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Former College Fix assistant editor, Robby Soave, reports for The Daily Caller on the latest feminist idea to come out of Swarthmore College. It’s a forum on fatness and feminism that trashes Ronald Reagen and capitalism:

Swarthmore College hosted a “Fat Justice and Feminism” seminar during which students were told that President Ronald Reagan “f***ed everything up” for fat people, that the Body Mass Index was invented by white supremacists and — for good measure — that communism is superior to capitalism… at least for fat people.

The seminar was taught by feminist activists Cora Segal and Nicole Sullivan, who describes herself as an “angry, man-hating lesbian,” according to Campus Reform…

Sullivan and Segal also explored the notion that communism and socialism were superior economic systems to capitalism, because capitalism promotes the oppression of fat people and the tyranny of healthy eating.

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America’s most notorious America-hating professor is at it again.

Noam Chomsky, who for five decades has infamously led the charge to convince college students America is The Great Satan, once again spewed his vitriol during a recent guest lecture at Swarthmore College, a private liberal arts institution in Pennsylvania, where his talk was heard by an enthusiastic, standing-room-only crowd.

No topic was left unscorched, as the darling of all leftist scholars (Chomsky is considered by many to be one of the most influential intellectuals in the academic world) went on an unapologetic rant against U.S. policies.

Danielle Charette of the conservative Swarthmore Independent reports:

No one seemed particularly troubled that this is a man who has equivocated on the evils of Pol Pot, praised China in the midst of the Cultural Revolution, suggested Eastern Europe under the USSR was a “paradise,” and collaborated with Holocaust deniers. …

(In his talk) Chomsky accused the Republican Party of “a neoliberal assault on the population” and said the Party’s “nativist” base is “still fighting the Civil War.” He then drew a comparison between the present day United States and the Weimar Republic.

Chomsky next pivoted to the “dark shadow of nuclear war” and asserted that the idea that “governments exist to protect national security in international relations—that’s a myth.”

“As you all know,” said Chomsky, President Obama’s drone campaign, “is the greatest terrorist campaign in history.” Not to outdo himself, Chomsky asserted that the U.S. retaliation on Osama bin Laden was a violation of the Magna Carta “that could have escalated nuclear war.” …

Before wrapping up, Chomsky made sure to defend Iran’s enrichment of uranium. “Of course they have that right,” said Chomsky. Iran is “developing uranium as part of a deterrent strategy against the U.S. and Israel.” Iran’s enrichment is just a “Western obsession,” insisted Chomsky because “[N]onaligned countries vigorously support Iran’s right to enrich uranium. Almost no one regards Iran as a threat besides the U.S. and its allies.”

Charette also reports Chomsky had to be politely told several times to sum up his rant. Apparently the MIT professor just wouldn’t shut up already.

While it’s easy to brush this guy off as an angry, old and crazy man – keep in mind many of these college kids – and the professors who teach them – consider Chomsky a rock star.

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Flier of Half-Naked Women Prompts Swarthmore Feminists Demand Women Be Allowed To Join Fraternities

Apparently Swarthmore College feminist-activist students hate fraternities so much they want to join them. That’s the circular logic unfolding at the notoriously liberal liberal arts college in Pennsylvania.

The fraternity Phi Psi recently put out a fall rush pledge flier made up of a collage of tiny pictures of mostly half-naked women, and these angry female students have billed that mosaic as sexist, misogynistic gender discrimination.

Apparently feminists at Swarthmore are unaware pornography – watching it, posing for it, making a career out of it – is liberating for women. At least that’s the Left’s mantra, how progressives defend porn-filled Sex Week events held annually at college campuses across America. The porn culture is widely celebrated and heralded at universities today. Feminists at Swarthmore didn’t get the memo. Either that, or they change their tune depending on which superfluous battle de jour they’ve mounted.

These angry students’ solution to this frat flier, according to a petition they’ve launched, is to force the school’s fraternities to accept women. They propose defunding campus fraternities until they have at least 10 percent female membership.

“Sending bids with collages of naked women on them? This is sexism, plain and simple, and we refuse to tolerate it on our campus,” states the online petition, which had 100 signatures as of Wednesday evening. “Phi Psi’s objectifying and offensive invitations are a bitter reminder that gender discrimination is an ongoing issue for these student groups. Permitting fraternities to distribute such images without public rebuke creates an unsafe and harassing environment for students at the college.”

