establishment but could have a black friend bring me some food while I waited outside.

  • Gorba

    How about that…. a University course based on lies. Run by racist universities.

  • ironage

    The only problem non whites seem to have with “whiteness” is just shear jealousy.

  • Plurb


  • NMS

    Wow boy are these idiots a couple of decades behind the times…lets instead look at yellowness from a global perspective.

  • Jake Fontaine

    Racist idiocy, thy name is Sajnani.

  • My other car is a broom

    Black is beautiful, tan is grand, but white is the color of the Big Boss Man.
    Don’t melt, snowflakes.

  • bps

    let them teach the course, let them continue to foster the belief that all minorities are victims, let them indoctrinate the students and encourage them to embrace the idea that they are facing a stacked deck- i’m going out on a limb and guessing the solutions are 1. start minority owned businesses, 2. open schools that teach “real” history, 3. embrace roots of ethnicity, 4. create segregated areas for “their” people. amazed that people would even consider this an education. exactly what are you planning to do with a degree in victimhood?

  • IAintHappy

    The problem with promoting anti-white hatred in the US: We’re 2/3 of the population, you bozos.

    Just how far do these bonehead marxist clowns think they can push this before it gets ugly?

  • alrui

    The problem with whiteness is we need more of it:-)

  • bps

    there can’t be anything more insulting to a black person than having a white man teach them about how awful the white man is. this is why liberals are the most racist block of people in the country- they actually believe that without their help then black people wouldn’t even realize how difficult their life is

  • Thomas

    Doors open for tall white handsome successful men around the world. I use it to my advantage so what.


    Its time to pull federal funding from these morons…


    This isn’t about white or black.. its all about libs pandering to their base and anyone willing to vote for them…Thing is blacks are finally figuring it out … Well at least the smart ones are..


    Libs are terrified that blacks will finally realize that the lib plantation will never get them anywhere…its a ruse..

  • spric

    Whiteness is not a problem, at least any which could be comprehended in any possible context of an ‘African cultural studies’ anything. Who do these affirmative action Cretans think they are? They need to concentrate on catching up that lost 12,000 years to the modern world. Just look at Africa. They can’t even build a car. They assemble them when the components are delivered to them. An African aircraft? They don’t even have airlines.

  • Ed Troyer

    ‘Problem of Negritude’ course would have no shortage of truthful information.

  • Ashley Brenton

    Some privilege just cannot be helped. White IQ scores average at 100. Don’t get cocky! Asians average at 106. Blacks average at 85.

    That’s a genetic reality. Not something I can feel uncomfortable about or need to apologize for. And stating the results of scientific results like this is not racist, unless we want to engage in a new Lysenkoism like in Stalin’s time where science is made to conform to prevailing political fads.

    Sorry, but if I had to write off 15 IQ points tonight I don’t think I’d do my job tomorrow as well as I did it today. That is not my privilege.

  • Michael Fisher

    I converted to white when I was in my teens

  • One_Mountain_Man

    I’m white and I have a great life. Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. 2018 is going to be wonderful. MAGA. Thx 🙂

  • Viator16

    God made me white, and God does not have a problem with it.

  • Puff

    And people wonder why college attendance is dropping.

  • Sigint

    As a state funded school, the legislators have a responsibility to cut all state funding to the school. They must cut the entire school because picking a particular department or course might be considered ‘racis’. Is this course only because a White faculty member in a Black dominated department is desperately trying to maintain relevance?

  • airplane mike

    I’m white and filled with unending optimism. Perhaps it’s time to look past the color of your skin. And to look, (in the words of MLK), to the content of your character.

    • stacy4422

      yea that only counts for NON-white people don’t you know. us white people have No character

      • airplane mike

        I have plenty of character, and it’s all pretty decent. I don’t allow people to label me.

  • Puff

    I wonder if Michael Jackson or Rachel Dolezal would want to take this course.

  • Puff

    I looked up this “professor” Damon Sajnani. He is a rapper. Anybody surprised by this?

    • Ashley Brenton

      Rapping is a form of poetic free verse. I.e. it is poetry that shuns the use of the poet’s toolbox.

      This is also known as “garbage” or “tripe”.

      • Puff

        Rap evokes the same type of annoyance to me as cigarette smoke. I want to walk away from both until I can’t smell or hear them.

  • stacy4422

    lets play a game! it is called what the world would look like without white people? Any guess what it would look like if white people never lived? Anyone?

    • stacy4422

      let me start, we would never have had the internet, or maybe planes?

      • Eric

        NOT. Science grew out of Christendom, not out of whiteness.

        • Puff

          The biggest leaps forward in the history of science were made by the white Christian Isaac Newton.

    • Eric

      …the same. Oh wait no, more people at high latitudes would have rickets and other maladies brought on by low vitamin D levels.

      • stacy4422

        this is what they want and you missed my point!

        • Eric

          Please. The left has no clue about this. They are logically challenged and could no more reason their way into this conclusion than they could jump over the moon. The left would have a conniption fit if they read my response.

