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UCF Bans Fraternity, Sorority Parties

In response to an escalating trend of reckless student behavior, the University of Central Florida is shutting down a number of planned fraternity and sorority social events.

The Miami Herald reports:

UCF’s Greek ban isn’t permanent, and Ehasz said activities could be restored as soon as next month — provided the organizations agree to beefed-up university oversight. What the specific new rules will be is still unclear (the university says that will be hashed out in negotiations), but it may include the addition of a live-in school staff member to every fraternity house.

Some UCF students are angry about the shutdown, and they accuse university leadership of overreaching.

“Almost all of the Greek organizations adhere to the rules given by UCF,” said student Elisha Rodriguez. “But of course one group messes up and ruins it for everyone else.”

…UCF leaders say they are reacting not to just one particular incident, but rather a pattern of hazing and alcohol abuse among Greek student groups. A university “conduct summary” spreadsheet lists dozens of rules violations in the past couple of years, including repeated cases of hazing, underage drinking, and damage to property…

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