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White, male students called on last in some classrooms

‘Progressive stacking’ not new, not isolated to Penn

The backlash may be new, but the method is not.

Controversy erupted recently after tweets from an Ivy League teaching assistant showed her admitting she only calls on white male students as a last resort.

“I will always call on my black women students first. Other [people of color] get second tier priority. [White women] come next. And, if I have to, white men,” University of Pennsylvania teaching assistant Stephanie McKellop tweeted in October.

McKellop’s tweets spotlight a method known as the “progressive stack” in which speaking priority is given to minority voices while those deemed as having privilege must wait their turn.

McKellop’s comments ignited a firestorm over the controversial teaching method and prompted her university to look into the situation, but a College Fix review of online documentation shows McKellop is far from the first instructor to employ the “progressive stack” in the classroom.

Use of the progressive stack, which is lauded by advocates as amplifying oppressed voices and criticized by others as discriminatory, has been used in college classrooms for years, and has roots in liberal activism.

The College Fix review found several instances in which scholars have engaged in the practice. Additionally, a sociology professor told Inside Higher Ed progressive stacking dates back at least a couple decades.

In an email to The College Fix, University of New Mexico psychology professor Geoffrey Miller denounced the “progressive stack” method and said it will further alienate universities from their stakeholders.

“It’s obvious that universities feel deeply embarrassed when whistle-blowers publicize that progressive stacking is being used in their classrooms; they know that parents, alumni, legislators, and taxpayers can see how discriminatory it is, and will withdraw financial support if it continues,” Miller said.

The method has been met with resistance by students as well. It drew complaints in one college course because students felt it “silenced straight white male students on the basis of their identities,” according to an article published by the course’s instructors.

According to the conservative website Legal Insurrection, the tactic traces back at least to the well-known Occupy Wall Street demonstrations.

“It has been a core part of progressive and academic organizing at least since the Occupy Wall Street protests of 2011,” the website states.

A 2011 article from the liberal magazine The Nation highlighted how Occupy Wall Street protesters used progressive stacking as a means to allow those from “traditionally marginalized groups” to speak at events.

“In other words: women and minorities get to go to the front of the line,” the article explains.

The use of the “progressive stack” in Occupy Wall Street appears to have fueled its use on campus in a few of the cases identified by The Fix.

In a 2014 essay published online, then-UC Berkeley Ph.D candidate Genevieve Painter explained how the Occupy Wall Street movement taught her “how to occupy my own classroom” and explains how she and her colleagues “brought techniques from the movement” into a course.

One of those techniques included the “progressive stack” method, which Painter mentions was used by a professor she assisted in a legal theory course to moderate discussion. Painter inferred that white male students were actually called on first since they were a minority in the class.

“Afterwards, we discussed how students felt – particularly given that, in a classroom populated largely by women, the progressive stack entailed giving speaking priority to the white men in the room,” she wrote.

Painter did not respond to a request seeking comment.

In a 2013 article published in the journal “Radical Teacher,” a cohort of instructors who taught an “Occupy Wall Street-inspired” course admit to using the progressive stack in the class.

In their article, the professors explain they moderated discussion in their “#occupyyoureducation” course by “calling on those who had not spoken (or rarely spoke), women, queer-identified students, and students of color before we called on regular talkers, white, straight, and/or male students.”

However, the method was met with criticism from some students who complained progressive stacking muzzled white men in the class. In their article, the instructors said the complaints led to a meeting with their department chair and that they “took this opportunity to clear up some misconceptions about the class.”

Two of the course’s instructors, who now teach at different universities, did not respond to emails from The College Fix regarding their use of the progressive stack method.

In 2015, Saint Mary’s University professor Jody Haiven said at a panel discussion on misogyny that women should be allowed to speak first in public settings. Haiven, a management professor, said she practiced the technique in her own teaching, according to a news article.

“[[n] the management department, women get to speak first. I think that that is a primary issue that we actually have to look at, how to do question and answer [periods]. And we can start today,” she said.

When probed about whether that tactic could lead to sexism against men, Haiven reportedly said “yes, I suppose at some point that could happen.”

Haiven did not respond to a request seeking comment.

The “progressive stack” method was also used at a 2014 conference on “Transnational Feminisms” that was hosted for scholars at Ohio State University.

“Since some people feel more comfortable than others in settings like these, we ask facilitators to keep a ‘progressive stack’ of speakers, asking those who have already spoken in the session to wait until all others have spoken once before speaking again,” the conference’s welcome packet states.

The packet asks “all participants to privilege the voices of those who might easily be
marginalized in academic conversations in the [U.S.].” It goes on to list students, foreigners, non-native English speakers, junior faculty members and the disabled as those who fall under that category.

Amid McKellop’s tweets about her use of the “progressive stack” method, scholars rallied to her defense on social media and defended her use of the technique. They include Cornell Ph.D candidate Jesse Goldberg, who tweeted that he uses the progressive stack in courses he teaches.

In a series of tweets, Goldberg said the progressive stack is an “established method of facilitating discussion.”

“It’s based on the social fact that in conversation, people who signify as being of marginalized identities are talked over constantly,” he said.

Goldberg added that “the method is flawed” but refuted accusations it’s discriminatory.

Yet other scholars disagree.

“Most academics strive to maintain an environment where everyone can speak as opposed to stack participation to address social patterns or bias. Each student must be treated equally — not de-prioritized due to his association with a racial or gender group,” writes famed law professor Jonathan Turley. “While there are an array of social ills outside of the classroom, we maintain an equality of thought and status as a basic component of high education. Moreover, our students come to our schools to be treated equally — not to find themselves the ongoing social experiment of people like McKellop.”

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Nathan Rubbelke is a staff reporter for The College Fix with a specialty on investigative and enterprise reporting. He has also held editorial positions at The Commercial Review daily newspaper in Portland, Indiana, as well as at The Washington Examiner, Red Alert Politics and St. Louis Public Radio. Rubbelke graduated from Saint Louis University, where he majored in political science and sociology.

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  • Swamp Creature

    What’s the point? All they do is regurgitate their brainwashed minds back to the teacher. What a cesspool.

  • Izula

    Maybe the students should take their money elsewhere, I don’t suspect many are thrilled with paying to be discriminated against for the sake of being either part of a social experiment or chastised as a result of the teacher’s bias because of their radical dispositions, which are grossly hypocritical at best and outright, despicably racist at worst.

    • JWHacket

      I wish someone would publish a list of colleges and rank them on how their leftist agenda impacts campus life and the courses they teach.

      • Younis Mourabi

        Williams College alum here. Screw that libtard hole. Never will they see a penny of my money.


          I was CUNY, the Journalism Program is now chaired by a racist marxist black who publishes pieces calling Ethnic Europeans, namely Italian Americans the worst racist adjectives publishable in NY’s tabloids. I never gave a penny to that place and never will. The lessons I learned there were in no books or lectures.

          • Quidquid

            Italian Americans are a protected class at CUNY, though. That stems from the massive discrimination against them due to the mass influx of Southern Europeans into NYC during the period of nearly unfettered immigration.

          • THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084

            Good luck with that. I was singled out for being “tall and blonde” – not mentioned was my Italian surname. When I went to the head of the department in 1994, I was told there “was nothing that could be done” – Obviously, I was unaware of the ways if the world then and not schooled in Social Justice tactics and using the media – I was a 19-year-old student. I remember the handful of Italian men who were in that school dropping out like flies. We had no “group workshops” no Hilel House- there were the moronic fraternities whom resembled Animal House without the fun…

            My friend went to Hunter under the GI Bill in the 1950’s and it was kosher only then, with Italians openly discriminated against and purposely impeded in earning degrees. He never gave a cent either.

          • Strebs

            Boycott university indoctrination into the progressive death cult , and the debilitating student loan racket, and invest your money into a paycheck-guaranteeing technical skill that won’t let you down when it comes to competing in the sjw job market with low skilled affirmative action candidates, Muslim immigrants, and illegals.

          • Plurb

            Unless you want to be a White Lawyer, then keep your head down and mouth shut, lie to all the questions pass the Bar and then reek holy hell on these discriminatory B*stards, shopping Judges where ever possible!

          • White Nationalist

            Or just hang every corrupt judge time is coming revolution or civil war..

          • Anton Chigurh✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

            Top Comment

          • Quidquid

            The lawyers that leech off of academia in those useless diversity/sexual harassment/AA offices will lie to you, since they ARE lawyers, so it’s best to have a union representative present, who, in NYC, are all Italian-Americans.
            Hunter used to be a women’s teacher college, and the feminists there will constantly remind you of that, LoL.
            I understand what you are saying; to call it an uphill battle is an understatement.

          • THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084

            Uphill? Nope, it’s a 90 degree monolith blocking the path. Insurmountable and meant to be the penultimate deterrent with a “diversity” kommisar sitting atop it laughing at ethnic European men.

          • Quidquid

            Straight white men are enemy number one, followed by all straight men, then any remaining males.

          • Plurb

            Wrong bubble breath, White Male Christians are their enemy! Make no mistake WMCs will not comply to your U.N. NWO, Deep State Elitist Meglo Maniacs! They are the fore front of Freedom and Liberty today and have woken up and no longer turn the other cheek!

          • Quidquid

            Wrong bubble breath. It is straight white men, whether they are atheists or Wiccans or Christian. The unconstitutional and discriminatory “sexual harassment” codes are used as an illegal bludgeon against straight men, regardless of religion.

            My UN, etc.?!?! Lay off the crack, kid.

          • CaliCat1

            They hate white women just as much.

          • Quidquid

            I don’t think so, since white women are the primary dupes used to get straight, white males thrown off campuses, through the lesbian communist ideology of feminism, and it’s hateful “sexual harassment” delusions.

          • Charles Scruffy

            Hardly…They are the worst as complete traitors to other whites (males usually) and believe any song and dance by a minority to get in their pants.. 80 % of White Woman are plain …oh look how I care and am not prejudice..idiots

          • Anton Chigurh✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

            It’s been said before, one of the important aims of Communism–the manipulation of facts and the use of Newspeak e.g.–was intended specifically to humiliate and thus demoralize people. When the gov’t has you repeat that 2+2=5 at gunpoint, you are utterly demoralized and lose your will to fight.

          • THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084

            Isn’t everything done to Ethnic Europeans by the Communistic overlords meant to utterly demoralize?

            Orwell’s 1984:

            The first thing for you to understand is that in this place there are no martyrdoms. You have read of the religious persecutions of the past. In the Middle Ages there was the Inquisition. It was a failure. It set out to eradicate heresy, and ended by perpetuating it. For every heretic it burned at the stake, thousands of others rose up. Why was that? Because the Inquisition killed its enemies in the open, and killed them while they were still unrepentant: in fact, it killed them because they were unrepentant. Men were dying because they would not abandon their true beliefs. Naturally all the glory belonged to the victim and all the shame to the Inquisitor who burned him. Later, in the twentieth century, there were the totalitarians, as they were called. There were the German Nazis and the Russian Communists. The Russians persecuted heresy more cruelly than the Inquisition had done. And they imagined that they had learned from the mistakes of the past; they knew, at any rate, that one must not make martyrs. Before they exposed their victims to public trial, they deliberately set themselves to destroy their dignity. They wore them down by torture and solitude until they were despicable, cringing wretches, confessing whatever was put into their mouths, covering themselves with abuse, accusing and sheltering behind one another, whimpering for mercy. And yet after only a few years the same thing had happened over again. The dead men had become martyrs and their degradation was forgotten. Once again, why was it? In the first place, because the confessions that they had made were obviously extorted and untrue. We do not make mistakes of that kind. All the confessions that are uttered here are true. We make them true. And above all we do not allow the dead to rise up against us. You must stop imagining that posterity will vindicate you, Winston. Posterity will never hear of you. You will be lifted clean out from the stream of history. We shall turn you into gas and pour you into the stratosphere. Nothing will remain of you, not a name in a register, not a memory in a living brain. You will be annihilated in the past as well as in the future. You will never have existed.’

          • Anton Chigurh✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

            Chilling and genius as always.

          • THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084

            The meme we have seen regarding Orwell being a warning, not a blueprint -seems ever more accurate

          • cazbit

            why is it italians get it the worst out of Europeans when it comes to the racism game? I’m sicilian.. .they call us Guinea’s which is no different than calling a Black person a [email protected]#er. Nobody ever seems to have a problem with that. I have 1st gen americans in my family that still won’t admit to being siciilian because of that. Racism exists EVERYWHERE. and it ain’t skin color it’s the blood. only idiots in America don’t get that.

            Ask an argentinian how they feel about mexicans. Ask a Spaniard what they think about mexicans. Ask a mexican how they feel about black people. Ask a black guy how they feel about asians… They all [email protected]#$ing hate each other.. not me, “I can’t stand the Irish!” – Blazing Saddles LOL

          • THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084

            Italy was one of the last European nations to unify in the 1860’s. Neighboring villages had different dialects, some unrecognizable only a village or two over. The North generally sees the South as subhuman, with Sicily seen as the lowest. Italian history is fascinating as all of Italy was repeatedly invaded over millennia. Sicily and all of Southern Italy was thrown into turmoil in the 1850’s due to earthquakes, famines and Garibaldi’s military campaigns to consolidate Italy’s wealth and power in the North – that is the time period of most immigration to America.

            I have seen photos of Potenza where my great-grand parents came from and were generally regarded as the richest people in a poor village – for the life of me I couldn’t understand why they left until I read about Garibaldi. When they came here they were attacked by the Irish cops, denied work as musicians and learned to survive on the periphery. Now, we are told we have “privilege.”

            My great grandparents gave three sons to the war, one came back in a box filled with rocks, another filled with shrapnel and mental scars from being a combat engineer that lasted a lifetime – but we are “privileged” now and derided. I watch as kosher gangsters are celebrated and given free reign while the last Italian pizza makers who placed bets on the 1978 World Series are perp walked in front of news cameras and then lectured by kosher judges on their life choices and depravity.
            In the 19th century, mobs in New Orleans were lynching Italians, Sacco and Venzetti were knowingly railroaded and executed for crimes they did not commit – there are no calls for our “social justice” – instead we are still derided for the vowels at the ends of our names.

          • Bevo2

            Only WASPs ( White Angelo Saxon Protestants ) can be guilty of racism. Ask any liberal.

          • THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084

            Rudyard Kipling’s White man’s Burden on steroids and meth.

          • Zorcon, Fidei Defensor

            Guess I am racist then. Oh well, back to making money, supporting my family and being a law abiding and productive citizen…

          • strongmind

            that’s all we productive ask of you Zorcon.

          • Bevo2

            aaah yes, the worse kind, probably pay taxes to.

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          • meeester

            See what a hater you are!
            Happy Election Night 2016 Anniversary. If you’re near Philly stop by and enjoy our party.

          • Mensa Graham

            Imagine a 45 year old manager with an MBA going through an undergraduate teaching degree. I had so much fun creating mayhem. Liberals are extremley small minded.

          • California70

            Right, just tell them what they want to hear and you get straight A’s!

          • enlightenedboy

            Wow, I’m glad we even exist still. Where did we go?

          • White Nationalist

            Fuck the nigs and sand nigs, not my fault they have low IQ, and would rather imitate MTV instead of getting a real job, and fuck the phaget liberals too while I’m at it

          • Mensa Graham

            I can understand your sentiment entirely. I am tired of the BS from those groups of illiterates too.

          • THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084

            Why should they get jobs, when we give them, rather everything they want is stolen from us? The “phaget” liberals are fucking you and everyone that looks like you

          • California70

            Have you seen the article on Harvard teaching “how to screw in the butt 101” yet!
            Just who is stupid enough to take a class like this? And WHY would Harvard offer it?
            Because they are trying to completely trash our society by teaching our youth to be DEVIANTS!

          • GrumpyGrandpa

            Right on! Surely you have noticed those very groups are imploding and rapidly losing status, prestige and funding. When Marburg reaches the ME, EU and the Americas, It will bring the population levels of these groups down dramatically.

          • nicholasstix

            “Sacco and Venzetti” (sic) were guilty as hell.

            “kosher morons have doors opened for them, that would never open for a white man…”

            That’s a bald-faced lie.

          • THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084

            What ya doin rabbi?

          • grey

            Slurs are used by all Ethnic groups to talk about other Ethnic groups. If you don’t think it happens you don’t live in a Multi cultural area.

          • Bevo2

            Ever heard a “dumb blonde joke”?

          • White Nationalist

            Quit acting like a little puzzy what somebody called you a racist be a man for once in your life.You cons are so spineless..Sosomeone calls you a name..go take some more estrogen pills phag..

          • Big Ern Mccracken

            shouldn’t you be sucking someone off in an alley somewhere?

          • Dennis Teel

            You never showed up like you said you would

          • bill1942

            It is socially acceptable for thugs to be racist.

          • strongmind

            try to find anything published about how different minorities feel about other minorities ….. in the mainstream press. Everything is always hunky dorey among democrat minorities.

          • GrumpyGrandpa

            It’s just human nature! If free stuff is being given away, the greedy will say they are even shit-eaters to get theirs. In a “no work- no eat” scenario, they drop the baloney and get conservative. It’s easy to be liberal with someone else’s money!

          • The great delusion of the American Left is the false idea that ONLY America has race problems; ONLY America has class problems; ONLY America has gender problems; ONLY America has pollution problems…. And on and on.

          • snakeplisken

            Canadians can be quite racist too.Look how they treat their native Canadians, hypocrites!!

          • Tommy Trizzo

            …aaaaahhhh yes! Canada!! Our weak and crippled little muppet to the north. It’s extremely shameful really. I wouldn’t tell anybody I was from that turd gargling sh#tshow even if I was. Especially if I was!!!

          • GrumpyGrandpa

            Make it THEIR problem; not yours. The losers are losing!

          • 1985

            That’s because you EYE-Talians have thick skin. And you have a sense of humor. You know the only reason stereotypes are funny is because they’re usually true, right?

          • Honest John

            Well shame on you for being a REAL DECENT PERSON!

          • I_told_u_so

            You are exactly right. Prejudices have been around long before America was ever discovered. Blacks are prejudice against lighter and darker skin tones of their own race.

          • Zorcon, Fidei Defensor

            How does he get by with that? I am really sick of these racists phonies getting a pass.

          • THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084

            He’s a black communist… In CUNY, NYC…

        • jackarm

          Younis – God Bless you.

        • Robert Fox

          Preach brother. Ooops, was that sexist?

        • strongmind

          I ran into a young girl wearing a team sweatshirt from one of the two colleges I graduated from in the 1970’s. After she explained a little about her studies, she continued on shopping. Her father, about a decade younger than me, turned and said…. “you just can’t believe how liberal it’s become.”

        • Charlottelearn

          Williams has become a joke the only white privilege is that of the professors with their bloated pensions and pay scale!

        • John Mccord

          Need to stop money to all of them.

      • Jjcb19


      • Marcus Welby

        Small private colleges, Ivy league except maybe MIT, all blue state colleges public and private.

        All humanities, arts and social sciences divisions.

        Math, science and engineering doesn’t discriminate. You can either do the work or you can’t. White males, east Asians, and Indians have a chance there to be judged by merit.

        • Ziegler Von Strahn

          Unfortunately, you are incorrect Marcus. FB/Google are actively pursuing Diversity programs, even sponsoring scholarships and programs for women only, or POC of the right color.. sorry asians, sorry indians…you’re counted as white people. While the college STEM departments might still be based on merit, expect that to be changing soon as well since the major players are going to start demanding more females and “non-white hetero CIS males” which again, dont include Asians, or Indians.

          • VietVet1972

            Schools will simply lower standards in hard sciences to insure that everyone will pass their courses. It looks good for a department to have lesser qualified minority individuals receive a degree from them, whether or not they can do the actual work. I believe that the majority of the comment section readers understand that an aeronautical engineer must understand flight characters in order to design aircraft that fly or that civil engineers must need to know how to build bridges that won’t collapse. Graduating a person who doesn’t have the requisite knowledge and skills is a danger to society.

            The word will get around as to which school’s gradates to avoid unless you really need to hire a minority public relations engineer who can’t build squat.

            Back in the 1970’s, a lesser qualified black male was taken into a medical program over a more qualified white male. The school’s medical staff said that this black male would pass their program as failure was not an option for him. A reporter actually tracked down the black male and discovered that he was a failure as a doctor and caused more harm than good.

            TV programs tend to place blacks and women in all kinds of managerial and professional roles. It’s feel good optics, when the reality is that most will never attain these work place levels without affirmative action and lowered standards.

          • FranklinPattison

            If you notice all of the television commercials make the white people look stupid or make them the but of the joke while the minorities are the smart ones who are looking at the white people like they are crazy. This is a smart tactic if the minorities are their target market, most white people get their point and don’t take it personal. It appears that almost every commercial does this though.

          • subotaibahadur

            Actually, some are starting to take it personally.

            If they don’t want my family’s money, I can buy from someone else.

            By the way, we are Chinese, which politically is worse than being White.

            Subotai Bahadur

          • Anton Chigurh✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

            “Chinese, which politically is worse than being White”
            Gosh you’re stupid.

          • JustSomeGuy

            And yet, we still own everything.
            Huh. Such overachievement, for such mass ignorance…

          • Anton Chigurh✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

            Who’s “we”, k ike?

          • JustSomeGuy

            I’m Episcopalian. Thanks for asking, antiSemite.

          • Anton Chigurh✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

            Oh no someone called me an anti-semite what will I do. Your little made-up term is just a euphemism for anyone who says anything critical of Jews or Israel, and as such it has no effect on me.

          • 2summer4

            I make a mental note of the product(s) and do not buy them.

          • Grintsum

            That makes sense. They are insulting us, after all.

          • FattyWink

            Yeah, I work in advertising, advertisers used to want to show diversity in order to capture some of that minority market, now they want to show diversity to virtue-signal their brand. I think it’s fine to have an ad with a gay couple, or biracial couple, or minority-only scenario as it reflects on realities of society – I have no problem with that – but it’s as if brands are competing to get the most obscure minority combination on screen to thump their own chests to show how much they “care”, as if if you didn’t include a minority you were saying you don’t care about them (look up the old gibbons versus fairsley food skit by mr. show, because its not always what you say, but what you imply). You don’t have to show someone of every preference interacting with your brand in order for them to relate to it, and in a way, that mindset is kind of racist and insulting.

          • Justin Otherday

            I have noticed that for some time. If a dufus is needed in the scene, it is ALWAYS a slightly overweight, middle aged white male. Same holds true with nearly all television programs. Social engineering at its finest.

          • Markdpez

            Been going on for 20 years. Thanks for confirmation

          • Sequitur

            50 years. Sitcoms in the 60s began the trend.

          • Grintsum

            I do take it personal that they make my demographic look like a bunch of doofuses and I shop accordingly.

          • Edward Warren

            Watch the minorities on the Good Doctor perform super-human medical tricks. Inspiring? No, not really, because ……

          • FattyWink

            I disagree that “most” will never attain these work place levels when referencing minorities. Like you said, standards will be lowered for (insert minority group here) in order to match the optics progressives want to see realized in their rainbow utopia. That said, if you took the “progressive” mindset out of society, and stop selling people/exploiting people via that they’re oppressed by x, y and z, and that’s why they can’t get ahead in life, or entitled to x, y and z without putting in the same amount of work, or deserve special treatment, IF you took that that mindset out, people of all shades and preferences would eventually figure out that you get ahead based on hard work and merit, and it would become en vogue in their cultures versus frowned upon as selling out, and all of society would benefit from it and everyone would respect each other more. Then you’d see a proportionate amount of those people represented in most walks of life. But alas, that’s not going to happen when you try to solve things with feelings versus logic.

          • Pfffffff

            If you believe that you’re hopelessly naive. Just look at Haiti and Liberia. Or the last 10,000 years globally. People are different and that’s a good thing. But not everyone can be an astronaut.

          • james4usa

            Rain soil, timber, mineral, rich Liberia alas 4th poorest on the planet.

          • thomaswood

            Liberia was doing OK until some Commie thugs took over and starting killing everyone who stood in their way.

          • Grintsum

            And who are these commie thugs? When did they take over?

          • thomaswood

            For starters, Tolbert was a thug, but at least he was somewhat our thug. When he ordered his troops to shoot demonstrators in Monrovia, that was the end of peace and anything resembling prosperity in Liberia for a long time. He got himself killed in 1980, and then Samuel Doe and other Liberians whose ancestors had not been slaves in America took over. We bought some degree of friendship from Doe at the cost of hundreds of millions of US taxpayer dollars, but he was a basically a paranoid dictator so that couldn’t go on forever. Eventually we got disenchanted and cut off the gravy train as with the collapse of the USSR it no longer mattered to us whether Doe hooked up with the Soviets or not. So then the next thug entered the stage, namely Charles Taylor of the National Patriotic Front of Liberia; this one more of a commie than his predecessors. Taylor’s philosophy was like that of Mao — “power proceeds from the mouth of a gun.” Within a year, his buddy Yormie Johnson started a rival commie thug organization, namely the Independent Patriotic Front of Liberia. The INPFL seized Doe from the “peacekeepers” and murdered him, which he perhaps deserved, but certainly due process was lacking. The rivalry between Taylor, Johnson and other contenders for power, including ULIMO, LURD, MODEL and neighboring nations, dragged on with more bodies piling up, more wreckage of the pre-1980 infrastructure, and no economic cures. Finally thanks to the women of Liberia, the G. W. Bush administration and help from other African countries, fair elections were held and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (not a thug) became President in 2005/6. Things have been better since, but it takes a country time to recover from 25 years of instability, thug rule and civil war.

          • Grintsum

            Thank you for the concise and very informative synopsis of Liberia’s recent unfortunate history. Unless I’m mistaken, I’d say this country is one of your assigned contingency areas.

