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Harvard student paper editorial rips Riley Gaines, remains silent on slaughter of Israelis

The Harvard student paper The Crimson late Monday issued an editorial ripping “outspoken critic of transgender female athletes in women’s sports” Riley Gaines.

Gaines made an appearance on campus late last month during which she “misgendered and mocked trans athletes” for the crowd’s “entertainment,” the editors say, and “belittled” those who say she is “transphobic.”

And cue the ominous music for this one: “Gaines displayed a deplorable disrespect for the transgender community that we, as an Editorial Board, must explicitly condemn.”

Bravo, bravo (cue slow clap).

The editors go on to claim they’re all for the First Amendment, yada yada yada, yet free speech “does not amount to a get-out-of-jail-free card for hateful rhetoric.” Gaines, they say, has a duty to “recognize the dignity and legitimacy” of parties involved in “sensitive issues.”

What’s more, in the editors’ opinion Gaines’s “bad-faith engagement” on the topic of transgender athletes means she doesn’t deserve an audience.

Given all the pro-Hamas/Palestinian nonsense that’s taken place at Harvard since October 7, your intrepid editor went to check out how many Crimson editorials have been devoted to the “deplorable disrespect” of the campus’s anti-Israel protesters who’ve failed to “recognize the dignity and legitimacy” of the Jewish people.

Result: zero.

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The Crimson does have an article up on how Harvard College Dean Rakesh Khurana “stresses the value of intellectual vitality,” and how he denounced the “deplorable and despicable” alleged “doxxing” of those who signed on to a letter holding Israel “entirely responsible” for the violence in the country over the last month.

Khurana said such actions have a “chilling effect” on campus free speech. He also said “the task of higher education institutions to be an environment for open dialogue on sensitive topics is a ‘moral position.’”

Hey Crimson editors, did those who signed off on that letter “recognize the dignity and legitimacy” of Jews, Israelis and others who support Israel on the “sensitive issue” of Israel and the Palestinians? Were they guilty of “bad-faith engagement”? Why is Khurana and others so concerned about “doxxing” if the contents of that letter doesn’t “amount to a get-out-of-jail-free card for hateful rhetoric”?

(I almost forgot the editors also took the time to chime in on the “vital step towards memorializing historical wrongs” via the city of Cambridge adding street names in the local indigenous lingo.)

The laughable Crimson editors are just as ridiculous as the mainstream media when it comes “narrative” setting. Just this week the MSM headlined the beating death in Los Angeles of a Jewish man by a pro-Palestinian protester as “dying after a confrontation,” “dies after suffering a head injury,” “dies after altercation,” and “dies after hitting head.”

Maybe, just maybe, we’ll finally hear from the editors on Hamas’ savagery when they dare to misgender an transgender Israeli captive … ?

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