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Study Finds Zero Conservative Books, Many Liberal Ones, on Freshmen Reading Lists

Young America’s Foundation has surveyed the required reading programs for incoming college freshmen nationwide and found that, over the past three years, none of the colleges have assigned a conservative-leaning book.

None of them.

Young America’s Foundation surveyed the top 50 schools as noted by Forbes, and “found that many of the ‘required’ books only offered left-wing perspectives on topics such as race, feminism, socialism, inequality, and wealth redistribution.”

Here’s a sample:

Americanah by Chimamanda Nogzi Adichie (required at Duke University and Pomona College in 2014) This is a fictional story of a young Nigerian woman and man who immigrate to the United States. Throughout the book, the author delves heavily into concepts of race. Yet, at the same time, she criticizes everyone but the protagonists for their prejudices.

The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert (required at Lafayette College in 2014) This book argues that humanity is causing a sixth mass extinction due to global warming and advocates environmental sustainability.

Home by Toni Morrison (required at UNC Chapel Hill 2013) The novel delves into the life of a man trying to find his way home in segregated America. It is filled with many leftist themes including identity and post-traumatic stress associated with race.

Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn (required at Wellesley College 2013 and Vanderbilt University 2012) This book describes the “injustice” that women from around the world experience and what you, as a reader, can do to stop it. It discusses the need for liberal humanists to reach out to conservative evangelicals and join forces in embracing multicultural concepts.

Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer (required at Duke University 2011) A book delving into the modern food industry, mass production, and vegetarian world. This book also goes into some anti-free market concepts.

“Young America’s Foundation believes young people should be exposed to a true liberal education-one that includes both liberal and conservative ideas, but there appears to be no balance in these readings that are required by colleges and universities,” YAF states. “From the moment students enroll in college through graduation day, they are exposed to liberal themes-and few, if any, will read a conservative book or heard from a conservative professor.”

We might add, behavior modification is the goal. The way students view the world, the way they vote, leftists strive to shape that from the minute students arrive on campus, and as Young America’s Foundation points out, even before they do through these freshmen summer reading programs.

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  • Darius

    This surprises absolutely no one.

  • Glitter

    Gad, those titles sound ghastly, just ghastly. No wonder kids don’t like to read.

  • I was just thinking about how, many, many years ago I happened to meet a young professor who it turned out had taught history to my then-high school girlfriend. “I remember her,” he said, or rather gloated. “She came into the the class with some pretty conservative views, but we got her straightened out.” Which was true. She became a leftwinger at that point and from what I hear remains one today.

  • Art Deco

    I know of one pricy school which assigned Barbara Ehrenreich’s Nickel and Dimed to its incoming freshman. The purveyors of higher education could at least assign something durable and challenging. Instead, the young are assigned topical books written by journalists and assigned popular fiction.

    Here’s a challenge: assign nothing that has been published during the work life of an ordinary American, or, in this year of our Lord 2014, nothing published after about 1970. The passage of time should have winnowed out a great deal (as one wag said, libraries are great cemeteries of the world’s mediocre literature).

  • Bob Parkman

    Free To Choose. It should be mandatory reading. It’s over 30 years old, but every word is applicable to today. It also has the 10-series TV show that has valuable discussions led by the great Milton Friedman. the series is free to view on Youtube.

    • teapartydoc

      Capitalism and Freedom, too. It gave me my opposition to my own license.

  • Ralph_Gizzip

    How about “The Road to Serfdom” by Freydrich Hayek or “The Fountainhead” or “Anthem” by Ayn Rand? Those are also classic books from a different perspective.

    • k_billy

      And let’s not forget the Conservie book of books, “My Pet Goat.”

  • Allan E.

    The indoctrination does not start in collage. For over 40 years leftest indoctrination has started in kindergarten. Which is how a totally incompetent Obama could be elected president. Do not think for yourself. Do not question our directives. Just do as you are told by your intellectual betters and vote the way we tell you to.

    • Deep_Lurker

      40 years? Closer to 140 years – The Prussian-style public school mode of “Do not think for yourself. Do not question our directives. Do as you are told. Obey and worship the State.” in the US goes back to the 19th century “reforms” of Horace Mann.

  • newshound4life

    I left Cuba in order to avoid the gastric, forced-fed diet of Socialist, toxic ideolo-food diet. Since then, I have developed a serious allergic reaction to sloganism, historico-revisionism, ivory tower utopianism, race cardism and related substances. I just can’t stand them much less pay for them as part of a semester class-cafeteria snack. That stuff can cause a chronic stupido-comatose syndrome, from which there is only occasional remission. In most cases, only after 40-50 years in deep vegetative, DNC-linked-dependent state, and after being shafted by caretaking bureaucra-workers consistently from every direction. But the prognosis is still very poor. In fact, most never recover.

    Parents should care better for the wellbeing of their children; especially since they are paying for it.

  • Want a conversation

    Selection of local school boards is critical to our future.

  • Nullifidian

    Interestingly, in the description of the study’s ‘methodology’ (and never before has a term been so abused), they don’t give any clear, objective standard for rating a book as “conservative”, so it can hardly be any surprise when they fail to find any.

    Yet another propaganda outfit tells the far-right what they want to hear isn’t perhaps as snazzy a title for this article, but it has the benefit of being more accurate.