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When sex-ed just becomes…sex

Porn raffles and ‘sexually explicit’ videos

The College Fix recently covered a campus sex education class with some interesting components: According to reports, the popular “Psychology of Sex” class at the University of Washington features a presentation by a sex-toy shop in which students are presented with such raffle prizes as “a small external vibrator, some condoms, and some lubricant samples.” The raffle also reportedly features free pornography, though perhaps unsurprisingly neither the sex-toy shop nor the course’s instructor were willing to confirm that. A news report also said that the course features a pornography screening; the instructor flatly denied that claim, saying instead that she only shows “sexually explicit” videos to her students. The course is allegedly attended in part by students “taking the class purely to get laid,” a scheme to which the professor gives her public blessing. Well, okay, then.

Sexuality and sex education are critical topics that deserve fair and thorough treatments. Unfortunately on many campuses just the opposite appears to be happening: Sex ed classes and events very often turn into seminars of light bacchanalia. One university “sex week” last year taught young women how to anally penetrate their partners with strap-on dildos; another sex week instructed students how to engage in “bdsm on a budget.” Sexuality courses often delve into similar sexually explicit undertakings; the textbook for the course at the University of Washington teaches students about “female masturbation (complete with actual instructional videos).”

If universities want to teach students such things—if schools believe it is critical that their charges learn the venerable art of “pegging”—that is surely their prerogative. But it is at the very least very silly, and brings with it more than a whiff of unpleasant pseudo-Antiquity decadence. Learning about sex is fine; free porn raffles are something else entirely. Would that professors and administrators could tell the difference.

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