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University to Bestow ‘Face of IRS Scandal’ with Honorary Tribute

The woman in charge of the IRS division responsible for reviewing tax-exempt status applications and who is at the heart of an ongoing scandal over revelations the agency targeted conservative groups is set to receive an honorary tribute from Western New England University School of Law on Saturday.

Lois Lerner – director for the IRS Exempt Organization Division – is slated to deliver the school’s commencement address and be given the university’s “President’s Medallion.”

Established in 2002, the award is “bestowed upon those who have distinguished themselves in a particular field or in service to an important cause that has benefited society locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally,” the college’s website states.

In the wake of revelations that her division zeroed in on and gave extra scrutiny to groups with “tea party” or “patriot” in their names, Lerner, 62, has been thrust into the national spotlight, dubbed by some as the “face of the IRS scandal.”

Lerner knew of the inappropriate focus in her division on conservative groups since June 2011. She recently apologized publicly, but won’t comment on whether IRS employees will be disciplined, and denied any political bias was involved in the effort.

In touting Lerner’s impending arrival to the Springfield, Mass., campus – her alma mater – university officials noted she graduated from the law school in 1978 and now oversees nearly 1,000 employees charged with reviewing IRS applications for tax-exempt status and conducting examinations and compliance efforts.

Campus officials also tout how she is past president of the Council on Governmental Ethics Laws.

More recently, she has become the butt of jokes on social media and news websites after she revealed during a conference call with reporters Friday that “I’m not good at math.”

“You’re with the IRS, thank you,” replied Tom Costello of NBC News with a chuckle. He had asked the question that prompted her admission.

“I am a lawyer, I am not an accountant,” Lerner had quickly replied.

Revelations on the ongoing IRS scandal reveal Lerner’s division demanded much of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status, including information “under penalties of perjury” on donor lists, names of family members and spouses, and whether people affiliated with the groups were planning to run for office.

Western New England University School of Law officials announced May 1 that Lerner is set to give the upcoming commencement speech and receive the honorary award, roughly one week before the controversial news surfaced.

Jennifer Kabbany is associate editor of The College Fix.

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IMAGE: Screenshot from Western New England University School of Law website

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Jennifer Kabbany is editor of The College Fix. She previously worked as a daily newspaper reporter and columnist for a decade in Southern California, and prior to that held editorial positions at The Weekly Standard, Washington Times and FrontPageMagazine. She is also a Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship recipient and has contributed to National Review.

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  • ELefevre

    The left always circles the wagons and fetes their evildoers…Remember Dan Rather?

    • David

      That scab had healed.. don’t rip it back open.

      • ELefevre

        That ‘scab’ is still showing up on news shows, exhibiting the same arrogance/ignorance…

        • getoverit

          “tingle leg” you mean the sensation a vulture must get when he urinates on his own legs to kill the bacteria he accumulated by stomping around in a pile of carrion?

          • ELefevre

            That, and when Li’l Chris spontaneously ejaculates at the thought of Obozo’s flirtatious glance…

      • getoverit

        It’s better to rip it open and let the puss drain out, that’s what’s happening now on a larger scale now that the media is getting upset.

    • Lois Lerner: another b!tch-ass Khazarian in a position of financial power. Sue this twunt in CIVIL COURT. Go after her hidden $$$$$$$, and her religiously-required Bag-o-Gold. It’s ALWAYS easier to sue civilly, where the “burden of proof” is FAR less. (Think O.J. Simpson AFTER the criminal trial.) Every single IRS fukk must go! DEFUND NOW!!! REPARATIONS FOR US ALL! TAX HOLIDAY FOREVER! (Yes, I’ve been tippling JUST A TAD–but my cognition is STILL far more advanced than any Progressive sh!thead’s…)

      • getoverit

        “twunt…” LOL

      • createland

        Whoa, easy boy before you pop a major blood vessel

        • Boy???? You beg my pardon! Why–pray tell–would you assume that I am of the XY persuasion? Silly little rabbit–my zygotic ID is most definitely XX! But thanks Darling, for the unintended compliment! You’re ever so sweet…

          • createland

            Your quite welcome

          • minky

            You actually meant “you’re”, which is the contraction of “you are”. Just thought I’d help you out, Dick.

          • Hee hee hee! Nothing like b!tch-slapping a Prog twunt suffering from grammarnesia, no?

    • getoverit

      I’d rather not 😛

    • And Hellary received a service award the night of the whistleblower testimony.. go figure.

      • ELefevre

        Ah, yes…the Vincent Foster-Above and Beyond Public Service Medal…

    • createland

      Yeah, remember Ronald Reagan and Ollie North?

      • ELefevre

        Yes, but I’m sure they were well before your time.

        • createland

          Not quite, I am friends with Ollie’s brother

  • The most corrupt administration ever, With the most prolific liar to ever attain the presidency

    • Teachem

      Somehow Pezident Oslama is going to possess Lois Lerner’s honorary tribute award, do he can set it next to his nobel peace prize!

      • What scandal? This isn’t news to millions of people.

        Didn’t any of you ever wonder why, according to the IRS, 67 MILLION AMERICANS don’t even file taxes?
        Maybe, these people have actually read their income tax law before sending the hard earned money to politicians.

        And, IRS doesn’t even follow US tax law, or follow their Employee manual.

        HERE’S A TEST for tax professionals, including IRS agents:

        Where is legal definition of Exempt income codified in tax law?


        26 CFR 1.861-8T(d)(2)(ii)


        26 CFR 1.861-8T(d)(2)(iii)

        According to US tax law, most Americans don’t owe any income tax.

        Of course, the perps will say Sec. 861 is frivolous, yet there it is, definition of Exempt income is codified in Sec. 861. Obviously, the perps and tax parasites don’t want the easy money gravy train to end.

        Arrest the perps, … AND OBEY THE LAW.

        • getoverit

          It’s not scandalous to me I couldn’t care less.

          • BluzLover

            Of course you couldn’t, and there are millions who think just like you do. The problem you have is that not all Democrat voters are going to bury their heads in the sand as you choose to do, they will be as disgusted and outraged as conservatives are. Then the 2014 election will roll around and guess what? Obama’s reign of terror will come to a screeching halt. I’m not necessarily talking about impeachment, something I think he richly deserves, I’m talking about his precious “agenda.”

          • protectourkidsnow

            I always laugh at the naivete of folks who fail to understand that the same tricks will be used against them when the other party is in control next. While most Democrats seem to be fine with the idea that Obama and Holder are fine with armed drones taking out people in American without any prior due process, I doubt they’ll feel the same next time a Republican is President and has the same power. They’ll be busy looking up the whole time, wondering when their time will come. Do you really want the IRS routinely investigating any political organization when a Republican is in office?

        • ed_in_tx

          There is a difference between this and the lousy, lying politicians buying votes by excluding people from taxes, or even turning the tax system into a welfare program by establishing tax “refunds” where there was no tax liability.

          In this case votes weren’t bought but there was an attempt at suppressing speech for political reasons.

        • createland

          Actually that is not codified law, you cited regulations and temporary regulations at that. The T means temporary and not final but it is what the IRS uses as guidance

    • william_stanley

      At least Obama was not lying when he said, “This is the most transparent administration in history.” We can see right through it.

      • getoverit

        hahahaha thanks for the laugh William

      • Teddi

        Take that medallion and his nobel prize and shove it right up his lying a$$…….

        Think this was politically motivated per the Obama admin ? Vote up.

      • He didn’t lie when he said he’d fundamentally change America, either. That is the thing with the left. They tell you what they are going to do then do it. They don’t usually hide it. The problem is they play with words and honest people usually do not catch what the lefty is really going to do or is saying.

    • createland

      He did not hire her plus the Commissioner under which this scandal (if you can call it that) was selected by Bush

      • mountaintiger

        You are an idiot. The IRS wasn’t targeting Jews, and Conservative activists during the Bush administration. All of that happened under Obama, and as president, the buck stops with him. In your world, you would have crucified Bush if this had happened. Where is the same outrage?

        • getoverit

          little, myopic spiteful, intolerant “world” that is

        • createland

          Excuse me my idiot friend, do you work at the IRS? I did until almost one year ago. The IRS EP/EO Division was instructed to tighten up on all non-profits, especially churches and political groups because of the political actions taken by these groups promoting partisan politics, which is an expressly prohibited action. It is my understanding, and I read this about this in December 2011 because of complaints coming from a few of Michelle Bachmann’s friends forming non-profits, that it was taking over a year to get approval and the IRS was still asking more questions. While I understand their frustration with the approval process, I also understood that the same questioning was taking place with churches (new applications) and liberal political groups as well. Based upon that information which I aware of well before this media circus, we need to let the complete investigation unfold before making ridiculous comments. If an agent or agents were unfairly targeting groups for political purposes with or without managerial involvement, they will be terminated under Section 1203(b) of the IRC with no appeal except to the Commissioner of the IRS. Considering a criminal investigation, firing may be the least of their worries. We need to back off and let them investigation play out.

