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The shameful silence of the universities who facilitate abortion

Helping to kill the unborn is not a popular topic of conversation

Here’s the shocker of the century: Three elite universities whose student health insurance plans cover abortion do not want to talk about the fact that their student health insurance plans cover abortion. Harvard, UCLA and Boston University each offer coverage options for female students seeking to abort their babies, but they are curiously unwilling to discuss that coverage—including how often it is utilized—electing instead to refuse all of The College Fix‘s inquiries into the matter.

Abortion supporters talk a big game. But when the chips are down relatively few people are comfortable with owning up to sanctioning or facilitating the brutal procedure. The silence of these three schools is but one example; more broadly you see it in the way that abortion advocates go very far out of their way to admit what is actually happening in abortion. Euphemisms like “terminating a pregnancy” obscure the true nature of the procedure; terms like “product of conception” help dehumanize the unborn, making them easier to kill. Everyone knows what abortion is, but some people would rather avert their eyes, both literally and linguistically, and avoid facing the reality of the situation.

It is a tragedy that these institutions, which are nominally supposed to be about elevating humanity, are also in the business of literally tearing it apart. And their silence is more than a little ironic. If you’re not willing to discuss the medical procedure that you are ostensibly supporting and encouraging, what does that say about the procedure itself? And what does that say about you?

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