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Dartmouth professor who cheered Covington Catholic ‘doxxing’ compares ‘Reopen’ protesters to Nazi toadies

‘They’d have waved Nazi flags at the first sound of a German plane’

Dartmouth College’s Jeff Sharlet is at it again.

The director of creative writing, associate professor of English and bestselling author drew criticism last year for wishing for the “doxxing” of Covington Catholic students, and now he’s comparing anti-lockdown protesters to Londoners greeting Nazis.

People across the country have converged on their state capitols in recent weeks to protest COVID-19 executive orders that shut down many businesses, banned the sale of purportedly nonessential items, and ordered people to stay in their homes to mitigate the coronavirus spread.

Sharlet deemed the millions of lost jobs a fig leaf for why people are protesting, mocking them in a tweet thread Monday morning that he has since deleted. About 22 million people have filed for unemployment benefits since March 14.

He rendered their demands as “the right to be free to jetski” and said they “would have surrendered the day after Pearl Harbor.” Without directly comparing protesters to Nazis, Sharlet said that “had they lived in London, they’d have waved Nazi flags at the first sound of a German plane.”

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The thread continues by accusing protesters of hiding their true reason for protesting, which is not to help people “hurting economically” but rather to reopen the Fuddruckers burger chain: “No chili cheese bacon burger to stuff in their pieholes, no peace!” (Comedian Patton Oswalt first boiled down protesters’ demands to reopening Fuddruckers.)

If protesters really want to work, the “lazybones” should volunteer to load “bodies from a covid ward onto a trailer”:

They want to make money? Great–let’s give these heroes hazard pay if they’ll shut up and start digging graves for the dead. …

Gung ho types love movies of Marines who leave no man behind. But this crowd of whining brats is actually lining up to leave their fellow Americans behind.

Sharlet declared that “courage demands you stay home & watch TV.”

The College Fix has asked Dartmouth media relations for comment on Sharlet’s tweet thread. The professor has not acknowledged removing the thread as of noon Monday, leaving his most recent tweet Sunday night.

Sharlet’s work includes the new book “This Brilliant Darkness,” described by the publisher as a “visionary work of radical empathy,” and “The Family” and “C Street,” which together were turned into a Netflix political documentary.

The professor lags behind his former Dartmouth colleague Mark Bray in putting his criticism to action. The onetime spokesperson for Occupy Wall Street wrote a book calling Antifa violence “vital” and gave the proceeds to the Antifa cause.

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IMAGE: Jeff Sharlet/Twitter

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