OK folks, this is the same campus that, last spring, formed a masturbation club. This is the same campus known for Crunkfest, an annual sexcapade typically held in a dorm’s courtyard during Easter weekend. A witness to Crunkfest described it as a “nude celebration” of sorts, in which students take part in circle jerks and similar activities. This is the same campus that has another spring fling called “Genderf**k” in which students “are expected to defy normal gender standards by cross-dressing and/or wearing very little clothing.”
But those things don’t get public rebukes at Swarthmore – they get celebrated.
And we are supposed to get all up-in-arms over one flier with minuscule pictures of scantily-clad women that you can barely make out unless you squint? The Swarthmore Independent, the conservative campus newspaper, also weighed in on this latest drama with a quasi-eyeroll, and rightly pointed out the flaws in the demand:
While we find the flyers sexist and call on Phi Psi to apologize to the Swarthmore community, campus activists have truly outdone themselves with the ridiculousness of this “defund” movement. …

Defunding the fraternities on the basis of these flyers, however offensive, would set a dangerous precedent for all funding decisions to follow. Under the petition’s standard, SAC funding could be withheld from any group engaging in speech that any subset of the student body finds offensive. Will Drama Board be starved for cash, since they funded two shows last year that included female nudity? What about student art shows that include paintings or photographs of unclothed individuals? These things may receive protection, it could be argued, because they represent a form of “art” – but where does one draw the line? Should Genderf**k, with its hyper-sexualized and derogatory “girls wear less” slogan, also get the ax?

Swarthmore Independent editors say the real motivation behind the petition is a student referendum passed by a slim majority last spring in support of admitting students of all genders to all fraternities and sororities on campus.

“Activists have used the results of this oddly worded and non-binding referendum, which passed with an unconvincing 53 percent majority, as justification for their push to force the fraternities to include at least 10 percent female membership,” they say. “But there is no mandate in the referendum for such an arbitrary quota system. … Student activities funds, which all students contribute to, should not be used to advance the extreme agenda of a subset of the student body.”

Oh, and by the way, now the Phi Psi members are being forced to undergo a special training camp to learn what misogynistic pigs they are.

“We are working with the fraternity on a multifaceted remedy that will require training and other measures be successfully completed before the fraternity can resume its recruitment efforts or host social events to ensure that our values are upheld, and that such a situation will not recur,” Liliana Rodriguez, associate dean at Swarthmore, told The Huffington Post on Wednesday.

The level of hypocrisy at this college is mind-bending.

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Pop music star Miley Cyrus recently set the nation abuzz with her performance at the MTV music video awards. Apparently the country was aghast to see a scantily clad Millennial thrusting her hips sexually, as if that were a big deal.

The cover of this week’s People magazine includes a picture of Cyrus with her tongue sticking out and the headline: “Miley’s Mayhem: Taking Things Too Far?”

It’s clear from the reaction that average folks have not kept up with the news coming out of college campuses nowadays, because Cyrus’ hip thrusts pale in comparison to today’s university-based antics.

In the last school year alone there’s a parade of examples on which The College Fix has reported that makes Cyrus’ act look like a kiddie-ride at Disneyland:

1. Butt-Chugging 101: The time a bunch of frat boys thought it would be funny to get drunk by ingesting alcohol through their anuses. University of Tennessee, Oct. 2012.

2.‘Incest-fest': The time a bunch of Ivy Leaguers thought it’d be cool to engage in “incest” and host a dorm orgy of sorts in which they’d all make out with their roommates. Harvard University, Nov. 2012

3. Professor Gone Wild: The time a science professor stripped to his underwear in front of his class and then had two ninjas come on stage and behead stuffed-animal lambs while war videos played in the background. Columbia University, Feb. 2013.

4. Masturbation Peek-A-Boo: The time a bunch of college students came up with a creative way to watch each other get off. Swarthmore College, Feb. 2013.

5. College Sex: The time female college students across the nation bragged in campus newspapers about how they like to be spanked, ejaculated on, watch porn and have sex in the school library. 2012-13 school year

6. Tranny Time: The time a devoutly catholic university hosted a drag show that featured an “Asian Glamasaurus” who strut his/her stuff while students nearby prayed the rosary. University of San Diego, May 2013.

7. Prostitution? No Biggie: The time nine percent of Yale University students who participated in a survey on sexual behavior reported having been paid for sex at least once. Yale University, March 2013.

8. Nudist Colony on Campus: The time college students hosted naked yoga, naked Shakespeare and naked body painting – all in front of a captive audience. Brown University, Sept. 2012.

9. Masturbation in a Church: The time a university hosted a masturbation tutorial for students on the same altar where the holy Eucharist is served. Allegheny College, Feb. 2013.

10. Full-Frontal Vagina: The time a university hosted billboard-sized pictures of vaginas in its quad. University of Cincinnati, March 2013.

Jennifer Kabbany is associate editor of The College Fix.

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Of the Top 10 biggest controversies surrounding graduation speakers this commencement season, seven specifically targeted conservatives or business leaders, a survey by The College Fix found.
The embattled speakers’ pro-business or fiscal conservative stances, opposition to same-sex marriage, or concerns about President Barack Obama thrust them into the spotlight, and for most of them – eventually off the podium.
Five of the seven scandals erupted in March and April.

The notable black conservative Dr. Ben Carson, director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital, withdrew as a graduation speaker at Johns Hopkins University after social progressives and students mounted pressure – including a petition – against him because of comments he made against gay marriage.

