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The Real Problem With Campus Sex Weeks

The College Fix recently reported on how the notoriously raunchy and popular homosexual sex advice columnist and pundit Dan Savage visited the University of Oregon in mid-October, and was paid $24,000 for his sex-ed advice to students, during which discussions about the art of fisting and gorilla suit fetishes were broached.

U.S. News & World Report columnist Peter Roff has since summed up what’s wrong with that, as well as what’s wrong with all those other gratuitous, porn- and kink-filled “sex weeks” hosted at colleges across the nation every year:

To those who will suggest that there is a prudish factor at work, most Americans would no doubt agree that it is not the purpose of a college faculty to teach or to provide with taxpayer dollars these kind of programs. There are too many American children graduating from high school and from college without adequate grounding in the hard sciences, in math, in technology training, and knowledge of engineering to keep the nation competitive in the global economy. This is one of the reasons so many jobs are going overseas.

This kind of nonsense is also harmful in the psychological sense. The facilitators of such events know full well the influence they have on developing minds, creating the impression that the abnormal is, in fact, right in the middle of the bell curve. “Lifestyle education” is the goal, which amounts to an abuse of the trust parents place in the institutions to which they send their children and malfeasance as regards the custody of our tax dollars.

If events such as these were confined to just a few colleges and universities they might be easier to overlook. As it happens, they are ubiquitous, as common as “rush week” and homecoming.

Parents need to start saying “No” to this kind of garbage, as do the philanthropies and benefactors that continue to provide generously to “the old alma mater.” Even the feminist organizations who decry what they see as an epidemic of rape on college campuses should join the fight. Is it not self-evident that instruction  in promiscuous habits and peculiar behaviors is actively breaking down the barriers between men and women that once existed at a time when men for the  most part actually understood that “No” means “No?”

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