          Secondly, the IRS does not target Jews period. Almost half of upper management at the IRS is Jewish including the former Commissioner Shulman. Target Jews, God your genitals would have been torn off before that happened. They, EO, are scrutinizing a Jewish educational foundation that applied for non-profit status over 2 years ago and are currently involved in a law suit against the IRS. I have worked with some of the brightest accountants and attorneys in the US employed at the IRS. All of this crap denigrates the excellent work that they do. Let the investigation complete, then we can cast stones where they belong.

      • sunhawg

        This scandal did not occur under Bush. If it had, the press and libs like you would have burned down the White House. All of these scandals occurred on Obama’s watch (Benghazi, IRS, AP phone records, Fast & Furious, etc). And he is still trying to cover them up.

        • Max

          If this occurred under Bush they would be prepping him for the walk of shame.

          Apparently their is absolutely nothing, short of cancelling the O-Phones and EBT cards, that will cause his followers to flinch

          They really are Obama Zombies

          • getoverit

            Indeed, I have heard that the zombies like to eat brains…. this explains everything.

          • createland

            I don’t like eating brains, only your wife.

          • createland

            He already has his Weapons of Mass Destruction walk of shame, no need to throw more at him. I’m with you on the free cell phones and fraud in EBT cards so don’t throw that at me. I worked 2 jobs for over 25 years to put my kids through college with no tax credits or subsidized loans.

        • createland

          First, sunhawg, I am not a so called lib, a label that people who have nothing valid to argue, try to put upon others. I am an independent who happened to vote for Romney (although not enthusiasticly). You have labelled Benghazi, IRS, AP all scandals when in fact there has been no such determination yet made. Let the investigations complete before you cast your stone. The IRS does not have a hotline to the White HOuse, nor does the White House have a hotline to the IRS. Since the Nixon Black List, the IRS communications are very private for many non political reasons. Congress may summon the Commissioner to testify and make strong recommendations but that does not mean that they are going to jump through hoops to please them. In fact, they may just do the opposite to piss Congress off. With the exception of the CIA, they are the most secretive agency and the most powerful.

          • sunhawg

            Not a lib, yeah right! Try getting your news reports from something other than MSNBC, Bill Maher and the New York Times.

          • createland

            My news on this topic came from the TIGTA Report which was dated May 13, 2013. Rant all you want, my point is there appears to be no political interference here. The Tea Party, which I assume you are affiliated with, may have an issue with the length of time for applications to be process and some inappropriate questions, but no targeting of the Tea Party by IRS employees. Remember, oh that’s right you didn’t read the report, out of 298 applications rejected for further review, 202 were not Tea Party, 9/12 or Patriot related. Enough? Or would you like a further reaming?

      • Max

        No he just gave her the marching orders through his cutouts and ignored the malfeasance when it was discovered, and is only now starting to act when the heat is on.

        Pass the buck, blame Bush, typical leftist idiot

        • createland

          Steven Miller is her boss, not Barack Obama. YOu right wing idiots (see I can label you jerks too rather than have a debate on a topic) should read the entire account. Oh wait, sorry you can’t because it came out as a problem enforcing a new memo to the EO/EP Division of IRS and since you were not an employee you would not have a clue as to what happened. Let Justice finish their investigation and we can all lay blame where it belongs rather than calling each other idiots. Capece?

      • sneaky pete

        Here we go again..Go read yesterdays news would you.
        The guy is a democrat..even though a bush appointee

        • createland

          I did one better than that, go read the TIGTA Report if you can. Unfortunately you can’t because only part of it was released to the media. Once the investigations are done you will find no connection to the White House because there was no persecution of the Tea Party. The full TIGTA Report bares that out, but does make a number of recommendations to the IRS in separating Exempt applications for more information. So Mr. Speaker, when do we hear your apology to the IRS and Mr. President your feigned outrage with the IRS is disingenuous and an outrage to boot. Some of the posters in here are going to look like bigoted fools after this is all done.

      • sneaky pete

        Do all of you parrots fly around in a flock or does soros pay you to post here and there on the internet?

        • getoverit

          No, sometimes they light on a high tension wire over the spot where I park my car. So they don’t leave their droppings on the internet exclusively.

        • createland

          Nope, I ride Michelle Bachmann’s broom.

      • cnnsucks

        She works for Ovomit…who cares who hired her

        • createland

          cnnsuckssucks, no one at the IRS works for Obama (grow up and at least show respect for the office because it makes your posts obscure.

      • Mike Rowley

        Does it make a difference who hired whom…or that the individual charged, did the crime…stop trying to attach everything back to Bush…under your theory, since Bill Ayers started Barry’s political career, then Barry is as responsible for the bombing Ayers did as Ayers wife Bernadine Dorn was.
        The LSM has never challenged that association and simply sluffed it off.

        • createland

          Absolutely not. Bush, near the end of his second term hired a non-partisan guy that would be able to get confirmation by the Senate. By the way Shulman has been one of the best Commissioners of the IRS

      • I am so glad that you recognize that Bush didn’t use politics as a litmus test for someone getting a job at the IRS.
        As it turned out though giving a liberal shrill a job was not a good idea,

        • createland

          I’m not exactly sure who you are referring to as a liberal shrill. You’re not very clear there. Do you mean Lerner? I personally do not know her so I have no comment. Do you mean Shulman? If so, you know nothing about the IRS

      • She “vast oonly vollowing orders”, mein heir.

      • A. Levy

        Can you say, useful idiot?

      • GHZSD

        Crime is crime right? Does it matter if Bush made a mistake and hired a Democrat for an important job.

        • createland

          You call it a crime. What is the crime? Rape? Murder? Speeding? Armed robbery? Let the investigation sort through the facts and come up with a conclusion.

      • minky

        You’re right, it’s not really a scandal. It’s a CRIME. The people who perpetrated the crime are CRIMINALS.

        • createland

          Exactly what is the crime big shot?

          • minky

            It’s a violation of the Hatch act for Federal employees to perform their jobs in a partisan manner, little sh*t.

          • createland

            There was NO violation of the Hatch Act terd. TIGTA which does the investigation of mis-conduct in the IRS has not mentioned one word about a Hatch violation in their entire report so how do you get the nexus to a crime?

          • minky

            I shouldn’t even respond to an ignorant POS, but none other than ol’ Eric Holder himself has said there may be a violation of the Hatch act as well as civil rights violations. You may wish to consult with HIM about your legal opinion in this matter. Here’s the link, Dick.


          • minky

            I guess you can’t include links, so you’ll have to find it yourself

          • createland

            My name is Don, not Dick and I don’t care what Holder says, the Justice investigation is not complete, your reference is to a blog, my reference is the TIGTA Report which was final. By the way, TIGTA is outside of the IRS (impartiality) and they are federal law enforcement. Blog or official report, your choice?
            Just trying to educate an ignorant poster that’s all

          • minky

            Right, Dick, there’s a final report on an investigation that has just begun. You have WAY too much emotion invested in this thing. Just chill, man.

            By the way, how did the health insurance thing play out for you guys at McDonald’s?

          • createland

            Einstein, TIGTA (Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration completed its investigation and released its report on May 13. This investigation has been on going since 2012 due to the Tea Party and Congressional complaints. They found no criminal act or any political influence exerted on the IRS. They did, however, find that some actions taken were inappropriate and made 9 recommendations to the IRS. Yes I am pissed off, at the President for his throwing people at the IRS under the bus and for the Speaker calling for jail terms. Exactly what criminal action took place? Asking for documentation of some items may be inappropriate in that it delays the approval process or asks sensitive questions but that is not a crime. If it was deemed harassment then there could be a 1203(b) violation invoking termination of that employee. TIGTA has sole responsibility for that determination, not Justice. I would be shocked if there was anything criminal here but it seems that you and your cronies are crying crime. Show me the crime. Another EO head lost his job today, 8 days after he was promoted to the EO. Again more bodies for sacrifice. I don’t need Eric Holder sticking his nose in to try and protect Obama from more flack. TIGTA has worked on this for many months, analyzing the data and they determined inappropriate actions by local and upper management. By the way, I have nothing to do with health insurance. Perhaps you could educate the rest of us.

    • jellybeans

      We should be very concerned with all politicians that are in office, it’s time to clean sides, both parties. Do not support the old politicians running for re-election.

      • jakeandlizzie

        That song has been sung for so long but Americans have continued to vote in Democrats and Republicans in to office and re-elect them. We are the government…they are there because we put them there. We just have reached a point where now we see the results of our voting.

      • espy

        Then who should we vote for? An independent? An unknown? A third party? Sadly we are choiceless. Its either keep what we know and hate or hand over power to an unknown quantity, which if you’ll remember is what got President Obama into office in the first place. He was an unknown. And people jumped on the someone other than the same old people we know bandwagon.