At the swanky, private liberal arts institution Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania, after weeks of intense and sometimes personal attacks on Robert Zoellick and his political reputation by students in campus newspapers, the former president of the World Bank and U.S. trade representative backed out of speaking at the commencement ceremony at Swarthmore – his alma mater.

Both Carson and Zoellick cited their desire not to detract from students’ major milestone moment as part of the reason to withdraw.

Also in April, the Rev. Kevin Johnson, a black pastor who dared criticized President Barack Obama, was disinvited to speak at his alma mater’s graduation ceremony, the historically black Morehouse College, because of his criticism against the president. Johnson had accused Obama of  moving African-American leadership backward.

Over at Skidmore College, a private, New York-based liberal arts institution, students protested and started a petition against planned graduation speaker Cynthia Blum Carroll, head of the mining company Anglo-American, citing her company’s alleged transgressions against the environmental and human rights.

Ultimately, Carroll spoke at the Skidmore commencement, but not before some students had to defend the commencement pick.

In May, conservative speakers attacked by liberals included Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett, a Republican, who addressed Millersville University and received a chilly reception. Corbett, faced with the nation’s ongoing economic recession, had reduced higher education spending in his state, and that didn’t set well with students, some of whom turned their chairs away from Corbett when he spoke.

And the selection of University of Illinois alum Shahid Khan – who immigrated to the United States at age 16 and ultimately became a billionaire – prompted a bit of grumbling in the campus student newspaper because his Flex-N-Gate business empire was billed as anti-union and recently was hit with fines from Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

In Ohio, the selection of Anthony Munoz, a retired Hall of Fame offensive lineman for the Cincinnati Bengals and founder of an active nonprofit charitable foundation, garnered criticism from some, including an openly gay Cincinnati councilman, because of his ties to a conservative group that opposes gay marriage. Munoz still spoke at the ceremony.

The remaining three of the Top 10 commencement speaker controversies this season proved to be the exceptions to the rule.

In May, Lois Lerner, the scandal-plagued IRS official at the heart of a controversy over the agency’s targeting of conservative groups, backed out of her commitment to speak at her alma mater’s commencement ceremony at Western New England University, where she was set to receive a “president’s medallion” for exemplary public service.

Also last month, a group of prolife nonprofits protested the Catholic Boston College’s graduation ceremony over its pro-choice commencement speaker, Ireland Prime Minister Enda Kenny.

And at the University of Montana-Western, Democrat Pat Williams served as a commencement speaker, despite controversy over his comments about college athletes acting like “thugs.”

Fix contributor Katherine Rodriguez is a student at George Washington University.

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From an op-ed published Monday in the Swarthmore Daily Gazette by student Mia Ferguson, who has filed a complaint accusing college officials of under-reporting and mishandling sexual assault claims on campus.

I was sexually assaulted my first year at Swarthmore. With the support of friends, teammates, classmates, RAs, CAs, peer counselors, and staff members, I’ve come to a secure emotional place regarding the experience that allows me to identify as a “survivor”.

The past few days, however, have thrown me into trauma. My assault was not violent. My assailant hasn’t physically retaliated against me (then again, I am strong and so are my friends…). I haven’t been frequently triggered. So, what has horrified me this week? The administrators’ mishandling of my case.

Members of the administration have attempted to push me into darkness. They summon those who are closest to me, those whom I first told about my assault, into “emergency” meetings. When I am summoned to no such meetings, I feel powerless. When they try to get access to my emails, which I understand they are already reading, I feel powerless. When they summon my assailant to a meeting, without informing me, I am powerless. I am unsafe.

When I, however, have the support of members of the student body, members of the faculty, a national network of people fighting these issues, and, primarily, the law, I am not powerless. When I can speak out about my experiences, I am not powerless.

As many of you know, on April 18, Hope Brinn and I submitted a Clery Complaint to the Department of Education regarding Swarthmore’s violations of the Clery Act. From under-reporting and intimidating to under-publicizing crimes on campus, Swarthmore has failed to fulfill this act on many counts. We will soon be submitting our Title IX Complaint to the Office of Civil Rights. The complaint identifies specific cases in which members of the college’s administration have discriminated against, retaliated against, and furthered the trauma of students. If you are interested in gaining an understanding of what exact parts of the Clery Act and Title IX the college has violated, feel free to contact me.

I want this college to show me it doesn’t want to violate my rights; instead, those whom I thought would support me in making Swarthmore more safe, secure, and actively intolerant of sexual assault and rights violations seem to be attempting to damage me.

I can’t tell in whom I should place my trust. There are members of this administration who are in support of what I’m doing. They are inhibited from coming forward because of the system that mandates they stay quiet, or risk their employment. I wonder, however, would you risk your employment to be certain that your friend weren’t shoved against a wall, suffocated, and raped?

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