          • thomaswood

            Sorry, you’re mistaken. I know about Liberia because a very dear friend of mine was on the Board of the AME Zion Church, which had a college in Liberia. She was assigned to visit and help out from time to time. During the rule of the thugs and fighting among the thugs, everything was destroyed. Many – God only knows how many – of the faculty and students were murdered. My friend said that she was sorry for all the trouble that her ancestors had experienced being shipped out of Africa and in slavery here — but she thanked God that they DID get out, and thus ultimately gave her and her family the opportunity for a great life in the USA. Not the sort of sentiment you would hear from Colin Kaepernick, but then he’s an entitled idiot commie snowflake who has never been to Africa.

          • FattyWink

            Okay, and then compare dark-skinned people in the Dominican with dark-skinned people in Haiti. And that’s on the same small island. Equal opportunity combined with cultural upbringing/influence make more of a difference than melanin. That said, equal opportunity does not mean equal results, even amongst whites. The exploiters who want to forever use minorities try to equate western “civilized” culture with “white” culture that is to be frowned upon and that you’d be an uncle tom to abide by or desire that “white” culture, when really, it belongs to no one but the people who want to advance themselves. It’s a psychological trap to make sure they keep minorities down so they can continue to exploit their grievances.

          • Grintsum

            Those two countries have completely different cultures, even though they share the same landmass.

          • Blue Eyed Brunette

            Well, hopefully their companies will suffer for focusing predominantly on “affirmative action” hires. My son is a recent graduate of a large, difficult to get in to public university. He majored in mechanical engineering and said that the only minority students in his classes were Indian and Asian, no blacks. Read between the lines.

        • NormanRockwellAmerican

          Look at what they are doing at Med schools. If you are not an Under Represented Minority (URM), you’re going to have to have almost impossible GPAs and MCAT scores to get in. The only people currently who are not URMs are Asian and white straight males. So, even if you are a white female, you have one box to check that a straight white or Asian male doesn’t have. I know a young white straight male acquaintance whose scores indicated a 76% chance of getting into med school. A black male with the same scores would have a 93% chance of getting in. And these statistics are easily available with an internet search.

          I recently saw a photo of a gathering of first year med students at one of the University of California med schools, and I could not detect one white male in the group. A straight white or Asian male has very little chance of getting into a California public med school.

          • FattyWink

            I don’t have the details on this story, but I heard that Missouri University (Mizzou, the one who capitulated to the BLM mob’s irrational demands and caved to msm pressure), got in trouble for not admitting enough high-qualifying applicants to scholarships, basically overlooking higher-qualifying applicants to make the diversity optics of the school look good, and have opened up some scholarships to those who’ve earned them academically regardless of their race. Now, it could be that this move was less about them getting in trouble for discriminating against qualified students, and more about the fact that attendance is so low they’re renting out their empty dorms to make up money their losing.

          • Crispyone

            It’s not just medical school it’s any Ivy League program. My nephew crushed every checkbox for Ivy League admission. GPA, advanced placement, sports, clubs, volunteering, test scores, academic societies….crushed every single category. He applied to every single Ivy League school and got accepted into none.

            He was heart broken. He wondered why he wasn’t accepted so I just told him the truth…”You’re a white male. They were never gonna accept you.”

          • thomaswood

            He should have been thrilled that he was spared the brainwashing that passes for a Harvard or Yale “education” these days.

        • John Galt

          The reason math, science and engineering don’t discriminate is that they deal with problems that have demonstrably right and wrong answers, a concept foreign to the liberal arts.

          • biglou15

            Don’t want to rain on your parade but I just saw an article about a woman of color math professor who stated that teaching algebra was racist. These progressives are not going to stop until they have entirely destroyed our educational system. The leftists have infiltrated and are the malignant cancerous growth in our country.

          • Plurb

            Old news, how do we purge them is the real question or is online undergraduate work in anonymous mode the only solution!

          • Bobserver

            They also need to produce graduates who can do the work correctly. An opinion in STEM employment when something doesn’t work but that, “it’s alright because I say it is so and my opinion is as valid as any other and besides reality is subjective” won’t get you very far.

          • WJMcCarthy

            What? Is it a bad thing if an airplane’s wing falls off or a rocket to the moon lands in NY???LOL

          • Plurb

            Only if you are willing to argue every test answer and every thesis and class offering to graduation!

          • Burke Murphy

            Rest assured, the liberals will be able to find racism in math, science and engineering somehow.

        • fourscoreandseven

          That USED to be the case, but no more. The schools are pressured that MINORITIES (blacks) succeed in ALL FIELDS! And, they lower the standards for them. IOW, a white male can fail but NO BLACK can fail!

        • Plurb

          Not since 1977 in CSUs and UCs been there done that, quit to make money rather than watch donations to University and Alumni groups get the A’s, then the Immigrants and Out of Staters, until some form of Merit exists for C’s & D’s.. Tired of the Duplicitous nature of undergrad work vs reward or lack there of!

      • pokey’s pissed

        There is a list that ranks Universities by their adherence to ‘Progressive’ agendas:

      • BA DeMonte

        You can start with any of the Ivy League schools, the University of Missouri, then any school in CA, OR, Washington state.

        • highcarry

          And the University of Arkansas which has banned the hiring of conservative professors. Mainly because those are the ones who want to teach students to think for themselves.

        • Fnu Winarto

          UW actually has a pretty solid engineering school. It’s not as good as Embry-Riddle (my Alma Mater) but, they churned out a lot of good EEs and CSs. I don’t know about their non-science program though lol.

      • John the Atheist

        Psychologist Jordan Peterson is working on one.

      • Golden Rule

        ISI publishes:
        “All-American Colleges” – Top Schools for Conservatives, Old-Fashioned Liberals, and People of Faith.


      • Golden Rule

        Check out:

        Choosing the Right College 2014-15: The Inside Scoop on Elite Schools and Outstanding Lesser-Known Institutions 1st Edition

        by John Zmirak (Author)

      • Deep Lore Able

        Perhaps at least a partial implementation of what you’re asking for can be found here:


        • Anton Chigurh✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

          Good lord what a hive of villainy and scum…

      • Jo

        There is The Professor Watchlist that publishes names of professors that discriminate against conservative students;

      • miseshayekrothbard

        All of them. Go to a trade school

      • jnsesq

        Now THAT would be an environmental impact statement!

      • Plurb

        All CSU’s and UC’s

      • FUBO

        You would have to deforest the nation to complete the list.

        • FranklinPattison

          That’s just wrong.

      • TwoInchPattern

        I think most parents would like to see a list of colleges that forbid political correctness and feminazis to control the campus or the curriculums. Colleges that require all points of view, including conservative and Christian, be equally present and accepted. Probably be a short list but worth it.

      • Try Hillsdale College or Grove City College.

      • John Mccord

        Great idea ,Any idea how we can go about this and stop public funding?

    • Marcus Welby

      If you take useless classes I figure you get what you deserve, white, black, brown, yellow, and red.

      Did I leave anyone out?


        But the useless are prerequisites.

        • Rikki Tch Tch

          Exactly. You have to sift through the liberal sewage to reach the real facts.

          • THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084

            There are “facts” there? CUNY has the Core Program that introduced us to Saul Alinsky in Core 4 – Saul as CUNY taught was a good guy who got all of the disenfranchised blacks in Chicago to organize and vote turning the city into the paradise it is today and gifting the mahogany godling upon us for 8 years and generations of destruction.

            My professor was a hard core Communist hiding behind a favorite aunt face. There were jewish homosexuals wearing their mother’s clothes and make up screaming “Pataki is Wacky.” That was the insanity nearly 25 years ago. An illiterate with tourette syndrome would “quack” his way through the whole campus – he is now a City Councilman protesting “white supremacy” and chairs the city housing committee despite losing his home to foreclosure.

            You can’t make any of this up and it was only a foretaste of what poor ethnic Europeans face now in these asylums.

          • Marcus Welby

            Go to the oil fields or go to trade school if you want to make real money. Your average college grad and average professor don’t even come near those incomes, as long as you pick the right trade and have a bit of business sense.

            Which snowflakes don’t have. But the world needs someone to make our cappuccinos too, so even snowflakes with their intersectional degrees have a place.

          • THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084

            You are mistaken. Go “earn” a medical degree, a LPN and go to work for a Medicaid fraud mill – you sign paperwork, tell patients with $50,000 no-fault policies to undergo placebo treatments and sign up 10-20 a day, earning your company a potential $1Million per day –

            No oilfield or trade is paying that. The catch is you have to be an immigrant with a name that could be considered semitic. Oh, and your first degree is free, you get an EBT Card and Medicaid even when you are “earning” $20,000 a month. This is the reality of how this country runs right now. The working man is a sucker – the ethnic European man is the biggest one of all.

      • stopht

        yes the LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ people

        • Marcus Welby

          Darn. I forgot the 57 genders. Them too.

          • Jim Dandy

            One for each state. New definition of the stars on our glorious flag!

        • Burke Murphy

          Omg, you didn’t put my sexual identity in your alphabet soup. Stop trying to marginalize me with your white privilege.

    • jwclark

      To say nothing of being intellectually bankrupt.


      These “colleges” are serving a purpose though: instructing Ethnic Europeans how they are to be treated in the New America.

      • Burke Murphy

        South Africa was the test demo – for the US.

    • Strawberry Garcia

      “but some animals are more equal than others.”

    • Azrial Nimrod

      Whites are about to become the minority. Where are we going to go when there is no place left to run? This country, handed off to 3rd world brown people by the boomers, need to be re-taken by force, just like whites did in the first place.

      • Marcus Welby

        We are going to Balkanize of course. We already are. It is a trend that will continue. Go live in a place that isn’t against you.

        • Anton Chigurh✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

          This is not a solution WHATSOEVER. Almost ALL the jobs are in the blue cities.

          • Markdpez

            What? Maybe glutinous budget busting patronage goonion jobs, yeah

          • Anton Chigurh✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

            No, STEM jobs in engineering/programming/systems etc which is where a huge part of the conservative white men work to support their families.

      • FranklinPattison

        That is taking things a little too far. We are not the minority and won’t be for a very long time.

        • Pfffffff

          You need to have a looksee at the demographics and current rates of immigration, friendo. Ten and twenty years isn’t a very long. Anyway, Whites are already a minority in many cities today.

    • Jo

      As a parent who paid 80% of the cost to put two through college, I would never give them a penny of MY money.

    • ronfromflorida

      You mean they should take their parents money elsewhere or the 10’s of thousands they have to borrow and spend the rest of their life repaying.

    • blondefrog123

      Absolutely correct. This teaching assistant is essentially telling smarter students to spend their money somewhere else. Money talks. And it walks. To a school willing to provide a non-racist education.

    • HarryObrian

      You’re making the assumption the snowflakes are smart enough to do that which is highly doubtful seeing as how this anti-American racist practice has been gong on for so long and not many of them recognize it….

    • Fidgets

      Go ahead and get their education – keeping track of this happening – sue for their entire money back naming those professors who are guilty of discrimination.

    • Jon

      Totally agree. Why would you go to a college that actively discriminates against you? Well you just don’t.

    • California70

      Ya Think?
      These people are worse than RACIST! They want to start a “RACE WAR”. It right In Front of our eyes!

  • Edword

    Just the tip of the iceberg. It goes much further than this.

    • Andy Maxwell

      The indoctrination of our children starts in kindergarten.

  • Dogandcat

    Are white students angry yet?

    • Will ……

      Was that the point? Getting bonus points on sat and free rides to college wasn’t enough for minority?

  • Eightys4ever

    I have a fix for this. They should only take endowments from minorities.

    • All the university endowments should be confiscated for civil rights violation and tax evasion. The confiscated endowments should be used to “forgive” Federal Student Loans. It would only be “fair” since Hillary stole the election from Bernie. I’d love to see the whole corrupt higher education biz go up in smoke. I’m sure that the “flakes” would go all in for this.

      • ScottPM

        Great idea! Especially since universities have raised tuition, not to cover their costs, but to impoverish students. They artificially raise prices then offer 10% discounts (for example) once they see the complete financial information of the student and their parents. It’s equivalent to going to a used car salesman and before they tell you the price, they demand to see how much you can afford. Then, they offer degrees for which nobody wants to hire you for, example anything with the word ‘studies’ in it.

      • Rising

        Great idea.

      • Burke Murphy

        Half of college – the general ‘core’ classes are literally a rehash of HS. Every college student is mandatorily obligated to repay for HS. Then the textbooks, if they just stopped letting the book co ‘reedition’ every semester it would dramatically reduce the cost of school. Students should go to school for their specialty, and not pay for 2 years of HS, because the no childs left behind slept thru HS and now demand their free college education.

    • somebodysomewhere

      They might get a nickel from the AA community.

  • jerseychris

    What’s the point? Afirmative Action students are too dumb to add anything anyway.

    • Bill E. BOBB

      The upside is it exposes their incompetence to everyone

      • Burke Murphy

        When I was in school, those types couldn’t read text out loud. They would get stuck on a 7 letter word and stare at the teacher until they would finish the line for them. Reminded me of 3rd grade.

  • theAdorableDeplorable

    When all else fails, ask the person who knows the answer.

  • cleo48

    The American campus has become a corrupt leftist gulag. There no honor or prestige there any longer. And anything taught beyond fundamentals is pure sewage. I can’t help but think there will be new institutions created that will promote higher learning without ideology as a selling point.

    • buckingelephant

      At least my degree, earned in 1978, still has some weight, as do those who graduated a while ago. I went to U of I, only one U of I, so suck it up Iowa and Indiana, LOL, it was a tough school that weeded out the ones who couldn’t hack it during freshman year. A degree from the U of I meant something. Now, a higher education degree means that you’re more articulate in whining about how oppressed you are.

  • ArJay

    the penal envy has been going on since time eternal and has gained speed once again the last few decades!

  • Malloiks

    Have you ever read this phrase in the “news”….

    According to the liberal website XXXXXX

  • Machismo

    ” Ivy League teaching assistant showed her admitting she only calls on white male students as a last resort.” The B*tch should be fired! Is discrimination OK when it is against a White person? These colleges need to be treated like the NFL. Stop Federal funding, don’t let your kids go there.

    • dchunka1188

      I would never send my child to an institution where this kind of discrimination is allowed.

      • Machismo

        Wish I could have sent mine to college. My son has worked his way through college going full time, earning scholarships for good grades, eating lots of raman noodles the first couple of years. He graduated Summa cum Laude with the BS, finished Masters in 2 years with 4.0. Will be going for PHD over a number of years while teaching. He goes to a conservative college and loves it. Yours and mine will have a social battle to overcome with all of the nuts with no morals, all for money and no God.

        • dchunka1188

          The good news is they’re expanding gambling in most US states.

  • Yu So Wong

    The college education system has been corrupted and price inflated by the Federal Government. Get an online degree and avoid the drama until a better and more fair system evolves.

  • Rowenna

    If education is supposed to be inclusive then that should mean that people who are less talkative and prefer to sit back and listen to other people should be welcome in the classroom too.

    The important thing is that all feel able to speak and participate in discussions if they feel they have something to add. This whole ‘stacking’ concept ignores this basic truth regardless of how the ‘stacking’ is done.

    Naturally, if assessment requires students to participate then the teacher should make it clear and ensure the less assertive students (regardless of race, gender) are given a chance to add to the discussion but again, that is not an issue of ‘stacking’ so much as being aware of the individual personalities of the students and keeping track of those who have not spoken.

  • swingblade

    Instructional “racism” is on every college campus in the country!

  • Arminius

    All they are doing is creating more soldiers for the cause.

  • Dr.Tickles

    That’s because if they happen to know the right answer it might be considered offensive to those that don’t….
    Stupid-ass liberals.

    • Burke Murphy

      The right answer is always offensive to libs.

  • dchunka1188

    Treating somebody differently because of their gender and skin color is discrimination. Any educator who calls on somebody last because of their skin color or gender should be immediately fired. The students who are called on last should protest and fight back.

    • Dr.Tickles

      Wrong. It is only discrimination if it offends a liberal flake.

      • dchunka1188

        In sociology reverse discrimination is called “situational inconvenience”

    • ancientemplar

      prosecute for discrimination.

      • fourscoreandseven

        HOW! Some of you posters just state the obvious with NO PLAN to correct something you don’t even understand.

        The mere notion of “prosecuting for discrimination” is just plain STUPID! There is NO WAY TO DO IT!!

    • fourscoreandseven

      Oh, please, “conservative” instructors can’t even get an interview! The ones who are in the jobs, and are treating white males with disdain are LEFTISTS to begin with and have NO sense of “fairness” whatsoever! YOU CAN’T FIRE THEM ALL! You can’t even fire 3% of them!

      • dchunka1188

        What’s amazing is, why doesn’t anybody say anything? Obviously the students must know what is happening – how come nobody ever seems to speak up about it?

  • Shagnasty1

    Maybe she is unwittingly doing what teachers did when I was in school, calling on the dumb kids first because she knew White boy knew the answers. This was done trying to get the dumb kids them to study or be embarrassed because their classmates would know they didn’t know the answer. But these days being dumb is a source of pride to the ghetto rats almost to the same level as serving time.

    • RJohnston

      The teacher is in fact saying white males are superior.

      • Robert

        Straight White males are actually in charge of almost everything in the legal world, business world, medical world, online world, real estate, oil & gas, technology and a bunch of things I missed…..


          The legal world, is tiny in comparison to the grey and black world. Think all those Obamacare and Medicaid taxes are just going into a black hole? Nope – they are going right into the pockets of ethnic criminal cabals who are laundering tens of billions in NY real estate.

          • Shagnasty1

            Black Hole? You racist. At least what the Blacks on the Dallas city council believe and said so a few years ago.

          • THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084

            Thoughtcrime is so insidious Racist

        • Shagnasty1

          But, but, but, that’s not fair and that’s not diversity. Whaa-whaa-whaa.

          • Robert

            I know, reality doesn’t care about your feelings…

        • 3eyedjohnny

          You are either not married or divorced — for obvious reasons. Men in charge….pffftttt.

        • Anton Chigurh✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

          This is demonstrably false. You are a dirty little liar and the son of a whore.

          • Robert

            Really? Ok so prove what you just said.

          • Robert

            Really? Next time you drive down the street, check out who is doing all the work. Look up the CEO’s of companies. Guess what, its all or mostly dudes. The facts don’t care about your feelings bro

        • Burke Murphy

          Maybe we could learn something from them, HMMMMM.


        Any bets on the grading curve? The less melanin, the flatter the curve until inversion. The straighter the male, the more Christian the male, the steeper the inversion.

        I will never forget the inversion I faced 25 years ago for being “Tall and Blonde” from Professor Abigail Rosenthal – An A Ethnic European student, was a solid D in her class and singled out for attack – “because frankly I am afraid of the large hispanic man that sits near you” – her words in 1994.

        This was the Utopia of CUNY schools 25 years ago and why even then White, Ethnic European Christians were a rarity on the campuses and dropping out at unbelievable numbers back then. If you were an “immigrant” and went to synagogue, you could do anything including cheating with books open during midterms and finals – in fact some of the Eastern Europeans would openly cheat off of one another and do it so loudly that they disrupted the class- when American students complained 0 they were told to shut up and leave if they didn’t like it.

      • Shagnasty1

        Wow! You’re right! Your comment just made my hat size increase by 2″ and my eyes focus down my nose at others.

      • Edward Warren

        Like any system that uses quotas, those benefiting from them would feel that they cannot compete unless they are pitied and given something they may not deserve. Those benefiting from a teacher’s attempt to impose her political views on the class would feel inferior and those who weren’t would feel resentful. That kind of petty drama shouldn’t happen in a classroom.

    • Masseur

      You nailed it! Your experience is the same as my experience. My “teachers,” especially in grade school, absolutely would not call on me or most of the class. Instead they would call on the few members of the turdHerd (anything with a brownTone) – and would only embarrass the dummies.

      • BENDER tharobot

        The cleaners called and said your klan robes were clean you can pick them up at 5 before the cross burning

        • Shagnasty1

          Hey BENDER tharobot, are they the Klan robes the late Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) who founded the W. Virginia chapter of the KKK willed to Masseur?

          • BENDER tharobot

            You tell me you and crooked Clinton are members in good standing with the klan

          • Shagnasty1

            Only somebody on the left could spin what I said to being a member of the Klan. I don’t know about Hillary though, she once said Byrd was her mentor and of course Bill Clinton’s mentor was J. William Fulbright. You can draw your own conclusions about those facts.

    • Gabriel Powers

      I used to get in trouble when we had to take turns reading aloud in like third grade or such. The TurdHerd read so slow that I read ahead to myself. When it was my turn I was lost as to where to read because I was pages ahead.

      • Shagnasty1

        Not to sound like one of those whining, “me too”, but me too except there were no Blacks in the small town schools I attended. These kids were all honkies like me. These slow readers were also the ones when in art class asked to draw a picture of a house drew the “chimbly”, they’re pronunciation not my spelling, on a plane perpendicular with the sloped roof instead of the ground. These students were just a little slow and in later years caught up and did alright. But also back then there was no PC so for the truly slow or mildly retarded they weren’t main streamed as they call it today but rather placed in the “dumb class” so as to get the extra help they needed but slow down the progress of those with normal IQ. The slow learners in the dumb class often caught up as they matured usually because their parents accepted their responsibility and paid for the extra help their kids needed until they caught up.

        • equalizer294

          Just “Axe” me, I’ll “Splain” it

          • Shagnasty1

            My Black neighbor axed if he could borrow my ask to chop down his tree.

    • Edward Warren

      Good teachers know their students strengths and weaknesses and use questions as an opportunity to teach everyone in class, not to impose their own political viewpoints on identity on students.

  • swingblade

    This intuitional racism is hidden as “inclusion” and “diversity” on the college campus! Those buzz words are code for “whitey” stand aside!

    • buckingelephant

      love, love your handle…….mmmm sometimes momma would put mustard on the biscuit……

    • Cabron

      Got anything good to eat in thar ?


        French Fried Potatoes – MMMMMMMMM

    • Durden2314

      Well, the movie is called SLing Blade, with an “L”. “Some folks call it a sLing blade, I call it a Kaiser blade.” Regardless, excellent movie, and an astute comment by Swingblade. Peace.

      • Rikki Tch Tch

        Right you are Tyler.

    • Syrin

      Their overt racist and sexist oppression of white men defeats this entire falsehood of “privilege”. If anything it’s obvious black privilege.


        Privilege is the gold star to identify us for their extermination camps – hell we won’t even get a camp, just a mass grave in a forbidden forrest, like our Russian cousins less than a century ago.

        • Jim Dandy

          The term “white” is quickly being replaced by “white supremacist.” I think the only way to be white & NOT a WS is to join antifa, who wants to do away with capitalism, and replace it with….guess what…. fascism! Talk about morons!

      • Rikki Tch Tch

        Careful, I don’t think you are allowed to think and say that.

  • GWAR44
  • GWAR44
  • Jonney Quest

    These people only do this in the Humanities courses, normally they would not be able to handle the Science courses so they don’t teach them. Another reason the STEM Degrees make the most money, no liberal wackos teaching those courses.

    • Rick Morrow

      No. It was done in my business classes, too.

    • StoutCortez

      A friend of mine retired a few years ago after three decades of teaching in the engineering department at an Ivy League university. Politically, he and most of his colleagues in the “hard” sciences would be considered liberal in the U.S. population, but they are considered right-wing reactionaries by their liberal arts colleagues. Anyway, he told me that in his entire career at that university, he taught plenty of Asians and not a few Hispanics, but never a single black student. They’re all in the “soft” majors.

      • Rikki Tch Tch

        Can’t agree with you on the black thing. I know plenty of blacks that are in the mechanical and engineering fields. Given the same education and chance, they do well. As well as their white counterparts. If you want to be a success, you will be a success. Even the poor white guys who never get called on in class. The education system in this nation panders to the minorities. That needs to be changed.

        • Burke Murphy

          Lol – ‘open discussion, won’t get called on, I’ll just do last classes homework, whatever. They can whine about whitey and I can get ahead my work to watch tv tonight.’

    • ScottPM

      Actually there are. But their liberal wacko ideas typically can’t affect the material they teach. F=ma is still the same no mater your color or gender.

      • Edward Warren

        Is that rascist or what?

        • ScottPM

          Only to a liberal. Of course, they also say math is racist and/or sexist.

      • Burke Murphy

        Trigger Warning, jeez

  • Dave Park

    I’d wager that this liberal tactic works best in courses that don’t add up to much in the long run.

  • yoyomybro

    As a straight white Protestant man who got an AA at City College of San Francisco about a decade ago, when I was middle aged, I ran into hostile professors (and hostile fellow students) sometimes. My opinions were mocked, I was sneered at, I got poor grades in a couple of classes from professors who seemed to be trying to make sure my GPA wouldn’t allow me to transfer to UC Berkeley (I didn’t even want to go there), but I plodded on, pretending to not notice when someone obviously wished I wasn’t there. The trick is to raise your hand in class, and if you’re not called on, simply say, “What about me?” Eventually, the haters give up and let you participate.

    • abcnewscensorscansuckit

      I almost ran into the same crap when I was in college, but it ended when I got extremely aggressive intellectually with both profs and snowflake students. One Hispaniard fella even dropped the class we were in when I called him on his threat to a physical altercation. Typical lil’ Regressive punk, he. All Regressives are cowards and punks! They always back off when challenged! The trick is to own your opinions and be ready to defend your’s and defeat others’ with logic and reason. It is insanely easy to defeat the lame arguments of the Reegtards.

      The failings of white men come from the “don’t stoop to their level” admonishments when dealing with the Reegs. We get accusatory fingers pointed our way and are expected to turn the other cheek. To hell with that schit! Fight back! Be even MORE aggressive than them! Remember this and take it to the bank: Regressives are intellectual and physical cowards. I graduated cum Laude with a 3.98, and that’s with being extraordinarily overt in my conservative/libertarian leanings.