        • getoverit

          There is a choice, however, one has to be able to see through the marketing strategies they serve up for consumption.

          • espy

            Then what is it? You can say that a choice exists until you’re blue in the face, but that doesn’t make it true. The only real choice we have in politics, is bad and worse. That’s it. Not because there aren’t better options, but because the vast majority of people won’t vote for those people, so we’re stuck with what’s left over.

          • ed_in_tx

            If we pay attention to the history of those seeking our votes, we can make a difference. Ted Cruz won in TX, beating the incumbent Lt. Governor (and establishment favorite), and others, in the primary because people paid attention to his track record as well as his promises. We also paid attention to the tactics of his primary opponents. We forced a run-off election and Ted won the primary.

        • A. Levy

          Once the people finally understand that the MSM is the enemy, they just may start thinking for themselves again. That’s assuming they remember how.

        • minky

          The problem is we, the people, long ago handed over power to the government that was exclusively ours, as guaranteed in the Constitution. They’re NOT going to give it back without a fight.

      • ed_in_tx

        If you think I’m going to vote for whatever Democrat runs against Ted Cruz, you need to see a psychiatrist.

    • getoverit

      wow 329 to 0….? if that were a recognized public opinion poll or even more importantly to mmm… somebody, a college basketball score… LOL

      Now I’m just waiting for the consequences of expressing a thought that is not in line with the… line

      Good thing Im terminally ill you can’t take revenge on a dead person LOL 😛

    • kenpuck

      What the hell is “Western New England University”? Isn’t that where you go for a degree in toe-nail clipping?

    • Was nothing more than a con man from the get go…. MSM should be held accountable for putting this thug upon us. TURN THEM OFF!

  • jas

    The left celebrates failure. Failure is encouraged and rewarded, yet we are surprised when their policies fail as well?

    • planet8788

      How did they fail? Obama got re-elected… That was the only goal.

    • seenbetterdaze

      When will the Obama Regime FIRE HER and all the others who were in on this ILLEGAL SCHEME…IRS actually GAVE private TAX INFO to another Left Wing newsie Org. so the Lamestream could go after the Conservative, Patriot, Tea Party people. And for this….SHE gets rewarded?

      • createland

        It is not an illegal scheme period. The TIGTA Report was released and nothing criminal was done period.

  • got243kids

    So that’s what it means to be a “class act”. Then you get an award, or is it a participation trophy?

    And ‘they’ say there are no losers… humph.

  • Another leftist participation trophy, she can put it next to her T-ball one from her youth.

    • planet8788

      What do you mean… she achieved quite a bit… got away with it for two years. That’s an accomplishment. Another great product of our fine communist universities.

      • iamaduck

        True, but only the real experts never get an award as they are never caught. I don’t even want to guess at the level of corruption is currently in place in all departments under the president (Yes, lower case “p”)

      • createland

        What exactly did she get away with? The only thing the public knows, is that some members of the Tea Party complained to Congress that they were having a hard time getting approved for tax exempt status, with the examiners asking additional questions and permission to read their e-mails. Exempt status means they pay no income tax (generally) and consequently they cannot use the organization to promote political candidates directly or indirectly. The examiners knew the organizers of the exempt applications. Somehow they felt more investigation was warranted. Right or wrong, the general public and the news media do not have any of the facts yet. The IRS did apologize for this, however, they don’t have the guts to stand up to anyone where a controversy is involved. Let the investigation begin and if the agents overstep their bounds, they most probably will be fired under Section 1203.

        • planet8788

          NO. That’s all you THINK the public knows… Everybody is out getting in front of the IG report which is going to be damning. And they didn’t just go after Tea Party Folks.


          • AngryCountryBoy

            The IRS is being used quite simply as Bagmen to take care of the Regimes enemies. Ala Chicago style baby.

            I was IN Chicago the days following his election in 2008 – there were Black Panthers in Armani suits, 2 or 3 rolexes, and metal suitcases with cash and prepaid visa’s EVERWHERE!!- I said then…welcome to the New America, ala The Chicago way!

          • createland

            You must be on another planet. I read the entire TIGTA report this morning. The IG made 9 recommendations, some of which the IRS agreed to and some of which they took exception. By the way Politico did not get the entire TIGTA Report

          • planet8788

            And your point is…?
            Conservatives and Tea Party members have known about this for years. There was just no way to prove.

          • planet8788

            And your point is what exactly?

        • jellybeans

          Better check how fast Obama’s half brother got his tax exempt fake status. If you believe all the scandals are going away now for precious in office, it has only started to get heated. Many politicians want their jobs, and 2014, many will be going home to walk in shame for what has been going on.

          • getoverit

            When one is shameless, by definition they are incapable of feeling shame. LOL

        • getoverit

          LOL Go away

          • createland

            Can’t stand the TRUTH?

    • zagnut64

      Imagine that you have worked hard for four to five years to earn your degree and this is the piece of garbage giving your commencement speech.

      • planet8788

        Not to mention all the student loan interest you are going to pay to help pay for her speech.

  • kdhouse

    They gave Susan Rice an award too.

    • Just like they promoted the people from Fast and Furious, Waco, and Ruby Ridge.

      It’s the “Abuse of Government Power of the Year” award, and its only given out during liberal presidencies, for obvious reasons.

      • createland

        You all are a bunch of sick, phyco idiots with nothing better to do with your time. Fast & Furious yes, Waco and Ruby Ridge brought it on themselves, just like you are about to do, sicko

        • Big talk from behind that keyboard. Did you get up off your Obama knee pads for that?

          Ruby Ridge…FBI sniper complies with ILLEGAL shoot to kill order and kills an unarmed woman holding a baby. All that over a trumped up sawed off shotgun charge. Not exactly a huge threat to national security.

          Waco…yep they were nut bars, but did all those children deserve to die too? And didn’t Janet Reno take “full responsibility” just before she…did nothing?

          With liberals, all history is revisionist history.

          • kdhouse

            Janet Reno’s ostensible reason for storming the Waco compound was to “save the children”–from further molestation, and since all of ’em were then killed in the resulting fire–technically speaking she was successful.

        • kdhouse

          Say genius–what is a ‘phyco?’

  • rtwngr

    That region of MA is even more communist than Cambridge. Many of the 60’s radicals settled out there.

    • createland

      yup and they are slowly poisoning the right-wingers to death

  • So righteous

  • Mediagonebonkers


  • margielyle

    Well, she’s “distinguished” herself; the difficulty arises with “benefited society locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally…”

    • planet8788

      She helped progress the transformation to communism… So the communist universities… it’s a no-brainer it was benefit in their eyes.

  • Bill

    America is now recognizing the real osama obama, the Marxist, muslim, lying sack of $hit in the occupy White House movement and the types of things he will do as he destroys America.

    • Most of us recognized him a long time ago. Thing is, his worshippers WANT him to be this way. I think his behavior is criminal and his adoring public can’t wait to lick his boots even more.

      • rosalina9877

        You are 100% right! They are as corrupt and sick as he is. The kind of people who support little babies being shredded vote like this.

        • i would call them uninformed, demoralized, and brain washed (or just brain dead).

          • cuthean

            I call them jew, black, homo, illegal, baby killer, or moslem

          • jcill

            Cuthean, that kind of bigoted post just gives the left more ammunition. They will accuse true conservative of being like you. My guess is that you are a troll trying too accomplish just that!

          • getoverit

            Yes that was tacky, most conservatives don’t harbor those kinds of sentiments.

          • bumpkin

            Spawn of Satan

      • Absolutely CORRECT!…precisely analogous to 1935 in the Reich…that is…until it implodes….!!

        • Texian

          Absolutely correct…Precisely analogous; and we know their
          playbook. Socialism always ends in destruction. Liberals think their utopia is almost realized – when exactly the opposite will occur. And the human race will learn the hard lesson again..

          Youngsters today had better listen to the old guys – the old
          generation are the only ones who grew up hearing war stories and learned from grandpa and uncles about fascism. I had old relatives in the military on both sides during “the big one” – Panzer divisions on one side, allies in North Africa and Battle of the Bulge on the other (and MACV-SOG in ‘Nam).

          War is hell, and if the current tyrant isn’t stopped – hell is coming for breakfast..

          I hope you liberal youngsters like digging holes and living in
          squalor – just like in the aftermath of the Reich, y’all will be living among the rubble burying and burning the bodies of patriots and tyrants..

      • seenbetterdaze

        Just the FACT that the Won is best buddies with the Weather Underground BOMBER should be all we needed to know…that HE condones using Bombs, Brinks Robberies, Blowing Up Mil. Recruitment Offices etc. and is just fine as Political Protests.

      • getoverit

        Just his boots?

    • createland

      Pretty strong words coming from a gay, don’t you say

  • Jaybugs

    Yes, let us teach this generation that corruption and power are more important than honesty and contributing to society, unless you get caught. (Bill taught us that)

    • createland

      But were you better off under Clinton or were you better off under Bush? Surplus, good economy or deficit and recession?

