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After accusation of cyberstalking, freshman candidate files $4 million lawsuit for defamation

‘Dirty politics’ allegedly at the center of defamation case

DePaul University freshman and Chicago alderman candidate David Krupa has filed a lawsuit against a local teacher for defamation, demanding several million dollars for the “complete and total lie” lodged against him.

The teacher in question is a co-worker of the wife of Krupa’s opponent, the candidate says, and has been involved in campaigns for his opponent in the past.

According to a press release filed by Krupa’s campaign, as well as a copy of the lawsuit obtained by The College Fix, Chicago middle school teacher Jeanine Muir accused Krupa in a letter of “breaching a school computer system and posting disturbing language and images.”

“Through his actions, Mr. Krupa demonstrates complete disregard for women and a pattern of judgement that disqualifies him from holding public office. I respectfully request that you do not vote for Mr. Krupa in the upcoming municipal election,” the letter reads.

The letter was printed on the letterhead of the Chicago Teachers Union, the lawsuit claims. In the letter, Muir identifies herself as a member of that union. The union is named as a defendant in the suit, in which Krupa seeks $4 million in damages.

In his campaign’s press release, Krupa claims he has “never met or spoken with Muir, has never stepped foot in any school taught by this teacher, doesn’t have the capability or knowledge to breach any kind of security system, and has never spoken to authorities relating to these allegations.”

Krupa suggested to The College Fix that the letter may have been coordinated by his opponent Marty Quinn’s campaign.

“My initial reaction to the statement made by the teacher was confusion. I didn’t know why someone outside of politics would make up such an awful lie about me,” Krupa said.

“But then we looked this person up and it turns out she works with Marty Quinn’s wife and has done political work for him and [Democratic boss Michael] Madigan in the past.”

“Wrongfully accusing someone of committing a felony is in itself a crime,” Krupa told The Fix, adding that he is “glad we have the opportunity to hold the people who play dirty politics accountable.”

Although it is unknown how many copies of the letter were distributed, Krupa’s campaign believes it’s in the “tens of thousands,” according to the lawsuit.

In her letter, Muir refuses to provide any details about her claims against Krupa, writing that she will not offer “additional information about the incident.”

Second lawsuit in less than a month

Only two weeks ago Krupa announced a lawsuit against Marty Quinn, Michael Madigan and associates of the two politicians for conspiracy and fraud against him and his campaign.

Krupa had originally collected around 1,700 signatures to get his name on the ballot. According to the first lawsuit, officials with Quinn’s campaign subsequently collected over 2,700 affidavits from citizens asking that their names be removed from Krupa’s original petition.

In addition to having collected over 1,000 more signatures than Krupa himself had actually obtained, only 187 of the signatures matched those from Krupa’s original effort, the suit claimed.

Krupa has called Marty Quinn “a corrupt politician working only to serve himself, running for re-election only to secure his pension payments, lying to voters of the 13th Ward for power over public service.”

The most recent lawsuit has named Marty Quinn, Michael Madigan, Beth Quinn, “Citizens for Marty Quinn” and the 13th Ward Democratic Organization as “Respondents in Discovery.” According to the Illinois legislature, respondents in discovery “shall be required to respond to discovery by the plaintiff in the same manner as are defendants and may, on motion of the plaintiff, be added as defendants if the evidence discloses the existence of probable cause for such action.”

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