      • yoyomybro

        You’re right- fighting back is the only strategy that is going to work in the long run, especially since we’re fighting for all of us, even the ones who can’t protect themselves.

        • abcnewscensorscansuckit

          I know. I get so sick of hearing so-called conservatives saying we can’t use the Left’s strategy to fight the Left. Like boycotts and wreaking havoc at their institutions. The “we have jobs to go to” excuse is just that, an excuse. Of course as long as there are weak, beta male YTs agreeing that their voices should be muted, the Left will have arrows in their quivers. Weak, guilty whites are the main problem, more so than racist minorities.

          • Rowenna

            It really depends on the specific strategy. There are things the left do that if the right adopted would be effectively surrendering to them… the left is about power, not principle. If conservatives abandoned principle for power then the left have won regardless of which side comes out on top – because principles will no longer be recognised.

            That said, there are things the left do that the right could use themselves effectively and do not require surrendering principles.

            The main question with any strategy is whether the risk / reward ratio is favourable – there is no benefit to doing the work of the left for them.

            I have found that there are those who advocate being passive and not fighting back at all and that is just stupid… then again, those folks may not really be conservatives in the first place.

            We have to fight back, we just need to be smart about it if we are going to win.

          • abcnewscensorscansuckit

            What strategy used by the Regressives would you be OK with their betters using? I’m saying that violence perpetrated on them at their violent protests be used. They’re cowards and just the threat of violence would have those roaches scurrying back to their hovels. I live in GA, and as yet, only the Black Bowels Movement “bravely” blocked a highway in Atlanta. I think it was irritated truckers that broke that zoo up, if I remember correctly…

  • RJohnston

    If white males are superior, perhaps every race should be separate. That way minorities can get the attention these professors think they need to compete against white males. Woman might do well to have their own schools as well if they feel intimidated at schools with mixed sexes.

  • babebig00

    This IS a BIG problem..fire her racist a ss…end affirmative action

    • 487shadow

      Fire her Dean or Principal. She’s being ordered by the Higher Ups to pass the Blacks, NO MATTER WHAT! It’s an institutional problem. It’s a sickness that hurts the integrity of our country. We are getting Dumber and Dumber.

  • Tim Dumoulin

    The education system in North America today is a pathetic despicable disgrace. Why would anyone young man want to pay thousands of dollars to be discriminated against? .. The so called professors are not properly qualified to teach, they instead act like little spoiled brat victims and teach that mentality to the students. These kids are going to have a very difficult life in the real world as they won’t have any “safe spaces” to cry in when the truth hits and they can’t cope.

    Go learn a trade! .. many people retiring and these jobs pay good money! .. Save yourself from endless college debt, just struggling to find a decent paying job.

    • babebig00

      Mexicans get those jobs now.

  • BigMcLargeHuge

    Im 29, im a white male. I lived a life so far, that would make 90% of black people seem privileged compared to what i have been through. I hear questions “Are your parents still married”, “have you had to worry about where you will come up with money for your next meal”, “Did your parents get you a car” “…Than you are privileged” etc. etc.

    Well heres my story. When i was 21, i was homeless, without shelter, little to no friends. I had to survive off the land, eating frog legs, trout, and trash. I had to befriend someone at a 24 hour gym for locker space and storage and a place where i can took a shower. This lasted for 3 years. I fought everyday with every ounce of energy. When i was 23 someone who i got to know at the gym discovered my situation. He offered “a few extra bucks for food” if i could buy him anabolic steroids. He gave me the money i put it in the bank and went to the public library and ordered them from Thailand. When they came i delivered them to him, it was a sting operation. My rationale was in my stomach. I got convicted of a felony, spent 110 days in prison, 1 year parole, 2 years probation. In 2014 i started suffering blind spells, virtigo, hallucinations, and cognitive function loss. When i would suffer these events, i would loose 80% of my vision, followed by 3 days+ of pain in either one of my temples each time i suffered one of these episodes. These episodes persisted for years and years, and still occur today. I spent 3 months thinking i had a brain tumor. In mid 2014 i got my diagnosis of Chronic Basilar Artery Migraine Syndrome. I continued to fight with every ounce of energy. Years of struggle, trying to assess if i can get back to work or not. On and off jobs, having lost many being unable to work because of my condition. Up until recently where i finally found an employer who was willing to take me on and accept my condition, and prior record.

    I dont want to hear about privilege. Or race. Because when you suffer chronic pain, suffering, and hardship, you dont worry about race. You worry about being compassionate, and having empathy and love for all who suffer. The only privilege i have is being fortunate enough to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

    • StoutCortez

      How dare you overcome adversity and make something of yourself! Racist!! Microaggressor!! I bet you’re one of those horrid “cisgender” types, too!

    • Robert

      To these racists, it all boils down to you being white and that fact alone is why they hate you and me and any other normal white males…..Screw them, they are losers (in the literal sense).

  • R. J. Randall

    Typical of the leftist hypocrites that infest academia today.

  • babebig00

    At Fresno State College every light pole has “Diversity”..now 80% non White..hasnt been a White male student body president in 20 yrs

  • buckingelephant

    My alumni donations would stop…period. My kids would be pulled from the school. And just maybe I’d file a discrimination lawsuit. Using kids as a social experiment only warps the sense of entitlement already there by free schooling or scholarships based, not on academic achievement, but because you’re a POC. I refuse to let my kids feel bad about being white. I refuse to feel white guilt and white privilege was concocted by some idiot academic who would literally throw a white person under a bus to prove their diversity. BTW – when the POCs can’t answer the questions and the white boys can, it just reinforces the bias that POCs are only there because of their color.

  • TheBigMahoff
  • TonyMonterey

    Has anyone bothered to ask Black or female students how they feel about this “privilege” these Communist professors are forcing upon them? I hated being picked to answer questions in class and never really learned anything by sitting in a Classroom listening to lectures or banter. If someone likes hearing themselves talk, let them.

    • Nathan Durhing

      I have two Master’s degrees (Comp Sci & MBA) and really did not experience much of this at my big, state university. I do know a couple of black girls in my classes that would have been all over this woman for affecting the quality of the class and preventing them from learning from their peers.

  • Aron Jorge

    All this person is doing is waiting to the last for the smarter students to partisipate….Anyone with any sense knowns that the white race has an IQ level 8-10 points higher than the black race, that is as a whole. There are a few blacks that are extreamily inteligent, unfortunately Obama was not one of them. I know I am what some call raciest and not very educated myself (not good at spelling), I know some blacks that are as fine of people that ever lived, and I know a lot of white trash. Our government has long been trying to interbreed the races, and has been somewhat successful at it, starting back in the 1960’s.

  • Chris King

    diversity = antiwhite. I denied it for so long.

    • TonyMonterey

      That’s why those “It’s Okay to be White” signs are hitting the pro-diversity SJW’s so hard and exposing them for the bigots they really are.

  • chris

    I would bet that the white males are not graded equally as well.
    We are all equal, just some more equal than others.

    • Elwood Blues

      When it comes to grades and academic performance the ones most discriminated against are ASIANS. I’m not sure why they keep taking it though. Boggles the mind.

      • Rowenna

        It’s a reflection of the way folks think.

        Those who seek to control people through the courts and institutions tend to be leftists because they do not believe in individual freedom and responsibility. They consider that they know how the world should work and that their beliefs should be imposed on others for their ‘own good’. They use the courts, political institutions, academia, chairities, NGOs, media etc with that aim.

        Those who are hard-working tend to accept that life is not fair and believe that hard work and dedication will be enough for them to carve out a life they are happy with. They count their blessings. Such individuals also tend to value freedom and so shy away from trying to use political institutions to control behaviour. They do not have desire for vengenge, retribution and are not natural ‘crusaders’ because they are busy getting on with life and ‘crusades’ tend to be a full time job.

        When I was a teenager I thought I knew how things could work… if only people would listen to me etc. Of course most folks who did listen to me were my peers and fully approved of my ‘wisdom’ which only encouraged me further. As it happens I came from a conservative family and my ideas were conservative in nature… but the mentality was that of a naive teenager who lacked the life experience to understand that there will always be people who have different ideas and values about how things should and could be done… I quickly passed the phase and I believe it is a key part of transitioning into adulthood but as we often witness, the universities and media now discourage teenagers from maturing as they encourage ‘feelings’ to dominate and no longer encourage rational, objective thought and healthy debate.

        • Fnu Winarto

          Part of growing up is that understanding that there is order to the society and breaking it isn’t exactly the best thing to do. People who think with feelings tend to be a bit spiteful and let their feelings dictate their decision making cycle. My parents used to say that a matter of the heart shouldn’t be brought into a matter of education and logic.

      • chris

        That is a fact.

      • Eric Hein


  • Elwood Blues

    These colleges had better be careful. The brain drain that is occurring his happening fast. Those horrible, awful, privileged, evil, oppressive straight white males also happen to be historically the greatest innovators and inventors in the world. Unfortunately, they will most likely always shy away from hiring women and minorities if given the option because of this kind of favoritism. The left is creating the monster it’s trying to slay and it will be the left who the monster eats. If you fight perceived racism with actual racism you have only created racism.

  • Farfel McNoodle

    Talk to the dean of your school, if needed the president and then your lawyer. maybe you should think about another less liberal school? if you can find one. Sorry grasshopper you are finding life not to be fair?

  • just1guywhocares

    So do the white men then get marked down for lack of participation? Or do they just get to say…great…I can tune out and still get an A?

    • Nathan Durhing

      They probably have another “theory” for progressive grading.

  • David North

    Maybe there should be a “special” class or school for only white males… that way no one is offended or fearful of their intense power over the world….

  • srg

    Talk to a lawyer if your in one of these classes, document the people whom the teacher calls on, and lawyer up to get your tuition paid for!

  • buckingelephant

    and when school funding, from white alumni, falls off, the parents of the POCs can chip in………..hahaha

  • Russell Hicks

    Se knows the white guys know the answer. I guess she wants to know if anyone else doe, too, atarting with the least likely, haha. You’d think they’d complain about always being called on first and embarrassed for not knowing the right answer.

    • Chris King

      that’s next. already seen it/heard about it.

  • Obama’s legacy on display! There is a lot more examples of Obama’s racist reign of terror on the way.

    • StoutCortez

      It may take a while—the media and academe are dominated by leftists—but eventually Mr. Hussein Obama will be acknowledged to have been the worst President in the history of the nation.

  • The Saint

    McKellop should be fired immediately for racial and sexual discrimination and the college should be sued.

  • Nathan Durhing

    Steph baby is a teaching assistant for these courses ‘History of the American South to the Civil War (Fall 2016),’
    ‘The American South: From Civil War to Sunbelt (Spring 2017),’ ‘Sinners, Sex, and Slaves: Race and Sex in Early America (Fall 2017).’ She’s very butch and is interested in the history of sexuality and queerness.

    As for St Mary’s and their management classes, I don’t think Wall Street will be knocking down their doors for their graduates.

  • 487shadow

    White males are the most discriminated group! White males in school, college, business and elsewhere are getting the shaft. Black males have the upper hand and many black students who fail in college are granted an “A!” Professors are ordered by their Dean to pass them no matter what. That means when they graduate they are incapable of doing any job…but they’ll be the FIRST TO BE PROMOTED! So if you don’t speak up about this, don’t complain when you get crappy service,and incompetent workers who can’t SPELL or do Math. BLACKS ARE GETTING A FREE RIDE, BUT WE WILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH INCOMPETENT BLACKS IN BUSINESS WHO WILL KNOW NOTHING!

  • Dan-in-IN

    I know that racism has long been a problem in this country, as well as the world. Let’s be honest. Every country has racism in their history against someone, and in fact every country has racism in them today. I understand why minorities and women get mad about this. Is the solution then to trash white males? Is no one considering that it means just making any white male who wasn’t a racist feel like they’re under constant assault?

    What do you think the result of that is? Do you think that by trashing white males you’ll make those white males who are racist finally see the light? Or the white males who aren’t racist and don’t behave this way are going to be happy that they’re being trashed for something they didn’t do? All this does is drive the wedge deeper. It pushes us further apart and makes those people who are accepting of everyone angrier and angrier.

    This isn’t helping to fix the problems we face today. This is creating a whole new problem boiling under the surface and it’s going to drive far more people into the negative. This version of racism that these professors and other educators are participating in (and make no mistake it is fully blown race/sexism) is not going to fix anything it’s just going to make it worse.

  • buckingelephant

    and how many of these stacking loving professors teach about the Civil War and the 620,000 men who died, along with those white folk that died during the Civil Rights era. What…nobody? I guess those ‘alt facts’, you know, the ones where white people died for equality, isn’t PC enough to include anymore. It just spoils the agenda.

  • Walt Creasy

    And God forbid if they are Christian! Reverse discrimination is ok, though, isn’t it? Just WAIT until non-whites are the majority and then you will see a bloodbath.

  • Silence DoGood

    Blacks and LAtinos need to learn to keep up. The fact that they have to have over 280 points added to their SAT scores and that universities lower their standards for all students so blacks and Latinos don’t feel stupid is a concern. The fact that racist quota systems are used by Harvard to exclude higher performing Asians and whites should tell you how blacks and Latinos have destroyed what was once a top school by virtue of a non-merit based entitlement system that claims Latinos and blacks are so stupid they cannot keep up to other races. Are they really stupid or are they just so used to getting handout for race that they no longer bother? What is a shame is that smarter, harder working students get passed over. Hopefully, this will make them stronger and fight harder. We used to be a society concerned with winning and competition. Now, we are all about making some races stupid and controlling them. A real shame. Unless there is a return to merit – top universities allow themselves to be degraded by becoming focused on minorities and their endless problems and whining. Makes you think segregation would be a great thing. Schools for minorities and schools for whites and Asians. Where do you think companies would hire from?

  • nearboston

    These kids today get all the breaks. College would have been a lot less stressful had I known the profs werent going to call on me.

  • Joe Schmolen

    It depends entirely on whether the “stack” extends over multiple class sessions, which would result in equal opportunity over the long haul, or whether the “stack” starts anew with each class session, which would result in the class ending before the lower ranking students ever got the chance to speak.

    There’s nothing wrong with giving all students an equal chance to be heard, regardless of the original order of the first run-through.

    • Chris King

      the intent is what matters ENTIRELY, not the result.

      • Joe Schmolen

        Baloney! Without the result, no harm is done. How can you infer intent where there is no harmful result? If I stare hatefully at you, wishing you to die, but you live on, am I guilty of murder?

        • Chris King

          so just attach 50lb weights to lebron’s ankles so that I can beat him? that’s fair right? amazing process of thinking.

          • Joe Schmolen

            Sorry, attaching weights inflicts a harmful result. Your posit is that intent alone matters, not the result. If a particular instructor’s regimen results in equal opportunity for all students, you would have us condemn it nevertheless based on your opinion of what the instructor intended. You, of course, being skilled in reading minds.

          • Chris King

            so calling on one class of people last all the time doesn’t inflict a harmful result?

            abhawhawhwahwahawhaw, your circular reasoning is hilarious.

          • Joe Schmolen

            It’s the “all the time” where you betray a faulty reading comprehension. If the stack does not reset at the start of each class, then over multiple classes every student is called once before any student is called on a second time, and so on.

            It’s only when the stack order is reset at the start of each class and the privileged students are called on first and so on in order, that the students at the bottom of the stack might never be called on.

            Reread my post. Read for comprehension, instead of looking for points to dispute.

          • Chris King

            I am not reading your racist drivel again. You have failed to convince me and I am done entertaining your justification for this overtly discriminatory practice.

          • Joe Schmolen

            And so we all see now your withdrawal into name calling. What, pray tell, was racist in this discussion? Of course I failed to convince you, your mind was never open to begin with.

            A perfect snowflake.

          • Chris King

            no name calling in my post, but in yours… that reading comprehension issue again.

  • Jane Dowe

    Racist AND sexist! How about treating everyone equally??

  • nearboston

    These aren’t Engineering or Nursing students so no one cares.
    More useless Liberal Arts students being brainwashed into believing they have a life beyond The Drive-Thru window.

  • Andy Maxwell

    This isn’t education people, it is indoctrination by the leftists starting when our children enter kindergarten.

  • David Jakab

    This happened to me explicitly in an adult continuing education course; I was cautioned twice to lay back. However, I secretly ageed the women in class were both timid and not especially well informed. And the instructor was a volunteer.

    I decided to gradually dissapear from the class. It was the right thing to do because the class was not for any sort of accademic credit, and neither the students nor teacher were especially engaging. And I just could not help myself since I liked the subject. However, things are ominous in normal accademia.

    There is a fundamental geneticly driven contradiction for woman. They are genetically driven by mating imperatives towards the more “competent” men who WOULD be disproportionatel inclined towards vogourous interaction in class. In adult continuing education this is less of a concern, of course.

    Accademia is increasingly feminized to such a point they are reproductively becoming less relevant. And the woman, who have driven men in horror from these gynociums(sp?) are in dispair over shortage of appropriate men for dating. Welcome to The Matriarchy, ladies and gentlemen.

    And say hello to the finace officer who needs YOUR money to finance these feminized re-education camps.

  • AZ Cowboy

    I applied for a college teaching job several years ago. I had lots of experience, had been an adjunct faculty member for some time, had great evaluations and a masters in math. I will never forget, nor forgive what the hiring administrator said: “I would love for you to teach here, but you have two things going against you – you’re white and you’re male.”

    • The Saint

      You should have sued.

    • Edward Warren

      The DNC apparently refuses to hire cisgendered white males now for tech positions. They say they have enough.

  • Melchizedek

    At the end of the day, whether a particulate group gets treated fairly and with respect or not depends on its members willingness to stand up for themselves. The fact that progressives, including the leaders of the Democrat Party, discriminate against white men is undoubtedly a factor in the election of Donald Trump. If Trump doesn’t turn things around for them, then white men are going to have to find other means of being heard and and treated fairly and, if they don’t, it is on them.

  • Tom Constantanople

    What color is this pig? She should be sent to the streets. Like in being fired. Pathetic.

  • BG60093

    It is time to replace professors and teachers with robots. That should be doable within 10 years. See: https://qz.Com/1105509/deepminds-new-alphago-zero-artificial-intelligence-is-ready-for-more-than-board-games/

  • Liberalism_Bites

    Stop sending your kids to these idiot institutions! Just stop, bankrupt them if they are incapable of acting like mature adults.

  • Does it infringe?

    This is what the founding fathers wanted America to become. A diverse, multicultural society that hates white people is the best thing for America. Things will continue to get better as white slowly become a minority.

  • Northwest_Raised

    The schoolags: no place for white men.

    Congrats on further dividing us, Smart Folks. The backlash will be yours.

    • Masseur

      “schoolags” Perfect description. Perfect.

  • dont_bring_me_down

    To think that liberals used to be associated with intellectualism…

  • Bob X from Texas

    Any form of racism is evil.
    This includes inclusion, diversity and Affirmative Action.

  • elcal

    As someone who would appear to be well educated this foolish hypocrite is propagating the racism and discrimination she thinks she is combating. Get out, you have no business teaching young minds and are an embarrassment to the teaching profession.

  • Red Feather

    I’m not sure how “progressives” minds work. They choose white males as a last resort because they are “privileged”. Clearly, it’s the minorities and women that are privileged given they are chosen first. This is nothing more than brown shirts or ANTIFA tactics. Silence and marginalize those you don’t like

  • Timea

    I do the same thing but in reverse when I hire new graduates. The adversity that white males face make them better employees.

  • David Gardner

    Waste of money for everyone involved. Diplomas from these schools are not worth the paper they are printed on.

  • Nad Navlis

    Since they admit doing this, a lawsuit should end quickly.

  • targetdestroyed01

    Recommendation to parents: Do not send your children to the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Lincoln Stern

    For eight years the Obama doctrine included punishing people who were successful through higher taxation. And now it’s common practice at universities around the country to essentially punish white people for being smarter. How the hell is this “progressive”?.

  • James Spruyt

    It is time for White Christian Males to start our own colleges once again. Yale, Harvard and all the formerly great Universities were started by White Christian Males. Letting in Christian heretics was the beginning of the end of these Universities. It is time to start over.

    • Grab_a_root

      Hillsdale College.

  • Masseur

    I heard some people say that this is yet another reason to scope-lock libtardsAndMembers of the turdHerd (anythingBrown).

  • Rick Morrow

    It is discrimination based on race and sex and has no business in our universities. Some form of this crap has been going on since the 1970s. It is just now coming to light. I remember a professor who gave As to the girls and graduates in a summer course for essays that were due daily. If he didn’t like your essay, he would give it back to you and tell you to re-write it. By the end of the course, one of the male students had to turn in 9 essays daily. I wrote the best essays in the class and ended up getting a C for the course. I read many of the graduate student’s essays and they didn’t seem to understand the material. I was the best student in the class, but it was not reflected in my grade.

  • Ryan Hayton

    The cure for racism is racism. I don’t really think getting called on in class matters at all. I just depend on how many times you raise your hand, know the answer or understand the topic enough to contribute. The people of color should be more concerned because the teacher is so racist that they would treat you different because of your appearance.

    • Dan Ros

      The gentrification of rascism as a teaching tool, becomes disgusting and corrupt. How far do you take it, to the grading, to the graduation, to subjecting smart people to living in a ghetto? Sorry, but Karl Marx is dead, and Mao is now a capitalist.

  • wxman

    The reasoning behind this prejudicial behavior is glaringly obvious. They don’t want to call on those students who are the smartest and always have the right answer. After all, it hurts the self esteem of those she likes to call on, and we can’t have that!

  • Grab_a_root

    If a group is “marginalized”, there’s usually a damn good reason. And, if you have a “History Month”, it’s because your history is irrelevant or sucks.

  • john c.

    College is a fake environment anyway. Those White people just need to bide their time, get a STEM degree, and leave those Ghetto rats in the dust after they graduate.

  • Dan Ros

    This mongrel teacher “assistant” is a blatant racist, and should be banned from teaching. Instead, this article discusses the focus on color of skin, as some sort of priority badge in the classroom. Rascism is not new, but our University system is teaching “how” to be a racist. Welcome online schooling.

  • Younis Mourabi

    You are an idiot if you think your tuition dollars are being well spent.

  • paevo

    Racist black b****…..

    • Dan Ros

      It is what it is.

  • Liberals hate white men. But they cannot do it without us. They hate that fact even more.

  • Farth

    One thing that can be said is, and this will blow feminist’s minds, that the White Men have traditional manners and ‘allow’ the ‘ladies’ to go first. And, when i say ‘ladies’ it is used in the military sense.

    • Masseur


  • Adam Branson

    I guess they want other people to try and get the question right before the white guy answers correctly. For one thing, for a white kid to actually be able to get into those schools (with Affirmative Action and quotas) they have to be PERFECT.

  • wldtrv

    and now we know what is wrong with our colleges and Universities and eventually our country. Its called reverse discrimination and its as evil as any other discrimination. Teachers teach students, then the students become teachers and this sexist and racist practice becomes norm.

  • LibsRinfants

    Seems like university employees aren’t grasping the dynamic here, which is the customer; the student, is paying for a product; knowledge, which is the product offered for sale by the college. Maybe a boycott of liberal schools is the solution.

  • James

    This effort by the postmodern Neo marxists has actually been since the 19 50s and 60s. It has just been in the last 10 years that the social and political climate in the United States has allowed these social progressives 2 be able to openly pursue their goal, which is the overthrow of the US government, to be replaced by them of course.

  • AHooligan

    It’s okay to be a white cis gendered male

  • Torque

    So, to help one group of marginalized students, you marginalize another. Brilliant strategy, if your goal is a race to the bottom.

    • Chris King

      the essence of “affirmative” action.

  • C.C. Hiliner

    is one of those feel-good, virtual signaling words that the left loves to throw
    around. Along with tolerance, inclusiveness, and sustainability. Words which
    make the person using them feel good, functioning as stirrups to keep them
    firmly perched atop their moral high horse. Diversity refers not to a variety
    of ideas, as any conservative speaker trying to deliver a lecture on a college
    campus can attest, but instead to identity markers of skin color, race,
    ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, traits which most Americans see through
    without discrimination, but the Left always needs villains. Therefore, the
    wretched white male is the Devil, he is to be punished, scrutinized and made to
    feel at the very least, a necessary evil. Women and people of color are
    elevated to a more “noble” position, and showered with accolades, but not for
    their benefit as they might think, but to provide the college elitist faculty
    and administration with assuaged egos and their own technicolor robes of
    self-righteousness. Personal achievement and talent is ignored, all that
    matters to them is to be able to say “we’re inclusive, please don’t hate us”.

  • ancientemplar

    may she be infested with the flies of a 1000 camels.

    • Masseur

      Allahu akbar!

  • Sincerita1

    On the flip side no greater compliment can be given to the white males except that perhaps they should be in a more accelerated class with more equal competition.

  • Czarina

    Seems to me, letting the dopes speak first is an education in itself. Why do these teachers get paid so much money for this garbage?

  • gigene

    I was born in 1940. I came from a broken home, my mother work at a hospital and was allowed to bring home some of the food that was going to be thrown out. When I was 18, I got a job unloading box cars and trucks for 9 years. At the same time I drove cab part time after work , 3 and 4 times a week. Getting 4 or 5 hours sleep on those nights. I eventually worked as a bus driver for 35 years.
    What a wonderful job that was….
    Anyway could anyone explain to me what my “White” privilege was or where it went?
    Nobody owed me anything. What I acquired I earned. It’s the American way …. if you want something Work for it.

    • Masseur

      And to all those who choose to NOT assimilate (they know who they are): if you want to eat, you work; If you want to work, you speak English.

  • Chris King

    It’s a nice perk for teachers… they won’t be challenged by go-getter students in front of class as often.