  • Cogito

    As Obama says, he will “reward friends and punish enemies,” and he meant it.

    Chicago politics ar its finest.

    Votergate: Barack Obama, Eric Holder and his Department of Justice (?) refused to sentence 2 New Black Panthers guilty of voter intimidation;

    Gungate: Barack Obama, Eric Holder and his Department of Justice (?) sold fully automatic military weapons to the Mexican Drug cartels in a program they called “Fast and Furious;”

    Islamogate: Barack Obama and his administration observed at Fort Hood,
    Texas, the slaughter by Islamofacist Major Nadil Hasan of civilian physician Michael Cahill, Spokane, WA, Major Libardo Caraveo, Woodbridge, VA, Staff Sgt. Justin DeCrow, Plymouth, IN, Captain John Gaffaney, Serra Mesa, CA, Specialist Fredrick Greene, Mt. City, TN, Specialist Jason Hunt, Tipton, OK, Staff Sgt. Amy Kureger, Kiel, WI, Pfc Aaron Nemelka, West Jordan, UT, Pfc Michael Pearson, Bolingbrook, IL, Captain Russell Seager, Racine, WI, Pfc Francheska Valez, Chicago, IL, Lt. Colonel Juanita Warman, Pfc Kham Xiong, St. Paul, MN, and classified the attack as ‘workplace violence’ even though he was screaming Ala Akbar;

    Benghazigate: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and her State Department rejected requests by our Ambassador in Benghazi to extend embassy security, rejected aid when the embassy was under attack, told military support that volunteered to provide aid at great personal risk to stand down resulting in the deaths of Ambassador Stevens, Foreign Services Information Manager Sean Smith, Glen Doughty, and Tyrone Woods, and then orchestrated the grandest cover up in the history of American politics;

    Bostongate: Barack Obama, and his Federal Bureau of Investigation received warning that to Chezan’s in the United States on student visas where terrorist, and that they were planning some type of attack, but after a cursory review both where released, and later bombed the Boston Marathon killing 3 and injuring 176;

    Amnestygate: Barack
    Obama, Eric Holder and his Department of Justice informed the public that
    criminal illegal aliens have a ‘civil and human right’ to United States citizenship.

    IRSgate: What did
    Obama know, and when did he know it?

    APgate: Developing…

    • JohnJGalt

      Makes the third-rate burglary and coverup of Richard Nixon look pale by comparison doesn’t it? That little trick brought down Nixon as President and yet in Watergate no one died. At least Nixon was honorable enough to step down when he knew he had been caught.

      There are still many facts to uncover before we know Obama’s role in all of this but should it fall on him he will not do the honorable thing. Obama will only go out kicking and screaming and causing further damage to America on the way. Look for him and his cronies to claim a racial witch-hunt which will stoke rioting in all the major urban city centers.

      • iceboxjones

        See thing is Obama, as you and I know, has zero honor!

      • planet8788

        Fortunately the assault weapon ban didn’t go through.

      • createland

        Actually it is no where near the caliber of Nixon’s Black List or Watergate. Obama knew nothing about this.

        • Osama0bama

          Prove it!

          And 0bama and Hillary lied about Benghazi too. 4 people died. FAR worse than Watergate!

          • createland

            Nixon’s black list was far worst than the alledged scandal at the IRS. Yes unfortunately 4 American heroes are dead but they weren’t killed by Obama/Hillary. Possibly they contributed to their demise by not fortifying or closing the consulate. We need to know exactly what happened.

          • minky

            “We need to know exactly what happened”??????? That’s what the hearings are all about, but we’re being told by the stonewalling Democrats and their media that it’s a “sideshow”!

  • ironhacker

    I can hardly wait to read the transcript of her speech.

    If Lerner is at “ground zero” for the IRS debacle, she’s on her own. Obama desperately needs to get out in front of at least ONE crisis that is not rooted in his own ineptitude.

    Considering that a Bush appointee served as IRS commissioner until late 2012, any connection between the Obama administration and the IRS is probably based in middle management.

    Somewhere in this mess is a bureaucrat with an appetite for political “black ops”. It could be Lerner or it could be someone else. Whoever it was, they served a purpose when the operation was running and they will serve as a scapegoat now.

    • createland

      Watching too much NCIS? Shulman left in late 2011 not 2012. Middle management is not allowed to talk to anyone from the White House so IF (and a BIG IF) there was a connection to Obama it would be at the top. I would be willing to bet a hundred dollar bill nothing linking him to the IRS. Congress on the other hand could have influence, however, I hated dealing with Congressmen and would only tell them what I absolutely had too. If I could use the saying “I’m sorry, that information is sensitive and on a need to know basis and you do not need to know.”

      • ironhacker

        Wikipedia says Shulman’s term as IRS commissioner expired November 9, 2012. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Douglas_Shulman Is there some other source that indicates otherwise?

        Regardless of who was at the top, the connection between Obama and IRS was probably mid-level Obama operatives and some level of IRS management (not necessarily the commissioner). But that still makes Obama responsible, and if any of this IRS information was used to directly benefit Obama, it’s time to consider impeachment. There is already an allegation that Mitt Romney’s confidential IRS records were leaked to the co-chair of Obama’s campaign. If true, this will be a rerun of Watergate.

  • patriot2947

    Want don’t we just give another Nobel Prize to Obama for outstanding lies and cover-ups?

  • Well, Western University School of Law must admire her values or they wouldn’t have her as a commencement speaker

  • ErnieDavidson

    Seems appropriate – one crook honoring another for tyranny …

  • Time

    If she is being rewarded or awarded then you can bet she was involved. She did the dirty deed, that gave the hand up, and handed one of the fraudulent blows to the opposition in the elections. Closing down every and any road block that were needed to arrive at victory for the ONE… They were sealing every hole, every vent and every crack, in which Romney could not win. They intimidated, every one. All the patriots, that would come on foot the day of reckoning last election day. Bullying tea party groups, ignoring their paper statuses, and auditing law abiding citizens, creating a storm.. This lady deserves an award alright, criminal minds award..

  • dad

    Too funny – to honor these communist – perfect

  • CinC Criminals in Charge IRS,DOJ, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, which scandal will bring down the administration. This alphabet soup of a scandals brought to you by “Yes we can” administration.

  • Markie Mark

    What a joke, she deserves prison.

    The world is upside down, good is bad and bad is good.
    Work hard all your life, you’re a 1% P.O.S.
    Be a sloth all your life, you’re a 99% hero.
    I’m not going along with this bullshlt. These IRS employees should be prosecuted.

  • The message couldn’t be clearer ( for
    those who haven’t lost all ability to reason)…Take on The Obama’s Enemies
    Abuse your Office and you shall be rewarded…..No political motivation?…Who
    Do These People Think They are Kidding?

  • How about we bestow some jail time on this wretched criminal who betrayed our trust!

  • Bob White

    She has written her ticket to a job in the elite East Coast academia although killing a cop or bombing government buildings are better qualifications.

  • OIFAlumni

    Now I see how public service works…the less integrity you have the more awards you get from lawyers.

  • steveroberts

    Forget the Tea Party harassment scandal for a minute. This lady, who is a run of the mill govt bureaucrat charged with keeping an eye on Americans, is what universities now consider an example of outstanding achievement and service to the country. What a pathetic disgrace this country is becoming.

    • planet8788

      The Universities have been disgraceful for a long time…
      Harvard and Yale, already proven corrupt when they let a certain person be the editor of their Law Review…. Without apparently being able to write anything himself.

    • createland

      Do you want to know what the public disgrace is? It is people like you that are convicting innocent people in the media before the investigations are done. Now that is a disgrace and only indicates the shallow, ignorant minds being thrown into society.

  • Cogo


  • Franklin Jacoby

    a more fitting award would be the ‘Rotten Stinking Uterus Medallion’

  • Jim Denney

    Dr. Carson silenced @ Hopkins, but Liar Lerner OK at law school? God save the Republic….

  • You got to be kidding me!

  • Don

    Why not Nobel Peace Prize?

    This shill is clearly being ripped-off…she deserves TOP PRIZE.

  • freedom_is_good

    It would be a shame if Lerner fell down the stairs from the dias and broke her f*&%ing neck in front of the progressives assembled there.

  • everytime someone in the admin. is being investigated some other leftest group decides to give a phony baloney award to them,clinton,rice and now this, it’s like they think it balances out somehow but people still died and then they are being spied on, so much for the most transparent admin. ever

  • leestauf

    1) Who would have benefited from the IRS targeting conservative groups?
    2) Who had the power to make it happen?
    3) Who would be the first to deny any knowledge when the cat got out of the bag?

    There is only one name that answers all three questions.
    obama and his cabal are the most corrupt creatures to ever slither into the White House.

    • createland

      He may be corrupt but there is no scandal here. Read the report, all 48 pages.

