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Governor’s shell game

California Governor Jerry Brown tells voters to approve a tax hike or he’ll slash the state’s public education budget by $6 billion; but if the tax is approved – the money doesn’t go to schools.

The funds Proposition 30 raises —- if approved in November —- goes to balance the state’s general fund in what several Sacramento watchers liken to some sort of shell game.

“Under the budget passed by the state Legislature and signed by Brown, schools and higher education face cuts of nearly $6 billion if Proposition 30 fails, a threat inserted in the state budget in hopes of securing voter support for the taxes,” states a mid-August article by The Associated Press.

But the “Stop Prop. 30” website —- funded by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and other small-business support groups —- states: “There are thousands of other state programs, bureaucracies, commissions and boards, but the thing they threaten us with is cutting schools. They won’t reform the education or pension system. Their only solution is to raise taxes and spend more. … Voters have to take a stand and say ‘no more’ to the politicians.”

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