  • Jim Tucker

    Buy a business or home with your college fund. Don’t ever spend your money where you are not welcome, whether it is a gay couple at a Christian bakery or a heterosexual white male at most colleges, don’t give a dime to those that hate you.

  • MacCane

    Such BS should never be allowed in any classroom. Bigoted, racist, divisve teachers heading classrooms and administrators all protected by teacher’s unions trying to create this culture to divide and conquer. Kick the admins and teachers out of the classrooms. In universities it’s the socialist, tenured instructors creating the atmosphere. Wake UP!

  • CharlieFromPA

    >”…speaking priority is given to minority voices while those deemed as having privilege must wait their turn.”
    White boy don’ get no turn. Soun’ lak white boy don’ got no privlij.

    • Masseur

      BlackGurl bleedA lot.

  • TRAD

    My spouse is Asian, and she notes the most discriminated group in the US appears to be white men. She says women act like they are above men in general. Other male ethnic groups target white men. The whole education establishment from kindergarten through the university seems to be aligned to do this with males, whereas when I was growing up it was largely limited to K-6. This will not be allowed to continue on forever. It is inevitable there will be a recoil to this situation. The good thing here is IQ is not dependent on education. High IQ will overcome much adversity.

    • Fnu Winarto

      I think you are correct on this one. I am Asian and I find that both Asians and Caucasians tend to be targeted more. Merit is almost gone out the window. I used to discuss this many times with my ex-girlfriend (ex for a reason). She thought that her being caucasian has to yield to another person who is less privileged (that’s when I just had enough…).

      I honestly think that this is just going to go wider and wider as a net to better performing students. Look at the former lawsuit I think this is going to go class warfare conditions. Think “privileged groups”… your “intelligentsia” groups. Once they realized that this is not going where they want, they’ll start going after people that actually put in the effort and make them “equalize” the playing field… Maybe this is classic bolshevik tactics being unveiled.

      • TRAD

        I think you may be right. In Texas they used to use the BEST Test to screen unemployed for cognitive skills. The percentages were presented like they were across the board percentages. In reality they were racially stratified. The Asians, who are generally the brightest ended up being the most penalized, then the whites. The test was later litigated away. People are not equal in skills or abilities. That is a fact that cannot be covered over by preferences. The average IQ of physicists are about 170, this is a phenomenal IQ if that quote is true? Either you have it or you don’t as the type of thinking involved in it is such that only a few people can make it. If you cannot think in that realm, rewarding you with a position for the sake of equality is insane.

  • Kradke

    Anybody think that will ever reverse itself? Nah. Me neither, unfortunately, UNLESS people stop paying for it.

  • MrWorldCitizen1

    “progressive stack” other words that mean “racist.” But since it is racist against white males, I guess it can’t be real racism?

  • Ron Mexico

    All white students including the girls should get up and walk out. F this women and her liberal racism!

  • Tobyf1

    Isn’t Title IX supposed to prevent discrimination on the basis of gender. It is telling that the quoted faculty have no problem whatsoever admitting they discriminate on the basis of gender. Hypocrisy incarnate.

    • CharlieFromPA

      But they’re not discriminating. As they teach and are taught in their white privilege seminars, they are simply giving others a chance. Because there was slavery in the US upon its founding, a student of color today cannot get equal opportunities and equal freedoms and equal rights. What happened in the middle, the continuous march toward freedoms and rights and recognitions, well, none of that matters. That we have/had people of color in high-ranking positions in state and local governments all over the country is irrelevant. That we have/had people of color at high positions in all three branches of federal government is not relevant. That we had a President of color for two terms is not relevant.

    • MrSnuggles2k2

      No its meant to make sure women arent discriminated against.

      White men are second class citizens.

      • Rowenna

        It is widely acknowledged by the left that a conservative woman is not a ‘real’ woman. A conservative black person is not a ‘real’ black person. A conservative gay person is not a ‘real’ gay person… etc.

        White men may be at the bottom but white women are only one step up… and the difference between the two disappears if they are conservative.

  • Doug Day

    Remember, only whites and yellows have established successful, thriving cultures and economies…the browns and blacks lag far, far behind.

    • Masseur

      Yup, the turdHerd (my affectionate term for the brownSmear) is good for one thing: fertilizer. Bury ’em deep!

  • BlakeSDavis

    The people doing this are all Democrats. Think about that next time you go in the voting booth.

    Democrats are complete hypocrites – they preach tolerance, but are anything but tolerant, they claim to be open minded, but are in fact narrow minded racists, they claim to be democratic in outlook but are fascists to the bone.


    Why is this racist black female dog still allowed to teach? She should be fired, and arrested!

    • CharlieFromPA

      She has academic freedom, and, as a black professional woman on a university payroll, she has super-equality – she is more equal than the rest of us and enjoys a higher status.

      • Burke Murphy


        • CharlieFromPA

          1. a prefix occurring originally in loanwords from Latin, with the basic meaning “above, beyond.”

    • Edward Warren

      Are you kidding me? Never will happen.

  • citizen-unpc

    So now aren’t white men being marginalized? A new protected class?

    • Immatellnu

      Not protected… targeted.

  • That

    Racism is alive and well in the US. It’s known by many names, including Liberalism and Political Correctness. It is spread mainly through our educational systems at all levels, and has run amok in higher education.

  • elcal

    This and many other “progressive” teachers don’t want to be upstaged or challenged by the brighter students.

  • nicolasofcusa

    Like a supply-demand graph, the cost of earning degrees has risen greatly while the value to employers of those degrees has declined. A tipping point will be reached when a large and influential employer swears off any consideration of degrees. It will not be worthwhile to spend several years and big money on irrelevant and politically tinged curricula. Instead, it will be increasingly important to learn and demonstrate specific, useful knowledge.

    • Burke Murphy

      I believe we hit that point about 10-20 years ago

  • Wm Layer

    The instructor should be fired for racism and the institution sued.

  • Founders1791

    Any teacher admitting to such bigotry should be fired with cause and the students in those classes should file suits against the school for their “diminished education” at the hands of racist faculty.

    Nothing like a $100 million civil rights law suit to get their minds right!

  • Immatellnu

    Start sueing these criminals for civil rights violations.

  • RudyRight

    Honestly, you can’t even get mad about this stuff anymore — it’s insanity, yes, but nothing is going to change it as long as the left continues to control the education system.

    So, what you *can* do … you can stop supporting any and all institutions that support discriminatory behavior. Yes, it may require some sacrifice, but meaningful activism usually does. Change schools, change jobs, do whatever you have to do to walk away from discriminatory entities, and take your financial support with you.

    If a school has a ton of liberal professors that pull this kind of crazy stuff, then walk away. Let them see enrollment drop, let them see demographics change more to their liking, and see how that works it. And it may work out fine, I’m not saying white men are the basis for a school’s success. But, again, just walk away, let them have their stuff, and go bolster the ones that are more reasonable and fair.

    And, after all, if a teacher has this kind of mindset, you probably weren’t actually going to learn anything useful anyway.

  • Masseur

    No taxation without representation!

  • Terry Johnson

    This is racism and bigotry at it’s finest. Parents learn what is happening to your children in schools. Hold the teachers and administrators accountable.

  • Patrick Burton

    This is Marxism. Using Class warfare to divide the populous.

  • MrSnuggles2k2

    Wake up white people, all this “justice, fairness, and equality” is a one way street. We are already halfway to living in a society where whites are second or third class citizens.

  • Marcus Welby

    The progressive stack lol. At least we have a name for it now. You straight white males go to the back of the bus.

    Oh and apparently most jobs at left leaning organizations are unavailable to you too.


  • fsnuffer

    So do these professors realize that they are employees who are paid to instruct using dollars these young men paid via tuition?

  • Judi Mahoney

    Guess when prof wants a fast correct response he calls on whitey

  • jwclark

    The practice goes back to when I was a student in the 70’s where even students practiced it in group discussions letting their white male classmates know that their participation was suspect. They were of course emboldened in this behavior by the first wave of lesbian professors and other early “Progressives.”
    Jay Warren Clark, San Diego State University, retired

  • Chester

    In the end, you cannot keep people down. Determined and talented people will make it. But it is good to shine the light on these “educators”.

  • yewzernayme

    At least she recognizes that white males have all the answers.

  • Sir Knight

    Time to leave the school.

  • Waldo

    My son’s experience also points to stacking at the admissions phase as well! YWM with excellent grades, certifications and Pharmacy College Admission Test (grade -1 from perfect score) and still cannot find a school that will accept him!

  • Ecclesiastes 10.2

    It’s all about the dumbing down of America (and the world) – Started with all the special set asides, entitlements, racial quotas, grade altering, etc. for minorities. We live in an Orwellian world now until the Lord takes us out which should be soon

  • YesBob

    This occurs in English, history, philosophy, sociology, and other classes where the teacher can ask a completely subjective question and then allow some liberal to give some off the wall, innocuous self-righteous response to make the teacher find meaning in the teacher’s floundering life. It does not occur in math or science classes where there is an actual real objective answer, unless the teacher decides to pose some type of social justice or environmental hypothetical in an attempt to marginalize conservative thinkers.

    • Rowenna

      Even the sciences are becoming increasingly politicised, they are not immune. Take a look at the textbooks and topics taught in schools now for science.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Then the scene faded from color to black and white while the camera swung 180 degrees, stopping on a medium shot of a short man with black hair in a perfectly tailored Kuppenheimer suit. A lit Chesterfield smoldered in his right hand as he addressed the camera in deep sonorous tones that belied his lack of height:

    “Submitted for your approval, an excursion to a world where students have been reduced to the role of guinea pigs in bizarre social engineering experiments and indoctrination programs the likes of which have not been seen since the darkest days of the Third Reich and the Soviet Union, and conducted by faculty and administrators barely capable of basic pet care. The school bell’s ringing and it’s time to proceed to your assigned lecture hall because classes are about to begin at the University of The Twilight Zone.”

  • Bigg Bunyon

    Like I told my daughter when she faced a similar situation, “Just do the work and finish the course. The instructor will never be more than what he is right now, but you will eventually graduate and leave him behind”. And that’s exactly what happened. She graduated a year later and now has a great husband, a nice home, a son and step son and a job she loves. Sometimes you have to walk through the garbage to get to your goal, but keep walking and just do as Kris Kristofferson says and don’t let the b-t.a.r.d.s. get you down.

  • Robert

    Wait til these morons get into the real world and their bosses base their worth on how valuable they are to their company and not the color of their skin, their gender or their mental illness (i.e. trannies).

    • Tim_Parker_999

      Have you ever tried firing a black person? It’s nearly impossible.

      • Robert

        I fired a black guy once……After one month, he sucked at his job and was a real loser…..



  • TruckinMack

    SUE! White Males in her classroom and at that university are racially and sexually discriminating against the students. There is an officially sanctioned hostile teaching environment. SUE!

  • Gabriel Powers

    SO she’s admitting freely that she’s racist. I figured as much.

  • redant23

    I am thinking only a two year degree for my two sons and learn a skill or trade (certification), because 4 or more years in one of these libtard swamps can wreck ones brain and potentionally give them at least a touch of the disease called Lieralism. Federal money should be pulled from the discriminatory schools now.

  • Boston Blackie

    White students should, by all means, boycott her classes; and, if the University of Penn takes no action against her, then boycott the university as well!

  • dv Vaughn

    ahahahaha be cool with me, always hated being called on in school.

    makes class a breeze. justice

  • Tommywantwingi

    Go to heII all of you stupid racist azzholes. Your so called inclusion meets the real definition of racism. My twins are Juniors in high school looking at colleges. Very few places that a white person can go anymore..You are the real basket of despicables.. anti male, anti white, anti Christian, anti America, anti common sense, honor…

  • Trevor Sedis

    Leave it to feminists and BLM (Bowel Loose Movementeers) to be control freaks…dictating how others are to look, act, feel, and think. In their reeducation camps, they rigorously prepare their prisoners for a non-existent world, one where risk-averse females discover that, having ducked making first-moves romantically, they don’t negotiate well.

    “If women ran the world” we’d have Ma Maos running/ruining things.

  • Spock

    The parents of these kids have to share the blame. They send their kids to these Libtard run state schools. The congress is also culpable for not removing funding from schools that promote bald faced racism and bigotry. Record these Liberals and shame them on social media then obtain good legal counsel and sue the entire school.

  • CharlieFromPA

    Looks like white students and white male students need to find another class.

  • sosorryononame

    Kinda would transfer if subjected to this? They can keep all the no pay kids.

  • CharlieFromPA

    What kinds of grades do white male students get in that instructor’s classes? Compared to the rest of the class?

  • DWarren

    Radical, alt-Left, anti-American, socialist, Progressive Democrat, political operative masquerading as college administrators and faculty members regularly display the stupidity and self-contradictory nature of their loony post-modern deconstructionist anti-intellectualism. Their tack is Orwellian immersion in which they conflate hard Left indoctrination with actual education. They extol subjective self-identification and decry objective reality. They exorcise “hate” by teaching “hate.” They fight racism by being racist. They oppose sexism by becoming rabidly sexist. They attack discrimination by discriminating. They pursue the ignis fatuus of egalitarianism by enshrining inequality. They demonstrate daily that any unlearned person can be dumb, but real bona fide stupidity requires spending time with avant guard radical hard Left loons pretending to be faculty in a college classroom.


    They still “allow” white male students in college? Surely that is nearing an end too. Funny, when Ethnic Europeans speak about forming their own institutions and nations – we are “racist bigot natzees,” yet, when we are excluded, beaten and attacked for daring raise our voices and voting for candidates who we support – well that is Social Justice and Progressive.

    The message is clear and has not changed, although the wording has : KILL WHITEY

  • Sloan

    I have never, and will never, knowingly hire a liberal.

  • Tom

    When they cry for money to keep there doors open . Tell them to ask white people last for money. White people/ people that do not use color as a excuse
    Stop giving your money to racist bigots on the left

  • Tim_Parker_999

    She’s discriminating, biased & a racist. That doesn’t sound very progressive to me. I would definitely not sign up for her classes.

  • Feldwebel Schultz

    Racism by Progressives. What a shock. /S

  • Rocketman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

    Racism – all it is.

  • NumeroUno

    All part of the Obama derangement culture of bias, hate and bigotry

  • OldTiger

    So the instructor has to go through all the minorities before getting to a white male who can provide correct answers? Hmmm………

    • Rising


  • Rising

    Right, because looking at individuals based on the quality of their character would just…….make sense. But this isn’t about making sense. This is about progressive segregation. Because leftists are racists.
    Dr. King would be ashamed, like the rest of us.

  • James Green

    To Liberal professors,
    If you have to hide what you’re doing then you already know it’s wrong…

    Just saying.

  • GMan

    Another example of the epidemic of low quality professors operating in reputable institutions that are given license to inject their personal biases, resulting in overt discrimination where the school’s reflex is to rationalize a new form of institutionalized discrimination in order to save face for doing something abhorrently anti-scholarly and anti-intellectual… in essence, creating an environment that is the antithesis of what college is supposed to be all about.

    Firstly, stick with STEM degrees. If you’re in a STEM program this is a “diversity” class, so drop it and take something else. STEM professors and students tend to favor learning results, not social engineering nonsense and couldn’t care less about sexism, racism, or any other social engineering ‘ism’.
    Secondly, this is one of the many reasons why I favor well run discussion boards. A lecture should be a one way conferring of information with occasional pauses to answer questions.

    A question posed to any class should be something every student should have the time and opportunity to provide a thoughtful response IN WRITING, rather than the old fashioned rush to the buzzer dynamic that traditional classrooms dynamics devolve into.

  • Promptjock

    I agree with Izula’s “thread”. “White” students of both TRADITIONAL sexes should immediately stop considering “mainstream” colleges/universities and opt for Less Well-Known CONSERVATIVE institutions (i.e., Hillsdale).

    “White” students of both TRADITIONAL sexes who are CURRENTLY attending “mainstream” colleges/universities should immediately TRANSFER their enrollment to an aforementioned CONSERVATIVE institution.

    In both cases, “mainstream” colleges/universities will be denied monies for Liberal “propagandizing, indoctrination and brainwashing” and those students will get a MUCH BETTER (i.e., “well-rounded”) education, better equipping them for Life After College.

  • ChangeThis

    Goofy McKellop’s worthless Gobbledygook Stew recipe for student debt. https://goo.gl/M2hShL

  • Nickie Benzing

    Racism delusion is a disorder having the appearance of low-grade mass hysteria. It’s a protective delusion to avoid truth, and facilitates controlling the context of political discussion. A very effective weapon of the Left, it is extremely harmful to those who are the alleged victims. Our Black community has been decimated by it and robs our nation of their strengths.

  • Jack in Ga

    If students are being ignored due to their skin color then it’s time to remove their tuition from that school and go find schools that will not be racist in their teaching..

  • Justin Credible

    Of course, white males are called on last… how else will they get the right answer?

  • NSA Drone

    No wonder we have college campus shootings. Now I know the one I will read about.

  • kirok2002

    Perfect! Just sit there and know that you have not a chance in the world of being called on. Just skate the course with flying colors.

    • OldTiger

      That may not be wise. Who and how will tests be graded?

  • NotAFacebookUser

    How is this not racism?

  • Tim_Parker_999

    When I was in college I wouldn’t sign up for any courses taught by blacks. I knew they would be biased & racist. Contrary to popular opinion, black people can be racist, too.

    • 2summer4

      We’re seeing it every day. Since Obama, the community agitator, they’re shoving it down our throats.
      Where would they be without us. Think: Africa and abject poverty with murderous dictators. Don’t let it happen here.

  • tickyul

    Most college is a waste of time and money. You forget and/or don’t use 95+% of what you learn at those liberal-brainwashing-centers.

    For most people, a very focused and quality trade-school is much more bang for your buck.

    • OldTiger

      Yes, our tradesmen are important and often operate small businesses that employ so many of our workers. College is not for all. It is a place to learn how to learn, and really needed for some professions.

      • tickyul

        A college-degree is mainly a filter for employers…..in theory, it helps them weed-out the dumbest from their selection-pool. Sure, some people need a college educations……but it is a LOT less than are going to college. You can very much “learn how to learn” by going into a trade-related field like electronics-technician or welding………you need schooling, but it is much more focused, without all the BS that you don’t use and will promptly forget.

  • Snapperman

    ‘those deemed as having privilege must wait their turn’…..Small wonder POC are so uncivil.

  • Jedd McHead

    Some people think “white privilege” is getting a pass because you’re white — this is true for only a minority of white people (who have money or connections). For the rest of us, life is a grind like it is for anyone else. If “white privilege” was true across the board there would be no poor white people, no white people in prison and no minority would ever taste success.

    In my opinion, “white privilege” is knowing that if you don’t achieve a goal (receive an award, get a job you interviewed for, etc.) that it’s because you didn’t try hard enough, made a mistake somewhere along the way or in some way need to improve yourself in order to succeed in the future.

    Conversely, minorities will NEVER know if the award they received, the job they got, etc., was because they actually EARNED it or if it was handed to them because of their ethnicity or the color of their skin (out of “pity”, like getting a “participation award”). They will NEVER know, for sure, if they could actually fairly compete with white people and succeed.

    That’s “white privilege” — the opportunity to fail and learn from the experience. Minorities are deprived of this “privilege” by Liberals who ultimately see minorities as inferior to white people (the “soft racism of lowered expectations”) and through “white guilt legislation” (like “affirmative action”) Liberals deprive minorities of the ability to test their true limits. You can’t truly relish a victory if you haven’t had to fail along the way — and Liberals don’t ever want that to happen. Liberals want to keep minorities “in their place”, forever beholden to a “benevolent government” that will care for (“own”) them from the cradle to the grave.

    • Burke Murphy

      All the homeless I see are mostly white.

      • Jedd McHead

        Yep, and the majority of people on welfare are white (raw numbers). The country is majority white so that makes sense. Per capita numbers, on the other hand, tell a very different story.

  • Hussey

    The entire concept wreaks of hypocrisy and discrimination. How do they not see this? America….. going down the drain.

  • Atruewinner

    Well. It is a free country. Choose different schools or professors. If these dumb ones don’t want to hear from superior white males then it is their loss.

    • 2summer4

      They want to dumb down the future plantation (Democrat) voters. White males are innately able to think for themselves and they’re too much competition – especially for the “professors.”

  • somebodysomewhere

    Also, the black students sit in the front of the college classrooms to the exclusion of the “other” students. It’s selfish and vengeful.

  • I am spending 60K a year for a teacher to treat my child as a second class citizen?

    • TreeHugger74


  • James Green

    The “progressive stack” is not just used to make sure white men are called upon less. It’s also used as a containment strategy to minimize the possibility that that liberal classroom discussions are challenge since conservative counterpoints are more likely to be raised by white males.

    Also, I dealt with it in college and I found that the best way to get around it is to make the instructor want to call on you. I was always very animated when I would shake my head, laugh quietly or roll my eyes and facepalm. But seldom would I raise my hand. It made the instructors uncomfortable because I made sure other students saw it as well. The teacher and the acolytes didn’t like it and would want to “get you” so they’d start the dialog and I’d make sure to toss a match at the tinder by saying right up front that I think it’s nonsense. The teachers and students would go crazy but that’s how I’d manipulate them into talking about my point for the next 10 minutes or so.

  • Tyler Durden

    White males should just attend high end preps schools. Let the libtards continue with the pointless sjw agenda with the dumbasses.

  • Danny Pope

    Stay away from Texas State in San Marcos, Tx. if you’re conservative, Catholic, White or Female. So glad my white, Catholic, Summa Cum Laude female child graduates this December. Having to deal with Snowflakes after the 2016 elections we were concerned for her safety with those leftist LBGTFAG, atheist, non white non American students that attend these colleges now.

  • Steven Soleri

    If not for Western Culture, civilization would be thrown back to the dark ages and yet we should apologize for that? Read a few books concentrating on that era before answering.

    • Observer_wi

      Or thrown back to where they were around 1500 A.D. That’s when Western culture began to surpass Chinese and Indian power centers.

  • Rowbear

    UC Berkeley grad here, given its conduct around free speech issues and those above, I have decided to never give a penny and ignore all their requests.

  • Observer_wi

    The irony is we seem to have a society where everyone is miserable . If we favor this group or that group in small ways over those ‘traditional power holding individuals’ (white guys) and it just pisses them off even more.

    Everyone is angry as a result.

  • Dude,WhoStoleMyPresident?

    Alumni stop giving money.

    Feds end all funding for this marxist garbage.

  • equalizer294

    We knew this was happening but now it’s all right out in front.
    Academia has been corrupted by Hate filled Leftists who in their own minds are “Inclusive” and “tolerant”.
    when in REALITY they are the most Intolerant in the world.
    This is a result of 40 years of “Liberal Social Engineering”
    We need to “Take our Country back” from the left, Progressive, Uber-Socialists. IE: Communists. Before we lose this wonderful land and we can all enjoy the wonders of Socialism. See :Venezuela

  • Rikki Tch Tch

    There is a reason that young white male students are not called upon for answers in these snowflake liberal progressive universities.
    Traditionally they are the only students that have the correct answers.
    Despite 50 years of leftist intervention in our education system, the left’s minions still cannot compete with normal white male students. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

    • Observer_wi

      Asian students?

      • Rikki Tch Tch

        Quite right. I applaud the effort the Asian Americans make towards family life and a good education.

        • 2summer4

          They too are discriminated against at some “institutions of higher learning.” Pitiful.

        • Fnu Winarto

          You can address us as Americans :). Our persuasion just happen to be Asian.

          • Rikki Tch Tch

            My mistake. I’m so used to the Democrat liberal progressive’s labeling all Americans with white, black’ latino or Asian that I sometimes forget that we are all just Americans. Lets hope that some day we can be that way again.

          • BlaBlaWA

            I pray for that day as well, brother.

  • Curmudgeon10

    I just adore liberals! Their cure for discrimination — real, imagined, whatever — is Always MORE discrimination.

  • adm

    Unalloyed racists

  • rkoen

    Students investigate your colleges carefully! A college that prevents free speech, is built on racism against ANY race, or allows students to run the school is not a place to get an education-and certainly not worth the $$$$$ tuition. Be smart–look for an open-minded school!!

  • LynchaLib

    The White dudes can debate her. That’s a problem. The others are just sheep….Black Sheep

  • janger

    Discrimination is a baaaad thing! Unless, of course, it pertains to white males. White males have no voice, no representation, no privilege, and no priority in this abhorrent, PC society we are forced to live in! The communism of academia rears it’s ugly head…every day! While we look the other way and…accept it!


    With this kind of attitude, why would any white parents pay for their son or daughter to go to such a racist school? What sane student would want to go there? If there Federal fund supporting this school, because of these racist attitudes from the staff, the school should be cut off from public dollars!

    • FL_Stingray

      They should also hang up when the alumni fund calls for donations

  • FL_Stingray

    I love it how libs see the solution to discrimination is more discrimination.
    It is so sad to see how far universities have backpedaled.
    I guess the next step for white male students is to have to sit in the back row

  • Pro_sanity

    Seems ok to me. Professors should start off with those who wouldn’t know the answers and go round-robin until the end then get to the smart students who know the answers. So let’s not overreact here …

  • Fallout Boy!

    Hot tar, cold feathers.

  • LynchaLib

    Like anything, The Dollar speaks the loudest. Whether the NFL or these so-called institutions of “Higher Learning” start losing $$, they will change.

    If I were a parent of a student at this college, I would stop paying (if they are) tuition. No donations etc. If a 100 parents did that, they would get the point.

  • Quidquid

    Favoring those with mediocre intellects over those with superior ones does not benefit anyone, including those that are only admitted due to social classes that are favored by Marxists. Group intelligence is not additive, i.e., the consensus of one hundred fools does not elevate the quality of discourse to that of a genius.

  • BillyBobx

    It’s not our fault that these classless, brainless blivets don’t know the answer.

