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‘Tearing America Apart’: New book confronts ‘anti-white racism’

‘[A]nti-white policies have become so interwoven in the fabric of American life that we often fail to recognize them,’ author says

A new book confronts the longstanding problem of “anti-white racism.”

Claremont Institute Senior Fellow Jeremy Carl discussed his new book, “The Unprotected Class: How Anti-White Racism is Tearing America Apart,” during a virtual event hosted by the think tank.

“Diversity in and of itself is not an asset. You have to be bringing other things to the table,” Carl (pictured) said during the event, attended by The College Fix on Tuesday, June 11.

He has also worked as a research fellow for Stanford University’s Hoover Institution and served in the Trump administration as the deputy assistant secretary for the interior.

Carl said he decided to write the book because no one else would. The media will not touch this topic either, Carl said during the event. The author also said he has been thinking about the issue of racism toward white people for the last two decades.

“While political and media elites hysterically condemn an imaginary epidemic of ‘white supremacy,’ in the real world, white Americans are often openly discriminated against,” the book description states. “Indeed, anti-white policies have become so interwoven in the fabric of American life that we often fail to recognize them.”

“A lot of the seeds of some of the problems that we have today,” came from the Civil Rights of 1964, Carl said during Tuesday’s event.

“The ‘64 Act was a response to very real problems that still existed,” he said. “It was a blunt instrument to attack those problems.”

However, “if you snap your fingers and got rid of it today a lot of these problems would still persist.”

Another section of his book addresses the idea of “white flight,” or the argument that white people fled the cities for the suburbs once black people began moving into the urban neighborhoods.

“I think this is kind of the most radical claim I make in my book, although, it’s very well supported by the evidence that I provide as a strong claim should require strong evidence, but, I basically argue that ‘The White Flight’ was really the only form of ethnic cleansing in which the victims were blame,” he said.

“White people have been attacked for leaving, and they’ve been attacked for staying,” he said.

“When white people fled, it’s called white flight….and then if they come back to a minority neighborhood decades later, it’s gentrification,” Carl said in a June 5 interview with Allie Beth Stuckey. “Just stop playing their game,” Carl said on the show, with reference to white people trying to appease critical race theorists.

Carl, during his talk on Tuesday, also criticized the idea of America being a “nation of immigrants,” which he called “a modern piece of Democratic campaign propaganda.”

“I basically show that in fact, the massive demographic changes that we’ve seen in America since 1965 are without precedent,” he said. “They are contrary to American traditions for the most part.”

The author hopes this sparks further conversation.

“I really tried to write this in a very even-handed way so that people could feel comfortable broaching a difficult issue, whether that’s in healthcare or just kind of looking at this whole subject in its entirety.”

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IMAGES: Regnery; Allie Beth Stuckey/YouTube

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