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Race, gender, sexuality-obsessed teachers suddenly worried about kids’ feelings at Christmas

It’s that time of year — when far-left educators let the double standards shine as brightly as a house on “The Great Christmas Light Fight.”

Those who believe that injecting LGBTQ and “critical” race (CRT) issues into every aspect of the school curriculum is moral and just suddenly have a problem with December holiday paraphernalia appearing in the public schools.

The blog We Are Teachers recently reposted a 2018 article on Facebook titled “Holiday Decorations Don’t Belong in Classrooms—Period.” Here are its reasons why:

1. “Not everyone celebrates Christmas”
2. “You can’t celebrate all holidays in a meaningful way in the classroom”
3. “The holidays are difficult for a lot of kids”
4. “If you’re really concerned about bringing some holiday cheer, there are more meaningful ways to do it”
5. The Constitution

Let’s be real honest here — teachers like this don’t give a damn about the Constitution or if some kids are feeling left out. Because these are the same teachers who at every opportunity separate everyone by race, gender and sexual preference and teach lessons/host workshops which in some manner castigate in over half of the American population.

Imagine a student who comes from a family who believes in not seeing color. Would these teachers worry about him feeling left out? Of course not. They’d lecture him about how his philosophy is actually racist and hateful.

For such teachers, Christmas is merely another manifestation of “whiteness” which, like critical race theory, can be made culpable for anything. The celebration was brought to the Americas by those dastardly European colonizers, after all. Not to mention, radical educators despise religion and anything remotely associated with it anyway.

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Fortunately, at least for the time being, the majority of America’s public school teachers — if they put up any sort of holiday decorations in their classroom at all — are going to include those for celebrations other than Christmas … because they’re not complete idiots. And Christmas decorations are not a constitutional concern if they’re limited to the secular (Santa Claus, Christmas trees, etc.).

Of course, Education Week doesn’t mention any of the seasonal challenges to Christmas in the public schools; instead, it  zeroes in on a challenge to a parent who wanted to share Hanukkah traditions in her kid’s class (which ultimately was defeated). But at least this anecdote allowed author Elizabeth Heubeck to take a dig at Ron DeSantis and Florida’s ridiculously nicknamed “Don’t Say Gay” law, which was probably her intent anyway.

This all being said, given that Christmas and Hanukkah ultimately are religious holidays there always will be some murky legal areas when it comes to them and the public realm. For instance, this case in New Jersey could end up the U.S. Supreme Court: A school district prohibited the performance of Christmas songs which have “religious themes” at school concerts. A parent sued and then appealed on the grounds that the policy is unconstitutionally “hostile” to religion, but he lost both times.

The appeals court ruled that “neutrality towards religion is quite distinct from hostility towards it,” and said that “although it is not clear that the school district needs to have such a [neutrality] policy in order to comply with the Establishment Clause, it is also not a violation of the Establishment Clause to have such a policy.”

Which means the district could reverse its policy and still be on constitutional footing. But if doesn’t, then good old fashioned representative democracy comes into play and the plaintiff parent and others in the community can elect school board members who will change the policy. Democracy in action.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah.

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