  • Daniel

    All Gov funds to these colleges need to be stopped. They are a hotbed for racism that is actually being taught and practice using tax payers money. Most white people don’t speak up because they are being taught not to or told not to. Let these leftist preach to us that racism is ok and can be used when it is against white people. Sooner or later these white people are going to stop being afraid to fight back. If I were a student in one of the classes this prof. taught, graduated or not, I would seek financial compensation (reparations:) from the University and I would have a civil case against her.

    The only way this will stop is when the money stops flowing in. There is no doubt that the university supports this, it is actually designed and practice according to these leftist.

    If my daughter ever comes home and tells me this is going on, watch for me on the news. Why aren’t the parents of these students standing up for their own children?

  • letmepicyou

    Wake up to the fact college is a SCAM. You pay $400 for a book, then $20,000 to have some douche bag tell you what chapter to read in it and test you on it. News flash – YOU DON’T NEED TO SPEND THE $20,000! Buy the $400 book, screw their classes, demand the right to take the final. Stop supporting the idiotic notion that paying someone to instruct you is the equivalent of being educated.

    • Pro_sanity

      ” … paying someone to ‘instruct’ you … .” Instruct? Did you mean “brainwash?”

    • Edward Warren

      In maybe 30 years brick and mortar higher education will be dead. There will be companies that will be churning out videos covering every topic under the sun that people can either buy à la carte or as part of a table d’hôte degree program if you need a piece of paper. That probably already exists to a great degree, but we seem to have a need the accompanying baby sitting services.

  • Mr. Joe

    You could stick all the white men in caves and they’d carve out a world, build and make technology, and make it more successful than the one on the outside. Such envy and jealousy to which I say kiss my ass, you should be appreciating all we have done and do. Pretending we’re not the superior race and gender on the planet doesn’t change that we’re the superior race and gender on the planet and let me tell you, it’s nice being A-Number one, top of the heap, cream of the crop. I earned it.

  • disqus_VuylvlbZ5g

    dont forget parents most of you are paying for this hogwash

  • cyberdove

    She’s not evil at all. She simply wants to hear all the wrong answers first.

  • ken long

    the progressive stack is institutionalized racism, and therefore is an essential and traditional method of ensuring that those with power remain in power. How else would progressives get to maintain their power in academia? certainly not on the basis of the quality of their arguments

  • Edward Warren

    You can see where this all comes from:

    The Democratic National Committee recently told job recruiters not to send them any cisgendered white male applicants. I am not making this up.

    Isn’t their chairman a cisgendered privileged white male?

    The Democrats: Fighting against discrimination since they were mostly KKK members.

  • thebeerczar

    How is this not racist?

  • JackisBack

    Most educators are communists

  • Joe_MaMa

    It’s good to save the correct answer for last…

  • artihrig

    Does progressive stack mean that White Males get lower grades?

    • Fnu Winarto

      Nah, it’ll be all high performers regardless of race or sex. We’ll be forced to chip our points in to “equalize”.

  • Nave Toiler

    This is nothing new. White males have been discriminated against (legally and illegally) heavily since the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It’s the reason White males are minorities in colleges. In the last decade, this hateful discrimination has ramped up in corporations and throughout all business and public entities.

    To effect this communist transformation, the merit system was completely abolished. That is why we now find ourselves in the midst of a thoroughgoing intellectual bankruptcy in America.

  • jafo, First Order Brigand

    the first rule of progressive stack club is…you dont talk about progressive stack club…

  • Boodrow Malone

    The parents paying for this nonsense need to go college shopping for real and put their kids where they get an education not this PC bovine feces.

  • Jonathan

    This is sick. I assume you should be able to sue for this. This identity politics is corrupting all institutions now. One day when society looks back to this period people in the future will be scratching their heads wondering how people could have been so stupid.

  • GlennBillings

    I’m not a racist and I don’t like any discrimination of any kind, but
    if they are going to ignore the white students and not treat them fairly,
    then the white students should show up in KKK robes and hoods
    I doubt that will get their attention.

  • Matthew

    The definition of Teacher and professor clearly has changed…..

  • UteDB

    Hypocrite, race-baiting, fascist libs. Any parent that gives any of these ‘universities’ one dime is a complete fool.

  • Good.

    The more these subhumans are instructed by, and then become, ignorant buffoons; the more my children – with their engineering and medical degrees – will be in positions of wealth and limited competition.

    Life is hard, it’s even harder when you’re stupid.

  • Disco Obama

    Sue her. This anti-white bs is going to end, one way or the other. This is a civil rights issue.

  • Mhu Cao

    Filthy racists come in all colors and education levels — even the Ivy League. Revolt against the racists!

  • IceStar

    Absolutely disgusting.

    Personally, I like to have the LAST word, and I am a woman.

    Since college is about learning shouldn’t everyone be equal in that environment?

    Especially is they are actually paying for the education.

  • 3eyedjohnny

    Vote with your $$$ people. Yes, most are stacked with rather large endowments but empty desks in classrooms actually send a message. According to the NYT, freshmen enrollment at the U of Missouri is down 35% since issues in 2015. Doesn’t take long for things to change and it’s difficult to recover.
    We were very selective about where we would spend our $$$ and snowflake empowering cesspools were not even considered.

  • Large Basket

    disgusting! but this also happens on the k-12 level. the goal is to keep white males down and in the shadows for perceived advantage. absolutely disgusting!

  • Aces Up in Reno

    Seems to me that if the instructors are doing this freely with Q&A then they probably doing it with grades.
    Putting the whites up to a higher standard and giving them lower grades.

  • K. E.

    So the way to solve ‘inequity’ from the past is to use discriminatory tactics? This is so ridiculous and should be called out every single time one of these losers attempts stuff like this.

  • Defiant

    Colleges are FARCICAL! LOL! When you stack the professorial deck with Liberal-Progressive activists…this absurdity is what you get!

  • Marcus Welby

    Women have higher college completion rates than males.

    Who again is the marginalized vulnerable population?

    • caved1ver

      But women dominate the less academically rigorous soft science curriculums- men still dominate the STEM disciplines. This is a fact that the social engineers CAN’T STAND.

  • Mune Shadowe

    Parents please pull your children from these communist manifesto garbage schools of filth please.

  • Wrongway

    So now the marginalized have to prepare to go first? As a heterosexual white male this gives me the privilege of hearing others responses while giving me time to adapt my statements or prepare rebuttals. Thanks for helping me stay one step in front of the competition, so to speak.

  • Arminius

    Whatever will the snowflake women and minorities first gang do if they enter business where the value of the speech trumps your color or your sexual equipment, or the value of your stock tanks.

  • Pete

    How is this not racism?

  • X88B88

    Leftists are racists.

  • Greggore

    Nice method of teaching your students. I’m sure some of your students will share this information to others, like Firemen who will most likely leave teaching assistants last to come out of a burning building.

  • Mickawber

    Sounds like another libtard traitor. I hope a pack of her favs catches her alone in a back Filthadelphia alley and they have their way with her.

  • Golden Rule

    Stacked deck works against straight males in certain classroom settings too.

  • sleeperd

    Why any white male would want to pay good money to set foot on most of these campuses is a complete mystery to me.
    Like hollywood and the demokkkrat party, these taxpayer supported hotbeds of hate will eventually sink into their own PC slime.

  • Personmed Ansikte

    Took a class called “The Consumer Society” which was supposedly a critique of Capitalism. Turned out it was just a middle-aged Sociology prof who had run up massive amounts of debt and structured an entire class around the excuses she made for her unwillingness to own that debt. Day after day it was: all debt should be forgiven, college should be free, credit cards trick people, predatory lenders, “it’s wrong to tell people to take responsibility for the choices they make” (and that’s an actual quote from her), and other such nonsense. She once told the class how happy she would be to die and pass her student loan debt off onto the taxpayers–unconcerned that several in the class were taxpayers.

    At least that explained why Economics 101 wasn’t a prerequisite for the course.

    • sleeperd

      “..college should be free,..”
      I wholeheartedly agree..! It’s time these useless slugs like this professor be indentured to work for free…. then the taxpayers would finally be getting their money’s worth.

  • Edward Warren

    Not new. My son and daughter had the same teacher in grade school back in the 80s. The teacher treated them differently. She openly favored girls over boys. The children all knew it and it effected their behavior. My son up until that point loved school. The teacher innocently thought she was helping girls and probably did not realize she was hurting boys. I am sure it was not political choice on the teacher’s part.

    • caved1ver

      She was likely an “Education” major- 80% of whom are female. Education majors also have the lowest average SAT/ACT scores of any of the designated “professions”.

    • Bragi

      Public schools have been created by women for girls. This is nowhere more in evidence than in the K-12 reading lists which are stuffed full of “chic lit” and books featuring straight, white, manly men in adventureous settings are all but banned. I can remember being forced to read “Silas Marner”, truely awful “chic lit’ written by a woman with a man’s name.

  • Andy

    Called on last because none of the other students could answer the questions.

  • BobBoogie007

    Equality? Not on the campus. Discrimination is used to fight discrimination. Two wrongs make it right?

  • rightyb

    dont give them any money. let them become califronia. just hateful social justice charity cases can go there and the school can use their investments to pay for it since none of the antifas pay tuition. hell…they dont even have good enough grades to get in! hate whitey is so in! bet thats a social justice hire? what are her credentials? being a black woman? thats all you need to be to take the white guys spot!

  • David Ivey

    This is what systematic institutionalized racism actually looks like. Professors who discriminate against straight white male students because of their sexual orientation, race, and gender. Admission into college where SAT scores and grades are weighted so that certain preferred minorities (Asians need no apply) get preferential treatment. Affirmative action plans were minorities are hired and also promoted over non-minorities for government jobs and even Fortune 500 jobs even when the minority is less qualified. Not to mention, the unofficial leftist discrimination in hiring as recently reveal in the DNC notice that white men shouldn’t be hired for DNC tech positions. Lastly, a white person who dares to speak out is condemned as a white supremacists.

  • Lance

    Wasting their money….

  • nfinityman

    Just another form of institutionalized racism using code words. If you’re a white male in today’s world you have a huge burden to carry. Not only do you get sent to the back of the bus, now you’re guilty of any and every act of discrimination that’s ever happened. Anywhere. Let the facts be damned.

  • Publius

    Why would any male of European descent would want to go to a class or a college for that matter if they were going to be treated as inferiors. College administrators better wake up or their institutions will become segregated institutions.

  • kogk1943

    Anyone surprised? Just MORE neo-liberal, alt-left fascist BS. NOTHING new or surprising here.

  • Bragi

    It is virtually certain that professors who engage in progressive stacking in classroom discussions also engage in progressive grading. In subjective courses, such as most of the liberal arts, the favored minority students will be held to lower standards than heterosexual white males.

  • Domin8er

    We will just start another top line school and you idiot progressives can ruin yourselves. It won’t take long. The only thing you losers invented was begging for help.

  • John R

    sue the bastards

  • Better to let the others show their ignorance.

  • CaOC221

    The left is right. Racism lives strong in America. Perhaps rather than glaring at Alt-Right exclusively, they should look at those behind or surrounding them as well. I always thought Dr. King had it right with the goal of a nation where people are judged by the content of their character, rather than color of their skin. That does not appear to be the goal of the alt-left or alt-right, including apparently our universities.


    Take your money else where. But lets be honest, white males don’t need to ask questions in a class that this idiot is a part of. I’m sure the white guys that are taking this remedial class are sleeping through it and still have the highest grades.

  • caved1ver

    Speaking as a graduate-level STEM professor at a top 25 university, the ongoing marginalization and discrimination against whites in general and white males in particular is UNSUSTAINABLE.

    Not so ironically, ALL of my “problem children” happen to be minorities.

    • Joel

      What is stem?

      • thomaswood

        Science, tech, engineering and math.

  • Joel

    It brings up the obvious question, what man would attend a “conference on transnational feminism” or allow himself to be treated that way, my guess is you have a room full of beta males who probably wear lipstick and nail polish and well as womens underwear.

  • Haer

    This has BEEN going on, it happened repeatedly to my son in 3rd grade elementary school. Not to mention school class poster projects where they were NOT allowed to choose anyone white. Choices only were, Black, Indian or Hispanic “heroes”. It happened twice. The result? I realized early enough the my sons would NEVER ACTUALLY learn anything in a public school. Our family chose to home school. I now have raised 3 nice young GENTLEMEN, by the way could out test ANY public school brain washed kid!

    • Joel

      You are displaying real parenting skills, good job.

    • I sent my kids to a private school and drove a used car.

  • Jeff Wolvert

    So is she really saying minority students are inferior and need special advantages?

    • NormanRockwellAmerican

      They only got in via affirmative action, and now they are ruining the colleges.

  • Wreckedem

    Combatting faux racism with real racism.

  • downton

    If the americans don’t take education away from government, we’ll keep right on growing more stupid by the day. As it is, Americans are intent upon a socialist, even communist future. Extreme ignorance and stupidity plus leftist indoctrination are taking us to a Venezuela-like state. Just one or two more national elections away from that.

  • mike223

    Wow Being white is a minority. Sue the school for racism.

  • Steve O

    The discrimination against students for being while males is nothing compared to the discrimination leveled against conservatives on the faculty or in the administration.

  • Joel

    As a white male I would never attend a class like that or argue with them as they display their stupidity because all that will happen is you will sink to their level and they will beat you with their experience.

  • eristiclogos

    My professors usually called on whoever was sleeping or distracted.

  • Mark Russo

    Call her employer and demand they fire her

  • Dawn McColm

    This will only stop when students start recording their classes and suing.

  • Joel

    Don’t worry folks because as white people in general allow themselves to become a MINORITY in their own country the behavior that is directed towards white men will also come to include all WHITE PEOPLE MALE AND FEMALE, if you think this will not happen just allow yourselves to become a minority and watch what happens.

  • StoicAbSpartan

    In any group setting where progressive stacking takes place and straight white males are present, there is one question that demands to be asked. What did these particular straight white males do to be singled out to be last? Group think at its ugliest!

  • Larry Dickman

    Guess what? White males are only going to college to get drunk and get laid.


    Well, get drunk anyway.

    • Mark Russo

      And blacks are going to rape?

      • NormanRockwellAmerican

        Blacks are going with the hope they can get into the NFL or the NBA.

    • OldOllie

      The only white males who are still going to college are the ones who are only going to college to drink and get laid.

      There, I fixed for you.

      • Larry Dickman

        Thank you for the correction.

  • OldOllie

    …and they wonder why male college attendance is plummeting.

  • FranklinPattison

    I really don’t understand why any white people would want to go to a school like this. You would think that if the school does nothing about it the white people would just take their business elsewhere.

  • Bothen

    It is really hard to understand Progressives teaching students things that they profess to fight against every day, racism, intolerance, anger and hatred. There needs to be a hard look taken at the indoctrination process they use on campuses.

  • Jim Dandy

    Calling it “waiting your turn” is just another deceitful statement by a lib. I wonder if she has any sons that she didn’t abort, how they feel being so “privileged?”

  • usocrazzy

    Liberalism is a mental disorder… Please help find a cure…

    • OldOllie

      The first step is to recognize it as a mental disorder and have its sufferers adjudicated as incompetent and ineligible to vote.

    • Randall

      Springfield has a cure…. Smith & Wesson has a cure…. Ruger has a cure….

      • OldOllie

        Yeah, but if we take that route, who’s going to clean the toilets?

        • Randall

          there will always be someone to take their place with a brush….

  • Academia is a festering caucasiopobic, heterophobic wasteland. It’s the 2nd swamp that so desperately needs to be drained.

    • OldOllie

      We’re forced to fund the government swamp. We have a choice when it comes to the academic swamp.

  • fourscoreandseven

    I saw this happen routinely in the late 90s and it is just getting worse, now 20 years later. EVEN the “white tenured professors” seem to dislike, dishonor, disregard, disparage, disdain and even HATE white males!

    Yes, I said something ONCE, in a political science class (it was SO obvious); the professor turned on me for “trying to imply he was unfair,” and then mocked them for “needing a woman” to protect them. Parents MUST speak out!

  • Mark Petts

    I consider myself to be rather liberal, but treating people differently based on race or sex, no matter who it is, is flat out wrong.

    • Frank M

      Guess you’re not as liberal as you thought you were.

    • StoicAbSpartan

      Welcome to our world of being declared racist, homophobic, sexist, ablest scumbags merely for being straight white males who can grasp concepts beyond 8th grade level.

  • Randall

    Toss a cocktail into her car and watch it burn…. isn’t that the Leftist way now…. If something happens and you don’t like it, fire bomb their property?… disrupt the class until the police show up…. use their tactics against them…

  • USDOJ Civil rights division. Give them a call and demand justice.

    Telephone Number for the General Public
    (202) 514-4609

  • OldUSCGRD2

    “progressive stack” — Liberal approved discrimination.

  • ConnieF85

    The New Fascism. From the Left.

    • OldOllie

      Fasçism has always been from the Left.

      “We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions.”
      – Adolf Hitler, 1927

      • ConnieF85

        I know. But try getting millennials to understand that.

  • canoe39

    Our colleges and universities have been lowering their standards for years for war, gender and race reasons. They are now just four more years of high school.

  • StoicAbSpartan

    Discrimination is discrimination is discrimination no matter who is being discriminated against and no matter who is doing the discriminating. It is as wrong now as those doing the current discrimination maintain it was in the past.

  • Frank M

    The war on whitey is in full swing.

  • Mark Russo

    Whites need to start fighting back.

    Any white males who were in that class need to threaten a lawsuit or have their grades adjusted upward.

    • No. Keep your mouth shut. Scope their habits. Shove them down a stairway and make it seem like an accident.

  • Jason

    These dens of progressive haters need to have class action law suits filed against them by every white male that attended. Sue them into bankruptcy.

  • gardenstateed

    Some people are just more equal than others. We get it.

    • OldOllie

      Liberal pigs.

  • Heenan

    Maybe instead of an apple, the white guys could start leaving racist boxes of Corn Pops on these teachers’ desks.

    • Frank M


  • AR15

    She’s white,,,, what a disgrace!

    • Frank M

      And a man hater.

      • AR15

        She’s probably a member of BLM and Black Panthers?
        One thing for sure, she is an idiot, this much we do know.

  • Do the world a favor. Keep an eye on your leftist college professor and shove them down a stairway when nobody is looking.

  • George Bell

    Professors feel totally justified in such practices, all in the name of “equity”.

  • Roberto Willars

    It’s a sad time to be of European decent, a Caucasian, a straight white male, etc… By today’s standards, you will always come in last, you will always be racist, fascist, a white supremacist, a white nationalist, and any other “ist” you can add to the long laundry list of complaints that male & female Negroids, male & female people of color, male & female LGBTQQQers, and horribly misguided Caucasians put on you. These College Professors using the “Progressive Stack” silence an entire viewpoint that they predetermine to be moot, and in doing so they’re lulling the classroom into a ignorant trance that views the world as “us” against “them”. If this is happening at the collegiate level, then you know it’s going on in classrooms K-12 as well. It all has ties to the terrorist BLM (Black Liberation Militia) and their “check your White Privilege” shaming campaign against Caucasians.

  • Meme Thompson

    When my children still lived at home, we ate dinner together every evening at the dinner table. It was a great time to find out about their day, as well as, discuss social, political, or religious issues. I chose the topic for that evening’s conversation and had the children give their opinions. I would always start with the youngest child and work my way up to the oldest. This provided the youngest child with confidence that he had something meaningful to contribute to the conversation. In turn it placed pressure on the older children, to come up with a more intellectually mature response than the prior/younger sibling. My point being, maybe the “white, male students” are the intellectually mature ones in this professors classroom and she is trying to encourage more participation from the less intellectually mature “minorities”. Similar to the dinner table, if the older children went first, then the youngest child always felt he didn’t have much to contribute to the conversation and refused to provide a response.

    • Critical Thinker

      Discrimination is discrimination.

    • TreeHugger74

      …that is why we made the ‘littlekiddie’ table.

  • Deplora Bull

    Is sex discrimination not illegal? Are we paying government employees to promote one race or gender’s speech while muzzling another group’s? The education system has been completely taken over by subversives, and the justice system as well as our politicians have been completely converted to paid saps, incapable of doing their duty.

  • Frank M

    Hating someone for a physical attribute they have and they cannot change, is insane.

  • johnleehooker

    IF ANY of these “graduates” are EVER in charge of ANYTHING more complicated than a McD’s driver through window WE’RE ALL SCREWED.

  • Frank M

    There’s nothing liberal about these creeps, they’re subversives.

  • johnleehooker

    It is rapidly becoming unnecessary to know HOW TO THINK…now, only need to know WHAT TO THINK

  • Frank M

    What happened to “judge a man by the content of his character and not by the color of his skin”?

  • Bureau of Censorship

    The Left’s obsession with race and gender is…demonic.

  • Mark James

    The Barbarians have breeched the Walls – we are in serious trouble…..

  • Richard M.

    It’s ok to be White.

  • Minority Privelege

    Somehow (((they))) are ignoring the smell of shekels from a discrimination lawsuit but wont be able to keep doing that just as soon as SOMEONE FILES A COMPLAINT

  • Done With It

    White male students should sue their universities for equal treatment. They are paying customers and getting screwed.

  • Minority Privelege

    Civil war when?

    You Whites fed up with global communism yet?

  • TroyGale

    Well, I guess they are called upon last because the first called upon can’t answer the question.
    Okay, that was my sarcasm on the subject.
    Folks in our nation had better wake up. Their own children are being set against them, from grade school to University. That Cancer is working its way into Business as well. Either do something or sit back and watch the fall of your Nation. It’s up to you.
    Send your kids to the Military first. Once they learn about reality, let them go to College.

  • Grintsum

    What kind of college education are these people getting when the students who don’t want to participate in the classroom discussion are forced to be the first ones to speak? I’ve had those kind of students in my classes. They haven’t studied the lesson so they don’t have an informed opinion on the topic. Sometimes they take a nap in class, even with the instructor standing only feet away from them. When called upon to answer a question, they will shrug and say “I don’t know.” Then at the end of the semester they fully expect a passing grade because they “usually” came to class.

    Online instruction has become a much better method to obtain a college degree. You don’t have to put up with racially biased instructors or tolerate the presence of desultory students. You just concentrate on learning the material with none of the distractions or discomfort of a brick-and-mortar school.

  • Violence is golden

    Identity politics 101…

  • trajan2448

    Anti white racism us the hallmark of little minds, which is the result of the dumbing down of undergraduates to the point where international corporations won’t hire Americans with less than a masters.

  • jnsesq

    Sure. Saving the correct answer for last.

  • Bill Thrower

    and the democrat race baiting hate continues.

  • FLWoman

    Is she such a jealous, ugly, feminist knowing everything she uses on a daily basis, including the founding of the school she assists at, were created by white European men?

    Talk about biting the hand that feeds her.

  • RobinsonCrusoe

    Those lifelike female robots can’t come soon enough.

  • AR15

    Think of the money you could save by NOT sending your kids to these schools.
    Better YET,, think of your kids you will save by NOT sending them to these schools !

  • stevefernandez661

    [email protected]
    Send her a email, of what you think!


    This will never end as long as liberals have this feeling of guilt pounded into them by other liberals who feel they should feel guilty for being prosperous. They hate their parents for being successful and for not being ashamed for it. Rebelling against parents is as old as anything else but hating them for sacrificing everything so their children can have a better life is now a cause of that hate. How in the world did these Snowflakes get this way is a testament to our Socialist educational system. Look at the Soviet Union and all the other Eastern Bloc countries that preach everything but the state is wrong and needs to be destroyed or confiscated.
    These uninformed kids have been told for so long being successful is racist they actually believe anyone that prospers because of hard work is evil. Everything should be equal no matter how much blood, sweat, and tears one puts into something it has to be given to the deadbeats as well. Look at the mentality of Obama, “You didn’t make that you didn’t invent that”. That is the mentality of the left. This day and age being white alone is a reason for being branded a racist. This woman needs a big dose of reality. if she thinks this will get her a few gold stars in the outside world I would love to be there when she has to find a job in the real world.

  • Guido Sarmiento

    The left is correct, there WILL be a revolution. But, that revolution will be led by white people who are repeatedly getting screwed by minorities, Affirmative Action, and liberals. To hell with “diversity”, best qualified gets the job!!

  • Ho Jo

    I bet she grades papers based on the progressive stack too


    And the worst part of all this is the fact that they don’t see the inequity in this behavior. It’s all about power to be sure.

  • disqus_dRGrKClqBz

    How often are they ‘progressive stacking’ the grades as well?

  • libsrnazi

    Nice to see her honestly admit that she’s a racist bigot, (literal definition).

  • becida

    It’s just racism. Nothing really new.

  • CRyan

    Monty Python once lampooned Robin Hood (Roger Moore) who stole from the privileged to give to the poor (albeit lupines), noting that by the end of the sketch the privileged BECAME the poor. “Blimey! this redistribution of wealth is trickier than I thought!” said Roger Moore “Blimey! these white males are actually now the oppressed!” Say I.

  • Barb

    The new racism publicly accepted by racist universities. What’s next, back of the bus, or no seat on the bus at all.

  • JustSomeGuy

    Of course. Call on the ‘diversity admits’ first; let them have their say; then, call on the SWM who had to earn his way into college for the correct answer.
    I see no issue, here.

  • Dan

    Makes sense, get the questions of the idiots in the class first.

  • Night Fishing

    These are the true racists !!!

  • IbSnooker

    There are no ‘open discussion sessions’ in engineering dynamics, differential equations, physical chemistry, advanced computer systems architecture, biochemistry, Bayesian statistics, fluid dynamics…etc. Just sayin’…

  • I.D.Servesit

    When they finally run out of wrong answers they ask the white guys for the correct one!

    • Night Fishing

      And for welfare

  • Night Fishing

    Who gives a F*** about skin color.
    Only Retarded Racists with small appendages
    Do !!!

