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Student arrested for dorm swastikas is named, while Duke hides noose culprit

Remember how Duke University is claiming it would violate student privacy law if it revealed anything about the student it claimed hung a noose on campus last week?

Specifically the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, which applies to academic information about students?

Which only makes it sound like the noose hanging was a politically motivated hoax and the school’s trying to avoid embarrassment?

A college in New York isn’t showing the same reticence when it comes to a student accused of scrawling swastikas in a dorm.

The Journal News of Westchester County reports:

Raymond Turchioe, 18, of York City was arrested Thursday night by Purchase College police and charged with first-degree aggravated harassment, a felony. …

The police complaint states that Turchioe drew swastikas in Farside dormitory at about 3 a.m. on March 17. …

The complaint states that Turchioe etched or drew multiple swastikas in the dorm, believing it was occupied by members of the Jewish faith, “causing alarm, fear, and annoyance to the residents.” …

The Westchester County District Attorney’s Office’s Bias Crime Unit has been investigating the graffiti with SUNY Purchase police.

Turchioe, who is white, has been suspended on an interim basis, and he’s not allowed back on campus until a hearing is set, “some time after spring break,” the News reports.

There’s one major difference between the Duke and Purchase cases: The unnamed Duke student, whom the school refuses to even identify as a man or woman (or genderqueer, for that matter), let alone by ethnicity or motivation, apparently hasn’t been charged yet.

But it’s hard to see what’s the difference between hanging a noose on a Southern campus and scrawling swastikas in a dorm you believe to include Jewish students. Why wouldn’t a noose-hanger be arrested?

Perhaps because Duke learned the hanging wasn’t motivated by “bias,” but by a desire to give credence to racial demands by special interests at Duke?

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