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Yes, white people are being targeted for discrimination on campus

Why deny it?

It is currently fashionable among progressives to denigrate and disparage “white people,” in some cases more so than others: at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo the administration has decided that it is desirable to drastically reduce the number of white people on campus (the number of whites has fallen by 12 percent over the last six years, the school says, and “there is still so much work to do”).

Higher ed is rife with anti-white sentiment: A Rutgers professor earlier this summer went on a bigoted rant against whites, Scripps College this spring hosted a no-whites-allowed pool party, Evergreen State College still holds its annual no-whites-allowed “Day of Absence” in spite of last year’s controversy (that school’s newspaper also features a no-whites-allowed opinion section), a professor recently openly and favorably discussed the killing of white people in his classroom, and on and on and…

American universities and colleges tend to have a problem with white people. This is not, as the kookier and more unhinged factions of the “Alt-Right” will insist, a matter of “white genocide;” whites are in no danger of being wiped out, and—the rare instances of targeted violent rhetoric notwithstanding—they are not in any particular danger of racial violence in general. The problem is more subtle than that: Higher education is staffed, directed and managed by a great many people who have deeply negative feelings toward whites.

Campus liberals often try to deny this, but it is not clear why. The stated goal of a great many racial activists, after all, is to diminish white people and elevate racial minorities over them. Their motivations are not entirely without merit—e.g., they believe they are helping rectify the serious racial atrocities in America’s past—but of course the whole thing is an exercise in existential absurdity: There is no way you can credibly claim that a white person on an American campus today is culpable in any way for the sins of slavery, say, or Jim Crow discrimination. Holding white people accountable for things in which they had absolutely no hand at all is crazily draconian, like an authoritarian regime punishing the fifth-generation descendants of state enemies.

The ideal solution, of course, would be to refuse to engage in any discrimination at all—to treat everyone equally without regard to their skin pigmentation and racial history. Oddly enough, this egalitarian idea, which would have been shockingly radical just a few short generations ago, is now derided by progressive activists who believe the solution to our racial problems is…to create more racial problems. The campus is the epicenter of this toxic stupidity, but of course we can be sure it will not stay there for very long.

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