  • Eric

    Whiteness is a genetic response to low levels of sunlight and vitamin D production in high latitude zones on the planet. Blackness is a genetic response to high levels of direct sunlight at low latitudes causing skin burns. Both whites and blacks are colored by melanin, more means darker, so we are all really “shades of melanin.” Further, white privilege is not real; do white people get special privileges in Japan? How about Ethiopia? Of course not. “White privilege” is a phony social construct, not a reality.

  • BarackMugabe

    African Cultural Studies

    Yeah, I’m going to hire lots of ACS majors for my business. LOL.

    Anybody signing up for this course doesn’t need a lesson in why being white is a problem — they need a shrink.

  • Bill Earnshaw

    The course and teacher are racist, unless “problem with browness and blackness” are offered as well….

    • Eric

      Hey, the Don of Trump won Wisconsin in 2016. Shouldn’t these lefties be offering “The Problem of Orangeness?”

      • Puff


  • Itpaystobeawinner


  • Eric

    UW Madison? Apparently the faculty was badgered into offering this again.

  • SterlingMaloryArcher

    I swap out “white” for “black” and vice versa to tell how racist something is.. This one is pretty bad.

  • vox212

    Can you imagine the outcry from the loony left if a racist course on “The Problem of Blackness” was offered. This whiteness course is racist and the government needs to cease funding to universities that offer courses such as these.

  • John Woodhar

    repent whitey.

  • perpetual victimhoods….

    all white…all white…all white…

  • 1G25

    “… “understand how whiteness is socially constructed and experienced in order to help dismantle white supremacy,”

    Pathetic unevolved bipeds. Whites ARE supreme; they lead the world in science, health, civilization, and everything else that has made life easier for the other two races .

    Negroes can jump higher, run faster and whine louder than any other race of mankind on Earth.

  • perpetual victimhoods….
  • perpetual victimhoods….
  • perpetual victimhoods….
  • perpetual victimhoods….
  • perpetual victimhoods….
  • perpetual victimhoods….
  • RPVG

    Can you imagine a course called, “Problem of Blackness”? Or Yellowness? Or Redness? Or…?

    Whiteness? REALLY? How racist is THAT!

  • Pamela

    You can thank the liberals for this BS!

  • Telemon

    Hmmm. A self loathing white dude who hates whites, teaching whites to be self loathing, and expecting to be on the front lines in a BLM rally only to be expelled by the locals for being white.
    I’m so happy that my tax dollars aren’t wasted on utter drivel. He’ll probably get a raise and a promotion….
    Oh wait, that might come under the classification of “White Privilage”?
    We may as well fire his ass now.

  • JimFogleman

    Read the lyrics of rap songs aloud. Then people will consider you racist and sexist.

  • rlwieneke

    RACISM: is the problem of Blacks being Racist towards Whites and committing Hate Crimes against Whites.

  • Chester Courtland

    I love my beautiful whiteness and I love my white privilege even more! They don’t call it White Christmas for nothing!

  • Craig A Sheffield

    Wow, my skin is white so I’m damned!!! Boo boo hoo!

  • hiking

    Why is it always white people targeted? You never see a “problem of blackness class” offered. Makes me think they are pushing an antiwhite curriculum and atmosphere at the college. I hope they aren’t receiving tax dollars.

  • Lbt

    Liberals destroying the foundations of society enabling the social engineers to re-create the world the way the elite want it.

  • Russ Littler

    Why are blacks becoming so “racist”?

  • Marlon Glenn

    That a lot of money to pay for brainwashing…

  • Gundog

    Imagine a school offering a course called “Problem of Blackness,” about how violent-prone, poor black urban culture is the cause of their dysfunctionality and their underdevelopment, both economically and educationally. There would be riots at the school and people would lose their jobs. This war on white America needs to be called what it is, and ended, and soon.

  • Dave

    I’m really getting tired of college ‘professors’ redefining reality. that within which we then have to prove the negative.Nothing more than Thought Police b-crap.

  • Bionic Lester

    Same old musty stale talk loop of blaming others for ones own shortcomings in life. ANYTHING for attention, it comes from not having a father. It causes clowns like this to behave like the little bitches they are.

  • Scott3636

    This course will help prepare students to continue living with their parents.

  • Mr. Manfredgensenden

    If these racist idiots would take a gander at crime and assault stats, they would quickly see the ‘problem’ is BLACKNESS.

  • patrick sain

    Theses traitors who teach this whiteness shit should lose their freaking job for promoting racism against white people theses gangsters have no right to teach kids poison in any school or college period this racist at University of Wisconsin Madison needs to be removed permanently blacks are biggest problems for cops an their plenty of evidence in the crime statistics

  • Johnnyboy

    Blacks have a serious problem with themselves and their behavior. If they learned what it is to be white and changed their behavior that would go a long way in helping to make their race acceptable.

  • Leonard smith

    Can’t wait to see that school collapse under its own filth .