  • TraderJo

    And the next award goes to – Prez Obumble!

    For LYING above and beyond the call of duty – or belief – you will receive the Skunk award with bars & cluster.

    To be awarded immediately after impeachment.

    • seenbetterdaze

      Bubba Clinton Disgraced the Oval Office, and today they PAY HIM Millions for going around the world and giving speeches. Raising money for Hill’s next campaign?

  • Jail time… long overdue for these people…

  • MissyT111

    My goodness it is true. Be embroiled in a scandal and they find someone to give you an award to take the heat off – no problem ignoring ethics here in this administration!

  • Auric Maysen

    Nothing to see here, goys. Move along.

  • PilotDave

    I’ll be sure my son does not attend Western New England University – what a bunch of losers.

  • poorhardworker

    Geez…I was all set up for them to give her a “Raspberry Award” or something like that! They ARE serious…unbelievable! You should find another speaker. Laughable that “she is past president of the Council on Governmental Ethics Laws.” Must have been an honorary position because she sure show no government ethics!

  • Just like Obama receiving the Nobel Corruption prize just for being the first half black president of the USA. It is disgusting to see these extremely corrupt sub-humans receiving more and more and more. They should be in jail.

  • mrbill59

    everybody gets an award, they mean nothing anymore

  • Bad Lemm

    What a charade. First the weak Machiavellian denials, then the awards for doing the deed… Dirty deeds and they’re done dirt cheap…

  • Sherman_McCoy

    Now we know why she is being given the award.

  • It’s time to send these folks to Jail! enough already!

  • DeathTOU863

    So she is in charge of this division of the IRS and her rebuttal is that she is “a Lawyer not an accountant!”

    How can someone hire a person to head a division of the IRS without any kind of accounting background?

    How many other IRS employees are lawyers with no accounting background?

    • createland

      Actually there are many. Only revenue agents are required to have accounting degrees. Revenue officers that collect overdue taxes usually don’t have accounting degrees and there are a number of attorneys that work for the IRS in litigation as well as regulations. There are managers in the IRS that do not have accounting degrees. The accounting background is essential when you are auditing books and records but not useful per se managing people or programs. Most people do not have a clue how the IRS is organized or how it operates.

  • NewsJet Magazine

    Good Morning

    It’s FREE BLOGO week and how appropriate that Rod and his Wife may have been telling the truth about the president and his Culture of Corruption three years ago when he exposed the president and the Administration including Rahm Emanuel the now Mayor of Chicago.


  • baoxian

    Maybe she can learn fractions inside her jail cell…which is where she belongs from these gross abuses of power and the crass violation of citizen’s Constitutional rights.

  • Red_Ruffansore

    She needs to be given the citizens hanging.

  • horn llp

    Shameless PIG will accept…..like IGNORANCE is her middle name

  • CyndyM1

    Here we go again! Let’s circle those wagons. We’ll give that idiot who has confessed she’s not “good at math” an award. Not only is she toeing the party line but she’s willing to take a fall for her leader. It’s okay to break the law if you’re doing it for the common good! We’ll get those evil tea partiers!!!!! Those nasty, white bread, white haired, hard-working, church going, tax paying, law-abiding citizens!!!!!!!!!

  • How gauche!No wonder our country is doomed.We *never* forget.

  • Jeebus

    I hope ALL Democrats outlive their children. Republicans, too. You people are a disgrace to the human race.

  • blackirishblonde

    Yeap~~~Here in Massachusetts , I am not surprised.

  • eeddggy

    Is it a requirement that you be a complete idiot in order to get a Government job?

  • sleepy18d

    She’s just another Obama foot soldier in the war on America. She’s an Obama Patriot.

  • eeddggy

    Her speech will be shown live…….from her prison cell.

  • she needs to receive a prison term, not an honor.

  • eeddggy

    Anyone helping their kid find a good college to attend can take Western New England off the list.

  • mark830

    Makes one wonder about the value of a tribute from WNEU. The Noble Peace prize obviously no longer means anything since it was bestowed on Obama.

  • John K

    Well I for one am happy that the IRS chief as least got a pretty medallion for her illegal, corrupt actions on behalf of the Obama, Wonder if a good defense lawyer comes with that medallion, as she will need one very soon!

  • John K

    I also wonder if HIllary got a medallion for her work after the Benghazi fiasco?

    • OIFAlumni

      She did get a multimillion dollar book deal to help kick start her upcoming campaign for ruler of the US.

  • bwallace1303

    I’ve noticed that when a statist gets in trouble they almost always get some kind of award…Hillary, Rice…etc.

    • OIFAlumni

      The worst example was when Owebama was awarded the presidency and he brought his people with him.

  • batmanroxus

    Yeah, I just got The Most Amazing Human To Ever Live award. So I’m better than anyone…

  • yakko

    I imagine Obama’s medallions have been slapping this woman in the face for quite a while…

  • James

    Madea said it best, “Lie-awyer, Lie-awyer”

  • libertyoversecurity

    O has upset some really powerful folks, irs, benghazi, doj . What is the chance of all of them leaking at the same time. Benghazi is old news and just now worth of the msm’s attention.

  • Pardonme

    Actions speak louder than words!

  • mike Shinolla

    A turd with ears!

  • Not good in math, Not good in ethics… yet she’s the best this school has produced, how sad.

  • StevenNewsom

    She should be hauled in front of a judge in chains.

  • cuthean

    I M P E A C H and unseal the mamzer’s records

  • 1eyeninja

    WOW; bengazi cover up, IRS targeting conservative groups, DOJ wiretapping AP. How much more incompetence/malfeasance/corruption are we going to take?

    It’s time for a few million HEAVILY ARMED MAN marches to the white house, DOJ, DHS early one morning to give this administration notice they have til noon to pack their sheet and GTFO.

    Even the liberal media realizes they look like Bagdad Bobs in trying to defend this bunch of turd hustlers.

    What we already KNOW has happened is too much for.. “further investigation”, the reeking stench of unsold turd sandwiches is wafting across our once great country and we MUST go in and clean house now, throw ALL of them to the effing curb and start over.

    Time to hit the reset button.

  • Conflaburationated

    Be a scumbag.
    Get a medal.
    It’s the Obama way. How “Nobel” of them.

  • Liberal achievement is obviously not merit-based……these folks will stoop to any level to undermine this democracy as we know it. They have no rules or scruples.. They make Nixon look like an amateur…they are nothing more than Chicago thug communist liberal politicians. And they count on the stupidity and acquiescence of the Moonbat sheeple….as well as the Stenographer Media….How are you feeling about the Messiah today AP? CNN? MSNBC? Who amongst you is next on their “list”?

  • David

    Par for the course. Can’t wait for adult leadership in D.C.

  • disqus_aTMvReX5bC

    Come on pigeons, roost! Drip, drip, drip.

  • disqus_aTMvReX5bC

    Thank you for all of this Chicago, only an organizer from there would know how to do it this way… not a surprise, not really.

  • Tim Vronay

    what no 6 hour MSNBC Special honoring her life and lies

  • …typical of that bozo in the White House…attempting to cover both his and Shulman’s combined asses…to no avail of course…BOTH being illegal…the former NOT an American citizen in ANY capacity…the latter directing a COLLECTIONS AGENCY of a PRIVATELY OWNED US Third Central Bank (which is neither “federal”, nor a “reserve”)….what a disgusting business America has become…

  • AngryinOho

    The right thing to do would be for the School of Law to rescind their invitation. But, then again we are talking about lawyers.

  • disqus_aTMvReX5bC

    Go get him, you have my permission!

  • azonakid

    we honor those we should shun, in the land of obama et al. sick and sad.

  • god

    “Great Job. Here is your medal for abusing your power for my political gain.” – Obama


    HeckaofJob, Lois!

  • Jim1937

    They should change the name of this school (?) to the Goebels Institute of Bull Sh#t and Propaganda.

  • Obviously the Looniversity wants her BECAUSE she targets groups that the Looniversity teaches students to hate.

  • impeach

  • Well if Al Gore and Obama can win Nobels, this is almost as stupid

  • zagnut64

    As you travel to work each day, sitting in traffic, working late, missing out on your kids special moments because you have to work late, all to pay the bills and support your family each and every day. Some of those bills are taxes that go to your gov. How did we reach the point when awards are given to those that work for us, we are the forgotten ones. Disgusting.

  • Camurd

    Why not, what the hell will it matter anyway, most Americans are asleep at the wheel and by the time they wake up it will be too late!

  • She is just as deserving of the award as Obama was of the Nobel Peace Prize. The Obama Administration has so clearly demonstrated its incompetence and dishonesty that it is incontestable. But, what is the malady that has affected the Nobel and University awarders? Perhaps there is a parasite that causes delusion.

