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Another study confirms women who go to college are far less likely to be raped

‘Political expediency was the real reason’ for ramped-up Title IX rules

“After more than six years’ intense focus on a purported campus rape crisis, Axinn’s study exposes the Obama administration’s Title IX regime for the elitist and politically-motivated overcorrection it was.”

This is Alice Lloyd’s brutal opening to her latest Weekly Standard story on the ubiquitous messaging of Title IX obliterating a bigger issue – women who have either little or no college education are at 2.5 times higher risk of “forced intercourse” by the time they reach 44.

The new study by University of Michigan sociologist William Axinn, which gathered responses from a larger “family growth” survey that targeted women 15 to 44, confirms earlier studies that found less educated women are at far higher risk than their educated counterparts.

Though Axinn’s study has similar definitional problems and potential self-reporting bias as other surveys that purported to find “1 in 5” college women the target of sexual assault, his population “answered the survey according to the same arguably too-broad definition of force,” so at least the surveys are apples-to-apples comparisons in that respect, Lloyd writes.

Axinn says he was actually inspired to do this study by the surplus of studies targeting college women, whose researchers have sometimes disavowed how rape-culture activists portray their findings. (Note the UMich administration’s attempt to bury the lede on the press release: “Sexual assault among college students is bad; for those who don’t attend college, it’s worse.”)

Let’s all remember that the 2011 and 2014 unlawful expansion of Title IX enforcement by the previous White House – which made “already panic-prone and institutionally risk-averse colleges and universities its principle focus,” as Lloyd writes – was a re-election gimmick to shore up white support:

The previous administration opted to overprotect these women exactly when the president most needed an aging white liberal coalition of college-educated women and panicked parents on his side. Political expediency was the real reason. Because, as we know now, the non-college-goer—that most taken-for-granted of all Obama voters—was always at greater risk.

Read the article and press release.

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