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Dartmouth University hosts ‘What’s Up With White People?’ event

‘Learn to spot white people in their natural habitats’

An elite private university is offering an event early next year that purports to explore the question of “what’s up with white people?”

Dartmouth University will host Temple University professor Matt Wray on February 2, 2018, where Wray will expound on “the different types of white people and how you can learn to spot them in their natural habitats.”

The event, which bills itself as a “field guide” for those who are “perplexed” by white people, promises to offer a “sociological and cultural analysis of what produces and sustains…different white social types.” Those types include Rachel Dolezal, President Donald Trump, white nationalist Richard Spencer, and “SJWs,” or social justice warriors.

Rachel Dolezal, a white woman, was briefly in the news in 2015 after it was revealed that she had been falsely posing as a black woman for years.

During the Dartmouth event, which is being sponsored by the school’s sociology department, Wray will also offer “observations about the implications of white self-differentiation for social issues like immigration, mass incarceration, and the growing epidemic of self-destruction among whites.”

Wray offered the same seminar at the University of California, Santa Barbara last month. Wray’s Twitter bio identifies him as an “expert” on “whiteness.”

Under the “Projects” section of his personal website, Wray lists the publication “White People: A User’s Guide,” though no information or publication date is given.

Read about the Dartmouth event here.

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  • Strelnikov

    I’m assuming this is a parody.

    • Ralph Davis

      Now there’s a dangerous assumption….

    • Zero

      Yes, of education.. The event is really listed on their site though!

    • ItsOK2kek

      Education has now reached a post-parody phase.

  • BorderGuard

    Our IQs and our incomes are the first two things UP with white people…

  • CT

    It’s still OK to be white… Right?

    • Rags

      Yes, It’s Okay to be White.

    • Medina-Merino

      Only if you speak English…if you speak Spanish, American provincials just cannot accept that there is such a thing as Spanish-speaking white people from anywhere outside of the US zip-code matrix.

      Don’t believe it? Look at the next form you fill out that offers the following racial identifiers…”White”, “Black”, “Asian”, “Native American” or “Hispanic”…so much for producing the next generation of “best and brightest”….and “boorish”.

      Even the dancing Taco Bell Chihuahua wouldn’t lift its leg to p** on this “multi-culti-mumbo-jumbo-diversity-is-what-I-say-it-is” inanity. The American academy is rotting from this ingrained, institutionalized and intellectually dishonest “cultural enrichment”.

      3 cheers for “inclusion”…of cultural stupidity, passivity and dishonesty.

    • ItsOK2kek

      Yes, and don’t allow any filth to teach your kids the lie that it’s not.

    • reagangs

      Hell YES, it is. Preferred.

  • Marty Higgins

    More race dividing by the liberals.

    • Medina-Merino

      …and in the name of contorted, convoluted and confused “multi-culturalism” along with it’s b*stard sister “diversity” delusion, duplicity and dishonesty.

      The American academy is awash with these white-hating, affirmative action maggot-left-overs who just can’t “stick-it-to-honkey” enough everyday. They are the recipients of lucrative jobs that they conned their way into because the white administrations are TERRIFIED of the “R” word and allow these knuckle-draggers to infest the campuses and destroy another generation of future citizens who will leave thinking that honkey is always bad, wrong and to be hated.

      Mr. Chips is vomiting in his coffin…

  • Tom

    Why aren’t they having a “What’s wrong with black people event”? Let me guess- the students in Dartmouth aren’t up for a little field trip to the slums of LA/NYC/ Philly?

    • MadamSmith

      Baltimore, Detroit, etc., etc.

  • Maximus300

    Sounds like a racist screed to me.

  • YogicCowboy

    White People: A Hater’s Guide.

  • The Rev. Dr. Fishknuckle Esq.

    ‘Learn to spot black people in their natural habitats’

    I’m just gonna let that hang..

    • Robert Taylor

      you can often just barely see them blocking highways at night….

      • The Rev. Dr. Fishknuckle Esq.

        Unless they’re smiling?

  • Robert

    Dartmouth University, isn’t that right up there in Bernie Sanders land, home of the self-loathing white people?

  • 1G25

    Parents pay money for their kids to listen to that crap ?

  • EndTimesComing

    In short, there are three classes of white people. Those who have convinced themselves that blacks are demigods. Those who actively refute that lie. And the bulk of them who just don’t care and get on with their lives, being successful and want to be left alone to do so.

  • Robert Taylor

    Well currently white people are working on
    large glue traps to place along our borders and keep vermin out.

  • MadamSmith

    Eliminate remedial classes and soft sciences from universities and our children will actually graduate with employable skills.

  • Joseph Asch ’79

    Is Dartmouth University anywhere near Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH?

  • Carl Hawkins

    What’s up with white people?
    They put up with and even encourage blatantly anti-white racist nonsense like this for starters.

  • Claudius_II

    The article was linked by amren, thus you’ll get some comments from non-students here.

    And now for something completely different. Does anyone here think the proliferation of zombie movies has any link to an unexpressed curiosity about the breakup of our society?

  • reagangs

    Is Wray, a White person ?!?! If not, how can he be an ‘expert’. Most ‘experts’ can be described as “drips under pressure” or anyone with a brief case that works more than 25 miles from home.

  • jimbox666

    I think what Matt Wray really means to say is “Up yours, white people”