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UC Berkeley queer activist arrested in homicide case had harassed College Republicans

The suspect in Berkeley’s first homicide of the new year has been identified as Pablo Gomez Jr., a University of California Berkeley student and left-wing activist.

Berkeleyside reports Gomez allegedly stabbed a woman who, despite her injuries, had managed to flag down assistance. Eventually authorities discovered the dead body from another “violent crime” incident, leading them to tag Gomez as the main suspect.

A Chicanx/Latinx Studies major, Gomez is involved with Berkeley’s Queer Alliance Resource Center and “is a senior climate action fellow at Alliance for Climate Education,” according to their respective Facebook pages.

Sharp-eyed College Fix readers may recognize the student as one of the activists who confronted the Berkeley College Republicans back in September. In the video, Gomez is shown grabbing their Donald Trump cut-out, telling them it’s “f*cked up.”

Berkeley CR President José Diaz had said at the time that the agitators demanded that the cut-out be removed “due to the perceived offensive nature that it represents towards them.”

Meanwhile, Berkeleyside ended up amending their original article about Gomez’s arrest with the following:

This story was updated after publication to reflect Gomez Jr.’s preferred pronoun, according to a friend who contacted Berkeleyside.”

That’s right, an accused killer’s correct pronoun — “they” — had to be used.

The Daily Caller points out that commenters to the Berkeleyside report expressed anger and disbelief at the update:

“Is this for real? Dude (allegedly) kills someone and we’re worried about the pronoun he goes by? Who cares!” one commenter wrote.

“Who the hell cares what pronoun he/she/it prefers to be called by? I’ll bet his victims would have preferred not to be stabbed,” wrote another.

Fox 2 KTVU news reports the homicide victim is UC Santa Cruz student Emilie Inman, 27, that Gomez is on a psychiatric hold while in custody, no motive is known at this time, and prosecutors have yet to review the case.

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      • Ronnie

        Persons of color is an offensive, divisive and racist term used to segregate and imply that European Americans are not like anyone else. Racism is alive and well.


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  • randy Nobles

    Ok wait – let me make sure I get this – there is too much diversity in the Students of Color “diversity” conference, therefore, certain groups felt like their oppression was more/less important than the next? Our failed “2 party” system is proud, as you continue the onward march and long tradition of nebulous dialog leading to meaningless action resulting in voting for the candidate who can make the best case for identity politics without any forethought to actual policy change – way to confirm you’ve been suckered into a real “college” education on how to be a useful idiot moving forward. As a child of the 60’s I am so scared of your drone like , mindless ability to avoid realty and foster change.

    • Cawoonache

      In a truly diverse environment identity politics is a bottomless well of grievance. The left continues its relentless drive to push society back to our primitive tribal roots. Mindless “progressive” college students happily trudge right along.

      • CaptFlash

        …and put themselves deeply in debt to do it. It’s called a college education

        • Cawoonache

          Yeah, too bad so few of them ever learn.

  • JabberJoe

    I’m the most oppressed …. No, I’m the most oppressed …. No, I’m the most oppressed!
    Here is the deal, all the attendees are racists and are “oppressed” by their own racism.

    • seven seven

      All are equal, but some are more equal than others

  • joe lorimo

    This is what happens when you let the inmates run the asylum. When everyone becomes a victim then everyone also becomes a victimizer. I liked it better when the content of your character is what mattered. Now those whom are the most intolerant and scream the loudest get to make the rules and have become the biggest oppressors.

  • johnrhett

    People who are in college are de facto NOT oppressed. What a farce.

  • Layla Godey

    “I am very unhappy about how this conference was ran. There needs to be accountability for the trauma some of the organizers made.”

    lol…”Somebody has to make me feel better for being made to feel bad at the conference to discuss making me feel better!”

    • PrimaTX

      Well they can hire Professional Cuddlers now I believe.

      • Layla Godey

        oohhh, I know just the people to fit the bill…NFL players.

  • Ronnie

    Persons of color term is an offensive, divisive and racist term used to segregate and imply that European Americans are not like anyone else. Racism is alive and well by the left and many blacks.

  • mail33006

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  • J Hogwin

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  • ex cia spook

    From a few of the complaints written by students, I guess spelling is not high on UCLA’s list. “The issue doesn’t concern our group, so we are not protesting for your group”…lmao. Next time you have a conference for ” Old White guys of Irish Decent” please give me a heads up.

  • seven seven

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