  • LouAnnWatson

    “she is past president of the Council on Governmental Ethics Laws”…shocker. ethics is just another word to a subversive

  • LouAnnWatson

    last week it was failed infotainment host soledad obrien…this week it’s this cretin. they have to trade off meaningless awards…they can’t compete in the real world

  • cscape

    The question is this….. What sort of a fashion statement will the medallion make against the backdrop of her bright orange prison jumpsuit

  • Teachem

    Lois Lerner is set to receive an honorary tribute.
    Translation: Please don’t hurt or kill me, I’ll do anything you want Pezident Oslama, and I even provide my own knee pads too!

  • cscape

    Just a reminder, in case you don’t see a pattern….. Last week, in the wake of the Benghazigate Whistleblowers hearing, BOTH Mrs. Clinton and Ms. Rice received Awards!

  • The Oracle

    Hopefully, this will cost the “Western New England University School of Law” some future enrollment.

  • BenDoverPls

    What better way to keep the IRS from descending on your organization.

  • cscape

    Wonder what the theme of her commencement address will be….. (1) ethics in government service, (2) a summary of the Bill of Rights, (3) in life you can do whatever you want, no matter how bad or wrong – as long as you say your SORRY

  • Communists giving awards to Communists……..anyone surprised about this outrage?

    Perhaps those who make donations and bequests to this school of “higher learning” might want to cancel their gifts for 10 years or so?

    There’s a difference between book sense and common sense……Western NE Univ just proved this.

  • Only in America would someone get rewarded for breaking the law.

  • Conservatives need to accept that liberals don’t give a damn about the US Constitution. The end justifies the means. Liberals are enemies of justice and freedom, and they should be viewed as such.

    • jbyrd41

      They need to be put down.

  • VanceJ

    Instead of a medal he should metal bars in front of his face for about 20 yrs.

  • Sasha Soetoro

    Ever notice how the political elite spend so much time festooning ribbons and medals upon eachother’s breasts. I think we have a criminal smugness problem. I would not be surprised to find out that the federal government’s ribbon and medal budget is more than I make in 10 years.

  • so would you give hitler and stalin medals too – cause this little cosack whore was all about destroying the constitution. this little ‘girl’ was all about political ladder climibing.
    what do you teach at your university? how to be political sellouts
    traitor to the constitution 101 =
    or better yet – work in washington – sell out your fellow citizens –
    these are the classes you must teach at your pathetic little school –
    has anyone or anything come out of your crappy halls that have helped america – or is your sister college in communist Russia- where people excell at being crappy civil service workers.
    but then your a liberal university – you’re a joke already

  • JamesOnThePotomac


  • Gas_Passer

    Lois Lerner is nothing more than a lib terrorist who is against taxpaying patriots.

  • jbyrd41

    This sounds about right. Liberals love giving other liberals medallions and awards.

  • buffalocalzone

    From One Criminal to ANother……. here ya go, Let’s keep Raping the American people!! Great Job!!!!

  • dogbite186

    Law schools and the legal profession continue to inflate their own egos at the expense of moral rectitude or anything resembling character, as we used to know it. Good old Western New England University probably settled on this Gestapo operative after Lance Armstrong canceled.

  • “Revelations on the ongoing IRS scandal reveal Lerner’s division demanded much of conservative groups…”

    This is because “non-profits”, where the 1% hide from the tax man, are supposed to be for liberals only. Conservatives have to pay the taxes to pay for the democrat welfare state.

  • nearboston

    “Western New England University School of Law” ?? Don’t you get accepted there by filling out a matchbook cover?

  • Flexx Deming

    Very fitting, surely the university supports her (and others like her) efforts to annihilate and eradicate conservatism from the American political landscape.

  • Conosticator

    If you’re in a prominent position to provide cover for this Administration, you qualify for a “coveted” award.

    In the past week, we have seen Hillary, and Susan Rice receive special recognition for their efforts to coverup the bungled Benghazi scandal.

    Now the IRS high level manager responsible for passing down the order to focus audits on conservatives and conservative organizations is to be rewarded.

    I expect that Holder is in line for a major “hero of the motherland” award, since he provided the cover for the Fast & Furious scandal, the PA voter intimidation scandal, and the AP scandal, and is the Inspector General’s boss, so he can limit the damage from the IRS scandal.

  • Good Lord!! We know the professors of our universities and colleges are anti-American so we can only hope that our children (college students now) can see the danger of preaching against the U.S. Constitution.
    A TIME TO STAND by Oliver is a must read for every student nowadays as it shows that decent Americans can/will stand up to tyranny. It’s a must read for all of us so I recommend it.
    D.C. (District of Corruption) has become the King George III in our time as our petitions, letters and calls have all been ignored by both Republicans and Democrats.

  • usa77777


  • What BS. Obozo prob. arranged for this like he did Hillary’s award after Benghazi.

  • Western New England University School of Law needs to rethink its name, don’t ya think? That whole “law” thing apparently doesn’t apply to some people.

  • Steve

    This takes the cake….a prize for a job well done!

  • RecoveringLiberal

    Western New England Ubiversity – in Obama’s pocket.

  • constantvigil

    Put pressure on your reps and senators to fire IRS Commissioner Steve Miller and Lois Lerner head of exempt organizations division and keep firing until they comply!!!

    Congress of the United States, Articles of Impeachment
    against (Richard M Nixon) Obama’s name here,
    Article 2
    “1. He has, acting personally and through his
    subordinates and agents, endeavored to obtain from the Internal Revenue
    Service, in violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, confidential
    information contained in income tax returns for purposes not authorized by law,
    and to cause, in violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, income tax
    audits or other income tax investigations to be initiated or conducted in a
    discriminatory manner.”

  • What a farce. the gene pool is digging deeper again.

  • grey_ghost1

    How appropriate !! Another first for academia !! No, I’m sure they have honored slime before !!

  • Zircon Encrusted Tweezers

    At least the public is on the “bonus” plan. We bend over and they bone us.

  • moron

    She’s welcome on ANY university campus, as long as she’s not for liberty, lower taxes, smaller government or teaching the Bill of Rights or the Constitution.

  • WarlockOne

    you cant wear those medals in prison,there considered dangerous,like Lerner

  • localnet

    Fellow travelers honoring a fellow traveler… Whod’a thunk?

  • garylee123

    “Lerner knew of the inappropriate focus in her division on conservative
    groups since June 2011. She recently apologized publicly, but won’t
    comment on whether IRS employees will be disciplined, and denied any
    political bias was involved in the effort.”

    Yep… honour her with a tribute instead of firing and jail time.

  • John Brittingham

    There is a pattern of awards conflicting with the scandal they are involved with.

  • ocean

    The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is NOT suppose
    to be a Domestic Intelligence Agency of the
    Democrat Party. It is illegal for the IRS to spy
    on the political opponents for the Democrat Party.
    The Democrat Party, a single-party dictatorship
    based on the totalitarian and autocratic ideology.

    • seenbetterdaze

      The IRS actually GAVE Private Tax INFO to Leftie organization Pro Public funded by G. Soros…so they could pass it on to the Left Wing media, and they could use it to SMEAR the Tea Party, Conservative, and Patriotic organizations.

  • WarlockOne

    screen doors on a submarine,brilliant huh ?


    This entire corrupt administration is in over its head with paranoia, criminality, obfuscation and responsible for the murders of 4 Americans in Benghazi. Now people know that when you elect people to such positions, you better have more than a tingling feeling running up your leg before you cast a vote.

  • another_engineer

    Even if there was no scandal, why would ANYONE associated with the IRS be given anything other than the “hammer and sickle” award. The IRS does not benefit society, they steal from workers.

  • Harvey Randall

    The Obama administration is the new benchmark for political corruption. It eclipses anything Nixon was guilty of doing.

  • BHill

    Unfrickened believable!

  • AlmostaCowboy

    LOL! I thought the teaser said, “IRS chief to be awarded President’s medallions”!

    • bonnieblue2A

      Wouldn’t that involve Valerie Jarrett undergoing a surgical procedure?

  • Will he give the Sickle or the Hammer as the prize this time? I don’t know. They are both so precious to our leader.


    Why not Lois Lerner help Obama win the last Election!
    Obama will now fire her and move her to a better gooder postion
    making more money! All to placate the media and the GOP!
    Obama like Nixon had the Election in the bag and yet that was not enough?

  • FrankyD59

    …and she should accept it graciously. What could have she done to prevent this from happening? I’m sure she was simply following orders from the person(s) above her. And it’s easier to follow orders than take the high and moral ground, right??

    Fire, impeach, arrest – all of them. And the other side had better make sure they’re clean or they’ll be next. Is that what everyone thinks should happen?

  • collardgreens1

    That is entirely consistent with Chicago politics expanded nationwide.

  • seenbetterdaze

    The Left Wing Communistic Unis. should be called “How To Get AROUND the LAWS” Schools. Or “How to Get Around the Constitution!” Rewarded if you can get around them.

  • James Glasscock

    Lois Lerner, who knew illegal and unethical practices were taken place in her division and did not stop those practices, is morally unfit to receive any award much less to be the commencement speaker anywhere.