  • meamark

    122817 college fixit…. this black racist hate monger ‘Krap is going on because the idiot white people let the Affirmative Racist Victimologist get away with it – instead of getting injunctions against teaching such black racist hate classes as ‘the problems with whiteness’ UNTIL there is a parallel – ‘Mandatory to pass to graduate – course “the problems with black racists and their anti-white white racist supporters” [even IF YOU TAKE – AUDIT – SET IN – Move to none academic event [on or off campus] when you take the black racist ‘problems with whiteness’ class… as well, a second mandatory to graduate class is : the completely WHITE MALE MADE UP ‘Vitimology : social justice and the other Hate America to Destruction “Stupid Kommunist ‘Klap trap those WHITE MALES MADE UP and POURED DOWN Throats of the professional minority bigot class..

  • Dire Wolf

    Easy solution to this. Educate illiterate, self-loathing white heads-full-of-mush about the Enlightenment, the Reformation, the Renaissance, etc; fire university professors who promote anti-white racism under the guise of “education”; de-fund universities that permit such nonsense.

    Problem solved!

  • LightSoundGeometry

    is there a final solution for the whites yet? will they gas the whites like jews?

  • Jerry509

    Whiteness is not a problem just racist people and their pushing their views on others are the problem. Whoever set up this class must be black and they are pushing their racist views and should be fired. I am glad I do not live in that state and I will make sure my grandchildren never consider any racist college or university.

  • george emmert

    More liberal, globalist, socialist, marxist, communist backed trash out to destroy America. Drain the educational swamp in America.

  • Philip

    If only we had allowed non-whites to develop the world we live in. Then we could live in utopian splendor like those in africa.

  • dad1927

    Nazi racist course. Hitler should be doing it

  • John Normanton

    There can be no argument that whites are the most intelligent race on earth and because of whites all the other races on this earth enjoy a better lifestyle. Imagine what your life would be like without a fridge, light-bulb, car, plane, rocket, satellites, internet, telephone, computer, television, radio and the list goes on and on of white inventions and the only other race that contributes to society are Oriental people who take white inventions and make them better than the original invention, the rest of the races think that whites owe them something, especially black Americans who are the most privileged people on this earth.

  • Terry Maloney

    I am white and never had a problem with it. If I met a person of color I just made sure I treated them as I would like to be treated. I have met people of color who had a reputation of being difficult to deal with and I needed their help with information or what ever asking for their help which usually worked. All people need to learn that behaving with respect for one another gets you farther. The old saying ” you catch more flies with honey than vinegar” is true. What worries me is the movement of people to being so quick to use violence for no obvious reason.

  • While I think even very controversial ideas can be sounded out on a college campus, I don’t think a course called “The Problem with Whiteness” should be run any more than one entitled “The Problem With Blackness” should! As we all know, the PC snowflakes are okay with demeaning white people, but would never run such a course denigrating any other race or group!

  • Porphyry

    “Sajnani, who is also a rapper, performed a song called “The Problem of Whiteness” that he said he plans to release.”

    Oh, he’s a crapper! Dat honky be culturally appropriatin’!

  • Randall Anderson

    I seem to recall a famous black person once commented that we should judge people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin… I guess that’s just old-fashioned racist nonsense, huh Professor a- hole.

  • jymm

    I held a white sheet of paper up next to myself and looked at myself in the mirror. I am not white, closer to a peach color if you really think about it. I guess that makes us all people of color! Sounds as good as the BS this professor is putting out?


    After spending $100,000 on College Tuition, little Johnny learned one thing that was drilled into his head everyday “White People BAD, Black People Good.” Suckers!

  • S Taylor

    If this were a white supremacist society there would be no class called “the problem with whiteness.” Imagine a cless called “the problem with colored folks”; sounds like some racist crap right?

    Institutionalized racism is alive and well… against white people.

  • George Suchey

    I grew up knowing that ALL people are created equal. Over half of my friends are of various colors (African-American, Hawaiian, Hispanic). To state that my vote predicates itself based on KKK beliefs is in, and of itself, completely insane.

    As long as there are those that spew hatred from every race then we cannot progress. If ANY college course was written to state “The Problem With Blackness/Jewishness/Anything else” then this nation would be up in arms. Why is it OK to attack a race for the faults of a minority within that race?

    The problems within every society MUST be rooted out, but NEVER at the cost of an entire race. Entire races do not hate, only some peoples within it.

  • Christopher Reiss

    Why can’t this new breed of deluded academics write an acceptable English sentence?

    ““We will come together with our socially ascribed identities of Black,
    white, mixed and other and, with the problem properly in its place we
    will ask ourselves and our allies, what are we going to do with it”

    — I don’t care what he’s saying, this illiterate buffoon shouldn’t be teaching kindergarten.

  • Joe Palooka

    I don’t identify with the color of my skin, I identify with my cultural heritage – Judeo-Christian, Classical Liberal European Civilization. For those who don’t like it: “Sorry about the Penicillin, pal.

  • socialismisevi!

    until whites fight back like a gang ( as the others do) be prepared to be treated as second rate

  • Hugo Chavez

    Sanjani, who is “white”…