    • Daniel Haney

      Known as LIBERALS.

  • CRyan

    “I only call on white males as a last resort.” … Errr That would be when nobody else can give the correct answer?

  • Night Fishing

    I would have flipped her the middle finger if she said that to me.

    God made me white. If you dont like it, I dare you to stand before him and take it up with him !!!

  • bikeromany

    Just another example of how women (and minorities) need to be protected and sheltered as the fragile creatures the liberals think they are. When it comes to liberals, don’t listen to what they say, look at what they do. They don’t believe women or minorities can survive on their own, but must have the patronage and protection of their “betters”, the liberal elite. Equality means standing on your own, and speaking up without hindrance or preference. Not a factor in the liberal belief system.

  • Night Fishing


  • docscience

    Once again, the wisdom of allowing idiots and ideologues to run education is called into question. These leftist indoctrinators will succeed in destroying the next generation if allowed to continue.

  • Neal DoubleAA

    Don’t worry, they will be called first for jobs and promotions- the class room doesn’t mean anything.

  • צדקיה עמיחי

    Just another example of how there can never be equality with liberals running the show. They will perpetuate the victim class forever as it advances their other agendas.

  • Night Fishing

    I wonder how many generations of welfare it took to produce this kind of person

  • Hildy_K

    So many twisted mentalities.

  • Robert Lee

    The Left has infected education in this country to the point of no return.

    I completed an online degree at UCLA Extension this year. The day after the election, I logged on to the system to work on my assignments and their welcome message was a long, meaningless anti-Trump rant.

    And that was for online courses. I don’t want to imagine how it must have been on campus.

  • kamenetz

    The most rancid part of the sewer swamp are the indoctrination camps, formerly known as schools and universities. This where some of the most dire drainage needs to occur. Both of my former LIBTURD universities attended 25 years ago, will get ZERO financial support or donations from me.

  • Robert Lee

    2+2=5 in progressive world because the second 2 self-identified as 3.

  • Joe in OH

    How many times in college did I hear an obviously unprepared and lazy student say, “I am really trying hard. I’m doing my best.” in hopes of getting a charity grade from a bleeding heart liberal professor who couldn’t even see the manipulation.

  • thebeerczar

    I am a cis gender white male, identifying as a black lesbian female, who Identifies as a straight latino hermaphrodite, who identifies as gay male muslim Labrador Retriever, who identifies as a cis gender white male…. Liberalism is a mental disorder

    • Joe in OH

      You just rose to the head of the class.

    • I’m a pre-op transgender lesbian cross-dresser. Think that one through!

      • thebeerczar

        I usually suggest to pre-op transgender lesbians to not get it chopped off, rather get a v-jayjay installed, that way they can literally go f*ck themselves. No offense.

        • If you sort through it, it means I’m a male attracted to females.

          • thebeerczar

            I suppose, I should be a member of your support group, as I am one as well.

          • I should have said, “I identify as a…”

  • That’s some oppression those “colored” people experience, getting picked first and given special treatment! Man, I wish I were as oppressed as they are.

  • Daniel Haney

    So understandable.
    The White people KNOW THE ANSWER so you wouldn’t want them to answer first.
    I really don’t understand how well educated Blacks are not furious over the education system.
    The “norming”, special extra credit, et al. would tell me they think I’m not as smart or capable as my white counterparts. Like they need extra help because they are inferior. I’d be PO’d if they tried it with me.

  • daviedave


  • daviedave

    The soft bigotry of lowered expectations.

    • Eric Hein

      Spot on!

  • chap

    I love how all of this is going to backfire. Those who are not people of color are just going to go to other conservative or christian colleges to get an education. These liberal schools are just going to sow seeds for disaster in the future. Look at the trend. There will be less young adults to educate in the next 20 years and more universities and colleges are going to get more desperate. Meanwhile they will have sown seeds of discrimination and the next generation is going to be loyal to their mom and dad’s alma mater which is today’s young adults. It’s all good. Many of those liberal institutions will just go out of business.

  • Cruelnunusual

    Another unqualified liberal loser turned loose at a university. She’s just an idiot, not knowledgeable about anything but liberal gibberish (“marriage history” and sociology lol).

  • PureAbsolute

    White people — stop complaining about the classroom — the problem is the school you are going to. Switch! These particular schools are declaring in your face that they don’t want you.. and yet you still attempt to go there. That formula adds up to them providing the worst education you can imagine.

    Having said that, if you must go to a class, and all that you are worried about is having your particular distinctions addressed, then form a study group and powow until you are straight on the subject. If information is still missing, then try going to the teacher after class. Lastly, do the research yourself. The teacher is there to provide the curriculum, and teach to it. But if you learn the curriculum on your own, you don’t need the teach.

    I’d give this advice to minority students who get marginalized also.. The fact that the tables have been irresponsibly flipped by the professor (or the school) doesn’t change this fact.

    Guys, make sure you tell your girls the same shtick — you may have made the bold decision to educate yourself differently (either somewhere else or through your personal groups), but you’ll get lonely fast if you don’t invite the women. They’ll appreciate the invite, and you’ll still feel part of society.

    Women, don’t worry — the men will follow.

  • Cruelnunusual

    Proud to be white.

  • Mike Klimek

    Federal money should equal federal prosecution in civil rights crimes. If universities are so open to discrimination, let the indictments and lawsuits fly.. Does not matter if it is discrimination against anyone, even if you are in the majority of the country. Let people be valued on his or her ability, not color or sex or anything.

  • Seerightthere!

    Like Civilization? Thank a White Man.

  • Michael Sarvis

    How absolutely foolish! Whatever happened to random?

  • Progressives don’t even aim for equality. In their eyes, you are your gender and your skin color.

  • Pfffffff

    “Goldberg” of course a jew does it and lies about it.

  • somehistorian

    Unfortunately, Now we know the meaning “Dark Ages”….Black Entitlement.

  • IbSnooker

    As a Chinese Martian, I’m assuming I’d never get called on at all.

  • Kevind0824

    Shear madness. The liberals are doing exactly what they supposedly abhor. Universities employing this type
    of teaching methodology should have their federal funds eliminated. The swamp
    also includes academia.

  • Dee Dee

    What an ignorant racist sexist fool. Why should my straight white son be penalized becasue of the color of his skin and his sexual preference? How about treating ALL students equally and just choosing randomly? I hope this biased freak never gets a job teaching in my state.

  • thanks comrade.

    U young whites r getting exploited and played by the communists. WAKE UP. ITS WAR!

  • Maximilian Carillo

    Can always count on liberals to push cultural marxism and divide us even further along race, gender, religious and whatever lines they can imagine and manufacture. Progressivism will meet its end and sooner than anyone has predicted.

  • Dammit

    What’s it costing a year to get screwed over by an Ivy League School?

  • Midnight_Dreary

    The device she is tweeting on, the car she is driving, the entirety of the infrastructure which she subsists on, Government, exploration, written languages, communications, engineering, architecture, technology, communications, even the textiles she wears, or that furnish her home, and 99% of all other inventions, (the entire construct of her entire world), exists because of men. Show a little gratitude!

  • agpb

    Alums, if you feel like contributing to “progressive” American universities, just give your money to Islamic State. That will be less damaging to our cherished American freedoms.


    You progressives should be aware that what you were doing is only inviting a backlash that will make the election of Someone Like Donald Trump look miniscule, reverse discrimination is nothing new, look at well how affirmative action worked out you end up promoting a bunch of dummies based upon their skin color

  • MJM

    Never forget my economics professor at an US university that I attended. Hardcore atheist and marxist/communist (even had a small picture, framed, on his desk of ole Karly Marx). Spewed out his propaganda nonstop while teaching us economics. Our classroom gave him a bit of a rough “ride” that semester. He stated that we were so ignorant, that we might NOT pass his class (i.e. threats, if you do not agree with him). Went to head of university, said nothing they could do, that the professor had tenure. I had a high “A”, curved ALL our grades down, so I ended up with low “B”. And I had the second highest grade in class!!!! Hated Marxist/liberals and leftists ever since!!!!

  • Gary Hanson

    In other words….now its:

    “The Dumbest People in the Room”

  • BVH D.C.

    How the hell is this thought to be okay? What have we become? What is happening to our great country and how will our young leaders survive in the future?

  • Jim himself

    White males will only become smarter, and stronger.

  • JustJoe

    In the real world things are a lot different…

  • Ignacious

    By marginalizing such males, making the university experience unpleasant, non-equal-op, will just ensure more disgruntled males available to fight against the sick revolution being ushered in by the PC, patho-illogicals.

  • RTW365

    Most of my professors were people who couldn’t get a job in corporate America!

    • Charlie_Zim

      Never met an economics professor that has successfully run a business.

      • Chris King

        3 of my econ profs are HUGELY successful. all 3 are also mathematicians though, so a unique flavor of economist.

  • erichwalker

    Martin Luther King must be spinning in his grave.

    How much longer until we see a “no whites” drinking fountain?

  • PJD1992

    The damage that politicizing the academic environment has done is so very apparent. The reality is that anyone using these “techniques” is almost certainly teaching a course that is utterly useless – if not actually counterproductive to achieving a real education. Cancel all gender, black, Latino, gay, queer, feminist idiot classes and put these moron teachers to work with a shovel digging ditches or else telemarketing. There is little to no chance that they are qualified for anything else.

  • MekongDelta69

    Those that CAN – DO.

    Those that CAN’T – Get teaching jobs in colleges.

  • Ram Firpo

    It’s a progressive stack of something, alright…

  • When a College creates a series of courses, called “Womens Studies” and “Ethnic Studies”… TO THE POINT you can get a DEGREE… for accepting that indoctrination,… WHY… would you assume anything else is going to happen?



    THE “COLLEGE” IS SAYING…. RACE AND GENDER MATTER…. SO…. their professors, having successfully matriculated that indoctrination, then go out and promulgate it’s objectives!

    The sickness isn’t in located in this Professor… it is in the system that indoctrinates people for political purposes, to political ends, THAT…. is where the sickness is currently enshrined!

    • spaniel

      These are for radicalizing impressionable minds, and are “bird courses”, to boot.

  • JT

    And the leftard indoctrination continues.

  • CaptTimBob

    As a Medium sized business owner in a major metropolitan area, in the last ten years we have had a tremendous need for skilled individuals for a variety of office and field positions. I just did a quick tally of the past 27 individuals we’ve hired here is what we’ve found. College educated Millennials from Ivy League to Community College grads were by far the most pathetic when it came to people skills, accountability, time management, just plain showing up for work five days in a row let alone showing up at the same time twice in one week. Had one young lady who seemed absolutely baffled why she was fired after 6 months when she missed18 days of work with vague excuses. Another young man we hired at ten dollars an hour more than he was making at his last job. Never could make it on time to save his ash, was MIA at least one day a week, he was good so we gave him three counseling sessions where his best excuse was he got caught up playing on line gaming at nite and lost track of time! Our best employees have been our veterans and skilled trades apprentices. And this company pays the best in the industry! After HR did an analysis our preferred employees are veterans regardless of race, color, creed, Community College students/interns/grads from small rural areas and skilled trade apprentices from various Union training programs and retirees wanting to work at temp positions. These colleges have reduced their graduates ten fold in our minds as to be even subpar to a guy we have who was a Subway manager. We now give all new hires a 120 probation period, usually the ones that can’t cut it reveal themselves within 30 days. Truly a sad situation but why waste your money and then have to deal with the incurred debt?

    • Waya Hedia

      “College educated Millennials from Ivy League to Community College grads
      were by far the most pathetic when it came to people skills,
      accountability, time management, just plain showing up for work five
      days in a row let alone showing up at the same time twice in one week.”

      My experience as well. It seems they were trained to think they’re entitled to the dream job and the one you are giving them is just a stepping stone, so they need not take it as seriously. I am someone who could never get to college and I always took every job, large or small, so seriously I probably neglected other things I should have been doing. From time to time I have found myself in a hiring position. I prefer those with less attitude and more fortitude.

  • JamesWH

    They are called last because there is no need to call anyone else after the correct answer is given.

  • Honest Abe

    These young men should just get used to the blatant discrimination against white males. We have been considered the sole problem of our society since the 1970’s.

  • DennisinWV

    Universities will eventually be called for their bigotry. There are plenty of SCOTUS and Federal Appeals court decisions from the 1960’s out there to set precedent.

    What goes around comes around.

    • Waya Hedia

      DOJ began taking the first steps toward that end.

  • morecotwo

    That’s racist. Is she fired yet?

  • Artfuldgr

    And just think, the kids thought the teacher was against them… no, the teacher dont care about you, so it cant be against you personally, its against your whole race as if everyone is an escaped nazi from germany…

  • spaniel

    Holy shit !
    I’m glad things weren’t like that when I studied Physics, at University.

    • Joe Adragna

      You can’t pull that sh1t off in physics. Physics is truth to its core. The answers in physics are the answers to the realities of the universe. No way to lie about those.

      • Dan Austin

        But one of the many problems the US has is that a high percentage of the students in science, math, and engineering classes are foreigners. Those majors are ‘too hard’ for American students.

        • Joe Adragna

          My daughter is a physics major. A senior at a US public university. She’s no smarter than anyone. She outworks everyone. She has a 3.8 cum GPA. We are white. German, Lithuanian ancestry.

          • akjim99

            “She outworks everyone.” The only rule one needs in life to succeed.

          • Joe Adragna


  • Tom Harris

    I’m glad I grew up in America when it was still 87% Caucasian. The rest were blacks. Diversity has destroyed the America I know, and what a wonderful culture it was, none of these silly precocious and putting down of whites like is going on these days. .

  • Sig Jung

    “Grandpa, why are they kneeling?”
    “They hate Whitey, Grandson.”
    “Grandpa, who is Whitey?”
    “You are, Grandson.”

  • Joe Adragna

    This happened to me (white male) at one of the University of Missouri campuses in 2000. I approached the English instructor after class regarding the issue. I was immediately shouted down by her (a white female) and told the class was geared towards minorities. I was also told my opinion was not relevant.

    • Paul Inouye

      I hope you reported her to the authorities on campus.

      • Joe Adragna

        No. I left after that semester and never went back. I found a better job within my company. I made well over 145k for the last ten years that I worked. I retired at age 45 in 2015.

  • Paul Inouye

    Reverse discrimination is equally wrong! It’s amazing what our kids are being “taught” in the classroom…and it has nothing to do with “education”.

  • Dan Austin

    “Progressive stacking” is just one of many indicators that the US is in decay. Fixing this one thing is like putting one bucket under one leak in an aging roof that has more and more leaks every time it rains.

  • Count_Yob

    Progressive stacking says it’s not okay to be a white male. It’s a form of bigotry against white males.

  • roasting

    not hot for teacher

  • NOYB

    At some point we just have to ban Leftism. Enough is enough.

    • Joe Adragna

      There is no need to ban it. It will implode on its own. See Venezuela, Soviet Union, Cuba, Cambodia, etc.,.

  • cazbit

    why is it these penis and skin color obsessed mentally ill people are allowed to claim it’s everyone else who has the problem and get away with that? Here’s a lady who admits if you have a penis and white skin she adjusts her behavior accordingly. The presence of a penis in the room dictates her behavior.. .that’s a serious problem. Maybe she should stop thinking about dick all the time. maybe if she got some she would? I don’t know, usually people obsess over things they lust after right?

    what do you want from me, I don’t know what makes crazy people tick. they run so much cover for their psychosis, what course does one have but to speculate? It’s obvious the presence penis on a low melanin individual or lack thereof triggers this lady, she admits it herself. What else could it be?

  • Bobserver

    And administrators in universities think this will raise the standard of students knowledge or critical thinking???

  • Robert Smith
  • uncommonview

    So how far are we going to let this veiled discrimination go? Are we really going to start being racist towards white people while claiming its to make minorities feel like they are being included? Included in being racist. I was born white. You can attribute whatever you’d like to that but it doesn’t change the fact that liberals progressive types are doing all they can to demonize whites. You can say it’s all for fairness and inclusiveness but really it’s veiled racism. You should all be ashamed of yourselfs.

    • Joe Adragna

      Yeah. But now the veil is off.

      • uncommonview

        Is it? According to the article it seems the left will continue waging a war on white men while continuing to hide it behind “inclusiveness”. They won’t come out and say we hate whites. But they will try to lump us all together to show our “privilege”.

  • RobertKaydoo

    I am loath to look to the government for solutions when the free market usually works just fine. However academia is anything but a free market. I wonder if the injustice of academia is another hot button issue that is just waiting for someone to step up and bring it to national attention just like Donald Trump did with immigration.

    • Joe Adragna

      Hope so.

  • cazbit

    “women and minorities go to the front of the line” is okay.. BUT, If I get out of my chair for a lady, If I open a door for a lady, If I say “women and children first” … I’m a sexist misogynist promoting toxic masculinity in a male dominated rape culture.. Sounds like Hollywood!

  • Reinhard

    We need segregated schools. One for whites and asians, another for all the rest, and watch the ensuing implosion of minorities in society.

  • Freedom

    Another left knuckle dragging idiot teacher……

  • blisterpeanuts

    I’m beginning to believe that there’s no place for leftists in a democratic society such as the United States. I’m not alone, either. Probably most if not all of the people who voted for Donald Trump feel the same way. These people should consider moving elsewhere, and take their toxic ideas with them. Venezuela beckons!

  • C. Tator

    Racist and sexist.
    Everyone should record this racism and sexism where ever they see it.
    We need to sue the institutions and relieve the instructors of their responsibilities.

  • Deep State • NSA • CIA • DC

    But they will tell you time and time again that white people have never been the victim of racism

    If, as a white male, you provide personal examples, they will scoff at you.

    Such is the cost of having “white privilege” I suppose…

    • Freedom

      Irish slaves by the English just sayin……

      • cazbit

        no doubt whisky drinking, potato peeling, shoe shining free- loaders! LOL. I love the irish, but I also like having fun with stereotypes, and outside of Italians the irish have the best.

        • Freedom

          Said like a proud Irish….:-) Maybe….:-)

          • cazbit

            I’m sicilian… we hate the irish… not sure why… but I gotta do it. I think we just hate everyone that isn’t sicilian that’s our problem. I would do something about it, but I’m do busy making spaghetti and catholic babies to put any effort into it.

          • Freedom

            Will here is a problem….:-) My Uncle was Sicilian….But me Irish….I tell ya it never stops….:-)

          • cazbit

            Your family gatherings must be AWESOME… that’s why sicilians can take any kind of abuse… nobody abuses you like your family. Abuse motivated by love… there’s nothing like it!

          • Freedom


      • Deep State • NSA • CIA • DC

        Scottish descendant from 1745 (Bonnie Prince Charles) exiled by the English – but Queen Elizabeth has never once answered my pleas for reparations…

        • cazbit

          LOL that’s so awesome…

          • Deep State • NSA • CIA • DC

            Not any suffering?

            Perhaps less suffering, perhaps because I worked hard, choosing not to rely on “white privilege” because there really wasn’t much of it available at H.R.

            Sad, I know…

    • “white privilege” is itself a racist notion and should be challenged as such at every opportunity.

  • cazbit

    Ask an argentinian how they feel about mexicans. Ask a Spaniard what they think about mexicans. Ask a mexican how they feel about black people. Ask a black guy how they feel about asians… Ask the japanese how they feel about the Chinese…Ask the Chinese how they feel about Taiwanese, They all [email protected]#$ing hate each other.. not me, “I can’t stand the Irish!” – Blazing Saddles LOL

    • Freedom

      So true…..:-)

  • Sam

    If you are white, male, straight and have applied to an Ivy with less than a 36 ACT, your chances are minimal. Then if you do get in you get treated like excreta for 60K a year, certain grade racism, and all by people whom profess worldly knowledge, but would have trouble changing a lightbulb if you spotted them 2 turns?

  • thomaswood

    Why is the concept of “color-blind” so difficult for Democrats?

    • kickballhead

      Racism is big business, dawg.

    • Sue Thomason

      What’s difficult for them is seeing any hypocrisy in their behavior.

      • Deep State • NSA • CIA • DC

        Being right (or left) means never having to say you’re sorry…

    • divide and conquer.

  • Sue Thomason

    I’m convinced journalism students choose that curriculum so they can spend a life time giving their opinions. Other choose something like engineering or the natural sciences so they can have a future or make a living.

    • Funkenstein✓Funk.ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ™

      Did you go to Trump U?

      • Sue Thomason

        Did you go to ANY U?

        • Funkenstein✓Funk.ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ™

          oh my, you really are dumb and immature

          • Sue Thomason

            And I noticed you never comment on the story and only comment to comments. That makes you a troll.

          • Funkenstein✓Funk.ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ™

            oh noes! get your big boy pants on and deal with your BS getting exposed.

    • Deep State • NSA • CIA • DC

      Well since they don’t (yet) offer degrees in prostitution, journalism is the next best thing…

  • Tom Harris

    Diversity now in America is open discrimination and animosity toward the children of the founders of this great Caucasian culture our ancestors built. I’ve noticed as the numbers of 3rd World people increases the greater too is the degree of discrimination toward whites and the more intense the discrimination becomes against the children of the founders of this Caucasian culture.

    • Deep State • NSA • CIA • DC

      “Affirmative Action”

      Because SOME discrimination is perfectly OK!

  • Tom Harris

    It’s almost as if non-whites are now deliberately hastening the day when their will no longer be any whites in America and their doing their best to make life as miserable for Caucasians as they can until they vanish from America completely and are no more. You see and read of this happening across America daily and see it on TV.

    • Funkenstein✓Funk.ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ™


      • Freedom

        Why Funkunfattel you just happen to drop by…..Well, howdy their partner……:-)

    • Unmutual One

      With a lot of help from their guilt-ridden, self-righteous white “allies.”

    • Deep State • NSA • CIA • DC

      “Well you kept us in chains for 300 years!”

      Implying for the next 300 years…

      (Actually said to me in 1979)

  • Bob

    As stated by her methods, she is a practicing racist and should be fired.

  • TalcumX

    Whatever happened to the concept of just treating each other the same?

    • Freedom


    • cazbit

      that’s why I have a general disdain for everyone, easy. I don’t really hate people, I’m just lazy.

      • TalcumX

        Well stated.

  • Funkenstein✓Funk.ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ™

    God forbid we make comments in a comment section. Huh, Sue boy?

    • Freedom

      A boy named Sue….Now there was a song….

  • Sue Thomason

    I took a liberal arts class in school for credit years ago. It worked just like this as described.

  • Captain Reynault

    Making the Leftist Echo Chamber even more echoey.

  • Ranger_Ric

    No worry, they will be hired first, work hard and be promoted and have successful careers.

    As opposed to the social justice warriors who will be shunned by any real company in the private sector.

    If we see a single class of liberal tripe on their scool records, their resume goes in the garbage can. Nobody wants a potential troublemaker, whiner or entitled crybaby liberal in their organization.

    • Sue Thomason

      Or an entitled millennial.

      • Funkenstein✓Funk.ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ™

        neat trolling!

      • Ranger_Ric

        We are very careful in weeding snowflakes out. I suspect many companies are these days.

  • Kangaroo Caucus

    Apparently it is now lawful to descriminate against whites

    • Deep State • NSA • CIA • DC

      It’s open season – it’s chic and it’s trendy. Notice white democrats just love to do it, ignorant to their own privilege

  • LysolMotorola


  • Sue Thomason

    It appears it would be impossible for a white male to get an A in this class.

  • Big Whiskey

    “Universities” are dinosaurs. Thank God for the information revolution. It is no longer necessary to pay thousands of dollars to sit in a cavernous classroom and listen to miserable leftists rant about their hatred of the United States. They are going the way of the 8-track tape, newspapers and television. Good riddance.

  • Bill Wheeler

    I’m so disappointed in young white males today. They are supporting this overt racism. Our universities have created an entire generation of spineless white male cuckolds.
    I hope the left enjoy this world they are creating. I have a feeling it will be far too late when they realize just what they’ve done.

    • Deep State • NSA • CIA • DC

      They are “useful idiots” and someday their “usefulness” will be be gone.

      They remind me so much of prisoners in totalitarian regimes forced to publicly confess to crimes theyve never committed…just before the firing squad

  • Elijah Ely

    sounds like online classes are the way to go! I went through most of my degrees online with no avatar picture and answering no race related identifiers–and guess what?
    I did fine. I put in the effort, did the work, and reaped the benefits.
    The fact that anyone is placed at the back of any sort of line, based on their looks/gender is, in a word, disgusting. Male/Female, Black/White–it doesn’t matter.
    If you are in a class–a place of learning to better yourself, you are all equally pursuing that knowledge and therefore should be equally treated.

  • David Gosselin

    This teacher’s aid must believe that the lesser intelligent should be allowed to answer first, stereo typing all non-whites and white females as such.

    It couldn’t possibly because of hatred of white males.


    These people are too damn stupid to realize that this exact teaching method is providing them with the racists / sexists they so very much despise.

  • Brad

    That’s funny. I take that as a compliment because they know the white male student is already smarter than the others, so no need to call on them. haha!

    • David Gosselin

      Testify. I must refrain from blurting out answers and let those who don’t know learn.

  • Turd Ferguson

    Owe oowe! Pick me pick me!!!

    Because they know the answer?

  • Joe Boltonn

    This practice wouldn’t be objectionable if it were based upon actual knowledge of the class members. Instead, the teacher discriminates based upon broad ethnic generalizations. An upscale immigrant student from India would be given class preference over a poor white student, as if the former had been oppressed by discrimination caused by the latter. This nonsense will continue, only because many whites are too frightened to be denounced as “racist” for Opposing discrimination. They need to stand up for themselves or get rolled over.

