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Yale doctor can’t name a study that supports trans drugs, surgeries

‘Name one study,’ Republican congressman says

A Yale School of Medicine professor struggled to identify any academic journal or study that had done a “systematic review” of the evidence of alleged benefits of giving kids puberty blockers or performing body-altering surgeries when pressed by Representative Dan Crenshaw.

Dr. Meredith McNamara referred to the “standards of care” developed by medical groups, but could not point to any evidence of the benefits.

Rep. Crenshaw, a Republican representing Texas, noted that systematic reviews have regularly found “uncertainty” about the benefits of transgender drugs and surgeries.

“Tell me a journal that has done systematic reviews that cites different evidence that cites strong evidence for benefits of these therapies,” the Republican asked Dr. McNamara.

“The standards of care,” McNamara said.

“The standards of care, that’s not a journal, that’s not a study, that’s not an organization, that’s not an institution, you’re just saying words,” Crenshaw said. “Name one study.”

While McNamara is a frequent media commentator, she does not appear to have any peer-reviewed research directly on gender-confused individuals. Instead most of her published works are written as talking points for other individuals, according to a review of her ResearchGate profile.

For example, McNamara wrote a paper for the Journal of Adolescent Health titled “Scientific Misinformation and Gender Affirming Care: Tools for Providers on the Front Lines” which provided talking points for “misconceptions” about the surgical and chemical mutilation of individuals with gender dysphoria.

Another paper explains “disinformation strategies” used to protect kids from transgender drugs and surgeries.

The problem? Transgenderism is a lie

The pro-transing the kids crowd has a problem on their hands because the entire movement is based on the lie that individuals can change their gender.

Consider that the University of Washington knowingly kept quiet on a flawed study that claimed that injecting children with off-label puberty blockers benefited their health because of the “overwhelming amount of positive coverage of the study’s findings,” according to a spokesperson for the school.

The standards to get so-called “gender-affirming care” are also rather low. For example, Helena Kerschner, who once presented herself as a man, told Michael Knowles how it took just a 20-minute interview at Planned Parenthood to be able to get testosterone injections.

Matt Walsh found similar results when he had his producer Gregg Re attempt to get approved for an orchiectomy, which is the removal of testicles. Re pretended to be a gender-confused man and obtained a letter of endorsement for his surgery in just 22-minutes from a nurse practitioner of Plume Health.

The letters are necessary for insurance to cover the procedure. The health company sells the letters for just $150. The form letters come from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health, which is often cited as a “standard of care.”

“Re made it clear that he had not been experiencing gender dysphoria for six months or more, he mispronounced the name of the surgery he wanted, and he said he didn’t know what effect the surgery would have on him,” The Daily Wire reported.

Thankfully, Crenshaw wants to use the powers of the purse to stop the transgender madness.

Crenshaw is hoping to “block Children’s Hospital Graduate Medical Education Payment Program (CHGME) funding for children’s hospitals that provide transgender treatments or procedures to minors,” according to a statement from his office.

He said there is “no other human rights atrocity in America that is so quickly gaining momentum and validation within the very institutions that should know better.”

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IMAGE: Congressman Dan Crenshaw/YouTube

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