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Transgender athletes will spell the end of women’s sports: analysis

The College Fix has covered the recent trend of biological men who identify as women being allowed to compete alongside women in high school sports. In these cases, the “transgender women” often win the day. Here are two examples:

Transgender wins second straight girls’ Texas high school wrestling title

Transgenders finish first, second at Connecticut state HS track championships

Last month, tennis great Martina Navratilova weighed in on this issue, arguing it is “cheating” due to their “unfair physical advantages.”

She later apologized for her remarks. But should she have?

While “cheating” might have been a strong word, the truth is biological men do have physical advantages over biological women, no matter what gender they identify as.

An article published on Intellectual Takeout recently spelled this concept out in more detail:

It doesn’t matter where you fall on the political divide. Both the far left and the far right should be able to concede that men are biologically stronger than women.

This is not a distinction of value, but a distinction of difference. Men are not smarter, more valued, or more worthy of praise than women—their biological makeup simply renders them stronger, faster, and bigger than women. …

We do not deny the feelings of deep loneliness and distress that a transgender-identifying student may feel. We merely point to the issue of fairness … female athletes who have worked their entire lives to become the best in their sport are now being edged out of competition and medals by athletes who have the physical advantage of being boys.

Read the full column at Intellectual Takeout.

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