  • David Gosselin

    Courses Taught:

    Teaching Assistant:
    History of the American South to the Civil War (Fall 2016)
    The American South: From Civil War to Sunbelt (Spring 2017)
    Sinners, Sex, and Slaves: Race and Sex in Early America (Fall 2017)

    I suspect she teaches this syllabus with the usual Liberal misinformation, given her propensity for insulting white males.

  • Ralph Arsenton

    i stopped giving to my schools years ago. one gave a police chief a degree than was not fully earned which he used to get a position with a larger pd. the school pres “retired” at the same time. so much politics and greed at universities today…not even going there with sports

  • David Gosselin

    Useful subjects for a productive society?

    Research Interests:
    colonial and early republican North America; women’s history;
    history of sexuality and queerness; marriage and family history; social history; cultural history; race, gender, and the body

  • Crusaders

    As a clarification, by some unfortunate mistake these students end up in the zoo, not in the school

  • Caterina

    Straight up Racism. Fire these people!

  • Sue Thomason

    Sounds like an attempt to stifle dissenting view points. But that’s how Liberals roll isn’t it?

    • Justanaveragejoeinsc

      Liberalism is simply Fascism.

  • Bo

    So, let me get this right. Progressives believe it is okay to discriminate based on one’s immutable God-given characteristics? And, how do they get around the fact that EEOC law states quite clearly an individual designates their own race? This is just perpetuating the race wars that liberals thrive on. Sickening.

  • KMAN

    When I was in college, the only way around discrimination for we white males? Tutoring the groups discriminating against us.

    Cannot speak for anyone else, but, to my knowledge, we’re all doing better than they are now. I’m sure they found out the hard way.

  • cali_gula

    sounds like all the other students are idiots, and white males have to eventually give them all the correct answers. LOL. just like real life!

    • Justanaveragejoeinsc

      That is too often true.

  • Jim

    They think they see but they are really blind. All they know are groups. Not just color, but every imaginable way to define and categorize. Everyone to be put or placed into a group then face the rules they create for that group. A highly toxic environment that was created purposely for those most easily fooled into following along – higher education. A place where the ideology mutates into where we are and where someone wants us to go.

  • Helfyre

    This is who is teaching your children. RESIST

  • Anton Chigurh✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

    This is about humiliation. The specific aim of this is to demoralize and humiliate white males.

    Day of the Rope cannot come soon enough.

    • Chris King

      you know how this is going to turn out, don’t you?

      • Anton Chigurh✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

        Will you tell me?

        • Chris King

          I think you do [know]. So this is what I’ll offer – you bring me the money and I’ll let her go. Otherwise she’s accountable, same as you. That’s the best deal you’re gonna get. I won’t tell you you can save yourself, because you can’t.

          • Anton Chigurh✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

            LOL! well played, friend-o!

    • Philosopher Zero

      I actually understand your reference. And I couldn’t agree more.

  • Don Mei

    The phrase “Its OK to be white” is identical to “black lives matter”. They both affirm the value of a group without denouncing or degrading any other group.

    They are either both racist or neither is racist.

    • Chris King

      lots of that depends on personal belief and the actions behind a certain group… and the words that certain group has used in the past, when taken into context.

  • Tom Harris

    I wonder if most American blacks in colleges today even know or are taught that Africa is unique for being one of the only cultures in the world that never had a written language or that most Africans, approximately 99%, lived in huts when the first white men stepped foot in Africa. The other 1% lived in the bush. Tell that to a black student today in any American college and he will disown it as untrue.

  • Justanaveragejoeinsc

    That’s okay my fellow white males, in the real world outside phoney baloney academia you will be the winners always.

  • Freedom

    Hummm…..Didn’t we all live in trees…..It must have been the bright one who fell out of the tree first…..:-)


    Does grading also leave the male whites at the bottom? Here’s a thought: If all white contributions to human-kind was retroactively terminated, what would be gone…Auto’s, airplanes, space travel, medical/drug/dental/surgery/vaccines advances, internet, TV, all electronics, all electricity, air conditioning, and the list goes on and on and on!

    • Chris King

      the bell curve is designed/crafted very carefully these days, let’s just put it that way.

    • Justanaveragejoeinsc

      Nothing came out of Africa except slavery and violence.

  • Robert Fox

    Absolutely NOT shocking. Penn is now just a liberal indoctrination center where identity politics rule. The identity of the speaker, rather than his or her thoughts, are what matters. I’m a Penn grad and have stopped donating.

  • NYCParent

    These discussions of “marginalized” students and “privileging” and “stacking” are not only pernicious for their content, but they also betray the shallow, pseudo intellectualism that too often passes for academic work these days. Multisyllabic jargon is just jargon on stilts. Worse, inventing new “terms” for old words has more than a bit of larceny (plagiarism) to it.

    By “marginalized” do you really mean: People who feel insecure? A person reluctant to speak for any reason, who may also share an ancestry with some group once discriminated against? We will never know. But I suppose if the academics were required to speak in plain terms, it would only reflect the vagueness of their thought, or that there is no real thought at all except for some type of pejorative against whites males and/or Christians that for some unspecified reason has made someone x generations removed from some historical oppression reluctant to answer questions in class.

  • jackarm

    No point in trying to change the mind of these teachers. If you are a white male, go to school somewhere else where you are treated equally.


    Does grading also leave the male whites at the bottom? Here’s a thought: If all white contributions to human-kind was retroactively terminated, what would be gone…Auto’s, airplanes, space travel, medical/drug/dental/surgery/vaccines advances, internet, TV, all electronics, all electricity, air conditioning, and the list goes on and on and on and on and on!

  • MysteryMan

    They think they are helping … but what they are doing is making Whites an even more exclusive club, that will be even more likely to only work with other Whites, and who will gain even more power and control because they are being forced to work hand in hand with other Whites of their own status. Basically it creates a hidden “Country Club” of Whites.
    White people are not just going to give up and go away. They are not going to give away all their money. You isolate them, they will form an even more effective and powerful team, and they will return the favor by totally excluding minorities.
    If you mix a group of under achieving, and over achieving, you have a chance to reach a overall higher level for everyone. You isolate the over achieving and you end up with a wider gap and a group that has a vested interest in protecting their own position in society.

  • Bill Sims

    I remember the feminist female teachers I had to deal with. I was pretty mature and had no ego problems. I saw them for exactly what they were. Here is the part these short sighted idiots don’t understand. My experience was twenty years ago. Now, I run businesses that employ hundreds. I beat these women down and don’t promote them and it is because there are repercussions for mistreating young men that did nothing to you. And the good women that are fair and work hard to raise their families. Well, I treat them like family. They get the promotion and they get the time off they need. I can’t tell you how many times I have emailed HR after finding out an employee or their family member has been diagnosed with something. I tell them forget standard policy. Give them all the time they need and be sure to tell them they have a job waiting here.

  • Dell Richards

    Its racism…. plain & simple.

  • BikerBen

    You’re paying your tuition. If a professor is discriminating against you, take her to court. Sue her personally. In today’s world, there’s enough technology available to record whatever goes on in the classroom. With any luck, you’ll end up with the entirely of her personal wealth, especially if you’re fortunate enough to get an all white male jury..

  • Richie Rich

    Black racists are the worst racists.

  • Rich Betterman

    White men must be too intelligent for this non white blob of flesh. All this just shows me white men are smarter and more capable. It’s a fact now.


    I’m sure grades are stacked too!

  • Freedom

    The truth to all this is that no matter the decades of b.s. Jealousy on the left never stops……Life is so short……

  • Hood Ratt

    Pre-K through College are too left…

    • Chris King

      med school is just as bad.

  • I_phantom

    This marginalization of whites, in particular, males (unless gay), is typical and correct….politically correct.

  • Philosopher Zero

    I really have to say that I despise leftists. Pure and utter scum, they are.

  • greeneblitz

    Parents need to boycott these raciest and sexist schools, the Alumni need to stop all funding and responsible businesses need to boycott hiring from these colleges.

  • eseBoy

    This isn’t any different than racial admission quotas at colleges and other schools.

    It wasn’t that long ago that the term “reverse discrimination” was used to describe this type of illegal behavior.

  • MH27610

    Hollywood and schools… most kids have no chance

  • DWKeller

    Racism. Always ugly.

  • Elbert Colorado

    The students MUST get their education elsewhere. If whites are going to put up with it, it is their fault for letting things remain that way.

  • Leonidas I

    More feel-good hooey.

  • ZiggyStardust

    Some of these colleges will soon be going the way of the NFL as people express their dissatisfaction with the indoctrination, by taking their children/students and their money elsewhere.

  • Nopepsi 4 me

    It’s all so sad. Human nature hasn’t changed a bit. The only thing that has changed is which groups hold power, and which groups are treated poorly by those who hold power. The human race is sick.

  • Lets all go to Saudi Arabia

    Big education loves to make people stupider than they already are.

  • chris
  • Philosopher Zero

    Do these white males get a reduced tuition rate? If they want to provide them a diminished learning experience, the students should pay a diminished rate.

    The irony is that they’re probably paying full freight and subsidizing the minorities.

    • Chris King

      no probably about it.

  • Dr. Ew (JR )✝️✝️✝️

    This type of reverse racism, rather straightforward racism is making its way into the mainstream and as an older white male I’ve encountered it on several occasions this past year in customer service situations at major retailers and restaurants.
    I never fail to publucally humiliate those who choose to target me just as I never failed to call out those who practiced on others when I was younger.
    I didn’t tolerate racism then,and I won’t be abused by it now.

    Racism isn’t and has never been a collective issue but is an individual issue.
    One either is or is not.

  • Very Fake News

    Call on women first and no one else will get a turn after they spend the rest of the class yacking on and on about piffle.

  • Marty Coone

    The teacher is textbook definition of raciest and should be fired if not sued.

  • Grintsum

    It would be interesting to listen to the class discussions this female instructor is able to generate from her bias against white males. It sounds like she is trying to elicit the most ill-informed opinions upfront rather than a reasoned discussion of the assignment from which everyone can benefit.

    I can’t imagine the direction my class on aviation structures would have taken if the instructor had posed any of the discussion questions to the black female who was always napping on the front row. But I guess it was “racist” of me to notice that usually within five minutes of the start of the class she would lay her head down for a quick snooze before her next class.

  • lukeyellow46

    Leave. Go to a trade school. Then, go MGTOW.

  • Dickn52

    They have to go through all the wrong stuff before they get the right answer?

  • Holly Sigman

    Reverse discrimination. Why not go row to row who ever sits in front gets to ask the first question.

  • soahs

    Remember at the dawn of integration? Minorities were placed with whites in the hopes that the whites good grades would trickle down to the minorities? Looks like the opposite happened. Just an observation.

  • Shoo Beedoobee

    We just need to found and start a university called “NoTriggeringTheSnowflakesNoSafeSpaceWeNeedToBuildCitiesAirplanesAndPowerPlantsIfWeEverBecome-

    I’ve already reserved the domain name. I made it because I know that the triggered, melting snowflakes won’t even go there because they will say TL/DR. (BTW, they all stopped reading right here.)

    Probably we don’t need to be “dumbing down” our country by letting the Poison-Ivy League decide to create “progressive stacks.”

    Go to the geology department and understand that the newest, least formed, most vulnerable and sensitive “layers” in the stack are what’s “on top” (as you look backward) because the lower layers have learned and the new have not. My dog has made an impressive “progressive stack” in the back yard, in fact.

  • veritatis3

    Maybe a positive here somewhere. Maybe the Teacher needs to know if a minority student has understood the assignments. This is not to say a white male student knows all the answers either. Maybe the teacher knows something that he or she cannot say in public without risking a career.

    • Grintsum

      As a white male, I’ve had classes where it seemed like the instructor was counting on me to keep the classroom discussions on track so that things wouldn’t get bogged down.

      • veritatis3

        As a College Graduate eons ago, I hear you…but no one knows another in the comment section…well, you could be a braggart or telling it like it is . But I understand what you are saying without saying it so you are wise. With so many other comments way out of line, I wonder if they were ever in a college classroom when the Professor calls on you. Back in the olde days when no controversies existed as today, it was a good thing that the Professor did not call on you. You really had to know your stuff and, yes, the class was all white with one black. It was just different in my day. The Professor taught and the student learned.

        • Grintsum

          Perhaps I had the advantage of maturity since I started attending college in earnest during my early thirties. At times is was downright embarrassing when it appeared that I was the only student in class who was prepared to answer the hard discussion questions. For example, by mid semester of my public speaking class, I became aware that all the other students would stare at me whenever there was a difficult classroom discussion question. I was afraid of seeming to be a know-it-all, but they always appeared to be relieved whenever I would answer a question that no one wanted to address. That class of 20+ students included a handful of white guys, one black girl, and the rest white girls with a white female instructor. It was so weird to hold back on answering a question so that someone else could participate in the discussion, and then after a few seconds of silence to look around the classroom as everyone was staring at me while waiting for my answer. Toward the end of the semester even the teacher would stare at me after asking her question. At times I felt like saying, “C’mon, hasn’t anyone else studied the assignment?”

  • dd121

    As a white male I can just feel the hate radiating from lefties.

  • Laurelfork

    After 45 minutes when you just gotta have the right answer , so everyone can go to the next class, they call on the white boy. Hell of a lesson plan.

    • bunky


  • Yes Stradamus

    Leftists and minorities are hateful and deranged. Whites – especially males should withdraw from these types of institutions. Without white male money, blacks would achieve nothing.

  • grey

    And that is why Men do not give theirs seats to women anymore on a crowded Subway in NYC. They can stand just like everyone else because they are equal or better in the eyes of Liberals.

  • commenter

    UPenn = racist and sexist. stop supporting UPen and it’s racism and sexism.

  • Yes Stradamus

    Teacher is a racist. Fire the cnut.

  • Ross 97338

    racist bi-tch

  • Ashley Brenton

    It was my experience in college that calling on a white male was usually a sign of embarrassed desperation…following numerous wrong answers by the preferred minorities or genders.

    • Grintsum

      Good observation. A conscientious instructor will not leave a classroom discussion with incorrectly answered questions. That would be the very definition of teaching ignorance.

  • headoutofsand

    If I was a white student, I would sue the University and the teacher, then see how fast it changes….Or if I was alumni, I would withdraw my donations….

  • 5lonedogs

    Racism. Not sure if this is the beginning of the end or the end of the US but it’s a sad state. The inmates are running the asylum and have no idea how f’d up this is.

    • Philosopher Zero

      It’s the middle of the end. The beginning of the end started long ago.

  • TomRay

    Its called Racism. Nothing “progressive” about it,

  • LastBoomer

    Doesn’t this Progressive Stacking – almost fall along the lines as non performance of education on part of the school or university that practices it. In fact – would not the school be found guilty of deliberately not delivering the education it sold to the student

  • Daniel Morgan

    What is wrong with these racists? They’ve even deemed the noble goal of a “colorblind society” a racist term in-and-of-itself. I think the race-hustlers will never let us get past it, otherwise they would be out of a job. And one that they ride to fat stacks of cash to boot.

  • Bolio

    What just speak over them

  • CptMarvelous

    The soft bigotry of low expectations at work.

  • Lawrence1.rice

    Stephanie McKellop you are a racist pig

  • xman_11530

    Nothing new. This was the case in junior and senior high school 40 years ago. Girls say at front of class and participated. Boys sat in back and were ignored by teachers.

    It’s why more women than men are enrolled in college in US.

  • doggystyle

    This illustrates Black Privilege and Racism towards White males.


    Cool. White guys wont vote democrat.

  • Bevo2

    Just more of “white privilege”

  • RonH

    I suppose the thinking is to call first on those who never have anything intelligent to add, so they feel they belong with their better prepared students. Affirmative action can admit unqualified students but it can’t help them think.

  • FUBO

    Leftism infects everything it touches.

  • mark stayer

    the marxist-democrat globalist propaganda machine never stops producing marxist propaganda,..

  • Bruiser in Houston

    If my kids were in that school I’d pull them out.

    HOW DARE a teacher, whose salary parents pay, do that to a student. I’m so tired of this PC horse feces.

    I went to college in the 70s and 80s, and none of this existed.

  • Rogue Cheddar

    Not really a problem, eventually they all have to call on the white male students to get the correct answer anyway. NEXT!

  • rideralberta2

    It’s the new discrimination. I was turned down for a job because I was not handicapped, ethnic, or female—even though I was most qualified.

    What an insult to the handicapped, ethnic, or female who got the job—not because they were qualified and deserved the job through hard work, sacrifice and perseverance, but based on their inability, skin colour, or sex.

  • Thomas Hart

    I find it hard to believe that so called educated professors or even teaching assistants think discrimination against white males is some sort of fix for preceived discrimination against non white males. Most of us learned at the very early instruction of our parents and grand parents and then by elementary school teachers the old adage that two wrongs can not make a right. Why can’t progressives see their tactics are mostly right out of the facist playbook which they pretend to abhor. The question is, do they really hate facist all that much if they keep acting just like them?

  • Iamthenumber7

    As a Political Science graduate which attended a well known public university at the height of the Obama administration, I can absolutely attest that this does happen in some classrooms. Fortunately, there’s a way to fight back and still get your degree. Make sure to rate each professor (http://www.ratemyprofessors.com/) and make sure to TALK ABOUT IT with students and faculty. Many of the professors utilizing said techniques are not tenured. If their reputations are trashed they will be dismissed. These universities are not going to risk their reputations by backing any instructor that poses a liability to the institution. I’ve seen it done. It works.

  • Carl Anon

    I don’t know how these professors allow themselves to participate in the mental gymnastics required to overcome the cognitive dissonance present in their decision making process. How can one support equality while discriminating against a specific segment?

    • Chris King

      cause “progress” or something.

  • Lewis

    It is time we start suing for reverse racism.

  • Chuck

    That’s right, keep on pandering to the lower intelects until you turn every college/university into a racist cess pool churning out diplomas no employer would wipe his/her ass with. Time for white flight, give them the segrigation they so desperately want.

  • The Walrus

    Discrimination is discrimination, regardless of who it is against.

    • Volitans

      But according to liberal thinking, some discrimination is more important than other discrimination.

  • dudefromdixie

    Diversity is just a euphemism for “less white males”. [email protected] diversity and the black horse it rode in on.

  • StoicAbSpartan

    It actually sounds to me as though BLM and the Progressive Left are calling for apartheid and segregation. First separate out the straight white men. Follow that with the straight white women (note that these seem to include Chinese and East Indians). We go off and do ok in our own enclaves with our own cultures and schools (and with all of those micro-aggressions thingies we will be successful). What happens to the POC and the LGBTwhatever. It sound like that is what they want. Why not?

    • Volitans

      Maybe we should revisit that Liberia idea (?)

  • ronfromflorida

    That’ nothing the Democrat party is stupid and incompetent enough to put it down in writing that straight White Males aren’t welcome to apply for their job openings.

  • jtripper

    Black racism is alive and well…

  • Greg in SB

    You can try to raise the less qualified peoples by putting down the more qualified peoples. BUT, the cream (white males, Asians) will rise to the top in spite of the effort of the liberals. That progressive concept of evolution, you know, “survival of the fittest” will always win out.

  • MrsP

    Capitalism suggests anyone who values the quality of ideas and learning over this racial poppycock will head to different classes where everyone who is bright and eager to learn is treated equally.

    If these classes are required for all, then leave the school; it won’t prepare you to succeed in the global job market!

  • Richrad

    At least when they do call on a white male they will get the correct answer

  • Damnfingers

    The white males are going to get called on if the professors are looking for the “correct” answer, not just “an” answer.

  • PS

    Sadly most millinuals except this racist behavior against them.

  • dudefromdixie

    Maybe white males should major in engineering and business, math, and science and leave the social sciences, liberal arts, and underwater soap carving to the liberal misfits.


      that has been done already

  • Travvy

    Just more Trump voters for 2018, and beyond.

  • Mehung Lo

    hahahha too funny. Hate white male studies is a common major nowadays

    • Volitans

      Not funny actually…

  • Owl of Minerva

    What inferior brain thought up this gobbledygook.

  • joey

    Send all these racist marxists to Venezuela.

  • user4517

    Class action suit is needed. Progressive bigotry is unconstitutional. Take their money then walk away.

  • Robert Lee

    Good luck getting correct answers that require criticical thinking from Obama’s sons.

  • Zorcon, Fidei Defensor

    So colleges are racist. Admittedly racist. So what happened to all the equality laws? The heII with these PC clowns. Anyone in that class deserves equal treatment. She and the university should be sued for discrimination.

    Ending tenure for professors is a good place to start. What other industry do you get a job for life? College, and yes, I went to college, is a farce. They are not hallowed halls of knowledge. It is a very simple business relationship. I pay you tuition and you teach me, without complaint, a skill or knowledge. It is not some encounter group and there is nothing special about it. These pinheads need to be cut down to size.

  • IrishShell

    Because your a racist.

    • White Nationalist

      Proud of it, fuck phags and nqqersn what you going to do? Hitler salute to you phaget..

      • IrishShell

        I was talking about the professor

    • Kia12

      screw you

      • IrishShell

        Your not going to cry are you?

  • Zorcon, Fidei Defensor

    I have a question. If you were an employer and you got a resume that had a degree in Black Studies, Women’s Studies, ad nasium, would you hire them? I sure wouldn’t. Why? Well for one, it is a useless skill set but second? They are a lawsuit waiting to happen. What a sad state of affairs.

    • veritasycandor

      They will never get a second look. Case closed

      • Zorcon, Fidei Defensor

        I am an engineer and business owner. I put resumes like this in a special file cabinet known as the Round File….

  • White Nationalist

    Maybe this teacher should get the same visits Rand Paul got..I don’t go to college so I don’t care, but when teachers try to pull that chit with my kids beware, I’ll show up at your door so remember scumbag unions stay away from my children teach and that’s it..

  • veritasycandor

    Sue the college AND the professor individually and allege he/she was operating outside of his/her authorized scope thereby exposing the professor to a personal judgment for which the college/insurer will not indemnify. Must sue sue sue sue into oblivion and bankruptcy. Only when a college and rogue professors fear another federal civil rights lawsuit will the college clamp down on the leftist scum professors.

    • You and I had the same thought it appears.


      and YESH!

  • The parents of these kids need to sue the teacher, personally, and the school itself for instilling that racist method, then the school/district, along with the state. Enough of this discrimination against white males. For all those bleeding heart liberals out there, remember Obozo had a white mother and a black father who abandon him. Which is very typical in America where the 6.7% of black males commit more than 57% of crimes. Not to mention the genocide of these same black criminals in this nation’s cities!

    • veritasycandor

      Bingo my friend!!!



  • Sam

    I know a guy who went to UC Berkeley on an affirmative action scholarship because he was Galic. The affirmative action people didn’t know he was white. Victims of their own stupid rules.

  • alex488

    If this practice does not stop, sooner or later it will result in bloodshed. There is no way to right presumed wrongs with other wrongs.

  • Tony Welker

    wrong in so many ways

  • Nashville Jam

    Not get called on in class? Some guys get all the luck!

  • Kia12

    I’m so dam tired of you dirt bag liberals.

    • White Nationalist

      Keep whining about it then,and why did you reelect all the scumbag rhinos in for dummy?

      • Kia12


      • Chris King

        RINO not rhino… dummy

  • Doc Lemm

    Switch classes. What are you going to learn from commie racists who claim to be professors ???

    • White Nationalist

      Idiots deserve to be in debt..

  • T.S. Dude

    In a classroom setting, the only priority should be the dissemination of information. What demographic the person raising his or hand shouldn’t matter, in fact, I would go far as to say that each student who raises his or her hand should be called upon so that knowledge is imparted to those who have questions. When I was in school, I raised my hand to ask questions for myself, but I’m sure other students had the same question, and vice versa. It’s sad how much politics have permeated every aspect of our lives.

  • Mensa Graham

    Because the white one’s would know the answer.

  • Stebo

    Yeah, welcome to the new America. Those of us white males who are opposed to unfettered immigration are called racist and relegated to irrelevance by all of the new Americans. Brilliant.

  • Stone Wallz
    • Mensa Graham

      Actually, depending upon where they are from makes a difference in their IQ – http://www1.udel.edu/educ/gottfredson/30years/Rushton-Jensen30years.pdf

    • Observer_wi

      This is stupid…many IQ tests show that people are adapted well to their surroundings. People who grow up in Western cities see the world as a collection of patterns and systems.

      People who grow up in more rural, tribal settings tend to much less. But they are probably better goat herders than the rest of us.

      It’s been postulated that many IQ tests simply measure one’s ability to see the world as a collection of patterns and systems. How useful is that if you grew up in a rural / tribal setting? What is the likelihood you’d develop that part of your brain if it’s less useful than ‘how to find water in the desert’?

      In fact, IQ scores have gone up dramatically in the last century in Western countries…but is that right? Are people today dramatically smarter than people in 1900? People in 1900 were pretty darn smart (and had next to zero modern conveniences…often macgyver’ing stuff together themselves). Semi-rural folks in the 1920’s often bought radio components and assembled them on their own.

      So what is the IQ test measuring then if not intelligence?


  • Kia12

    liberals treat everyone equal wink wink

  • bill1942

    Liberals are such biased, mindless ninnies, marginalizing those who they do not like. What passes for “higher education” in this country anymore is nothing more or less than a play pool for those idiots!!!

  • Glenn_in_IL

    Call on us first or call on us last; it’s up to you just how long you want to wait to get to someone who knows the correct answer.

  • Mark_in_TX

    I was rarely called on as a White male student because I always knew the answers. My professors would call on minority and women more often because they needed the benefit of the colloqui more than I did.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it… 😊

  • GozieBoy

    Whether deliberate or not, it is like the old process of getting all the silly and wrong answers out first, which generates debate and levity, and then the right answers are given at the end.


    In my workplace, the least important always spoke first in meetings. The “around the room” went through divisions, then departments. Operations was always the final say for department heads, followed by the executive officer and the commander. Once the commander spoke, the meeting was over. Not another word was spoken.

