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College’s formerly segregated LGBT mixer has been desegregated

‘All allies are welcome’

An event at the Claremont Colleges consortium in California that was previously closed to all non-black, non-LGBT individuals has been opened to general attendance after media reports shed light on the “mixer” being hosted by the campus LGBT center.

The “BlaQ Mixer,” sponsored by the Claremont Colleges Queer Resource Center, had previously advertised itself as a “closed event” meant for “black queer, trans, & intersex students, staff, & faculty.” Following College Fix queries into the gathering, including whether or not it violated federal discrimination laws, the school quietly scrubbed the meeting from its Facebook page and altered it on its website.

Now the school has explicitly announced that the event has been desegregated and open to everyone. The Claremont Independent reports that the gathering has been re-posted on Facebook with a similar description as the initial listing, though now it claims it is open to the entire campus.

“This event centers black queer, trans, and intersex students, staff, and faculty at the 7Cs. All allies are welcome,” the Facebook event states.

A listing of the event on the consortium’s website, the language of which was previously altered from the earlier segregated version, makes no mention of “allies” being “welcome” at the mixer.

Multiple campus officials refused to respond to The College Fix‘s queries earlier this week about the event. The updates to the school’s website and the Facebook listing were made without comment or note from the university.

Read The Independent‘s report here.

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