    In light of her ethical lapse and failure, if I were the adminsration of the school, I would withdraw the invitation to be the speaker immediately. One can find honorable women and men to fill in on short notice.

    Failure to remove the honor or cancel her address, makes me wonder if the school is teaching law or condoning lawlessness as a professional practice?

  • seenbetterdaze

    If this IRS person was out to get Media Matters, Huffy Po, pmsnbc newsies and other LEFT WING Orgs. the Media would be Howling with RAGE!

  • Well, she’s sure distinguished herself, hasn’t she?

  • Kedzie

    She should be given some prison time instead.

  • RotalSnart


    What HASN’T the Obowel Movement lied about???????

    Why do Democrats support serial liars?

    What HASN’T Obama and his cronies in the Socialist Democrat Media covered up?????

  • inspectorudy

    Why the hell not! Hillary and Susan Rice both received medals or commendations after the Benghazi debacle. It’s so bad that if Obama called me up and told me that he was going to present me with a medal I would leave the country!

  • Seamus

    Well, the award is ““bestowed upon those who have distinguished themselves…” which she certainly has done…

  • Azlecitizen

    She should have stayed at home, had babies, taken care of the house, things she IS equipped to do. As with so many, she is WAAAAY out of her element!

  • Seamus

    Want a good laugh, check Western New England University School of Law’s Honor Code. I suspect Ms. Lerner may have run afoul of this fine institution’s own rule of law…

  • bumpkin

    Of COURSE! Accomplices in Crime will always get the kudos from the Criminal in Chief.

  • AsleepNoMore

    If Obama the warmonger can get a Nobel Peace Prize, why not? Way to make things that used to mean something meaningless and disgusting!

  • hang the bitch and throw her body in the gutter

  • createland

    This article is so full of $hit it isn’t funny. I learned of this “little” problem in late 2011 and the news media is blowing it up now. Fools, all of you, complete idiots. She found out about it in 2011 and started an internal investigation to see if it was in fact a target. What none of you, author included, failed to realize the scrutiny for EO is done on all applications. EO’s are not suppose to represent a political purpose one way or another. What happened is the examiners asked many questions and dragged out the approval process for over a year, which brings into question whether someone had it in for the Tea Party or is that done on every single case. If it is routine in all applications, they have nothing to complain about. If not there is a valid complaint. Obama, however, is not privy to the inner workings of the IRS, so blaming him is basically as bad as what happened at the IRS.

  • disqus_E4Vdp7qC06

    Of course. Obama got the Nobel peace prize too!!

  • woodfloor

    Sell your soul and advance in big government. Park your fat butt in education when the dirty work is done. That will be her message. Now, kids, you can stay home and party.

  • stinkin

    She may ask them about a job for the near future unless prison interrupts her employ plans.

  • Pronghorn

    The WNEU School of Law’s Presidential Medallion of Corruption. I’d be proud to have one of those myself.

  • OneWay

    Until recently, I had thought the bottom of the barrel had been reached when a President of our United States had enticed a young White House intern in engaging in oral sex with him under his West Wing desk. THIS Administration beats that by a long-shot for its countless instances of lack of principle, common sense, and outright base behavior. It is not up to me to decide whether any laws have been broken, but I am ashamed and embarrassed for the many good career employees of our federal government who have had to deal quietly with this ongoing type of activity from the beginning.

  • Obviously…victory in 2012 and beyond…obama couldn’t have done it without you! thanks comrade!

  • Oboy_must_go

    He’s the first black President so he thinks he can do whatever he wants without question…Think again obama. The Constitution of this great Country is much greater than you or any PC crap! You’re nothing more than a footnote.

  • Max

    Of course, getting away with using the IRS as a political tool to punish your enemies is so cool if you’re a leftist, of course turn about will never be fair play that’s just the these hypocrites roll.

    I would not be surprised to see O’bumbles put her up for some type of Comrades award as well.

  • Irish68

    She deserves a crown of thorns and a term in prison.

  • Jerry Erickson

    She would be fired at the IRS is we had a Republican President investigating liberal organizations. Bush had a lot of integrity; Obama has none

  • sneaky pete

    You just cant make this stuff up.

  • Jerry Erickson

    Meant to say “if we had a Republican President”

  • ernaldo

    We need to flush the national toilet. Indict every complicit traitor pig demotard and prosecute to the maximum. We let this slide and we’re done, if not done already….

  • betts

    Obviously the university should have ITS head examined. This IRS “apology is only meant to obscure Obama’s BENGHAZI SCANDAL. The whole lot of them should resign promptly.

  • sgtmaj

    That is how obama keeps them silent by awarding them. Worthless awards!

  • Spartacus76

    Another example of the arrogant and disgusting hubris of a narssicistic Marxist!

  • cnnsucks

    Deport Obama

  • Cogito

    The IRS certainly earned a medal….but not of honor. Metal bars is more like it.
    All of Obama’s gates are right out of day-to-day Chicago politics.

  • Cogito

    It does not matter who appointed these conspirators. They worked for Giethner and Obama. Period! As Obama said, hw would “reward friends and punish enemies.”

  • Instead of a medal she should be horse whipped while tied to a post and then hung for treason against America.

  • CenCalDevil

    “Campus officials also tout how she is past president of the Council on Governmental Ethics Laws”

    Thats funny. What’d she learn during that time; how to be UNETHICAL?

    What a GD farce.

  • AJAX


  • dingusmcggeee

    She gets a trophy for being a thug criminal? Did she get a trophy for being picked last on the softball teams in school, too?

  • AngryCountryBoy

    None of this would have happened had some small elitist group of Robber Barrons did not decide to stick their own Fox in the proverbial Henhouse.and steal a national Election or two _ So now you see what we have, all of it just a few months into a second nightmare term…and it only looks to get worse.

  • She is a traitor and will be buried with her medal.

  • breed11

    Chicago has finally taken over Washington DC. This is how it’s done in Chicago, and no one is ever held accountable. Just swept under the rug.

  • snuffy18

    I swear to God, you could not make this sh!t up!

  • popeye2010

    Perfect misdirection, this IRS Director. A smiling, matronly, middle-aged woman like this would NEVER destroy your life, confiscate your wealth, and put you in a cage just for daring to oppose the glorious rule of the blessed ‘Dear Leader’…..would she?

  • Comrade1917

    I believe U.S. President Frank Marshall Davis, Jr., is a honest man.

  • TAG

    Twisted post-industrial former superpower world we have going here, now isn’t it?
    Orwell’s work was either a warning or a playbook; can’t figure which.

    • bill1942


  • oldmanklc

    Why on earth does she still have a job?

  • OracleJones

    Wow! That’s right up there with the Benedict Arnold patriotism medal.

  • charleswenzel

    I hadn’t fully considered the criterion the death panels will be using once under the IRS umbrella. Man, that Obama guy is swell. Can I have my kidney now?

  • Radical liberals PROMOTE their failures, they don’t get rid of them.

    This is circling the wagons folks. Soon she’ll be having dinner with the president, and getting a big fat raise and a promotion.

  • One_American

    A perfect argument for creating a flat tax, and immediately abolishing the IRS.

  • You just can’t make this stuff up!

  • aliswell

    Hillary Clinton was receiving a public service award from the Pacific Council on International Policy at the same time whistleblowers were testifying to her incompetence during the Benghazi attack last year, while Susan Rice also received the “Great American Award” from The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies.

    The left rewards the left, no matter how foul and corrupt the recipients are. This latest with Lerner is just the SSDD.

  • ou812

    IRS = I Relish Scandals 🙂

  • Standard tactic, huge evil mistakes were made, hand out the awards quick to make it look like these guys are the best. Gross.

  • 2 Bolsheviks both need to be hung.

  • Dayna Hamilton

    “Campus officials also tout how she is past president of the Council on Governmental Ethics Laws.”

    Just goes to show how rare common sense is these days. As well as morals.

  • jakeandlizzie

    She deserves the award because she has done the bidding of the this century’s Castro.

  • And will the university now do the right thing in light of the IRS admissions of guilt, and NOT bestow this high honor upon Lerner? Not a chance if liberals remain true to form and feed carefully chosen factoids into their Soro Loco Imogenecoco Moral Equivalency Relativator, affectionately known as SLIMER. She’ll come out smelling like a rose. Just one more perfect liberal who is devoid of ethics and a conscience. Just “following orders”, regardless of how improper — as did Hitler’s high-stepping henchmen.

  • Mike Rowley

    She should be given the boot from being employed by any Government agency & in fact if it can be proven she violated any laws whatsoever, should be made to serve the penalty to the fullest measure suggested!

  • Antiliar

    Lois Lerner gets the award for Most Corrupt Government Official!

  • Texasooner

    She won’t comment on whether IRS EMPLOYEES will be disciplined???

    It would seem she should be on the “To Be Disciplined” list along with the employees…and by disciplined I mean summarily dismissed.