    Speaking first doesn’t matter a bit. Also, once school is over, it’s a no-holds barred, bare knuckle street fight. Protecting more highly valued members in academia isn’t going to make them tougher once the gloves are off in their professions.

  • mmeh

    Community colleges and trade schools are the future.

    • Observer_wi

      You may be correct.

  • strongmind

    one advantage for white male students is they can listen to the idiotic emotional twaddle coming from their future intellectual competitors — when they are out in the job and career marketplace and know most companies won’t waste their time with the “progressive stack.”

  • Christopher

    OH Mother Gaia, Please Forgive Me for my White Privelege

  • mindfloat

    Likely not STEM classes.

  • Jakmac

    This just pathetic.

  • Philosopher Zero

    Here’s Stephanie McKellop’s email: [email protected]

    • 1985

      You shouldn’t post the email address without a picture. Come on now. You know the rules.

      • 1985

        On 2nd thought..please don’t. Ooh Ooh Ooh. You could post it as a poll question. Man, Woman, or Transitioning?

  • ironage

    Liberalism truly is a mental disorder.



  • 1985

    That’s the way it was in my classrooms in college.

    Prof would ask the black girl or guy a question. They’d get it wrong. They’d get angry.

    Then she’d ask the Hispanic guy and girl. They’d get it wrong. They’d roll their eyes.

    Then she’d ask the white girl. She’d get it wrong..and start pouting.

    Finally they’d get to the white guys and Asians…and we’d nail it every time.

    Those oppressed people got their participation trophies and we all got great jobs.

    Seemed fair then.

    Seems fair still today.

  • Joe Met

    Progressives are so bigoted and racist. Closed minded twits.

  • Ashley West

    Time to sue the universities into oblivion. If any of you white male have experienced this discrimination, start a lawsuit and drain their bank account.

    • 1985

      It’s called the silent majority.

      While the AntiFa’s get all the headlines and the chicks who don’t shave their armpits (or take showers), the white guys are off to the frat parties polishing resumes for a job on Wall Street and hitting on the girls who actually believe there are but two genders in this world.

      You work for Peace Corps. We work for Goldman Sachs. (Sarcasm tag)

  • Harvey Sloan

    I never noticed this in any of my engineering classes. But, then again, I don’t remember any blacks in my engineering classes. This must only happen in sociology classes, black, gender, chicano, queer studies classes, and classes in other non-subjects (where the dumb people hang out).


    l, sue them.
    Those that spread hate, sue them.
    Sue is easy.
    1. Call Lawyer
    2. Free consultation.
    Lawyer gets paid when you win
    Lawer won’t take case, call another
    there is always one that will sue.
    The defendants end up paying at least 6 to 10,000 dollars just to defend.
    you pay nothing.
    Justice right there!

    sue again
    and again
    it is a great lifestyle.
    Liberals are not the only ones that can sue.
    Time to sue everything and everybody.
    Sue the university, sue the teachers sue the students.
    sue anything that moves.

  • Kia12

    Remember, liberals can’t be racist.



    • Chris King

      edit alert: coping.

      • Kia12

        must be a liberal

  • disqus_cWBw65dIjT

    McKellop is a RACIST…….

  • blancojoe

    Why in the world would any white person with any dignity not already shredded by the liberal left…go to these snowflake colleges? There are fantastic colleges elsewhere, and you don’t have to put up with knuckle dragging leftists. Stop this voluntary nonsense. If you are not going to stop the knuckle dragging goons in those colleges, then why put your good money on these buffoons’ financial sheet?


      The whites that go there are the stupid ones,You cant fix them.

    • 1985

      I think it’s overblown by the viral nature of social media. When I was in college in 1985, we had plenty of things to argue about and whine about…and if we had social media back then it would have meant two things. One..all the crazy ideas we got to debate over beers would have been on YouTube, resulting in 2)I’d never be employable.

  • ManOnPoint

    Why??? Asians have a 99% grad rate, Whites 80%, Hispanics 70% and Blacks 50%. I tutored them when I was in an undergraduate in mathematics and graduate in mathematics. Most of the athletes were the worst in terms of functional literacy. It was at two public universities in two different states. Now as a teacher of AP programs in a public high school system I see about the same performance.

    • 1985

      Amen. I had a bunch of D1 BBall players in my classes back in 1985. They were in class the 1st day of the semester and the last day, but nothing in between. Great A students. And to be honest, why wouldn’t you give a guy who can dunk a basketball an A? Play defense too? A+


      white males higher than white females by the way…
      hence all the jealousy.

    • jtom

      Research as to why this may be the case is available, but considered racist (oh, science can be racist, btw. Who knew?). The graduation rankings you listed is the exact same ranking shown on IQ tests when averaged according to race/ethnic group. No one will say a word if you point out that one identifiable group excels in physical abilities over others, in fact, they would likely quickly agree, but heaven help you if you make the observation that another group excells intellectually.

  • 1985

    I never minded moving to the back of the bus.

    Of course, I own the bus.

    Makes a big difference.

  • itellu3times


  • Kaight

    This is Ivy League northeastern liberal BS.

    Two words for you: Hillsdale College

  • Grace

    Playing “The Chip On My Shoulder Is Bigger Than Yours”


    Ignore them, they won’t go away.

  • jtom

    The way to end discrimination is to stop discriminating. Unfortunately, revenge by those whose groups have been discriminated against is always more popular.

  • chrwar

    Don’t waste your money in College. Go serve and apprenticeship or work for a company as a junior in a business you would like to learn. Then work hard. Do that plus read books, you will get a better education and also have work experience. Also no student debt.

  • MerryMerryMillicent

    My son turned down a top university because of junk like this and I suspect other high-achieving students will as well. He’s going to a smaller, more conservative university and couldn’t be happier.

  • IllKeepMine

    Does anyone recognize this? Both Racist and Sexist. The core of Socialist logic and beliefs.

    • @illkeepmine:disqus Well, there’s a reason for calling it ‘progressive stacking” …you add (stack) such additional identifiable groups over time, as may become necessary to win the next election.


    Real world questions
    1. Male 20 yearss old tattooed drinks beer daily spends evening with his male friends no job, not married, has two children by two women been in prison twice.
    What color is he?

    2. Male. Honor student. knows three languages. Head of debate team. 4.0 GPA never had sex yet. Does not have aids. does not have Hep C. Never tried meth. Does not smoke.
    what color is he?

  • Tristan Greenwall

    Like the slumping nfl, pull the money.

  • RobX

    Good. As with most liberal ideas it will have the opposite effect they think it will. All this does is make white males more self-reliant and therefore more successful in life. The more you are coddled and made to feel important without merit the worse you are going to do in real life. So keep it up and ensure that white males are better prepared for life beyond the university. A life where you will only be called upon to answer a question when someone knows you can find an answer on your own.

  • From this article about ‘progressive stacking’ in the classroom we read the following:

    In a 2013 article published in the journal “Radical Teacher,” a cohort of instructors who taught an “Occupy Wall Street-inspired” course admit to using the progressive stack in the class….

    Use of the progressive stack, which is lauded by advocates as amplifying oppressed voices and criticized by others as discriminatory, has been used in college classrooms for years, and has roots in liberal activism.

    “Additionally, a sociology professor told Inside Higher Ed progressive stacking dates back at least a couple decades.”

    So, how long will it be before some clever student quietly tapes a college classroom introduction, and something like the following emerges?

    Professor: “Okay, class … today we are going to have a full and free-wheeling classroom discussion about the importance of eliminating all ugly and residual forms of invidious discrimination in the modern college classroom. Particular focus will be drawn to the need to eradicate any and all forms of racial, ethnic, and/or gender bias, not only here in our school, but throughout academia, and indeed our society … and, how best for those who are best educated, to help accomplish that goal in a non-arbitrary manner.

    So, in order to facilitate our free-wheeling student discussion period, comments will be received according to the following specific guidelines, which criterion will be very strictly enforced by me, and in my sole discretion.

    Black female students will be called on first, and in alphabetical order; followed by all black males who wish to comment. Those student voices will then be followed by, first female, and then male voices, from all other groups of ‘traditionally marginalized minority group’ students. I will be passing out a list of ‘traditionally marginalized minority groups’ that I have compiled, which list will be followed in determining the order of permissible commenting. There will be absolutely no additions nor amendments permitted to that list, nor any deviation allowed from the specified order of inclusion of the voices of said groups for the purposes of offering commentary today.

    Thirdly, first female, then male members of any non-included minority racial or ethnic groups will be heard.

    And, time permitting, first white female voices may be offered. And finally, male Caucasian students who may also wish to then offer their ‘traditionally privileged’ opinions on the topic will be heard.

    Okay … let’s get started!

  • Ye Olde Sausage Machine

    Pure cultural Marxism

    Time to pull your kids out of these liberal colleges.

    Starve the beast

    Trump needs to deal with the subversion of the education system by left wing ideologues. It is very dangerous and corrosive to society to allow these extremists to hijack the education system.

    Colleges like UC Berkeley should be shut down altogether until they are properly investigated and the subversive professors and administrators are removed from their posts

  • ipso_facto

    So everyone has to wait a long time until the white male can finally give the correct answer?

  • Jimmy Chonga

    Democrats never ascended to maturing past the 6th grade.

  • natureartist

    No wonder white males are not attending college as much as they use to. So many reasons, from trying to fix their maleness as though it is an illness, their whiteness as though it is a curse, and now they are being shunned in the classroom because they were born with male genitals as though that is a birth defect. Just add this to the list for going to trade school instead.

  • Dave Turkheimer

    If there is a warped, false idea, it seems that our elitist academic communists will adopt it. Somebody’s stetting themselves up for a lawsuit.

  • meeester

    All the affected students should declare that they identify as queer black female trannies.

  • Yet if you reverse it, THEN you’re a “racist”……what chumps…

  • smokeybandit

    They probably fear being sued or accused of being racist if they call on white men first.

  • vt1506

    It doesn’t make any difference if you call on white males last. The cream of the crop will always rise to the top in life.

  • Gringo Bandit

    Smells of racism…

  • Phillyboy58

    My God, what has happened to college education? These so called “teachers” are nothing more than ideological propagandists. They think they’re leveling the field. What they’re doing is ruining young minds. All in the name of “fairness”. They’re are too many wrong headed and dangerous ideas in this article to comment on.

  • Denny Crane

    So, the left is judging people based on their gender and skin color? There’s a word for that…
    Quiet, you… no. “PROGRESSIVE EDUCATION!”

  • fel121

    Most of them are too busy being wise a$$es or trying to get laid anyway so why waste your time.

  • SecessionNow

    Flat out racial and sexual discrimination. I mean…it can hardly be clearer.
    Where is the Civil Rights Commission? Why aren’t these students suing? Where is the ACLU?

  • Viking Rule

    And people wonder why white guys are starting to band together and fight back? The more the leftists attack white men, the more they will come together… and the leftist aggressors will only have themselves to blame for their rise.

  • CityDweller71

    Progressives are pure f***ing evil. They are fomenting revolution in our nation.

  • Phil

    Well, they’re kinda stuck. There really isn’t anyway to avoid highlighting inferiority.

  • rbblum

    And, the value of an Ivy League education (with or without a student loan) is . . . . .

  • Jason

    Why would there need to be a ‘progressive stack’ at a university? Liberals have controlled all levels of education (k-12 through college) for decades. The students should not have any experience with so called ‘white privilege’ in education.

  • Henry Plugg

    Progressive stack – progressively racist?

  • RealEngineer2

    White males must work harder to attain parity with “quota” academics, as that situation is merely “consequence of what their privilege represents”.

    To get my engineering undergrad and science post grad on math scholarships (back when, now valued over $200,000), I had to score top percentile GRE, attain national sales leadership among peers during (private sector) internship (in NYC Financial District, arguably the toughest in the world), earn an undergrad 3.8 GPA or better, take math-intensive electives, and score top percentile in a competitive scholarship exam. Furthermore, if my grad GPA ever fell below 3.8, or if I didn’t meet quota during internship… THE SCHOLARSHIP WAS FORFEITED.

    Grades were doled out on the so-called “bell curve”, with only a handful receiving “A’s” and the majority given a “solid C”, regarded and respected as capable. “C” is now regarded as “derogatory”, and “A’s” are handed out to almost everyone. Note even at Harvard, “8 out of 10 students graduate with honors and half receive A’s”, as
    “Evaluation systems have students grade professors, thereby providing an incentive for teachers to go easy on their future evaluators.” (USA Today 2/7/2002).

    Fast-Forward to 2017, THAT SAME SCHOLARSHIP I got is now awarded to any “special snowflake” who can convey a “Tale of Woe” associated in any way with “diversity” (heavily favoring foreigners, minorities, and females regardless of GPA), all math requirements have been “suspended”, GRE scores merely have to be “submitted”, recipients now get a “bonus” semester overseas in the country of their choice- instead of proving earning potential in an internship, and are handed options for a “set aside” appointment to a federal career… 2 ended up at NASA.

  • Onceler’s Revenge

    makes sense. let all the idiots answer first then call on someone with an intelligent answer last.

    • @Omniscient_Yo:disqus That possibility did cross my mind. But don’t forget that her overriding objective is (and will continue be) to arbitrarily, and on both a racial and/or gender basis, simply cut certain students out of the participation process.

      So, she’ll either ask easy questions (and thereby never ‘get’ to the ‘deplorables’), or she’ll strictly impose this ‘stacking of the deck’ rule on a ‘time permitting’ basis.

      Thus, at a certain point, the class bell will ring, the hour will suddenly be over, and a certain group will be sitting there with their hands in the air..

      This is an ugly, ugly person.

  • AP94

    …….and the stupid cunts need to be fired first, so Stephanie McKellop should have been fired long ago. What are we waiting for Penn?

  • El Jefe Covfefe

    Fire her azz.

  • Charlottelearn

    White students who are paying full freight must be delighted to be $250k in debt and be treated adversely in class and when applying for a job. What a privilege it must be to pay for everyone else and apologize for that at every turn!

  • RegisteredDemocrat

    Honestly, white male students all need to be ejected from college. They are too privileged as is.

    • Bill The Thrill

      Your bigotry is showing cupcake.

  • Rick Schweikert

    Once again we see that liberals always practice what they demand others not do.

  • Bill The Thrill

    After 4 years and $250k in debt these students will be ready to say “do you want fries with that?”.

  • Burke Murphy
    • @burkemurphy:disqus Hey, thanks! I’ve got a few acquaintances to forward that one to!

  • RockyMtn1776

    If I had a child attending one of these super liberal/Socialist colleges they would be out of the before the paperwork was finished !

  • GrumpyGrandpa

    Any of you highly learned fools ever heard of that very old saying? Didn’t think so.
    To understand, you need to possess a smidgen of common sense, which is a very scarce commodity in this “new world”. LEt’s try this; you short-change one kind of person based on race and gender, to favor another, based on an opposite race and gender. Then you have the gall to preach to me about racism and misogyny? YOu are a hypocrite of the worst kind. Here’s another old saying you might want to remember as you age into what should be adulthood; YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW! You’re toast; you’re dooming yourself to failure; you will lose!

  • WyldErp

    That’s great, I’d rather my kids learn a trade anyway. Always have work and get paid well to fix problems that college educated liberals can’t figure out. I feel bad for all these white students who waste their money/future money/parents money only to be brain washed and ridiculed. Good luck. Learn something that is always in demand and you will succeed.

  • palvadore

    You can bet the grading reflects their racism too.

  • geo

    Make all but lab classes online. Doing so will allow for larger classes taught by better teachers at a more reasonable price. No longer will students need to be taught by teaching assistants like Stephanie McKellop or any other agenda driven social justice warrior.

    • WyldErp

      I have done online schooling for 3 years now. I have noticed it doesn’t make much of a difference. I have encountered plenty of classmates that have “exotic” names that have made it through to my level of courses without being able to form a single sentence. It doesn’t matter, racial favoritism is there as well.


    Start with the lower IQ students and work your way up.

  • Taluca Lake

    If all the white males defect to other schools, these slime ball institutions will be left teaching sociology 101, sensitivity, and global warming to the 90-100 IQ remaining “students. “

  • Rick Schweikert

    As with affirmative action, sacrifices must be made to achieve equal outcomes.

    • Chris King

      yeah, lebron needs to wear 50lb ankle weights so that I can play in the NBA too.

      • Rick Schweikert

        If you can use affirmative action for slots for surgical residents, why not have whites play basketball? After all, it is only a game.

        • Chris King

          yeah, who cares about surgeons with top board scores, what’s up with that?

          • Rick Schweikert

            Yeah, you’re probably right.

  • pugwis

    Liberals have always violated the 1964 Civil Rights Act. They are racist to the core. The ONLY reason they select for color or gender is because the see the world from a racist/gender viewpoint. EVERYTHING is racist to them. That is why blacks will never integrate as Asians have. They will always be coddled into victimhood because that is the only way liberals can justify their existence. I’d pull my kid if he was in this college. But, my kids are the antithesis of victims. They are both successful white males who made their own privilege. Nobody had to give it to them.

    • Philosopher Zero

      Asians don’t always integrate, either. They’re successful — there’s a difference.

      When the majority of Asians vote for anti-American Demonrats, I don’t call that integration.

      • WyldErp

        Parenting is a big part of that equation.

        • BlaBlaWA

          Part of it. You’re seeing a lot more younger asians that see themselves as individuals (me including) and break the tradition of following the matriarch. This is a good thing since I want them growing up as Americans, not .

      • BlaBlaWA

        Most of Asians don’t toe the party line. While you’re seeing a shift towards the democrats, it’s because they were mostly swayed by Clinton. The best thing that I can do (I happen to have an asian persuasion) is that I try to at least bring people to the center. They will at least see the lies that the left have been feeding them.

  • Burke Murphy


  • Trump Rules Obama fools

    Ha, I would be like hell yeah, I’m called on last sweet! that would be a dream come true back in the day.

  • Trump Rules Obama fools

    That’s “White Privilege” I would be enjoying not being called on in class are you kidding me. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • TwoInchPattern

    This McKellop is just another progressive racist bigoted POS. Parents, stop funding your child’s miseducation at this or any progressive propaganda pit posing as a real college.

  • volwildhogs

    This is a violation of the 1964 civil rights act. The perpetrators should be fired, fined and reeducated. The Universities should have to implement affirmative action to correct their anti white male bias. And pay into a fund to support whites they discriminated against.

  • Spunky

    Is that really education – you should be fired. Your wasting time. It is a good thing I am not in your class because I would call you out. – Of which I have done in a class – and the common response is from the instructor – “well then maybe you should teach the class” – I hosed the person and said ok, I got up and started teaching – this was a subject I was well versed in anyway. She freaked. But after awhile, she settled down and said I was a good teacher – who knew-

  • Seeing through the Darkness

    Liberals are the most racist group I have ever heard of in modern times; they are far worse than the KKK.


    awww they want to kill whytee? then who will run the slum filled diseased 90% of the earth…

  • Forrest

    Sue the school for discrimination and harassment and then transfer.

  • Albert8184

    Having privilege? They’re paying you salary, sweety. They’re paying for an education. You OWE them what they’re paying for. So….. suck it up and quit acting like a spoiled little princess instead of a teacher’s assistant.

  • Albert8184

    So many of these blogs devoted to exposing College Leftism at work. Great. But we need more of this stuff for Public Schools. This subversive garbage is rampant in the public schools too. My wife experiences the misery every day. Teachers are giving up the profession in great numbers.

  • Justanaveragejoeinsc

    White male students. Don’t worry about it. Just keep quiet and continue to make good grades. Remember, your whack job college instructors are there because they cannot compete in the real world and are basically failures. Remember, those whack job students who love this are from the humanities, gender and ethnic studies. In other words while you are preparing for the real world and will succeed in business or whatever your pursuit, they are preparing to be baristas at Starbucks for minimum wage.

  • Fred762

    LOL have you noticed the agendas in TV commercials lately? Blacks make up ~14% of persons in the USA, but…but..every show or commercial has a “perfect/beautifull ALL-black family” , OR a mixed race family…..and at least one white doofuss, one white hag or a white.homosexual.. & Never will they show a BLACK doofuss or Black homo. The PBF is laughable in America, where 75% of black kids are now born into a DADDY-free “family”. Wonder why we taxpayers are cutting the cord?????????

    • Ancap76

      Last time I saw tv (happened to stop by and visit my parents), it was a Walmart commercial without a single white , hispanic or asian person in it. Just shook my head and walked away.

  • John Mccord

    Typical professor. All taxpayer funds should be stopped from going to public colleges.

    • Stan H

      Why? So we could have more of “the uneducated” that Trump loves?

      • Ancap76

        Because there is no legal authority for the Federal Govt to be funding colleges and because colleges are violating federal discrimination laws (among other things).

        The “uneducated” are graduating from colleges. That makes college degrees worthless in most cases. Not one single student graduating from this college should ever be hired because their degrees are worthless at best.

        • Stan H

          IF you were educated, you’d understand both the Commerce Clause and the long line of Court precedents upholding Affirmative Action. (And you’d also understand why so many jobs won’t even consider people without a degree of some type).

          • Ancap76

            If you were educated, you’d realize how nonsensical those claims are. Try reading what the Framers said about the Commerce Clause and what it was intended for. Affirmative Action is just institutionalized racism.. giving access to people based on skin color instead of their intelligence or academic record.

          • Stan H

            The fact that I AM well-educated makes it easy for me to show you that the Founding Fathers understood the paramount importance of Public education! http://tcfir.org/opinion/Thomas%20Jefferson%20on%20Educating%20the%20People.pdf
            http://www.stltoday.com/opinion/columnists/founding-fathers-agreed-funding-public-education-is-not-a-debate/article_f05aa5b0-2fed-5c63-be1a-1b013cf49625.html http://www.rasmussen.edu/student-life/blogs/main/educational-quotes-from-our-founding-fathers/

            And again (your opinion notwithstanding) the Fisher decision is just the latest in a long line of cases where the courts have consistently upheld the Constitutionality of Affirmative Action programs (for the paltry portion of this country’s history that they’ve even existed).

          • Ancap76

            The fact that you can’t understand that public education is a State issue and not a Federal one says a lot about your supposed education.

            Don’t get to hyped up on the courts. They’ve been wrong numerous times and in numerous big cases… Dred Scott .. Plessy and many others. Also, Fisher was simply sent back to a lower court and relied on the garbage idea of ‘strict scrutiny”. AA is institutionalized racism , nothing more.

          • Stan H

            And your source for the claim that the law and/or Constitution precludes the Federal government from being involved in education funding?

            As to affirmative action, “hyped” or not, the law is the law. While there will always be aberrations and even straight-out mistakes, the courts have now held for half a century in a long line of cases that Affirmative Action IS a valid method to redress centuries of past discrimination and to achieve diversity in a student body. “Affirmative Action is institutionalized racism” is the gaslighting mantra of whites who have benefited from institutionalized racism for centuries.

  • Joe

    Fire their ass

  • Joe

    The ONLY reason the world as we know it exists is because of the White Male. What we have is jealous people who have historically done nothing overall.


    ANYONE who uses the “progressive stack” to teach in their classrooms needs to be fired and bared from teaching another class period. These people are too stupid to realize that this is the exact reason why Trump got elected, and why he’ll likely get re-elected. You can’t combat racism with more racism. It’s stupid to even try.

    • Ancap76

      Not only fired but any and all future benefits stripped (pensions) and criminally prosecuted where applicable.

  • Elenor

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  • John

    I’m sure she’s only an affirmative racist when it comes to hands raised in class. I’m sure it doesn’t affect her grading of coursework or anything important!?!?! Another university crossed off the list.


    Lets see we counter racism by being racist. I guess she missed those childhood lessons about “two wrongs don’t make a right.” These attitudes are really ugly and intolerant and should not be allowed a foothold in our educational systems. Management is just as much to blame for allowing this to go on. Many people have died for our Liberties that we are now destroying out of spite and jealousy for other people’s success. People that view themselves as victims are just failed human beings—unable to stand up to life’s challenges on their own fortitude. Students should leave these schools and go somewhere that these attitudes are not tolerated. Liberalism is a psychiatric illness—plain and simple.

  • darkpatriot

    These brainwashers, I mean professors are the ones keeping racism alive to advance their ill-conceived ideas. Yet at the same time they claim to fight racism any time someone puts anothers race above their contribution they are partaking in racist behavior. However, we need those under the umbrella minorities, women, etc. to call this out. If they accept and embrace it they will become exactly what they are wrongly labeling most white males as a privileged class.

  • Winston52

    teachers / liberals, projecting their racism and hatred daily. penn state? “We are”…RACIST!

  • G. Wizard

    What a bunch of racist POS.

  • California70

    These professors are so “full of it”! They have become nothing but a bunch of full-blown SUBVERSIVES, using “hatred of White people” as a was of starting a huge Race War in this Country!

    Why does no one see this coming? Wake the hell up!

  • Victor Cypert

    I would hope the Department of Education would issue a “Dear Colleague” letter on this and make it clear: Progressive Stack, lose your ability to process federal student aid.

    • Ancap76

      Or the DOJ pay them a little visit for violation of discrimination laws… They should be shut down and everyone involved charged, prosecuted and jailed.

  • Ancap76

    So first off this woman needs to be fired immediately, all future benefits stripped and the University shut down for violation of Federal law. Toss in a fair number of criminal prosecutions for those running the place that allow this crap to happen.

  • Jimmy John

    I see no value in putting myself into lifelong debt, just to be lectured to by disingenuous, self-righteous fools who call themselves professors.

    In truth, these worthless ‘teachers’ are only capable of professing their own politic biases.

    My kids will NOT be attending college courses. Instead, they will receive a classical education from the only teachers that matter: their parents.

    • Ray Donovan

      You will be much better off hosting hand jobs behind the gay theater like your brothers and old man. That type of education lasts a lifetime. Live the dream, JimBob.