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Student op-ed: How to use video games to ‘beat up’ President Trump

Ohio University student Logan Graham doesn’t beat around the bush. To him, our new president is “a tax-evading, likely treasonous, narcissistic-sexual-predator and full-time fascist” … and he wants to do something about it!

And that something is beating the snot out of Mr. Trump (and members of his administration) via video games.

“Here are some games you can play and envision inflicting pain on Donald Trump,” he writes in The Post, thankfully adding the caveat that he’s not suggesting anyone really (try to) harm him.

His first game choice is “Dishonored” which, he says, “is unique in that it’s a game about assassination where you can avoid using lethal force.” In it, one of the non-lethal ways to nail the president would be to “air evidence of him betraying us to Russia during the campaign.”

“[O]f course,” he adds, “this is assuming he did collude with Putin.” Oh.

Here’s some others:

Final Fantasy XV-Judgement Bolt. The summon attacks in this game never seem to damage the landscape or anything you don’t want to damage. Meaning we can attack him and Bannon without causing harm to anyone else.

Persona 5-Take Your Heart. The soon-to-be-localized Japanse role-playing game lets you play as the Phantom Thieves, people trying to steal back their future by delving into the palaces, dungeons representing their twisted perception of their territory, and stealing the source of their twisted desire, causing the target to have a change of heart, but not after the Thieves have finished beating up the Shadow of their target. It doesn’t take a genius to put two and orange together to make the perfect way of disposing of Donald Trump. One theft later, and he’ll be down on his knees apologizing and confessing about everything.

Graham concludes his missive with what is, unfortunately, too common a sentiment among the hate-infused far-left: “I despise Trump more than any generic doomsday villain you find in games.”

Ah — our new president is worse than the apocalypse. Hard to top that.

There’s also a comparison of Trump to “Harry Potter’s” Voldemort, echoing the sentiments of an Ivy League professor:

“Trump is the heir to a fortune he didn’t earn, claiming to be a ‘man of the workers,’ with a glaring history of not paying the taxes his voters do, or paying his own workers. Voldemort was a larger-than-life, completely sexless avatar of destruction and fantastic racism that was too grand to relate to the real world. Donald is an avatar of greed, sexism, racism, and outright fascism, who wants himself to be seen as a perfect paragon of American exceptionalism.”

Read the full piece.

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