  • She helped Obama win the election by cheating. By wrapping up these advocacy groups in miles of red tape, she silenced them. Silenced them just when we needed them the most.

  • Tarheel

    With so many brilliant and expert people in this country to choose from, why does Obumma chose the most unqualified and largely ignorant? You can judge someone by the company they keep.

  • Hey, you moronic Harridan… you might wanna give that a second thought, eh? Your idiot organization is uhh, shall we say, on the “hot seat”, no?

  • OIFAlumni

    People like her, and there are many in government, are psychopaths…and should be publicly slapped upside their fat heads. What’s really unfortunate is that they breed and vote.

  • Obamaroid_Ointment

    You can’t make this stuff up.

  • Logical1

    The alma mater of the Western New England University School of Law need to hang their collective heads in shame at this travesty and any current graduate with a shred of integrity should boycott this sycophantic Obamabots speech. To even consider she acted alone in targeting Conservative groups applications for tax exempt status is ludicrous. Those orders came from the Oval Office and from nowhere else.She’s a disgrace to her office and should be arrested for violating her own departments regulations. She’s just another political hack given a plum job in the most corrupt administration in American History.

  • Norinos

    By her own admission she is “Not very good at math”. That must be the qualifier for the President’s Medallion award. She probably doesn’t have a clue what $16,000,000,000.00 in debt mean’s. That’s worth a Presidential award from this administration.

  • G

    Dumb bitch should be thrown into prison

  • dd121

    Could this be any more “in your face” evil?

  • 1984isnow

    Richard Nixon was a saint compared to this monster in the white house. He is destroying our nation, as the media downplayed it and the sheep lap up his droppings.

  • 4mercy

    There are six things the Lord hates-no seven things He detests:

    Haughty eyes – (Obama thinks he is above the law,”I don’t have time for a sideshow” -he’s too busy with 20 fundraisers-)

    a lying tongue -(“I called it an act of terrorism”)

    hands that kill the innocent -(“God bless Planned Parenthood”)

    a heart that plots evil-(gun running to Mexico and Libya -orders rescuers to “stand down”)

    feet that race to do wrong -(conservative groups targeted by IRS and EPA, counties with more than 100%voter turnout)

    A false witness that pours out lies -(“I was unaware of this” “I heard it on the news on Friday”)

    a person who sows discord among brothers -(It’s Republican gridlock”, “Inherited Bush problem”)

  • brace_for_impact

    Just like Hillary Clinton received a public service award during the Benghazi hearings. Why stop here? Eric Holder should get a gun safety award for fast & Furious.

  • getoverit


  • billmelater1

    The more a Liberal F-up the more Honers they get. It is the Liberal way you know.

  • Well, that Nobel Prize sure set a precedent of rewarding incompetence.

  • getoverit

    Check out a radical liberal on you tube calling himself enigmahood. He needs to be cyber gang banged in the worst way, so incredibly arrogant.

  • A. Levy

    This is not really an award. It’s a huge slap in the fact to the American sheeple. This is what you get when weak, gullible, and mindless people are allowed to vote.

  • And I’m certain brother Obongo apprediated her quick efficient retroactive service. Go ahead, blame THAT on Bush.

  • Beedogs

    Isn’t that special. Rewards for abuse of power, malfeasance of office, and pissing on our way of life.

  • hathraswallah

    What a university that they will give a award to the corrupt IRS person.

  • plaindoe

    I hope to God that anyone living anywhere near that place show up for a strong protest of that award/medal. She should be run out of town and in handcuffs and unemployed, immediately.

  • notalib

    So a university is going to pin a medal on an anti-American? Will her buttocks show,on the medal with her cheeks spread & Obama kissing them? Or visa versa? It has to be one or the other.

  • looneytoonsindville

    Guess what they gave Susan Rice for telling her lies on Benghazi? She was awarded the 2013 Louis E. Martin Great American Award on the night before the May 8 Benghazi hearings. I give you one guess who the sugar daddy was that arranged the award!

  • smashicus

    I think she should use her award to spiff up the wall in her prison cell.

  • This is the same woman who signed a letter to President Obama’s half-brother letting him know that after only ONE MONTH, his “charity” was approved as a tax exempt organization. Plus, she lied about when she knew that Tea Party organizations were begin targeted. Let’s hope this University has enough smarts to cancel the award and the speech by Saturday.

  • MSGCincinatus

    A reward for Obama’s second term.

  • Stealthposter

    Don’t forget that the IRS is to be responsible for enforcing Obamacare. Look out conservatives! Liberals get a pass.

    • Short term. Long term, no own will get a pass.


    Excuse me, but government officials should NEVER accept gifts and this one especially shouldn’t accept on given her position. Extreme Corruption.

  • TastesLikeEmu

    Congratulations, you kept this hidden for 2 years. Here’s your sign.

    These awards are meaningless. The value of the award is proportionate to how far the giver wishes to shove their nose up the recipients backside.

  • Targeting Conservatives is how you get praise and awards from modern academia.

  • Tumbleweed

    She was following Barry’s orders to target conservative organizations!

    • Sir, what about ethics. Never mind that, the DOJ has unlimited funds to work out the details?

  • Necrophagi


  • Common_Sense_Post

    Western New England School of law!? I suppose even a criminal raises the reputation of this diploma mill!

  • BluzLover

    The ironies in this article are almost unbelievable. “Past President on Government Ethics Laws?” This sounds like the NPR president who was the least ethical person (for a week or two) in the media, who got fired and then went on to a nice high-paying job with an ethics think tank.

    You can’t make this stuff up. In fact, it’s getting hard to KEEP up with all of this crap.

  • The Boogeyman

    Lois Lerner is like the Nazi guards who shoved Jews into the “showers” during WWII. Standard operating procedure for these evil people. Hopefully she will get what’s coming to her.

  • oljw

    If she had ANY integrity – she would defer the offer. But we all know she will gladly accept the award. And I hope she does as it will stand as further evidence of the corruption engulfing the left.

  • ronin

    Libtard whore.

  • picomanning

    The rewards of incompetence are everywhere in government. Why is that?

  • quailblaster

    “Thank you Planned Parenthood. God bless you.” Barack Obama 4-28-13

  • HuufArted

    Michelle Malkin said it best that all of Obama’s people are ” lying liars and crap weasels” !!!

  • I would not do this at this time!

  • Sud1

    Lois Lerner – director for the IRS Exempt Organization Division – isslated to deliver the school’s commencement address and be given the university’s “President’s Medallion.”

    I guess that’s the best they could do since no one receives the Order of Lenin anymore

  • John Johnston

    give her an award…good idea.

  • Gerald Bakes

    …and you say to yourself; how can there be so many low information voters?

  • Mel

    In Texas we call people like her “liars and cheats”. And, we don’t bestow ‘gratitudes’ upon them. Shame on her and the IRS. Blatantly political move. She should be fired.

  • ConsultantInAction

    Makes perfect sense to me. Academia, is in part responsible for all that is Liberal and Progressive…Here’s a History Lesson for all; During the Russina Revolution, it was the Academics that Rallied the Communist, it was those living in England and Abroad that contrived the Revolution and made it a Reality. However, soon after taking power, the Academics turned on one another, and of course it wasn’t too long before the Communist realized, Academics had to be eliminated, as they could not be trusted.
    So, why wouldn’t one of our many Liberal Colleges bestow one on the IRS’s Bullies with an award for what, achieving greatness. Really, Are You Kidding Me?
    This Administrations Supporters will stop and have stopped at nothing to deceive the American People. First Fast and Furious, then Benghazi, and now the IRS partisanship Audits and mistreatment of opponents to the Obama Administration.
    Hell, Why Not this, seems more than appropriate to me. After all, the NEA, not much different than the MAFIA…..

  • ConsultantInAction

    Let’s ask the Mainstream Media, “How’s That Change Working For You Now”
    You know, now with the AP investigation, the Leaks from the Adminstration, blame it on the AP? Investigate them? How about investigating like Kenneth Star, No stone unturned, let the chips fall where they may.
    All should know however, America needs to differentiate between what is needed for National Security, Good Intelligence and Covert Intelligence….Benghazi could have been the result of Bad CIA / State Dept. Planning, Strategies and Tactics. In all, planning should have included increased Tactical Forces within an Hour of the Embassy…..Rapid Deployment….Bad Planning – Bad Secretary of State and Commander in Chief. It boils down to that.
    All the scandals are the end result of an Administration that is lacking in professionalism, that is self serving and a staff that is all about winning on the Political Front, and to Hell with the American People…Simply put, they are all Elitist that have never been accountable for their actions….
    The Administration is out of control, all the while, the President is asleep at the Switch…..

  • constantvigil

    Why do you think she is getting the “President’s Medallion”???

  • Who wants to bet that this university was given a nice little break on it’s tax filings??

  • They should all be tarred and feathered!

  • Recipient and institution are truly worthy of one another…